Mullah, Qajar, Pahlavi: Nuclear Turkmanchai

“Before recent years, Fath Ali Shah was seen as the Most incompetent rulers. Before the Mullah regime, the Qajar regime was the worst of the worst. The so-called Treaty of Turckmanchai (or Torkmanchai) was created by Masons in the Qajar era. In the past, Turckmanchai, Qajar, Fath Ali Shah or Shah Sultan Hussein was the symbol of the Worst of the Worst. But now many things have changed. If what the Western media say about the America-Ayatollah deal or the US-Mullah nuclear deal is really true, then this deal is a Nuclear Turkmanchai, and Mullahs are worse than Fath Ali Shah and Shah Sultan Hussein”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Now, in 2015, Hassan Rouhani and his Leader remind many of Hassan Elchi (Hajji Baba) and Fath Ali Shah. Even those who know Little about History are familiar with Qajar, Fath Ali Shah, Hajji Baba and Turckmanchai. But Mullahs are worse than Qajars. Their Nu-clear Deal is still No-Clear. But what the West and Mullahs do and say are very shameful. If what the US media say about Nu-clear Turkmanchai is really true, then Mullah Ali Khamenei is worse than Fath Ali Shah and Shah Sultan Hussein. Now Mullah Ali and his Hassan Freemason act and talk like Fath Ali Shah and Hajji Baba. After a lot of Arro-Gooz (Barking & Farting), Mullahs openly talk about their ‘Shitty Mourning’ (Azaa gereften) & Shitty Confusion (Goh Gijieh gereftan). Apparently they want to eat/ drink the Cup of Poison (Jam-e Zahr) and the Cup of Shit (Riq-e Rahmat). All Iranians (+97%) are so happy that Mullahs -from the Ayatollah Arro-Gooz to the Ayatollah Mason- are destroying the last vestiges of their own legitimacy/ credibility. It’s really a good thing. Thank God that Mullahs are such insane animals. Thank God that the West and Mullahs are revealing the secrets of the Masonic Coups of 2009, 1979, 1953 etc. Thank God that Iran’s enemies are such retards”. In these days, what the Bad guys do and say are a complete farce. As some wise Iranians say: “Many things are still unclear. But apparently Mullahs want to accept the Nuclear Turkmanchai. Now in Feb 2015, the Fucking Mullahs try to disconnect almost all internet connections in Iran, and the the Fucking West censors all news. In some days, almost all internet connections are disconnected in Iran, but the Fucking West censors such news. In these days, Terrible Internet Filtering and Terrible Internet Censorship just shows/ proves one thing: The US-Mullah deal is A Nuclear Turkmanchai, and Mullahs stupidly try to hide this History Shame/ Stain (Nang) with Censorship & more Stains (Rang)! If their deal was a good deal, then would they stupidly try to block the internet in Iran?! Now, in some days the Internet is totally disconnected in Iran. In some says, we cannot open any website or any webpage. But just look how the West censors such important news. Now all sane people can see who is the Number one Enemy of Freedom & Democracy in Iran. Now all normal humans can see the Truth of what Iranians said & say about the West and Mullahs. Now it’s obvious why all Iranians are angry, and say: Fuck USA, Fuck Rouhani, Fuck UK; Fuck Mullahs ..’ Now even idiots can understand why Iranians sarcastically say: The Savage West really cares about Freedom, Democracy & Human Rights, and that’s why the Savage America and the Barbarian Britain censor all facts and all news, and desperately try to hurt Iranians and to help Islamists! Thank God that Iran’s enemies are such idiots. Thank God that the West and its Mullahs just try to create more Anger, more Hatred, and a huge Repository of Anger / Gunpowder (Anbar-e Baroot …) in Iran. A sane regime tries to avoid such things, to avoid Explosion of Public Anger or Explosion of Public Hatred. But Mullahs are insane slaves of the West. Instead of defusing this Huge Bomb, Mullahs just try to add more fuel to the Fire! Now any spark can explode this giant Repository of Hatred & Anger (Anbar-e Baroot …) Thank God that Islamists/ Mullahs are such stupid slaves of the West”. They also add: “Many Iranians know Iran’s enemies well, and that’s why they preferred to avoid a classic revolution in Iran. But if Mullahs eat more shits, then Explosion of Public Anger and Explosion of Public Hatred is not only inevitable , but a good and useful thing for Iran. Apparently Iranians should kill all Mullahs; Iranians should kill all Islamists; and even one Mullah, one Mason or one Islamist should not be allowed to live in Iran. Apparently it’s what Mullahs/ Islamists want! Islamists and Mullahs eat British Shits, and the fate of those who eat British shits from the British Akhor is quite clear”. We have already written about the Western-made Evil Fire-wall and the Western-made Tragedy of Internet in Iran (check Archive for: [1]: “English Barbarians vs Iran: Behind the Evil Firewall”, “Internet Tragedy, Evil Censors: West or Devil ?!” etc) But as some wise Iranians say: “Now this British Spy (Rouhani) and the Mother of Mullahs (the West) create a Historic Farce. In 2014, when you did ‘Trace route’, you could see that your packets go through more than 6 Orwellian Machines! [1] In fact, filtering, spying, tracking, surveillance and all Orwellian acts had increased by 200% in the Fucking Rouhani era [1] But now in Feb 2015, If you do ‘Trace route’, you can see that many packets go through more than 10 Orwellian Machines! So, it’s obvious why the internet is almost disconnected. In some days, we cannot open any webpage, even a simple webpage like Google’s first page! Now all Iranians say: Fuck America; Fuck Islamists; Fuck Britain; Fuck Rouhani … Now even the 3% say: Fuck Rouhani ! But just look How the West censors all news. It’s so funny, and so important. Now even the 3% know that the Fucking Rouhani is much worse than Razmara and AhmadiNejad (AN). Rouhani and Mullahs just listen to Masonic/ British dictates. British pigs have always said to their puppet dictators: ‘You should try to keep your people illiterate, ignorant, and hungry. You should try to destroy your country, and to hurt your people. You should try to make your people angry. Your people should hate you so much. If the people hate you so much, they will obey you. But if the people don’t hate you, they don’t obey you‘ ! And it’s not a joke. It’s what British pigs said to Pahlavis. It’s what British pigs say to Mullahs. Now even Westerners talk about such British advice, and say: ‘the UK (dictates to) Mullahs: Iran should not become strong and independent. Iranians should not be kept well informed about the state of affairs. This is why Masons introduced a severe Censorship and Internet Filters’ ! In these days, the UK is Ghayem / Vakil Vasi (passionate advocate) of Rouhani & Mullahs, and it’s so funny. This Historic Farce is so important. Now even idiots know that Making concessions abroad, Suppressing people at home is a British policy belongs to the 19th century, and the fate of English Rouhanis is worse than the fate of Razmara, Gaddafi etc”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now the Bad guys are making many things clear, and so we all should thank the Bad guys for Khar Fahm Kardan (making all people aware) Now the West and the 2009 Traitors are confirming many things. Just look how the so-called exiled journalists/ exiled media censor all news/ facts, lick the ass of the West and/or Mullah, crap about Iran and Iranians, and help Iran’s enemies. Journalists/ Activists in Exile are like or worse than Mullahs. Now it’s clear that the so-called Journalists/ Activists in Exile are actually Big Brother’s agents or CIA/ MI6 agents. Their Orwellian media -from Ayatollah BBC and VOA to RoozOnline and Gooya- are worse than the Mullah media. In and after 2009, all Iranians could see the true colors of Media and Journalists in the West”. They also add: “the West’s media games are silly games. What they say about the US-Mullah deal shows that they just want to Test the water. In fact, the West and its Mullahs want to test public opinions and public reactions. All of them know that the only important matter is the people, Iran’s people. Now even idiots talk about Desperation in the Mullah Camp or Desperation in the Western Camp! The current situation is a terrible mess (Khar-to-Khar) Just look what Jewish pigs, American pigs, Arab pigs, British pigs and Islamists do and say. It’s so funny. Now Arabs and Jews are Brothers!, as Mad Mullahs and Great Satan are Brothers, and as Marxists and their Capitalist IMF are Brothers. Words can’t express how silly the current situation is. Now Iran’s people use Satire and Sarcasm to express their anger, and any sane person knows what would happen if instead of using Culture/ Satire/ Sarcasm to express their anger, Iran’s people use other tools/ means to express their anger. Now even idiots talk about Explosion of Public Anger or Explosion of Public Hatred towards the West’s stooges (Islamists, Masons etc) in the near future. Now even idiots know that Childish games or media games cannot fool Iranian people”. They also add: “the Ayatollah Motherfucker writes silly letters to the West, but hurts Iran’s people. But when all Iranians can see and feel the Tragedy of Islamic Censorship, the Tragedy of Islamist Lies, the Tragedy of Islamic Sadism/ Corruption, or the Tragedy of Masonic/ Islamist Insanity, then what is the fate of Mullahs or the Religion of Mullahs?! When Islamists and the Ayatollah Freemason write love letters to the West, but desperately try to act like ISIS, Taliban, Yazid & Shemr in Iran, what the people will say about the Religion of Islamists?! When ISIL, Mullahs, Savage Islamists, Savage Britons and the Savage West act like Barbarians, justify and legalize Terror, Bullying, Sadism, Censorship, Injustice and Falsehood, what normal humans will say about the West’s Religions, the West’s values, and the West’s stooges?! Many Humans are not blind or stupid, and say: ‘Even If the people just Fart, then the Wind will send all (Islamists and Masons) to Hell ! Even If the people just Spit, then the Flood will send all (Mullahs and Masons) to Hell’ ! Now all Iranians talk about Rouhani’s Evil acts, including increasing prices, terrible censorship and terrible Internet. But Just look How the West censors all news of Iran, how the West tells big lies, how the West supports Rouhani, Islamists, Terrorists (MEK/ NCRI) and other Evil forces. Now even idiots can see that the West is the Mother of All Evil. The West is the Mother of Darkness. The West is the Mother of Mullahs”. They also add: “If you want to know more about their Nuclear Turkmanchai, just look what Salehi says. Salehi is a non-Iranian pig. Ali Akbar Slahi is an Iraqi/ Arab. And what he says in these days can show that he is an Iraqi CIA agent. Ali Akbar Salehi is an Arab Agent of Iran’s enemies. Salehi and all Savage Arabs/ Islamists tell many big lies, do many evil acts, hurt Iran & Iranians, lick the ass of Satan, and only care about money & power. But they just show you that their Masonic Islam is really the Religion of Lies, the Religion of Satan, or the Religion of Arro-Gooz. Now even the 3% can see why Velayat Faqih is Velayat Vaqih, and Faqih is Vaqih (so Shameless) All Iranians know that ‘If you kill people, steal peoples money, violate peoples rights, tell many big lies and do all evil things, then you are a slave of the Devil and an enemy of the God and the People’. The Religion of Mullahs is really a Satanic Religion or Masonic Religion, and that’s why Mullahs and ISIL / Savage Saudis/ Jewish Fanatics/ British Masons do and say the same things. Now the Western media say: “the Mullah regime is busy oppressing the Iranian people and licking (the West’s ass)’ ! (Feb 2015) They praise the Mullah Surrender to the West! Now the US media talk about fooling their Mullahs, and a face-saving amount of enrichment capability ! They want to fool Mullahs with Chocolate (Ab-Nabat)! They say: US officials defined that face-saving amount as a few thousands centrifuges .. most of Irans fuel would be shipped out to Russia .. Mullahs should reconfigures their centrifuges in a way that would greatly lower their efficiency‘ !! (NYT, Feb 2015) What they say about Fordow, centrifuges, Arak and everything is very shameful. This is A Nuclear Torkmanchia. Mullahs love licking the West’s ass, and following the West’s Dictates. But Iran is very different from Mullahs. All Iranians know Iran’s Red Lies. Iran and Iranians will never accept such Nuclear Turkmanchai. Mullahs are Anti-Iranian puppets of the West. The West can humiliate Mullahs, and If the West humiliates Mullahs, then All Iranians (+97%) just happily say: Thank God ! Now Masons and Mullahs are just making the 3% aware. And it’s really a godsend for Iran. Now even the 3% talk about Al-Fatehe (the End) or Fatehe Velayat (End of Mullahs)! In Iran, all Iranians (97% + 3%) know the meaning of Arro-Gooz (Barking & Farting), Vadadegi (bad surrender), Daryoozegi (crappy begging), Malarkey, Turkmanchai, Debacle, Farce etc. The Ayatollah Arro-Gooz created the 2009 Coup and killed Iran’s people, and now he openly licks the ass of his Great Satan, and talks about his Shitty Confusion. Now Basijis should change their old slogans into new slogans such as: Ey Rahbar-e Vadadeh, Ahamdeh-im Amadeh (Hey the Shitty Leader, We are ready) ! or ‘Ey Rahbar-e Bozqaleh, Ahamdeh-im Amadeh (Hey the Stupid Leader, we are ready) ! or Ey Rahbar-e Gusaleh, Ahamdeh-im Amadeh ! (Hey the Crappy Leader, we are ready)”. They also add: “Now what Mullahs say and do are really the Worst of the Worst (az een Bad-tar Nemishe …) Even their Mullah leaders confess to this issue. Now all Iranians know Mullah, his Arbab (=Master), his Arman (= Ideal), his Afsar (= Bridle) and his Akhor (= Manger). All Iranians know who control the Afsar of Mullahs, and why Mullahs eat British shits from the US/ British Akhor. Now even the 3% can see that those who kill/ hurt Iran’s people, lick the West’s ass, and make love with their Zionist IMF and their Great Satan are the Worst Puppets of the West. The Nuclear Torkmanchai will confirm many things. It will change many things”. They also add: “Islamist slogans were so stupid. Islamists have very stupid slogans such as: Death to America! But now Iran can have good and modern slogans such as: Death to Ayatollah America! All normal humans can understand its Sarcasm. In the new Iranian Revolution, people’s slogans will be good, modern and satirical slogans such as: Death to Ayatollah America!, Death to Ayatollah England!, Death to the Ayatollah West etc. Now it’s clear that Anti-Americanism actually means Anti-Barbarism, Anti-Sadism, Anti-Mullah, Anti-Tyranny, Anti-Censorship etc. If you are anti-Barbarian, Anti-Tyranny, Anti-Evil or anti-Islamist, then you are actually Anti-American, Anti-British or Anti-West. In fact, all normal humans are Anti-American, because pro-American means pro-Bullying, pro-Sadism, pro-Ayatollah, pro-Islamist, pro-Tyranny, pro-Censorship, pro-Slavery, pro-Fascism and pro-Evil. Now the West and Mullahs just show you that If you want a better life and a better world, then you should fight against the USA, the UK, the Savage West and all stooges of the West. Now it’s quite clear that the West is the Devil, and ‘Relations with the US and the West = more Tyranny, more Censorship, more Sadism, more Disasters, more Poverty and more Problems ‘. After 2009, many things became clear. Now any sane person can see who is behind Mullahs, who support Tyranny and Evil forces, who censor all news of Iran, and who try to hurt Iran’s people”. They also add: “Idiot is Idiot, and his name can be Mason, Mullah-Ali, Qand-Ali, Fath-Ali, Gooz-Ali, Jack, Javad, Sick, Strew, Barack, David, Dalton etc. It’s obvious why the West love idiots such as Mullah Fath Ali Shah or Rouhani. The West loves Rouhanis, because Rouanis are insane idiots, useful idiots. The shameful stories of IMF Plans, increasing all prices, false statistics, aiding the Enemy, and creating fake crises and Economic Insanity in Rouhani era is worse than AN’s era. Now all Iranians can see that what the Fucking Rouhani says about Price of Chicken, Price of Milk, Prices of Basic needs, 0% inflation ! and other fake statistics is worse than AN’s lies. Now even the 3% say: Rouhani is much worse than AhmadiNejad (AN = Shit). Now all Iranians curse Rouhani. But just look how the CIA and the UK love and support Rouhani. This Historic Farce is so important. Now the UK is Vakil Vasi (passionate advocate) of Rouhani and Mullahs, and Ayatollah Jack Straw openly says: I [defend] the Mullah regime, because I should defend Britains national interest’ !! In fact, Rouhanis just serve the interests of the UK and the West. The UK and its Mullahs are bad jokes. Just look how Mullahs and the Mullah TV make love with Savage Saudis and Anti-Iran Arabs. Now the Mullah TV is officially Saudi TV or Arab TV ! The Mullah TV’s new manager is an Arab Spy/ Mason from Arabia. Now they openly say: Mullahs and Savage Saudis/ Wahhabis are Brothers! But it’s not the whole story. Now the mass media report: Jews and Arabs cooperating! Jews and Arabs cooperating on (x y z) against Iran’ !! In fact Mullahs and Arabs/ Jews are Brothers, as Jews and Arabs are members of the same race/ tribe. Jews and Arabs are Brothers, and that’s why Jews sleep with Arabs, and the Media talk about the Moment of Truth on Jews and Arabs ! …. But Iranian people are watching Iran’s enemies. Iranians are watching the fucking West and Mullahs. Iranians are watching the fucking Jews and Arabs/ Mullahs. All Iranians defend Iran’s rights, and know why the ungrateful Jews are like or worse than Mullahs”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Iran is not the West. Even the CIA agents confess: ‘Iranian people do not like to be told what to do by anyone .. Iran’s people don’t like to be slaves of (anyone)’. The West can enslave Islamists. The West can humiliate Mullahs/ Arabs. But Iran and Iranians are very different from Mullahs, Islamists, Arabs or other uncultured pigs. Iran is the Cradle of Culture & Civilization. For thousands of years, Irans motto was and is: You must not Oppress others, and you must not allow others to Oppress you. All Iranians say to the West: We will never give you what you want for threats. If you threaten us, we will make you regret it’. Mullahs hurt Iran & lick the ass of US Bullies, and gain nothing but Eternal Shame (Nang-e Abadi), Eternal Damnation, and Eternal Curse. But All Iranians hate bullies and oppressors – including Little Shits (Chalquz) such as Mullahs or Western Bullies. The 3 main slogans of 1979 were: 1 Independence (Esteqlal) 2 Freedom (Azadi) 3 Republic (Jomhuri), because it’s what all Iranians wanted. But in all these years, specially in and after 2009, the West and its non-Iranian puppets -including Mullahs, Masons, Marxists, Islamists etc- just tried to destroy Freedom (Azadi), Republic (Jomhuri) and also Independence (Esteqlal) in Iran. The current Farce is about Independence. In 2009, people could see the true face of Islamic Monarchy, Islamist Tyranny, Islamic Fascism and Islamic Censorship/ Sadism. But now even idiots talk about Independence, and say: Mullahs just destroy the last vestiges of their own legitimacy/ credibility’ ! Mullahs are bad retards. They even don’t know that when the West talks about 10 years limits, they actually talk about Buying Time, Vadeh Sar-e Kharman or Hajji Hajji Mecca (circus of empty promises)”. They also add: “It’s obvious why Iran and Iranians will never accept any deal between the Dictator and the Devil (West). These years (2009 to 2015) clearly showed that the result of such deals are nothing but: 2009 CIA Coup, Killing Iran’s people, IMF Plans, Hurting Iran’s people, Evil Fire-wall, more Tyranny, more Censorship, more Sadism, more Economic problems and more Evil acts. The West is still Savage, Sadist and Uncultured. And Mullahs are worse than Shah Sultan Hussein. Mullahs think Belahat (stupidity) is Basirat (Vision)! Now Mullahs talk about their Shitty Mourning (Azaa gereftan) and Shitty confusion (Goh Gijeh gereftan) because Mullahs have Belahat, not Basirat. Mullahs have always licked the West’s ass. The West can humiliate Mullahs, as they did in their Masonic War in the 1980s. Mullahs/ Islamists are Children of the Devil. But now the only important matter is the people of Iran -who hate Rouhani, Islamists and the West’s Bullies so much. The West has badly confused. Just look how Freemasons such as Straw, Sick, Chomsky or Richard Dalton defend Mullahs. Just look how Crooks & Daltons praise Islamists. Just look what the CIA/ MI6 media say about this female spy/ whore, Masih Alinejad. Those who steal all Iranian freemasons now talk about Stealthy Freedoms! It’s obvious why British Barbarians, the CIA and MI6 love Masonic whores such as Masih AliNejad, Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi or Akbar Ganji. It’s obvious why the Ayatollah MI6 loves these uneducated Masonic whores, aka the 2009 Traitors”. They also add: “Iranians have repeatedly said that Mullahs just eat both onions & sticks. It’s obvious why the West says: this (Nuclear Turkmanchai) is a deal on the fate of the Islamic Regime ‘ ! (Feb 2015) Mullah concessions are like eating onions & sticks (For more info, check Archive for [2]: ‘Guardians of Big Brother’, ‘Big Brother Mafia’, ‘Mullahcracy and Illusion of Democracy in America’, etc) Idiots even don’t know what can prevent people from rebelling [2] The large gap between Irans people and Irans regime is like a huge bomb [2] Iran’s regime should try to fill the gap, and defuse the bomb [2] But just look what this Masonic regime of Mullah does. They just try to add more fuel to the fire, to make Iranians even angrier, and to widen the gap! Idiots even don’t know that hurting the people, Insulting the people’s intelligence, Bullying, Barbarity, Licking the West’s ass and doing all evil acts just make a National Will to topple the Dictator and the Puppet Regime. Repeating old lies, implementing IMF plans/ Enemys plans, aiding the Enemy, hurting Iranians, giving concessions to the West, and acting like retards are like or worse than eating onions & sticks [2] What Mullahs do is the Worst of the Worst (az een Bad-tar Nemishe …) What Rouhani says and does, like what AN or Pahlavi said and did, is nothing but ‘Khod Goozi, Khod Khandi …’, that (in this case) means: When all people know you, hate you, and laugh at you, then you stupidly try to fool whom?! You only make a fool of yourself ! You only fool yourself ! But Mullahs, like Gaddafi and all psychotic Slaves, are blind retards”. They also add: “Mullahs are in deep shit, and we all know why they are in deep shit. We all know why the UK media say: Mullahs, an opportunity to be seized ! [2] We all know why the West sees Mullahs and Mullah Weakness as an opportunity to be seized [2] We all know why the UK mass media say: ‘Mullahs want to make a deal with the West .. and Iran remains an Islamic theocracy with a tight hold on its citizens’ !! [2] British Barbarians express their wishes, but show you many things. Now it’s clear that the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy, and Progress in Iran is not Mullahs, but is the West. The main enemies of Freedom & Democracy in Iran are (in order of priority): (A) The anti-Iran West (UK, USA, EU, Russia, etc) (B) Puppets of the West (Jews, Arabs, Mullah Regime and other puppets including Whores/ Spies in Exile)’ [2] In today’s Iran, there is a National Demand for Democracy and Nukes. And it’s obvious why Iran must have Nukes and Democracy. After 2009, the story of ‘Iran and West: Nuclear Issue or Human Rights ?‘ (check Archive) was very informative. Now it’s quite clear that The West doesn’t care about Freedom, Democracy or Human Rights. In these years (2009 to 2014), the Wests Evil acts just convinced Iranians that Iran must have nukes and democracy Iran must be a free, independent, and powerful country. And its what all Iranians (97% + 3%) want [2] Even the Western media confess: Bully Iran into giving up its programs just convince all Iranians that Iran should have nuclear bombs … 96% of Iranians say they are supportive, not only of Irans right to enrichment, but of Irans right to possess a nuclear weapon .. the reasons they give for this support are either because Iran is a major nation or because as long as (the West) has nuclear weapons, we need them too’ [2] After 2009, many things have became clear. Now even the West’s good guys know that the West is Savage & Sadist. The West only cares about the Law of the Jungle. The West is the number one Enemy of Freedom, Democracy and Progress in Iran”.

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