The Ayatollah Great Satan: Nation of Slaves

These days are Historic days. What the bad guys do and say is a Historic Farce, and what you read here is a fictional story about real news, real events and what is really happening in these days:

(In the Big Brother’s Temple, the so-called Western leaders and Western masons are discussing the new world orders) The Ayatollah Great Satan: “We are here to discuss the wedding arrangements”. The Ayatollah Mongol: “The main issue is the people. It’s hard to see Great Satan and Mad Mullah as husband and wife”. The Ayatollah Idiot: “I think we don’t need any marriage. We, Mullahs and Great Satan, are fucking partners. We have always fucked each other without any legal marriage”. The Ayatollah Satan (aka Little Satan): “Yah, we have always fucked Mullahs. They are our beloved slaves. We love Mullahs. But now we are openly making love with them, and the world is watching”. The Ayatollah Retard: “I am worried. We should try to discuss wedding arrangements, or to discuss funeral arrangements?”. The Ayatollah IMF: “What do the people say about our love affairs?” The Ayatollah Straw: “Americans are good sheep. Americans are mind-controlled slaves. But Iranians are not stupid. We don’t have any option except Blocking the internet, Censoring all news, censoring the voices of all Iranians …”.The Ayatollah Mason: “Iran is a real problem. Iranians even know the Best Masonic CIA agents such as Noam Chomsky. Iranians know Jewish Freemasons such as Chomsky – who is a grand master in the service of Darkness and Falsehood”. The Ayatollah Motherfucker: “The US or the UK is A Nation of Sheep, A Nation of Slaves. We have no problem in the United States of Sheeple. In the United States of Slaves, people are good slaves or good sheep. But Fu-ck Iran”. The Ayatollah Barbarian: “Yah, Iran is not the West. Iranians are much wiser and smarter than Americans, Brits and others. We should Nuke Iran”. The Ayatollah Great Satan: “Calm down and tell me what Iranians say about Netan-Yabu”. The Ayatollah Zionist: “Iranians just laugh at the Ayatollah Yabu (Netan-Yabu). They know that Netan-Yabu is just playing the role of the bad cop, the silly bogeyman (LooLoo) Iranians know why Zionists are so happy about the Nuclear Turkmanchai (deal) between Mullahs and USA”. Ayatollah Retard: “Now even kids can see that there is a wedding in the ass of Netan-Yabu. But …”. Ayatollah Mason: “But the West’s Sheeple are blind and stupid. Only Iranians …”. Ayatollah Idiot: “Only Iranians know this laughable Show (Siah Bazi), this Sham fight (Jang-e Zargari). All Iranians know that pigs such as Rouhani/ Rafsanjani and Netan-Yabu are old friends. Iranians know Mr Mullah Contra. They know Iran Contra”. Ayatollah Mongol: “Yah, Iranians know that Islamists and Zionists are Brothers. They know Mullah Contra and our silly games. We need new games”. Ayatollah Straw: “Now our media say: To Netanyahu, Peace Is an Existential Threat ! But Iranians laugh, and say: To both Zionists and Islamists, Peace, Freedom and Democracy Is an Existential Threat ! To the US and the UK, Peace, Freedom, Democracy, Humanity, Truth and A Better World Is an Existential Threat !” Ayatollah Mason: “We can only fool non-Iranians. Iranian people know our Sham Fights (Jang-e Zargari) & our Laughable Games (Siah Bazi). Iranian people know that Netanyahu is Netan-Yabu, or Rafsanjani is Rasman-Jani. They know Mullah Fath Ali Shah”. Ayatollah Straw: “Iranians make joke and say: When Obama, John Kerry or Netanyabu went to the US Congress, then US Senators stood and chanted: ‘Sele Ala Muhammad, Yavare Rahbar Amad ! (God Bless American-Jewish supporters of Mullahs/ Islamists)! But …” Ayatollah Motherfucker: “But non-Iranians don’t know such things. They are retards. They still think Zionists, Islamists, Mullahs and the West are enemies of each other”. Ayatollah Sick: “Netan-Yabu’s show was a silly show. He just revealed our … ” Ayatollah Straw: “Don’t worry; We ask our agents – ie our intellects, our media, our journalists, our lefts, our Marxists and other Masons- to pretend that Iran should accept the Nu-Clear Turkmanchai because of Netan-Yabu !”. Ayatollah Idiot: “Do you think Iranians buy such things?” Ayatollah Savage: “Who care about Iranians. Fu-ck Iran”. Ayatollah Barbarian: “We cannot fool Iranians. We should hurt Iranians. We should Nuke them”. Ayatollah Satan: “We should fool non-Iranians into helping us in hurting Iranians”. Ayatollah Mason: “We should Block the internet in Iran. We should censor the voices of all Iranians”. Ayatollah Satan: “We have censored millions of Iranian comments. In Feb 2015, If you google/ search for ‘Rouhani Harum-zadeh’ (Rouhani, the stupid Bastard; Harum-zadeh = Bastard; Stupid Bastard) in Persian, then you find no Persian results! (Zero Persian result) ! Now we and our Google try to hide millions of Persian pages/ comments about Rouhani Harum-zadeh”. Ayatollah Idiot: “It’s funny that if you google/ search for ‘Khamenei Harum-zadeh’ in Persian, you can find many things in Persian. But if you google/ search for ‘Rouhani Harum-zadeh’ in Persian, you find nothing but unrelated English Pages!”. Ayatollah Retard: “I am worried. Now if people google/ search for ‘Fuck Rouhani’, Rouhani Internet Censorship, Rouhani increases Internet Filtering/ Censorship etc, then they can see …”. Ayatollah Mason: “Don’t worry, man. Our Mullahs and this Motherfucker Rouhani Block the Internet in Iran, but all media should censor news and say: the Fucking Rouhani is a defender of Internet Freedom ! Our Rouhani badly Increases Internet Filtering & Internet Censorship in Iran, but all media should say: This Motherfucker Rouhani defends Internet Freedom in Iran!” Ayatollah Mongol: “Do you want to fool the people in this way? It’s obvious why Iranians call you Father Sag (Father Dog) or Mother Sag (Sag = Dog). Apparently you just want to destroy our Masonic Velayat, our Satanic Velayat in Iran”. Ayatollah Sick: “Iranians know our Mullahs and Mirza/ Masons such as Mirza Ali Akbar Salehi, Mirza Iraq-chi, Mirza Javad Zarif, Mirza Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and other non-Iranian agents of the MI6/ CIA. When our media reports: (Ayatollah Barack) Obama calls on Mullahs to agree to 10-year freeze on nuclear activity‘! (March 2015) All Iranians just laugh”. Ayatollah Retard: “All Iranians, even the 3%, know why Ayatollah Monkey (Obama) openly says: In (any) Good deal for America, Mullahs should commit to Freezing nuclear program for at least 10 years ! During (Rouhani era) we’ve seen Mullah not advance their program. In many ways, Mullahs rolled back elements of their nuclear program‘ !! (March 2015) All Iranians just laugh because they know us. Iranians know our 2009 CIA Coup. Iranians know Mullah Fath Ali Shah and this British Spy (Rouhani). Iranians know why the Western officials praise the Mad Mullah Dictator, call him Genius, and say: ‘He is forced to choose at the end of the day either to save his regime or to save his nu-clear facilities, Im confident he will choose to save the Regime! (And) It’s what we want’ !! (2015)”. Ayatollah Sick: “After a lot of huffing and puffing (Arro-Gooz), and after a lot of blood and pain, even the 3% cannot accept our dictates about Fordo, centrifuges, freezing, roll back etc. What we should do?”. Ayatollah Idiot: “We need new games”. Ayatollah Savage: “Our games cannot fool Iranians. Iranians have their own analysis. Iranians can see the Truth. Iranians can see the facts. Iranians are not blind. We should Nuke them”. Ayatollah Barbarian: “Iranians even know Jewish/ Islamic Freemasons such as Ahmad Tavakoli, who learn Islamic Economy from the UK. Iranians know Mr. Mullah Contra, Mr My Azad University. Iranians know that ISIS (Islamists) and Zionists are Brothers. So we should Nuke them”. Ayatollah Mason: “We cannot fool Iran’s people. Even the best Masonic media such as the Guardian or NYT cannot fool them. The Ayatollah BBC is so hateful in Iran”. Ayatollah Satan: “I have a good plan. We increase the internet censorship. We even Block the internet in Iran. Then our media -all media including Alternative media and any fucking free media- censor all news and all facts. But it’s not the whole story. When we are blocking or fucking the internet in Iran, our CIA agents, our media and our journalists say: Iranians love the Fucking Rouhani; Iranians Thank the Savage West & this British Motherfucker (Rouhani) for more Censorship & Sadism! We even say: CIA companies help Mullahs; Google and Mullahs are friends, as Google and China are friends, and as Western companies and all Dictators are friends”. Ayatollah Retard: “Are you kidding? You want to fool the people in this way?”. Ayatollah Satan: “the West’s sheeple are so stupid. We can say: Retard is Genius! We can talk about Dictators and Google or ‘Google and Mullahs’, and say: Google Helps Dictators, because Google is a Force of Good. We can say: The West supports Dictators and Terrorists because the West is a force of Good”. Ayatollah Straw: “We can fool Non-Iranians. But we should increase Internet filters and all kinds of Censorship & Sadism in Iran”. Ayatollah IMF: “We have asked our Mullahs to implement more IMF Plans. We want to create more Economic Instability. But all Mullahs should help us”. Ayatollah Savage: “Don’t worry, darling, all Mullahs are our Masonic Brothers. The Mullah Parliament is a Masonic Lodge. They just obey our orders”. Ayatollah Zionist: “Yah, Don’t worry, all Islamists are our Brothers”. Ayatollah Mason: “But the fuc-king Iranians laugh at us & our Mullahs. So we should strongly defend Mullahs. We should show that the UK is officially Qayem/ Vakil Vasi (Passionate advocate) of Rouhani and Islamists”. Ayatollah Sick: “Are you kidding?” Ayatollah Mason: “No, we no longer try to cover up our dirty tricks. We should increase Air Pollution in Iran. We should nuke …”. Ayatollah Idiot: “Calm down Brother, you are totally confused”. Ayatollah Satan: “Iranians have confused all of us”. Ayatollah Straw: “Iranians make jokes, and say: In the UK or the US, the 99% are slaves and/or idiots. But in Iran, the 99% are wise and smart people. But if you ask: Why Iran is not like the US? The answer is clear: because in both countries, the 1% rule the country !“. Ayatollah Satan: “Iranians know Colonial Powers, Islamists, Puppet Regimes and other Evil forces”. Ayatollah Barbarian: “So we should nuke …”. Ayatollah Mongol: “You are totally confused because Iran is not the US or the UK. You can play Silly games/ Orwellian Games with Americans or Brits. But in Iran, you are faced with a Great Nation. Iranians have no media and no voice. All countries, all media and all Journalists betray them. But you cannot fool them. It’s the Miracle of a Great Nation”.


The Ayatollah Great Satan: “What do Iran’s people say about us?”. Ayatollah Idiot: “You have sowed the seeds of Hate. And Now Iranians just laugh/ spit at the Ayatollah America. They even ask: Do only Retards and Bad guys live in America?! Do only Slaves and Idiots live in the US?! Why the West’s good guys are silent? Why the US is a Nation of Slaves? Do only barbarians and bad guys live in the West? …” Ayatollah Satan: “We have sowed the seeds of Hate, and so all Iranians hate us. But don’t worry. We make all Iranians our enemies But …”. Ayatollah Retard: “But do you want to openly say that Basijis are your friends?!” Ayatollah Sick: “All Iranians are becoming Anti-American, while Savage Islamists are pro-American! It’s so funny”. Ayatollah Mongol: “All Iranians laugh at us, and make jokes about us. They say: The West is the Mother of Mullahs; so: Fuck the Mother of Mullahs!”. Ayatollah Mason: ‘Please don’t repeat their F-words here. Please be polite”. Ayatollah Retard: “You kill and torture people, and then talk about Politeness?! Please don’t play such silly British games here”. Ayatollah Mongol: “Iranians use a lot of F-words about us. In the best case, Iranians say: Fuck you Rouhani, Fuck your Father/ Mother or Fuck Mullahs, Fuck their Father/ Mother. It’s just the politest thing that Iranians say in these days”. Ayatollah Idiot: “All Brothers should know why all Iranians curse the Father/ Mother of Mullahs. Iranians actually know the Father/ Mother of Mullahs”. Ayatollah Sick: “Yah, Iranians know us. They know the UK and the US. They know this British Spy (Rouhani) and all Mullahs”. Ayatollah Motherfucker: “But who care about Iranians. The mass media openly say that Rouhani is Made In Glasgow, Rouhani is our Masonic Brother, but non-Iranians are blind. Rouhani is a British Mason. Rouhani does/ says the worst Anti-Iranian things in Iran’s history. But non-Iranians are blind & stupid”. Ayatollah Straw: “Only Iranians know us & our Rouhani. They refer to us & our Rouhani as ‘Father Sag’ or ‘Sag Father’ (Sag = Dog) They say: Rouhani is Father Sag, or Rouhani is Mother Sag. They know who is the Father/ Mother of Rouhani. They know us. But …”. Ayatollah IMF: “But we should try to hurt Iranians, and to fool non-Iranians. We implement all IMF Plans in Iran, while Marxists defend the IMF and IMF Plans in Iran”. Ayatollah Satan: “We should ask the Ayatollah MI6 and the Ayatollah CIA to praise the Mullah Fath Ali Shah for accepting the Nuclear Turkmanchai. They should say: the Mad Mullah is a Genius because he wants to accept the Nuclear Turkmanchai !”. Ayatollah Idiot: “Now the Ayatollah CIA’s media, including the Ayatollah Washington Post and New York Times (NYT), openly say such things. They say: the Mad Mullah Dictator is a Genius and an Intellectual!, and the Nuclear Turkmanchai is the strategic triumph of Mullah Leaders! (March 2015)”. Ayatollah Mongol: “Really?! God Bless Goebbels! Your US media are worse than the Nazi media”. Ayatollah Idiot: “I am worried. Now even kids laugh and say: Mad Mullah is a Genius at Stupidly and licking the West’s ass”. Ayatollah Mason: “Don’t worry. We have always said that Puppet Dictator -from Shah to Mullah- is a Genius! Now our agents -including Zibakalam- openly say: Qajar, Fath Ali Shah or Shah Sultan Hussein was a Genius!“. Ayatollah Sick: “Really? this stupid MI6 agent, Zibakalam, says such things?”. Ayatollah Straw: “Yah, all Iranians just laugh at such MI6 agents”. Ayatollah Idiot: “All Iranians just laugh at Rouhani’s men. They know the UK stooges. They know why Rouhani is Father Sag, why Rouhani is Mother Sag”. Ayatollah Great Satan: “Our Rouhani should not show his true colors in this way”. Ayatollah Mongol: “But Rouhani and his Masonic Cabinet just tell the worst jokes in Iran’s history. In these days, Hojati and Rouhani’s men say: “the Price of Chicken is increasing, because Iranians eat a lot of Chicken! We export Iran’s Chicken to the West or Arab states, because Iranians should not eat a lot of Chicken‘ ! (March 2015)” Ayatollah Great Satan: “It’s a joke, isn’t it?” Ayatollah IMF: “No. It’s not a joke. We ask our Rouhanis to say such things”. Ayatollah Zionist: “So it’s obvious why all Iranians say: This British Motherfucker (Rouhani) is much worse than the Jewish Shit (AhmadiNejad). It’s obvious why Iranians call you Retard or Father Sag”. Ayatollah IMF: “We ask our Mullahs to say such things because we want to create Economic Instability and to hurt Iranians in this way”. Ayatollah Idiot: “In this way? Masonic Islamists just show their true colors. Islamic Freemasons just reveal their secrets. Why the Masonic Cabinet of Rouhani should say: We increase the price of Chicken from 50,000 Rial to 80,000 Rial, because Iranians eat a lot of chicken, and because we should export Iran’s Chicken to other countries?! Do you want to create a Revolution in Iran, or …”. Ayatollah IMF: “We just want to create Economic insatiability and … “. Ayatollah Retard: “But you just prove that Mullahs are Masons, and Islamic Economy is Masonic Economy. Do you want to put an End to our Masonic Velayat in Iran?”. Ayatollah Idiot: “Now Iranians talk about Islamist-British Masons such as Ahmad Tavakoli, and ask: Why should Islamists (Tavakoli, Basijis etc) go to the UK Masonic universities, and learn Islamic Economy from London?! Why should Islamists (Iraq-chi, Rouhanis etc) go to Britain’s Masonic universities, and learn Islamic Politics & Islamic Law from the UK?!”. Ayatollah Mason: “But who care about Iranians. Islamists should learn Islamic politics in London. Mullahs and Islamists should learn Islamic Economy from the UK. We need non-Iranian agents such as Rouhanis, Tavakolis and Jebel Amelis”. Ayatollah Sick: “Jebel Amelis are Arab faggots from Lebanon (Jabal Amel)?”. Ayatollah Straw: “Yah. But Iranians know all Arab faggots and non-Iranians who control the Mullah regime. Iranians even know that Ali Akbar Salehi is an Arab/ Iraqi CIA agent. But …”. Ayatollah Idiot: “But I am worried. Why non-Iranians like Ali Akbar Salehi (born in Iraq) insult Iranian people’s intelligence in this way? These Arabs just make Iranians …”. Ayatollah Savage: “But non-Iranians are idiots, and don’t know such things. Don’t worry, man. We can Nuke Iran. We can kill all Iranians”. Ayatollah Great Satan: “What do the Mullah media say about Nuclear Turkmanchai?” Ayatollah Sick: “Now all Mullah media are silent, and say nothing about Nuclear Turkmanchai !” Ayatollah Mongol: “Our Mullah Leaders suffer from Shitty Mourning (Azaa gereftan) and Shitty Confusion (Goh Gijeh gereftan). And so our Mullah media, our Basijis and our exiled media suffer from Shitty Silence (Khafeh Khoon gereftan)!”. Ayatollah Great Satan: “What Iran’s people say about Nuclear Turkmanchai?” Ayatollah Straw: “All Iranians just laugh at the Mullah Turkmanchai”. Ayatollah Retard: “They make jokes, and talk about Campaigns such as: ‘I Love Nuclear Turkmanchai’ ! ‘I Love Mullah Fath Ali Shah’ ! ‘I Love the Ayatollah America’ ! ‘I Love the West’s puppet Dictator’ !”. Ayatollah Mongol: “They make joke, and talk about a lot of good campaigns such as ‘I Love Masonic Islam’, ‘I love British Mullahs’ , ‘I Love Savage Islamists’ , ‘I Love British Barbarians’ , ‘I Love the Ayatollah BBC’, ‘I love the Ayatollah Freemason’, ‘I Love the Ayatollah IMF’, ‘I Love Western Censorship’, ‘I Love the Ayatollah West’, ‘I Love the Savage West’ !”. Ayatollah Mason: “It’s a good idea. Basijis and Islamists can really have campaigns such as: ‘I am Basiji, I love Great Satan’, ‘I am Basiji, a Lover of Zionist IMF’, ‘I am Islamist, I Love Zionist IMF”. Ayatollah Idiot: “Are you kidding?” Ayatollah Straw: “No, it’s a good idea”. Ayatollah Idiot: “It can be a good idea for the UK or the world of Animal Farm, but not for Iran”. Ayatollah Motherfucker: “Americans and Brits are good sheep and good slaves. In the United States of Animals, they know nothing about the world. In the United States of Slaves, they don’t know that Mullahs/ Islamists are puppets of the West. They even don’t know that Mullahs, Arabs and Zionists are Brothers. We can easily fool them. We can tell them: Mad Mullahs are Intellectuals, but Iranians …”. Ayatollah Satan: “But Iranians know our Masonic world, our Animal Farm. Iranians even laugh at our Alternative Media, at our Sham Freedom & Sham Democracy. But …”. Ayatollah Zionist: “But we should Nuke Iran. We cannot fool Iranians”. Ayatollah Satan: “We cannot fool Iranians. But we can pretend that Iranians are stupid, but those who live in the United States of Sheeple are modern people. We can say that those who live in the United States of Slaves are modern people. We can say that Iranians are idiots, but Mind-controlled slaves are modern people”. Ayatollah Sick: “Yah, the West’s Sheeple even don’t know the difference between Google or Gagool. They even think internet filters, internet censorship, Sadism or NSA Evil acts are good things. They think Barbarism, Sadism, Bullying, Torture, Tyranny, Censorship or any Evil Act is good as long as Americans are doing it! They even don’t know why the West’s journalists should not be CIA/ MI6 agents! They even don’t know why the Western media, even the so-called Alternative Media are C-IA media or Big Brother’s media. They are such retards. They even don’t know Ayatollah Monkey (Obama) or Ayatollah Netan-yabu. But Iranians are not stupid”. Ayatollah Motherfucker: “The West’s people are mind-controlled slaves. The story of OWS or Snow-den showed how stupid they are”. The Ayatollah Straw: “I love this Nation of Sheep. (Even in our Orwellian Films such as ‘Citizen Four’ [2014] ) You can see idiocy and foolishness in their faces, in their eyes”. Ayatollah Motherfucker: “The mass brainwashing methods in the US, and the mass mind control methods in the West are really working. We can use our old brainwashing methods and our misinformation/ disinformation tactics in the US, the UK and the whole West”. The Ayatollah Sick: “Yah, Citizen Four or Citizen Kane is actually Citizen Fool, Citizen Slave , Citizen Sheep. In the West, Citizenship is actually Citizen Sheep. In the West, Citizen Sheep is just listen to what we and our media dictate. Now only Iranians and wise people ask: Where are the West’s good guys? Why the West’s good guys are silent? Do only Bad guys and Barbarians live in the West? Do only animals, Sheeple and Slaves live in the West?”.

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