2014 Yalda: Satanic West behind Anti-Iran Mullahs?

“In the Land of Aryans (Iran), ZayeshMehr or Yalda symbolized the triumph of Light and Goodness over the Devil and Darkness. ZayeshMehr, Yalda or Shab-e Cheleh is celebrated on the eve of the first day of the winter (December 21). In Great Persia, the longest night of the year is the Eve of ZayeshMehr/ Yalda or the Birth of Mehr (Mithra). In the Land of Aryans (Iran), people celebrate the victory of Light over Darkness at the longest night of the year, ie when idiots think the Darkness and Dark Forces are defeating the Light and the Good. But in the Cradle of Culture & Civilization (Iran/ Persia), people knew the true meaning of Hope, Wisdom, Goodness etc. Iran was really a great nation. And today’s Iranians can remind you of Ancient Iran and Great Persia. Now Iranians are among the World’s most educated, wisest and smartest people. But the 2014 Yalda clearly showed that Mullahs are not Iranians. The 2014 Yalda again proved that Mullahs are the Forces of Darkness, and The West is The Mother of Darkness“, some wise Iranians say. We have already written about Yalda or Cheleh (for more info, check “Yalda, Christmas, Iranians, and Mithraism” etc) In these days, we wanted to write more about Yalda, Christmas, Iranian Symbols/ Symbolism, and Persian Roots of Christmas Traditions. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘The 2014 Yalda was a historic event. Just look what Mullahs and Masons did at The 2014 Yalda Night. The fucking Mullah TV has 20 channels. But at the 2014 Yalda, all of these fucking channels were mourning channels, and said nothing -even a single word- about Yalda and this important Iranian celebration. At the 2014 Yalda, all Masonic Media -including BBC, VOA etc- censored Yalda in a silly way. The 2014 Yalda clearly showed that Mullahs are Tazis, not Iranians. The 2014 Yalda again proved that the Mullah Regime is an Anti-Iranian Masonic Regime, and the Satanic West/ UK is behind the Masonic Regime of Mullahs”. They also add: “Before 2009, and before the stories of Snow-den and what the West did in 2014 and recent years, you could say those who talk about ‘UK or US’s Horrifying Secrets or ‘Mind Control’ are conspiracy theorists. But now, when the West shows its true colors in a silly way, you cannot ignore many things. Now all normal humans are becoming aware. If you search the internet, you can see that even Americans talk about ‘The Brotherhood and The Manipulation of Society‘, and say: ‘Mind control experiments, so-called (UK) Nazi science, (is) about the human psyche .. One of the most sinister mind control program is Project MK Ultra .. American Nazis tried to continue their experiments in which thousands of lesser human beings – prisoners, mental patients etc- have been forced to participate. Experiments have included removing a person’s existing personality by electro-therapy and then programming new ones by psychic driving .. the CIA openly admit to having used this form of subversive technology for use against America’s political enemies .. An integral part of MK-Ultra is Project Monarch – whereby the minds of women and children are brutally taken over in order to provide pedophiles, politicians, criminals and Satanists with s-ex slaves … the details of this horrific plan to take over the planet through mass mind-control have come from the ex-CIA mind-controlled slave, Cathy O’Brien, and are described in harrowing detail in her book Trance Formation Of America. After a lifetime in the Project Monarch mind-control program she became what is known as a ‘Presidential Model’ – a s-ex slave used specifically by the US presidents for perverted abuse. Her abusers include the presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George Bush as well as a host of other key US politicians. These fiends would routinely torture and rape her and later her little kid, Kelly, for personal gratification whilst using drugs and electric shock trauma to erase her memory .. Cathy was used in many major political /criminal covert operations including the Iran-Contra deals .. Gerald Ford (who later became President of the US after Nixon) had begun recruiting ‘children for mind-control studies’ .. By selling Cathy into this program, her (criminal) father gained immunity & money .. Cathy (a little kid) was repeatedly prostituted to local Freemasons, politicians, Catholic priests, Satanists .. In 1968, they introduced Cathy to the Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau who then abused her and used her for p-orn .. Then Cathy was ‘given’ to US Senator and Ku Klux Klan affiliate, Robert C. Byrd who tortured her in Sado-Masochistic s-ex & p-orn … She was taken out of school and relocated at a Catholic High School – with other slaves or ‘Chosen Ones’ as they were referred to … Although ‘owned’ by Byrd, Cathy was given ‘handlers’ to keep an eye on her. One such person was Wayne Cox, a Satanist and serial killer who had gained immunity through his involvement in Project Monarch .. Cox loved cannibalistic Satanism .. Cox still runs a trade in human body parts for Satanists .. Cox became the father of Cathy’s only daughter, Kelly, who was born in 1980 .. Cathy’s first position as a ‘Presidential Model’ was to Ronald Reagan. Reagan asked his p-o-rnographer, Larry Flynt (owner of Hustler magazine) to make pictures to his own specs which became known as ‘Uncle Ronnie’s Bedtime Stories’ .. Cathy was prostituted to King Fahd of Saudi Arabia .. In 1982, they dealt cocaine to Bill Clinton, and Hilary Clinton performed oral s-ex upon Cathy .. One of the most brutal of all of her abusers was Dick Cheney .. In 1983, George Bush began raping Kelly – a 3 years old girl .. In 1986, Cathy and Kelly were taken to Mount Shasta in California, where George Bush (under the influence of his favorite drug – Heroin) raped Kelly and burnt Cathy’s thighs .. When Cathy was 29 she became aware that Presidential Models were not allowed to live much beyond the age of 30 .. In the UK, the British counterpart to Project Monarch is Project Ultra Green’. It’s what Americans say. But now, after what the US and the UK did in recent years, can you still see such things as conspiracy theories?”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In the 2014 Yalda, the Mullah TV was not alone in ignoring Yalda, fucking itself and saying nothing about Yalda and Iranian traditions/ values. In the 2014 Yalda, the BBC Persian, the VOA Persian and all fucking media of the UK and the US -which air their fucking programs in Persian and for Iranians!- acted like the Mullah TV. It’s funny that this year (2014) the Ayatollah BBC and the Ayatollah VOA didn’t have any program about Yalda, and said nothing about Yalda. This level of Censorship and this level of Stupidity & Insanity is unbelievable. In 2009, and also in the 2014 Yalda and all these years, the Ayatollah BBC and the Ayatollah VOA clearly proved why the West is the Mother of Darkness, and why the West is the Mother of this Anti-Iranian Regime of Mullahs. In the 2014 Yalda, all Free-masons -from Mullahs and Islamists to UK regime and UK media- clearly showed their true colors. Mullahs/ Masons say: 2 million people (3%) support the Mullah regime! But they don’t say that 73 million people (97%) hate Mullahs and all Dictators, Oppressors and puppets of the Savage West. The 97% of Iranians hate Mullahs, and care about Iranian values and ‘Condemnation of Tyranny and Oppression anytime and anywhere’. The 2014 Yalda again proved that Mullahs and Islamists are Devil-worshipers and puppets of the Satanic West. Islamists are the forces of Darkness. Yalda is a national festival or a national celebration, in which Iranians celebrate the great victory of Iran (the forces of Light) over Zakah, Deevs (Devils), Ahriman (Great Evil) and all forces of Darkness. So, it’s obvious why today’s Zahak, Deevs and Ahriman hate Yalda and Iranian traditions/ values. Our Yalda is the ancient symbol of the victory of Light over Darkness, and the victory of Iranians over the Devil and All Evil forces. So, it’s obvious why Mullahs and Masons hate our Yalda and our Iranian traditions”. They also add: “Now If you search the internet, you can find many things about the the Darker realities of the West. If you search the internet, you can find many things about Cathy O’Brien (1957- now) and her famous book, [1]: ‘Trance Formation of America’. In her famous book, O’Brien says many shocking things about ‘S-ex slave training camp’, Satanic rituals, Systematic Corruption, Systematic Slavery, and Systematic abuse of children in the US. O’Brien says: ‘Bohemian Grove in California is an exclusive club where all s-exual and satanic perversions are catered for US Officials and high rank politicians .. US involvement in drug distribution, p-o-rnography, and slavery is justified to fund Black Budget activities .. They (US officials) use the Nazi and KKK principles of Annihilation of other races and cultures .. In the US, Entertainers were used to buy, sell, and distribute cocaine brought into the US by the US government .. their War on Drugs is actually ‘Eliminating Competition’ .. President Reagan explained to me that the illegal CIA activities I was forced to participate in are Justified as they fund covert activities’ [1] O’Brien, like Webb and other Americans, talks about ‘Drug networks run by US Congressmen’ [1], or ‘the CIA cocaine and heroin distribution operations and mind-control projects’ [1], or ‘the illegal p-orn films that contributed to funding CIA operations’ [1], or ‘Drug transactions for funding the Pentagon’s Black Ops Budgets’ [1] We all should think more about what OBrien says, because if what she says is really true, as what Snow-den said was true, then The West is officially The Mother of Darkness, and the West is officially Barbarian, Savage & Satanist. In her book, OBrien talks about Cannibalism ritual and Satanism, and say: ‘We came to a homeless man sleeping on the ground. Cox ordered me to kiss him, then shot him between the eyes while I was still only inches away. He then used a machete to chop off the man’s hands .. In total shock, I was laid and subjected to rape and torture while they indulged in s-ex, blood and cannibalism ritual‘ [1] If you read the long history of The Barbarian West, you can see that what OBrien and other Americans say is not a new thing (We have already written about the long History of Barbarians and Barbarism in the UK and the West; Check Archive) For thousands of years, British Barbarians and European Barbarians were Human-eaters (Adam-khor). They loved to eat children/ humans, and to drink human blood. They were worse than savage Beasts. But unfortunately, it’s not the whole story. According to OBrien and other Americans, the West’s bad guys still live like their savage barbarian ancestors. They still love Barbarian/ Satanic/ Masonic rituals. They are not Animals. But they are worse than savage Animals -exactly like their savage ancestors. Apparently, the West’s religion is still a Barbarian/ Satanic Religion. You can ask: Why Americans talk about ‘The strong political ties between the Catholic church and the US Government‘ [1] and say: You could no longer differentiate between Catholicism and Satanism‘ [1] The US is Occult Theocracy [1] Apparently, the West is still in the Dark Age. And in the West’s Dark Age, they create the 2009 CIA Coup, praise the Anti-Iran Sadism & Racism, as they praise ‘cocaine and body parts distribution for Satanic rituals [1] But these Satanist Barbarians pose as good, modern or religious people! ‘Cox carried a Bible with him everywhere! Cox justified eating human body and drinking human blood, ‘ being washed in the blood‘ and ‘murdering children‘ in the name of God .. Cox dismembered his murdered victims and distributed the Hands of Glory to fellow Satanists, Mormons and Catholics’ [1] But Is it a myth? Now any sane person can see what they do to innocent children/ people in all around the World. Western pigs openly talk about World dominance or Total Control“. They also add: “These years are The Yalda Night of the World. The West and its stooges (Mullahs etc) are the forces of Darkness at this time of Yalda Night of the World. But as our history and our traditions show, the fate of all Yalda Nights and all forces of Darkness is quite clear. Iran’s people can defy and defeat Darkness on its longest moment, and it’s the message of Yalda and our Iranian Traditions. Our wise Iranian ancestors – who created Culture & Civilization- knew that all Barbarians and all uncultured pigs are little savages, and the forces of Light can defeat them. Yalda shows that Iranians and all good guys can defy Darkness on its longest moment. It’s the message of our Yalda and our Iranian traditions. If Humans become aware, and ask for Change, then Real Change will occur. Now the Fucking West is nearing the End, and Iranians will never forget these years and historic events -form the 2009 Coup to the 2014 Referendum and the 2014 Yalda. Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) hate the Ayatollah BBC and the Ayatollah UK so much. Now all Masonic Media -from the BBC and Mullah TV to Lefty Media- are hateful media in Iran. The 2014 Yalda clearly showed that the BBC and Mullah TV are controlled by a single team. What Mullahs and Western media did in 2009, 2014 and all these years clearly show that a single Masonic Mafia control all mass media (Mullah/ Lefty/ Western media) and all puppet regimes, including the English Regime of Mullahs”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In the West, many people are not bad guys. Good Britons or good Americans don’t think or act like British Barbarians. The good Westerners, like all good guys, care about Truth, Logic and what is good and decent. The good and educated Westerners know that Yule or Christmas is an old Tradition from Persia / Iran. They know why almost all good Traditions in the West have Aryan/ Iranian roots. They know the Persian Roots of Christmas Traditions. But we all should ask ourselves: Why the anti-Iranian pigs -from British Barbarians and US pigs to Mullahs and Tazis (Savage Arabs/ Jews)- hate Iranian values, Iranian Legacy, Aryan Culture & Aryan Civilization? It’s a key question. All good guys, including the good people in the West, should try to know more about the Barbarian West, and the roots of problems. Many problems have deep roots in the West’s Barbarian traditions”. They also add: “Yalda reminds Iranians of many good things, and of many dark things including the forces of Darkness, Dark Alliance etc. Yalda can remind you of the story of Dark Alliance and Gary Webb. You can ask yourself: What Gary Web-b said, and why they killed him in 2004? Why they killed a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and a whistleblower who talked the CIA evil acts? His articles/ speeches, or his famous book, ‘Dark Alliance: C-IA Drug Trafficking’, show that Web-b was a weaker version of Snow-den. But the forces of Darkness killed him in 2004. The story of Web-b is the story of ‘Kill the Messenger’. But the story of Webb is just one of many dark stories of the Satanic/ Savage West. And now many good guys talk about such stories, as they talk about ‘the Illuminati social engineering’, Brotherhood Control, Big Brother Cults, Slavery, Satanism etc in the West. Now many talk about The Hidden History of Evil, or The Untold History of Evil. And now you cannot ignore or reject such things as conspiracy theories. Before 2009, and before what the West did in 2014 and recent years, you could ignore or reject many things as Conspiracy theories. But now the soup is too salty, and even their own media talk about CIA tortures or CIA/ N-SA evil acts. After the 2009 CIA Coup, many things changed”. They also add: “Now if you read O’Brien’s book [1], you can see that what O’Brien says is like what Gary Web-b said. What O’Brien says is like what George Orwell said in 1984. What O’Brien says is like what Stanley Kubrick said in his last film (EWS). O’Brien, and after her Taylor and other survivors talk about Satanic Projects in the US and the West. What they say is really shocking. But after 2009 and recent years, we all know that the true face of the West is really shocking. Now it’s obvious why OBrien says US Presidents and US Senators are faggots, pedophiles, Satanists, Sadists, Rapists, Psychos and drug addicts [1] In & after 2009, they showed their true colors. OBrien says: Fascists, faggots, perverts, pedophiles, psychos and sadists rule the US and the West [1] And in recent years, they showed that it’s not a myth. Who created the 2009 Coup, and who praise the Anti-Iran Sadism & Racism, tell very big lies and censor all news and all facts in a silly way? Do normal humans can do such evil acts? Now we all can see how the UK and the US openly defend the Cult of MEK/ PMOI (ie Marxist-Islamist Terrorists), the Cult of Bahai, the Cult of Mullahs, the Cult of Saudis/ ISIS and other Tazis cults and Satanic cults”. The story of Cult, Ideology and Slavery is a long story. We have already written about it (Check Archive for “Slaves of Ideology” etc), and we should write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: “Now all normal humans can understand the Darker realities of the West better. The stories of Bill Clinton, Berlusconi, BBC Hosts, Bush and other stupid faggots in the US and the West are not hidden facts. Now many can see obvious facts. Now many know that Yalda is very older than Christmas, and Iranian Yalda is the root of Christmas. Yalda is an Aryan ceremony and all Iranians celebrate it, as they have celebrated it for thousands of years in the Land of Aryans (Iran). But Mullahs are Tazis (ie Savage Arab/ Jews). And Tazis and Nazis are the same shit. Mullahs are the sons of Zahak. Mullahs are Anti-Iran, but pro-Tazi (Tazi-parast), pro-Devil and pro-Deevs. The 2014 Yalda again showed that Islamist is Ahrimani; Basiji is Ahrimani, as Tazi is Ahrimani, and PMOI/ MEK/ ISIS is Ahrimani. In Persian language, which is the laughable of Civilization, Ahrimani means ‘Force of Evil/ Darkness’. Since the ancient time, Iranians know Ahriman (Evil), Good, God, Humanity, Love, Peace, Kindness, Goodness, Tolerance, Wisdom, Happiness, Joy etc. But Islamists and all Ahrimani Forces are Anti-Happiness, Anti-Humanity, Anti-Truth and Anti-Iran. If you read O’Briens book [1], you can understand many things better. Now even Westerners are becoming aware, and say for instance: ‘Kubrick and his Eyes Wide Shut (EWS) echo the accounts of C-IA sex slaves such as Cathy O’Brien, Candy Jones, Brice Taylor etc .. EWS showed how they control the world, and many are blind to it .. Learn more about (Barbarian West), Satanic Cults etc, and start doing research. The more you learn, the more you begin to see what is happening .. Kubrick died shortly after the release of EWS. But he died or killed?’ ! (2014) Normal Humans are becoming aware. And now it’s clear that those who hurt or betrayed Iranians and Freedom & Democracy in Iran, are those Barbarians & Sadists who ‘always provided Justification, and (pretended) they were serving their country, rather than destroying it from the inside out!’ [1]”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In the 2014 Yalda, Morteza Ahmadi died at the age of 90. Morteza Ahmadi was an Iranian, and cared about Iranian traditions, Iranian music, happiness and other Iranian values. Morteza Ahmadi hated Mullahs, and cared about all Iranian things that Mullahs and Anti-Iran pigs try to destroy them; and that’s why all Iranians care about Ahmadi. Morteza Ahmadi didn’t sell his soul to Mullahs or the Savage West. So, all Iranians care about him. All Iranians hate ass-lickers and stupid faggots – who lick the ass of Zahak and Ahrimani forces. And Pigs like Ezatollah Entezami are Khayemal (ass-lickers). Entezami (Ezat Khayemal) cares about the fucking Gaza, but not about Iranian children or the 2009 Coup. Our people ask: Why these faggots said/ did nothing about the 2009 Coup and Iranian Children who were killed in 2009 and all these years, but now these faggots shed crocodile tears for the fucking Gaza & Anti-Iran pigs?! Iranians are not blind. Iran’s people are really wise and smart people, and that’s why they laugh/ spit at all jerks and bad guys. Yalda or Cheleh is a time of Joy. Since the ancient time, Iranians try to be happy, to have fun, and to say funny things at Yalda Night. In this year (2014), Iranians ridicule and spit/ laugh at on all jerks, all Mullahs, and all supporters of Mullahs. Iranians say many funny things. For instance, they spit/ laugh at stupid whores like Qasem Khani, Behareh Rahmana and other Basiji Celebs. Iranians refer to these whores as ‘Faheshe Hokumati’ (Islamist whores), Sag-bazan-e Velayat etc. Mullahs talk about ‘Sar-bazan-e Velayat’ (Soldiers/ fans of Mullahs). But Iranians talk about ‘Sag-bazan-e Velayat ! (ie whores & non-believers who lick the Mullah ass for money) or Sagan-e Velayat (dogs of Mullahs). It’s obvious why Iranians care about Anti-Islamist celebs like Ahmadi, Hejazi or Pashai, and why Iranians hate Islamist whores or Sag-bazan-e Velayat such as QasemKhani, Rahnama, Ferdosi-pur, Sharifi-nia etc. In 2014 and Yalda Night, Iranians say many funny things about Qasem Khani, Ruzeh Khani, Qatel Khani etc: You know why fat whores like Rahnama sell themselves to Mullahs? Only Mullahs & Arabs can like fat whores … ‘ ! It’s obvious why Iran’s people hate Islamist whores. The West censors all news/ facts, but now all Iranians (+97) say: ‘Rouhani is a stupid faggot .. Rouhani is a Big Liar, an Enemy of Iran’s People’. It’s obvious why all Iranians (+97%) hate Rouhanis, and why Iranians say to Mullahs: ‘You crooks, thieves, liars and (…) care about God?!! (Shoma Mal-e Mardom Khora (…) Khoda & Peyqambar Saretoon mishe?!!) Iranians know Mullahs well. But now Iranians say many funny things about the UK and the West: ‘these Barbarians & Human-eaters (…) care about Humanity or Human Rights?! …’ (Dige Adam-Khora ham vase ma Adam Shodan …)! Now all Iranians (+97%) know that Mullahs and Islamists are a bunch of crooks, thieves, liars, charlatans, jerks etc (Dozd, Daqal, Doruq-gu, Mal-e Mardom Khor etc) The 2014 Yalda again proved that Mullah, Madah, ISIS & Savage Saudis are the same shit; Mullah and Madah are Masons and Friends of the Devil. The 2014 Yalda, like the 2009 Coup and all historic events, is nothing but Eternal Damnation/ Shame for Islamists. Now even idiots can see why Islamist is Anti-Iran; why Islamist is Anti-Truth; and why Islamist is Slave of Satan & Sworn Enemies of Iran. Tazis and Barbarians are the same shit. Tazi history, like British history, is full of big lies and bad jokes. The UK and Tazis love Big Lies. They know that all normal humans hate Tazi / Islamist values, so they try to pretend that their values are Iranian values! As you know, In the History of Islam almost all great scientists, great scholars and great intellects were Iranians (Persians). But Tazis/ Islamists try to pretend that Great Iranians and Great Iranian scholars such as Avicenna, Razi, Kharazmi, Briruni, Farabi, Ebn Moghafae etc were Arabs! They even try to pretend that Saadi, Hafez and those who wrote in Persian & about Persian values, were Arab Islamists! Apparently they think if they add a stupid ‘Al’ to everything, then everything becomes Arab! In fact, they say Al-Iran, Al-Iranian, Al-America or Al-Europe are Arab things! These Arabs were/are Al-Barbarian, Al-ANimal, All-Faggot, Al-Retard. The stupid Arabs are uncultured and uneducated, and that’s why Iranians referred to them as Tazi, ‘Malakh-khor (Locust-eaters), Kun-Nashur (dirty asses) etc. Even the good Arabs/ Jews know savage Arabs, Arab-e Kun Nashur, Arab-e Malakh Khor or Savage Saudis, ISIS etc. Tazis are stupid animals. The Masonic Regime of Mullahs ban Yalda or Yalda tours, and think it’s a good thing! But they just confirm that Mullah is Tazi; Mullah is Anti-Iran; Mullah is Slave of Satan & Sworn Enemies of Iran. Tazi values are Satanic values, and now ISIS, Savage Saudis and all Tazis show the true colors of Tazi values. Now even idiots and the 3% know Who is Anti-Iran. These years -from the 2009 Coup to the 2014 Yalda- clearly show that Basij-i is DAESH-i, and Mullahs are worse than DAESH and Savage Saudis. The Anti-Iran Regime of Mullahs openly defend Anti-Iranian-ism, and attack Iranian values, Iranian traditions, Iranian culture and Iranian identity. So now even idiots and the 3% can see Who is Anti-Iranian. The Mullah regime is a puppet of The Satanic West. And the Satanic West still praise Colonialism Cannibalism, Capitalism, Sadism, Barbarism etc. As Orwell said in 1984: ‘(the West) seeks power entirely for its own sake. (the West is) not interested in the good of others; (the West is) interested solely in power … (they are) the priests of power. In the West, God is Power; and Mullahs and Western pigs are the priests of power. In the UK and the West, they still censor all news and all facts, and impudently claim that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts. But now most Humans are becoming aware; they can grasp analogies, perceive logical errors, and detect hypocrisy, stupidity and insanity”.

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