Devil in Disguise: The West, Rouhani and Retards

The new year (2015) began with a historic farce. As some wise Iranians say: “In these days (ie first days of 2015), the UK media and Western media happily report: Hassan Rouhani (wants to play) the role of Mikhail Gorbachev. Rouhani says: If we are ready to stop enrichment which we do not need at this time, does it mean we have compromised our principles? .. Our ideals are not bound to centrifuge’ !! (Jan 2015) Now the UK media and all Masons are happy that Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and Mullahs are clearly proving that they are spies/ stooges of the UK and the West. But almost all Iranians just laugh, because they know why Rouhani is Retard, and why Rouhanis (ie Mullahs) say such Traitorous, Shameful, Anti-Iranian crap. Now Iranian people just laugh, and say to Rouhanis: ‘Oh, yah, you Mullahs are spies/ stooges of the UK; and your ideals and your bridle (Afsar) are bound to the UK/ the West’ ! In fact, all Iranians (+97%) know Rouhanis, their Arbab (Arbab = Master), their Afsar (Afsar = rein/ bridle) and their Akhor (manger). Now Iranians just laugh/ spit at Rouhanis, and tell them: All Iranians know Who control your ideals, your minds & your behaviors (Arman-tan, Afsar-tan, Akhor-tan … !) ! Rouhani is a bad Retard. Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) is worse than AN, Hajji Baba and Razmara. So now even idiots, Mullah media and the 3% talk about Rouhani’s Traitorous acts!, and how Rouhani aids Iran’s enemies. Now even the West’s analysts say: ‘Rouhani is taking an enormous gamble with this speech’ ! (Jan 2015) They even add: ‘Rouhani’s speech will have one of two consequences: (1) a dramatic change in Mullah politics (2) the end of Rouhani and his career’ ! (Slate, Jan 2015) In fact now even idiots know this Enemy of Iranians, this British Retard, Rouhani, and how Rouhani aids Iran’s Enemies. The fate of Rouhani, like the fate of all slaves of the West -from Hajji Baba to Razmara & AN- is quite clear. Those whose ideals and whose Akhor & Afsar are bound to the UK, the West, Tazis and other Barbarians and sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian values (aka Human values) have no place and no future in Iran. Now only the Company and its psychotic slaves praise Rouhani and Islamists. For instance, Mark Fitzpatrick says: ‘In an astonishing (Masonic speech) at an economic conference on 4 January, Rouhani showed how keen he is to (lick the ass of the West !) Sanctions have brought Iran to its knees [!!!] .. (Rouhani & IMF fucked) Rial’s exchange rate’ !! (Jan 2015) Of course even retards like Fitzpatrick know that ‘Iranian people argue that in retaliation, Iran should walk out of the nuclear negotiations and (also) the IAEA’ ! (Jan 2015) But in Dec 2014, Mark Fitzpatric, from so-called International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) -which just reminds you of ISIS- said: ‘there was a man with whom we could make a deal. His name is Hassan Rouhani ! .. Western negotiators yearned for him. We now have him again! .. Given Russias refuelling agreement, Iran has no practical need for an enrichment program of this size! .. Rouhani would say yes to our conditions’ !! (Dec 2014) And now Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) openly says that his ideals and bridle are bound to his Masonic Masters. Rouhani and Mullahs badly suffer from Jewish-British Insanity. Now only the Masonic Media -from little cesspits like Alef, Gooya, Rooz & Mullah TV to the main Masonic media such as BBC, Guardian, Economists, Financial Times etc- praise Rouhani, while all Iranians curse Rouhani and laugh/ spit at him. Now even idiots know why Rouhani tries to destabilize Iran’s economy, to raise all prices, to create high inflation, and to implement their Zionist IMF plans in Iran. Rouhani is worse than Hajji Baba. Rouhani and his Masonic Masters use English/ Stupid tricks (Kalak-e Englisi-Turki) They think if they implement IMF plans, increase all prices and create fake crises, then they can pretend that ‘the results of Rouhani’s Evil acts and IMF Plans = Results of Sanctions, and a result of this fact that Iranians want to have a powerful and independent country! Rouhani and his Masters suffer from Masonic Mongolism. They think if the West censors all news and all facts, then Hassan Freemason and IMF can make Iranians even angrier; and after that, if Iranians were so mad at the West and its stooges, then Iranians would accept what Western Bullies/ Barbarians want!, and Iran’s people would say: Iran should not be a powerful and independent country’ ! The West and its stooges are such brainless retards. But you can ask: why they are such retards? Why they act like brainless retards? If you know the Cults and Programmed Slaves -from S-ex Slaves to Terrorists- you would know why Mind-controlled slaves just obey orders, and kill themselves for their Masters”. Iranian people are not Blind. But as some wise Iranians say: “The West’s bad guys pretend that words have lost their meanings in this era of Orwellian Charlatanism. But normal humans can still use their common sense and/ or their dictionaries, and can see that
Barbarians = those who show no respect for Human values; Bully = those who use their power to hurt others; to put pressure on others in order to make them do what you want; Betray = to be disloyal to your country, friends or family so that they are harmed or upset. Normal humans can use their common sense. But Tazis, Western Barbarians and Masons suffer from Terrible Insanity. Some of them are mind-controlled slaves; some of them are psychos; some of them are retards; and some of them are savage pigs. But unfortunately, they rule the West. They control the West, and try to control the world. All puppet dictators and all stooges of the West -from Mullahs, ISIS and Savage Saudis to Marxists and Journalists- suffer from English diseases, including Foolishness, Wickedness and Shamelessness. Rouhanis, like Saudis, are programmed slaves of the West, and that’s why Rouhani -aka Martike 3-darsadi (Mr 3%)- has no shame and talks about Nu-clear Referendum. In 2009, and also in the 2014 Referendum, the 97% of Iranians clearly showed that they hate Rouhani, the UK and all Mullahs so much. In fact, all Iranians know the Devil in disguise. All Iranians know Who control Mullahs and their Afsar/ Akhor. Iranians have created many good cartoons/ jokes about the UK and Mullahs. They actually say to Mullahs: All Iranians know who control your ideal and your bridle (Arman-tan va Afsar-tan beh koja … !) ! But Mullahs and their British Masters are brainless Monkeys”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots and the 3% refer to Rouhani as a Traitor, and ask: Why Rouhani aids Iran’s enemies and instead of negotiating from a position of power, Rouhani loves a position of absolute weakness?! (Jan 2015) In fact, now even idiots can see how Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) serves the West’s interests. In these days, Iranian people talk about English Mullahs and Martike 3-darsadi. This Martike (little man) and his Veqahat (Shamelessness), Hemaqat (Foolishness) and Rezalat (Wickedness) remind Iranians of the UK and Hajji Baba, or of the old Farsi Films in which Iranian comedians talked about Martike Rishaki (a faggot with beard) and his evil acts. Now all Iranians (+97%) laugh and spit at this Martike Pofyooz-e 3-darsadi, Rohani. Now even idiots know why Rohani is worse than AN. But you can ask yourself: Why Rohani shows his true colors in such a silly way? Why Rohani tries to make Iran’s people even angrier, and to ask all Iranians to hate him and to spit at him? Why Rohani acts like a psychotic retard? Rohani and his men say the worst anti-Iranian crap in Iran’s history. For the first time in Iran’s history, Rohani’s media openly said: Rohani’s main goal is ‘Hurting & Humiliating Iranian people’ ! But why Rohani and his men are such stupid faggots? If you want to know Rohani, you should know s-ex slaves, cult slaves or mind-controlled slaves. Rohani is a programmed slave. Programmed slaves become Masons, Terrorists, Basijis, ISIS, MEK, Jihadis etc. In 2009, programmed slaves killed Iran’s Children for the sake of the West. Programmed slaves/ psychos -form Mullahs and Basijis to MEK, ISIS and Saudis- can kill themselves for their Arbabs (Masters). If you search the internet for ‘Mind Control’, you can see even Westerners talk about the West’s Evil projects, and how the West works on creating ‘a group of programmed Zombies (and also) an Army of Arnold Schwarzenegger clones’ ! And it’s not just a Hollywood myth. As the wise Westerners say: ‘The objective of Mind Control projects have been to take human beings -Americans and all humans- and transform them into unthinking, programmed slaves. They want to create a zombie state in which they would blindly serve Big Brothers .. Zombies ask no questions, and just (obey orders) .. Zombies work for (Big Brothers)’. Rouhani is one of these Zombies, as ISIS, Saudis, Terrorists and Zionists are Zombies. As you know, Zombie has a symbolic meaning: ‘Zombie is a dead person whose body is made to move by Magic/ Master; Zombie is someone who does not think, and just obeys orders’. If you search the internet, you find many things about ‘Mind control’. For instance, the wise Westerners say: ‘the testing of drugs by the C-IA was just a part of the US governments top-secret mind-control projects .. Psychological Warfare is nothing more than a series of invisible programs to manipulate the minds of other people. So people are misled, and they in turn win the war’. And what Rouhani says/ does is part of the West’s Psychological Warfare”. They also add: “If you want to know Rouhani -as a product of Glasgow & Britain- you should know his Masonic Brothers, and his Masonic Teachers. If you want to know Mullahs and other stooges of the West, you should know Western Barbarism, Western Insanity, Western Mongolism and other Western diseases. And if you want to know the Western diseases, you can take a look at what the West’s insiders and whistleblowers say about Devil’s Game, Dark Alliance, The Brotherhood, Trance Formation of America etc. What they say can explain much of the Western insanity today. They truly talk about the West’s Cult building/ Mind-control projects, and say: ‘Cult leaders are control freaks; they set traps to keep people in the cult and under control .. they destroy freedom and turn people into slaves .. The cult wants to isolate people from reality’. In fact, Jihadis, Basijis, MEK, ISIS or suicide bombers are the West’s programmed slaves. The story of the US and its Terrorist allies -like the story of UK, France and their Terrorist allies- is a tragicomic story. They create Terrorists, Islamists and Zombies, and kill innocent people -even their own people. Now the US, the UK and France openly make love with Savage Saudis and ISIS/ MEK. So it’s obvious why the US deserved the 9/11 attacks, and why France deserves terrorist attacks. Those who kill innocent people in France are those stooges of the West who kill innocent people in Syria, Iraq etc. The Barbarian France/ UK/ US and their stooges are those sadists and animals who Bully Iranians and praise Anti-Iran Sadism/ Racism. So, it’s obvious why France deserves terrorist attacks. French Faggots/ Sadists defended, and still defend, Terrorists (MEK, Mullahs, ISIS etc) and Anti-Iran Sadism/ Racism. The Barbarian France is an enemy of Iranians and all good guys, including the good French. The Savage France/ UK/ West create and support terrorists (ISIS, MEK, Islamists etc). They create Satanic Cults, and love and defend Slaves of Ideology and Slaves of Big Brother. So they deserve what they get, as they deserve downfall and destruction. As the West’s insiders say: “In the West, the people in the very highest levels of society, government, religion and media are officially psychos, rapists, sadists, faggots, pedophiles, drug addicts etc’. And it’s not a myth. After 2009, the West badly showed its true colors. Now it’s clear why the wise Westerners talk about Modern Slavery, Control Mind & Barbarian/ Masonic/ Satanic traditions in the West. Those who created the 2009 Coup, killed Iranians, helped Mullahs, imposed their Sadistic sanctions on Iranian people, and created & supported Terrorists and Islamists/ Marxists, just sowed the seeds of Hate and the seeds of their own Destruction; and they will reap what they sowed. Now it’s clear that British Barbarians and American/ European Barbarians were behind the 1953 Coup, the 1979 Coup, the 2009 Coup and all main problems in Iran. Now it’s clear that masons and crypto Jews control the Mullah regime, and the Problem is very bigger than this Chalquz (little shit), Rouhani. He is just a low-rank puppet. Rouhani just speaks the UK’s words when his Masters pull his strings. Mullahs are puppets of the West, and just speak the West’s words/ Satan’s words when their Arbab pull their strings. Rouhanis love to lick the asses of the West and the Devil. Rouhanis say: America says this or that, so we should obey them. But Iranian people say: ‘America Goh Khordeh .. ! ! In Persian language, we have many funny terms such as Goh Khordeh (eating shits), Goh Ziadi Khordan (eating extra shits) or Qalat Ziadi (extra shit). And now Iranians use such terms a lot, especially when they talk about UK, Rouhani, nu-clear issues, Islamists, sanctions, the Anti-Iran West etc”.


As some wise Iranians say: “the current events remind many of the 1953 Coup & the 1979 Coup. The stupid West and its stooges still use the same dirty tricks. They actually show many things, including the role of the UK and its Mullahs/ Islamists in the 1950s, and in screwing the Oil Nationalization Movement. The West’s bullies/ barbarians and their stooges (Islamists etc) still live in the past, and that’s why their tactics have not changed. But now all normal humans are becoming aware. Now even the good Westerners say: ‘the C-IA is so funny. They have finally admitted that they toppled Mossadegh, after he tried to nationalize Irans oil wealth from the British. The military coup that overthrew Mossadegh and his National Front cabinet was carried out under C-IA direction as an act of US foreign policy’, stated in one of the US official documents. British Intelligence had used their Mullahs (Ayatollahs) to help overthrow Mossadegh and install the Shah back in 1953′ ! The good westerners even say: ‘the West and its puppet dictators want to ‘keep the Middle East backward so that its natural resources, including oil and gas, could continue to be looted‘ ! Normal humans are not blind. But Marxists and Mullahs are Masons, and they have always tried to serve the interests of their Masonic Masters and their Western Arbab. You can ask yourself: Why Mullahs and Masons attack Iranian culture, Iranian values, and all Iranian things? Why Masons and Mullahs try to destroy Iran’s image, and to defend Tazi values, Masonic Islam etc? […] They know that Iranian Logic and Iranian Values give the West no excuse to deny Iran’s rights and to crap about Iran. So, Mullahs and Islamists -who are sworn enemies of Iran & Iranians- try to destroy Iran and the public image of Iran, because Mullahs/ Islamists want to give their Western Masters excuses to deny Iran’s rights, to plunder Iran’s resources, and to crap about Iran. It’s their Masonic mission. The 2014 Yalda was just a new example that showed how Mullahs/ Islamists/ Tazis attack Iranian traditions and Iranian values”. They also add: “In the West, the Media is the Mafia. They love Rouhanis, because Rouhanis serve the Savage West’s interests. They censor all news, even the big news of the 2014 Referendum -which was one of the biggest referendums in history. But now they play silly games, and have Orwellian headlines such as: ‘Rouhani Dreams of a Referendum’ ! or ‘Rouhani Direct Democracy: Rouhani Wants Referendum’ !! In the West, psychos control the media, and they actually show you why the UK is a Masonic Tyranny, why the West is Orwellian, or why Iranians say: Rouhani is not Iranian; Rouhani is Tazi; Rouhani is the son of the UK/ Satan etc. Now Retards and Bad guys -including Rouhani & his Arbab- themselves are showing their true colors, and making all humans aware. Now even idiots can see how Rouhani aids Iran’s enemies, and how Rouhani serves the West’s interests. Now only the Company spies like Vaez from the International Crisis Group -which is a group for Creating Crisis- defend their beloved Rouhani, and say: ‘Iran has to accept that lifting the sanctions in the early stages of the agreement is not possible [!!] The US says the lifting of sanctions can’t happen in any nuclear accord. (So,) Rouhani wants to reconsider Iran’s enrichment demands [!!] Rouhani should get busy lowering Iranian people’s expectations’ !! (NPR, Jan 2015) The Company slaves suffer from Insanity and Mongolism. And Rouhani is just one of them. But now even normal idiots can see the real intentions of Hassan Freemason (Rouhani). Now even idiots say: ‘Talk of a referendum reminds Mullahs that they have a shrinking base of popular support’ ! In fact, even idiots know that the Anti-Iran West and its stooges (Islamists etc) have no popular support in Iran. Now almost all Iranians say that Iran must have Nukes, and the Western Bullies/ Barbarians can go to hell and fuck
. And it’s obvious that Iran’s people -not Mullahs or Masons- decide about the future of Iran and the future of Iran’s nu-clear programs. In 1979 and 1970s, Iran’s people were so naive & ignorant, and thought that Anti-Shah or Anti-Tyranny is equal to Anti-Nuclear program, Anti-Industry, Anti-Modernity etc. In 1979 and 1970s, Mullahs and Masons could play with Iran’s people. But now all Iranians (+97%) know and hate Mullahs and their Western Arbabs. Now Iranians know How the British And US Governments Installed Khomeini, How the BBC help Mullahs, and How Mullahs serve the interests of the West and Iran’s enemies. The role of Mullahs/ Islamists in the 2009 CIA Coup, the 1953 CIA Coup, and the 1979 CIA Coup is not forgettable and forgivable. Even the West’s insiders say the CIA & MI6 (ie the Company) were behind Mullah Khashani, Fadayan, Navab, Al-Afghani and Al-Hindi (Khomeini). Even Mullahs confess that Al-Hindi (Khomeini) was Hindi-Zadeh or non-Iranian. As the West’s insiders say: ‘Khomeini, like Mullah Kashani, received money from the UK and the Company’. So, it’s obvious why Al-Hindi (Khomeini) and Islamists opposed Iran’s nu-clear programs and restoring Great Persia. If you do research about ‘History of U.S.-Iranian Nu-clear Negotiations’ and ‘Iranian Nu-clear Program, 1974- 1978‘, you can find many things about the reasons of the 1979 Coup, and how Islamists served the interests of the West and Iran’s enemies. If you do research about ‘C-IA and Mullahs’, ‘US-Shah Nuclear Negotiations in 1978’, ‘UK-Shah Oil Negotiations in 1978’ etc you can see that even the US ‘National Security Archive’ says many interesting things about Mullahs and the Company (we would write more about this issue later) But you can ask yourself: Why Marxists and journalists say nothing about such facts?! The USA worried about the Shah’s nu-clear programs, according to declassified documents. During the 1970s, the Shah argued for a nu-clear energy capability on the basis of Iran’s Rights. During the late 1970s, the US badly wanted to stop Iran’s programs and to topple the Shah -who argued that Iran has Rights under NPT to develop nu-clear technology. But why Mullahs and Islamists, like today’s MEK and Monarchists, just served the West’s interests and helped the West?! The late 1970s nu-clear negotiations (and what the West did to the Shah in 1978, because he had plans for a $90 billion nu-clear program) are so important but why Marxists or Journalists say nothing about such important facts?! The West and freemasons like Kissinger and Brzezinski worried about the Shah’s ambition to make Iran a world power. If you read Alam’s memories, you can see that Shah and Kissinger hated each other. Kissinger asked Shah to stop Iran’s nu-clear programs. But as the West’s insiders say: ‘the nu-clear negotiations with Iran could not be resumed until the Carter era .. Shah and Iran wanted to develop enrichment capabilities and to possess fuel facilities’ ! All people can do research, and see What really happened in the 1970s, and more importantly, Why did it happen? What happened, and how it happened is important. But the Whys are more important”.

As some wise Iranians: ‘In 1978/ 79, Mullahs and Masons actually said that Anti-Pahlavi or Anti-Shah means Anti-Iran, Anti-Progress or Anti-Nu-clear programs! In 1978/ 79, Iranian people were so naive and ignorant, and didn’t know Masonic plans. But now all Iranians have become aware, and know the Devil in disguise. Now all Iranians, and many non-Iranians, know that Anti-Mullah or Anti-Islamist actually means pro-Iran, pro-Progress, pro-Iran’s Nuclear programs, pro-Justice, pro-Truth, pro-Tolerance, pro-Iranian values etc. Now almost all Iranians (+97%) are Anti-Mullah and Anti-Islamist, but they strongly defend Iran’s nuclear programs and they want to restore Persia, to convert Iran into a world power & an independent country. Now Mullahs, like Shah, have only two options. The West and its stooges (Shah, Mullahs etc) created the 1953 Coup, and the 2009 Coup. We Iranians will never forget and forgive Killing Iran’s Children in the Mullah era, and in the Pahlavi era. But now almost all Iranians know that the West is the Great Evil and the Main Problem. Now Mullahs, like Shah, have two options: (1) choosing Iranian people (2) choosing Ajaneb (the West and other barbarians). The stupid Shah chose the West. And now even the 3% talk about Fatehe Velayat (End of Mullahs). But what would happen if they choose Iranian people? At first, those who have Iranian blood on their hands will be tried and punished. Basijis and Traitors will be tried for their role in the 2009 Coup. But ignorant guys and those who really and deeply regret hurting Iranians and helping Tazis or the West can be forgiven. Only Tazi/ Mason/ Anti-Iranian pigs who have Iranian blood on their hands will be punished. Those who care about Iran and Iranian values can join the 97% and Iranian Nation. The 3% can join the 97% in asking for a real Iranian regime, a real Democracy, restoring Great Persia, and creating a powerful and independent country. But Traitors and Anti-Iranian pigs -who are spies/ stooges of the West, Tazis and sworn enemies of Iran & Iranian values- have no place in Iran and should go to hell. Our Iranian values, our Iranian Legacy, and also the reason and history tell us that Fighting against Oppressors and the forces of Darkness is a very good thing, but Intolerance, washing blood with blood, or trusting Barbarians & the Beast Chameleon-like media and politicians is a very stupid and bad thing. Iranians tolerate different views, different religions/ life styles etc. But we Iranians will never tolerate the intolerant people- ie Sadists, Censors and those who try to destroy Truth and Tolerance. Those who tell many big lies are enemies of the Truth. Those who praise Racism, Sadism & Slavery are enemies of Tolerance and Humanity. All normal humans know such obvious things. Those who are in bed with their Zionist IMF, and make love with their Imperialist Brothers while chanting anti-Imperialist slogans are enemies of the Truth. Those rapists, s-ex addicts and s-ex worshipers who chant Anti-Sex slogans are enemies of the Truth. Those Sadists, barbarians and human-eaters (Adam-khora) who chant Human Rights slogans are enemies of the Truth. Yah, many people tell lies every now and then. But telling lies from morning to night, and telling big lies on a daily basis is another story. All normal humans know such obvious things, as they know the difference between ‘Different views and Big lies’. People can have different views, different tastes, different life styles etc and it’s a good thing. For instance, some like this color and some like that color. You can like Green, Red, Black or White; but you cannot say Black is White, or White is Black! You, like Rouhani, can say: ‘your identity and your ideals are not connected to Iran and Iranians; but your ideals are connected to the UK, Masons, Tazis etc’ !, but you cannot pose as Iranian or president/ representative of Iranians! You can lick the West’s ass, but not when you chant Anti-West slogans! Islamists are Masonic retards. They implement IMF Plans, make the economic problems far worse, create high inflation & fake crises, destabilize Iran’s economy, destroy Iran’s national products & Iran’s national currency, and work for Iran’s enemies and aid Iran’s enemies, but they pretend that they hate IMF and Iran’s enemies! This level of Insanity, Stupidity and Charlatanism just make all people aware. Now the soup is too salty, and even the stupid Mullah media talk about English Islam and Amame-haye Englisi (English Mullahs; Amame = Mullah hat)! In fact, now even idiots can see how Amame-haye Englisi refer to their Zionist IMF Plans as Eqtesad-e Moqarebati (resistance economy)!, to licking their Great Satan’s ass as Bozdeli Qahramanane (Heroic cowardliness)!, and to obeying the West’s orders and surrendering to the West’s Bullies/ Barbarians as their ideals or their resistance! Mullahs suffer from English Insanity. But all Iranians (+97%) know why Iran must punish the West’s Bullies, and why Iran must have nukes. A nu-clear-armed Persia can stop the nu-clear-armed Tazis/ UK/ France etc -who love and praise Bullying, Barbarism, Colonialism, Genocide, Sadism, Injustice and other evil things. Western Insanity is a combination of Jewish Insanity and British Insanity. In fact, Tazi Barbarity + British Barbarity = Western/ Masonic Barbarity. In Jan 2015, Tazis (ie savage Arabs/ Jews) and Savage Terrorists refer to Iran as ‘Terrorist-supporting nation’ ! It’s funny that Jewish Barbarians, Tazi Terrorists and Savage Saudis say such jokes. But even the good Arabs/ Jews know Saudis, Zionists and other Tazis. If you take a look at the Arab/ Jewish Cults, or at their Tazi texts or Tazi history, you can easily see that Racism, Barbarism, Genocide, Sadism is part of their so-called Tazi Culture & Tazi values. Tazis and Nazis are the same shit. Good Jews or good Arabs care about Iranian values such as Truth, Tolerance, Humanity, Kindness, Sympathy etc. But Tazis are sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian values. The ungrateful Jews/ Arabs are like or worse than animals. Now these Chalquz (little shits) talk about ‘Warming to Iran’ !, while they know that Iran is not an artificial construct like I-s-rael or Arab states: a strong Iranian state has existed on the Iranian plateau for thousands of years‘ ! (Jan 2015) The British-made Arab states and the ungrateful Jews/ Arabs are Anti-Iran, Anti-Persia, Anti-Aryan, Anti-Iranian, Anti-Humanity and Anti-Truth. But Iranians are not Anti-Jew or Anti-Arab. Iranians care about all normal humans and all good guys, including good Arabs or good Jews. It’s part of our Iranian culture and our Iranian values. If you are a good guy, then Iranians are your friends. But if you are a sadist or barbarian (ie bad guy), then Iranians are not your friends, because we Iranians are Anti-Sadism, Anti-Barbarism and Anti-Big Lies”.

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