Slavery: Insanity of Barbarians, Cults of Insanity

“Cults have certain characteristics. Cultists live like sheep/ slaves. Cult members are slaves of their leaders and their ideology. Cultists try to justify all Evil things -even killing children. Cultists tell big lies, but say: Liars are defenders of the Truth! Cultists censors all news and all facts, but say: Censors are defenders of Freedom! Cultists defend Slavery & Sadism, but say: Slavery or Sadism is a good thing! Cultists worship the Devil and defend Satanic acts -including killing children, hurting people, censoring facts, telling big lies and other Satanic things- but say: Satanists are the men of God or ‘Evil is a force of Good! In all cults, you can see the same things, the same rules, the same acts, and the same mindset”, some wise Iranians say. The new year (2015) is a good time to know Modern Slavery and the insanity of modern barbarians. As some wise Iranians say: “Modern barbarians use modern tools, but their mindset belongs to the Stone Age. Modern barbarians (UK/ US officials etc) try to hurt Iranian people and all good guys. Modern barbarians (US Senators etc) are sadistic members of the Cult of Power, the Cult of Money, the Cult of Masons and other Satanic cults. In the United States of Animals, they create and support Cults like MEK, ISIS/ ISIL etc. But now even idiots make good documentary films like ‘In Bed with Brothers’ (Comrades in Arms), and talk about s-ex slaves and mind controlled slaves in Cults like MEK. If you search the internet, you can see that even US idiots talk about Cults and Mind Control, and make films such as ‘Cult or Mind Control’. But the US/ UK regime and other Evil forces just try to create and use Cult slaves or mind-controlled slaves. Modern Barbarians love Cults and Cult mindset. But Why? … If you want to know Cults, you should try to study & think about their common characteristics and the history of Mind control and Cult-building projects in the West”. They also add: “If you search the internet, you can see that even the good Americans have written many books/ articles about Mind control projects, Western Cults, or Cult-building projects in the West. In the 19th century, British Barbarians and British Masons started their Cult-building & Mind control projects. And now even the West’s good guys talk about Why and How the UK, the West and Masons created and/or supported Satanic Cults, Fanatics, Islamists and Terrorists. The story of Mullah Al-Afghani and Abduh says a lot about those Mullahs, Masons and British agents who created Islamism, Muslim Brotherhood and Mullah-ism. As almost all historians say: the UK made Abduh the Grand Mufti of Egypt .. Abduh was now the chief legal authority in Islam, as well as the Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge of Egypt’ ! Grand Mufti or Ayatollah Ozma is like the Pope. But the UK made a Mason the Pope. In those dark years, the UK tried to created Qom, Hozeh, Islamists, Mullahs and other Masonic slaves of the West. But the West still tries to create the same slaves. Just look how the West creates and uses cults like ISIS/ ISIL. Cults like Saudis, Wahhabis, Zionists, Salafis, MEK or ISIS/ ISIL can show you many things. Now we all can see who support them, who control them, who love them and use them, or who create them. Now all normal humans are aware of the story of ISIS/ ISIL, or the love story of the US, Savage Saudis and Zionists. Those who create ISIS/ ISIL in our era are those who created Islamism, Salafism, Mullah Afghani, Abduh etc in the 19th century. If you do research about Mohammed Abduh, Mullah Al-Afghani and other Masonic Mullahs you can see that even Muslim scholars/ historians talk about ‘Mullah Afghanis Masonic society’ or ‘Islamists/ Terrorists and the Illuminati’ and say: ‘Mullah Afghani and the Salafi movement became allied with other Masonic movements, including the Bahais and the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia’ ! If you read Mullah Afghanis words or Abduh’s words you can easily see how these charlatans, non-believers and masons defended Islamism, fundamentalism, bigotry, slavery, mass mind control and other satanic things. But in the Masonic regime of Mullahs, they praise masons like Mullah Afghani, and name streets/ squares after them. In this new year (2015), the Masonic Mullah TV openly and stupidly attack Persia and Persian values, and openly and stupidly defend Tazis (ie Savage Arabs/ Jews), Satanic cults and sworn enemies of Iran. The insanity of Mullahs is like the insanity of British Masons. Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and his leader have increased terrible internet censorship/ Filtering in Iran. Now Masonic Mullahs make love with their Zionist Facebook/ Twitter and their Zionist IMF, while we even cannot open a simple webpage. In Iran, even opening a simple webpage isn’t easy -it takes time! It takes a long period of time (5 to 10 minutes, instead of 1 to 5 seconds) to open a simple webpage in Iran in the Age of Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and his leader. In such conditions, it’s obvious why all Iranians (+97%) see the Mullah Religion as Religion of Hypocrisy, Religion of Evil, Religion of Lies, Religion of Satan, Religion of Insanity etc. In the Cult of Mullahs, like all Masonic cults, hypocrisy, insanity, sadism, lies and other evil things are good things”. They also add: “Modern Barbarians love Tazi cults and Western-made cults including the Cult of MEK, the Cult of Bahai, the Cult of Basij, the Cult of ISIS/ ISIL, the Cult of Saudis, the Cult of Mullahs etc partly because Cult is the Prison of Mind. Cult is a form of Mind Control, and cult members are Mind controlled slaves. In all Masonic cults, you can see the same things – including Big Lies, terrible Hypocrisy, Double standards, Slavery, Sadism, Censorship, Living like sheep, control, brainwashing, isolation etc. Cult leaders are big liars, and bad hypocrites. They say average people are Sheeple, and cult leaders should play the role of Shepherd and control Sheeple. Of course at first they use dirty tricks to fool you and attract you to their Cult. But Cult is a one way road. Cult is like Hotel California. You can easily do check-in, but you are not allowed to do check-out. In fact, becoming a member of Cult is easy; Check-in is easy; but leaving the Cult or Check-out is very hard”.

As some wise Iranians say: “The Cult is like the Mafia. Some say all Masonic Cults are like the Mafia because the British Mafia (ie Freemasonry) have created them. But it’s not the whole story. In all cults, members are stupid slaves – who are not allowed to think and to live like free men. Cult members should obey the Cult Leader (ie Master, Shah, Mullah, Rabbi, Priest, Great Leader, Big Brother etc) In all cults, cults leaders play the role of Arbab (Master), and cult members are slaves. Their leaders say: average people are not wise or mature enough to decide for their own life; so we should decide for them and their life! In all cults, Masters rule and control the Masses. In all cults, cult leaders are sick hypocrites. Cult leaders often hold themselves above the law or exempt themselves from the cult rules. They say average people should be victims of terrible Censorship, Filtering, Internet Censorship/ Filtering, Spying, Mass Surveillance, Anti-s-ex crap, Anti-drug slogans, Anti-Corruption slogans etc. But cult leaders not only enjoy free internet and free s-ex, but they enjoy free drugs, free corruption, and all kinds of Sadism, Sexual perversions etc. Cult leaders, like Mullahs and Saudis, are drug addicts (Teryaki, Shireh-ii etc) and sex addicts but they say S-ex is Evil, and average people should not enjoy normal s-ex and normal things. In all Masonic cults, Cult leaders -like Mullahs- increase Terrible Censorship, Terrible Filtering and all kinds of Censorship and Sadism, while cult leaders themselves enjoy fucking themselves with all kinds of corruption and satanic things. Cult leaders are even free to steal people’s money. They steal 800 billions of dollars, but they say: Crooks and thieves are the men of God! In all cults, sadism & s-ex with thousand of children/ women is free for cult leaders, but the masses should not even talk/ think about normal s-ex. The Cult of MEK is really like the Cult or Mullahs, the Cult of ISIS/ ISIL, the Cult of Saudis and all Masonic Cults. Rajavi and Mullahs are two sides of the same coin, because they are slaves of the same Arbab and the same Masonic Mafia. In all cults, you can see the same things. In all cults, the real religion is the Religion of Hypocrisy, the Religion of Lies, the Religion of Sadism, the Religion of Barbarians. A free man, a free thinking person will never accept someone else’s irrational and immoral beliefs. But cult members just obey orders, and so they can even kill children and little kids. The insanity of Cultists is unbelievable. But how they become such insane slaves? Do the cult and cult leaders openly say: we are evil men; we are bad guys; you should obey us and do evil things?! no. Almost all cults and cult leaders talk about good things such equality, justice, liberty, brotherhood and other Iranian values. They even ask you to gain a direct and firsthand knowledge of their cult. But all cults are enemies of the Truth, asking questions, finding answers, doing researches and telling the Truth. In all Cults, they hate free men, free thoughts, independent thoughts and free will. Cultists don’t think, don’t ask questions, and just obey orders. Cult is really a cesspit of Jack-o Javad & Jack-o Junevar (stupid animals etc). All cults say to their members: Don’t ask question; keep sweet; Be a good slave; Don’t think .. just obey orders. Of course at first, when they want to fool you, they tell you: We don’t insist that you accept our reading or any other reading of this cult’. When Islamists and all cultists want to fool you, they make such liberal gestures. Its what they did in 1978, before the 1979 Disaster in Iran. At first they try to fool you, and then they try to kill you, torture you or hurt you if you reject their barbarian reading of religions, their cult mindset or their cult shits including forced life styles, Intolerance, Logic of Sword, Censorship, Sadism and other Satanic things. Islamists and Masons even steal your votes, steal your money, steal your country, and steal your culture and your identity. But at first, they try to fool you. And it’s exactly like what the British Barbarians and their stooges did in the 19th century. It’s exactly like what happened in 1978/ 79. Iranians will never forget what happened in 1978/ 79. The 1979 Tragedy, as an Masonic Coup, had a lot of lessons and all humans should know/ learn these lessons”. They also add: “The story of Cults is the story of Slavery, Mind control and Brainwashing. The story of Cults is the story of Jewish/ Masonic Insanity. All cults are the same shits, but the story of ‘the West and the Cults of MEK/ Mullahs/ Saudis/ ISIS’ is so funny. Mullahs are Anti-Iran and Anti-Persia, but the West call them Iranians! Mullahs are the most anti-Iranian people on the planet. But the UK and the West refer to Mullahs as Iran or Iranians! Now in 2015, the Masonic Mullah TV say the worst Anti-Iranian crap in history, and clearly try to prove why Islamists and Mullahs are the most anti-Iranian pigs on the planet. But the UK and the West censor all facts & all news of Iran”. They also add: “Now all Iranians talk about the story of Rahimi, AN and the Islamist Regime of Crook and Thieves. But just look how the UK and the West censor all news. Only a few American media talk about such issues. But they don’t say who is Rahimi. After the 2009 CIA Coup, Rahimi become the Vice President in the Coup Cabinet. Rahimi was a Basiji, an Islamist, and a very close friend of AhmadiNejad (AN). Rahimi was AN’s vice president. Now Mullahs officially say that Rahimi has stolen millions of dollars. But as (even) the 3% and their media say: In this regime, if you steal 1 dollar, they would kill you; but if you steal billions/ millions of dollars, then they would give you immunity or 5 days in prison! In fact, even idiots and the 3% know this regime of crooks and thieves. But it’s funny that crooks, thieves and those masons who tried to create the 2009 Coup, to serve the West’s interests, to kill/ hurt Iran’s people, and to do all evil things pretend that they are the Men of God. But all Iranians (+97) know them well, and that’s why Iranians say to Mullahs/ Islamists: ‘You, thieves, liars, sadists etc believe in God?! (Shoma Bi-HameChiz-ha Khoda/ Peyqambar Saretoon Mishe … !) ! All Iranians (+97%) know why Mullahs and Islamists are Anti-Iran and Anti-Persia. All Iranians know the UK and Tazis … Mullahs are Masons, and Masons are pro-UK / pro-West (Biganeh-Parast/ Ajnabi-Parast), pro-Tazi, pro-Arab and Anti-Iran & Anti-Persia”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In today’s world, almost all Cult leaders are slaves of the West and the Masonic Mafia. In fact, both cult members and cult leaders are slaves, and suffer from terrible insanity. In today’s world, the insanity of Barbarians is really unbelievable. Now Islamists or Masons like Zibakalam openly say: I hate Science, Logic, and Rationality; I love religion, because religion is a stupid, illogical and irrational thing’ ! Today’s masons are such retards; but the UK media call them intellectuals! Today’s Masons are such stupid hypocrites and such brainless bastards. In fact, Mason, Mullah, Mujahed, Basiji, Jihadi, Bahai, Saudi, Zionist, Islamist, Marxist, Monarchist, Mormon and other cultists in the US and the West are the same shits. And all of them just remind you of the stories of Cathy O’Brien, Satanic cults, mind controlled slaves and mind control projects in the West”. They also add: “Many religious people are good guys, and many cults are irreligious cults. For instance, the Cult of Monarchists, the Cult of Fascists, the Cult of Stalin/ Marxism etc are irreligious cults. But Cult is Cult. All of them try to enslave, to brainwash, and to control people. Religious cults and irreligious cults are the same shits. The UK and the West love all kinds of Satanic cults and Satanism. For thousands of years, the UK or the West was officially the land of Barbarians and Barbarism. And now even the West’s good guys say: ‘ (Even) in ancient time, Iranians worshiped God, and hated Ahriman. But Europeans officially worshiped Ahriman (Evil/ Devil) .. the European belief in the impotence of Christ and the need therefore to appease Satan, led to the doctrine that Satan should be worshipped’ ! European Barbarians, British human-eaters, Celts, Druids and other Western Barbarians could not change their deep-rooted barbarian mindsets. And so, as their own historians say, they created a barbarian version of Christianity, known as Celtic Christianity (ie Satanic/ Barbarian Christianity) Then they started to enslave humans, to praise Genocide and Slavery, to eat the human body, and to drink the human blood in the name of Christianity. What the Savage West did in recent centuries is beyond your imagination. As the good Americans say: ‘George Bush knew ‘Psychic Dictatorship in the West’. He knew what they did, and (that’s why) George Bush said: ‘If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts’ ! The UK, the US and the West created the worst evil acts/ projects and the worst crimes against humanity in history. The Insanity of Barbarians is beyond your imagination. Even their own historians say how British/ European Barbarians had barbarian/ satanic rituals in worship of the Devil, involving the sacrifice of children and eating their flesh in cannibalistic rites. But If you want to know the depth of Tragedy in recent centuries, you should take a look at many documents about MK Ultra Project and Mind Control projects in the West. The West’s bad guys are really the most savage barbarians in history”. They also add: “The Insanity of British Barbarians is unbelievable. British Human-eaters (Adam-khora) pretend that they are defenders of Human Rights!, while they openly defend a handful of Jewish/ Masonic Mullahs (charta Chalquz/ Avazi) like Jannati and Mesbah. It’s obvious why Mullahs and other non-Iranian animals serve the interests of the West. But we, Iranians, don’t know why the Mullah TV should try to prove that the Mullah TV is Mason TV, Tazi TV and Anti-Iran TV. We, Iranians, don’t know why Mullahs implement their Zionist IMF dictates, make Iran’s people even angrier, and do and say many Anti-Iranian things. We, Iranians, don’t know why they try to dig their own graves by their own hands. We, Iranians, really cannot understand this level of Insanity. It’s obvious why the UK, the Left, the IMF and the West love dictators and puppet regimes. We all know what they did in the Pahlavi era, and how they finally toppled the Shah. We all know Dictates for the Dictator. It’s obvious why the IMF loved like AN and Basijis – who stole $800 billions in 8 years. AN was a Jewish agent whose mission was destroying Iran’s resources, Iran’s economy and Iran’s national products etc. But why this Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and his Cabinet should be worse than AN? Almost all Iranians know Dictates for Dictators. But retards love IMF dictates, UK dictates, US dictates etc. Only retards and insane slaves still don’t know why the UK created and supported Mullah Al-Afghani, Al-Hindi and other non-Iranian puppets of the West. It’s obvious why they tried to make a hero out of a Hindi-Zadeh. It’s obvious why the UK and the West love and support non-Iranian pigs, including Hindi-Zadeh, Taliban-zadeh, Arab-Zadeh, Mason-Zadeh, Tazi-Zadeh, Zena-Zadeh, Zahak-Zadeh etc. We all know what the US, the UK and the IMF did to the Pahlavi. But the insanity of puppet dictators is unbelievable. They cannot see the West’s banana peels, as they cannot see how much hatred and how much anger they are creating among people , and what is the result of this stupidity. All puppet dictators, form Pahlavis to Mullahs, are mind-controlled slaves and cannot see the West’s banana peels. Mullahs, like their Masonic Masters, even don’t know why they should not tell blatant lies, hurt Iranian people, and make Iran’s people even angrier. In the past, Iranian people cared about Mullahs or the US only because Iranians thought that Mullahs or the US are humans/ good guys (Fekr mikardan inha Adam-an) It’s funny that now even their own Western media confess: ‘Iranian people are such a politically aware and active audience that you cannot fool them, and play (Masonic/ English) games with them’ ! (Jan 2015) But they still act like retards … Iran is not like the West. The West’s Sheeple even don’t know their own countries and their own history. MK Ultra and mind control projects are not new things, but most Westerners still know nothing about them -ie the tip of the iceberg. The West’s good guys talk about ‘the significance of a forgotten C-IA document: MK ULTRA’ (2014) and ‘Operation Mockingbird: The C-IA and Propaganda’, and say: ‘About a third of the whole CIA budget went to media propaganda operations .. We’re talking about billions of dollars a year just for that .. billions of dollars are being spent every year by the US on secret propaganda … (USA, like UK) routinely conducts disinformation campaigns‘. But US Sheeple are so stupid. US Senators and US officials still sow the seeds of hate, and they even don’t know that they are actually sowing the seeds of their own Destruction”.

As some wise Iranians say: “we all know the Iranian mindset or the mindset of good guys. When Iranians or good guys see social problems, human problems etc they say: Lets solve these problems; lets find some solutions; lets do something to reduce problems, and to create a better world for all humans’. It’s quite natural for Iranians and all good guys to think in this way. But the British/ Masonic mindset or the mindset of Western Barbarians is quite different. When they see the same problems, they say: Lets create more problems; lets use these problems to control/ enslave people; lets not allow people to solve these problems …’. This psychotic mindset turns Science & Technology into evil tools, create Mind control projects, turn children into spies & s-ex slaves, create Satanic cults, Colonialism, Systematic Slavery, Exploitation etc. Unfortunately, criminals and psychos rule the UK and the West. And they say it’s a very modern thing that they work on the enslaving and imprisonment of Humans! These stupid bastards say Money is Everything, Power is Everything, and so Mind control projects, Slavery, Brainwashing, Mass Mind Control, Cult building and creating A Nation of Slaves are good things. The UK was the Home of Barbarians. In the UK, their religion was the Religion of Barbarians, as their culture was the Culture of Barbarians. But in recent centuries, they could not openly defend their barbarian traditions. So they created the British Mafia (ie Freemasonry) to fool people in the name of equality, liberty, tolerance, democracy and other Iranian values. As you know Tolerance and Liberty are Iranian values, and good things. No one (no sane person) can say that equality, liberty, freedom, democracy, Tolerance and other Iranians values are bad things. But British Masons used these good things, these Iranian things, to defend or justify Barbarian things, and to create Freemasonry, Slavery, Satanic cults and other Evil things. They are still psychos and sadists. Just look how they defend Sadism, Bullying, Genocide, Racism, Slavery, Mass Spying, Mass Control and other evil things. It’s funny that the UK and its Zionists and Islamists still fight over the Al Aqsa Mosque, aka Temple of Solomon. It’s funny that Mullahs say: Solomon’s Temple is a Mecca for Masons. But they fight for Solomon’s Temple and Masonic/ Kabbalistic myths/ ideals, and show that, as our people say: they fight for the Masonic blanket of … (Dava Sar-e Lahaf-e … !) England’s Brothers try to create misinformation and disinformation campaigns, but they cannot hide the truths. Now all normal humans know and hate ISIS/ ISIL, the Religion of Barbarians, the Religion of Insanity, and the Religion of Inhumanity. Now the bad guys and barbarians are morally and totally bankrupt. Now any normal human can see that our Iran is very different from the Anti-Iran Regime of Mullahs. Our Iran, the Home of Human values, is not like the Little Britain or the Savage West. Our Iran created human values such as Tolerance, Basic Rights, and caring about all humans regardless of their race and religion. Our Iran fought against all forces of Darkness. Our Iran & our wise Iranian ancestors firstly created Culture and Human Values. Iran, the land of Aryans, is such a great nation that even Western/ Jewish historical books confess that they learned Wisdom, Culture and Civilization from Aryans (Iranians) and the Land of Aryans (Iran). If you read the old books and history books, you can easily see how Europeans and all people who wanted to distinguish themselves from Barbarians and uncultured people just tried to link themselves to our Caspian sea and to our Iran, the Land of Aryans, because all of them knew that Iran is the Cradle of Culture and Civilization. Western bullies and Western barbarians cannot hide the truths, as they cannot pretend that they are good barbarians, good sadists, good bullies, good sadists, or good Evil. Now when Western Barbarians, Western Colonialists and Western Imperialists pretend that they are worried about the new Iranian imperialism!, all normal humans just laugh and ridicule them. Western Imperialists, Western Barbarians and Western Bullies are bad jokes, and their crimes are unforgettable and unforgivable. Sooner or later, our Iran will be a superpower again, and will punish them. You can be sure of that. The payback time is near. Iranians and all good guys, including the West’s good guys, hate bullies and barbarians. Iranians and all good guys care about Iranian values such as Tolerance, Freedom, ‘Rational and critical thinking’ and Fighting against Tyranny and Oppression. Critical thinking and judgment is so important. Cult mindset just produces insanity and slavery. All cults say the same stupid things. For instance, they claim that God has guided them; Satan wants to save humanity; or the Cult members are the ‘Chosen few’ ! All cults say that their cult members are ‘good’, ‘saved’ or the ‘Chosen ones’ in ‘the Kingdom of God’; but other humans and non-members are Bad and/or Damned. They even say: All other humans (non-members/ non-believers) should be destroyed. Jewish fanatics, Christian fanatics and all cultists are the same shits, and say the same satanic things. As the good Americans truly say: ‘Destructive cults teach the new member that everyone who is not a part of the group is somehow tainted, negative and /or unenlightened. Cultists present their ideology as a ‘Sacred Science’. (All cults just try to create Slavery,) obedience, surrender to the Cult, following orders etc’. The Cult leaders try to isolate people from the outside world, and to decide about all aspects of their life, including reading books, watching TVs, listening to music, browsing the web etc. Cult leaders say to their slaves: these books are Satanic; these TV channels are satanic; this music is evil; the internet and millions of websites are evil; Only what the cult and cult leaders say are good things. And it’s obvious why all cults say such things, isn’t it? Cult leaders want to enslave Sheeple. All cults do and say the same things. They worship Insanity. But do you know the number of cults in which country is very larger than other countries?! The answer can show you many things about the real backward countries and third world states”.

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