The Savage West: British Barbarians, English Lies

“In these days, many things are becoming clear. Just look how the Devil (ie the West) and Dictators make love. Just look how the Devil and Dictators play silly games. Now only retards and mind-controlled slaves praise the Devil (ie the West) and Dictators. The West’s Evil acts, the West’s Censorship and the West’ Big lies are Historic Events. History, Truth-seekers, researchers and good guys will never forget these days and what the Savage West and its stooges do and say in these days. Now the West and British Barbarians openly & stupidly defend and support Rouhanis and other Evil forces, and provide a unique opportunity for knowing the Savage West, its stooges, and its Orwellian Animal Farm”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Now if you take a look at the UK Masonic Media such as Economist, Financial Times, BBC or Guardian, you can easily see that the US and the West suffer from British Syndrome or Masonic Syndrome. In this year (2015), the UK Masonic Media – from the BBC to the Guardian- can show you many things. Now British Censorship is so ridiculous. Now British Lies are the worst Orwellian lies. Now the British Lie Factory produces the worst stupid lies in history. Now British Barbarians and their stooges have badly confused, and they even don’t care about their own credibility/ legitimacy. They just try to destroy the last vestiges of their own legitimacy/ credibility, and as you know, it’s really a very good godsend for all good guys. Now all normal humans can see the real problems of this shitty world. Now the UK and British Barbarians are proving and confirming many things”. We have already written about European/ British Barbarians and British Lies (check Archive) But in this year (2015), as the wise Iranians says: “It’s quite clear that the UK is the number one supporter of Rouhani and Mullahs. Now the Ayatollah BBC, the Ayatollah Guardian and other British media openly and stupidly support Rouhani’s Big Lies and Rouhani’s Evil acts. Now British Lies, British Censorship, British stupidities, or what the British pigs openly say about their Mullahs and our Iran is really unprecedented in history”. As some wise Iranians say: “Now it’s quite clear that Rouhani’s insanity is a British/ Masonic Insanity. Rouhani’s Lies are British Lies. Only British Masons can tell such childish lies in such a silly way. Only British Barbarians and their offspring (ie US officials, Islamists, Zionists etc) can play such silly games. This level of insanity and this level of foolishness, shamelessness and wickedness belong to the Jewish-British cesspools. As you know, even the good Britons -Orwell and others- have talked about Masonic games/ Orwellian games in the UK. Even Britons write books like [1]: The Brotherhood, talk about The Devil in Disguise and the Masonic Tyranny in the UK, and say: ‘In the UK, the Power is in the hands of the Brotherhood .. In the UK, Freemasonry (even) plays a significant role in the field of Education .. In the UK, (even) most judges are Freemasons. But (British pigs) say: ‘Judges are Masons because Freemasons make the best judges!’ ! [1] It’s really important that even the Brits say: ‘In the UK, even the Judiciary is under the influence of Freemasonry. In the UK, even the majority of judges and police chiefs are Masons’ ! [1] You can ask: Why the Britons talk about the Masonic manipulation of Media in the UK, or about the Masonic manipulation of the Judiciary and the Legal System in the UK? [1] It’s important that even the Brits say: the headquarters of the Brotherhood is London, England [1] Freemasonry is a secret society that originating in Britain [1] In fact, the British Barbarians are the founders of Masonry [1] The Brits say: In the UK, the Royal family are Masons .. Only the Prince Charles refused to join Freemasonry. Only Charles refused to adopt the traditional role in the ranks of Masonry as heir to the Throne’ ! [1] The Masonic World is actually the Orwellian World or the Animal Farm. British Masons and British Barbarians created many Evil things. They created ‘Lie Factory’ and ‘Ministry of Truth’. British Barbarians are the masters/ fathers of US officials and US animals. The UK created the Masonic cults including Islamism, Zionism, Capitalism, Marxism and Mullah-ism. They created Barbarian Colonialism and Orwellian Media. British Barbarians are the worst Barbarians in history. For thousands of years, the Little Britain was officially the Land of Barbarians and Human-eaters (for more info, check Archive) And in recent centuries, the UK was just a new version of Mongolia. There are many important similarities between the Land of Mongols (Mongolia) and the Land of Barbarians (Britain). And the fate of Britain is like or worse than the fate of Mongolia”. As some wise Iranians say: “British values are Barbarian values. In the best case, they just care about money and power. In the best case, they say Freedom is Censorship, and so their Free Media censor all news! It’s obvious that you (normal humans) cannot envy the Uncultured UK for the way they censor all news, tell the Biggest lies, and do the worst Evil acts. But British Barbarians pretend that all humans are as stupid and uncultured as British pigs. British Barbarians tell many stupid lies about Iran and all humans. When all Iranians can see & feel IMF Plans, increasing prices, increasing Filtering & Increasing Censorship in the Fucking Rouhani era, the UK media openly & stupidly tell the Exact Opposite of the Truth, and support their Rouhani and his Evil acts in a silly way. The UK, the Mother of Mullahs, has badly confused”. They also add: “It’s obvious why the people media report: ‘All Iranians, including Students of Tehran University, Protest against the Prison-Like Situation in the Rouhani era’. It’s obvious why all Iranians are so mad at the West and its Rouhani and Islamists. Now even the Westerners put comments in their media and say: ‘Many know that it is in the interest of all Western countries to help Mullahs and to keep this bloodthirsty theocracy safe’ ! (2015) In fact, all Westerners are not blind or stupid. Many Westerners know obvious things. But in the UK and the West, Censorship is Freedom, Lie is Truth, and Media is A Lie Factory. As the Brits say: ‘In the UK, Freemasonry is a Religion … and Freemasonic God is the Devil’ [1] The Brits even talk about the nature of the Masonic God [1] and say: ‘The Church of England has been a stronghold of Freemasonry for about 200 years … The Church of England is The Church of Satan‘ ! [1] They know that the UK was the Land of Barbarians, and the Home of the Evil. They clearly say that British Masons are Human-Eaters, Headhunters and Barbarians [1] They openly say: ‘In the UK, the Masonic misdeeds ranging from murder to cannibalism‘ ! [1] They even say: ‘the British Ideology is Freemasonry. The British Empire use this ideology to exploit / enslave other nations’ [1] In fact, many know the British pigs. Many even know the stories of Mind control projects, Masonic projects and Masonic Sciences in the UK and the US. But unfortunately, many of the Western people are mind-controlled Slaves”.


As some wise Iranians say: “If you open your eyes, the current events/ facts can show you many things. Now it’s clear why even Westerners write books such as [2]: The Devil’s Game, The Illuminati and Terrorism, The Illuminati and Marxism, The History of the Church, ‘Russian Freemasons and Russian Revolution’, etc and talk about a small part of the Truth. Idiots and Conspiracy theorists don’t care about Truth, Logic, Facts or Historical documents. Idiots just care about what the UK Lie Factory and the Ministry of Truth say. But the good guys are not idiots. We all know why even the Westerners write about Religious Totalitarianism in Europe [2], and say: The similarities between the histories of Communism and Christianity are shocking [2] Idiots often crap about the long and dark history of Barbarism, Racism and Intolerance in Europe. But what the good guys, including West’s good guys, say about history and historical facts are based on logic, common sense and historical documents. As you know, facts, truths or historical documents are not conspiracy theories. Now we all can see how Marxists defend their Capitalist IMF and IMF Plans in Iran. It’s an undeniable fact. Now we all can see how Marxists and their Noam Chomsky defend Islamists, Dictators and IMF Plans. It’s an undeniable fact. Now we all can see what Islamic Freemasons such as Mullah MPs, Basijis or Rouhani and his ministers -including Vaezi, the Masonic Minister for Internet Censorship Technology (ICT) – do and say. Rouhani’s Evil acts, Western Censorship, British lies and Rouhani’s lies are undeniable facts. Only Masonic whores can ignore or censor important facts such as the 2014 Referendum or Rouhani’s Big lies. We all know that ‘In the Fucking Rouhani era, Internet filters and Internet censorship have increased significantly. Rouhani just tells Big lies. After the 2014 Referendum, the 97% of Iranians know and say that Rouhani is worse than AhmadiNejad (AN). In the Fucking Rouhani era, Rouhanis (ie Mullahs) just try to slow Internet traffic to a trickle, leaving Iranian users unable to accomplish even the simplest tasks. Now in some days, the internet is totally blocked and disconnected But the Savage West and it media censor such facts, and prove many things”. They also add: “It’s obvious why even the West’s good guys talk about Barbarism, Sadism, Racism and Intolerance in the West [2] They, like all normal humans, care about Truth and Logic, not about Western/ British Lies. The UK and the West tell big lies about many things, including Islamism, Communism, Marxism and Mullah-ism. But normal humans don’t care about such British lies, and ask for instance: Why Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky were officially Jews and Freemasons?! [2] Historical facts are important. It’s important that Leon Trotsky was officially a Jew [2] Trotsky was officially a high ranking Jewish Freemason [2] In the Red Armey, almost all the chiefs were Jews [2] Nearly all the chiefs of the concentration camps were Jews [2] Karl Marx was a Jew. Lenin was a Jew. Stalin was a Jew [2] Lenin himself confirmed that the Soviet regime was Jewish [2] Even the good Russians say that ‘Russia was occupied by groups of Jewish gangsters, who later also fought against each other’! [2] They even say: ‘Dostoyevsky predicted that the Jews would enslave the Russians, and that the Jews would drink the people’s blood’ ! [2] They even talk about Russia’s Masonic Revolution and Similarities to the Deposition of the Shah of Iran [2] They talk about many lesser-known facts. For instance, they talk about Lenin’s se-xual habits, and say: ‘Lenin was officially a Faggot. Lenin was sleeping with his Masonic Brothers .. In 1992, it was made official in Moscow that Lenin died from syphilis ! .. this makes it easier for us to understand why the freemasons are so keen on (creating) se-x slaves and mind-controlled slaves’ ! [2] The stories of many puppet dictators, masons and mind controlled slaves are like the story of Cathy O’Brien and other victims of the Mind Control projects in the UK and the US. Now what the US Senators do and say clearly show why Americans (O’Brien, Traylor etc) say: US Senators are officially faggots. US Senators are officially Sadists and Savages”. They also add: “Mullahs are Chalquz (little shits) and little puppets. But even the biggest puppets like Stalin and Lenin were stupid faggots. The Jewish Lenin openly talked about Terror and Regime of Terror [2] as a Jewish-Masonic idea. Lenin, like Mullahs and other Masonic stooges, talked about NEP (New Economic Policy!) and wrote: It is the greatest mistake to believe that NEP means the end of the Terror .. We shall continue the Terror later, and also the Economic Terror ! [2] Lenin’s words just remind you of what Mullahs, ISIS, Basijis and other English Rouhanis/ Islamists do and say about the Terror, and the Economic Terror. In fact, what Rouhani and Islamists do and say is not a new thing. The Marxist/ Islamist Regime of Terror is actually a Masonic-Jewish idea [2]”. They also add: “All Barbarians and Bad guys are big losers because they cannot openly defend their own values and their own traditions. They are forced to pretend that they care about our Iranian Values (aka Human values) And it’s a great victory for all good guys. The Bad guys cannot openly defend their own values. But they try to pollute Good things. British Barbarians have created many problems. As even the Westerners say, they have polluted almost all branches of Science [2] After Snow-den’s story, you can understand such facts better. Now even the Westerners talk about ‘Freemasons on a Bank of England note’, and say for instance: ‘James Watt was a (stupid) British Freemason. James Watt (1736- 1819) was nothing but a (British Charlatan and a British jerk). James Watt became a Freemason in Glasgow … Glasgow or the University of Glasgow was (the Home of notorious) freemasons like Adam Smith (1723- 1790)’ ! Glasgow can remind you of Rouhani. The UK media refer to Rouhani as Made in Glasgow!, but the UK good guys say: ‘James Watt was a member of The Glasgow Royal Lodge. In the 19th century no one could be considered to be a Freemason without a certificate issued by Grand Lodge .. the Masonic certificate issued to James Watt is extant and reads: Brother James Watt was Admitted …’ ! Brother James Watt, Brother Rouhani, Brother Adam Smith, Basiij Brothers, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Brothers can show you many things. If you want to know them better, you should know the history of the UK, the Brotherhood and the Devil’s Game. Brother is a Basiji/ Masonic term, as the term ‘Big Brother’ is a Masonic term [2] Masons talk about Brother Hussein, Brother Hassan or Brother James Watt ! What the Brits and their BBC say about Brother James Watt is funny and important. They say that James Watt didn’t invent steam engine, because it already existed for decades. James Watt just stole this invention (steam engine) and then applied for a patent! And it’s really like the Story of almost all sciences and scientists in the UK. Only a few good and real scientists like Darwin and Newton lived in the UK. Other British scientists were/ are stupid jerks like Brother James Watt. James Watt and other so-called British Scientists didn’t care about Science, Truth, Scientific Researches or such good things. They just cared about money, and now even the UK media confess to such things because now many know the ‘rotten inventions’ of the Brotherhood, and how British Beasts used the idea of Patents to convert Scientists into Whores and Businessmen. James Watt was officially a whore, and just cared about money. The only important thing for this British pig, James Watt, was Money. As the Brits say, James Watt was not a man of science. He was (a crook/ thief) and a businessman, and when he was granted a Masonic patent on steam engine, James Watt became very rich, very quickly! It’s funny that even the Brits say: ‘Masons loved Patents, but real scientists refused to apply for patents’ ! In fact, real scientists knew the Human Legacy, and said that Science and Scientific discoveries belong to all humans. But Masons were stupid Barbarians. And now after 200 years, they openly and shamelessly say that all sciences, all technologies and all parts of the Human Legacy belong to Barbarians and their Brothers! They still say: It is still impossible to reach a high position in (the UK & the West) without being a good Brother! [1][2] It’s so shameful that such Barbarian Brothers still control the US and the West”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In this Nowruz season, you can easily see that the Iranian nation is a great and smart nation. In this Nowruz season, Iranians have boycotted the fucking Mullah Shopping centers and the fucking Mullah products. What Iranians do in this Nowruz season is unprecedented in recent history. Now this great nation is warning the bad guys in an unprecedented way. Such a great, wise and smart nation is the Iranian nation. God Bless the Land of Aryans (Iran), the Cradle of Culture & Civilization. This great nation is really the Force of Light, which solely fights against all Barbarians, all Bad guys and all Forces of Darkness. Iranians know that the Savage West and the Evil Empire is the main problem, not these British Chalquz -ie Mullahs/ Islamists who are stupid slaves of their Western Arbabs (Arbab =Master). Now all Iranians show their anger, curse English Rouhanis, and talk about increasing prices, increasing censorship and increasing all evil acts in the Fucking Rouhani era. Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) talk about the Fucking Rouhani’s Big Lies (0% inflation, internet freedom etc) and the Fucking Rouhani’s Evil acts. But just look what the Fucking Rouhani’s Arbabs, ie the Savage West and British Barbarians, do and say. The Ayatollah BBC, The Ayatollah UK, the Ayatollah Barbarian or the Ayatollah Guardian badly defend and support Rouhani, Rouhani’s Lies and Rouhani’s Evil acts, but it just proves and confirms that what Iranians said about the UK and Mullahs is really true. Mullahs or Puppet dictators lick the British ass. They are drunk with Foreign supports (UK/ US support etc) They, like Gaddafi or Pahlavi, think they are immortal ! But all puppet dictators will go to hell. The fate of those who follow the path of Gaddafi is worse than the fate of Gaddafi”. They also add: ‘Lenin and Marxists were like Mullahs, Islamists and other Masons. They said you can use big lies, treachery, violence, torture and murder in order to reach your good goals! [2] As the Westerners say: An Illuministic principle is: the Ends justify the Means [2] And now ISIS, Mullahs, and all Islamists, Zionists, Marxists, US officials, the Western media and all bad guys use such Jewish-British principles. In the Religion of Lies and the Religion of Barbarians, their moral principles are evil principles like ‘the Ends justify the Means’. Masons, Marxists, Islamists, Zionists and Mullahs follow the same evil principles, and that’s why they tell many big lies, hurt people, censor all news/ facts, and do the same evil things. The Mullah-Masonic Media such as Mullah TV, Alef, RoozOnline, KhabarOnline, Gooya etc are like the West’s Masonic media, or as Iranians say, all of them are A Branch of the Ayatollah BBC!, because all of them follow the same British principles, and use the same Orwellian methods. British Barbarians still live in the 19th century. But Today is not the 19th century! Now even the West’s media confess: Despite heavy government censorship and interne filters, Iranian people are (wise, smart and) politically aware people‘ (2015) In fact, even the stupid West knows that Iranian people are not like the Sheelpe or Mind-controlled Slaves in the West”. They also add: “the West’s good guys are like Iranians. They talk about many good things, including the Christian-Jewish Roots of Communism & Marxism [2], or about the Jewish Jakob Frank (1726- 1791), as one of the worst Jewish barbarians [2] The goal of the Frankists (aka the fathers of Zionists) was to work in secret to establish Jewish world supremacy [2] Jakob Frank converted to Catholicism but this was just camouflage[2] The Jewish Jakob Frank rejected every moral law. Frank declared that the only way to a new society was through the total destruction of the world [2] For Frank and his Jewish followers, barbarity, murder, rape, incest and the drinking of blood were perfectly acceptable actions and necessary rituals [2] It’s what the Westerners say. The Jewish Frankists can remind you of British Masons, ISIS (Islamists) and Hojatieh (Mullahs)”. They also add: “It’s funny that many Marxists were officially Frankists [2] Lenin and other Marxists and Frankists openly said: the Revolutionaries were supposed to be neither ‘Generous’ nor ‘Honest’ [!!] All means were permissible in order to reach the final goal [2] Lenin and Masons said that all means, even Barbarity and Savagery, are justifiable! [2] It’s really important, and all humans should know more about such Jewish-Masonic principles. Lenin is a symbol of all Masonic Dictators. Lenin promised Bread but brought a catastrophic famine [2] Lenin promised Justice but brought nothing but Injustice. Lenin promised Happiness but brought Terror. Lenin promised Economic welfare, but brought Economic disasters [2] Lenin promised Freedom but brought Censorship [2] Lenin was like Mullahs and other Masonic dictators” They also add: “Idiots and the West’s Sheeple don’t know obvious things. They even don’t know the Christian Barbarity and the Jewish Barbarity. As the West’s good guys say: ‘Crusaders occupied the French town Beziers in the year 1208, and their leader, a baptised Jew, gave an order typical of that time: Kill everyone – God will recognize his own!‘ !! [2] ‘At least 150, 000 people were burned a live at the stake as Heretics in the Christian countries in Europe [2] In fact, ISIS is not a new thing. Even Lenin and Stalin showed similar Barbarity when they liquidated their opponents [2] And it’s what the Westerners say. They even add: There are many similarities between institutions of the Bolsheviks, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Freemasons [2] Both the Christians and the Communists have knowingly employed criminals [2] The Jewish Bolshevik leader Leon Trotsky released criminals to Terrorize the population. Mao Zedong did the same, as all Masonic Dictators did the same [2] And it’s what the West’s good guys say. They even say: ‘Both European Christianity and Communism were extremely Anti-cultural ideologies [2] They know the Church’s hatred and intolerance of knowledge and Science [2] They know why both Christians and Communists burned books and persecuted scientists [2] They even say: ‘In the Jewish/ Western ideologies, the fundamental principle is intolerance’ ! [2] They even know that What is created by violence cannot long survive [2] But Barbarians and their puppet dictators don’t know such obvious things. They still stupidly think that Censors can pretend that they care about Freedom! They even don’t know why Sadists, Bullies and Barbarians cannot pretend that they care about Human Rights! Whores, Retards and Mongols cannot pretend that they are intellectuals. Dictators cannot pretend that they care about Democracy. But idiots don’t know such obvious things. British Barbarians and their stooges still live in the Stone Age. They still think that Puppet Dictator is immortal”.

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