Why The Media Lie: The Media or The Mafia ?

January 6, 2015

“When people talk about ‘How’, they talk about the way in which something happens or is done. And when they talk about ‘Why’, they talk about the reasons, the story behind the story. In these years (2009 to 2014), Iranians and all sane people can see ‘How the Left, the West & the Media Lie’. After 2009, (Iranians preferred to) focus on How the Media Lie, and to provide a long list of facts about the West’s Evil acts, including the West’s Terrible Censorship & Big lies. But now the Western media and the Lefty media censor all news on a daily basis, and tell many big lies on a daily basis. Now if you want to list their big lies and their terrible censorship, then each week you can write several books! Since 2013/ 2014, they have badly confused. Before 2009, we Iranians didn’t think that the Western media and the Lefty media can censor all news/ facts in such a silly way. Before 2009, we Iranians didn’t see Western Journalists as Whores or Bad Guys. But now it’s clear that those who write/ work for the US/ UK media are spies/ stooges of the Company. Now many ask ‘Why the Media Lie‘, Why the Western Media acts like the Mafia, Why all of them tell the same big lies, censor the same things (…) Iranians and normal humans think and use their brains. But as you know, Orthodoxy means not thinking -not needing to think. Slaves and Sheep dont ask questions, and dont think. As Orwell said: In the Brotherhood (& Satanic Cults), you will always be in the dark. You will receive orders and you will obey them, without knowing why!”, some wise Iranians say. We want to have a series of posts on this issue and Why the Media Lie, and what you read here is the first post. As some wise Iranians say: “After 2009, we all could see how the West and the Media lie. In these years, the Lefty media and the Western media showed their true colors. And now Iranians are not alone in seeing the true face of the West and the Media. Now even Americans and Westerners talk about such issues. Even investigative journalists and Big names in American Journalism -from Gary Webb to Carl Bernstein- have talked about such issues. Carl Bernstein (1944- now) is an investigative journalist. He is a big name in Journalism, and for his role in breaking the Watergate scandal, Bernstein received many awards, including a Pulitzer Prize in 1973. The Watergate journalist, Carl Bernstein, says many good things about the US media and the US regime. In 1972, he wrote his famous article about ‘Watergate scandal’, and in 1977, Bernstein left the Washington Post and began investigating a secret relationship between the C-IA and American media. In his landmark article, [1]: The CIA and the Media (link: ht-tp://www.carlbernstein.com/magazine_cia_and_media.php ), Bernstein talks about the history of ties between the C-IA and the news organizations in the US. He actually shows how The C-IA and MI6 (ie the Company) control the Media in the West. He says: ‘News Organizations which cooperated with the Company include the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters .. (But) the most valuable of these associations, according to the Company officials, have been with the New York Times, CBS (etc)’ [1] Bernstein openly says: ”The use of journalists has been among the most productive means of intelligence‑gathering employed by the Company’ ! [1] The Watergate journalist, Bernstein, even adds: ‘American journalists were used to work (as Spies) … (In the West,) journalists were used to help recruit and handle foreigners as agents; to acquire and evaluate information, and to plant false information with officials of foreign governments .. the Company use the term Reporting (not Spying!) to describe much of what journalists did for the Company’ ! [1] What the Watergate journalist, Bernstein, says can explain many things, including what the Western media did in recent years. Bernstein says: ‘During the 1976 investigation of the Company by the Senate Intelligence Committee, chaired by Senator Frank Church, the dimensions of the C-IAs involvement with the Press became apparent’ [1] And in these years (2009 to 2014), the real dimensions of the Companys involvement with the Western Media and Journalists became apparent. Bernstein tried to explain ‘the use of journalists’ [1] and how the Company use journalists: ‘ We ask them, Will you do us a favor?, said a senior C-IA official. ‘We understand youre going to be in (Iran) .. If you happen to meet a (X), (do this or that) .. Can you set up a meeting for us? Or relay a message? The Company regarded journalists as operatives; and the journalists tended to see themselves as trusted friends of the Company who performed (even acts in the name of ) the national interest’ ! [1] The Watergate journalist, Bernstein, said a lot about the Company’s use of the Press [1], and recent years showed that Bernstein was right. He said: ‘the journalists were contract employees of the Company‘ ! [1] In fact, American/ British journalists -even ‘the biggest names in Journalism’ [1]- work for the Company. Even ‘Wes Gallagher, general manager of the Associated Press (1962 to 1976) said that the AP has aided the Company .. C-IA even ran a formal training program in the 1950s to teach its agents to be journalists’ ! [1] What the Watergate journalist, Bernstein, says can explain many things. In the West, the Media is part of the Mafia. The Company and the mass media work together. They are many examples [1] For instance, as Bernstein said, ‘the New York Times provided cover for about ten C-IA operatives between 1950 and 1966’ [1] ‘The Companys special relationships with the so‑called ‘Majors’ in publishing and broadcasting enabled the Company to (do many Evil acts) .. CBS was unquestionably the Company’s most valuable broadcasting asset’ ! [1] Bernstein talks about ‘the details of the relationship between the Company and CBS/ ABC/ Times etc [1] And we all know what US media, Lefty media and UK media did in 1979, 2009 and all these years. As Bernstein says, the US/ UK media provide ‘Journalistic cover’ [1] for the Company’s Evil acts. And these years (2009 to 2014) showed that what people like Bernstein say is not a Myth or Conspiracy Theory”.


As some wise Iranians say: “We all know that the UK is much worse than the US, and the UK media are much worse than the US media. In these days, the UK media -from the Guardian to BBC- openly defend their Rouhani, their 2009 Coup, or Rouhani’s Evil acts. Now All Iranians are cursing Rouhani, but the BBC and the Company badly defend their beloved Rouhani and his Anti-Iranian policies (including IMF Plans/ Censorship/ MITM attacks/ High inflation/ Increasing Bread Price and all prices) in a silly way. The UK is proving many things. As you know, it’s impossible to tell exactly how the Brotherhood and Big Brother’s Mafia work. But many insiders and whistleblowers – that Gary Webb, Snow-den, Dreyfuss, O’Brien and Bernstein are just a few of them- have provided good information. Now it’s clear what they said about ‘the Company and the Media’, Operation Mockingbird or the Companys manipulation of the news media is not a myth. Now there are numerous examples of the Company Media’s evil acts. In and After 2009, any sane person could see that Journalists and Marxists are C-IA assets. Now Marxists openly make love with their Imperialist Brothers and their Imperialist IMF ! Now it’s clear that what whistleblowers/ insiders like Robert Dreyfuss said about ‘How the UK plotted the downfall of the Shah’ or ‘How the Masons brought Mullahs to power’ is not a myth. Dreyfuss says: ‘Carter said Mullahs are Our Friends! (ie Friends of the Devil !) .. President Carter’s official welcome to the Mullah Dictatorship signaled a far deeper Truth. Carter and his administration had put Mullahs to power .. Masonic organizations such as the Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) in London brought Mullahs to power .. the British Oligarchy and the British Dark Ages Policies created Khomeini & Mullahs .. the British Dark ages policies and British intelligence specialists had cultivated Mullahs, Satanic cults, secret societies and religious Brotherhoods .. Mullahs were Assets of the British Empire, and tried to destroy Iran .. In 1974, the Shah began talking about making Iran the World’s six industrial power in one generation (until 2000) .. In 1978, negotiations between the Shah and the Consortium (BP) were (so important). But in the American press, not a single line was published about such facts .. the Shah was surrounded himself with a bunch of fawning sycophants .. General Huyser and a team of sixty C-IA agents entered Iran in Jan 1979, to help smooth the transition to Mullahs .. the Goals of the 1979 Mullah Revolution (was/ is clear): the destruction of Iran’s cities .. the cancellation of Iran’s Nuclear Energy program‘ ! The story of the Nuclear Farce is a long story. But most non-Iranians don’t know why the Left and the West censor ‘the US’s opposition & Carter administration’s opposition to Iranian access to Nu-clear Energy technology in the Pahlavi era’. The West’s insiders say: In the 1970s, Projects on Nuclear fusion energy were the pride of Iranian scientists & engineers‘. In the 1970s, Mullahs & Islamists attacked Iran’s scientists and Iran’s nu-clear programs. Islamists & Mullahs were Masons/ Stooges of the West, and that’s why they said: Iran doesn’t need nu-clear projects and industrial programs [!!] Iran should not become a powerful country and an industrial power’ !! Islamists/ Mullahs were Masons and non-Iranian puppets of the UK/ US, and that’s why they attacked Industrial Parks, nu-clear projects, all industrial development projects and all Agricultural development programs in Iran. In 1979, Mullahs and their Revolutionary Council proposed to convert the cooling towers of the two nuclear power stations in Bushehr into Wheat silos‘ ! But why the Left and the West say nothing about such facts?! Mullahs tried to destroy Everything in Iran, because it was what their Arbab (ie the West) wanted. Islamists/ Mullahs are old puppets of the UK. Even the West’s insiders say: ‘For centuries, the British Oligarchy has been spreading its gospel of opposition to Progress, of deliberate fostering of Backwardness and Religious Cultism… the existence of the Dark Ages fraction is no secret .. It is the British (& Basijis) who today hold up China as the ideal for the developing countries of the Third World .. It is the British who sponsored Mullahs .. the US provided aid and comfort to Mullahs and their Masonic Brotherhood (Fadayane / Muslim Brotherhood) .. Mullah, like Muslim Brotherhood, is a London creation .. Muslim Brotherhood is a Masonic Cult. At its highest level, the Muslim Brotherhood is not Muslim .. the British goal was to convince the Muslim world that its true culture is Backwardness and Irrationality‘ (and it’s exactly like what Zibakalam & all Basijis say now)’ ! The West’s insiders say many important things. For instance, they talk about ‘the Cultivation of Backwardness’ and the British Cult-building projects, and say: ‘(UK & its Masons/ Mullahs said) Iranian God and God of Reason should become Insane God, God of Darkness (ie Satan) .. the British Cult-building projects started in 1820s (and its products were Mormonism, Marxism, Mullahism, Bahaism, Islamism, Zionism etc) … Who was behind the British Cult-building projects? the British Royal Family and Freemasons .. Mullah Al-Afghani was a British Agent. Throughout his 40-year career as a British intelligence agent, Mullah Afghani was guided by two British Cult specialists, Wilfrid Blunt and Edward Browne .. the Oxford and Cambridge Orientalists were Masons. They were behind Mullah Afghani, Bahais and Malkum .. Malkum’s father, Yaqub, was as close associate of Wilfrid Blunt .. Malkum and his father created the first Freemason lodge in Iran .. In a letter to Wilfrid Blunt, Malkum described his methods: ‘I went to Europe and learned the organization of freemasons (..) I was determined to clothe my reforms (ie Masonic plans) in the grab of Religion! .. Ali Shariati was a member of the Masonic Brotherhood .. Shariati is the originator of so-called Islamic Marxism .. Shariati’s father (Taqi) was part of the British intelligence Freemasonic movement in Mashad .. UK and the Brotherhood (like Zibakalam & Basijis) loved Al-Ghazali’ ! It’s what Westerners say. But in the Lefty/ Western mass media, not a single line is published about critical facts/ events. In 2014 and in the Lefty/ Western media, not a single line was published about the 2014 Referendum, MITM attacks, Rouhani’s Evil acts and all important facts/ news of Iran in 2014. But Why? If you paid more attention to the Whys, you would understand many things better”.


As some wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious why the Masonic Media like the Guardian and the BBC tell very big lies and badly defend their beloved Rouhani and their 2009 Coup. But you can ask why all Western media and all Lefty media censor the love story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’; Why they say nothing about Rouhani’s Evil acts and the IMF’s plans in Iran; Why they censor all news/ facts; and why they just tell big lies. Unfortunately, the Company controls all mass media. In the West, the Company spies/ stooges are called journalists or intellects/ experts. The West’s mass media don’t care about the Truth, the People, or what is good and decent. In these days, a stupid CIA agent, Farideh Farhi, talks about ‘Mr Rouhanis efforts to address Irans serious economic woes’ !!, and says: ‘Rouhanis fate is not (like Razmara’s fate or AN’s fate)’ ! (Dec 2014, Financial Times [FT]) Farideh Farhi is a Basiji whore, a Mullah Ass-licker, and a stupid slave of the Brotherhood. Now Farideh Farhi talks about: ‘An optimistic mood among businesses and investors in Iran [!!!], and praises ‘Mr Rouhani’s economic team (ie IMF & Company)’ !! She just reminds you of the Company’s mind-control sex slaves. This stupid CIA whore, Farideh Farhi, is just a symbol of those s-ex slaves/ media whores who tell British Lies, ie the Worst/ Biggest lies”. They also add: “All Iranians know the story of Rouhani’s men/ ministers. Now Rouhani’s science minister is a Basiji faggot who openly defends Killing Iran’s Children in 2009. But do you know what the West’s media and the Company’s whores like Farhi say?! They say: ‘Rouhani’s minister of science (who is officially a Basiji) is a Reformist’ !! (FT, Dec 2014) The US/ UK media are worse than the Mullah media. Now the Mullah TV shows how all Rouhani’s men/ ministers defend their 2009 CIA Coup and their Imperialist IMF. In Dec 2014, the Mullah TV aired programs in which all Rouhani’s men/ ministers -from Jannati & Farhadi to Faheshe Ebtekar- openly defend Basijis, the 2009 Coup and 2009 Massacres, and openly attack Iran, Iranian people and the Greens. But the Western media not only censor such facts/ news, but they tell the Exact opposite of the Truth! And it shows/ proves many things. In the West, the Media is part of the Big Brother’s Mafia”. They also add: “The UK media -from BBC to Guardian- are Masonic media. Do you remember what they said about Rouhani or Jannati -the son of Bin Laden? But now the UK-backed Rouhani and Jannati openly defend Censorship, Tyranny, IMF Plans, Basijis, ISIS and Crackdowns on Music/ Cinema/ Internet etc. And the UK media censors all news! Rouhani or Jannati is a stupid Mason. They are not important. But what the BBC and the Guardian say or censor about them is important. It shows that the UK is behind Rouhani, and his Masonic Cabinet”. They also add: “Even the West’s insiders know ‘Who were behind the Shah’s Economic plans’. They talk about the IMF and other Masonic organizations, and openly say: ‘Who were advisers on Economic Planning and Development Strategy to the Shah?! The IMF, the MI6 and Masons’ ! They know how the stupid Shah implemented the IMF plans, obeyed the West’s orders, and dug his own grave with his own hands. And now Mullahs and Rouhani -as a product of Glasgow & Britain- are worse than the stupid Shah. If Iran’s regime was really an Iranian regime, they would say why the UK, the Company and the IMF should control/ defend this British Mason, Rouhani – who just tries to make Iran’s people even angrier. Now all Iranians (+%97) just curse Rouhani, and use many F-words for cursing Rouhani. The fate of Rouhani is like the fate of Razmara/ AN/ Zahak etc. Now only the UK and the Company defend Rouhani”. They also add: “Do you expect that the UK openly says: ‘Yah, the UK created Mullahs/ Islamists; the UK was & is behind Mullahs?! Now after 60 years, their media says: ‘C-IA Admits It Was Behind Coup in Iran’ !!, and people ask: Which Coup?! 1953 Coup or 2009 Coup?! You can wait 60 years, and maybe 60 Years Later, the Company Admits Role in 2009 Coup! But now the UK media -from BBC to Guardian- work as the Mullah media, and can show you many things. Now it’s clear that Basijis are Non-Iranian puppets of the West. Islamists and Basijis are a bunch of spies/ stooges of the West (Nokar-e Ajaneb) The so-called Exiled Journalists are the Company spies. They suffer from Mongolism. Their beloved intellects are ultra-stupid Basiji faggots like Dr GoozAli Abazari ! And it’s funny that the West loves Islamists and Masonic/ Basii faggots like GoozAli or Abazari/ Zibakalam, too”. They also add: “Now Iran is much more modern than the UK and the US, because Iran’s people are much more educated, modern and socially/ politically aware than their counterparts in the UK and the US. All Iranians know the Mullah Media (& BBC, VOA etc). But how many Westerners know their media? How many Westerners know that ‘there is ample evidence that Americas leading publishers and news executives allowed themselves and their organizations to become handmaidens to the Company’? [1] How many Westerners know that ‘Almost all news organizations provided cover for the C-IA’ ? [1] How many Westerners know that ‘American correspondents returning from abroad routinely emptied their notebooks and offered their impressions to Company personnel’ ?! [1] How many Westerners know that Mullahs are old puppets of the UK; and Islamism, Mullah-ism or Bahaism is a product of the UK? How many Westerners know the UK, Mullahs, the US, Marxists, Islamists, Capitalists and other Evil forces? Today’s Iran is really much more modern than the UK or the US. Now it’s clear that when Barbarians want to create Democracy, the product is Orwellian/ Masonic Tyranny, aka British Democracy. These years can show you many things. These years are when GoozAli (Abazari/ Zibakalam) is called intellectual; When Basijis/ ISIS and brutal Dictators are called Moral people; when Satan becomes God; when British Barbarians are called Modern people; when British Barbarians and Human-eaters (Adam-Khora) become defenders of Human Rights!”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now the West and all Masons -including Rouhanis and UK media- badly suffer from Goh Gijeh (shitty confusion) The 2014 Referendum clearly showed that the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani and all Mullahs. But now FT & BBC say: Rouhani threatens to hold a Referendum in Iran’ !! (Jan 2015) British pigs have no shame; But all Iranians (+97%) say: Referendum is exactly what Iran’s people want;Hold a Referendum on the Mullah regime, and see how +97% of Iranians hate the Mullah regime so much. Please Hold a Referendum! It’s what all Iranians want. If you dare, Hold a Referendum’ ! After 2009, all Iranians say: ‘Hold a Referendum again; the 1979 Referendum is not valid any more. Most of those who voted in 1979 are dead now. The 90% of today’s Iranians didn’t participate in the 1979 Referendum. Hold a Referendum again. Hold a Referendum on Iran’s regime, and see what Iran’s people want’. Iranians know English Mullahs well. So Iranians say: Hold a Referendum under the eyes of the World and normal Humans; and if more than 3% of Iranians would support Rouhani/ Mullahs, then we Iranians allow English Mullahs to rule Iran for the next 30 years!’ ! All Iranians want a Referendum, and say: Hold a Referendum on Rouhani, the Mullah regime, and the Anti-Iran West’. All Iranians (+97%) hate Rouhani, all Islamists and all stooges of the West. But the West’s media are Masonic media, and don’t care about the Truth, the People, or what people want. The Watergate journalist, Carl Bernstein, says a lot about Journalism in the West. For instance he talks about ‘Well known columnists and broadcast commentators whose relationships with the C-IA go far beyond (your imagination)’ ! [1] And these years (2009 to 2014) clearly showed that the West’s Journalists are really slaves of Big Brother. Now even Westerners know the Brotherhood’s agents like Noam Chomsky, Brzezinski, Richard Falk, Ramsey Clark, Richard Cottam, and those who created the Mullah regime. Now little whores like Akbar Ganji, Farhi, Zibakalam, Laylaz, Behnoud etc are dead rats, and they just reveal the true face of their Masters (Arbab), and the truths of the Company’s relationship to mainstream media in the West. Now even Americans say: ‘the Company works hand-in-hand with Hollywood and the publishing industry to (fool people)’ ! (2014) The Watergate journalist, Bernstein, truly says: ‘The Company’s use of the US news media has been much more extensive than they have acknowledged publicly’ [1] And we all know that the UK is much worse than the US. In 2014, British Barbarians openly threatened Iranian people with Air Pollution and further Darkening the skies above Tehran! In Nov 2014, British Barbarians and the Guardian of Barbarians openly said: All Iranians are sneaky deceivers who are not to be trusted or All Iranians are egotistical, deceptive, secretive, manipulative, and selfish (GU, Nov 2014) The UK is such a stupid cesspit of Racist Barbarians. Even good Britons are aware of this issue. And all Humans should know what Good Britons say about British Barbarians and British Masons (we will write more about this issue later) But the US is still following the path of British Barbarians. Now US media says: ‘US Congress sees MEK/ NCRI (ie Islamist-Marxist Terrorists) as the core group advocating a free Iran ! The US, like UK and Mullahs, just tries to destroy the last vestiges of their own legitimacy/ credibility. Now what the UK media say about Iran is 0% to 1% true. In fact, 99% to 100% of what the UK media say about Iran is Big Lies or Orwellian Crap. And now the best US media only say about 1% to 10% true things. So, it’s obvious why people now ask/ think about Why the Media Lie, not about How the Media Lie”. They also add: “As you know, the Death of Journalism or the Death of Free Press is equal to the Death of Democracy in the West. But they are so stupid. They even don’t know that when they tell many big lies, they just destroy all their credibility/ legitimacy; and now as Bernstein says: ‘a British/ American overseas carrying a press card is (considered as) a paid informer for the Company’ ! [1] The West badly suffers from Masonic Insanity. They love Darkness and living in the Dark. They say: ‘Many signed secrecy agreements, pledging never to divulge anything about their dealings with the Company’ [1] But they cannot hide the Truth for ever, and many insiders and whistleblowers -from Snow-den to Bernstein- reveal the truths, their evil acts and their hypocritical standards [1] As you know, only psychos and whores worship ‘Money & Power’. And psychos and whores rule the West. ‘Agency officials say: Many journalists didnt give a second thought to associating with the Agency’ ! [1] Western journalists are whores, too. These stupid whores ‘were fearful of what would happen if details of the Agencys dealings with the Press became public’ ! [1] But now all normal humans are becoming aware. Now it’s clear that Who is worse than Rouhani, and Who is worse than Mullah, Stalin or Hitler. The West and those who are behind Rouhani, Mullahs, Basijis, Bahais, MEK/ PMOI/ ISIS etc are the Great Evil. The West and all Satanic cults praise Ignorance & Slavery, and say: ‘Trust Us .. Were Experts’ ! But the good guys care about Public Awareness and a Better world. The good guys say: ‘Don’t live like sheep/ slaves; Do research; Don’t obey; Ask Why ..’. The good guys live like the free man, and care about Free will, Free Thinking, independent thought, progress, goodness, good thoughts, good deeds, Truth, Tolerance and other Iranian values. But the Bad guys praise and defend Thought Control, Slavery, Orthodoxy and other Evil things. As you know, only the sons of Satan defend Slavery and Living like Sheep/ Slaves. But unfortunately, they rule/ control the West, and what you can see in today’s West is The Idiot Culture. It’s sadly funny that ‘the Company’s agents are called the most trusted man in America’ ! [1] In the West, Money is more important than the Truth or Human value! And it shows that the West is still barbarian, backward and undeveloped. They don’t care about Iranian values such as Truth, and Speak Truth to Power. The West is the real Third World”.