Devil’s Game, British Farce: New Episodes

“In these days, what the bad guys do and say are a complete farce. And the current farce can say a lot about the 2009 Coup, the 1979 Coup and what Barbarians and Colonial powers did in recent centuries. The new episodes are actually like the old episodes. Colonial powers, puppet regimes, intellectual whores and all stooges of the West still live in the past. Stupid animals are still stupid animals. The Savage West is still sadist and uncultured. But now normal humans are becoming aware. Now even idiots talk about the West’s evil acts, the lies of the West, or the West’s media circus. Now what the West and its stooges do and say are nothing but a complete farce”, some wise Iranians say. So, lets take a look at some episodes of this stupid farce.

As some wise Iranians say: “Their media circus is so ridiculous. In 2015, like 2014, the Stupid Monkey (Obama) openly says: We used our Sanctions to bring Mullahs to the negotiations table. We used our Sanctions to bring Mullahs to their knees. We used our Sanctions to halt the progress of Iran’s nuclear program [!] and reduced Iran’s stockpile of nuclear material’ ! It’s what Obama, US Senators and US media say, while the 3% (Regime’s supporters) say: It’s the Enemy’s propaganda! What USA says is a big lie, and all media just repeat the Enemy’s words’ ! But do you know What Mullahs and the Mullah leader say now? In Feb 2015, their Supreme Leader openly repeats the so-called Enemy’s words, and confirms what Obama says! Now even the Mullah media are dying of shame, and cannot repeat or report what their stupid leaders say in Feb 2015. Apparently, Mullahs do drugs a lot and that’s why they say: ‘Yah, Obama is right. We Mullahs have halted the progress of Iran’s nuclear program [!!] We Mullahs have actually rolled back Iran’s stockpiles of en-riched uranium. We have obeyed (the West’s orders) and we just did what (they wanted) during this period of negotiations’ ! (Feb 2015) Can you believe it? Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) is not alone in doing traitorous acts. All Mullahs are the same shit. Even according to their own Crappy/ Mullah Logic, Mullahs just repeat the Enemy’s words, and aid Iran’s enemies. Now Obama and US animals say: ‘Our (sadistic) sanctions have crippled Irans economy, and halted Iran’s nuclear programs’ ! (2015) and the Masonic Mullahs openly say: ‘Yah, they are right; their sanctions work; and we halted Fordo, 20%, Arak and all nuclear programs’ ! (Feb 2015) Now the West’s media are so happy, but they censor what Mullahs say because what Mullahs say can reveal why Mullahs are puppets of the UK and Iran’s enemies. The West’s media just happily report: Mullah issued a very positive statement’ ! (Feb 2015) It’s funny that now even Basijis are shocked, because now even these retards can see the true colors of English Mullahs or British stooges. Now Iranians say to the last remaining pro-Mullah retards: ‘Your fucking Mullah leaders are big idiots, brainless hypocrites or what? In recent years, they said: I’m not a diplomat ! I am a revolutionary! But Licking Obama’s ass or Cameron’s ass is a revolutionary act?! Licking your Great Satan’s ass – specially when your Great Satan openly does and says the worst Anti-Iran things in history- is a heroic/ revolutionary act?! Mullahs are really worse than Qajars and Pahlavis. Now Mullahs openly say: the West is not an Enemy of Mullah. The West is actually an Enemy of Iranian people‘ ! (Feb 2015) And it’s the only true thing that Mullahs say in these days! As Mullahs truly say, the West is a friend of Mullahs, but a sworn enemy of Iran and Iranian people. And it’s what you could see in and after 2009 … Now it’s clear who try to hurt Iran’s people, to aid Iran’s enemies and to implement the Enemy’s plans (IMF plans, Colonial plans -ie trying to destroy national products/ Iranian values/ Iranian legacy etc) Mullahs / Islamists are non-Iranian spies/ slaves/ stooges of the UK and the West. Now it’s clear why the UK and the US created the 2009 CIA Coup, and why Islamists are the real Fetneh (Sedition) and the real Spies/ Stooges of the West. Now the soup is too salty. So even the 3% talk about Fatehe Velayat (End of all Mullahs)”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots talk that Obama’s Pen Pal In Iran ! or ask: Who is Obama’s Pen Pal In Tehran?! The answer is clear. Obama’s close friends are those who created the 2009 CIA Coup, implemented their Zionist IMF plans, and now openly aid Iran’s enemies -from Obama and Cameron to Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews). Now even idiots can see that Obama’s pen pals are freemasons, puppet dictators, Islamist whores/ drug addicts and all Anti-Iranian pigs. Now it’s clear why the UK and British Masons love Mullahs. Now even the Mullah media reports: ‘Jack Straw loves Khamenei’s letter to the West’s youth [!!] Straw says this letter is a very good and great letter’ !! (Feb 2015) But now even idiots and the 3% put comments at the Mullah media and say: ‘the UK (MI-6 or Freemasonry) is your lover or your enemy? (Your own Imam) Khomeini said: If the Enemy loves you and praises you, then it means that you are stooges of the Enemy [!!] So why the UK (UK Masonic Media -from BBC to Guardian- and UK notorious Freemasons) such as Jack Straw love and praise Rouhani and (Mullah leaders)?’ !! (Feb 2015) In fact, now even idiots can see why the UK and British Masons love and praise Mullahs. Mullahs are as stupid as their British Masters. Mullah paradoxes, Mullah lies and Mullah hypocrisy are so ridiculous. Now Mullahs openly say: ‘We have ceased all of Iran’s activities to reach an agreement with (Great Satan) [!!] This is logic of negotiation’ !! It’s funny that the Mad Mullahs talk about Logic. Before the current farce, Mullahs said: Great Satan is a Wolf, and Mullahs are Sheep; and Sheep cannot negotiate with Wolf’ ! But now it’s clear that Mullahs are stupid goats (Bozqaleh) and stupid cows (Gusaleh), and that’s why they openly lick the dirty asses of their Great Satan and Western Bullies/ Barbarians at this moment in time, ie when US bullies/ barbarians say and do the worst anti-Iran things in history. Mullahs are stupid animals and stupid stooges of the UK, but all Iranians (97% + 3%) know the Mullah Arro-Gooz (Barking & Farting) and what Mullahs did and said in all these years. Now even the 3% laugh at Mullahs. Now when the Mullah leader says: ‘We are trying to take the weapon of sanctions away from the enemy’ (Feb 2015), all Iranian people just laugh and say: ‘Who gave the so-called weapon of sanctions to the enemy?! ‘You and your AN gave the weapon of sanctions to the enemy. From 2006 to 2010, all Iranians told you: Hey Motherfucker, Don’t do this; Don’t eat this shit; Stop crapping about the Holocaust and the Western-made disasters; Stop serving the West’s interests, hurting Iranians, and damaging Iran’s image etc. But what you did at that time? You Mullahs and Basijis said: Sanctions are ridiculous things; we Mullahs love their sanctions’ ! But now you suddenly talk about the weapon of sanctions?! You Mullahs are the stupid spies/ stooges of the Enemy. You Mullahs have very low IQs. After a lot of (Arro-Gooz), you cannot talk about the weapon of sanctions. After what you and your Western Arbabs (Masters) did in 2009 to 2014, you cannot talk about Logic, Wisdom, Truth, Iran, People or the weapon of sanctions! Now all Iranians, even the 3%, just laugh at you idiots and talk about Fatehe Velayat”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots talk about the 1979 Coup and What Really Happened in Iran. Now even idiots can see why British Barbarians, UK media, or US pigs such as Kissinger, Brzezinski and Noam Chomsky hate Iran but love Arabs and Islamists. Now it’s clear why the CIA agents – from Chomsky to George Bush- loved Islamists and helped Islamists. The story of Devil’s Game is a long story, and many talk about the Devil’s Game. For instance, US historians say: ‘Richard Cottam (1925- 1997) was a C-IA agent. Cottam joined the Agency in the early 1950s. He went to Iran, and worked under the guise of a political officer of the American Embassy in Tehran for the 1950s’. Even Americans talk about Cottam’s role in the 1953 Coup, and say: ‘it was during Cottam’s second trip to Iran that the 1953 Coup to overthrow Iran’s (Oil Nationalization Movement’s) government was hatched and carried out by the US and the UK’. But the more interesting thing is what they say about Cottam’s role in the 1979 Coup. Even US historians say: this (notorious C-IA agent) Richard Cottam was a close friend of Islamists such as Ibrahim Yazdi, Qarani, Beheshti etc! The bad guys cannot hide the truths for ever. The West and its stooges still continue to spread misinformation, and stupidly say: ‘Richard Cottam was a leading C-IA scholar in the field of Iranian political studies [!!] He was anti-Tyranny and pro-Democracy, and that’s why he (loved the 1953 CIA Coup, Masonic Mullahs, Savage Islamists etc)! But normal people ask: Why Richard Cottam of the C-IA -who had led the 1953 coup against Freedom, Democracy and Independence in Iran- loved Khomeini, Mullahs and Islamists?! During the 1953 coup, Cottam had been in charge of the C-IAs Iran Desk. And during the 1979 Coup, Cottam made love with Khomeini, Mullahs and Islamists. But Why?! Iran’s people ask or say many good things. For instance, they say: An Air France plane took a British agent from Paris to Tehran; But why they call it an Iranian Revolution’ ?! Why the Company agents -from Cottam to Leveretts- should love and support Islamists & Mullahs?! Why even Islamists and US historians say: ‘In Mid-September 1978, one of the handful of Khomeinis trusted associates, Ayatollah Beheshti secretly visited the US and met with the C-IAs agents’ ?! There are many serious questions about Ayatollah Beheshti, Khomeini, Yazdi, Richard Cottam, Gary Sick, Brzezinski, Helms, Cottam and other American animals. For instance, US historians say Richard Helms (former C-IA director) was the head of MK-Ultra project. But after the MK-Ultra scandals in the 1970s, Richard Helms become US Ambassador to Iran! Even US historians talk about the role of Richard Helms in MK-Ultra, 1979 Coup, Shah’s diseases, Creating Mullah regime, Hostage Crisis, Iran-Contra etc. Now even Americans (in talk about ‘The Secret History (of) the US and the Shah’, and say: ‘In 1964, the C-IA arranged for Khomeini a safe haven in Iraq … they placed a number of CI-A agents around Khomeini .. the C-IA agents also joined Khomeini’s staff in France .. In January 1979, at a summit at Guadeloupe, the Western powers formally asked the Shah to leave Iran. A few weeks later, Khomeini, with several C-IA agents on his staff, returned to Iran … In early 1979, the US forced Shah’s Generals (to destroy) the Shah’s Army’. It’s what Americans say. Even Americans say: Hostage Crisis was an American plan. And the (goals of this US plan) are quite clear. But whores and stooges still pretend ignorance about the West’s plans and the West’s banana peels [….] Now Reuters reports: Zarif raised the concern over Rohani’s fate with Kerry’ !, because now even idiots know that Rohani’s fate is like or worse than AN’s fate or Razmara’s fate. Now even the 3% say: Rouhani’s fate is like Rajavi’s fate, Bani-Sadr’s fate etc! Now even idiots know that the Mullah regime’s fate is worse than the Pahlavi regime’s fate. Now even idiots can see why and how Mullahs and Islamists work for the Enemy, aid the Enemy and implement the Enemy’s Plans (IMF Plans, 2009 Coup, Evil Fire-wall, Making Iran’s people angrier etc). Now even idiots talk about Dictates for Dictators!”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now even the media and their reports can show you why Big Bang is near, and why today’s atmosphere is much more tense and warmer than the revolutionary atmosphere in 1979. Now, in 2015, the media report: In many provinces of Iran (Khuzestan, Elam, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Kermanshah etc) heavy dust storm (hurt) Iranians. Iran’s people are so mad at Rouhani and his inaction … Again Rouhani tries to increase Terrible Filtering & Censorship, to increase all prices (gas price, utility price etc) and to make Iran’s people even angrier ! In fact, even idiots know that why All Iranian people are so mad at Rouhani and all Mullahs. Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) hate this Hassan Freemason (Rouhani). Now the soup is too salty, and even their own Rafsanjani says: Mullahs (Jannati, Mesbah, Rouhani etc) are like or worse than ISIL & Bokon Haram’ ! In 2009, all Iranians saw the true face of ISIL & Bokon Haram (aka Basijis) In and after 2009, all Iranians saw how Savage Islamists hurt or kill Iran’s children and serve the interests of the Devil, the West and Iran’s enemies. And now it’s clear that all puppets dictators -from Pahlavis to Mullahs- are the same shits, and victims of the same Dictates for Dictators, the same Banana Peels. Now it’s clear why Marxists and Freemasons such as Noam Chomsky love Mullahs, IMF, Islamists, dictators and other evil forces. It’s obvious why Masonic Mullahs such as Mesbah and Rouhani serve the West’s interests. Almost all bad guys -from Brzezinski and Chomsky to Rouhani and Jannati- are slaves of the same Big Brother. Now even the Masonic Mullah TV shows you why and how Mullahs, Pahlavists and Masons such as Ehsan Naraqhi, Daryoosh Homayoon, Naghi AliKhani, Nasr etc are the same shits. Now the bad guys act like retards. Now (in Feb 2015) the Washington Post ‘s Editorial Board clearly show that the USA is pro-Arab and pro-Tyranny, but Anti-Iran, Anti-Humanity and Anti-Democracy. The Washington Post openly supports Savage Saudis, Islamists, Terrorists and Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews), and openly crap about Iran’s influence across the Middle East’ ! or ‘Iran’s place as a regional power’. The Washington Post’s spies badly lick the ass of Henry Kissinger, and say many pro-Arab, pro-Tazi, and Anti-Iran & Anti-Persia things. But even Americans (Taylor etc) say: Henry Kissinger is the CEO for the Illuminati and the Evil empire. Kissinger, aka Kissybutt, used and still use mind controlled slaves to help Barbarians and to hurt (Iran and) the Civilized World’ ! Now faggots like Kissinger openly defend ISIL, Islamists and Savage Saudis. But now even idiots can see why and how pigs such as Kissinger and Ayatollah Brzezinski loved Islamists, Jihadis and the Arc of Crisis. Now even Americans and Muslims talk about Ayatollah Brzezinski, Mullahs, Islamists, ISIL and the Arc of Crisis. Now even idiots talk about what ISIL, Savage Saudis, Dictators or the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen or Egypt do. Now the Invisible Hands are not really invisible. Now it’s clear that Mullahs, ISIL, Muslim Brotherhood and all Islamists were and are Masonic slaves/ stooges. What Islamists did and do are a complete farce from start to finish. And now many talk about the Last Chapter of this British Farce, aka the Devil’s Game”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots talk about books such as ‘Brainwashing: How The British Use The Media for Mass Psychological Warfare’ ! Now, in 2015, even the Western media talks about many shameful things such as: ‘US laws increasingly criminalize discussion of computer security weaknesses in the US. That suits the N-SA, which wants your computer to be insecure … (US solution) to massive surveillance is (so ridiculous). They say the databox offers a way to give personal data to companies via one special company! The databox company would hand over all your data to Big Brother on demand ! … (Now even Greeks and Europeans) Demanding End to Austerity and IMF Plans. But (Islamists still love their Zionist IMF) and IMF Plans .. Facebook carries out censorship on behalf of many governments, including Turkey, UK and China … US Senators want pervasive surveillance of all Americans … US and UK’s massive surveillance is a fundamental threat to human rights. UK internet filters is like the Mullah internet filters. (Now British people try to create) Campaign against UK massive surveillance and UK internet filters [!!] .. The British people are the Victims of their Own Corrupt Government … the UK is the Biggest Threat to World Peace … David Cameron’s Internet Surveillance Plans (for UK) rival Syria, Russia and Mullahs … The UK’s prime minister wants to ban encryption and establish a total digital police state‘ !! (2015) It’s what their own Western media say. Now it’s clear who is the Arbab (Master) of Mullahs, and what will happen to those who don’t care about Iranian values (ie Human Values), and those who aided politicians in hurting Iranians and other nations. In 2015, US retards still describe how The US Evil Empire will lead the world !, and say: ‘We will lead with all instruments of US power, leveraging (ie blackmailing/ bullying) our strategic advantages in diplomacy, defense, intelligence, science and technology [!!] We will lead with strength, an unrivaled military [!!], the law of the jungle! We will lead by example, upholding our values at home’ ! Apparently they talk about examples of Snow-den, Lavabit, N-SA etc -which showed the true face of their values! US retards have badly confused. And that’s why they openly say: We want to lead the world with strength, military and the law of the jungle! US Senators and US Animals, like Netan-yabu and British Animals, still live in the Age of The law of The jungle. They still live in the past. But now even idiots can see that the World is changing, all normal humans are becoming aware, and the West’s Evil Empire is nearing the End”.

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