Slavery: Insanity of Barbarians, Cults of Insanity

January 30, 2015

“Cults have certain characteristics. Cultists live like sheep/ slaves. Cult members are slaves of their leaders and their ideology. Cultists try to justify all Evil things -even killing children. Cultists tell big lies, but say: Liars are defenders of the Truth! Cultists censors all news and all facts, but say: Censors are defenders of Freedom! Cultists defend Slavery & Sadism, but say: Slavery or Sadism is a good thing! Cultists worship the Devil and defend Satanic acts -including killing children, hurting people, censoring facts, telling big lies and other Satanic things- but say: Satanists are the men of God or ‘Evil is a force of Good! In all cults, you can see the same things, the same rules, the same acts, and the same mindset”, some wise Iranians say. The new year (2015) is a good time to know Modern Slavery and the insanity of modern barbarians. As some wise Iranians say: “Modern barbarians use modern tools, but their mindset belongs to the Stone Age. Modern barbarians (UK/ US officials etc) try to hurt Iranian people and all good guys. Modern barbarians (US Senators etc) are sadistic members of the Cult of Power, the Cult of Money, the Cult of Masons and other Satanic cults. In the United States of Animals, they create and support Cults like MEK, ISIS/ ISIL etc. But now even idiots make good documentary films like ‘In Bed with Brothers’ (Comrades in Arms), and talk about s-ex slaves and mind controlled slaves in Cults like MEK. If you search the internet, you can see that even US idiots talk about Cults and Mind Control, and make films such as ‘Cult or Mind Control’. But the US/ UK regime and other Evil forces just try to create and use Cult slaves or mind-controlled slaves. Modern Barbarians love Cults and Cult mindset. But Why? … If you want to know Cults, you should try to study & think about their common characteristics and the history of Mind control and Cult-building projects in the West”. They also add: “If you search the internet, you can see that even the good Americans have written many books/ articles about Mind control projects, Western Cults, or Cult-building projects in the West. In the 19th century, British Barbarians and British Masons started their Cult-building & Mind control projects. And now even the West’s good guys talk about Why and How the UK, the West and Masons created and/or supported Satanic Cults, Fanatics, Islamists and Terrorists. The story of Mullah Al-Afghani and Abduh says a lot about those Mullahs, Masons and British agents who created Islamism, Muslim Brotherhood and Mullah-ism. As almost all historians say: the UK made Abduh the Grand Mufti of Egypt .. Abduh was now the chief legal authority in Islam, as well as the Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge of Egypt’ ! Grand Mufti or Ayatollah Ozma is like the Pope. But the UK made a Mason the Pope. In those dark years, the UK tried to created Qom, Hozeh, Islamists, Mullahs and other Masonic slaves of the West. But the West still tries to create the same slaves. Just look how the West creates and uses cults like ISIS/ ISIL. Cults like Saudis, Wahhabis, Zionists, Salafis, MEK or ISIS/ ISIL can show you many things. Now we all can see who support them, who control them, who love them and use them, or who create them. Now all normal humans are aware of the story of ISIS/ ISIL, or the love story of the US, Savage Saudis and Zionists. Those who create ISIS/ ISIL in our era are those who created Islamism, Salafism, Mullah Afghani, Abduh etc in the 19th century. If you do research about Mohammed Abduh, Mullah Al-Afghani and other Masonic Mullahs you can see that even Muslim scholars/ historians talk about ‘Mullah Afghanis Masonic society’ or ‘Islamists/ Terrorists and the Illuminati’ and say: ‘Mullah Afghani and the Salafi movement became allied with other Masonic movements, including the Bahais and the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia’ ! If you read Mullah Afghanis words or Abduh’s words you can easily see how these charlatans, non-believers and masons defended Islamism, fundamentalism, bigotry, slavery, mass mind control and other satanic things. But in the Masonic regime of Mullahs, they praise masons like Mullah Afghani, and name streets/ squares after them. In this new year (2015), the Masonic Mullah TV openly and stupidly attack Persia and Persian values, and openly and stupidly defend Tazis (ie Savage Arabs/ Jews), Satanic cults and sworn enemies of Iran. The insanity of Mullahs is like the insanity of British Masons. Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and his leader have increased terrible internet censorship/ Filtering in Iran. Now Masonic Mullahs make love with their Zionist Facebook/ Twitter and their Zionist IMF, while we even cannot open a simple webpage. In Iran, even opening a simple webpage isn’t easy -it takes time! It takes a long period of time (5 to 10 minutes, instead of 1 to 5 seconds) to open a simple webpage in Iran in the Age of Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and his leader. In such conditions, it’s obvious why all Iranians (+97%) see the Mullah Religion as Religion of Hypocrisy, Religion of Evil, Religion of Lies, Religion of Satan, Religion of Insanity etc. In the Cult of Mullahs, like all Masonic cults, hypocrisy, insanity, sadism, lies and other evil things are good things”. They also add: “Modern Barbarians love Tazi cults and Western-made cults including the Cult of MEK, the Cult of Bahai, the Cult of Basij, the Cult of ISIS/ ISIL, the Cult of Saudis, the Cult of Mullahs etc partly because Cult is the Prison of Mind. Cult is a form of Mind Control, and cult members are Mind controlled slaves. In all Masonic cults, you can see the same things – including Big Lies, terrible Hypocrisy, Double standards, Slavery, Sadism, Censorship, Living like sheep, control, brainwashing, isolation etc. Cult leaders are big liars, and bad hypocrites. They say average people are Sheeple, and cult leaders should play the role of Shepherd and control Sheeple. Of course at first they use dirty tricks to fool you and attract you to their Cult. But Cult is a one way road. Cult is like Hotel California. You can easily do check-in, but you are not allowed to do check-out. In fact, becoming a member of Cult is easy; Check-in is easy; but leaving the Cult or Check-out is very hard”.

As some wise Iranians say: “The Cult is like the Mafia. Some say all Masonic Cults are like the Mafia because the British Mafia (ie Freemasonry) have created them. But it’s not the whole story. In all cults, members are stupid slaves – who are not allowed to think and to live like free men. Cult members should obey the Cult Leader (ie Master, Shah, Mullah, Rabbi, Priest, Great Leader, Big Brother etc) In all cults, cults leaders play the role of Arbab (Master), and cult members are slaves. Their leaders say: average people are not wise or mature enough to decide for their own life; so we should decide for them and their life! In all cults, Masters rule and control the Masses. In all cults, cult leaders are sick hypocrites. Cult leaders often hold themselves above the law or exempt themselves from the cult rules. They say average people should be victims of terrible Censorship, Filtering, Internet Censorship/ Filtering, Spying, Mass Surveillance, Anti-s-ex crap, Anti-drug slogans, Anti-Corruption slogans etc. But cult leaders not only enjoy free internet and free s-ex, but they enjoy free drugs, free corruption, and all kinds of Sadism, Sexual perversions etc. Cult leaders, like Mullahs and Saudis, are drug addicts (Teryaki, Shireh-ii etc) and sex addicts but they say S-ex is Evil, and average people should not enjoy normal s-ex and normal things. In all Masonic cults, Cult leaders -like Mullahs- increase Terrible Censorship, Terrible Filtering and all kinds of Censorship and Sadism, while cult leaders themselves enjoy fucking themselves with all kinds of corruption and satanic things. Cult leaders are even free to steal people’s money. They steal 800 billions of dollars, but they say: Crooks and thieves are the men of God! In all cults, sadism & s-ex with thousand of children/ women is free for cult leaders, but the masses should not even talk/ think about normal s-ex. The Cult of MEK is really like the Cult or Mullahs, the Cult of ISIS/ ISIL, the Cult of Saudis and all Masonic Cults. Rajavi and Mullahs are two sides of the same coin, because they are slaves of the same Arbab and the same Masonic Mafia. In all cults, you can see the same things. In all cults, the real religion is the Religion of Hypocrisy, the Religion of Lies, the Religion of Sadism, the Religion of Barbarians. A free man, a free thinking person will never accept someone else’s irrational and immoral beliefs. But cult members just obey orders, and so they can even kill children and little kids. The insanity of Cultists is unbelievable. But how they become such insane slaves? Do the cult and cult leaders openly say: we are evil men; we are bad guys; you should obey us and do evil things?! no. Almost all cults and cult leaders talk about good things such equality, justice, liberty, brotherhood and other Iranian values. They even ask you to gain a direct and firsthand knowledge of their cult. But all cults are enemies of the Truth, asking questions, finding answers, doing researches and telling the Truth. In all Cults, they hate free men, free thoughts, independent thoughts and free will. Cultists don’t think, don’t ask questions, and just obey orders. Cult is really a cesspit of Jack-o Javad & Jack-o Junevar (stupid animals etc). All cults say to their members: Don’t ask question; keep sweet; Be a good slave; Don’t think .. just obey orders. Of course at first, when they want to fool you, they tell you: We don’t insist that you accept our reading or any other reading of this cult’. When Islamists and all cultists want to fool you, they make such liberal gestures. Its what they did in 1978, before the 1979 Disaster in Iran. At first they try to fool you, and then they try to kill you, torture you or hurt you if you reject their barbarian reading of religions, their cult mindset or their cult shits including forced life styles, Intolerance, Logic of Sword, Censorship, Sadism and other Satanic things. Islamists and Masons even steal your votes, steal your money, steal your country, and steal your culture and your identity. But at first, they try to fool you. And it’s exactly like what the British Barbarians and their stooges did in the 19th century. It’s exactly like what happened in 1978/ 79. Iranians will never forget what happened in 1978/ 79. The 1979 Tragedy, as an Masonic Coup, had a lot of lessons and all humans should know/ learn these lessons”. They also add: “The story of Cults is the story of Slavery, Mind control and Brainwashing. The story of Cults is the story of Jewish/ Masonic Insanity. All cults are the same shits, but the story of ‘the West and the Cults of MEK/ Mullahs/ Saudis/ ISIS’ is so funny. Mullahs are Anti-Iran and Anti-Persia, but the West call them Iranians! Mullahs are the most anti-Iranian people on the planet. But the UK and the West refer to Mullahs as Iran or Iranians! Now in 2015, the Masonic Mullah TV say the worst Anti-Iranian crap in history, and clearly try to prove why Islamists and Mullahs are the most anti-Iranian pigs on the planet. But the UK and the West censor all facts & all news of Iran”. They also add: “Now all Iranians talk about the story of Rahimi, AN and the Islamist Regime of Crook and Thieves. But just look how the UK and the West censor all news. Only a few American media talk about such issues. But they don’t say who is Rahimi. After the 2009 CIA Coup, Rahimi become the Vice President in the Coup Cabinet. Rahimi was a Basiji, an Islamist, and a very close friend of AhmadiNejad (AN). Rahimi was AN’s vice president. Now Mullahs officially say that Rahimi has stolen millions of dollars. But as (even) the 3% and their media say: In this regime, if you steal 1 dollar, they would kill you; but if you steal billions/ millions of dollars, then they would give you immunity or 5 days in prison! In fact, even idiots and the 3% know this regime of crooks and thieves. But it’s funny that crooks, thieves and those masons who tried to create the 2009 Coup, to serve the West’s interests, to kill/ hurt Iran’s people, and to do all evil things pretend that they are the Men of God. But all Iranians (+97) know them well, and that’s why Iranians say to Mullahs/ Islamists: ‘You, thieves, liars, sadists etc believe in God?! (Shoma Bi-HameChiz-ha Khoda/ Peyqambar Saretoon Mishe … !) ! All Iranians (+97%) know why Mullahs and Islamists are Anti-Iran and Anti-Persia. All Iranians know the UK and Tazis … Mullahs are Masons, and Masons are pro-UK / pro-West (Biganeh-Parast/ Ajnabi-Parast), pro-Tazi, pro-Arab and Anti-Iran & Anti-Persia”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In today’s world, almost all Cult leaders are slaves of the West and the Masonic Mafia. In fact, both cult members and cult leaders are slaves, and suffer from terrible insanity. In today’s world, the insanity of Barbarians is really unbelievable. Now Islamists or Masons like Zibakalam openly say: I hate Science, Logic, and Rationality; I love religion, because religion is a stupid, illogical and irrational thing’ ! Today’s masons are such retards; but the UK media call them intellectuals! Today’s Masons are such stupid hypocrites and such brainless bastards. In fact, Mason, Mullah, Mujahed, Basiji, Jihadi, Bahai, Saudi, Zionist, Islamist, Marxist, Monarchist, Mormon and other cultists in the US and the West are the same shits. And all of them just remind you of the stories of Cathy O’Brien, Satanic cults, mind controlled slaves and mind control projects in the West”. They also add: “Many religious people are good guys, and many cults are irreligious cults. For instance, the Cult of Monarchists, the Cult of Fascists, the Cult of Stalin/ Marxism etc are irreligious cults. But Cult is Cult. All of them try to enslave, to brainwash, and to control people. Religious cults and irreligious cults are the same shits. The UK and the West love all kinds of Satanic cults and Satanism. For thousands of years, the UK or the West was officially the land of Barbarians and Barbarism. And now even the West’s good guys say: ‘ (Even) in ancient time, Iranians worshiped God, and hated Ahriman. But Europeans officially worshiped Ahriman (Evil/ Devil) .. the European belief in the impotence of Christ and the need therefore to appease Satan, led to the doctrine that Satan should be worshipped’ ! European Barbarians, British human-eaters, Celts, Druids and other Western Barbarians could not change their deep-rooted barbarian mindsets. And so, as their own historians say, they created a barbarian version of Christianity, known as Celtic Christianity (ie Satanic/ Barbarian Christianity) Then they started to enslave humans, to praise Genocide and Slavery, to eat the human body, and to drink the human blood in the name of Christianity. What the Savage West did in recent centuries is beyond your imagination. As the good Americans say: ‘George Bush knew ‘Psychic Dictatorship in the West’. He knew what they did, and (that’s why) George Bush said: ‘If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts’ ! The UK, the US and the West created the worst evil acts/ projects and the worst crimes against humanity in history. The Insanity of Barbarians is beyond your imagination. Even their own historians say how British/ European Barbarians had barbarian/ satanic rituals in worship of the Devil, involving the sacrifice of children and eating their flesh in cannibalistic rites. But If you want to know the depth of Tragedy in recent centuries, you should take a look at many documents about MK Ultra Project and Mind Control projects in the West. The West’s bad guys are really the most savage barbarians in history”. They also add: “The Insanity of British Barbarians is unbelievable. British Human-eaters (Adam-khora) pretend that they are defenders of Human Rights!, while they openly defend a handful of Jewish/ Masonic Mullahs (charta Chalquz/ Avazi) like Jannati and Mesbah. It’s obvious why Mullahs and other non-Iranian animals serve the interests of the West. But we, Iranians, don’t know why the Mullah TV should try to prove that the Mullah TV is Mason TV, Tazi TV and Anti-Iran TV. We, Iranians, don’t know why Mullahs implement their Zionist IMF dictates, make Iran’s people even angrier, and do and say many Anti-Iranian things. We, Iranians, don’t know why they try to dig their own graves by their own hands. We, Iranians, really cannot understand this level of Insanity. It’s obvious why the UK, the Left, the IMF and the West love dictators and puppet regimes. We all know what they did in the Pahlavi era, and how they finally toppled the Shah. We all know Dictates for the Dictator. It’s obvious why the IMF loved like AN and Basijis – who stole $800 billions in 8 years. AN was a Jewish agent whose mission was destroying Iran’s resources, Iran’s economy and Iran’s national products etc. But why this Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and his Cabinet should be worse than AN? Almost all Iranians know Dictates for Dictators. But retards love IMF dictates, UK dictates, US dictates etc. Only retards and insane slaves still don’t know why the UK created and supported Mullah Al-Afghani, Al-Hindi and other non-Iranian puppets of the West. It’s obvious why they tried to make a hero out of a Hindi-Zadeh. It’s obvious why the UK and the West love and support non-Iranian pigs, including Hindi-Zadeh, Taliban-zadeh, Arab-Zadeh, Mason-Zadeh, Tazi-Zadeh, Zena-Zadeh, Zahak-Zadeh etc. We all know what the US, the UK and the IMF did to the Pahlavi. But the insanity of puppet dictators is unbelievable. They cannot see the West’s banana peels, as they cannot see how much hatred and how much anger they are creating among people , and what is the result of this stupidity. All puppet dictators, form Pahlavis to Mullahs, are mind-controlled slaves and cannot see the West’s banana peels. Mullahs, like their Masonic Masters, even don’t know why they should not tell blatant lies, hurt Iranian people, and make Iran’s people even angrier. In the past, Iranian people cared about Mullahs or the US only because Iranians thought that Mullahs or the US are humans/ good guys (Fekr mikardan inha Adam-an) It’s funny that now even their own Western media confess: ‘Iranian people are such a politically aware and active audience that you cannot fool them, and play (Masonic/ English) games with them’ ! (Jan 2015) But they still act like retards … Iran is not like the West. The West’s Sheeple even don’t know their own countries and their own history. MK Ultra and mind control projects are not new things, but most Westerners still know nothing about them -ie the tip of the iceberg. The West’s good guys talk about ‘the significance of a forgotten C-IA document: MK ULTRA’ (2014) and ‘Operation Mockingbird: The C-IA and Propaganda’, and say: ‘About a third of the whole CIA budget went to media propaganda operations .. We’re talking about billions of dollars a year just for that .. billions of dollars are being spent every year by the US on secret propaganda … (USA, like UK) routinely conducts disinformation campaigns‘. But US Sheeple are so stupid. US Senators and US officials still sow the seeds of hate, and they even don’t know that they are actually sowing the seeds of their own Destruction”.

As some wise Iranians say: “we all know the Iranian mindset or the mindset of good guys. When Iranians or good guys see social problems, human problems etc they say: Lets solve these problems; lets find some solutions; lets do something to reduce problems, and to create a better world for all humans’. It’s quite natural for Iranians and all good guys to think in this way. But the British/ Masonic mindset or the mindset of Western Barbarians is quite different. When they see the same problems, they say: Lets create more problems; lets use these problems to control/ enslave people; lets not allow people to solve these problems …’. This psychotic mindset turns Science & Technology into evil tools, create Mind control projects, turn children into spies & s-ex slaves, create Satanic cults, Colonialism, Systematic Slavery, Exploitation etc. Unfortunately, criminals and psychos rule the UK and the West. And they say it’s a very modern thing that they work on the enslaving and imprisonment of Humans! These stupid bastards say Money is Everything, Power is Everything, and so Mind control projects, Slavery, Brainwashing, Mass Mind Control, Cult building and creating A Nation of Slaves are good things. The UK was the Home of Barbarians. In the UK, their religion was the Religion of Barbarians, as their culture was the Culture of Barbarians. But in recent centuries, they could not openly defend their barbarian traditions. So they created the British Mafia (ie Freemasonry) to fool people in the name of equality, liberty, tolerance, democracy and other Iranian values. As you know Tolerance and Liberty are Iranian values, and good things. No one (no sane person) can say that equality, liberty, freedom, democracy, Tolerance and other Iranians values are bad things. But British Masons used these good things, these Iranian things, to defend or justify Barbarian things, and to create Freemasonry, Slavery, Satanic cults and other Evil things. They are still psychos and sadists. Just look how they defend Sadism, Bullying, Genocide, Racism, Slavery, Mass Spying, Mass Control and other evil things. It’s funny that the UK and its Zionists and Islamists still fight over the Al Aqsa Mosque, aka Temple of Solomon. It’s funny that Mullahs say: Solomon’s Temple is a Mecca for Masons. But they fight for Solomon’s Temple and Masonic/ Kabbalistic myths/ ideals, and show that, as our people say: they fight for the Masonic blanket of … (Dava Sar-e Lahaf-e … !) England’s Brothers try to create misinformation and disinformation campaigns, but they cannot hide the truths. Now all normal humans know and hate ISIS/ ISIL, the Religion of Barbarians, the Religion of Insanity, and the Religion of Inhumanity. Now the bad guys and barbarians are morally and totally bankrupt. Now any normal human can see that our Iran is very different from the Anti-Iran Regime of Mullahs. Our Iran, the Home of Human values, is not like the Little Britain or the Savage West. Our Iran created human values such as Tolerance, Basic Rights, and caring about all humans regardless of their race and religion. Our Iran fought against all forces of Darkness. Our Iran & our wise Iranian ancestors firstly created Culture and Human Values. Iran, the land of Aryans, is such a great nation that even Western/ Jewish historical books confess that they learned Wisdom, Culture and Civilization from Aryans (Iranians) and the Land of Aryans (Iran). If you read the old books and history books, you can easily see how Europeans and all people who wanted to distinguish themselves from Barbarians and uncultured people just tried to link themselves to our Caspian sea and to our Iran, the Land of Aryans, because all of them knew that Iran is the Cradle of Culture and Civilization. Western bullies and Western barbarians cannot hide the truths, as they cannot pretend that they are good barbarians, good sadists, good bullies, good sadists, or good Evil. Now when Western Barbarians, Western Colonialists and Western Imperialists pretend that they are worried about the new Iranian imperialism!, all normal humans just laugh and ridicule them. Western Imperialists, Western Barbarians and Western Bullies are bad jokes, and their crimes are unforgettable and unforgivable. Sooner or later, our Iran will be a superpower again, and will punish them. You can be sure of that. The payback time is near. Iranians and all good guys, including the West’s good guys, hate bullies and barbarians. Iranians and all good guys care about Iranian values such as Tolerance, Freedom, ‘Rational and critical thinking’ and Fighting against Tyranny and Oppression. Critical thinking and judgment is so important. Cult mindset just produces insanity and slavery. All cults say the same stupid things. For instance, they claim that God has guided them; Satan wants to save humanity; or the Cult members are the ‘Chosen few’ ! All cults say that their cult members are ‘good’, ‘saved’ or the ‘Chosen ones’ in ‘the Kingdom of God’; but other humans and non-members are Bad and/or Damned. They even say: All other humans (non-members/ non-believers) should be destroyed. Jewish fanatics, Christian fanatics and all cultists are the same shits, and say the same satanic things. As the good Americans truly say: ‘Destructive cults teach the new member that everyone who is not a part of the group is somehow tainted, negative and /or unenlightened. Cultists present their ideology as a ‘Sacred Science’. (All cults just try to create Slavery,) obedience, surrender to the Cult, following orders etc’. The Cult leaders try to isolate people from the outside world, and to decide about all aspects of their life, including reading books, watching TVs, listening to music, browsing the web etc. Cult leaders say to their slaves: these books are Satanic; these TV channels are satanic; this music is evil; the internet and millions of websites are evil; Only what the cult and cult leaders say are good things. And it’s obvious why all cults say such things, isn’t it? Cult leaders want to enslave Sheeple. All cults do and say the same things. They worship Insanity. But do you know the number of cults in which country is very larger than other countries?! The answer can show you many things about the real backward countries and third world states”.

2015 Jokes: The Insanity of Blatant Lies

January 24, 2015

In this new year (2015) many things are laughable, and many things are sadly funny. In these days many facts and many news seem like jokes. So, lets take a look at some good, bad or sick jokes of these days:

As some Iranians say: “Islamists are really Masons or Mashang. Just look what the Anti-Iran Mullahs, MEK, Basijis, ISIS/ ISIL (DEASH), Savage Saudis etc do and say about their religion -ie Masonic Islam or Tazi cults. Now instead of talking about Iran, Iranian values, great men of Persia, or Iranian version of Islam/ Religion, Mullahs defend savage Saudis and their religion. Now, in Jan 2015, Mullahs say to the West’s youth: Try to gain a direct and firsthand knowledge of this religion !! But they don’t say what would happen after that, after gaining a direct and firsthand knowledge of this religion! As you know, All Iranians have already gained a direct and firsthand knowledge of this religion. You can ask Iranian people about what would happen after gaining a direct and firsthand knowledge of this religion!”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Do you know what Criticism, Censorship and Free Speech mean in the West? In the best case, the West makes an intellectual gesture, and says: You are free to speak, and we are free to hurt you. In fact, their Free Speech is Free Sadism/ Censorship. These years showed that only IF you say: I Love the West, then they don’t censor you. But If you criticize the West, they will censor you. And This is Western Freedom. In the UK, Critics are called Extremists, but Whores and Ass-lickers (Khayemals) are called Critics and Intellects. In the UK and the West, If you criticize them and tell the Truth, then they will call you Extremists and they will censor you. And this is their Freedom or Free Speech. In the West, Censorship is Freedom. They openly say Journalism is the Arts of Deceit or the Arts of Lying. In the UK, intellects and journalists just learn the Arts of Deception, the Arts of Telling Big Lies, the Arts of Ass-licking and other Orwellian Arts. In the UK and the West, those who have the ability to understand things and think intelligently and independently are censored or ignored, but those who have the ability to lick the Ass of Big Brother and to tell Big Lies are called Experts or Intellectuals!”

As some Iranians say: “the best monkey and the best joke of these days is Sadeq Zibakalam, without explanation … Non-Iranians can ask Iranians about masons and monkeys like Zibakalam and Ali Motahari .. In these days, Zibakalam wrote a letter to Sweden (not to Norway) and asked them to give the Nobel Peace Prize to Basij & DEASH (ISIS/ ISIL). And it’s not a joke. Zibakalam is Basiji, and he loves Basij, DEASH and those who see Religion as a barbarian, illogical and irrational thing … So Lets write a short letter to Denmark (not to Norway) and tell them: Dear Denmark, Please give the Nobel Prize for Stupidity to Zibakalam and the UK media. This stupid monkey openly says: I hate Science, Logic, and Rationality; I love religion, because religion is a stupid, illogical and irrational thing. But the UK media call this stupid monkey Intellectual. They -like all Mullahs- really deserve the Nobel Prize for Stupidity, because they clearly show how Masons think/ act, and who are Masonic whores/ retards”.

As some wise Iranians say: ‘In the past 35 years, specially after 2009, all Iranians (+97%) have gained a direct and firsthand knowledge of the Mullah religion and all religions, and that’s why Iranian people say: (any) Religion minus Iranian values (ie Human values) is equal to Satanism and Satanic Cult’ or ‘Islam minus Iranian values is equal to DEASH (ISIS/ ISIL)’ or Religion/ Islam minus Iranian values is equal to ISIS/ DEASH/ Basiji/ Mullah/ Saudi/ Satanic/ Wahhabi version of Islam. In fact, Iranians -who have gained a firsthand knowledge of religions/ cults- talk about what they have seen by their own eyes. But when Islamists want to reject what Iranians say, Islamists use the Logic of Sword, and try to act like DEASH and to hurt Iranians. And in this way, Mullahs and Islamists prove that they are good guys!, their logic is not the Logic of Satan!, and their religion/ cult is not the Religion of Lies and Sadism! In fact, Mullahs, Islamists and Jewish/ Christian fanatics kill and torture all people & critics, use the Logic of Sword & the Logic of Satan, but refer to such things as Morality or Religion of Peace! In fact, If you want to destroy Religion, Morality etc, you should act like Islamists, or ask Mullahs and Masons to defend Religion, Ethics, Morality etc”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Millions of websites, including Facebook and Twitter, are officially blocked in Iran. Masonic Mullahs have increased terrible censorship and terrible internet filtering in Iran. Rouhani has increase all kinds of Censorship/ Sadism, including the Terrible Internet Censorship/ Filtering in Iran. Mullahs openly say: Facebook, Twitter etc are Zionist, as the IMF is Zionist/ Imperialist and the US is Great Satan. But now Mullah media, UK media and all Masonic media proudly say: Rouhani and Khamenei have an active Zionist Facebook and Twitter page! But as Noam Chomsky and Marxist say, the love story of Mullahs and their Zionist Facebook, like the love story of Mullahs and their Zionist IMF, show you that Mullahs are really honest, anti-Zionist and anti-Imperialist! Khameneis Twitter account, in which his stupid letters are published, just force all Iranians to use a lot of F-words (Foshe Khar Mathar etc) about Mullahs, the UK and the West. All Iranians (+97%) know why Khamenei or Mullahs love Zionist Facebook/ Twitter or Zionist IMF. Iranians know why Mullahs implement their Zionist IMF plans in Iran, and openly make love with their Great Satan and their Zionist Imperialist Brothers. But Noam Chomsky and Marxists say such facts show that Mullahs are Anti-Zionist and Anti-Imperialist !”.

As some Iranians: “Rouhani has increased MITM attacks
(Man-In-The-Middle Attacks) and all kinds of Terrible Internet Censorship/ Filtering/ Spying/ Jamming etc in Iran
. But the West censor all facts and all news of Iran. Instead of talking about Rouhani’s evil acts in Iran, the UK and the West just tell big lies, praise Rouhani, and say Rouhani is a defender of Internet Freedom because Rouhani, Khamenei and Mullahs have active accounts/ pages in their Zionist Facebook, Twitter and other so-called Zionist websites! So it’s obvious why Iranian people use a lot of F-words (Foshe Khar Mathar etc) when they talk about Mullahs (Rouhani, Khamenei etc) and the UK. The West, the Left and the Western media love Mullahs and the love story of ‘Mullahs and their Great Satan’, the love story of Mullahs and their Zionist Facebook, Twitter etc, and the love story of Mullahs and their Imperialist IMF. They say such facts and such love stories show that Marxists and Mullahs are Anti-Imperialist! Now Marxists openly say: Iran’s people and those who really hate Islamists and Imperialists are pro-Imperialist. But those who really love their Great Satan, their Zionist/ Imperialist IMF, and their Imperialist Brothers are anti-Imperialist! Marxists, Masons and Mullahs are bad retards, and say to the West’s youth: Don’t believe the propaganda! Study or Examine this religion! This is not entirely hypocritical, Barbarian, Sadistic or Big lies! … But Iranians just laugh and say: Areh Arvah-e Amatoon!”.

As some Iranians say: “Now the Mullah media talk about Walk with the Devil, Walk with Great Satan, Dance with Great Satan etc. Now even their Mullah TV says: On January 14, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Mullah FM Javad Zarif (made love) in Geneva. But Why Mullahs Make Love with Great Satan in public places?’ !! In fact, now even idiots and retards ask: why after a lot of Arro-Gooz (Barking & Farting) and rejecting any kinds of negotiations with Great Satan in normal conditions (ie when it was good for Iran), now Mullahs make love and negotiate with their Great Satan and US Bullies in the worst conditions, ie when the Savage West / USA say many anti-Iranian things, threaten Iran with nukes, force and sadistic sanctions, and badly support Is-real, Anti-Iran Arabs etc. Now Instead of rejecting negotiations under such farcical conditions, Mullahs and Islamists just lick the ass of their Great Satan, and badly disgrace themselves. After a lot of Arro-Gooz, Mullahs lick the ass of their Great Satan or US Bullies. But now even retards and the 3% talk about Fatehe Velayat (End of all Mullahs)”.

As some Iranians say: “The Mullah media reports: Zarif walks with Satan! But they still say nothing about the role of Zarif in the 2009 CIA Coup, and how Zarif and Mullahs made love with Great Satan, William Burns and other American pigs in 2009. Now after a lot of Arro-Gooz (Barking & Farting), Islamists make love with their Zionist IMF/ Great Satan/ UK etc, and clearly show you what was the main goal of the 2009 CIA Coup. Now Islamists Walk with Satan and Dance with Satan, because Islamists are nothing but the sons of Satan. Who can forget the role of Islamists in the 19th century, in Reza Shah’s farce, in the 1953 CIA Coup, in the 1979 Coup, in the Savage Iraqi attack to Iran, in the Mullah-Contra etc. Now, in Jan 2015, Islamists and Zarif go to Paris, and make love with Great Satan and French Faggots (Laurent Fabius etc) – who have created a big and new Anti-Muslim Farce in France! Islamists are such Muslims. Their paradoxes, their big lies, their hypocrisy and their Arro-Gooz are beyond your imagination. But all Iranians (+97%) know Islamists well, and that’s why Iranians hate Islamists so much. Now Iranians refer to pigs like Javad and Jack Straw as ‘Jack-o Javad’ or Jack-o Janevar! (means: stupid animals/ masons etc) As our people say, the Anti-Iranian regime of Mullahs is nothing but a cesspit of Jack-o Javad & Jack-o Junevar (stupid animals/ masons etc)”.


As some Iranians say: “Saudi Arabia is a very backward country, but the West and the US see Saudis as their allies! The US and its Terrorist allies are bad jokes … Saudi King died and went to hell. The Death of Saudi King again showed that dictators, bad guys, slaves of the West, and sworn enemies of Iran will go to hell. But Mullahs don’t learn their lessons. Mullahs still lick the dirty asses of Tazis and the West. Now all Iranians hate Savage Saudis so much. Even the good Arabs hate Savage Saudis. But Mullahs still love and praise Saudi Arabia and Savage Arabs. Now it’s clear that their Oil game is a silly game that Mullahs love it. If you want to know the whys, you can talk a look at the Guardian and what the UK media say about Rouhani, oil price, IMF plans and Rouhani’s evil acts in Iran. They stupidly think they can justify all evil acts -including the love story of Mullahs and IMF/ Great Satan- with the story of Oil price. They are bad retards. They write silly letters to the West’s people, but the West’s good guys and normal people just laugh and say: ‘Look who is suddenly concerned about cruelty and tyranny! Your hypocrisy is sickening … After the way you killed and tortured Iranian citizens in 2009 you are in no position to …”.

As some Iranians say: “After 2009, and after the story of the 2014 Yalda, even idiots can see that Mullahs are not Iranians. In Jan 2015, and during the 2015 Asian Cup, even idiots can see that the Mullah TV is Arab TV or Anti-Iran TV. Instead of showing Iranian fans, they show savage Arabs/ Anti-Iran Arabs! The Mullah TV is really a cesspit of whores, Masons, Arabs and non-Iranian pigs from Iraq, Lebanon, UK etc. So instead of showing Iranian fans and caring about Iran, Persian Gulf etc, they praise Anti-Iran Arabs and sworn enemies of Iran. The Mullah TV and Mullahs love Arab players such as Omar Chalquz, Ottoman Oskol, Abdol Koskhol, Majed Jakesh, Yazid Goh-khor, Antar Meymoon, Walid Mongol, Amer Qater, Fahad Meymoon etc because Mullahs and Islamists are Anti-Iranian Arabs/ Locust-eaters. Even the 3% know that Bad Arabs and bad Iraqis are Ahl-e Kufeh (so ungrateful) ! But Mullahs love Ahl-e Kufeh ! Mullahs hate our Iran, our Iranian values, our great Civilization, our Great Persia, our Persian Gulf, our Iranian Legacy and all good things. Mullahs censor the pictures of Iranian fans, because Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullahs and Islamists are Locust-eaters and Shit-eaters from Masonic families and Arabian cesspits. Mullahs are the sons of the Masonic UK, and their Masonic Mission is destroying Iran’s economy, Iran’s industries, Iran’s sports, Iran’s resources and all part of Iran”.

As some Iranians say: “If you still ask: why the West and the US create and support Islamists, Bahais, Islamist-Marxist terrorists (MEK/ PMOI) and other Satanic cults? you should try to know Mind Control and Cult-building projects in the West. For instance, Project MK-Ultra was officially a Mind Control project in the US, and now even Americans talk about ‘Project MK-Ultra: One of the Most Shocking C-IA Programs of All Time’, and say: ‘In 1976 and 1977, the U.S. Senate conducted investigations and even held a joint committee hearing on the CIA MK-Ultra Project. You will not believe what they (US Congress) said. They themselves (confessed that C-IA & Big Brothers ask) American Universities, American Prisons and American Hospitals to Conduct Mind Control projects! According to the hearing report, 86 universities or institutions were involved .. For some of the US hospitals that participated in Project MK-Ultra, tests were conducted on children .. On the Senate floor in 1977, US Senators (openly said): the Deputy Director of the C-IA revealed that many universities and institutions were involved in Mind Control and Mass Mind Control projects’ ! It’s what Americans say. In fact, the West and the US see the members of MEK or ISIS as laboratory animals for Mind Control projects …”.

As some Iranians say: “These years show that If you are a good guy, then the West hates you. But if you are Barbar or Bardeh (Barbarian or Slave), then the West loves you, and call you intellect, expert, modern people etc. Slaves lick the ass of the West. Slaves have no intellect and no skill except Kun-e Akhund lici (licking the Mullah’s ass), Kun-e America lici (licking America’s ass), licking France’s ass, licking the UK’s ass, or Licking the ass of Dictator/ Shah/ Zahak/ Satan etc. But in the West, these slaves and ass-lickers are called Intellectuals. Slaves attack Iran & modern people of Iran, but worship the Savage West, Western Sadists and Western barbarians. These stupid animals are slaves of fashion, slaves of media, slaves of money, and slaves of the West. These stupid slaves and retards call themselves intellectuals or modern people!, and say: Oh, yah, we intellectuals eat this shit or that shit; we, modern people, read/ listen/ watch this shit or that shit; we, modern people, lick the ass of the Barbarian West; but Iranians, free men, real intellects or real modern people are backward people or stupid people because they hate to think or act like slaves and ass-lickers. Whores and Slaves of the West are such retards”.

As some Iranians say: “Now savage Islamists and brutal dictators have become Freethinkers !, and say to the West’s youth: ‘ Attempts to find answers to these questions will provide you with an appropriate opportunity to discover new truths ! But as you know, in 2009 Iranians tried to find answers to these questions but Mullahs and Islamists killed and tortured Iranian people and provided all humans with a good opportunity to discover new truths. Now even idiots can see that Mullahs, Marxists, Islamists, the West and all bad guys hate Freethinkers and those who try to study/ examine facts, to ask serious questions, and to discover the truths. The 2009 Massacres and the 2009 CIA coup had many historic lessons. Now when the Mullah leader says to the West’s youth: I dont insist that you accept my reading or any other reading of Islam’ !!, it just shows the depth of Mullah bankruptcy & hypocrisy (In Iran, Islamists say: you should accept forced Hijab, this shit or that shit because all people must accept our reading of Islam /religion) Iranians know Islamists well, and say: When Islamists want to fool you, they make such liberal gestures. It’s what they did in 1978, before the 1979 Disaster in Iran. At first Islamists try to fool you, and then Islamists try to kill you, torture you or hurt you, if you don’t accept their barbarian reading of religion, ie if you reject forced Hijab, Intolerance, Barbarity, Logic of Sword, Censorship, Sadism and other Satanic things. Islamists even steal your votes, steal your money, steal your country, and steal everything because Islamists are stupid slaves of the Devil and the Masonic UK/ West”.

As some Iranians say: “In Jan 2015, the Masonic Mullah TV do and say many Anti-Iranian things. Just look what they say about Farabi and Great men of Persia. The Mullah TV say: Farabi was both an Arab and an Iranian !! Can you believe it?! These Anti-Iranian animals, Mullahs, say such silly jokes (Bebin Turk-i ta che hadee … !) They really said Arab, not Muslim. Basiji faggots openly said: Farabi was both an Arab and an Iranian! Mullahs and Basiji are such brainless non-Iranian pigs. They write silly letters to the West, but they say nothing, even one word about Iran, Persia, Great men of Persia and this undeniable fact that Iranians and Persia created the so-called Islamic Civilization and Islamic Golden Era. Tazis and Savage Arabs were like today’s DAESH (ISIS/ ISIL), and acted like DAESH. If you read history, and do research, you can find the truths. Tazis, like DEASH, were ruthless barbarians, and they even didn’t know how to utter or spell Culture or Civilization …. Mullahs are savage Turks, Tazis and non-Iranian slaves of the West. If Mullahs were not such brainless retards/ slaves, then Instead of writing stupid letters to the West or Savage Arabs, they would write letters of apology to the people of Iran and the youth of Iran”.

As some Iranians say: ‘the West is really like or worse than Mullahs. In fact, Mullahs are stupid animals because they are slaves/ stooges of the Savage West. In the West, bad guys and criminals control almost everything. Even their Tor Project is a stupid farce, and now their own media say: the Tor Project has recently suffered from two security setbacks which have called into question just how safe users on the anonymity service are. The first big major setback was the cancelation of CERT’s attendance the Black Hat 2014 talk which would have dealt with attacks on Tor and how it is possible for Tor to be breached. The shameful cancelation raised the possibility that government or Big Brothers (control Tor) … In any case, it’s best to assume that Tor is (a product of) the NSA’ ! Idiots such as Richard Stallman should be proud of themselves and their beloved N-SA Tor”.

As some Iranians say: “The Western Hypocrisy is hypocrisy of the worst kind. Just look what the West and its Terrorist allies do. They kill civilians and innocent people in Africa, Asia and other part of the worlds, but call themselves good terrorists, good barbarians, or a good force of Evil. They say: the West, the US or its Terrorist allies can kill you and torture you, but if you punish Western barbarians and Western bullies, then you are bad terrorists. The Savage West, US senators and UK/ US officials are worse than animals. They stupidly try to bully Iran, to hurt Iranian people, to censor all news of Iran, to help Rouhanis, and to impose their sadistic sanctions on great people of Persia, but they call themselves a good force of Evil, Good terrorists, Good Sadists, Good devils, Good Bullies, Good Evil, Good Barbarians etc. They openly show that the M-I6 and C-IA are like or worse than KGB and Gestapo. But they say the C-IA and M-I6 are good devils, good killers, good sadists, good torturers, good Censors, good barbarians, etc. But Why the UK and the West love and use many paradoxical and Orwellian terms such as good Barbarity, good Bullying, Good Genocide, Good Evil, Good Satan, Good Sadism, Good Terrorism, Good Censors, good Bad Guys etc ?!”.

As some Iranians say: “the Western Idiocy is idiocy of the worst kind. Just look what they say or do about their Barbarian-Satanic projects such as MK Ultra and Mind Control projects in the West. The West openly tries to enslave children and to turn children into s-ex slaves and spies. But they still pretend that the West cares about children’s rights or human rights! Now it’s clear what the End of America or the End of the West really means. Now it’s clear why the wise Americans refer to America as A Nation of Sheep. America, like the UK, is really A Nation of Slaves. If you search the internet, you can find many documents about MK Ultra Project, Congressional hearings, MK Ultra Mind Control Hearing, or the victim testimonies of mind control projects and barbarian projects in the US and the West. Such facts should create a Big Revolution in the US and the West. But A Nation of Sheep or A Nation of Slaves don’t care about such important facts. The Tragedy of Idiocy in the West is unbelievable. They are really a Nation/ Society in a state of Trance (Jama-at Chorty, Mellat Khab-Zadeh/ Nashe …) They are the United States of Trance. But they still pretend that a Nation of Sheep is a modern nation; and Sheeple, slaves and barbarians are modern people !”.

As some Iranians say: “the fate of A Nation of Sheep is clear. Disinformation and Misinformation tactics cannot change the facts and their fate. They stupidly say a Nation of Sheep is an modern/ advanced nation, but Iran is a backward nation because in and after 2009 all sane humans could see how wise and modern is the Iranian nation. In today’s world, the only nation that fight against bullies, barbarians, tyrants, all forces of Darkness and all bad guys is the Iranian nation, the great nation of Persia. But they say Iranians are backward people, because Iranians don’t want to be slaves and because Iran’s people and the Cradle of Culture & Civilization (Iran/ Persia) ask all humans to join the force of Light, and to fight against Demons (Deevs), Bullies, Barbarians and the force of Darkness. All barbarians and bad guys want to destroy Iran, the Land of Aryans, because Iran is the Home of the Good and the Home of Human Values, and because many humans can see the power of the Iranian Logic, the power of the Truth, and the power of Iranian values. They hate Iran, the Land of Aryans, because they hate the Good, the Truth and the Human values. They are bad retards. They proudly say: the Barbarian West tries to hurt, bully and enslave all nations and all humans, and it’s a good thing. They are proud of their Barbarian West and their inhumanity and insanity. But now all normal humans are becoming aware, and can see the West’s true face, as they can see that the Real Solution is Awareness and caring about Iranian values”.

Slavery: Trance-Formation of The Devil

January 18, 2015

“Apparently the new year (2015) is the year of Orwellian Farces. Just look how Censors and those who Censor all news/ facts in a silly way now talk about Freedom or Free Press! Just look how dictators, sadists, masons and monkeys call themselves world leaders, create a stupid farce in France, and pretend that they care about Freedom or Basic Rights! They have no shame and no brain. After 2009- 2014, and after Snow-den’s story, How can they talk about Freedom or Basic Rights?! Do these Western apes/ monkeys think our planet is the Planet of Apes?! Apparently they think they can censor all news/ facts, fuck Internet, Privacy, Freedom & all Basic Rights, create ISIS & Savage Terrorists, support Mullahs & Islamists, kill innocent people in Syria/ Iraq etc, and impose their Sadism & Censorship on Iranians and all good guys, but still pretend that they are humans (Adam-an!) and care about Freedom, Humanity and Iranian values! The West’s politicians are worse than animals. And those who see these Shits as their leaders are worse than Basijis/ Islamists who see Mullahs as their leaders”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, Iranians and many good guys are angry, and it’s obvious why they are angry. As some wise Iranians say: ‘the savage slaves of the Savage West (ISIS, Bokon Haram, Saudis, Tazis etc) kill tens of thousands of innocent people in Africa & Asia, but the Media only care about a few victims in France. The West is really Racist, Fascist and Orwellian. The West censors all facts/ news of Iran and the world, but calls it Freedom, not Censorship! The Barbarian West and its stooges are sworn enemies of Freedom, Democracy, Truth, Tolerance and other Iranian values. These years clearly showed that European/ British Barbarians are sworn enemies of the Cradle of Culture & Civilization (Iran/ Persia), Iranian values (aka Human values) and all normal humans. The West’s masons and monkeys see our planet as ‘Planet of Apes’ because they themselves are primitive apes/ monkeys. Masons or monkeys like Obama, Cameron, Netan-yabu, Chomsky, Marxists, Mullahs, French/ British/ US officials and Saudis are Animals in Human’s clothing. They are not humans. Normal humans see ‘Destructive and Satanic Cults’ as A New Kind of Slavery. But the West loves Slavery, Satanic Cults and Control. As you know, Basijis and Mullahs are like or worse than DAESH (ISIS), Bokon Haram or Savage Saudis. But Who is worse than Islamist, Basiji or Mullah? Now we all can see how the West censors all news of Iran, and how the West tells very big lies, and how the West helps Rouhanis, Saudis and other pigs. Now Mullahs and Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) increase terrible Censorship, terrible Internet Filtering, and all kinds of Censorship/ Sadism in Iran, because it’s what their Arbab (ie the West) wants. Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) is a low rank puppet. Western/ British Barbarians and British Masons are the worst of the worst. Islamist or Mullah is a low-rank mason/ slave of the West. The main problem is their Arbab (Arbab = Master). Islamists, Basijis, Saudis, Mullahs and Masons are like or worse than animals (az Sag [az Heyvan] Past-tarand) But Why? Why ISIS, Basijis, Bokon Haram, MEK, Mullahs and other slaves of the West act like savage/ stupid animals? If you want to know the answer, you should try to know the Barbarian West. You can ask: Why the West’s insiders/ whistleblowers talk about pedophilia, drugs, child po-rn, bestiality, Slavery, mind control, Barbarian rituals, Satanic rituals and human sacrifices in the West? Reading or Talking about such issues is difficult, because they are very dirty and disgusting things. But if you want to understand what their insiders/ whistleblowers say, you should know the West’s Barbarism & Savagery, and the differences between Barbarization (Tavahosh) and Civilization (Tamadon). For thousands of years, the UK or the West was officially the Land of Barbarians and Barbarism (for more info, check Archive) But unfortunately, they are still Barbarians. They still act like their savage ancestors. Now even the West’s investigative journalists such as Jon Rappoport talk about ‘The C-IA, Mind Control, and Children‘, or about the Company’s use of children for creating mind control agents. Now even the West’s insiders/ whistleblowers say: ‘the UK and the Company use Masonic families -or families belong to satanic cults that s-e-xually abuse their children generation after generation- to produce zombies and mind-controlled slaves’. And unfortunately, many facts, many clues and many things show that what the West’s insiders say is not a myth”. The West has created many slaves/ stooges, and they hurt Iranians and all good guys in all around the World. So, we want to write a series of posts on ‘Slavery’ and Mind Control in the West, and what you read here is the first post. As some wise Iranians say: “One of the famous books about Slavery and Mind Control in the West is [1]: ‘Trance-Formation Of America’, by Cathy O’Brien. You can easily find this book in the internet. This book, like most books in the West, is not 100% valid or reliable. But many things in this book seem right or reasonable. They talk about the C-IA & MI6 (ie the Company) and say: ‘the Company has created the world’s biggest manufacturer of Lies’ [1] They talk about Truth, and say: ‘Truth lives a wretched life, but always survives a lie’ [1] Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips say important things about Slavery, Brainwashing and Mind Control in the West [1] They show you why & how the West creates Satanic Cults/ Destructive Cults, and why such Cults create terrorists, masons, serial killers, Basijis, Islamists, slaves, faggots etc. Snow-den’s story and many other facts -including Gary Webb’s story and the story Clinton & Monica in 1996/ 97, show that O’Brien’s book [1] -first published in 1995- is really important. This book can explain many things. After publishing this book, many started to write/ talk about Slavery, C-IA, Drugs, Children, Mind Control etc in the West. And now after 2009 and all these years, any sane person can understand the true meanings of
‘Trance-Formation of the US’ (Transformation = a complete change; and Trance = ‘feeling confused and not able to think clearly)’.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘France is in Trance, as the US or the West is the United States of Trance. Their own insiders revealed many things. Snow-den and many other insiders clearly showed that France, like the UK, is an Enemy of Open Internet & Freedom. Now it’s clear that France is an Enemy of Freedom & Basic Rights. Censors and Western Barbarians cannot hide the truths, because now even the West’s insiders talk about Slavery, Barbarism, Sadism and Censorship in the West”. They also add: “Mark Philips, as an insider, said: ‘they (talked) about his involvement with the C-IA, drugs, money laundering, child prostitution and Slavery .. My first response to them was that He was too stupid to be connected to U.S. intelligence .. He was not only corrupt, but stupid. The C-IA must not have respected him .. the word Slavery shouted in my ears .. I (began) the process of discovering something He must have done .. Slavery had triggered a dark question in my mind … After listening to details concerning a huge, invisible C-IA Slave Trade going on world wide I learned that everything I knew in theory about external control of the mind was fully operational and encroaching on the private sector of society. I was growing numb … Hatred for everything consumed me, I loved what (US) had once represented to me, but now I was ashamed to be an American .. I remembered the Nazi mind-control researches performed on the families of European multi-generational Satanists‘ [1] The story of the multi-generational Masons/ Satanists/ Barbarians in the West is a long story -exactly like the story of the Cult-building/ Mind Control projects in the West. As you know, the headquarters of the Brotherhood is London, England. Freemasonry is a Satanic Cult that originating in Britain. In fact, British Barbarians are the founders of Masonry. And in the 19th century, British Barbarians created many Satanic/ Masonic Cults, including Mormonism, Bahaism, Mullah-ism, Islamism, Zionism, Marxism and Capitalism. What British Barbarians did in the past 200 years is a long story (we will write more about it later) British Barbarians worked on many Satanic projects including Scientific Racism, Slavery, Mind control and Cult-building. And even now In Jan 2015, their media say: the UK wants to use Children as Spies! The UK is really the Home of the Devil. As the West’s insiders say: ‘their mind control projects were designed to create human robots/ slaves to serve functions ranging from prostitutes to couriers (spies) to killers (terrorists). Victims were not (normal people). Their families belong to secret satanic sects that s-exually abuse their children generation after generation to produce satanic slaves and Total Control’. What is said about Total Control, Total slaves or Total spies in the West is as shocking as this fact that Western politicians and Western clergymen love pedophilia, bestiality, satanic rituals, slavery and sadism [1]”. They also add: “British Masons abuse their children generation after generation to produce savage beasts [1] Cathy OBrien is of British descent [1], and his family was a Masonic family [1] O’Brien (born in 1957) says his father was a faggot and pedophile like US Senators and UK Prime Ministers. What O’Brien says can explain many things. She says: ‘My pedophile father, Earl O’Brien, began substituting his pen-is for my mother’s nipple soon after I was born. My multi-generational incest-abused mother, Carol Tanis, did not protest his perverse actions .. this early s-e-xual abuse distorted my primitive concepts of (many things) .. I was too young to understand that what my father was doing to me was wrong. I accepted his s-exual abuse as a normal and natural part of home life .. My father was a multi-generational incest child from a large, and horribly dysfunctional family. His mother earned a living as a prostitute .. My father’s brothers and sister were all occult ritually abused just as he was. They grew up to be prostitutes and pedophiles .. My mother’s dysfunctional family also appears to be multi-generational .. Her father owned the building occupied by a Masonic Blue Lodge he led .. they abused my mother and her brothers (Uncle Bob etc), who in turn abused me. My family often went camping on the vast wilderness acreage surrounding my grandfather’s Masonic Lodge in Newaygo, Michigan .. Uncle Bob often boasted that he worked for the Vatican. Uncle Bob was also a p-o-rnographer, producing kiddie p-orn for U.S. Representative Jerry Ford (soon to be President Gerald Ford) .. Uncle Bob informed my father of a U.S. Government TOP SECRET Project to which he was privy. This was Project Monarch. Project Monarch was a mind-control operation which was recruiting multi-generational incest abused children‘ [1] O’Brien’s story can explain why Islamists act like insane slaves. What Basijis, Mullahs, MEK, ISIS and other cults/ slaves of the West do have deep roots in the Barbarian West. In fact, what Mullahs, Hozeh, Qom, Basiji faggots, MEK and ISIS do is just a weaker version of what the West’s Satanists/ Barbarians do in the West. The West’s slaves -from Exiled Journalists and Khatamists to MEK, Rouhanis and Basijis- are not normal humans. They suffer from Terrible Insanity, and this level of insanity shows that they are Bi-Pethar/ Mathar or Bi-Hame Chiz, ie they come from multi-generational satanic/ masonic families. Mullahs and Islamists are multi-generational faggots/ slaves. In the 19th century, the UK created Mullah-ism, Islamism, Qom and Hozeh. In fact, British Barbarians tried to create multi-generational faggots/ slaves, and these Islamists/ slaves played their designed roles in the 1953 Coup, in the 1979 Coup, in the 2009 Coup, and in all Western-made disasters in Iran. Mullahs and Basijis are Anti-Iranian animals- who attack Iranian people, Iranian values and Iranian culture. The 2014 Yalda -and now the 2015 Asian Cup- again show that Mullahs are Savage Arabs, not Iranians. Just look what the Mullah TV do. Their new manager is a Savage Arab, a non-Iranian Mason -who has officially converted Mullah TV into Masonic TV, Arab TV or Anti-Iran TV. Instead of showing Iranian fans, they show Savage Arabs or Anti-Iran Arabs! Instead of talking about Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Iran’s National Heritage, or the important news of the new archeological findings in Tehran and Iran (the 7000 years old Tehran etc), the Masonic Mullah TV openly defends Tazis and sworn enemies of Iran. Instead of talking about Iranian Legacy and Iranian values, they praise Barbarians, Satanists and sworn enemies of Iran. So now even idiots can see why Islamists are Non-Iranian slaves of the West, and why Mullahs are Masons/ Tazis who have occupied our Iran. But in 2009, one of the most important slogans was: We Iranians get our Iran back. Mullahs and Islamists are the sons of Satan/ Zahak/ Shemr -who have occupied our Iran. But you can be sure that our Iranian people will get our Iran back. All Iranians (+97%) know why Islamists and Rouhani tell many big lies, hurt Iranians, and do/ say many Anti-Iranian things. A normal human cannot act like DAESH, Basijis, Mullahs or Hassan Freemason (Rouhani). Basijis and Islamists kill Iran’s Children, and shed crocodile tears for the Fucking Gaza/ Arabs, because Basijis and Islamists are Non-Iranian/ Anti-Iranian slaves from multi-generational satanic/ masonic families. As our people say, if they were Iranians and had father/ mother (ie a normal family), then they could not tell such big lies and do such evil acts. Exiled Journalists, Basijis, Mullahs and Islamists are Bi-Pethar/ Mathar or Bi-Hame Chiz; and it’s just part of the West’s Evil projects”.


As some wise Iranians say: “What O’Brien says can remind you of the story of Mullah Haeri, Mesbah, Jannati, or ‘Rouhani and his son’. You can ask: Why Rouhani’s son went to the UK, and why Rouhani’s son killed himself? Did he start to hate Masonic rituals, Satanic rituals and what masons do? Rouhani’s Anti-Iranian acts and Rouhani’s Insanity raise many questions, and just force Iranians to talk/ think about the roots of problems. The UK and its stooges just make Iranians more aware and angrier. Now the Mullah-Masonic media praise those Basiji animals who Killed Iran’s children in 2009. But they actually show/ prove why Basij-i is DAESH-i, and Mullah is Mason. The 2009 Massacres clearly showed that ISIS/ ISIL and Basijis are the same shit, as Mullahs and Masons are the same shit. Iranian people are not stupid, and they know why the UK media tell very big lies and defend the Anti-Iran Rouhanis. When the BBC and the Guardian tell very big lies and defend the notorious Basijis/ Masons like Rouhani, Motahari, Zibakalam, Jannati, Tavakoli etc, any sane person can see Who is behind the Masonic Regime of Mullahs. But as the West’s insiders truly say: ‘Mercenaries are missionaries who follow their guidance system (ie installed programs)‘ [1], rather than their brains/ rational instincts. In fact, all Mercenaries are like Khatamists and Exiled journalists. In Iran, almost all people know and hate Islamists or mercenaries like TV celebs, Ganji, Zibakalam, Behnoud, Masons, Exiled Journalists etc. But in the West, many people even don’t know Western/ British Barbarians. They are stupid Sheeple. You can ask: Why Snow-den’s story and all shameful scandals didn’t create a real mass protest in France or UK, but now … ?! The UK and France are still backward & barbarian?”. They also add: “Now, in Jan 2015, Javad Zarif talks about his childhood and his fanatic family. Iranians prefer to wait and see how Zarif shows his true colors in nu-clear farcical negotiations. But now Zarif himself talks about his childhood, his fanatic father, his relations with Hojatieh and his going to the US at the age of 16, two years before finishing high school ! Hojatieh was a cult/ cesspit of Masons and Crypto Jews. And Zarif says his father was a very Islamist fanatic -who banned him from watching TV, listening to music, and living normal life. But his very fanatic father -who had close relations with Mullah Kashani and Hojatieh (Masons)- asked little Zarif to go to London, the UK! All Iranians know what it means, or why such facts raise serious questions. You cannot be an Islamist fanatic/ extremist, but praise London (UK) and ask your little children to go to the UK! Any sane person knows why an Islamist fanatic should love and praise London and the UK!, and why the Masonic UK is a Mecca for Masons/ Mullahs/ Islamists. Now Mullah Haeri and Zibakalam reveal many things. The Islamist fanatics -who love & defend Fanaticism, Fundamentalism, Fascism, Extremism, London and the UK- are actually Masons or Crypto Jews. They are not normal idiots/ fanatics. Normal fanatics suffer from Ignorance and Stupidity (Khariat) But Islamist Masons suffer from Mongolism, Charlatanism, Terrible Insanity/ Hypocrisy and other English/ Masonic diseases. Basijis are British slaves, and that’s why Basijis like Zibakalam, Mullah Haeri, Kani, Janati, Motahari and Mullah Mesbah love the UK, while they openly defend Fanaticism and Fundamentalism, and attack Persia and Iranian values”. They also add: “Unfortunately, many Christians are stupid fanatics/ followers of the Church of Satan. As O’Brien says: ‘the Catholic beliefs I was taught include the idea that man is not fit to talk to God (the Father) directly, but must have a priest intercede instead. This is the purpose of going to Confession. I was instructed to tell my sins to the priest, who would relay the message to God’ ! [1] In all Satanic Cults, cult leaders or clergymen play the role of God’s agents. In fact, Satan’s agents say God should have agents, and they are God’s agents. But Iranians say all people can talk to God, and we don’t need priests to relay our messages to God. But in all Masonic/ Satanic Cults, they have created a dirty business (Dokan) to enslave and control humans in the name of God or Religion. O’Brien says many important things about the Catechism of the Catholic Church. She says: ‘our Catechism teacher gave us several examples of Sins, which included s-ex … When the Priest, Father Thaylen, opened (the window), I began as I had been instructed, ‘Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I then proceeded to tell him that I had s-ex with my father … the next time I went to Confession, the priest’s pen-is was stuck through the window, and (the priest said:) God said that your penance is to treat me as you would your father .. After performing oral s-ex on Father Thaylen, I emerged from the Confessional where all the other kids were waiting very impatiently for their turn .. (Nuns and Sisters loved) such Confessional rituals’ [1] The shameful stories of pedophile Priests, and Satanic rituals in the Vatican and the Church are published facts, undeniable facts. But they still refer to their Satanic traditions and their Barbarian rituals as the Holy Sadism, the Holy Barbarism etc. As O’Brien says: ‘In 1973, Senator Byrd instructed my father to send me to Catholic High School .. I no longer viewed school as my haven from abuse, as it was controlled by the Church and, as I later learned, monitored by the C-IA .. The strong ties between the Catholic church and the U.S. Government was overtly evidenced by (many facts) .. My experience with the Catholic church’s direct involvement in Project Monarch confirmed the union between the U.S. Government and the Catholic church .. I could no longer differentiate between Catholicism and Satanism‘ [1] O’Brien and many other Americans talk about Satanic/ Occult Theocracy and Systematic Corruption in the US, not about a few rotten apples. When O’Brien says: ‘Father Vesbit raped me in the school’s private chapel after school while holding a Satanic ritual involving several of my project friends’ [1], you can say that she talks about a few rotten apples. But when you read her whole book and other American books, you can see that the whole system is rotten in the West. Average Westerners or average Christians are not bad guys. Many of them, like many of the Muslims, are normal humans. But their governments, their church and their media are rotten to the core. Christian fanatics and Jewish Barbarians are worse than Muslim fanatics. We all know Biblical Barbarism and Jewish Roots of Islamists (check Archive)”.

As some wise Iranians say: “What O’Brien says about American Animals such as Dick Cheney, George Bush, US Presidents or US Senators is as important as what she says bout the Church and herself. For instance, she says: ‘My television viewing was restricted and monitored .. (before abusing/ raping) Father Don told me (it’s) my service to the holy Catholic church .. the Vatican based Project Monarch slaves (and all) slaves were forced to appeared in numerous child p-o-rn, Satanic rituals and bestiality films .. Father Don told me, God has chosen you for work within his holy church. You are a Chosen One, my child’ [1] According to O’Brien and other Americans, Satanists, Barbarians, pedophiles and perverts practice Satanic rituals in ‘the holy Catholic church’ ! [1], but their Satanic perversions are referred to as ‘Biblical interpretation’ ! [1] O’Brien says: ‘Father Don joined him in a (Satanic) ritual which bathed me in the blood of a slaughtered lamb’ [1] In fact, their Satanic-Barbarian traditions in the West are still alive. According to O’Brien, Project Monarch slaves were referred to as ‘Chosen Ones’ !, and it can be like the story of Jews and Chosen Ones!”. They also add: “In all Cults, specially in Masonic Cults, ‘you lose your free will, and ability to reason’ [1], and that’s why the West has created many Cults, including the Cult of Money, the Cult of Masons, the Cult of Media, the Cult of Mullahs, the Cult of Company, the Cult of Fashion and the Cult of Politics – in which the West’s perverted and pedophile politicians pose as a Force of Good! O’Brien says: ‘Senator Byrd took out his whip and began beating me as he had so many times before .. Senator Byrd was still whipping me when U.S. Colonel Aquino returned with my little daughter (Kelly) .. I heard Kelly’s hysterical cries .. I collapsed again, smearing blood all over the floor .. I crawled to the door to find Senator Byrd s-exually assaulting her and Colonel Aquino disrobing to join them .. Later that afternoon, Kelly and I stood hand in hand in the afternoon sun at the State Fair where Senator Byrd was about to make a speech. My blouse stuck to my freshly whipped skin as Senator Byrd walked onto the stage, and the crowd cheered’ [1] In the West, sadists and savage animals rule, and sheeple obey. They justify themselves and their Barbarity/ Savagery/ Sadism (including their Anti-Iran Sadism) in a silly Orwellian way. According to O’Brien, ‘Senator Byrd said: America’s involvement in drug distribution and white slavery is justified as a means (to) fund Black Budget covert activities that would ‘bring about world peace through world dominance and total control‘ ! [1] ‘Senator Byrd adhered to the belief that “95% of the world’s people WANT to be led by the 5%, and claimed this can be proven because ‘the 95% DO NOT WANT TO KNOW what really goes on in government’ .. Senator Byrd believed in the (Jewish-Masonic) Nazi and KKK principles of annihilation of underprivileged races and cultures through genocide, to alter genetics and breed “the more gifted-the blondes of this world’ [1] It’s funny that these Barbarians rule the US, and try to justify ‘U.S. Government drug distribution operations and mind-control projects’ [1], but they call themselves a Force of Good ! Western Barbarians are sworn enemies of the Good, the Home of the Good (Iran/ Persia) and all good guys and good things. In the West, even journalists, intellects and celebrities are ‘government mind-controlled slaves’ [1], and it’s a lesson of these years. Now it’s clear why their celebs -Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Charles Manson etc- act like insane slaves. What O’Brien says about ‘Entertainment industries’ [1] is important: ‘CIA covert drug operations had permeated the industry. Entertainers were used to buy, sell, and distribute cocaine brought into this country by the U.S. government .. Entertainers usually made big only when they participated in CIA operations and/or were slaves themselves .. (Bad guys) said: Spies, like singers and actors, are made, not born’ ! [1] And in these years (2009 to 2014), we all could see what it really means. The 2009 traitors revealed many things. Now it’s clear why people like O’Brien talk about occult rituals, satanic rituals and cannibalism rituals in the West today. The Barbarian West is still Barbarian. They just try to justify themselves in a silly way: ‘(the US Cannibal) religiously carried a Bible with him everywhere -including to occult rituals- quoting scripture like a theologian [!] He justified eating the human body and drinking the blood, being washed in the blood, and even murdering children according to the story of God testing Abraham by ordering him to murder his child’ ! [1] Their Tazi God is like the Masonic God. The UK’s Masonic God is Satan, as their religion is Masonry. And it’s obvious why British Barbarians and Human-eaters worship Satan, Inhumanity and Insanity. It’s part of their history, their identity, and their traditions. In today’s West, many people are good guys, but many are still racists or sadists. They praise Sadism/ Racism, and don’t care about other nations or other humans. And they certainly pay the price of their inhumanity. ‘American children have been prostituted to many heads of state, including to the Saudi Arabian (pigs)’ [1] And now many Americans talk about ‘the emergence of a totally government controlled society, and a new Dark Ages in America’ [1] After 2009- 2013, many things changed. Now all normal Humans are becoming aware. Now the Forces of Darkness have badly confused, and nearing the End. But the West’s stooges are blind, because they are insane slaves. O’Brien said: ‘I was totally robotic .. my public image was a (stooge) that always smiled, looked and talked like the proverbial ‘air-head’ blonde’ [1] But Slaves can become free men, and reveal the truths. O’Brien says: ‘Now that I have gained control of my own mind, I view it as my duty to exercise my gained free will to expose the mind-control atrocities .. What Americans don’t know is destroying them from the inside out‘ [1] There are many insiders like Snow-den or O’Brien. They, like the good guys, know that Without Free Thought there’s no Free will, no Freedom. Knowledge is our defense against Mind control. It is time to WAKE UP and arm ourselves with the Truth’ [1], and put an end to the West’s Evil Empire”.

Devil in Disguise: The West, Rouhani and Retards

January 12, 2015

The new year (2015) began with a historic farce. As some wise Iranians say: “In these days (ie first days of 2015), the UK media and Western media happily report: Hassan Rouhani (wants to play) the role of Mikhail Gorbachev. Rouhani says: If we are ready to stop enrichment which we do not need at this time, does it mean we have compromised our principles? .. Our ideals are not bound to centrifuge’ !! (Jan 2015) Now the UK media and all Masons are happy that Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) and Mullahs are clearly proving that they are spies/ stooges of the UK and the West. But almost all Iranians just laugh, because they know why Rouhani is Retard, and why Rouhanis (ie Mullahs) say such Traitorous, Shameful, Anti-Iranian crap. Now Iranian people just laugh, and say to Rouhanis: ‘Oh, yah, you Mullahs are spies/ stooges of the UK; and your ideals and your bridle (Afsar) are bound to the UK/ the West’ ! In fact, all Iranians (+97%) know Rouhanis, their Arbab (Arbab = Master), their Afsar (Afsar = rein/ bridle) and their Akhor (manger). Now Iranians just laugh/ spit at Rouhanis, and tell them: All Iranians know Who control your ideals, your minds & your behaviors (Arman-tan, Afsar-tan, Akhor-tan … !) ! Rouhani is a bad Retard. Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) is worse than AN, Hajji Baba and Razmara. So now even idiots, Mullah media and the 3% talk about Rouhani’s Traitorous acts!, and how Rouhani aids Iran’s enemies. Now even the West’s analysts say: ‘Rouhani is taking an enormous gamble with this speech’ ! (Jan 2015) They even add: ‘Rouhani’s speech will have one of two consequences: (1) a dramatic change in Mullah politics (2) the end of Rouhani and his career’ ! (Slate, Jan 2015) In fact now even idiots know this Enemy of Iranians, this British Retard, Rouhani, and how Rouhani aids Iran’s Enemies. The fate of Rouhani, like the fate of all slaves of the West -from Hajji Baba to Razmara & AN- is quite clear. Those whose ideals and whose Akhor & Afsar are bound to the UK, the West, Tazis and other Barbarians and sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian values (aka Human values) have no place and no future in Iran. Now only the Company and its psychotic slaves praise Rouhani and Islamists. For instance, Mark Fitzpatrick says: ‘In an astonishing (Masonic speech) at an economic conference on 4 January, Rouhani showed how keen he is to (lick the ass of the West !) Sanctions have brought Iran to its knees [!!!] .. (Rouhani & IMF fucked) Rial’s exchange rate’ !! (Jan 2015) Of course even retards like Fitzpatrick know that ‘Iranian people argue that in retaliation, Iran should walk out of the nuclear negotiations and (also) the IAEA’ ! (Jan 2015) But in Dec 2014, Mark Fitzpatric, from so-called International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) -which just reminds you of ISIS- said: ‘there was a man with whom we could make a deal. His name is Hassan Rouhani ! .. Western negotiators yearned for him. We now have him again! .. Given Russias refuelling agreement, Iran has no practical need for an enrichment program of this size! .. Rouhani would say yes to our conditions’ !! (Dec 2014) And now Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) openly says that his ideals and bridle are bound to his Masonic Masters. Rouhani and Mullahs badly suffer from Jewish-British Insanity. Now only the Masonic Media -from little cesspits like Alef, Gooya, Rooz & Mullah TV to the main Masonic media such as BBC, Guardian, Economists, Financial Times etc- praise Rouhani, while all Iranians curse Rouhani and laugh/ spit at him. Now even idiots know why Rouhani tries to destabilize Iran’s economy, to raise all prices, to create high inflation, and to implement their Zionist IMF plans in Iran. Rouhani is worse than Hajji Baba. Rouhani and his Masonic Masters use English/ Stupid tricks (Kalak-e Englisi-Turki) They think if they implement IMF plans, increase all prices and create fake crises, then they can pretend that ‘the results of Rouhani’s Evil acts and IMF Plans = Results of Sanctions, and a result of this fact that Iranians want to have a powerful and independent country! Rouhani and his Masters suffer from Masonic Mongolism. They think if the West censors all news and all facts, then Hassan Freemason and IMF can make Iranians even angrier; and after that, if Iranians were so mad at the West and its stooges, then Iranians would accept what Western Bullies/ Barbarians want!, and Iran’s people would say: Iran should not be a powerful and independent country’ ! The West and its stooges are such brainless retards. But you can ask: why they are such retards? Why they act like brainless retards? If you know the Cults and Programmed Slaves -from S-ex Slaves to Terrorists- you would know why Mind-controlled slaves just obey orders, and kill themselves for their Masters”. Iranian people are not Blind. But as some wise Iranians say: “The West’s bad guys pretend that words have lost their meanings in this era of Orwellian Charlatanism. But normal humans can still use their common sense and/ or their dictionaries, and can see that
Barbarians = those who show no respect for Human values; Bully = those who use their power to hurt others; to put pressure on others in order to make them do what you want; Betray = to be disloyal to your country, friends or family so that they are harmed or upset. Normal humans can use their common sense. But Tazis, Western Barbarians and Masons suffer from Terrible Insanity. Some of them are mind-controlled slaves; some of them are psychos; some of them are retards; and some of them are savage pigs. But unfortunately, they rule the West. They control the West, and try to control the world. All puppet dictators and all stooges of the West -from Mullahs, ISIS and Savage Saudis to Marxists and Journalists- suffer from English diseases, including Foolishness, Wickedness and Shamelessness. Rouhanis, like Saudis, are programmed slaves of the West, and that’s why Rouhani -aka Martike 3-darsadi (Mr 3%)- has no shame and talks about Nu-clear Referendum. In 2009, and also in the 2014 Referendum, the 97% of Iranians clearly showed that they hate Rouhani, the UK and all Mullahs so much. In fact, all Iranians know the Devil in disguise. All Iranians know Who control Mullahs and their Afsar/ Akhor. Iranians have created many good cartoons/ jokes about the UK and Mullahs. They actually say to Mullahs: All Iranians know who control your ideal and your bridle (Arman-tan va Afsar-tan beh koja … !) ! But Mullahs and their British Masters are brainless Monkeys”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even idiots and the 3% refer to Rouhani as a Traitor, and ask: Why Rouhani aids Iran’s enemies and instead of negotiating from a position of power, Rouhani loves a position of absolute weakness?! (Jan 2015) In fact, now even idiots can see how Hassan Freemason (Rouhani) serves the West’s interests. In these days, Iranian people talk about English Mullahs and Martike 3-darsadi. This Martike (little man) and his Veqahat (Shamelessness), Hemaqat (Foolishness) and Rezalat (Wickedness) remind Iranians of the UK and Hajji Baba, or of the old Farsi Films in which Iranian comedians talked about Martike Rishaki (a faggot with beard) and his evil acts. Now all Iranians (+97%) laugh and spit at this Martike Pofyooz-e 3-darsadi, Rohani. Now even idiots know why Rohani is worse than AN. But you can ask yourself: Why Rohani shows his true colors in such a silly way? Why Rohani tries to make Iran’s people even angrier, and to ask all Iranians to hate him and to spit at him? Why Rohani acts like a psychotic retard? Rohani and his men say the worst anti-Iranian crap in Iran’s history. For the first time in Iran’s history, Rohani’s media openly said: Rohani’s main goal is ‘Hurting & Humiliating Iranian people’ ! But why Rohani and his men are such stupid faggots? If you want to know Rohani, you should know s-ex slaves, cult slaves or mind-controlled slaves. Rohani is a programmed slave. Programmed slaves become Masons, Terrorists, Basijis, ISIS, MEK, Jihadis etc. In 2009, programmed slaves killed Iran’s Children for the sake of the West. Programmed slaves/ psychos -form Mullahs and Basijis to MEK, ISIS and Saudis- can kill themselves for their Arbabs (Masters). If you search the internet for ‘Mind Control’, you can see even Westerners talk about the West’s Evil projects, and how the West works on creating ‘a group of programmed Zombies (and also) an Army of Arnold Schwarzenegger clones’ ! And it’s not just a Hollywood myth. As the wise Westerners say: ‘The objective of Mind Control projects have been to take human beings -Americans and all humans- and transform them into unthinking, programmed slaves. They want to create a zombie state in which they would blindly serve Big Brothers .. Zombies ask no questions, and just (obey orders) .. Zombies work for (Big Brothers)’. Rouhani is one of these Zombies, as ISIS, Saudis, Terrorists and Zionists are Zombies. As you know, Zombie has a symbolic meaning: ‘Zombie is a dead person whose body is made to move by Magic/ Master; Zombie is someone who does not think, and just obeys orders’. If you search the internet, you find many things about ‘Mind control’. For instance, the wise Westerners say: ‘the testing of drugs by the C-IA was just a part of the US governments top-secret mind-control projects .. Psychological Warfare is nothing more than a series of invisible programs to manipulate the minds of other people. So people are misled, and they in turn win the war’. And what Rouhani says/ does is part of the West’s Psychological Warfare”. They also add: “If you want to know Rouhani -as a product of Glasgow & Britain- you should know his Masonic Brothers, and his Masonic Teachers. If you want to know Mullahs and other stooges of the West, you should know Western Barbarism, Western Insanity, Western Mongolism and other Western diseases. And if you want to know the Western diseases, you can take a look at what the West’s insiders and whistleblowers say about Devil’s Game, Dark Alliance, The Brotherhood, Trance Formation of America etc. What they say can explain much of the Western insanity today. They truly talk about the West’s Cult building/ Mind-control projects, and say: ‘Cult leaders are control freaks; they set traps to keep people in the cult and under control .. they destroy freedom and turn people into slaves .. The cult wants to isolate people from reality’. In fact, Jihadis, Basijis, MEK, ISIS or suicide bombers are the West’s programmed slaves. The story of the US and its Terrorist allies -like the story of UK, France and their Terrorist allies- is a tragicomic story. They create Terrorists, Islamists and Zombies, and kill innocent people -even their own people. Now the US, the UK and France openly make love with Savage Saudis and ISIS/ MEK. So it’s obvious why the US deserved the 9/11 attacks, and why France deserves terrorist attacks. Those who kill innocent people in France are those stooges of the West who kill innocent people in Syria, Iraq etc. The Barbarian France/ UK/ US and their stooges are those sadists and animals who Bully Iranians and praise Anti-Iran Sadism/ Racism. So, it’s obvious why France deserves terrorist attacks. French Faggots/ Sadists defended, and still defend, Terrorists (MEK, Mullahs, ISIS etc) and Anti-Iran Sadism/ Racism. The Barbarian France is an enemy of Iranians and all good guys, including the good French. The Savage France/ UK/ West create and support terrorists (ISIS, MEK, Islamists etc). They create Satanic Cults, and love and defend Slaves of Ideology and Slaves of Big Brother. So they deserve what they get, as they deserve downfall and destruction. As the West’s insiders say: “In the West, the people in the very highest levels of society, government, religion and media are officially psychos, rapists, sadists, faggots, pedophiles, drug addicts etc’. And it’s not a myth. After 2009, the West badly showed its true colors. Now it’s clear why the wise Westerners talk about Modern Slavery, Control Mind & Barbarian/ Masonic/ Satanic traditions in the West. Those who created the 2009 Coup, killed Iranians, helped Mullahs, imposed their Sadistic sanctions on Iranian people, and created & supported Terrorists and Islamists/ Marxists, just sowed the seeds of Hate and the seeds of their own Destruction; and they will reap what they sowed. Now it’s clear that British Barbarians and American/ European Barbarians were behind the 1953 Coup, the 1979 Coup, the 2009 Coup and all main problems in Iran. Now it’s clear that masons and crypto Jews control the Mullah regime, and the Problem is very bigger than this Chalquz (little shit), Rouhani. He is just a low-rank puppet. Rouhani just speaks the UK’s words when his Masters pull his strings. Mullahs are puppets of the West, and just speak the West’s words/ Satan’s words when their Arbab pull their strings. Rouhanis love to lick the asses of the West and the Devil. Rouhanis say: America says this or that, so we should obey them. But Iranian people say: ‘America Goh Khordeh .. ! ! In Persian language, we have many funny terms such as Goh Khordeh (eating shits), Goh Ziadi Khordan (eating extra shits) or Qalat Ziadi (extra shit). And now Iranians use such terms a lot, especially when they talk about UK, Rouhani, nu-clear issues, Islamists, sanctions, the Anti-Iran West etc”.


As some wise Iranians say: “the current events remind many of the 1953 Coup & the 1979 Coup. The stupid West and its stooges still use the same dirty tricks. They actually show many things, including the role of the UK and its Mullahs/ Islamists in the 1950s, and in screwing the Oil Nationalization Movement. The West’s bullies/ barbarians and their stooges (Islamists etc) still live in the past, and that’s why their tactics have not changed. But now all normal humans are becoming aware. Now even the good Westerners say: ‘the C-IA is so funny. They have finally admitted that they toppled Mossadegh, after he tried to nationalize Irans oil wealth from the British. The military coup that overthrew Mossadegh and his National Front cabinet was carried out under C-IA direction as an act of US foreign policy’, stated in one of the US official documents. British Intelligence had used their Mullahs (Ayatollahs) to help overthrow Mossadegh and install the Shah back in 1953′ ! The good westerners even say: ‘the West and its puppet dictators want to ‘keep the Middle East backward so that its natural resources, including oil and gas, could continue to be looted‘ ! Normal humans are not blind. But Marxists and Mullahs are Masons, and they have always tried to serve the interests of their Masonic Masters and their Western Arbab. You can ask yourself: Why Mullahs and Masons attack Iranian culture, Iranian values, and all Iranian things? Why Masons and Mullahs try to destroy Iran’s image, and to defend Tazi values, Masonic Islam etc? […] They know that Iranian Logic and Iranian Values give the West no excuse to deny Iran’s rights and to crap about Iran. So, Mullahs and Islamists -who are sworn enemies of Iran & Iranians- try to destroy Iran and the public image of Iran, because Mullahs/ Islamists want to give their Western Masters excuses to deny Iran’s rights, to plunder Iran’s resources, and to crap about Iran. It’s their Masonic mission. The 2014 Yalda was just a new example that showed how Mullahs/ Islamists/ Tazis attack Iranian traditions and Iranian values”. They also add: “In the West, the Media is the Mafia. They love Rouhanis, because Rouhanis serve the Savage West’s interests. They censor all news, even the big news of the 2014 Referendum -which was one of the biggest referendums in history. But now they play silly games, and have Orwellian headlines such as: ‘Rouhani Dreams of a Referendum’ ! or ‘Rouhani Direct Democracy: Rouhani Wants Referendum’ !! In the West, psychos control the media, and they actually show you why the UK is a Masonic Tyranny, why the West is Orwellian, or why Iranians say: Rouhani is not Iranian; Rouhani is Tazi; Rouhani is the son of the UK/ Satan etc. Now Retards and Bad guys -including Rouhani & his Arbab- themselves are showing their true colors, and making all humans aware. Now even idiots can see how Rouhani aids Iran’s enemies, and how Rouhani serves the West’s interests. Now only the Company spies like Vaez from the International Crisis Group -which is a group for Creating Crisis- defend their beloved Rouhani, and say: ‘Iran has to accept that lifting the sanctions in the early stages of the agreement is not possible [!!] The US says the lifting of sanctions can’t happen in any nuclear accord. (So,) Rouhani wants to reconsider Iran’s enrichment demands [!!] Rouhani should get busy lowering Iranian people’s expectations’ !! (NPR, Jan 2015) The Company slaves suffer from Insanity and Mongolism. And Rouhani is just one of them. But now even normal idiots can see the real intentions of Hassan Freemason (Rouhani). Now even idiots say: ‘Talk of a referendum reminds Mullahs that they have a shrinking base of popular support’ ! In fact, even idiots know that the Anti-Iran West and its stooges (Islamists etc) have no popular support in Iran. Now almost all Iranians say that Iran must have Nukes, and the Western Bullies/ Barbarians can go to hell and fuck
. And it’s obvious that Iran’s people -not Mullahs or Masons- decide about the future of Iran and the future of Iran’s nu-clear programs. In 1979 and 1970s, Iran’s people were so naive & ignorant, and thought that Anti-Shah or Anti-Tyranny is equal to Anti-Nuclear program, Anti-Industry, Anti-Modernity etc. In 1979 and 1970s, Mullahs and Masons could play with Iran’s people. But now all Iranians (+97%) know and hate Mullahs and their Western Arbabs. Now Iranians know How the British And US Governments Installed Khomeini, How the BBC help Mullahs, and How Mullahs serve the interests of the West and Iran’s enemies. The role of Mullahs/ Islamists in the 2009 CIA Coup, the 1953 CIA Coup, and the 1979 CIA Coup is not forgettable and forgivable. Even the West’s insiders say the CIA & MI6 (ie the Company) were behind Mullah Khashani, Fadayan, Navab, Al-Afghani and Al-Hindi (Khomeini). Even Mullahs confess that Al-Hindi (Khomeini) was Hindi-Zadeh or non-Iranian. As the West’s insiders say: ‘Khomeini, like Mullah Kashani, received money from the UK and the Company’. So, it’s obvious why Al-Hindi (Khomeini) and Islamists opposed Iran’s nu-clear programs and restoring Great Persia. If you do research about ‘History of U.S.-Iranian Nu-clear Negotiations’ and ‘Iranian Nu-clear Program, 1974- 1978‘, you can find many things about the reasons of the 1979 Coup, and how Islamists served the interests of the West and Iran’s enemies. If you do research about ‘C-IA and Mullahs’, ‘US-Shah Nuclear Negotiations in 1978’, ‘UK-Shah Oil Negotiations in 1978’ etc you can see that even the US ‘National Security Archive’ says many interesting things about Mullahs and the Company (we would write more about this issue later) But you can ask yourself: Why Marxists and journalists say nothing about such facts?! The USA worried about the Shah’s nu-clear programs, according to declassified documents. During the 1970s, the Shah argued for a nu-clear energy capability on the basis of Iran’s Rights. During the late 1970s, the US badly wanted to stop Iran’s programs and to topple the Shah -who argued that Iran has Rights under NPT to develop nu-clear technology. But why Mullahs and Islamists, like today’s MEK and Monarchists, just served the West’s interests and helped the West?! The late 1970s nu-clear negotiations (and what the West did to the Shah in 1978, because he had plans for a $90 billion nu-clear program) are so important but why Marxists or Journalists say nothing about such important facts?! The West and freemasons like Kissinger and Brzezinski worried about the Shah’s ambition to make Iran a world power. If you read Alam’s memories, you can see that Shah and Kissinger hated each other. Kissinger asked Shah to stop Iran’s nu-clear programs. But as the West’s insiders say: ‘the nu-clear negotiations with Iran could not be resumed until the Carter era .. Shah and Iran wanted to develop enrichment capabilities and to possess fuel facilities’ ! All people can do research, and see What really happened in the 1970s, and more importantly, Why did it happen? What happened, and how it happened is important. But the Whys are more important”.

As some wise Iranians: ‘In 1978/ 79, Mullahs and Masons actually said that Anti-Pahlavi or Anti-Shah means Anti-Iran, Anti-Progress or Anti-Nu-clear programs! In 1978/ 79, Iranian people were so naive and ignorant, and didn’t know Masonic plans. But now all Iranians have become aware, and know the Devil in disguise. Now all Iranians, and many non-Iranians, know that Anti-Mullah or Anti-Islamist actually means pro-Iran, pro-Progress, pro-Iran’s Nuclear programs, pro-Justice, pro-Truth, pro-Tolerance, pro-Iranian values etc. Now almost all Iranians (+97%) are Anti-Mullah and Anti-Islamist, but they strongly defend Iran’s nuclear programs and they want to restore Persia, to convert Iran into a world power & an independent country. Now Mullahs, like Shah, have only two options. The West and its stooges (Shah, Mullahs etc) created the 1953 Coup, and the 2009 Coup. We Iranians will never forget and forgive Killing Iran’s Children in the Mullah era, and in the Pahlavi era. But now almost all Iranians know that the West is the Great Evil and the Main Problem. Now Mullahs, like Shah, have two options: (1) choosing Iranian people (2) choosing Ajaneb (the West and other barbarians). The stupid Shah chose the West. And now even the 3% talk about Fatehe Velayat (End of Mullahs). But what would happen if they choose Iranian people? At first, those who have Iranian blood on their hands will be tried and punished. Basijis and Traitors will be tried for their role in the 2009 Coup. But ignorant guys and those who really and deeply regret hurting Iranians and helping Tazis or the West can be forgiven. Only Tazi/ Mason/ Anti-Iranian pigs who have Iranian blood on their hands will be punished. Those who care about Iran and Iranian values can join the 97% and Iranian Nation. The 3% can join the 97% in asking for a real Iranian regime, a real Democracy, restoring Great Persia, and creating a powerful and independent country. But Traitors and Anti-Iranian pigs -who are spies/ stooges of the West, Tazis and sworn enemies of Iran & Iranian values- have no place in Iran and should go to hell. Our Iranian values, our Iranian Legacy, and also the reason and history tell us that Fighting against Oppressors and the forces of Darkness is a very good thing, but Intolerance, washing blood with blood, or trusting Barbarians & the Beast Chameleon-like media and politicians is a very stupid and bad thing. Iranians tolerate different views, different religions/ life styles etc. But we Iranians will never tolerate the intolerant people- ie Sadists, Censors and those who try to destroy Truth and Tolerance. Those who tell many big lies are enemies of the Truth. Those who praise Racism, Sadism & Slavery are enemies of Tolerance and Humanity. All normal humans know such obvious things. Those who are in bed with their Zionist IMF, and make love with their Imperialist Brothers while chanting anti-Imperialist slogans are enemies of the Truth. Those rapists, s-ex addicts and s-ex worshipers who chant Anti-Sex slogans are enemies of the Truth. Those Sadists, barbarians and human-eaters (Adam-khora) who chant Human Rights slogans are enemies of the Truth. Yah, many people tell lies every now and then. But telling lies from morning to night, and telling big lies on a daily basis is another story. All normal humans know such obvious things, as they know the difference between ‘Different views and Big lies’. People can have different views, different tastes, different life styles etc and it’s a good thing. For instance, some like this color and some like that color. You can like Green, Red, Black or White; but you cannot say Black is White, or White is Black! You, like Rouhani, can say: ‘your identity and your ideals are not connected to Iran and Iranians; but your ideals are connected to the UK, Masons, Tazis etc’ !, but you cannot pose as Iranian or president/ representative of Iranians! You can lick the West’s ass, but not when you chant Anti-West slogans! Islamists are Masonic retards. They implement IMF Plans, make the economic problems far worse, create high inflation & fake crises, destabilize Iran’s economy, destroy Iran’s national products & Iran’s national currency, and work for Iran’s enemies and aid Iran’s enemies, but they pretend that they hate IMF and Iran’s enemies! This level of Insanity, Stupidity and Charlatanism just make all people aware. Now the soup is too salty, and even the stupid Mullah media talk about English Islam and Amame-haye Englisi (English Mullahs; Amame = Mullah hat)! In fact, now even idiots can see how Amame-haye Englisi refer to their Zionist IMF Plans as Eqtesad-e Moqarebati (resistance economy)!, to licking their Great Satan’s ass as Bozdeli Qahramanane (Heroic cowardliness)!, and to obeying the West’s orders and surrendering to the West’s Bullies/ Barbarians as their ideals or their resistance! Mullahs suffer from English Insanity. But all Iranians (+97%) know why Iran must punish the West’s Bullies, and why Iran must have nukes. A nu-clear-armed Persia can stop the nu-clear-armed Tazis/ UK/ France etc -who love and praise Bullying, Barbarism, Colonialism, Genocide, Sadism, Injustice and other evil things. Western Insanity is a combination of Jewish Insanity and British Insanity. In fact, Tazi Barbarity + British Barbarity = Western/ Masonic Barbarity. In Jan 2015, Tazis (ie savage Arabs/ Jews) and Savage Terrorists refer to Iran as ‘Terrorist-supporting nation’ ! It’s funny that Jewish Barbarians, Tazi Terrorists and Savage Saudis say such jokes. But even the good Arabs/ Jews know Saudis, Zionists and other Tazis. If you take a look at the Arab/ Jewish Cults, or at their Tazi texts or Tazi history, you can easily see that Racism, Barbarism, Genocide, Sadism is part of their so-called Tazi Culture & Tazi values. Tazis and Nazis are the same shit. Good Jews or good Arabs care about Iranian values such as Truth, Tolerance, Humanity, Kindness, Sympathy etc. But Tazis are sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian values. The ungrateful Jews/ Arabs are like or worse than animals. Now these Chalquz (little shits) talk about ‘Warming to Iran’ !, while they know that Iran is not an artificial construct like I-s-rael or Arab states: a strong Iranian state has existed on the Iranian plateau for thousands of years‘ ! (Jan 2015) The British-made Arab states and the ungrateful Jews/ Arabs are Anti-Iran, Anti-Persia, Anti-Aryan, Anti-Iranian, Anti-Humanity and Anti-Truth. But Iranians are not Anti-Jew or Anti-Arab. Iranians care about all normal humans and all good guys, including good Arabs or good Jews. It’s part of our Iranian culture and our Iranian values. If you are a good guy, then Iranians are your friends. But if you are a sadist or barbarian (ie bad guy), then Iranians are not your friends, because we Iranians are Anti-Sadism, Anti-Barbarism and Anti-Big Lies”.

Why The Media Lie: The Media or The Mafia ?

January 6, 2015

“When people talk about ‘How’, they talk about the way in which something happens or is done. And when they talk about ‘Why’, they talk about the reasons, the story behind the story. In these years (2009 to 2014), Iranians and all sane people can see ‘How the Left, the West & the Media Lie’. After 2009, (Iranians preferred to) focus on How the Media Lie, and to provide a long list of facts about the West’s Evil acts, including the West’s Terrible Censorship & Big lies. But now the Western media and the Lefty media censor all news on a daily basis, and tell many big lies on a daily basis. Now if you want to list their big lies and their terrible censorship, then each week you can write several books! Since 2013/ 2014, they have badly confused. Before 2009, we Iranians didn’t think that the Western media and the Lefty media can censor all news/ facts in such a silly way. Before 2009, we Iranians didn’t see Western Journalists as Whores or Bad Guys. But now it’s clear that those who write/ work for the US/ UK media are spies/ stooges of the Company. Now many ask ‘Why the Media Lie‘, Why the Western Media acts like the Mafia, Why all of them tell the same big lies, censor the same things (…) Iranians and normal humans think and use their brains. But as you know, Orthodoxy means not thinking -not needing to think. Slaves and Sheep dont ask questions, and dont think. As Orwell said: In the Brotherhood (& Satanic Cults), you will always be in the dark. You will receive orders and you will obey them, without knowing why!”, some wise Iranians say. We want to have a series of posts on this issue and Why the Media Lie, and what you read here is the first post. As some wise Iranians say: “After 2009, we all could see how the West and the Media lie. In these years, the Lefty media and the Western media showed their true colors. And now Iranians are not alone in seeing the true face of the West and the Media. Now even Americans and Westerners talk about such issues. Even investigative journalists and Big names in American Journalism -from Gary Webb to Carl Bernstein- have talked about such issues. Carl Bernstein (1944- now) is an investigative journalist. He is a big name in Journalism, and for his role in breaking the Watergate scandal, Bernstein received many awards, including a Pulitzer Prize in 1973. The Watergate journalist, Carl Bernstein, says many good things about the US media and the US regime. In 1972, he wrote his famous article about ‘Watergate scandal’, and in 1977, Bernstein left the Washington Post and began investigating a secret relationship between the C-IA and American media. In his landmark article, [1]: The CIA and the Media (link: ht-tp:// ), Bernstein talks about the history of ties between the C-IA and the news organizations in the US. He actually shows how The C-IA and MI6 (ie the Company) control the Media in the West. He says: ‘News Organizations which cooperated with the Company include the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters .. (But) the most valuable of these associations, according to the Company officials, have been with the New York Times, CBS (etc)’ [1] Bernstein openly says: ”The use of journalists has been among the most productive means of intelligence‑gathering employed by the Company’ ! [1] The Watergate journalist, Bernstein, even adds: ‘American journalists were used to work (as Spies) … (In the West,) journalists were used to help recruit and handle foreigners as agents; to acquire and evaluate information, and to plant false information with officials of foreign governments .. the Company use the term Reporting (not Spying!) to describe much of what journalists did for the Company’ ! [1] What the Watergate journalist, Bernstein, says can explain many things, including what the Western media did in recent years. Bernstein says: ‘During the 1976 investigation of the Company by the Senate Intelligence Committee, chaired by Senator Frank Church, the dimensions of the C-IAs involvement with the Press became apparent’ [1] And in these years (2009 to 2014), the real dimensions of the Companys involvement with the Western Media and Journalists became apparent. Bernstein tried to explain ‘the use of journalists’ [1] and how the Company use journalists: ‘ We ask them, Will you do us a favor?, said a senior C-IA official. ‘We understand youre going to be in (Iran) .. If you happen to meet a (X), (do this or that) .. Can you set up a meeting for us? Or relay a message? The Company regarded journalists as operatives; and the journalists tended to see themselves as trusted friends of the Company who performed (even acts in the name of ) the national interest’ ! [1] The Watergate journalist, Bernstein, said a lot about the Company’s use of the Press [1], and recent years showed that Bernstein was right. He said: ‘the journalists were contract employees of the Company‘ ! [1] In fact, American/ British journalists -even ‘the biggest names in Journalism’ [1]- work for the Company. Even ‘Wes Gallagher, general manager of the Associated Press (1962 to 1976) said that the AP has aided the Company .. C-IA even ran a formal training program in the 1950s to teach its agents to be journalists’ ! [1] What the Watergate journalist, Bernstein, says can explain many things. In the West, the Media is part of the Mafia. The Company and the mass media work together. They are many examples [1] For instance, as Bernstein said, ‘the New York Times provided cover for about ten C-IA operatives between 1950 and 1966’ [1] ‘The Companys special relationships with the so‑called ‘Majors’ in publishing and broadcasting enabled the Company to (do many Evil acts) .. CBS was unquestionably the Company’s most valuable broadcasting asset’ ! [1] Bernstein talks about ‘the details of the relationship between the Company and CBS/ ABC/ Times etc [1] And we all know what US media, Lefty media and UK media did in 1979, 2009 and all these years. As Bernstein says, the US/ UK media provide ‘Journalistic cover’ [1] for the Company’s Evil acts. And these years (2009 to 2014) showed that what people like Bernstein say is not a Myth or Conspiracy Theory”.


As some wise Iranians say: “We all know that the UK is much worse than the US, and the UK media are much worse than the US media. In these days, the UK media -from the Guardian to BBC- openly defend their Rouhani, their 2009 Coup, or Rouhani’s Evil acts. Now All Iranians are cursing Rouhani, but the BBC and the Company badly defend their beloved Rouhani and his Anti-Iranian policies (including IMF Plans/ Censorship/ MITM attacks/ High inflation/ Increasing Bread Price and all prices) in a silly way. The UK is proving many things. As you know, it’s impossible to tell exactly how the Brotherhood and Big Brother’s Mafia work. But many insiders and whistleblowers – that Gary Webb, Snow-den, Dreyfuss, O’Brien and Bernstein are just a few of them- have provided good information. Now it’s clear what they said about ‘the Company and the Media’, Operation Mockingbird or the Companys manipulation of the news media is not a myth. Now there are numerous examples of the Company Media’s evil acts. In and After 2009, any sane person could see that Journalists and Marxists are C-IA assets. Now Marxists openly make love with their Imperialist Brothers and their Imperialist IMF ! Now it’s clear that what whistleblowers/ insiders like Robert Dreyfuss said about ‘How the UK plotted the downfall of the Shah’ or ‘How the Masons brought Mullahs to power’ is not a myth. Dreyfuss says: ‘Carter said Mullahs are Our Friends! (ie Friends of the Devil !) .. President Carter’s official welcome to the Mullah Dictatorship signaled a far deeper Truth. Carter and his administration had put Mullahs to power .. Masonic organizations such as the Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) in London brought Mullahs to power .. the British Oligarchy and the British Dark Ages Policies created Khomeini & Mullahs .. the British Dark ages policies and British intelligence specialists had cultivated Mullahs, Satanic cults, secret societies and religious Brotherhoods .. Mullahs were Assets of the British Empire, and tried to destroy Iran .. In 1974, the Shah began talking about making Iran the World’s six industrial power in one generation (until 2000) .. In 1978, negotiations between the Shah and the Consortium (BP) were (so important). But in the American press, not a single line was published about such facts .. the Shah was surrounded himself with a bunch of fawning sycophants .. General Huyser and a team of sixty C-IA agents entered Iran in Jan 1979, to help smooth the transition to Mullahs .. the Goals of the 1979 Mullah Revolution (was/ is clear): the destruction of Iran’s cities .. the cancellation of Iran’s Nuclear Energy program‘ ! The story of the Nuclear Farce is a long story. But most non-Iranians don’t know why the Left and the West censor ‘the US’s opposition & Carter administration’s opposition to Iranian access to Nu-clear Energy technology in the Pahlavi era’. The West’s insiders say: In the 1970s, Projects on Nuclear fusion energy were the pride of Iranian scientists & engineers‘. In the 1970s, Mullahs & Islamists attacked Iran’s scientists and Iran’s nu-clear programs. Islamists & Mullahs were Masons/ Stooges of the West, and that’s why they said: Iran doesn’t need nu-clear projects and industrial programs [!!] Iran should not become a powerful country and an industrial power’ !! Islamists/ Mullahs were Masons and non-Iranian puppets of the UK/ US, and that’s why they attacked Industrial Parks, nu-clear projects, all industrial development projects and all Agricultural development programs in Iran. In 1979, Mullahs and their Revolutionary Council proposed to convert the cooling towers of the two nuclear power stations in Bushehr into Wheat silos‘ ! But why the Left and the West say nothing about such facts?! Mullahs tried to destroy Everything in Iran, because it was what their Arbab (ie the West) wanted. Islamists/ Mullahs are old puppets of the UK. Even the West’s insiders say: ‘For centuries, the British Oligarchy has been spreading its gospel of opposition to Progress, of deliberate fostering of Backwardness and Religious Cultism… the existence of the Dark Ages fraction is no secret .. It is the British (& Basijis) who today hold up China as the ideal for the developing countries of the Third World .. It is the British who sponsored Mullahs .. the US provided aid and comfort to Mullahs and their Masonic Brotherhood (Fadayane / Muslim Brotherhood) .. Mullah, like Muslim Brotherhood, is a London creation .. Muslim Brotherhood is a Masonic Cult. At its highest level, the Muslim Brotherhood is not Muslim .. the British goal was to convince the Muslim world that its true culture is Backwardness and Irrationality‘ (and it’s exactly like what Zibakalam & all Basijis say now)’ ! The West’s insiders say many important things. For instance, they talk about ‘the Cultivation of Backwardness’ and the British Cult-building projects, and say: ‘(UK & its Masons/ Mullahs said) Iranian God and God of Reason should become Insane God, God of Darkness (ie Satan) .. the British Cult-building projects started in 1820s (and its products were Mormonism, Marxism, Mullahism, Bahaism, Islamism, Zionism etc) … Who was behind the British Cult-building projects? the British Royal Family and Freemasons .. Mullah Al-Afghani was a British Agent. Throughout his 40-year career as a British intelligence agent, Mullah Afghani was guided by two British Cult specialists, Wilfrid Blunt and Edward Browne .. the Oxford and Cambridge Orientalists were Masons. They were behind Mullah Afghani, Bahais and Malkum .. Malkum’s father, Yaqub, was as close associate of Wilfrid Blunt .. Malkum and his father created the first Freemason lodge in Iran .. In a letter to Wilfrid Blunt, Malkum described his methods: ‘I went to Europe and learned the organization of freemasons (..) I was determined to clothe my reforms (ie Masonic plans) in the grab of Religion! .. Ali Shariati was a member of the Masonic Brotherhood .. Shariati is the originator of so-called Islamic Marxism .. Shariati’s father (Taqi) was part of the British intelligence Freemasonic movement in Mashad .. UK and the Brotherhood (like Zibakalam & Basijis) loved Al-Ghazali’ ! It’s what Westerners say. But in the Lefty/ Western mass media, not a single line is published about critical facts/ events. In 2014 and in the Lefty/ Western media, not a single line was published about the 2014 Referendum, MITM attacks, Rouhani’s Evil acts and all important facts/ news of Iran in 2014. But Why? If you paid more attention to the Whys, you would understand many things better”.


As some wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious why the Masonic Media like the Guardian and the BBC tell very big lies and badly defend their beloved Rouhani and their 2009 Coup. But you can ask why all Western media and all Lefty media censor the love story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’; Why they say nothing about Rouhani’s Evil acts and the IMF’s plans in Iran; Why they censor all news/ facts; and why they just tell big lies. Unfortunately, the Company controls all mass media. In the West, the Company spies/ stooges are called journalists or intellects/ experts. The West’s mass media don’t care about the Truth, the People, or what is good and decent. In these days, a stupid CIA agent, Farideh Farhi, talks about ‘Mr Rouhanis efforts to address Irans serious economic woes’ !!, and says: ‘Rouhanis fate is not (like Razmara’s fate or AN’s fate)’ ! (Dec 2014, Financial Times [FT]) Farideh Farhi is a Basiji whore, a Mullah Ass-licker, and a stupid slave of the Brotherhood. Now Farideh Farhi talks about: ‘An optimistic mood among businesses and investors in Iran [!!!], and praises ‘Mr Rouhani’s economic team (ie IMF & Company)’ !! She just reminds you of the Company’s mind-control sex slaves. This stupid CIA whore, Farideh Farhi, is just a symbol of those s-ex slaves/ media whores who tell British Lies, ie the Worst/ Biggest lies”. They also add: “All Iranians know the story of Rouhani’s men/ ministers. Now Rouhani’s science minister is a Basiji faggot who openly defends Killing Iran’s Children in 2009. But do you know what the West’s media and the Company’s whores like Farhi say?! They say: ‘Rouhani’s minister of science (who is officially a Basiji) is a Reformist’ !! (FT, Dec 2014) The US/ UK media are worse than the Mullah media. Now the Mullah TV shows how all Rouhani’s men/ ministers defend their 2009 CIA Coup and their Imperialist IMF. In Dec 2014, the Mullah TV aired programs in which all Rouhani’s men/ ministers -from Jannati & Farhadi to Faheshe Ebtekar- openly defend Basijis, the 2009 Coup and 2009 Massacres, and openly attack Iran, Iranian people and the Greens. But the Western media not only censor such facts/ news, but they tell the Exact opposite of the Truth! And it shows/ proves many things. In the West, the Media is part of the Big Brother’s Mafia”. They also add: “The UK media -from BBC to Guardian- are Masonic media. Do you remember what they said about Rouhani or Jannati -the son of Bin Laden? But now the UK-backed Rouhani and Jannati openly defend Censorship, Tyranny, IMF Plans, Basijis, ISIS and Crackdowns on Music/ Cinema/ Internet etc. And the UK media censors all news! Rouhani or Jannati is a stupid Mason. They are not important. But what the BBC and the Guardian say or censor about them is important. It shows that the UK is behind Rouhani, and his Masonic Cabinet”. They also add: “Even the West’s insiders know ‘Who were behind the Shah’s Economic plans’. They talk about the IMF and other Masonic organizations, and openly say: ‘Who were advisers on Economic Planning and Development Strategy to the Shah?! The IMF, the MI6 and Masons’ ! They know how the stupid Shah implemented the IMF plans, obeyed the West’s orders, and dug his own grave with his own hands. And now Mullahs and Rouhani -as a product of Glasgow & Britain- are worse than the stupid Shah. If Iran’s regime was really an Iranian regime, they would say why the UK, the Company and the IMF should control/ defend this British Mason, Rouhani – who just tries to make Iran’s people even angrier. Now all Iranians (+%97) just curse Rouhani, and use many F-words for cursing Rouhani. The fate of Rouhani is like the fate of Razmara/ AN/ Zahak etc. Now only the UK and the Company defend Rouhani”. They also add: “Do you expect that the UK openly says: ‘Yah, the UK created Mullahs/ Islamists; the UK was & is behind Mullahs?! Now after 60 years, their media says: ‘C-IA Admits It Was Behind Coup in Iran’ !!, and people ask: Which Coup?! 1953 Coup or 2009 Coup?! You can wait 60 years, and maybe 60 Years Later, the Company Admits Role in 2009 Coup! But now the UK media -from BBC to Guardian- work as the Mullah media, and can show you many things. Now it’s clear that Basijis are Non-Iranian puppets of the West. Islamists and Basijis are a bunch of spies/ stooges of the West (Nokar-e Ajaneb) The so-called Exiled Journalists are the Company spies. They suffer from Mongolism. Their beloved intellects are ultra-stupid Basiji faggots like Dr GoozAli Abazari ! And it’s funny that the West loves Islamists and Masonic/ Basii faggots like GoozAli or Abazari/ Zibakalam, too”. They also add: “Now Iran is much more modern than the UK and the US, because Iran’s people are much more educated, modern and socially/ politically aware than their counterparts in the UK and the US. All Iranians know the Mullah Media (& BBC, VOA etc). But how many Westerners know their media? How many Westerners know that ‘there is ample evidence that Americas leading publishers and news executives allowed themselves and their organizations to become handmaidens to the Company’? [1] How many Westerners know that ‘Almost all news organizations provided cover for the C-IA’ ? [1] How many Westerners know that ‘American correspondents returning from abroad routinely emptied their notebooks and offered their impressions to Company personnel’ ?! [1] How many Westerners know that Mullahs are old puppets of the UK; and Islamism, Mullah-ism or Bahaism is a product of the UK? How many Westerners know the UK, Mullahs, the US, Marxists, Islamists, Capitalists and other Evil forces? Today’s Iran is really much more modern than the UK or the US. Now it’s clear that when Barbarians want to create Democracy, the product is Orwellian/ Masonic Tyranny, aka British Democracy. These years can show you many things. These years are when GoozAli (Abazari/ Zibakalam) is called intellectual; When Basijis/ ISIS and brutal Dictators are called Moral people; when Satan becomes God; when British Barbarians are called Modern people; when British Barbarians and Human-eaters (Adam-Khora) become defenders of Human Rights!”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now the West and all Masons -including Rouhanis and UK media- badly suffer from Goh Gijeh (shitty confusion) The 2014 Referendum clearly showed that the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani and all Mullahs. But now FT & BBC say: Rouhani threatens to hold a Referendum in Iran’ !! (Jan 2015) British pigs have no shame; But all Iranians (+97%) say: Referendum is exactly what Iran’s people want;Hold a Referendum on the Mullah regime, and see how +97% of Iranians hate the Mullah regime so much. Please Hold a Referendum! It’s what all Iranians want. If you dare, Hold a Referendum’ ! After 2009, all Iranians say: ‘Hold a Referendum again; the 1979 Referendum is not valid any more. Most of those who voted in 1979 are dead now. The 90% of today’s Iranians didn’t participate in the 1979 Referendum. Hold a Referendum again. Hold a Referendum on Iran’s regime, and see what Iran’s people want’. Iranians know English Mullahs well. So Iranians say: Hold a Referendum under the eyes of the World and normal Humans; and if more than 3% of Iranians would support Rouhani/ Mullahs, then we Iranians allow English Mullahs to rule Iran for the next 30 years!’ ! All Iranians want a Referendum, and say: Hold a Referendum on Rouhani, the Mullah regime, and the Anti-Iran West’. All Iranians (+97%) hate Rouhani, all Islamists and all stooges of the West. But the West’s media are Masonic media, and don’t care about the Truth, the People, or what people want. The Watergate journalist, Carl Bernstein, says a lot about Journalism in the West. For instance he talks about ‘Well known columnists and broadcast commentators whose relationships with the C-IA go far beyond (your imagination)’ ! [1] And these years (2009 to 2014) clearly showed that the West’s Journalists are really slaves of Big Brother. Now even Westerners know the Brotherhood’s agents like Noam Chomsky, Brzezinski, Richard Falk, Ramsey Clark, Richard Cottam, and those who created the Mullah regime. Now little whores like Akbar Ganji, Farhi, Zibakalam, Laylaz, Behnoud etc are dead rats, and they just reveal the true face of their Masters (Arbab), and the truths of the Company’s relationship to mainstream media in the West. Now even Americans say: ‘the Company works hand-in-hand with Hollywood and the publishing industry to (fool people)’ ! (2014) The Watergate journalist, Bernstein, truly says: ‘The Company’s use of the US news media has been much more extensive than they have acknowledged publicly’ [1] And we all know that the UK is much worse than the US. In 2014, British Barbarians openly threatened Iranian people with Air Pollution and further Darkening the skies above Tehran! In Nov 2014, British Barbarians and the Guardian of Barbarians openly said: All Iranians are sneaky deceivers who are not to be trusted or All Iranians are egotistical, deceptive, secretive, manipulative, and selfish (GU, Nov 2014) The UK is such a stupid cesspit of Racist Barbarians. Even good Britons are aware of this issue. And all Humans should know what Good Britons say about British Barbarians and British Masons (we will write more about this issue later) But the US is still following the path of British Barbarians. Now US media says: ‘US Congress sees MEK/ NCRI (ie Islamist-Marxist Terrorists) as the core group advocating a free Iran ! The US, like UK and Mullahs, just tries to destroy the last vestiges of their own legitimacy/ credibility. Now what the UK media say about Iran is 0% to 1% true. In fact, 99% to 100% of what the UK media say about Iran is Big Lies or Orwellian Crap. And now the best US media only say about 1% to 10% true things. So, it’s obvious why people now ask/ think about Why the Media Lie, not about How the Media Lie”. They also add: “As you know, the Death of Journalism or the Death of Free Press is equal to the Death of Democracy in the West. But they are so stupid. They even don’t know that when they tell many big lies, they just destroy all their credibility/ legitimacy; and now as Bernstein says: ‘a British/ American overseas carrying a press card is (considered as) a paid informer for the Company’ ! [1] The West badly suffers from Masonic Insanity. They love Darkness and living in the Dark. They say: ‘Many signed secrecy agreements, pledging never to divulge anything about their dealings with the Company’ [1] But they cannot hide the Truth for ever, and many insiders and whistleblowers -from Snow-den to Bernstein- reveal the truths, their evil acts and their hypocritical standards [1] As you know, only psychos and whores worship ‘Money & Power’. And psychos and whores rule the West. ‘Agency officials say: Many journalists didnt give a second thought to associating with the Agency’ ! [1] Western journalists are whores, too. These stupid whores ‘were fearful of what would happen if details of the Agencys dealings with the Press became public’ ! [1] But now all normal humans are becoming aware. Now it’s clear that Who is worse than Rouhani, and Who is worse than Mullah, Stalin or Hitler. The West and those who are behind Rouhani, Mullahs, Basijis, Bahais, MEK/ PMOI/ ISIS etc are the Great Evil. The West and all Satanic cults praise Ignorance & Slavery, and say: ‘Trust Us .. Were Experts’ ! But the good guys care about Public Awareness and a Better world. The good guys say: ‘Don’t live like sheep/ slaves; Do research; Don’t obey; Ask Why ..’. The good guys live like the free man, and care about Free will, Free Thinking, independent thought, progress, goodness, good thoughts, good deeds, Truth, Tolerance and other Iranian values. But the Bad guys praise and defend Thought Control, Slavery, Orthodoxy and other Evil things. As you know, only the sons of Satan defend Slavery and Living like Sheep/ Slaves. But unfortunately, they rule/ control the West, and what you can see in today’s West is The Idiot Culture. It’s sadly funny that ‘the Company’s agents are called the most trusted man in America’ ! [1] In the West, Money is more important than the Truth or Human value! And it shows that the West is still barbarian, backward and undeveloped. They don’t care about Iranian values such as Truth, and Speak Truth to Power. The West is the real Third World”.