2009 to 2014: Lessons of Historic Years

“2014 was a historic year, and confirmed many things. 2014 events were important and informative. All these years (from 2009 to 2014) are historic years, and have historic lessons for Iranians and all normal Humans. These years showed that what is said about the UK, the US, the Left or the West is not a myth or conspiracy theory. Plain facts are not Conspiracy theories. Now even idiots can see that Islamists (from ISIS/ Saudis to Mullahs) are puppets/ slaves of Big Brother”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “the year 2014 showed that the West badly suffers from Terrible Insanity. In 2014, the West censored all news, even the Biggest news. The news of the 2014 Referendum, the news of IMF Plans, the news of Rouhani’s Evil acts -increasing Censorship, MITM attacks, Evil Fire-wall and all kinds of pollutions in 2014- were censored by the UK, the Left and the West. In 2014, we all could see how the West censors the Biggest news in a silly way, and how the West tells the Biggest lies in a silly way. Now it’s quite clear that Western Media, US media or UK media is A Lie Factory. You can call them Orwellian Media, Big Brother’s Media, Masonic Media, Evil Media etc because they tell Orwellian lies, and censor all news/ facts in an Orwellian way. They suffer from Orwellian Insanity. In fact, Western Insanity is Masonic Insanity. In the West, Terrible Slavery and Orwellian Tyranny is called Democracy, as Terrible Censorship & Terrible Big Lies is called Journalism. In 2014, even idiots started to talk about ‘The Myth Of The Free Press in the West’ ! (2014) In 2014, even the West’s shitty intellects say their Western Mass Media are Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing! In 2009, they denied Facts. But now they talk about ‘the Death of Journalism’ (2014), or ‘the fundamental Corruption/ Hypocrisy in the West’! (2014) Now they confess that their media, including the Washington Post, the NY Times, the BBC, the Guardian etc are Big Brother’s Media. In 2009, they ignored many things. But now they talk about ‘the Satanic campaign against (the Truth) by both the CI-A and the Media‘ ! (2014) They still say nothing about ‘the Satanic campaign against Iran by both the Company and the Media. But now they talk about ‘The Tragedy of Gary Webb’ ! (2014) ‘Kill the Messenger’ film was released in Oct 2014, and now idiots talk about ‘How the Press and the C-IA Killed Web-b’ ! But they don’t say what it really means. Gary Webb (1955- 2004) was an investigative journalist whose awards included a Pulitzer in 1990. In his important speeches, for instance in [1]: “Gary Webb Speaks” (January 1999), Web-b talked about American Journalism, and the true meaning of Dark Alliance. He said: ‘I’ve been a daily news reporter for about 20 years (in the US) … In the US, the media will believe the government before they believe anything! This has been the most amazing thing to me .. The major news organizations in this country (USA) just (cares about) what (Big Brother) has admitted it! .. NY Times, Washington Post and LA Times (are the CIA media) .. they said we don’t support this story, even though it’s true!’ [1] In fact, Western Media is a Lie Factory, and they don’t care about Iranian values such as Speak Truth to Power. In these years (2009 to 2014), we all could see that US media and UK media just obey Big Brother’s orders. And this is Western Journalism. As Webb said: ‘One of the things which these newspapers who dissed my story were saying was, we can’t believe that the C-IA would know about (Evil acts) and let it happen! LA Times, W Post and NY Times ran articles this year casting doubt on (plain facts)’ [1] And it’s exactly like what they do/ say about the 2009 CIA Coup and all important evens in recent years. Webb said: ‘I’d come home at night and I’d watch the hearings. Then I’d pick up the paper the next morning, and it was completely different! And I couldn’t figure it out, and this has bothered me all these years’ [1] And it’s exactly like what we all saw in recent years. What the Western media say is completely different from the reality. US media/ journalists are Big Brother’s whores. As Webb said: ‘they look like dopes .. (they say) who’s going to find out (the Truth)? And even if somebody found out about it, what are they going to do? … That’s the big danger that everybody has sort of missed’ [1] What Web-b said about American Journalism is so important. Many already knew that the C-IA deliberately create drugs and import/ export drugs. But Webb’s great work was, as even Americans say, Exposing the mass media (2014) Webbs story and Snow-den’s story revealed many things. Now it’s clear that most of the Western Journalists are spies/ stooges – who lick the ass of Power. In recent years, we all could see what the Washington Post’s spies, the BBC’s spies, the Guardian’s spies say and do. Now even Western idiots say: ‘The Post is rapidly losing all credibility .. and tragically [!!] they are not alone in the ranks of our main stream media’ ! (2014) In fact, now even idiots can see that the Land of the Free is officially becoming the Land of the Free-Masons. Now the UK, the US and the EU openly support MEK/ PMOI, aka Marxist-Islamist Terrorists or Mujahideen (Jihadis) ! Now it’s clear who is behind MEK/ PMOI, Monarchists, Khatamists and Freemasons like Rouhani, Zibakalam, Nourizadeh, Behnoud, Ganji, Mullah Mesbah, Mullah Haeri and all Mullahs. Now all Masonic faggots -from Basijis and Rouhani to Pahlavists, Khatamists and unknown Masonic faggots like Abazari or Fayaz Zahed- are dead rats in Iran. Now it’s clear why most Masonic faggots are non-Iranians, and have fake/ funny names such as Rouhani, Iraq-chi, Akhund-Zadeh, Taleb-Zadeh, Haram-Zadeh, Arab-Zadeh, Zena-Zadeh, Abazari, Zakah-Zadeh etc. Now even kids know the West’s spies/ stooges -from Rouhani, Khatamists & Basijis to Malkum and Akhund-Zadeh. Now it’s quite clear Who is behind Rouhanis & the Mullah regime”.


As some wise Iranians say: “the last days of December is the anniversary of the Ashura Massacre – one of the worst Massacres in 2009. In these days, the Masonic Media – including BBC & Mullah TV- openly defend their 2009 Coup and their beloved 2009 Massacres. In these days, Rouhani -like all Masonic Mullahs- openly defends the 2009 Massacres and Killing Iran’s Children and Iran’s People in 2009. What Rouhani and Mullahs say about their beloved 2009 Massacres and 2009 Coup is like or worse than what Pahlavis said about their 1953 Coup. But the West censors all news, and badly tries to not allow the World to see why Rouhani is an Enemy of Greens, why Rouhani is an Enemy of Iran’s people, and why Rouhani is a British Agent. But now all politically aware humans know how the CIA and MI6 (ie the Company) created the 1953 Coup, and the 2009 Coup. They know How the Company helped Mullahs in 1953, 1979, and 2009. They know Who were behind Mullahs, thugs and whores. They know How the West helped Mullahs and Islamist pigs. They know why Iran’s people will never forget and forgive ‘Iranian Blood on Mullah Hands’, Iranian Blood on American Hands and Iranian Blood on British Hands. Many books can, and should, be written about the 2009 Coup and the role of the Company, Marxists, Western media/ polling organizations etc. The 2009 Coup was the Company’s project/ product. And the Company’s agents like Leverets – who work for the C-IA for +20 years- can show you many things. You can ask yourself: Why such Jewish CIA agents should strongly defend Mullahs, Islamist killers and 2009 Coup?! Their 2009 Coup was really worse than their 1953 Coup. Now it’s clear that Masons and Crypto Jews control the Mullah regime; and AhmadiNajead (AN) was officially a Jew, a Jewish Agent, a Jewish Free-Mason. In 2009, Mullahs and Basjis killed Iran’s people with the help of the West. But it’s not the whole story. In 2009, Mullahs and Basijis actually killed themselves for defending their Zionist IMF and the West’s interests. Basijis just proved why the Mullah Regime is a Masonic Regime, a Tazi Regime, an Anti-Iran Regime. And now this Masonic regime is a dead regime, because all Iranians (+97%) hate it, and all Iranians know who is behind Mullahs. These years (2009 to 2014) revealed the main problem of Iran. Mullahs and Islamists/ Basijis are little shits (Chalquz) and little savages. And Iran’s main problem is not Mullah or Chalquz. The Main problem and the Great Evil is the West and Masonic Mafia, ie those who are behind Mullahs and puppet Dictators. Iran’s people should actually fight against Big Brother, the West and Masonic Mafia. All well-educated people know How The US, the UK and the Brotherhood created Islamism, Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabism, Salafism, Bahaism, Mullah-ism, Taliban, ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc. These years showed that Devils Game or Dark Alliance is not a myth”. They also add: “In 2009, the Company’s agents/ journalists were in Iran. They told big lies, and showed that Gary Webb was Right. In the West, the Company’s agents are called Journalists, and that’s why the West’s journalists just tell big lies about Iran. It’s funny that the West’s best report about Iran, Greens and 2009 Coup was a report by Robert Dreyfuss. In 2009, Dreyfuss was in Iran. And if you search the internet, you can easily find his article [2]: Iran’s Greet Wave (the Nation, July 2009) After saying some stupid things, Dreyfuss says many true things. He says: ‘A few days before the vote, there were already signs that things might get ugly. On June 9 a widely reported leak from the Interior Ministry said that Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi had issued a fatwa permitting vote counters to manipulate the results in favor of (AN). ‘To you, as administrators of the election, everything is permitted to this end,’ Mullah Mesbah wrote. Ayatollah Mesbah (is) godfather to a network of (non-Iranian spies/ stooges). For that network the word of Mesbah is law. The following day, June 10, the ideological czar of the IRGC issued a warning that the regime was prepared to take strong action against the Green Wave .. It was a chilling reminder of who had the guns’ [2] Mullah Mesbah is just one of Jewish Mullahs and Masonic Mullahs in Iran. Jewish/ Masonic Mullahs like Mesbah, Jannati, Rouhani, Yazdi, Makarem, Haeri etc are like ISIS (DAESH) and Savage Saudis. They say bloodshed, lying, stealing, raping, killing children and all evil things are good things, because Power, Satan, Satanism or staying in power at any price is a good thing. Mullahs are really the sons of the UK. Dreyfuss also adds: ‘It was clear by nightfall on election day (June 12, 2009) that something was wrong. Across Tehran, troop transports rumbled out of the IRGC’s fortified bases. Before the polls had even closed, Tehran took on the air of an occupied city. Later that night, ominously, my cellphone went dead, like everyone else’s. Not long past midnight, the Interior Ministry declared AhmadiNejad the victor, crediting him with nearly two-thirds of a record turnout, having accomplished the near-magical feat of counting tens of millions of paper ballots in a couple of hours ! Later that day, as outrage over what was widely seen as a manipulated result rippled across Iran, Khamenei confirmed AN’s win. Millions poured into the streets in protest’ [2] The magical job of Mullahs was Masonic Magic or Masonic Insanity, because all Iranians knew that Rouhanis didn’t count ballots/ people’s votes. The Company and its Rouhanis just Engineered results. They stupidly wanted to make Iranians even angrier. And now in 2014, you can see that Rouahnis badly suffer from Masonic Insanity, and they still try to obey the West/ IMF’s orders, and to make people even angrier. Mullahs, like ISIS, are programmed slaves of the Masonic Mafia. Mullahs just obey orders. The Masonic Insanity of Mullahs is exactly like the the Masonic Insanity of Pahlavis”. They also add: “Iran’s people are not blind. ‘Describing what the regime did as a Coup d’etat, (Iranians say:) ‘(why) they occupied the offices of newspapers, to (change headlines/ reports on the election) .. Over next days newspapers were closed, Internet sites blocked or disabled and opposition campaign offices attacked and shuttered. (Thousands) of officials, journalists and dissidents were arrested ‘ [2] The 2009 Coup was A Classic Coup d’etat. The 2009 Coup was a manufactured coup by the Company and Sworn Enemies of Iran. You can ask: Who supported the 2009 CIA Coup? And the answer is clear. We all know what the BBC, the VOA, the ABC, the NBC, the Lefts, and all Masonic media -including Lefty media- did in 2009 and these years. Now, in 2014, the BBC and Rouhani openly defend their 2009 Coup and 2009 Massacres, and the Mullah TV openly confirm that ‘BBC & VOA’ badly supported Mullahs in 2009! They badly reveal the Secrets of the 2009 Coup (check Archive) And you, like Dreyfuss, can ask: Why the BBC, the IMF, the Jewish CIA, or the Company’s branches such as Chatham House in London [2] openly support Mullahs and the 2009 Coup?! Now it’s clear why Mullahs, Masons, Marxists, Jewish CIA/ MI6 agents ‘denounced Iranian people and peaceful demonstrators as people backed by Zionists, Evil Britain and CIA’ ! [2] The West is badly Orwellian. ‘Within (several months), the street protests had withered under the brutal muscle of the IRGC and Basij (and with the help of the West & the Company). They choked off virtually all opposition communications, arrested Moussavi’s campaign staff, shuttered his newspapers , banned him from state-controlled radio and TV. Basij thugs invaded homes to beat people …’ [2] The story of 2009 was the story of Zahak, Deevs and the Devil. Zahak was a puppet of the Devil (the West). In 2009, All devils (Deevs) -form Marxists to US Officials- supported Zahak. But ‘in direct defiance of (Zahak & the Devil) Mousavi denounced the (Barbarian) Bloody assaults on Iran’s people’ [2] So All Iranians (+97%) cared about Mousavi only because he didn’t lick the ass of Zahak and the Devil”. They also add: “In these years, we all could see the role of Chomsky and Marxists in defending Mullahs, their Zionist IMF and their Imperialist Brothers. Now it’s clear why Islamists or Marxists are Masons. In 2009, many saw or said: ‘IRGC commanders, both active and retired, act as a kind of fraternity or freemasonry’ [2] But now it’s quite clear why Islamists/ Mullahs are Masons and slaves of the West. In 2009, Iranians could see the end of Velayat faqih (Fatehe Velayat) [2] And in 2014, even Retards/ Basijis talk about Fatehe Velayat! It’s one of the most important events in 2014 – that the West badly censored it”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The barbaric Britons/ Americans and their stooges, including Rouhani and Ashoura Traitors/ 2009 traitors, love to lick the Devil’s ass. But all Iranians (+97%) hate Rouhani and all Islamists so much. Now all Iranians know that Rouhani is worse than AN. The West censors all news, but now even the Mullah media confess that all Greens hate Rouhani, because Rouhani is an Enemy of the Greens (ie Iran’s people)! In fact, Rouhani is an Enemy of the People; Rouhani is a sworn Enemy of Iran. Rouhani is a British Agent. All Rouhani’s men -from TurkAN and Jannati to Faheshe Ebtekar- are non-Iranians or sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian people. Basijis and Mullahs are spies/ stooges of the West, and it’s not a myth. As Dreyfuss said: ‘(In 2009) Nemat-Zadeh, who (is a Basiji and minister of Industry under Rouhani), said: I’m a businessman, not politician [!!] It’s the desire of most of us (Basijis/ Masons) to rebuild relations with the US (ie Great Satan)‘! [2] Dreyfuss even says: ‘As many insiders told me in Iran, Khamenei and AhmadiNejad (AN) see value in a rapprochement with the US’ ! [2] Now you all can see the Love story of Mullahs and their Zionist IMF/ Great Satan. But in 2009, ‘Sir Richard Dalton, who served as Britain’s ambassador in Tehran (said): If Khamenei and (AN/ Basijis) retain their iron grip on power, both Mullahs and the US will face inevitable pressure to resume diplomacy [!!] ‘ !! [2] The UK or the MI6 is the Mother of Mullahs (Mather Aroos), and the Mother of Mullahs can remind you of old Persian jokes. The Mother of Mullahs revealed many things. And now even idiots can see why the notorious freemasons such as Dalton, Jack Straw, Ashton, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Chomsky, Cameron, BBC, Guardian etc love and support Mullahs”. They also add: “The story of the 2009 Coup is the story ‘The Media, The CIA and the Coup’. The Company’s agents such as Noam Chomsky, Leverets, Oliver Stone, Gary Sick and Think Thanks can show you many things about Democracy, Intellectualism or Journalism in the UK and the US. If you want to know the 2009 CIA Coup or 2014 events better, you can think about what Gary Webb said about Journalism and Media in the West. Western journalists are the Company’s whores/ slaves [1] As Webb said: ‘Editors calling up and saying, well gee, this isn’t what AP wrote! They said we’ve got to make it the same, we don’t want to be different! We don’t want our story to be different from (Big Brother’s story) !‘ ! [1] In the West, Media/ Journalists tell the same big lies, because they obey the same Big Brother. And it’s one of the 2014 lessons. After their Terrible Censorship and Terrible Big lies in 2014, now everybody has to shit/ pee on Journalism in the West”. They also add: “Webb said many good things about US-Mullah love affair. For instance, he truly said: ‘Iran-contra controversy is one of the worst scandals .. Iran-contra scandal was worse than Watergate’ [1] The real name of Iran-contra scandal is Mullah-Contra or Mullah-Company scandal. But do you know what the US media say about Mullah-Contra or 2009 CIA Coup?! As Webb said: ‘the Press (and all media) played a very big part in downplaying that scandal .. (Mullah-Contra) was one of the most interesting and totally frustrating things .. Ollie North, the blue-eyed American (was the Company’s agent) .. Oliver North said that he was a CIA asset .. We were looking at Ollie North and Iran-Contra Scandal. So I said, did anybody investigate this? And the answer was, No! .. Oliver North was involved in drug trafficking’ [1] Rouhani and Oliver North are Brothers, and the love story of Rouhani and the Company is a long story, as the love story of AN/ Rouhani and their Zionist IMF is a long story. But you can ask: why the US media says nothing about such important stories?! Webb said: ‘We’re spending millions of dollars to find out how many times Bill Clinton had s-ex with Monica Lewinsky! Why aren’t we interested in how much the CIA knew about drug traffic (or 2009 Coup etc)?! Who is profiting from this? .. The C-IA is involved in drug trafficking (or 2009 Coup etc)? Let’s know about it. Let’s find out about it. Let’s do something about it. But Nobody wants to touch this thing in the US !’ [1] The US regime is like the Mullah regime. ‘US media all uncritically defend the Company[1], and try to fool people. Webb truly said: ‘They want us to forget about it. They want us to concentrate on (stupid things) because it’s titillating. It keeps us occupied. It keeps us diverted. Don’t let them do it‘ [1] Iranians and all normal humans will never forget the 2009 Coup and these years. Now most humans are becoming aware. Now even idiots talk about ‘Gary Webb and Media Manipulation’ (Nov 2014), and say: ‘Webb Was Right [!] .. Americans still count on the mainstream media to define reality for them .. You (cannot ignore) the CIAs relations with journalists. Americans should know about such Dark Alliance .. (all Humans) need to know about such Dark alliances .. the US major news media -NY Times, LA Times, Post, WSJ etc- tried to not only disparage the scandal but also (discourage people)’ ! Now even Westerners can see what Dark Alliance means. In 2014, even Westerners say: ‘Maryam Feridon, the daughter of Hossein Feridon, the brother of Hassan Feridon (ie Hassan Rouhani), lived in the UK. She attended (the Masonic London School of Economics thanks to a Masonic scholarship)! Maryam Rouhani now lives in New York. (But why) Maryam Rouhani, Mehdi Zarif, Ahmad Iraq-chi and (many other Mullahs & their families) should live (in the UK or USA?! Why) Mullahs should live in London, NY, Toronto etc (while we impose our) Sanctions on Iran’s people?’ ! (2014)”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now all Iranians (97%) know why Rouhani is much worse than AhmadiNejad (AN). Rouhani is not Iranian. Rouhani is ‘Made in Glasgow’ – ‘Made in Britain’. Rouhani has increased Terrible Censorship, Internet Filtering, MITM Attacks and all Evil things. But in Dec 2014, when you google for ‘Rouhani Internet Censorship’, the search results (on first pages) are what the CIA media and the MI6 media say, such as: Rouhani slams internet censorship [!!!], Rouhani Battles for Internet Freedom [!!!], Rouhani suggests online freedom for Iran [!!!], Rouhani’s insistence on faster internet [!!!] etc. This level of Orwellian Lies, this level of Censorship, and this level of Stupidity and Insanity in the West just confirm that what Iranians or people like Cathy O’Brien and Gary Web-b said about the US and the UK was/ is really true. In 2014, Rouhani Administration fucked Internet Freedom. In 2014, all Iranians talked about Rouhani’s Evil acts – including fucking Internet, MITM attacks, and How Rouhanis fuck SSL connections by using American tools and British devices. But the West badly censors all news/ facts, and again proves that the West is the Mother of Mullahs, and the Mother of Darkness. Rouhani, like ISIS, is a programmed slave of the West. Rouhani badly suffers from Masonic Insanity, and that’s why he just tries to make Iran’s people even angrier, and to show his true face in a silly way. Rouhani is like Sharif-Emami and other stupid Freemasons in the Pahlavi era. Rouhani is a British Chalquz, and he just obeys his English/ Masonic Masters (Arbab). What this Masonic faggot/ slave of the UK, Rouhani, is doing just reminds you of the last year of the Pahlavi regime. Maybe they program/ command Rouhani to repeat history. Who knows. But in Iran, Iranian people or the silent majority is the determining factor, and they shape the future. Now Iran’s people are angry & silent, but all analysts know the silent majoritys Bomb. And if this Giant Bomb exploded, it not only would send Mullahs/ Islamists to hell, but it would change many things in the West and the World”. They also add: “Now even idiots know that Any phenomenon that is created by force cannot endure. The forces of Darkness are big losers. In 2014, Non-Iranians and the Company’s agents- from Rouhani, Zibakalam, Ganji, Behnoud, Nabavi and Laylaz to Ali Nourizadeh and all Islamists/ Khatamists- openly defend IMF, Slavery, Big Lies, Big Brother’s Cults, the Anti-Iran West or the Mullah regime. But now it’s clear who are members of the Brotherhood, and why the Brotherhood’s members are not dissidents or Opposition groups. As Orwell said, the Brotherhood is actually Big Brother’s team, and now all sane people can see what it really means. Islamists are the Brotherhood’s agents. Now even idiots and the 3% say: ‘In 1974, The Shah embarked on a massive 24 nuclear power station program. (But) Mullahs attacked Iran’s nuclear programs, and (served the West’s interests) .. (The Company) brought Mullahs into power in 1979. And Mullahs shut down and mothballed the civilian nuclear program of the Shah for 10 to 20 years’ ! (2014) Now even idiots know why the UK and Colonial powers created Islamism and Islamists (Mullahs, ISIS, Wahhabism, Al-Qaeda etc) Islamists are against progress, against Iran, against Truth & Logic, against Iranian values, against Great Persia, against Basic Rights & Women’s rights, and against all good things. Islamists are like medieval-minded religious fanatics in the US and the UK, but Islamists just serve the interests of the West. The Masonic Regime of Mullahs, ISIS or Savage Saudis just serve the West’s interests, and now no one can deny this fact. Islamists are the sons of Satan (ie the West). And the Motto of the West, the Devil and the Company is: Create big problems, and then deny problems or deny your role! … Today Create, support and defend Rouhani, Mullahs, MEK, ISIS, Taliban, Savage Saudis etc, and tomorrow Deny everything!‘ ! But now many know such Orwellian tactics”. They also add: “The West loves Masonic Opposition/ Alternative, and that’s why the West supported, and still supports, Mullahs, Monarchists, Mujaheds (Jihadis) etc. In the US, Chomsky is a symbol of the Brotherhood and Masonic Alternative/ Opposition/ Dissident. These years showed that Noam Chomsky is a high rank member of the Brotherhood and Big Brother’s Mafia. And If you still cannot see the true face of Chomsky, and if you don’t know why Chomsky is the Brotherhood, you actually know nothing about real problems”. They also add: “Now US pigs and all Western pigs openly support NCRI/ PMOI/ MEK, ie Marxist-Islamist Terrorists! In Dec 2014, US pigs and EU faggots say: ‘Rouhani is the worse than AN .. But the PMOI (ie Marxist-Islamist Terrorists) is a progressive & democratic Muslim force’ !! (Dec 2014) Can you believe it?! What all Western media say is a combination of 1% to 10% true things and 90% to 99% Big Lies & Orwellian crap. And It’s the reality of Journalism in the West. The West is badly Orwellian. In Dec 2014, the American Thinker says: ‘Islamist-Marxist Terrorists (PMOI/ MEK) have presented a plan for the establishment of a democratic, secular, and non-nuclear Iran which respects equal rights for men and women [!!!] Islamist-Marxist Terrorists (PMOI/ MEK) have played a major role in denouncing Irans human rights violations [!!], and its meddling in Arab countries [!!]’ (Dec 2014) The American Retards, which called themselves American Thinkers!, say ISIS, Savage Saudis and Islamist-Marxist Terrorists (PMOI) care about Human Rights, women’s rights and Iranian values! The West openly supports Islamist-Marxist Terrorists (MEK), ie a small terrorist group with about 1000 to 3000 male and female members/ sex slaves/ prisoners. They don’t care that 99.9999% of Iranians know and hate MEK/ PMOI, as they don’t care that 97% of Iranians know and hate Rouhani and all Mullahs. They just act like Retards and Mongols, because they suffer from Masonic Insanity – Terrible Insanity. They say ISIS, MEK and Saudi Terrorists fight against terrorism and fundamentalism! (Dec 2014) It’s obvious why the US and its Terrorist allies tell such bad jokes. The USA and its Terrorist allies are the real Axis of Evil. Now it’s clear that the US is not a force of good. The US or the West is a force of Evil, the Great Evil, the Mother of Darkness”.

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