Dictates for Dictators: A Historic Farce

February 23, 2015

“Do you know who has said: ‘We have destroyed Iran’s economy. One day we used (Tazi / Communist Economy), and one day we used (Tazi / Capitalist Economy and IMF Plans) to destroy Iran’s economy .. We have (served the interests of the West and Colonial powers). We have only sold crude oil and raw materials .. We have converted this country into sources of raw materials for (Colonial Powers) .. We have destroyed Iran’s economy, Iran’s resources, Iran’s oil, and even Iran’s soil .. We obey them, and we do what they want, but they still want more .. We allow them (the West) to dictate to us on the nuclear issue, on (Economic reforms, on hurting Iranians, and on everything), but they say sanctions will not be lifted .. We still obey them, and we still (lick the West’s ass, serve the West’s interests, and slip on the West’s banana peels), but they want to humiliate us. They say we should accept all of their dictates .. We are in mourning for their Sanctions .. We suffer from Shitty Mourning (Azaa gereftan) and Shitty Confusion (Goh Gijeh gereftan)’ ?! Do you know who has said such things? It’s what their Mullah Leader says in Feb 2015. The West censors all news and all facts, but it just adds a new episode to this Historic Farce. The Bad guys have badly confused. The West and its stooges (Mullahs etc) just create a Historic Farce that is unprecedented in history. History will never forget these days”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, what the Bad guys say and do is a complete farce. As some wise Iranians say: “Just look what the United States of Ayatollah says and does. Just look How the Ayatollah Monkey (ie Ayatollah Obama), Ayatollah BBC, Ayatollah Straw, Ayatollah MI-6 and Ayatollah C-IA go to Menbar (Mullah stage) and give you Rozeh (Mullah crap). Now the Ayatollah UK media, the Ayatollah Guardian and the Ayatollah BBC defend Rouhani and Mullahs in a way that is unprecedented in history. And it’s a Godsend for Iran and Iranians. Now it’s clear that the Little Britain is nothing but the Land of Barbarians and Big Lies. Now the British stooges are the worst idiots. Now Mirza Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and other Mullahs stupidly try to make Iran’s people even angrier. Mullahs still lick the West’s ass, slip on the West’s Banana peels, and think IMF Plans, increasing Economic instability, increasing Air pollution, increasing Public Anger, or increasing Terrible Internet Censorship and Terrible Internet Fil-ters and other Evil things and Evil acts are good things! Puppet dictators still slip on The West’s Banana Peels. The West still plays with puppet regimes. In 1978, the US and Carter pretended that they loved the Shah, and the Shah Regime is the Island of Stability! And now Just look how the Ayatollah America and its media talk about ‘Ending three decades of enmity with Mullahs’ ! (NYT, Feb 2015) In the United States of Ayatollah, the Ayatollah Satan’s media openly talk about Cooperation between Mullahs and USA (ie Ayatollah Great Satan) ! (Feb 2015) and say: ‘the White House and the State Department insist on Secrecy’ !! (NYT, Feb 2015) Can you believe it?! Their farcical negotiation is actually a secret love affair. Now the United States of Animals is proud of its secret love affairs with Mullahs, and openly talk about ‘Sign of a breakthrough in American-Ayatollah relations’ ! (Feb 2015) Now American animals -from their Ayatollah Monkey (Obama) and Ayatollah Donkey Chomsky) to US Senators and their New York Times (NYT)- clearly show you why they created the 2009 Coup, 1953 Coup or the 1979 Coup, and why The United States of Animals is actually The United States of Ayatollah . Now it’s clear that what Iranians said about the UK/ US and Mullahs is not a myth. In these days, Iranians use a lot of F-words about Mullahs, Islamists and their Western lovers. These days just remind you of the last year of the Pahlavi regime. As you know, events in History reappear, but the first time as Tragedy, the second as Farce. Now Many things are like or worse than the last year of the Pahlavi regime. For instance, Cinemas are empty. Iranians hate the Mullah Cinema. Football Stadiums are empty. The Mullah TV, Mullah media, and all Mullahs are totally bankrupt and hateful. Iranian people have boycotted the fucking Mullah TV, Mullah Cinema, Mullah Arts/ Sports and all Mullah things. Masons like Sharif-Emami or Amouzegar are still implementing IMF Plans and other Masonic plans – including Evil Fire-wall and increasing Censorship, Internet Fil-ters and all Evil acts. The prices of gas, utilities, public transport and all basic needs are increasing because Mullahs and Masons still try to implement IMF Plans and Western Dictates in Iran. People are so angry, and Public Anger is increasing. All Iranians hate the regime and the dictator so much. Big Bang is near, but Mullahs and Masons still try to make Iran’s people even angrier! Now Mullah leaders openly talk about their Shitty Mourning (Azaa gereftan) and Shitty Confusion (Goh Gijeh gereftan). Mullahs are insane animals. Mullahs still try to increase Public Anger, and to make Iran’s People even angrier. We, Iranians, cannot understand this level of insanity. We, Iranians, don’t know why Mullahs eat such shits, and slip on the West’s Banana peels. But almost all Iranians know why Iran must have Democracy, why Iran must have Nukes, and why Iran must get rid of Mullah, Mason, Shah, Mercenary and all puppets of the West. All Iranians (+97%) know that the West has no right to say how many X or Y Iran should have. But Mullahs lick the West’s ass, and the West is allowed to dictate to Mullahs. Mirza Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and Mullahs love IMF’s dictates and British dictates. In the Mullah regime, the West and Non-Iranian pigs dictate what is Reform, what is Good, or what is Bad ! In the Mullah regime, Oil money and Iran’s money have to be used as dictated by the West & the IMF! The West & the IMF dictate what is Economic Reform! And Mullahs and Islamists are just following the dictates of the West & the IMF. Mullahs are slaves of Colonial Powers. But all Iranians know that the Barbarian West should be punished, and Western Bullies/ Barbarians should go to hell. The West, the US or any other Pigs have NO right to say how many centrifuges, or how many Sciences, Technologies, X or Y Iran should have. But Islamists just give the West an excuse to crap about Iran. The West’s stooges (Islamists etc) and their Evil acts give the West an excuse to deny Iran’s rights or crap about Iran. But as you know, the West’s excuse is Rotten Excuse. The West creates Islamists and puppet dictators, and then uses the Western-made Dictators or the Western-Made Tyranny as an excuse to deny Iran’s rights! It’s so ridiculous. Islamists are Tazis (Savage Arabs/ Jews), slaves of the West, and sworn enemies of Iran. And now the Ayatollah America just reminds you of British Colonialism, the Ayatollah UK and its Mullahs”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, Mullahs make good and historic confessions about what they did in the past 30 years, and how they tried to destroy Iran’s economy, and to serve the interests of the West. As the Mullah leader truly says: ‘Mullahs have only tried to destroy Iran’s economy, Iran’s resources, Iran’s environment etc. Mullahs -as agents of the Western Colonialism- have only increased Kham Forushi (selling raw materials) and implementing IMF Plans and Western Dictates. And this is the Worst of the Worst (az een Bad-tar Nemishe …)‘ ! (Feb 2015) It’s really true. What Mullahs and Islamists did and do is the worst of the worst. What Mullahs say about their Masonic mission is really true. What Mullahs did in the so-called Mullah Era is the Worst of the Worst. Mullahs and Islamists are worse than Qajars and Pahlavis. Mullahs are the worst puppets of the West. In the Fucking Mullah era, Mullahs badly tried to serve the interests of Colonial Powers. If you read history, if you think, and if you open your eyes and see what the West and Mullahs did and said in and after (1921, 1953,) 1979 and 2009, you can easily see who is who”. They also add: “In Iran, all people know the story of Chupan-e Doruq-gu (the Shepherd, the Liar). Chupan-e Doruq-gu is Mr Big Liar. His story is about the fate of Mr Big Liar. But Mullahs love Mr Big Liar, and badly try to prove that Mullah is Big Liar. In Iran, Vaqih means ‘So Shameless’. And now Mullahs just try to prove that Faqih is Vaqih! Now all Iranians can see that Mullahs are Vaqih, and tell many Big Lies (British lies). But it’s important to note that even the Mullah leader knows the depth of the Mullah Bankruptcy, and that’s why he truly says: “Only a few Iranians (3%) listen to us and accept our words’ !! (Feb 2015) In fact, even Mullahs know why Mullahs are totally & morally Bankrupt in Iran. Even Mullahs know why the 97% of Iranians hate Mullahs, Islamists and other stooges of the West so much. But why Mullahs still act like retards, lick the West’s ass, help Iran’s enemies, hurt Iran’s people, and try to make Iranians even angrier? What Mullahs and Islamists do -like what the Shah (Pahlavi) did in his last years- is the Worst of the Worst (az een Bad-tar Nemishe …) But Why? Why Mullahs only try to make Iran’s people even angrier? Why Mullahs just try to repeat the Shah’s mistakes, the Gaddafi’s mistakes, the Saddam’s mistakes, the Zahak’s mistakes or the Classic Mistakes of all Puppets Dictators? Why Mullahs still slip on the West’s Banana peels? Now even the Shah’s men talk about the Shah’s main mistake, and say: The Shah didn’t know that when he loses his people, he actually loses everything. Without Iran’s people, the Shah was nothing but a sick rat that the West got his tail and .. When a ruler loses his people, and when the people hate a ruler so much, then the fate of this rule is quite clear .. When you kill or hurt your people, this is the End of the Line. Nothing and no one can save you. When you try to make Iran’s people your enemies, and to make Iran’s enemies (Ajaneb) your friends and advisers, then this is equal to your End … This is your End, End of Story‘. And It’s what the Shah’s men said in the Mullah TV in Feb 2015. All Puppet regimes and puppet dictators – from Pahlavis to Mullahs- slip on the West’s Banana peels, and finally talk about their Shitty Mourning (Azaa gereftan) and their Shitty Confusion (Goh Gijeh gereftan). Puppet dictators listen to Foreign advice and British-Barbarian advice, implement IMF Plans and Western Dictates, and pursue a Colonial/ Masonic Dual Policy: (1) Giving concessions to the West (2) Oppressing the people at home, or Making the people even angrier. Iranian people are not blind. Dictatorship, Dictators and Islamists are what the West wants. Iranians know why the West loves Dictators, Islamists or puppet regimes. It’s obvious why The Ayatollah IMF, The Ayatollah Mason, The Ayatollah C-IA and The Ayatollah UK create the 2009 Coup, the 1953 Coup or the 1979 Coup. Islamists and Dictators just serve the interests of the Savage West. It’s obvious why All Iranians (+97%) want to get rid of Dictator, Mullah, Mason, Shah, Marxist, Mujadeh, Islamist, Oppressor and all puppets/ stooges of the West. All Iranians want a real Democracy and a real Iranian regime, not a puppet regime, a Masonic regime, a Tazi regime or an Anti-Iranian regime like the Mullah Regime”. They also add: “Iranians know why the West loves Dictatorship and Dictators, and why the West and Colonial Powers are the number one enemy of Freedom & Democracy in Iran. In all these years – specially before & after 2009 Coup, IMF Farce & Rouhani Farce- Iranians repeatedly said to Mullahs: Stop listening to Foreign advice and UK advice; Instead of listening to foreign advice, listen to what Iran’s people and the wise Iranians say (check Archive) But Mullahs, like Pahlavi and all Puppet Dictators, did not listen to what Iranians say. So it’s obvious why now Mullahs -like Pahlavi & all Puppet Dictators- suffer from Shitty Mourning (Azaa gereftan) & Shitty Confusion (Goh Gijeh gereftan). A regime that kills or hurts its people, and listens to the UK/ C-IA advice is nothing but a dead regime. Mullahs just listen to the British/ Masonic advice. Mullahs just eat Onions & Sticks (Choob & Piaz). In 2013, Iranians said: ‘Why Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and Mullahs are pursuing a Dual Policy (Giving concessions to the West, Oppressing Iranians at home)? Mullahs and their Western Masters get nowhere with such dual policies that belong to the Colonialism Age (Check Archive) And now all normal humans can see why Iranians said such things, and why Mullahs are insane slaves of the West. Now many ask: Why Big Brother’s agents such as Leverets, Gary Sick and Jack Straw are the Mullah lovers and advisers? Why all Iranians (+97%) hate Mullahs/ Islamists so much, but Ayatollah Sick, Ayatollah Straw, Ayatollah Satan, Ayatollah Chomsky, Ayatollah Brzezinski, the Ayatollah C-IA, the Ayatollah IMF and the Ayatollah UK love Mullahs/ Islamists?! Why the West and Mullahs love the Colonial policies of the 19th century?!”. They also add: “Mullahs are insane animals. But Iranians know how to solve Iran’s problems and Global problems, and they don’t need that the Barbarian Britain, Western pigs, Ayatollah IMF, Ayatollah Mason or Ayatollah Satan tell them what to do or how to solve problems! Iranians know who create the main problems. Iranians know Iran’s problems, the world’s problems, and real solutions. But Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullahs are Tazis and Javads (Javad means bad retard). The Mullah regime is the Regime of Javads. This Masonic regime is full of Javads -including British Javads and American Javads. Almost all of these Javads are non-Iranians. They are Javads from UK, USA, Iraq, Lebanon or Darquz-Abad. Javads are the worst of the worst, but they are advisers, ministers or managers in the Mullah regime. So it’s obvious why Mullahs suffer from Shitty Confusion (Goh Gijeh) All the Dictator’s men are idiots, Khayemals (ass-lickers), whores and retards/ javads. Normal humans and Wise guys (Adam Hesabi) don’t work for Dictators. All the Dictator’s men are Bi-Maqz (Brain-less), Bi-Pethar/ Mather (root-less) and Bi-Hame Chiz (everything-less). They are Masons or Javads such as Larijani, Tavakoli, Zibakalam, Motahari, Mesbah, Behnoud, Rouhani, Khatami and Khatamists. Normal humans and Wise guys (Adam Hesabi) don’t lick the ass of the West or the Dictator. Now all Iranians (+ 97%) want a real Iranian regime, a real Democracy, in which Iranian experts, Normal humans and Wise guys (Adam Hesabi) solve main problems, restore Great Persia, make a better world, and put the West and Barbarians in their place”.

As some wise Iranians say: “these years remind many of the stories of ‘Samad Aqa & QandAli’. QandAli is a stupid officer of a very low rank but he thinks he is a General, and super-idiots see him as a General. AN, Rouhani and all Mullahs are like or worse than QandAli. The UK and the BBC try to make Hero/ General out of idiots like QandAli. All stupid stooges of the UK and the West, including retards such as Zibakalam, Rouhani, Khatami or Mohsen Namjoo- are actually QandAli. Those whores and prostitutes who work for the BBC, the Mullah TV and all British/ Masonic media are actually QandAli or mind-controlled idiots. Unfortunately, almost all Western journalists are like or worse than QandAli or Mullahs. The West’s journalists are like or worse than the Mullah TV whores. The West’s media whores are worse than Islamist whores such as Elham Charkhandeh, Bahareh Rahnama or Merilla Zarei. The UK is the Land of Straw men and Straw dogs. Only Mullahs and super-idiots can love Ayatollah Straw, Ayatollah Barbarian or Ayatollah UK. Now the Ayatollah BBC works as Rouhani’s media, and openly and shamelessly defends Mullahs, Rouhani’s Evil acts, Rouhani’s Big lies, IMF Plans and other Masonic Plans in Iran. But now even little children can see who is behind Mullahs, and why the BBC is Big Brother Corporation. Now both Mullahs and their BBC say: ‘Only a few people listen to us .. the 97% of Iranians hate us and don’t care about us’. Mullahs and their Western Masters (Arbab) have badly confused. Now what Mullahs say just remind many of British/ Rashti jokes. As many Iranians say, their Great Satan’s Bullies crap about Iran and threaten Iran, but Mullahs just lick the ass of their Great Satan, and it’s the Mullah answer to US Bullies’ ! The Ayatollah UK says Mullahs are Heroic cowards! But all Iranians just laugh, and boo/ ridicule both Mullahs and the Ayatollah Britain. Iranians know the meaning of Vaqih (so Shameless), Terrible Hypocrisy or Terrible Foolishness (Veqahat, Hemaqat …)’. But Idiots still think all humans are idiots, and the world is the Land of Idiots (aka Mason-Abad, Darquz-Abad etc) Now the Ayatollah Satan (ie US & UK) and its media say: Western officials (defend) a face-saving amount of enrichment capability for Iran .. American officials defined that face-saving amount as a few thousands centrifuges ! (NYT) The stupid West and its stooges (Islamists etc) think Iranians are little children, and Idiots can fool Iranians with chocolate or silly gestures (Ab-Nabat, Pashm or Pashmak) ! The stupid West can fool super-idiots such as QandAli or Mirza Hassan Freemason (Rouhani). Mullahs love the UK and the Savage West. But Iranians know them well, and that’s why they say to Mullahs: ‘Toady the West or the Ayatollah UK supports you, as they supported Pahlavi (Shah). But tomorrow -in a sudden change, a sudden U-Turn – they would betray you, as they betrayed Pahlavi (Shah). Today they support Rouhani and Rouhani’s evil acts, but tomorrow they stupidly deny everything and say: We hate Rouhani; But the 97% of Iranians, who hate Rouhani, love or support Rouhani! British games are very silly games. But Idiots even cannot see obvious things. Iranians know that the US and the UK encouraged the Shah (Pahlavi) to hurt Iranians and to make Iran’s people even angrier. And in his last days, the US and the UK said to the Shah: We are sorry. But when your people hate you, we can do nothing for you! We are sorry, but your people are so mad at you …’. Nowadays, there is no excuse for repeating history. There is no excuse for ignoring Public Anger, what people want or what people say. But idiots still live in the 19th century. Idiots even don’t know why Mr Big Liar (Chupan-e Doruq-gu) cannot fool people any longer. Idiots even don’t know why Lying, Foolishness, Shamelessness, Sadism, Censorship and other Evil things cannot solve their problems. Now even the 3% say: ‘Mullahs always let problems turn into a Terrible Crisis, and then suffer form Shitty Mourning (Azaa gereftan) & Shitty Confusion (Goh Gijeh)’ ! Mullahs are bad retards. But all Iranians know why Tazi/ Western/ Jewish/ British Barbarians hurt all humans: They’ll bite you, because that’s their nature/ culture, their Sadistic-Barbarian nature/ culture. Now all Iranians can see why the West loves Tyranny, Bullying, Barbarity, Sadism, the Law of the Jungle etc. In the 19th century, Masonic whores/ retards such as Mirza Malkum, Mullah Afghani, Akhund-Zadeh and Foruqi defended British Barbarians and British/ Barbarian Colonialism. They said that Bullies and British Barbarians have the right to plunder Iran’s mines, Iran’s oil, Iran’s soil and Iran’s resources! They said: you are the sources of raw materials for Colonial powers, and the West’s Evil Empire has the right to say how many X or Y you should have! But even in the 19th century, these whores were so hateful in Iran”. They also add: “the West loves the law of the jungle. It’s what all Iranians can see by their own eyes in recent years (2009 to 2014) The West loves Bullying and Sadism. The West’s main law is the Law of the Jungle. In fact, the West is still Barbarian and Uncultured. For thousands of years, the UK or the West was officially the Land of Barbarians and Barbarism. But as even the West’s good guys know or say, Western regimes, Western media and Western politicians are still Barbarians, Savages and Uncultured pigs. They still love Bullying, Sadism & the Law of the Jungle. They still hate Iranian Values (aka Human values) – including Truth, Tolerance, Liberty, Honesty and Humanity. They still love Tyranny and Puppet Dictators. But all Iranians want a real Democracy and a real Iranian regime that cares about Iranian people, Iranian Logic, Iranian Legacy, Iranian values (aka Human values) and a Better world for all Humans”.

Idiocy and Idiots: Lunatic Slaves

February 17, 2015

“According to dictionaries, Idiocy = something that is extremely silly or stupid; and Idiot = a stupid person, someone who is mentally ill, or someone who has a very low level of intelligence. In Persian language, we have many funny words/ slang for Idiots/ retards including Khol, Chel, Mongol, Gagool, Mashang, Olaq, Gaw etc. In these years Iranians use such terms a lot, specially when they talk about Mullahs, Islamists and other slaves of the West. Iranians know that there are different kinds of idiots and idiocies. Even in the past, Iranians talked about different kinds of idiots and idiocies. In Central Iran, the witty Iranians said: Chely Chel No-e ! (literally: Idiocy has 40 kinds) that actually means there are many different kinds of idiots and idiocies. (Of course) it’s important to note that ignorance is different from idiocy. There are important differences between ignorance and idiocy, as there are important differences between scientists and shamans, or between science and non-science, or between scientific mindset and psychotic/ idiotic mindset”, some wise Iranians say. We have already written about idiots, cults, insanity, ignorance, slavery, fantasy, reality, truth, science, logic etc (check Archive), and we should write more about such important issues. But as some wise Iranians say: “Unfortunately, many don’t know idiots or the differences between idiocy and ignorance. Idiocy is not ignorance. Ignorance = lack of knowledge or information about something. The mankind and all humans suffer from lack of knowledge/ information about many things. Being ignorant is not equal to being idiot. All wise guys and all scientists say that they are ignorant about many things. But they are aware of their ignorance. But idiots are idiots. Idiots don’t know that they are idiots. Idiots are not aware of their idiocies. Many idiots have a very low level of intelligence, but they see themselves as modern people, but others (other humans) as idiots! Idiots are really idiots. If they knew that they are idiots, then they would not be called idiots. Idiots often become bad guys or slaves of bad guys. So all people should know idiots. Now idiots and bad guys try to enslave all humans and to pollute or control media, religions, governments, arts, sciences and almost all aspects of life “. They also add: “Idiots cannot think critically. Idiots cannot see obvious things. Many idiots even cannot ask questions. But Iranians and normal humans can think, and can ask serious questions. Normal humans ask many questions, and think about them. But idiots are mockingbirds. Idiots just say or repeat (QerQereh) what their leaders (media, fashion, cults, masters etc) say. Idiots cannot understand why people ask: Why do the West and its mass media censor all facts and all news of Iran and the world? Why do the UK, the West and Masons love Rouhani? Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) has increased Internet Censorship and all kinds of Censorship and Pollutions in Iran; Now all Iranians curse the fucking Rouhani, who is worse than AhmadiNejad (AN); But why the West censors such facts and all news of Iran?! Why the West even censors historic events such as the 2014 Referendum?! Now all Iranians (+97%) hate the fucking Rouhani so much. The Terrible Internet censorship, the Terrible Air pollution, the Terrible Mismanagement, the Terrible inflation, the Terrible IMF plans and Evil acts in the fucking Rouhani era are worse than the AN era. But why the US and the UK not only censor all news and all facts, but tell the exact opposite of the Truth?! In these days, the internet speed is horrible, the internet censorship/ filtering is horrible, attacks on SSL connections are horrible, Air pollution in Ahvaz and many Iranian cities is horrible, Inflation, increasing prices, economic insanity, corruption and mismanagement are horrible, but why US media and UK media censor all news and just defend their beloved Rouhanis?! Why the Western media say nothing – even a single word- about Rouhani’s Big lies, Rouhani’s Evil acts, Rouhani’s IMF plans, Rouhani’s insanity, Rouhani’s Anti-Iranian acts, and Public Anger against Rouhani and all Mullahs in Iran?! Idiots cannot understand the importance of such facts or such questions. Idiots don’t know what is really important. Idiots just repeat the media’s words. But Iranians ask: the West’s disinformation campaigns or the West’s Orwellian Censorship is Freedom or Free Exchange of Information?!”. They also add: “Now many things are becoming clear. The bad guys are making many things clear. Now it’s clear that the story of 1979 Tragedy is like the story of a Masonic Song in 1979. As the witty Iranians say: A Masonic Islamist/ Basiji faggot calls himself Freydoon-e Jam, while his real name is Zahak-e Arab. Then this Basiji faggot and Masonic Islamist sings a Masonic song called ‘Yar-e Dabestani’ (school mates), in which Masons talk about their ‘Dasht-e Bi-Farhangi’ (their land of uncultured men)! And this is the story of 1979: In 1979, the uncultured Masons created a stupid song about humiliating and destroying Iran. And now we all can see how the uncultured UK, Western/ British Barbarians, the uncultured Arabs/ Tazis etc desperately try to hurt Iranians and to destroy Iran. Now it’s clear that the real name of their stupid song should be ‘Yar-e Mason-i’ (Masonic mates), in which Islamists and Basiji faggots sing: Hey Masonic buddies Help us in humiliating and destroying Iran … (Ey Yar-e Freemason-e man … !)’ ! Idiots cannot understand many things, including the true meaning of Sarcasm and Satire. But normal humans know why Iranians make many sarcastic or satirical comments”. They also add: “Iranians ask many important questions. For instance, they ask: Why Mullahs and Islamists hate any free debate or discussion in Iran? All Iranians know that only those who have no rational thing and no logical thing to say are frightened of free debate or discussion. Islamists are really insane animals. Their top intellects are Lunatic whores such as Zibakalam or GoozAli Abazari. Idiots even don’t know that Nazis, Fascists, Terrorists, Masons, Whores, Bullies and Barbarians are not intellectuals!”.


As some wise Iranians say: “There are different kinds of idiots, including political idiots, religious idiots, secular idiots, irreligious idiots and educated idiots. But many just care or talk about political idiots (political whores) because this kind of idiots hurt all people and cause many problems. Political whores, like religious idiots, behave in a crazy or very stupid way. Political whores, like media whores, tell big lies and don’t care about the Truth. Political whores, like intellectual idiots, love stupid gestures and fooling Sheeple (stupid people). Many politicians suffer from the highest level of idiocy, ie insanity. Mullahs are insane animals. But unfortunately, the West’s journalists/ intellects and the West’s politicians are worse than Mullahs and insane Animals”. They also add: “Idiots cannot see the idiocy of their behavior, the idiocy of their beliefs, or the idiocy of their paradoxes. Idiots worship the West, and don’t care about the West’s Evil acts, the West’s Paradoxes and the West’s Censorship. But Iranians ask: Why the US and the UK censor all news (of Iran etc) in a silly way? Do they want to show the true face of the West?! Do they want to show that almost all Western journalists are lunatic slaves or insane whores?! Do they want to prove that the West’s Journalists are actually whores/ spies/ stooges of Big Brother?! Idiots -for instance idiots such as the BBC’s spies, the Washington Post’s spies, the Guardian’s spies etc- think they are smart guys. But now many ask: Why the UK media should censor all news and should love and defend Rouhani?! Rouhani is a lunatic. Rouhani and Masonic Mullahs should be sent to Lunatic asylum. But Why the US media and the UK media still defend their beloved Mullahs, and attack Iran and Iran’s people?! Idiots are blind. But Iranians and other normal humans are not blind or idiots. They ask: Why British Masons such as Jack Straw should love and defend Rouhani, the Mullah leader, and the Mullah regime?! Why the UK/ Masonic media happily report: Ayatollah sent secret letter to Great Satan (Feb 2015) ?! Why the UK and all Masons are happy that Ayatollah implements their Zionist IMF plans; Ayatollah makes love with Great Satan; Ayatollah licks the West’s ass and hurts Iran’s people; Ayatollah increases Censorship; Ayatollah increases prices; Ayatollah tries to destroy Iran’s economy, Iran’s environment, Iran’s resources etc?! Why British Masons and C-IA agents are happy that their Ayatollahs still serve the West’s interests? Those who created Al-Qadea, ISIL, Basijis, Ayatollahs etc think all humans are idiots. But Iranians and normal humans ask: Why ISIL, Mullahs, Taliban, Basijis, Bokon Haram and all Savage Islamists do and say the same things? Why all Islamists hate Iran, but love the Logic of Sword and Victory by Terror? Why all Islamists serve the West’s interests? Why these Little Savages (Basijis/ Isamists) go to the Mullah TV and openly try to attack Iran’s people and to defend Internet Censorship, Spying and violating the basic rights of Iranians? Why these Little Savages (Basijis/ Islamists) act and talk like ISIS/ ISIL, and stupidly try to threaten the great nation of Iran? Do these Little Savages (Basijis/ Islamists), these Chalquz (little shits) want to Terrorize/ Intimidate the great nation of Persia? All Iranians (+97%) know these Little Savages (Basijis & Islamists) and their Arbabs (US, UK, Zionists etc). But idiots are blind, and even cannot ask: Why Mullahs and Basijis act, talk and think like ISIL? Why Mullahs and Islamists love Logic of Sword, Victory by Terror, Barbarity and other Jewish/ Masonic/ Barbarian things? Now even the 3% can see how Masonic Mullahs just try to destroy Iran’s natural resources, Iran’s human resources, Iran’s national products, Iran’s industries, Iran’s economy etc. But they don’t ask themselves: Why Mullahs just try to hurt Iranians, and to serve the interests of the West and Iran’s enemies? Why in this Masonic Regime a smuggler is chief of a task force to combat smuggling, a drug addict is chief of a task force to combat Drugs, a notorious crook/ thief is chief of a task force to combat Bribery and Financial Corruption, or a s-ex addict/ rapist is chief of a task force to combat S-ex and Immorality?! Why an Anti-Iran & Anti-Industry pig should become the Minister of Industry, and Why IMF stooges should become ministers of economy/ health/ oil etc in the fucking Rouhani’s cabinet? Why Anti-Freedom, Anti-Internet and Anti-Iran pigs form the fucking Rouhani’s cabinet? There are many serious questions. For instance: Why even the stupid Mullah media talk about part of the shameful stories of AN, Rahimi, Rouhani etc but the West & the Left censor all news?! Why the West helps Islamists, and why Islamists just try to hurt Iran’s people, to destroy Iran’s resources & Iran’s industries, and to aid Iran’s enemies? Even the 3% know what Islamists already said about the IMF and IMF Plans. But why British Basijis/ Islamists such as Ahmad Tavakoli and all Mullahs -from Mullah government to Mullah Parliament- now defend their Zionist IMF and IMF plans in Iran?! Why even after the 2014 Referendum, Rouhani and the Masonic Mullah Parliament still talk about implementing the next phase of IMF Plans?! We all know what AN and Islamists did to Iran’s water resources, Iran’s environment, Iran’s economy, Iran’s industries etc. Iranians already warned and talked about the Mullah-made Environmental Disasters, AN’s evil acts, Rouhani’s evil acts, IMF Plans etc. But now even the 3% talk about the Mullah-made Environmental Disasters, or ask: Why Mullahs talk about baby boom amid water crisis? ! Now even the 3% talk about the growth of air pollution, the growth of poverty, the growth of smuggling, the growth of corruption, the growth of censorship, the grown of Public Anger etc. But Why the West censors all news and all facts, and just defend Rouhanis?! Why the UK and C-IA agents like Leveretts and Gareth Porter should love and defend Islamists and Mullahs? Why the Jewish C-IA and Basijis make love, and call it New Horizon?! Do the Farcical love stories of ‘Islamists and their Great Satan’ & ‘Mullahs and their Zionist IMF’ create New Horizon?! Why non-Iranian spies/ Islamists like Taliban-Zadeh, Arab-Zadeh, Zena-Zadeh or Mason-Zadeh crap about Iran but make love with their Zionist C-IA, their Great Satan, their US Congress, their Zionist IMF/ Facebook etc? Do they want to prove that Mullahs and Wahhabis (Saudis) are two sides of the same Masonic coin?! … The West and its stooges love fake things, including fake enemies, fake gestures, fake polls, fake statistics, fake intellects etc. In these days, the C-IA media reports: the majority of Americans think Obama should meet with Netanyahu [!!] when the Jewish premier visits Washington next month to speak in front of Congress, according to a poll conducted by (CI-A media)’ ! (Feb 2015) Such polls can remind you of their fake polls in 2009. The British/ American polls are really like Nazi polls and Orwellian polls. In the West, they use fake polls as a tool of Mass Mind Control or Social Engineering. But now their childish games are so ridiculous. Now they just remind you of Mullahs. As you know, Mullahs officially have a stupid Organization called ‘Islamic Propaganda’ ! The main job of this Orwellian Ministry of Propaganda is: arranging fake rallies, fake protests, fake demonstrations etc. All Masonic regimes, including the Pahlavi regime and the Gaddafi & Mullah regimes- had and have such Orwellian organizations. Idiots think if a few whores/ faggots support the regime in a silly/ farcical way, or if they send lunatic/ farcical message to the West, or if notorious freemasons such as Jack Straw support them, or if hateful whores such as Elham Charkhandeh or Zibakalam praise them, then they can hide the depth of their bankruptcy! Idiots even don’t know that such farcical events just bring more disgrace on them, and reveal more and more things about the depth of their bankruptcy”.

As some wise Iranians say: “idiots think they can bury their head in the sand, and pretend that all humans are blind and cannot see their paradoxes, their big lies or their idiocies. Idiots don’t know that Iranians and many other people are not blind or stupid. Normal humans ask: Why Mullahs still live in the 19th century, and why Mullahs still think that they can use a British dual policy: Talking & Acting like ISIL / Taliban/ Wahhabi for inside Iran, but denouncing ISIL/ Taliban/ Wahhabi for outside Iran?! Do Masonic Mullahs think that if they talk or act like ISIL / Taliban/ Wahhabi in Iran, then Freemasons and Jewish C-IA can pretend that Mullahs are different from ISIL / Taliban/ Wahhabi?! Do they think if Mullahs and Mullah TV defend Tazis and Iran’s enemies, attack Persia and Great Iran, and say many Anti-Iranian things, then it proves that the Mullah regime is an Iranian regime?! Do they think if the Mullah TV censors the pictures of their own fucking Mullah Film Festival and their own Islamic Female Celebs!, then it can hide the depth of Mullah bankruptcy?! Do they think if the Mullah TV craps about Iran, censors the pictures of Iranian fans but defend Iran’s enemies and shows the pictures of anti-Iranian fans and savage Arabs, then it proves that the Masonic Regime of Mullahs is not Anti-Iran?! If Mullahs say with completely shamelessness: Great Iran was bad, but Savage Arabs were good, then it proves that Mullahs are Iranians?! Mullahs are stupid animals. Basijis are insane animals”. They also add: “Iranians are not blind. Now all Iranians talk about Rouhani’s Evil acts or the Tragedy of Internet and the Terrible Internet Censorship/ Fil-tering in the fucking Rouhani era, but Why the West and its media not only censor such news and all facts, but they still pretend that their beloved Rouhani is a defender of Internet Freedom?! Why all Iranian people (97%) hate Rouhani, but the West loves the fucking Rouhani ?! If Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) is not a non-Iranian spy or a lunatic slave of the West, why he just tries to hurt Iranians, to make Iran’s people even angrier, and to make Iran’s enemies happy?! The 2014 Referendum showed that the 97% of Iranians hate this Chalquz (Rouhani), and now all Iranians just spit at Rouhani and curse him. Now even the Mullah media or Rouhani’s pages in Social media make Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) aware of what all Iranians say about him, why all Iranians are so mad at him, and why all Iranians hate him so much. But Why this Chalquz, Rouhani, still acts like retards? Many say: Puppet dictators -from Pahlavi to Mullahs- don’t care about people, public opinion and public anger. They think that if their Masonic Masters (IMF, UK, US etc) love them and support them, then they can ignore people, public opinion, public anger and everything. Puppet dictators are such lunatic slaves, and dig their own graves with their own hands. But why? Why idiots even cannot learn the lessons of history”. They also add: “The UK created Islamists and other Masonic slaves. The UK and its Orwellian media still try to make heroes out of retards and lunatic whores. UK media and British Masons still try to make heroes out of Islamists or retards such as Ali Motahari, Zibakalam, Abazari or Mohsen Namjoo. British pigs call themselves Hero-makers. But they even don’t know that today is not the 19th century, and the super-idiots (ie Gagool-ha) cannot be called intellectuals in Iran. They even don’t know that our Iran is not the UK. The UK was the land of Barbarians. But Iran is the land of Culture and Civilization”. They also add: “History will never forget and forgive the Bad guys and their Evil acts. History will never forget Shah, Mullah, Mason, UK, USA, Mongol, Tazi, Nazi, Tatar etc. Iran and History will never forget what Mullahs and Islamists say and do. Now just after 3 decades, almost all Iranians know that Mullahs and Islamists are savage Arabs or stooges of Iran’s enemies, and that’s why Mullahs hate Iran, Truth, Logic, Tolerance and other Iranian values. Now all Iranians just laugh at the farcical/ love story of Ayatollah, Great Satan, Saudi King, Zarif, Savage Saudis and Mullahs. Now it’s clear that what is said about the US and its Terrorist allies is not a myth. When the USA openly supports Savage Saudis, MEK, Savage Arabs, Tazis and other savage terrorists, then it’s obvious why many say: the US really deserved the 9/11 attacks. The USA and its Terrorist allies deserve each other. Now it’s clear that US Senators are not merely faggots, pedophiles, perverts, sadists and child abusers. US Senators are worse than insane animals. They just show that America and its Terrorist allies (Savage Saudis, Zionists etc) are the real force of Darkness. But even in the Age of Barbarians, in the Age of the Devil and Deevs (Demons), Iran and Iranians could defeat all forces of Darkness and could create the Civilized World. Now good guys and normal humans are in the majority. Now our Iranian values are called Universal values. Now even the bad guys and barbarians are forced to pretend that they care bout our Iranian values and our Iranian Legacy. And it’s a great victory for the force of Light. Since the ancient time, Iranians care about the Law of the Truth and the Law of Humanity. But the Barbarian West and its stooges still praise the Law of the Jungle. In fact, Barbarians still live in the Jungle and in the Stone Age. Now they try to pollute all good things, including sciences and technology. Now they openly say, for instance: ‘Video Games were firstly developed and used for Mind Control projects’ ! or ‘films and animations such as (the long list of Hollywood movies) were used for Mind Control projects’ ! Now even their famous films such as Harry Patter and the Lord of Ring talk about crappy things and the stupid world of Wizards & Crappy Myths. Now even Americans say: ‘the American nation is a victim of Mind Control Projects’. The West’s psychotic idiots try to create A Nation of Slaves, A Nation of Sheep. They hate the civilized world and a better world because a better world is a world with less barbarians and less idiots“. They also add: “All humans should know idiots. There are different kinds of Idiots, including educated idiots (that we should write more about them later). In today’s world, you can see a Gagool with a PhD, a super-idiot with a PhD. Modern idiots and Modern slaves can have a PhD. Many of them have a PhD in silly things. But they even don’t know what is science, what is logic, what is a scientific approach, or what is difference between science and non-science. These educated idiots/ slaves call themselves Intellects, while they have no intellect. They don’t have the ability to analyze things and think independently. They even don’t know what is critical thinking, scientific method, scientific analysis, scientific activity etc. Educated Idiots, like all idiots, don’t know that they are idiots. They are proud that they are slaves of fashion, slaves of brands or slaves of technology. They are Sheeple or Whores who go to schools/ universities, but just play the role of Mockingbirds -and instead of thinking, reasoning, researching or caring about Truth, sciences, progress, better world and other good things- they just follow fashion. The educated idiots are actually Mockingbirds, and just copy the songs of their Masters. The wise guys know the importance of self-criticism, critical thinking, logical/ scientist thinking, free thinking etc. But Idiots hate such things. They just care about Following Fashion”.

Devil’s Game, British Farce: New Episodes

February 11, 2015

“In these days, what the bad guys do and say are a complete farce. And the current farce can say a lot about the 2009 Coup, the 1979 Coup and what Barbarians and Colonial powers did in recent centuries. The new episodes are actually like the old episodes. Colonial powers, puppet regimes, intellectual whores and all stooges of the West still live in the past. Stupid animals are still stupid animals. The Savage West is still sadist and uncultured. But now normal humans are becoming aware. Now even idiots talk about the West’s evil acts, the lies of the West, or the West’s media circus. Now what the West and its stooges do and say are nothing but a complete farce”, some wise Iranians say. So, lets take a look at some episodes of this stupid farce.

As some wise Iranians say: “Their media circus is so ridiculous. In 2015, like 2014, the Stupid Monkey (Obama) openly says: We used our Sanctions to bring Mullahs to the negotiations table. We used our Sanctions to bring Mullahs to their knees. We used our Sanctions to halt the progress of Iran’s nuclear program [!] and reduced Iran’s stockpile of nuclear material’ ! It’s what Obama, US Senators and US media say, while the 3% (Regime’s supporters) say: It’s the Enemy’s propaganda! What USA says is a big lie, and all media just repeat the Enemy’s words’ ! But do you know What Mullahs and the Mullah leader say now? In Feb 2015, their Supreme Leader openly repeats the so-called Enemy’s words, and confirms what Obama says! Now even the Mullah media are dying of shame, and cannot repeat or report what their stupid leaders say in Feb 2015. Apparently, Mullahs do drugs a lot and that’s why they say: ‘Yah, Obama is right. We Mullahs have halted the progress of Iran’s nuclear program [!!] We Mullahs have actually rolled back Iran’s stockpiles of en-riched uranium. We have obeyed (the West’s orders) and we just did what (they wanted) during this period of negotiations’ ! (Feb 2015) Can you believe it? Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) is not alone in doing traitorous acts. All Mullahs are the same shit. Even according to their own Crappy/ Mullah Logic, Mullahs just repeat the Enemy’s words, and aid Iran’s enemies. Now Obama and US animals say: ‘Our (sadistic) sanctions have crippled Irans economy, and halted Iran’s nuclear programs’ ! (2015) and the Masonic Mullahs openly say: ‘Yah, they are right; their sanctions work; and we halted Fordo, 20%, Arak and all nuclear programs’ ! (Feb 2015) Now the West’s media are so happy, but they censor what Mullahs say because what Mullahs say can reveal why Mullahs are puppets of the UK and Iran’s enemies. The West’s media just happily report: Mullah issued a very positive statement’ ! (Feb 2015) It’s funny that now even Basijis are shocked, because now even these retards can see the true colors of English Mullahs or British stooges. Now Iranians say to the last remaining pro-Mullah retards: ‘Your fucking Mullah leaders are big idiots, brainless hypocrites or what? In recent years, they said: I’m not a diplomat ! I am a revolutionary! But Licking Obama’s ass or Cameron’s ass is a revolutionary act?! Licking your Great Satan’s ass – specially when your Great Satan openly does and says the worst Anti-Iran things in history- is a heroic/ revolutionary act?! Mullahs are really worse than Qajars and Pahlavis. Now Mullahs openly say: the West is not an Enemy of Mullah. The West is actually an Enemy of Iranian people‘ ! (Feb 2015) And it’s the only true thing that Mullahs say in these days! As Mullahs truly say, the West is a friend of Mullahs, but a sworn enemy of Iran and Iranian people. And it’s what you could see in and after 2009 … Now it’s clear who try to hurt Iran’s people, to aid Iran’s enemies and to implement the Enemy’s plans (IMF plans, Colonial plans -ie trying to destroy national products/ Iranian values/ Iranian legacy etc) Mullahs / Islamists are non-Iranian spies/ slaves/ stooges of the UK and the West. Now it’s clear why the UK and the US created the 2009 CIA Coup, and why Islamists are the real Fetneh (Sedition) and the real Spies/ Stooges of the West. Now the soup is too salty. So even the 3% talk about Fatehe Velayat (End of all Mullahs)”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots talk that Obama’s Pen Pal In Iran ! or ask: Who is Obama’s Pen Pal In Tehran?! The answer is clear. Obama’s close friends are those who created the 2009 CIA Coup, implemented their Zionist IMF plans, and now openly aid Iran’s enemies -from Obama and Cameron to Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews). Now even idiots can see that Obama’s pen pals are freemasons, puppet dictators, Islamist whores/ drug addicts and all Anti-Iranian pigs. Now it’s clear why the UK and British Masons love Mullahs. Now even the Mullah media reports: ‘Jack Straw loves Khamenei’s letter to the West’s youth [!!] Straw says this letter is a very good and great letter’ !! (Feb 2015) But now even idiots and the 3% put comments at the Mullah media and say: ‘the UK (MI-6 or Freemasonry) is your lover or your enemy? (Your own Imam) Khomeini said: If the Enemy loves you and praises you, then it means that you are stooges of the Enemy [!!] So why the UK (UK Masonic Media -from BBC to Guardian- and UK notorious Freemasons) such as Jack Straw love and praise Rouhani and (Mullah leaders)?’ !! (Feb 2015) In fact, now even idiots can see why the UK and British Masons love and praise Mullahs. Mullahs are as stupid as their British Masters. Mullah paradoxes, Mullah lies and Mullah hypocrisy are so ridiculous. Now Mullahs openly say: ‘We have ceased all of Iran’s activities to reach an agreement with (Great Satan) [!!] This is logic of negotiation’ !! It’s funny that the Mad Mullahs talk about Logic. Before the current farce, Mullahs said: Great Satan is a Wolf, and Mullahs are Sheep; and Sheep cannot negotiate with Wolf’ ! But now it’s clear that Mullahs are stupid goats (Bozqaleh) and stupid cows (Gusaleh), and that’s why they openly lick the dirty asses of their Great Satan and Western Bullies/ Barbarians at this moment in time, ie when US bullies/ barbarians say and do the worst anti-Iran things in history. Mullahs are stupid animals and stupid stooges of the UK, but all Iranians (97% + 3%) know the Mullah Arro-Gooz (Barking & Farting) and what Mullahs did and said in all these years. Now even the 3% laugh at Mullahs. Now when the Mullah leader says: ‘We are trying to take the weapon of sanctions away from the enemy’ (Feb 2015), all Iranian people just laugh and say: ‘Who gave the so-called weapon of sanctions to the enemy?! ‘You and your AN gave the weapon of sanctions to the enemy. From 2006 to 2010, all Iranians told you: Hey Motherfucker, Don’t do this; Don’t eat this shit; Stop crapping about the Holocaust and the Western-made disasters; Stop serving the West’s interests, hurting Iranians, and damaging Iran’s image etc. But what you did at that time? You Mullahs and Basijis said: Sanctions are ridiculous things; we Mullahs love their sanctions’ ! But now you suddenly talk about the weapon of sanctions?! You Mullahs are the stupid spies/ stooges of the Enemy. You Mullahs have very low IQs. After a lot of (Arro-Gooz), you cannot talk about the weapon of sanctions. After what you and your Western Arbabs (Masters) did in 2009 to 2014, you cannot talk about Logic, Wisdom, Truth, Iran, People or the weapon of sanctions! Now all Iranians, even the 3%, just laugh at you idiots and talk about Fatehe Velayat”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots talk about the 1979 Coup and What Really Happened in Iran. Now even idiots can see why British Barbarians, UK media, or US pigs such as Kissinger, Brzezinski and Noam Chomsky hate Iran but love Arabs and Islamists. Now it’s clear why the CIA agents – from Chomsky to George Bush- loved Islamists and helped Islamists. The story of Devil’s Game is a long story, and many talk about the Devil’s Game. For instance, US historians say: ‘Richard Cottam (1925- 1997) was a C-IA agent. Cottam joined the Agency in the early 1950s. He went to Iran, and worked under the guise of a political officer of the American Embassy in Tehran for the 1950s’. Even Americans talk about Cottam’s role in the 1953 Coup, and say: ‘it was during Cottam’s second trip to Iran that the 1953 Coup to overthrow Iran’s (Oil Nationalization Movement’s) government was hatched and carried out by the US and the UK’. But the more interesting thing is what they say about Cottam’s role in the 1979 Coup. Even US historians say: this (notorious C-IA agent) Richard Cottam was a close friend of Islamists such as Ibrahim Yazdi, Qarani, Beheshti etc! The bad guys cannot hide the truths for ever. The West and its stooges still continue to spread misinformation, and stupidly say: ‘Richard Cottam was a leading C-IA scholar in the field of Iranian political studies [!!] He was anti-Tyranny and pro-Democracy, and that’s why he (loved the 1953 CIA Coup, Masonic Mullahs, Savage Islamists etc)! But normal people ask: Why Richard Cottam of the C-IA -who had led the 1953 coup against Freedom, Democracy and Independence in Iran- loved Khomeini, Mullahs and Islamists?! During the 1953 coup, Cottam had been in charge of the C-IAs Iran Desk. And during the 1979 Coup, Cottam made love with Khomeini, Mullahs and Islamists. But Why?! Iran’s people ask or say many good things. For instance, they say: An Air France plane took a British agent from Paris to Tehran; But why they call it an Iranian Revolution’ ?! Why the Company agents -from Cottam to Leveretts- should love and support Islamists & Mullahs?! Why even Islamists and US historians say: ‘In Mid-September 1978, one of the handful of Khomeinis trusted associates, Ayatollah Beheshti secretly visited the US and met with the C-IAs agents’ ?! There are many serious questions about Ayatollah Beheshti, Khomeini, Yazdi, Richard Cottam, Gary Sick, Brzezinski, Helms, Cottam and other American animals. For instance, US historians say Richard Helms (former C-IA director) was the head of MK-Ultra project. But after the MK-Ultra scandals in the 1970s, Richard Helms become US Ambassador to Iran! Even US historians talk about the role of Richard Helms in MK-Ultra, 1979 Coup, Shah’s diseases, Creating Mullah regime, Hostage Crisis, Iran-Contra etc. Now even Americans (in DCBureau.org) talk about ‘The Secret History (of) the US and the Shah’, and say: ‘In 1964, the C-IA arranged for Khomeini a safe haven in Iraq … they placed a number of CI-A agents around Khomeini .. the C-IA agents also joined Khomeini’s staff in France .. In January 1979, at a summit at Guadeloupe, the Western powers formally asked the Shah to leave Iran. A few weeks later, Khomeini, with several C-IA agents on his staff, returned to Iran … In early 1979, the US forced Shah’s Generals (to destroy) the Shah’s Army’. It’s what Americans say. Even Americans say: Hostage Crisis was an American plan. And the (goals of this US plan) are quite clear. But whores and stooges still pretend ignorance about the West’s plans and the West’s banana peels [….] Now Reuters reports: Zarif raised the concern over Rohani’s fate with Kerry’ !, because now even idiots know that Rohani’s fate is like or worse than AN’s fate or Razmara’s fate. Now even the 3% say: Rouhani’s fate is like Rajavi’s fate, Bani-Sadr’s fate etc! Now even idiots know that the Mullah regime’s fate is worse than the Pahlavi regime’s fate. Now even idiots can see why and how Mullahs and Islamists work for the Enemy, aid the Enemy and implement the Enemy’s Plans (IMF Plans, 2009 Coup, Evil Fire-wall, Making Iran’s people angrier etc). Now even idiots talk about Dictates for Dictators!”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now even the media and their reports can show you why Big Bang is near, and why today’s atmosphere is much more tense and warmer than the revolutionary atmosphere in 1979. Now, in 2015, the media report: In many provinces of Iran (Khuzestan, Elam, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Kermanshah etc) heavy dust storm (hurt) Iranians. Iran’s people are so mad at Rouhani and his inaction … Again Rouhani tries to increase Terrible Filtering & Censorship, to increase all prices (gas price, utility price etc) and to make Iran’s people even angrier ! In fact, even idiots know that why All Iranian people are so mad at Rouhani and all Mullahs. Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) hate this Hassan Freemason (Rouhani). Now the soup is too salty, and even their own Rafsanjani says: Mullahs (Jannati, Mesbah, Rouhani etc) are like or worse than ISIL & Bokon Haram’ ! In 2009, all Iranians saw the true face of ISIL & Bokon Haram (aka Basijis) In and after 2009, all Iranians saw how Savage Islamists hurt or kill Iran’s children and serve the interests of the Devil, the West and Iran’s enemies. And now it’s clear that all puppets dictators -from Pahlavis to Mullahs- are the same shits, and victims of the same Dictates for Dictators, the same Banana Peels. Now it’s clear why Marxists and Freemasons such as Noam Chomsky love Mullahs, IMF, Islamists, dictators and other evil forces. It’s obvious why Masonic Mullahs such as Mesbah and Rouhani serve the West’s interests. Almost all bad guys -from Brzezinski and Chomsky to Rouhani and Jannati- are slaves of the same Big Brother. Now even the Masonic Mullah TV shows you why and how Mullahs, Pahlavists and Masons such as Ehsan Naraqhi, Daryoosh Homayoon, Naghi AliKhani, Nasr etc are the same shits. Now the bad guys act like retards. Now (in Feb 2015) the Washington Post ‘s Editorial Board clearly show that the USA is pro-Arab and pro-Tyranny, but Anti-Iran, Anti-Humanity and Anti-Democracy. The Washington Post openly supports Savage Saudis, Islamists, Terrorists and Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews), and openly crap about Iran’s influence across the Middle East’ ! or ‘Iran’s place as a regional power’. The Washington Post’s spies badly lick the ass of Henry Kissinger, and say many pro-Arab, pro-Tazi, and Anti-Iran & Anti-Persia things. But even Americans (Taylor etc) say: Henry Kissinger is the CEO for the Illuminati and the Evil empire. Kissinger, aka Kissybutt, used and still use mind controlled slaves to help Barbarians and to hurt (Iran and) the Civilized World’ ! Now faggots like Kissinger openly defend ISIL, Islamists and Savage Saudis. But now even idiots can see why and how pigs such as Kissinger and Ayatollah Brzezinski loved Islamists, Jihadis and the Arc of Crisis. Now even Americans and Muslims talk about Ayatollah Brzezinski, Mullahs, Islamists, ISIL and the Arc of Crisis. Now even idiots talk about what ISIL, Savage Saudis, Dictators or the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen or Egypt do. Now the Invisible Hands are not really invisible. Now it’s clear that Mullahs, ISIL, Muslim Brotherhood and all Islamists were and are Masonic slaves/ stooges. What Islamists did and do are a complete farce from start to finish. And now many talk about the Last Chapter of this British Farce, aka the Devil’s Game”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots talk about books such as ‘Brainwashing: How The British Use The Media for Mass Psychological Warfare’ ! Now, in 2015, even the Western media talks about many shameful things such as: ‘US laws increasingly criminalize discussion of computer security weaknesses in the US. That suits the N-SA, which wants your computer to be insecure … (US solution) to massive surveillance is (so ridiculous). They say the databox offers a way to give personal data to companies via one special company! The databox company would hand over all your data to Big Brother on demand ! … (Now even Greeks and Europeans) Demanding End to Austerity and IMF Plans. But (Islamists still love their Zionist IMF) and IMF Plans .. Facebook carries out censorship on behalf of many governments, including Turkey, UK and China … US Senators want pervasive surveillance of all Americans … US and UK’s massive surveillance is a fundamental threat to human rights. UK internet filters is like the Mullah internet filters. (Now British people try to create) Campaign against UK massive surveillance and UK internet filters [!!] .. The British people are the Victims of their Own Corrupt Government … the UK is the Biggest Threat to World Peace … David Cameron’s Internet Surveillance Plans (for UK) rival Syria, Russia and Mullahs … The UK’s prime minister wants to ban encryption and establish a total digital police state‘ !! (2015) It’s what their own Western media say. Now it’s clear who is the Arbab (Master) of Mullahs, and what will happen to those who don’t care about Iranian values (ie Human Values), and those who aided politicians in hurting Iranians and other nations. In 2015, US retards still describe how The US Evil Empire will lead the world !, and say: ‘We will lead with all instruments of US power, leveraging (ie blackmailing/ bullying) our strategic advantages in diplomacy, defense, intelligence, science and technology [!!] We will lead with strength, an unrivaled military [!!], the law of the jungle! We will lead by example, upholding our values at home’ ! Apparently they talk about examples of Snow-den, Lavabit, N-SA etc -which showed the true face of their values! US retards have badly confused. And that’s why they openly say: We want to lead the world with strength, military and the law of the jungle! US Senators and US Animals, like Netan-yabu and British Animals, still live in the Age of The law of The jungle. They still live in the past. But now even idiots can see that the World is changing, all normal humans are becoming aware, and the West’s Evil Empire is nearing the End”.

Sick, Psychotic Mindsets: Mindset of Barbarians

February 5, 2015

“After 2009, they showed their true colors; and now they act like psychotic retards. Like most psychotics, they say many stupid things. They even threaten Humans with Air Pollution!, Sadistic Sanctions, Tyranny and other Evil things. These psychos and barbarians -who rule the UK, the US and the West- openly praise bullying, barbarism, sadism, censorship, hurting others etc. These psychos and sadists -who rule and control the West- have a very psychotic mindset. When Iranians and good guys see local/ global problems, they try to find some solutions to these problems. But the West’s psychos just try to create more local/ global problems, and to use these problems for enslaving & hurting all humans and all nations. But instead of spending their life in psychiatric hospitals, these sick psychos rule and control the West. They are called the West’s leaders or the West’s elites! They are like or worse than Mullahs (Rouhani, Jannati, AN etc) They are the Arbab (Masters) of Mullahs”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, psychos and sadists do and say many stupid things. But as some wise Iranians say: “Instead of caring about such psychotic acts, Iranians care about the root of problems. Those sadistic psychos who openly try to bully and hurt Iran’s people are those psychos who tried to pollute all sciences and all good things. The West’s psychos -aka the West’s elites- have polluted many sciences, including Psychiatry and Psychology. Do you know how many American/ British Psychiatrists worked for the CIA and M-I6 (ie the Company)? Do you know how many American/ British universities got involved in Mind Control projects and other Satanic projects? Do you know why even the West’s good guys say: ‘In the West, the social sciences -like psychology and sociology- were designed to study the behavior of human beings, towards achieving means of controlling all humans’ ? Do you know why even US scientists write books such as ‘Psychiatry and the C-IA: Victims of Mind Control’ or ‘The C-IA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists‘? Do you know the dark story of Psychiatry, and the dark side of psychiatric drugs? Unfortunately, even their Psychiatry is an evil/ psychotic science. Even their psychiatrists are sick psychos”. The story of Psychotic Mindsets and Evil Sciences in the West is a long story. We have already written about this issue (check Archive), and we will write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the West’s psychos/ sadists better, you should know the history of their Psychiatry. Do you know what they say about why and how they created Psychiatry, and why and how the Company doctors created psychiatric drugs, toxic drugs, mind control methods etc? In the West, Psychiatry is a psychotic science. After Snow-den’s story, even (good Americans) say: ‘there are many documents that shed light on (US regime’s) evil acts .. Dr. Ewan Cameron was president of the American and World Psychiatric Associations. But he worked for the Company. Now (you can find) many things about Cameron’s MK-Ultra experiments, Cameron and C-IA Brainwashing projects, Cameron’s mind controlled victims, or Human Rights Violations by the West’s Psychiatrists’ ! Cameron is just one of their psychotic Psychiatrists. Ewan Cameron, like David Cameron, was a high rank psycho. The C-IA MK-ULTRA agent Dr. Ewan Cameron was the president of the World Psychiatric Association, and the presidents of the Canadian and American Psychiatric Associations. And it can show you many things about Evil Scientists and polluting Sciences and all good things in the West”. They also add: “American Psychiatrist Colin Ross clearly says: ‘My book, The C-IA Doctors, is based on 15,000 pages of documents I received from the Company through the Freedom of Information Act and dozens of papers published in medical journals. These papers report the results of research funded by the US government. The Company funded secret research at many leading universities including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Johns Hopkins and Stanford. There was a series of mind control programs including BlueBird, MKUltra, MKNaomi … C-IA mind control experiments were interwoven with radiation, chemical and biological weapons experiments conducted on children, pregnant women and the general population who had no idea they were subjects in secret experiments .. these experiments were conducted by psychiatrists and universities … In (mind control) experiments conducted by Dr. Delgado at Yale and Drs. Mark, Ervin and Sweet at Harvard, (they used) a remote radio transmitter box … the purpose of mind control experiments is controlling human behavior: making slaves (for Big Brothers); making victims open up during interrogation; protecting secret information by erasing memories; making perfect spies etc … It has nothing to do with medical treatment. The mind control programs violate basic human rights and all codes of medical ethics .. electric shock, hooding, sleep deprivation, water-boarding, death threats and other techniques discussed in the Senate and Congress and in the media are just elements of a C-IA strategy in which a little bit of the Truth is revealed in order to cover up the greater part of the Truth’ ! It’s what US insiders say. In fact, what Westerners like Snow-den say about their Evil Empire and their Evil Sciences & Technology is just the tip of the iceberg”.


As some wise Iranians say: “they say many things about ‘MK Ultra’. For instance, they say MK stands for Manufacturing Killers, and MK-Ultra is a C-IA acronym that officially stands for ‘Manufacturing Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassinations’. The West’s insiders even talk about ‘Manchurian Candidates’, Terrorists, Islamists and other mind controlled slaves, and say: ‘(Just look what savage Islamists / terrorists do). Just (think about) the 9/11 terrorists … Most of Attas closest associates were (Westerners with) connections to the drug trade .. Atta worked for the Company and drug dealers .. the only way to explain why Mohammed Atta would have hurled himself into a building was that he was a mind-control slave .. He just depicted the psychopathic behavior typical of such a condition’. What the West’s insiders say about MK Ultra, Islamists and terrorists can explain many things. For instance, they say that the golden years of MK Ultra projects were the mid 20th century, and as you know, these years were also the golden years of Islamist Terrorism, Muslim Brotherhood, Fadayan (Fadayan-e Islam) etc. As the West’s insiders say, the Muslim Brotherhood, Fadayan and other Islamist/ Masonic Terrorist groups were slaves of the West and Mind control projects. Mullah Navab Safavi, the head of Fadayan, was officially a psycho and serial killer. He was also a slave of the UK and the C-IA. According to Dreyfuss and other insiders, the UK and the C-IA pulled Mullah Navab’s strings and Fadayan’s strings. Dreyfuss even says: (Cult of Islamists) Fadayan was the biggest drug-smuggling ring in Iran’. The West’s insiders talk about England’s Brothers, and Iran’s people ask important questions”. They also add: “Many Iranians ask: ‘Why English Mullahs say: Wine is impure, but Opium is not impure? Why they love Drugs? Why Mullahs, Islamists and other slaves of the West are usually drug addicts (Teryaki, Shireh-ii etc), and why they are usually in Another World (Alam-e Haparoot) and tell many crappy lies & crappy things? Rouhani’s insanity or the insanity of ISIS/ Islamists/ Basijis is not a natural thing. This level of insanity is not a natural thing. Islamists -from Mullahs and Basijis to ISIS and Savage Saudis- are savage animals, and also mind-controlled slaves of the UK and the West. According to their own media, ISIS is not merely a cesspit of Savage Saudis or Tazis (ie Savage Arabs/ Jews) Many members of ISIL are Barbarians and
Mind-controlled slaves/ psychos from Britain, France and Europe. The Islamist Barbarity is a Jewish-British Barbarity”. They also add: “Now the Savage West and its stooges (Islamists and other animals) openly try to frighten or threaten Iran’s people with more Sadism, Sanctions, Censorship, Spying etc. They openly and shamelessly try to bully and hurt all Iranians, and to censor all news of Iran. They stupidly think or say: In this way, we can intimidate Iranian people into accepting what the West’s Bullies/ Barbarians want! Mullahs are stupid animals, and still live in the 19th century. Their dual polices are worse than Qajar policies. Now Mullahs are making love with their Great Satan and their Zionist Facebook, while they openly try to hurt Iran’s people, and to increase Terrible Censorship, Internet Filtering, and MITM attacks on HTTPS/ SSL connections in Iran. The West censors such news and all news of Iran, because the Savage West is behind Rouhanis (ie Mullahs). Rouhanis use US/ UK tools to attack all connections, to launch MITM attacks and to hurt all Iranians. Islamists and Rouhanis just try to aid Iran’s enemies, to hurt Iran’s people, and to make Iranians even angrier. And this level of Insanity is not a natural thing. Rouhanis and all slaves of the West suffer from the same diseases. Just look what they say about their Nuclear Farce. After a lot of Arro-Gooz (Barking & Farting), their media say: the West only allows Mullahs to have 7,000 centrifuges. Mullahs even cannot have 190,000 centrifuges. Mullahs even cannot have their current 20,000 centrifuges. Mullahs are only allowed to have 7,000 centrifuges’ ! (Jan 2015) Maybe this is a rumor because it’s too stupid to be true. This is not even 1% of Irans demands. But now both Zionist and Islamist media say: Mullahs are only allowed to have 7,000 centrifuges; and only after 10 or 15 years the US will try to remove its sanctions’ ! (Jan 2015) Apparently Hassan Freemason and his Arbabs still live in the Hajji Baba era, and try to create a new Turkmanchai, the Nuclear Turkmanchai. Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and Islamists love their Great Satan and the West’s Vadeh Sar-e Kharman (the circus of empty promises) But all Iranians (+ 97%) hate Rouhani and all Islamists so much. This puppet regime, this Anti-Iran regime of Mullahs, just destroy the last vestiges of their own legitimacy/ credibility. Now even idiots and the 3% say: After a lot of (Arro-Gooz), they want to accept Turkmanchai?! If what the media say about Nuclear Tuckmanchai is really true, then Rouhani and his leader are much worse than Hajji Baba, Razmara and the worst Traitors and the worst Anti-Iran spies/ stooges in history. And their fate is quite clear. Now even the 3% talk about Fatehe Velayat (End of all Mullahs)”. They also add: “Now even idiots talk about Rouhani’s evil acts and Public Anger in Iran! In fact, even idiots know this Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and his Anti-Iran acts. Mullahs are stupid animals. Rouhanis say the West is allowed to say how many centrifuges you should have, as the West is allowed to say which science & technology you should have, or how many molecules you should use for Breathing! But Iranians know stooges, barbarians and obvious things. If Bullies want to say how many X or Y Iran should have, then Iran and others can say that Barbarians (UK, France, US etc) should not be allowed to have many things. As history shows, Western/ British Barbarians just try to turn good things into Evil things. It’s what the Savage West did in the past, and it’s what the West still tries to do”. They also add: “Even the West’s good guys know Western Barbarians. They know the Barbarian West, ‘Barbarians and Western Identity’, and why and how the West tries to Create insanity. They even say: ‘chemical drugs have a long and well-documented history of creating insanity in persons who take them .. US/ UK psychiatrists were (evil men who said) we try to get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation’ ! These years clearly showed why the West should not be allowed to bully and hurt other nations”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The Savage West has a very psychotic mindset, and a very dark & barbarian history. So if someone should be deprived of Sciences, Technology and all Advanced things, then this evil man is certainly the Savage West. The West censors all facts and tries to hide the truths. Freedom of Expression means the Right to say things we disagree with. But the West is the Land of Big Lies. So when you tell the Truth, criticize the West, or talk about the Savage West or the West’s Banana peels, they censor you or boycott you. And this is the West’s Freedom of Expression”. They also add: “Iran must have nukes only because the West has nukes. When Western Bullies & Western Barbarians have nukes and threaten Iran with Genocide and Evil/ Sadistic acts, then Iran -the cradle of Civilization- must have nukes and must put Western Bullies/ Barbarians in their place. Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and other Islamists are non-Iranian spies/ stooges, and so they just hurt Iranians and aid Iran’s enemies. But all Iranian people (+97%) hate Islamists, Iran’s enemies and Rouhani so much. Iranians know that the main problem is very very bigger than Hassan Freemason or Mullahs”. As some wise Iranians say: “Now it’s clear that the West’s Mindset is the mindset of Barbarians. Now they openly and shamelessly try to bully others, hurt others, censor others, enslave others, and do all evil things. The West is the Home of the Evil. For thousands of years, the West was officially the Land of Barbarians. And in recent centuries, the West has officially tried to turn all sciences and all good things into Evil things. After 2009, and after Snow-den’s story, many can see the truths”. They also add: “It’s funny that even the West’s insiders talk about the 1979 Coup, the British Dark ages policies, and how and why the US and the UK created Mullahs and Khomeini. Even the West’s insiders say that British Masons cultivated Mullahs and secret Brotherhoods, and their 1979 goal was ‘the destruction of Iran .. and the cancellation of Iran’s Nuclear energy program’ ! It’s funny that even the West’s insiders talk about Britain’s geopolitical alliance with Islamic Fundamentalism, and say: Mullahs were Assets of the British Empire .. Muslim Brotherhood was a London creation .. the British goal was to convince the Muslim world that its true culture is Backwardness and Irrationality .. Islamists were the tools of Imperialists and Zionists’. These years (2009 to 2014) revealed and confirmed many things. Now it’s clear who is behind ISIS and Islamists, who created this Anti-Iranian regime of Mullahs, who still love Rouhanis and Islamists, and who still hate the Iranian values, the Truth, the Humanity and the 97% of Iranians. Now even idiots know British stooges. Now even idiots know or say: Khomeini was a British agent .. For knowing Khomeini (you should know) the story of his British fathers, including The Story of Haji Williamson ‘ ! But the story of Masonic Mullahs/ Hajjis –from Hajji Baba to Hajji Williamson is just part of the stories of How the West’s Evil Empire tried to ruin the Civilized World”. They also add: “Western Barbarians try to pollute all good things, and to enslave all humans. They even create drugs to enslave humans. The story of drugs is a long story. But you can ask yourself: Who created the so-called Truth serum and destructive drugs? If you search the internet for ‘Psychiatric Drugs and Mind Control’ or ‘Mind Control Doctors’, you can find many things. For instance, the American Journal of Psychiatry says: many types of psychiatric drugs, including the major tranquilizers, can cause lasting, grotesquely disfiguring nerve damage .. the muscles of the face and body contort and spasm involuntarily .. these horrifying effects occur in 20% of persons ‘treated’ with major tranquilizers and currently affect about 1,000,000 Americans [!] Psychiatrists theorize that these drugs damage the muscle-control portion of the brain … ‘. What US/ UK psychiatrists did and do is really ‘Psychotic’. Even their Hollywood’s movies talk about such issues. Even their own experts say: ‘Psychiatric drugs can destroy the life of the person who takes them .. psychiatrists (even try to) deny your control of your own body’ ! If you search the internet, you can see that many talk about psychiatric drugs and mind control projects. The West’s insiders say many good things about the British Mafia or the English Cult of ‘Skull and Bones’. But unfortunately, the West’s mindset is still the mindset of ‘Skull & Bones’. They still love ‘the full-scale rewriting of history under state supervision’. In the mindset of Barbarians and Masons, aka the UK’s mindset, your mass media – from BBC to Guardian- can censor all news and can say nothing -even a single word- about Rouhani’s evil acts or even about AN, Rahimi, 170 Mullah MPs, Masonic Mullah Parliament, IMF Plans, Stealing $800 billions, 2014 Referendum etc. In the mindset of Masons, Censorship is Freedom; Lie is Truth; Satan is God; and Truth is Conspiracy Theory. British Masons still worship Insanity. The UK and the US still continue to bully other nations and to terrorize the civilized world because they are still Barbarians. US Senators, like UK Prime Ministers, are pedophiles, child killers, child abusers and psychotic Barbarians. Now their media openly say: We want to make Mullahs and Saudi Arabia our friends, but Iran’s people and all good guys our enemies! They openly defend the Wahhabi Islam that is the basis of Saudi Arabia! Even their intellects are psychos, and say: ‘I don’t object when the N-SA spies on hostile countries such as N Korea, Iran or China. That is its legitimate purpose [!] What I object to is when it spies on Americans’ !! (Jan 2015) So it’s obvious why even the US good guys write about ‘Sick or Psychotic’, and say: ‘(Many see) the US society or the UK society as a sick society .. But we aren’t a ‘sick’ society. I am sorry, but ‘Psychotic’ is a more apt descriptor .. our country (ie US/ UK) is ruled by psychos & criminals .. (But) I would say, you would look at culture. You would look at the broad behaviors and attitudes of people. What does the population think? What does it do, believe, abide, on average, taken as a whole? .. Bad guys are pulling your strings .. we have to admit that what we do is psychotic. (Real solution) is collective action and (public awareness)’ (Jan 2015)”.

As some wise Iranians say: ‘After Snow-den’s story, any sane person can see that the West is the number one Enemy of all good things, including Basic Human Rights and Iranian Values (aka Human Values). The Savage West just tries to turn good things into Evil things. Just look what they say about Psychiatry and Psychology. They see such sciences as the Science of Mind Control ! Their psychiatrists are really psychos. They say: through chemicals, psychiatrists sought to sabotage the mind processes and thereby deny the person control of his own body’ ! In a psychotic society, their psychiatrists are such psychos. In a psychotic society, people see psychos as their leaders or their elites. In a psychotic society, they openly praise psychotic mindsets, Bullies, Sadists, Bullying other nations and Hurting other humans and other nations”. They also add: “It’s funny that even the Journal of the American Medical Association says: ‘There also is evidence that psychiatric drugs can cause people to become violent .. Many acts of violence have been linked with psychiatric drugs’ ! Even their own Hollywood’s films talk about their psychotic scientists, psychiatric Abuse, Mind control etc. Even famous films such as A Clockwork Orange (by Kubrick) and ‘Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind’ (2004, starring Jim Carry & Kate Winslet) talk about such issues. In the past, many saw such films as Science fictions. But now it’s clear that they talked about the Reality. In the past, you could see their films as stupid science fictions (Tokhmi Takhayoli …) But now it’s clear that the West’s Terrible Censorship forces their good film-makers to talk about Reality and Real Problems in the name of science fictions. Now the soup is too salty, and even their own experts say: Psychiatry in the second half of the 20th century has undoubtedly been an Evil science’ ! The story of ‘Psychiatry and Mind Control’ -as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of science and technology- clearly shows how the West tries to turn Sciences and all good things into Evil things. The Savage West and Barbarians cannot live like humans (Mesl-e Adam), as they cannot use science, technology and other good things like normal humans (mesl-e adamizad). The Savage West and Barbarians have very sick and psychotic mindsets. Just look what Americans say about Psychiatric Drugs and Western children. Now US good guys make documentary films about Psychiatric Drugs and UK / US Children. But why? Why their little children should be victims of Mind control projects and Psychiatric Drugs? Only in a psychotic society, they allow their little children to use drugs (toxic/ chemical/ psychiatric drugs) and to become slaves of drugs, fashion, cult etc. In the UK and the West, psychos don’t care about Basic Rights and Iranian values (aka Human values). But many Westerners still see these psychos as their leaders. The 2015 Farce in France was so shameful, and revealed many things. Each society has its own bad guys and psychos. In each society, a small percent of people are retards, psychos or bad guys. But in a sick or psychotic society, they see sadists, liars, jerks, psychos, whores or bullies as their leaders and their elites. But in Iran or a normal society, the 97% of people hate all bad guys, including Western politicians, Islamists, sadists, bullies and other psychos. Now If you open your eyes, you can easily see which nation is really a great nation, and which nation is a Backward Nation, a Nation of Sheep, or a Nation of Slaves”. As some wise Iranians say: “A real solution is Awareness, Global Awareness. All normal humans should know barbarians and real problems. Western politicians are bullies and psychotic barbarians who openly and shamelessly try to hurt Iranian people and all good guys. Those who intimidate, bully or hurt Iran’s people are actually threatening the Humanity and the Civilized World. US Senators and US /UK officials are worse than Animals. And those who still see these shits as their leaders are worse than Basiji and Islamists. Of course we, Iranians, know that the West’s good guys hate their politicians and other psychos/ sadists in the West. The West’s good guys say many good things. US good guys, like all good guys, don’t like to be slaves. They know that ‘to be free in mind and will is the essence of life’. They care about the Truth and Iranian values (ie Human values). They hate the West’s psychotic mindsets. They know obvious things such as: Bullies, Psychos and Sadists are not good guys. Whores are not Heroes. And Sheeple are not modern people”.