2015 Jokes: The Insanity of Blatant Lies

In this new year (2015) many things are laughable, and many things are sadly funny. In these days many facts and many news seem like jokes. So, lets take a look at some good, bad or sick jokes of these days:

As some Iranians say: “Islamists are really Masons or Mashang. Just look what the Anti-Iran Mullahs, MEK, Basijis, ISIS/ ISIL (DEASH), Savage Saudis etc do and say about their religion -ie Masonic Islam or Tazi cults. Now instead of talking about Iran, Iranian values, great men of Persia, or Iranian version of Islam/ Religion, Mullahs defend savage Saudis and their religion. Now, in Jan 2015, Mullahs say to the West’s youth: Try to gain a direct and firsthand knowledge of this religion !! But they don’t say what would happen after that, after gaining a direct and firsthand knowledge of this religion! As you know, All Iranians have already gained a direct and firsthand knowledge of this religion. You can ask Iranian people about what would happen after gaining a direct and firsthand knowledge of this religion!”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Do you know what Criticism, Censorship and Free Speech mean in the West? In the best case, the West makes an intellectual gesture, and says: You are free to speak, and we are free to hurt you. In fact, their Free Speech is Free Sadism/ Censorship. These years showed that only IF you say: I Love the West, then they don’t censor you. But If you criticize the West, they will censor you. And This is Western Freedom. In the UK, Critics are called Extremists, but Whores and Ass-lickers (Khayemals) are called Critics and Intellects. In the UK and the West, If you criticize them and tell the Truth, then they will call you Extremists and they will censor you. And this is their Freedom or Free Speech. In the West, Censorship is Freedom. They openly say Journalism is the Arts of Deceit or the Arts of Lying. In the UK, intellects and journalists just learn the Arts of Deception, the Arts of Telling Big Lies, the Arts of Ass-licking and other Orwellian Arts. In the UK and the West, those who have the ability to understand things and think intelligently and independently are censored or ignored, but those who have the ability to lick the Ass of Big Brother and to tell Big Lies are called Experts or Intellectuals!”

As some Iranians say: “the best monkey and the best joke of these days is Sadeq Zibakalam, without explanation … Non-Iranians can ask Iranians about masons and monkeys like Zibakalam and Ali Motahari .. In these days, Zibakalam wrote a letter to Sweden (not to Norway) and asked them to give the Nobel Peace Prize to Basij & DEASH (ISIS/ ISIL). And it’s not a joke. Zibakalam is Basiji, and he loves Basij, DEASH and those who see Religion as a barbarian, illogical and irrational thing … So Lets write a short letter to Denmark (not to Norway) and tell them: Dear Denmark, Please give the Nobel Prize for Stupidity to Zibakalam and the UK media. This stupid monkey openly says: I hate Science, Logic, and Rationality; I love religion, because religion is a stupid, illogical and irrational thing. But the UK media call this stupid monkey Intellectual. They -like all Mullahs- really deserve the Nobel Prize for Stupidity, because they clearly show how Masons think/ act, and who are Masonic whores/ retards”.

As some wise Iranians say: ‘In the past 35 years, specially after 2009, all Iranians (+97%) have gained a direct and firsthand knowledge of the Mullah religion and all religions, and that’s why Iranian people say: (any) Religion minus Iranian values (ie Human values) is equal to Satanism and Satanic Cult’ or ‘Islam minus Iranian values is equal to DEASH (ISIS/ ISIL)’ or Religion/ Islam minus Iranian values is equal to ISIS/ DEASH/ Basiji/ Mullah/ Saudi/ Satanic/ Wahhabi version of Islam. In fact, Iranians -who have gained a firsthand knowledge of religions/ cults- talk about what they have seen by their own eyes. But when Islamists want to reject what Iranians say, Islamists use the Logic of Sword, and try to act like DEASH and to hurt Iranians. And in this way, Mullahs and Islamists prove that they are good guys!, their logic is not the Logic of Satan!, and their religion/ cult is not the Religion of Lies and Sadism! In fact, Mullahs, Islamists and Jewish/ Christian fanatics kill and torture all people & critics, use the Logic of Sword & the Logic of Satan, but refer to such things as Morality or Religion of Peace! In fact, If you want to destroy Religion, Morality etc, you should act like Islamists, or ask Mullahs and Masons to defend Religion, Ethics, Morality etc”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Millions of websites, including Facebook and Twitter, are officially blocked in Iran. Masonic Mullahs have increased terrible censorship and terrible internet filtering in Iran. Rouhani has increase all kinds of Censorship/ Sadism, including the Terrible Internet Censorship/ Filtering in Iran. Mullahs openly say: Facebook, Twitter etc are Zionist, as the IMF is Zionist/ Imperialist and the US is Great Satan. But now Mullah media, UK media and all Masonic media proudly say: Rouhani and Khamenei have an active Zionist Facebook and Twitter page! But as Noam Chomsky and Marxist say, the love story of Mullahs and their Zionist Facebook, like the love story of Mullahs and their Zionist IMF, show you that Mullahs are really honest, anti-Zionist and anti-Imperialist! Khameneis Twitter account, in which his stupid letters are published, just force all Iranians to use a lot of F-words (Foshe Khar Mathar etc) about Mullahs, the UK and the West. All Iranians (+97%) know why Khamenei or Mullahs love Zionist Facebook/ Twitter or Zionist IMF. Iranians know why Mullahs implement their Zionist IMF plans in Iran, and openly make love with their Great Satan and their Zionist Imperialist Brothers. But Noam Chomsky and Marxists say such facts show that Mullahs are Anti-Zionist and Anti-Imperialist !”.

As some Iranians: “Rouhani has increased MITM attacks
(Man-In-The-Middle Attacks) and all kinds of Terrible Internet Censorship/ Filtering/ Spying/ Jamming etc in Iran
. But the West censor all facts and all news of Iran. Instead of talking about Rouhani’s evil acts in Iran, the UK and the West just tell big lies, praise Rouhani, and say Rouhani is a defender of Internet Freedom because Rouhani, Khamenei and Mullahs have active accounts/ pages in their Zionist Facebook, Twitter and other so-called Zionist websites! So it’s obvious why Iranian people use a lot of F-words (Foshe Khar Mathar etc) when they talk about Mullahs (Rouhani, Khamenei etc) and the UK. The West, the Left and the Western media love Mullahs and the love story of ‘Mullahs and their Great Satan’, the love story of Mullahs and their Zionist Facebook, Twitter etc, and the love story of Mullahs and their Imperialist IMF. They say such facts and such love stories show that Marxists and Mullahs are Anti-Imperialist! Now Marxists openly say: Iran’s people and those who really hate Islamists and Imperialists are pro-Imperialist. But those who really love their Great Satan, their Zionist/ Imperialist IMF, and their Imperialist Brothers are anti-Imperialist! Marxists, Masons and Mullahs are bad retards, and say to the West’s youth: Don’t believe the propaganda! Study or Examine this religion! This is not entirely hypocritical, Barbarian, Sadistic or Big lies! … But Iranians just laugh and say: Areh Arvah-e Amatoon!”.

As some Iranians say: “Now the Mullah media talk about Walk with the Devil, Walk with Great Satan, Dance with Great Satan etc. Now even their Mullah TV says: On January 14, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Mullah FM Javad Zarif (made love) in Geneva. But Why Mullahs Make Love with Great Satan in public places?’ !! In fact, now even idiots and retards ask: why after a lot of Arro-Gooz (Barking & Farting) and rejecting any kinds of negotiations with Great Satan in normal conditions (ie when it was good for Iran), now Mullahs make love and negotiate with their Great Satan and US Bullies in the worst conditions, ie when the Savage West / USA say many anti-Iranian things, threaten Iran with nukes, force and sadistic sanctions, and badly support Is-real, Anti-Iran Arabs etc. Now Instead of rejecting negotiations under such farcical conditions, Mullahs and Islamists just lick the ass of their Great Satan, and badly disgrace themselves. After a lot of Arro-Gooz, Mullahs lick the ass of their Great Satan or US Bullies. But now even retards and the 3% talk about Fatehe Velayat (End of all Mullahs)”.

As some Iranians say: “The Mullah media reports: Zarif walks with Satan! But they still say nothing about the role of Zarif in the 2009 CIA Coup, and how Zarif and Mullahs made love with Great Satan, William Burns and other American pigs in 2009. Now after a lot of Arro-Gooz (Barking & Farting), Islamists make love with their Zionist IMF/ Great Satan/ UK etc, and clearly show you what was the main goal of the 2009 CIA Coup. Now Islamists Walk with Satan and Dance with Satan, because Islamists are nothing but the sons of Satan. Who can forget the role of Islamists in the 19th century, in Reza Shah’s farce, in the 1953 CIA Coup, in the 1979 Coup, in the Savage Iraqi attack to Iran, in the Mullah-Contra etc. Now, in Jan 2015, Islamists and Zarif go to Paris, and make love with Great Satan and French Faggots (Laurent Fabius etc) – who have created a big and new Anti-Muslim Farce in France! Islamists are such Muslims. Their paradoxes, their big lies, their hypocrisy and their Arro-Gooz are beyond your imagination. But all Iranians (+97%) know Islamists well, and that’s why Iranians hate Islamists so much. Now Iranians refer to pigs like Javad and Jack Straw as ‘Jack-o Javad’ or Jack-o Janevar! (means: stupid animals/ masons etc) As our people say, the Anti-Iranian regime of Mullahs is nothing but a cesspit of Jack-o Javad & Jack-o Junevar (stupid animals/ masons etc)”.


As some Iranians say: “Saudi Arabia is a very backward country, but the West and the US see Saudis as their allies! The US and its Terrorist allies are bad jokes … Saudi King died and went to hell. The Death of Saudi King again showed that dictators, bad guys, slaves of the West, and sworn enemies of Iran will go to hell. But Mullahs don’t learn their lessons. Mullahs still lick the dirty asses of Tazis and the West. Now all Iranians hate Savage Saudis so much. Even the good Arabs hate Savage Saudis. But Mullahs still love and praise Saudi Arabia and Savage Arabs. Now it’s clear that their Oil game is a silly game that Mullahs love it. If you want to know the whys, you can talk a look at the Guardian and what the UK media say about Rouhani, oil price, IMF plans and Rouhani’s evil acts in Iran. They stupidly think they can justify all evil acts -including the love story of Mullahs and IMF/ Great Satan- with the story of Oil price. They are bad retards. They write silly letters to the West’s people, but the West’s good guys and normal people just laugh and say: ‘Look who is suddenly concerned about cruelty and tyranny! Your hypocrisy is sickening … After the way you killed and tortured Iranian citizens in 2009 you are in no position to …”.

As some Iranians say: “After 2009, and after the story of the 2014 Yalda, even idiots can see that Mullahs are not Iranians. In Jan 2015, and during the 2015 Asian Cup, even idiots can see that the Mullah TV is Arab TV or Anti-Iran TV. Instead of showing Iranian fans, they show savage Arabs/ Anti-Iran Arabs! The Mullah TV is really a cesspit of whores, Masons, Arabs and non-Iranian pigs from Iraq, Lebanon, UK etc. So instead of showing Iranian fans and caring about Iran, Persian Gulf etc, they praise Anti-Iran Arabs and sworn enemies of Iran. The Mullah TV and Mullahs love Arab players such as Omar Chalquz, Ottoman Oskol, Abdol Koskhol, Majed Jakesh, Yazid Goh-khor, Antar Meymoon, Walid Mongol, Amer Qater, Fahad Meymoon etc because Mullahs and Islamists are Anti-Iranian Arabs/ Locust-eaters. Even the 3% know that Bad Arabs and bad Iraqis are Ahl-e Kufeh (so ungrateful) ! But Mullahs love Ahl-e Kufeh ! Mullahs hate our Iran, our Iranian values, our great Civilization, our Great Persia, our Persian Gulf, our Iranian Legacy and all good things. Mullahs censor the pictures of Iranian fans, because Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullahs and Islamists are Locust-eaters and Shit-eaters from Masonic families and Arabian cesspits. Mullahs are the sons of the Masonic UK, and their Masonic Mission is destroying Iran’s economy, Iran’s industries, Iran’s sports, Iran’s resources and all part of Iran”.

As some Iranians say: “If you still ask: why the West and the US create and support Islamists, Bahais, Islamist-Marxist terrorists (MEK/ PMOI) and other Satanic cults? you should try to know Mind Control and Cult-building projects in the West. For instance, Project MK-Ultra was officially a Mind Control project in the US, and now even Americans talk about ‘Project MK-Ultra: One of the Most Shocking C-IA Programs of All Time’, and say: ‘In 1976 and 1977, the U.S. Senate conducted investigations and even held a joint committee hearing on the CIA MK-Ultra Project. You will not believe what they (US Congress) said. They themselves (confessed that C-IA & Big Brothers ask) American Universities, American Prisons and American Hospitals to Conduct Mind Control projects! According to the hearing report, 86 universities or institutions were involved .. For some of the US hospitals that participated in Project MK-Ultra, tests were conducted on children .. On the Senate floor in 1977, US Senators (openly said): the Deputy Director of the C-IA revealed that many universities and institutions were involved in Mind Control and Mass Mind Control projects’ ! It’s what Americans say. In fact, the West and the US see the members of MEK or ISIS as laboratory animals for Mind Control projects …”.

As some Iranians say: “These years show that If you are a good guy, then the West hates you. But if you are Barbar or Bardeh (Barbarian or Slave), then the West loves you, and call you intellect, expert, modern people etc. Slaves lick the ass of the West. Slaves have no intellect and no skill except Kun-e Akhund lici (licking the Mullah’s ass), Kun-e America lici (licking America’s ass), licking France’s ass, licking the UK’s ass, or Licking the ass of Dictator/ Shah/ Zahak/ Satan etc. But in the West, these slaves and ass-lickers are called Intellectuals. Slaves attack Iran & modern people of Iran, but worship the Savage West, Western Sadists and Western barbarians. These stupid animals are slaves of fashion, slaves of media, slaves of money, and slaves of the West. These stupid slaves and retards call themselves intellectuals or modern people!, and say: Oh, yah, we intellectuals eat this shit or that shit; we, modern people, read/ listen/ watch this shit or that shit; we, modern people, lick the ass of the Barbarian West; but Iranians, free men, real intellects or real modern people are backward people or stupid people because they hate to think or act like slaves and ass-lickers. Whores and Slaves of the West are such retards”.

As some Iranians say: “Now savage Islamists and brutal dictators have become Freethinkers !, and say to the West’s youth: ‘ Attempts to find answers to these questions will provide you with an appropriate opportunity to discover new truths ! But as you know, in 2009 Iranians tried to find answers to these questions but Mullahs and Islamists killed and tortured Iranian people and provided all humans with a good opportunity to discover new truths. Now even idiots can see that Mullahs, Marxists, Islamists, the West and all bad guys hate Freethinkers and those who try to study/ examine facts, to ask serious questions, and to discover the truths. The 2009 Massacres and the 2009 CIA coup had many historic lessons. Now when the Mullah leader says to the West’s youth: I dont insist that you accept my reading or any other reading of Islam’ !!, it just shows the depth of Mullah bankruptcy & hypocrisy (In Iran, Islamists say: you should accept forced Hijab, this shit or that shit because all people must accept our reading of Islam /religion) Iranians know Islamists well, and say: When Islamists want to fool you, they make such liberal gestures. It’s what they did in 1978, before the 1979 Disaster in Iran. At first Islamists try to fool you, and then Islamists try to kill you, torture you or hurt you, if you don’t accept their barbarian reading of religion, ie if you reject forced Hijab, Intolerance, Barbarity, Logic of Sword, Censorship, Sadism and other Satanic things. Islamists even steal your votes, steal your money, steal your country, and steal everything because Islamists are stupid slaves of the Devil and the Masonic UK/ West”.

As some Iranians say: “In Jan 2015, the Masonic Mullah TV do and say many Anti-Iranian things. Just look what they say about Farabi and Great men of Persia. The Mullah TV say: Farabi was both an Arab and an Iranian !! Can you believe it?! These Anti-Iranian animals, Mullahs, say such silly jokes (Bebin Turk-i ta che hadee … !) They really said Arab, not Muslim. Basiji faggots openly said: Farabi was both an Arab and an Iranian! Mullahs and Basiji are such brainless non-Iranian pigs. They write silly letters to the West, but they say nothing, even one word about Iran, Persia, Great men of Persia and this undeniable fact that Iranians and Persia created the so-called Islamic Civilization and Islamic Golden Era. Tazis and Savage Arabs were like today’s DAESH (ISIS/ ISIL), and acted like DAESH. If you read history, and do research, you can find the truths. Tazis, like DEASH, were ruthless barbarians, and they even didn’t know how to utter or spell Culture or Civilization …. Mullahs are savage Turks, Tazis and non-Iranian slaves of the West. If Mullahs were not such brainless retards/ slaves, then Instead of writing stupid letters to the West or Savage Arabs, they would write letters of apology to the people of Iran and the youth of Iran”.

As some Iranians say: ‘the West is really like or worse than Mullahs. In fact, Mullahs are stupid animals because they are slaves/ stooges of the Savage West. In the West, bad guys and criminals control almost everything. Even their Tor Project is a stupid farce, and now their own media say: the Tor Project has recently suffered from two security setbacks which have called into question just how safe users on the anonymity service are. The first big major setback was the cancelation of CERT’s attendance the Black Hat 2014 talk which would have dealt with attacks on Tor and how it is possible for Tor to be breached. The shameful cancelation raised the possibility that government or Big Brothers (control Tor) … In any case, it’s best to assume that Tor is (a product of) the NSA’ ! Idiots such as Richard Stallman should be proud of themselves and their beloved N-SA Tor”.

As some Iranians say: “The Western Hypocrisy is hypocrisy of the worst kind. Just look what the West and its Terrorist allies do. They kill civilians and innocent people in Africa, Asia and other part of the worlds, but call themselves good terrorists, good barbarians, or a good force of Evil. They say: the West, the US or its Terrorist allies can kill you and torture you, but if you punish Western barbarians and Western bullies, then you are bad terrorists. The Savage West, US senators and UK/ US officials are worse than animals. They stupidly try to bully Iran, to hurt Iranian people, to censor all news of Iran, to help Rouhanis, and to impose their sadistic sanctions on great people of Persia, but they call themselves a good force of Evil, Good terrorists, Good Sadists, Good devils, Good Bullies, Good Evil, Good Barbarians etc. They openly show that the M-I6 and C-IA are like or worse than KGB and Gestapo. But they say the C-IA and M-I6 are good devils, good killers, good sadists, good torturers, good Censors, good barbarians, etc. But Why the UK and the West love and use many paradoxical and Orwellian terms such as good Barbarity, good Bullying, Good Genocide, Good Evil, Good Satan, Good Sadism, Good Terrorism, Good Censors, good Bad Guys etc ?!”.

As some Iranians say: “the Western Idiocy is idiocy of the worst kind. Just look what they say or do about their Barbarian-Satanic projects such as MK Ultra and Mind Control projects in the West. The West openly tries to enslave children and to turn children into s-ex slaves and spies. But they still pretend that the West cares about children’s rights or human rights! Now it’s clear what the End of America or the End of the West really means. Now it’s clear why the wise Americans refer to America as A Nation of Sheep. America, like the UK, is really A Nation of Slaves. If you search the internet, you can find many documents about MK Ultra Project, Congressional hearings, MK Ultra Mind Control Hearing, or the victim testimonies of mind control projects and barbarian projects in the US and the West. Such facts should create a Big Revolution in the US and the West. But A Nation of Sheep or A Nation of Slaves don’t care about such important facts. The Tragedy of Idiocy in the West is unbelievable. They are really a Nation/ Society in a state of Trance (Jama-at Chorty, Mellat Khab-Zadeh/ Nashe …) They are the United States of Trance. But they still pretend that a Nation of Sheep is a modern nation; and Sheeple, slaves and barbarians are modern people !”.

As some Iranians say: “the fate of A Nation of Sheep is clear. Disinformation and Misinformation tactics cannot change the facts and their fate. They stupidly say a Nation of Sheep is an modern/ advanced nation, but Iran is a backward nation because in and after 2009 all sane humans could see how wise and modern is the Iranian nation. In today’s world, the only nation that fight against bullies, barbarians, tyrants, all forces of Darkness and all bad guys is the Iranian nation, the great nation of Persia. But they say Iranians are backward people, because Iranians don’t want to be slaves and because Iran’s people and the Cradle of Culture & Civilization (Iran/ Persia) ask all humans to join the force of Light, and to fight against Demons (Deevs), Bullies, Barbarians and the force of Darkness. All barbarians and bad guys want to destroy Iran, the Land of Aryans, because Iran is the Home of the Good and the Home of Human Values, and because many humans can see the power of the Iranian Logic, the power of the Truth, and the power of Iranian values. They hate Iran, the Land of Aryans, because they hate the Good, the Truth and the Human values. They are bad retards. They proudly say: the Barbarian West tries to hurt, bully and enslave all nations and all humans, and it’s a good thing. They are proud of their Barbarian West and their inhumanity and insanity. But now all normal humans are becoming aware, and can see the West’s true face, as they can see that the Real Solution is Awareness and caring about Iranian values”.

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