Rouhani is worse than Zionists and Saudis?

“In Dec 2014, a group of non-Iranians try to increase the price of everything, and to make Iran’s enemies happy. After the story of Bread and Dollar, this group of non-Iranians try to create about 100% to 500% increase in phone charges. They try to destabilize Iran’s economy, and to make Iran’s people even angrier. In 2014, these non-Iranians try to implement IMF Plans, and to create a vicious circle of high inflation and economic instability. After the story of Dollar and Bread in Dec 2014, they try to raise all prices. The story of Phone bills is so stupid. In these days, Iran’s people can see an astronomical increase in their Phone bills. In Tehran, Shiraz and other cities, the price of the fucking internet and using the fucking phone lines has increased by 100% to 500%. In this year (2014) a group of Spies and Stooges try to create economic crises, to destabilize Iran’s economy, to hurt Iran’s people, to make the West happy, and to serve the interests of Iran’s enemies. But do you know who is this group of non-Iranians, this group of Spies and Stooges? Yah, they are worse than the traditional Zionists, Tazis, Saudis and other stooges of the West. They are Rouhani, Rouhani’s men, Mullah Parliament and Mullah Regime”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, we preferred to write about sworn enemies of Iran. But as the wise Iranians say: “Now Rouhani is showing and proving that Rouhani and Mullahs are worse than Saudis and Tazis. Rouhani and this Masonic/ Mullah Regime are really worse than Zionists, Saudis, Savage Islamists (who kill innocent children in Pakistan), Savage Australians and other stooges of the West”. As some wise Iranians say: “Rouhani’s silly games, Rouhani’s anti-Iranian policies, Rouhani’s big lies, Rouhani’s evil acts and the West’s terrible censorship are really stupid. The West even censors the story of Phone bills / Cell phone bills in Iran. Rouhani’s minister of IT Censorship is a stupid animal. The UK and British Brothers love this Basiji faggot, Vaezi, because he openly defends Censorship, Fil-tering, Evil Fire-wall, IMF Plans, violating basic rights, and hurting Iranians. This Masonic faggot, Vaezi, is an illiterate and uneducated Basiji. He openly supports Sadism, IMF Plans, increasing Censorship & Fil-tering, and other Masonic Plans. Rouhani and Vaezi, like other FMs, tell childish lies and play silly games. At first, they try to deny problems, to tell big lies, or to deny their evil plans. After receiving the new Phone Bills, with a terrible price increase, most Iranians were shocked. In Tehran, Shiraz and other cities many Iranians went to, or phoned, the fucking Rouhani ICT minister to complain, to protest or to see what the fuck they are doing. In their phone bills, they have many items: Tax, Abuneh, Avarez, Koft, this shit or that shit. But the price of all items has re-increased! In recent years, the price of all items had increased by 1500%! But now the fucking Rouhani increases them again, because IMF Plans are nothing but a vicious circle of High Inflation, Corruption and Increasing Prices . Now you can see a 25% to 500% increase in phone bills. Even the price of their fucking Internet has increased by + 300%! It’s obvious that people ask: Why the price of this fucking internet and this fucking phone line – with a lot of noise, parasite, filtering and Orwellian pollutions- increases by +300%?! It’s natural that people call/ phone them to complain, to protest, or to ask why. But when you phone them, they deny problems & price increases!, or stupidly say: We don’t know who has raised prices .. Avarez, Tax, Koft and all items are none of our business .. You should phone others (other organizations, and others)’ ! Can you believe it? After IMF Privatization Plan, the Mullah Phone Company is a fucking Basiji/ Privatized company. But now they say to people: we raise prices and play silly games with phone bills, but if you want to protest or complaint, you should phone others. Apparently, we should phone the UK and British Queen, and ask them why their Rouhanis and Masonic Islamists have increased Phone bills! Apparently, we should phone the fucking Gaza/ Lebanon, and ask them why we should pay their bills in our utility bills! Apparently we should phone the fucking IMF, the fucking UK, the fucking Gaza etc and ask them why their fucking Rouhanis have raised all prices! Apparently we should phone their International Freemasonry, and ask them why their Mullahs and other FMs do/ say such stupid things. Apparently, we should write a letter of complaint to Big Brother, and say: ‘Dear Big Brother, the dear leader of Mullahs & Masons. Please tell us what the fuck are you & your fucking Rouhanis doing?’ ! Rouhani badly suffers from Masonic Insanity. Rouhani’s Masonic games are so stupid. Iranians really don’t know why Rouhani fucks himself in this way, and asks all Iranians to hate him, to fuck him and to shit on him. Our people just say: Rouhani has itchy ass (Kunesh Mikhareh); Rouhani is a Masonic faggot, with an itchy ass. Apparently all Rouhanis suffer from Masonic Insanity, and that’s why the last years of this Masonic Regime (Mullah Regime) is like the last years of the Pahlavi regime”. They also add: “Free-Masons (FMs) can never create a new Torkmanchai (a nuclear one) in this way. Now only stupid Faggots/ FMs like Marashi, Behnoud, Laylaz, Zibakalam or Khatamists/ Rafsanjanists like Rouhani and lick his dirty ass. Now Rouhani’s supporters are only non-Iranian pigs and FMs. Now all Iranians can see the plague of inflation, the plague of IMF Plans, the plague of Censorship & Fil-tering, the plague of Evil Fire-wall & MITM attacks, the plague of Lying and Saying the worst Anti-Iran Crap in the Rouhani era. Even in the fucking AN era, you could not see this level of Lying, Sadism, Stupidity and Insanity. Masonic games such as the story of MITM attacks , the story of Electricity bills/ Phone bills, the story of Bread Price, the story of 2014 Referendum or the story of military service belong to the Rouhani era. Now crooks, thieves and rich faggots can pay a lot of money and buy military service. In fact, the IMF says: ordinary people should become slaves, but rich faggots can buy the military/ slavery service! Rouhani is really worse than AN, Saudis and Zionists. Rouhani tells more big lies, plays more silly games, and says more anti-Iranian things. Rouhani is a British Agent, a British Brother. As Orwell said (in 1984): British Agents/ Brothers betray their country to foreign powers, cheat, forge, kill, steal, hurt people, do all evil things, and just obey orders”.


As some wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious why Iranians are so mad at Rouhanis. Rouhanis (Mullahs) suffer from Masonic Insanity, and what they do and say are so stupid and shameful – more than their Masonic handshakes. Mad Mullahs, like other FMs, kill themselves for the UK and the West. Just look what Mullahs and Australia do. Australian pigs, like all Western pigs, are Brothers & close friends of Mullahs. Australia’s regime is a racist, fascist and puppet regime. British Barbarians and British Brothers rule and control Australia. The good Australians and we all know how British pigs invaded Australia, and created Holocaust/ Genocide and many Crimes against Humanity in Australia. Even the good Australians know how Savage Australians kill innocent immigrants or innocent Iranians in Australia. But Mullahs, like other FMs, kill themselves for Big Brother. A Mullah or a Mason kills himself for the sake of Big Brother. And it’s not a joke. If you take a look at Australia, or at Pakistan, or at ISIS & Saudis, or at the Masonic Coup of 1979, or at what the Shah’s men did in 1978/ 79, you can see how Masons obey Big Brother’s orders. You can ask yourself: Why the Shah’s men acted like retards? or Why all opposition groups and all media obeyed Big Brother, and supported the unknown Khomeini in 1979? or Why all media and all journalists censor all facts/ news of Iran in 2014, and why they just support Rouhani and obey Big Brother? The story of Masonic Mafia and Masonic Insanity is not a myth. Big Brother’s slaves suffer from Masonic Diseases- including Mad Cow Disease, Terrible Insanity, Mongolism etc. Now in Dec 2014, a Masonic Mullah fucks himself in Australia, and another Masonic faggot, Rouhani, tries to do the same thing in Iran”. They also add: “what Rouhanis do is Political suicide. But Rouhani’s insanity and stupidity is not a new thing. It’s part of their Masonic traditions. What Mullahs do is exactly like what Pahlavi’s men did in their last years. Mullahs, like Pahlavi’s men, are slaves of Big Brother. Rouhani is a British Agent, as AN was a Jewish Agent. They just obey orders, and don’t think or care about people, future, or anything. They just obey orders, and don’t ask why. It’s a Masonic Tradition. But now even the 3% say to Rouhani: ‘Hey Motherfucker, you put your Masonic key into your ass, and bring a Sword against people, against Iran ( … Shamshir-o az ru basti)’ ! Now you can ask: Why Rouhani act like retards? or why Rouhani tries to prove that Rouhani is a British Agent, or Rouhani is a British Brother? Rouhani and his English Masters are bad retards. Now many Iranians say: Thank God that they are such stupid bastards; they just try to make people even angrier, to add more fuel to the fire, and to dig their own graves by their own hands’. We all know what Iran’s people say about Lamp Posts, and Hanging all Mullahs from lamp posts. We all know what it means. We all know why and how it is becoming a National Wish & National Demand in Iran. But Masons and retards cannot understand obvious things, including the true meaning of National Anger or National Demand in Iran. We all know why Iran’s people say: ‘After this fucking Mullah regime, Iranians will never allow even one Mason, one Mullah or one Islamist to live in Iran. Qom and Hozeh will go to hell. Hozeh and Qom will become the Museum of Masonic Art. Hozeh and Qom should become a Museum of Masonic traditions & English stooges in Iran … ‘ ! Now Masons and Basijis have badly confused. In recent days, a non-Iranian whore, an uneducated & unknown Basiji Faggot (Abazari) – who works in Tehran university- has said: ‘Why Iranian people hate Mullahs and Islamists (?!) Why Iranian people care about a young Musician (Pashai) – who sings non-Islamist songs (?!) Iranian people are stupid (Ablah) because Iranian people hate Mullahs, Islamists and all (spies/ stooges of) the UK and West’ !! Can you believe it?! It’s obvious why Basiji faggots have confused and say such things. Iran has become a very modern country, and now the West and its stooges have badly confused. Now all Iranians (+97%) hate Islamists and all stooges of the West. This Basiji faggot in Tehran university is just a stupid version of Mullah Haeri or Zibakalam. And as our people say: Compared to these stupid faggots, Cow or Sheep seems like Albert Einstein (Gav dar barabareshun Einstein-e)! The UK and the West refer to such retards as intellects. But Iranians just laugh at such faggots – who are bad versions of Al-Afghani, Malkum and other masonic/ stupid faggots in the 19th century. Today is not the 19th century. Now Masonic retards like Zibakalam, Behnoud, Abdi, Ganji, Jalaii-pur and all Khatamists and all 2009 traitors are nothing but a bunch of dead rats and dead whores in Iran”. They also add: “If you want to know British Brothers better, you can search the internet and see what Behnoud says about Larijani and Malkum, and how UK Brothers defend each other. If you want to know why Marxists are Masons, or why Islamists/ Mullahs are Masons, you can read history or take a look at recent events. You can ask yourself: Why Marxists say nothing about the love story of the IMF and Islamists?! or why Marxists, Islamists, Basijis or Western pigs – who already loved to talk about Masons or Masonic handshakes- are now silent and say nothing about Masonic handshakes between Rouhani and Cameron? Why Marxists, Islamists and Basijis say nothing about the Zionist / Imperialist IMF Plans in Iran?! Why Marxists and Islamists say nothing about the love story of Mullahs and their Zionist/ Imperialist IMF?! Such sarcastic questions are important. Those who read history, or take a look at recent events, can see how & why Mullahs work for the West and other enemies of Iran. Mullahs and Islamists are illegitimate children of the UK, Tazis and sworn enemies of Iran”. They also add: “As you know, Rouhani is a fake name. Rouhani, like other FMs, has fake names. But now in 2014, the angry Iranians say funny things about Rouhani’s real names, or Rouhani’s real face. Some Iranians say: ‘What is his real name? Hassan Zahak, or Zahak-e Feri-Mason .. Rouhani is a fake name. In his official ID cards, his name is Feri-don. But He is Hassan Feri; his real name is Hassan Feri-Mason, Hassan Free-Mason or […] Rouhani’s ancestors were Arabs and non-Iranians. They were anti-Iran Arabs .. Rouhani’s pedigree, like other Mullah’s pedigree, goes back to Zahak and Anti-Iran Tazis. But as Rouhanis were FMs, they played English games and used Orwellian names for themselves. They referred to Zahak as Feridon ! In fact, as our people say: ‘baraks nahand Name Zangi Kafoor’ ! (their names are Orwellian)”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Iran’s people are angry, and say many funny things about Rouhani, Rouhani’s English wife, Rouhani’s life in the UK, Rouhani’s sons and many other things. What people say are much more reliable than what UK media, US media, Lefty media and other Masonic Media say about their beloved Rouhani. What people say about Rouhani (we would write more about them later) are important, but not because they are 100% true, but because they can show you that Iranians are not blind. Perhaps Iranians don’t know many details, but they know main problems; they know Who is Rouhani, and Who is behind Rouhani. It’s funny that even UK media and Britons refer to Rouhani as ‘Made in Glasgow‘ or ‘Made in Britain’ ! (we would write more about it later) The stupid Brits are proud that Rouhani is British Brother or Made in Glasgow! But Iran’s people refer to Rouhani and Mullahs as Made in Britain, and any sane person knows what it means. Iranians say many funny things about Rouhani and the UK, because it’s clear why the UK or London is a Mecca for Islamists, Mullahs & Masons. Iranians know why Mullahs have English wives. If you search the internet in Persian, you can find many things about UK, Mullahs and their English wives”. They also add: “Iranians know why the UK and Masonic Media defend Rouhanis. In recent days, a Masonic Media like the Guardian (GU) says: ‘(In Southern Tehran bakery) a man in the middle of the queue with a professorial voice said: Bread prices have not gone up for three years [!!] The government had no choice [!!] He further explained that the government was subsidising bread [!!] .. An awkward silence ensued’ !! (GU, Dec 2014) Can you believe it?! Their fictional story is so laughable, because if any faggot says such stupid things in Tehran, specially in Southern Tehran, people will shit in his dirty mouth. At bakeries, people only curse Rouhani, fuck Rouhani or shit on Rouhani. But the most laughable thing is that the Guardian (GU) adds: ‘the man in the middle of the queue added (and said to the Guardian) Anytime you say something thats not entirely against the government, Iranian people denounce you as a spy !! (GU, Dec 2014) Their Paradoxes are so laughable. Those who write/ work for the Guardian are a bunch of stupid Youths & Spies, and that’s why they tell such paradoxical jokes. In a Masonic Media like the Guardian, stupid whores/ FMs like Saeed Laylaz or Behnoud are reliable sources. And what you can expect from Masonic Media? A Masonic Media like the Guardian or the New York Times is a Lie Factory, and a branch of the Ministry of Truth. They censor all news, and tell stupid lies. But Iranians are not blind. If you search the internet, you can see that even idiots and the 3% talk about, for instance, Mullah Golpaygani’s English wife, and refer to his English wife as a female spy in Khamenei’s inner circle (Mullah Golpaygani is Khamenei’s aide) Mullah Golpaygani, Rouhani and High Rank Mullahs – including Fazel Lankarani- had or have English wives. But you can ask: Why Mullahs should have English wives? or Why the UK or London is a Mecca (Omol-Qora) for Mullahs, Masons and Islamists? or why Mullahs love London, Saudis, Tazis, Zionist IMF, the Jewish Mecca, the Tazi Mecca, or the British Mecca?”. They also add: “Now the soup is too salty. Now even the Mullah-Masonic Media such as Alef say: ‘Rouhani is an enemy of Greens (ie Iranian people); Rouhani hurts and betrays Greens (ie Iranian people), because Rouhani only wanted to fool Greens (ie Iranian people) and to use them …’ ! (Dec 2014) The UK and the West censor such news and such facts, because they try to not allow the world to know the stories of ‘Rouhani vs Greens‘ or ‘Rouhani vs Iran‘ or ‘Rouhani vs Iranian people‘. But now even idiots and the 3% say: Rouhani’s evil acts are best reflected in his actual cultural measures and economic measures’ ! In fact, implementing IMF plans, aiding Iran’s enemies, hurting Iran’s people, telling very big lies, creating Economic Instability, reduction of tariffs on imports, destroying domestic production etc clearly show that Rouhani is not Iranian. Now even idiots and the 3% ask: ‘Why Rouhani aids Iran’s enemies, and gets on the people’s nerves?’ ! Now even the 3% know Who is Bastard (Harumzadeh), or Who is Crappy Bastard (Valado-Zena). As their TV series (Mokhtar) said: Bastards and crappy bastards are those who tell big lies, betray the truth and the people, and act like (Tazis & British Barbarians)! In fact, stupid bastards and crappy bastards (Valado-Zena) are Rouhanis, Islamists, Basijis and all stooges of the UK and the West. The father of all Mullahs and Islamists is Mullah Afghani – who was officially a Free-Mason, and he openly said: We dont cut the head of religion except with the sword of religion [!!] And the method used to this end is the practice of a false but showy devotion! Mullahs -from Al-Afghani to Al-Hindi (Khomeini) – are such crappy bastards”. They also add: “In the Rouhani era, ITC = IT Censorship, and ICT = Information & Censorship Technology. A Basiji faggot, Vaezi, is Rouhani’s ITC/ ICT minister, and now he says: ‘We (Rouhani’s men) defend Internet Censorship & Filtering … Anonymity, Privacy or (Basic Rights) are stupid things. We should learn from (NSA & UK). We should attack and (fuck the Internet,) Privacy and Basic rights .. Spying, filtering, censoring, mass surveillance etc are not bad things; We defend such things’ (Dec 2014) This Islamist faggot, Vaezi, has even said: ‘Internet Speed should be near zero in Ian. High Speed is a bad thing. 128 kbps is the maximum speed that we allow Iranian people to use. We (Rouhani’s men) defend Evil Fire-wall, Terrible Fil-tering/ Censorship & Low speed of Internet in Iran’ ! (Dec 2014) This Masonic faggot, Vaezi, openly says such things, but the UK and the West censor all news, and just tell the exact opposite of the Truth. It’s obvious why the UK and the West love Rouhani, Vaezi, Janati and other FMs. But it’s funny that now even the 3% say to the UK or its Rouhani: ‘Hey Motherfucker, your stupidity, your hypocrisy and your shamelessness have no limit (… Veqahat, Hemaqat va Harum-zadegi ham hadee dareh)!”. They also add: “Just look what Rouhanis did to Internet Cards. This Motherfucker, Rouhani, has destroyed all Internet Cards and all small ISPs in Tehran. Now their fucking Smart Internet is like their fucking Smart Fil-tering. Rouhani and Vaezi have increased Censorship, Sadism, Fil-tering, MITM attacks, noise, parasite, and all internet pollutions/ problems. Rouhani is nothing but Masonic Malarkey. The UK and its Rouhanis just play Orwellian games. For instance, they refer to Terrible Censorship/ Fil-tering & MITM attacks as Smart Fil-tering! They refer to a very stupid & slow internet – that its price is +1000% more than the international price- as Smart Internet! They refer to their Zionist IMF Plans as Smart Plans! But such Orwellian games say a lot about Rouhani and the UK. The story of Internet Cards and the story of ISPs in Iran are as important as this fact that the UK and the West censor all facts, and just tell the exact opposite of the Truth. Islamists and Rouhani, like the UK, are Charlatans and Dishonest jerks. Iran’s people would not hate Rouhani or shit on him, if Rouhani was honest. But Rouhani and his men are bad Charlatans”.

As some wise Iranians say: “It’s really shameful that Rouhani is worse than AN, Zionists and Saudis. Rouhani is a non-Iranian pig who just tries to hurt Iran and Iranians. Just look what he did to Basic foods. Bread or Macaroni can be a symbol of Basic foods. In Iran, Macaroni has become a national product. Macaroni is, and should be, a cheap food. The price of Macaroni was about 600 to 700 Toman. But now, in the Rouhani era, the price of Macaroni has reached 2400 to 2700 Toman!, because Rouhani implements IMF Plans and creates a vicious circle of high inflation and increasing prices. Rouhani is really a stupid animal. He even tries to implement their Zionist IMF Plans in Iran’s hospitals. Now the price of Heath care has increased by + 300%. Even AN didn’t eat such shits. Iran, Iranians and history will never forget and forgive such evil acts. This Masonic faggot, Rouhani, just plays silly games, and thinks Iranians are as stupid as himself. But all Iranians laugh and spit at this English Rouhani and his Masters. All Iranians know who played silly games with Electricity bills or Phone bills in Dec 2013, in March 2014, in May 2014, in August 2014, and now in Dec 2014. Rouhanis still play silly games. But now even idiots and the 3% say: ‘Rouhani’s Economic Package is Empty .. Amid the imperialist economic war against Iran, the Imperialist IMF aids Mullahs in fighting against the imperialist powers?’ !! Now even idiots and the 3% say: ‘Rouhani’s Economic Package is the IMF Prescription, and includes: tax breaks for the wealthy and/or big business; privatization of public sector assets, enterprises and services; undermining labor unions; minimizing workers wages; eliminating (basic rights); deregulating markets; opening of the domestic market to unrestricted foreign (shits); and the like!”. They also add: “Savage Saudis are little savages, and all Iranians know who are behind such little savages. Now most humans know the US and its Terrorist allies (Savage Saudis, Zionists etc). But Rouhani is worse than Zionists and Saudis. Rouhani’s supporters, including stupid pigs like Jack Straw -aka Jackesh Free-Mason – already said: Iranians love Rouhani because the most important thing in (the world and) Iran is Economy .. It’s Economy, Stupid’ ! But now all Iranians hate Rouhani because It’s not Economy, Stupid!”. They also add: “Now the West cannot play with Iranians. We Iranians hate their Masonic Modernism, because Masonic Modernism is Barbarism and Slavery. We Iranians hate their Masonic Opposition, because Masonic Opposition is equal to the Brotherhood, Khatamists, Chomsky-ists and other Big Brother’s whores. In the 1970s, Iranians were ignorant, and knew nothing about Masonic Opposition or Masonic Alternative. In the 19the century, Iranians were ignorant, and knew nothing about Masonic Modernism. But today is not the 19th century, as today is not the 1970s. Now all Iranians want real Modernism, real Progress, real Democracy, real Freedom, and real Iranian values and Iranian Legacy. British Modernism is nothing but British Barbarism and Masonic Modernism. In the 19th century, English stooges like Mirza Malkum and Mullah Afghani defended British Modernism and British Barbarism, and openly said: ‘Slavery is Freedom; If Iran became a slave of the UK and the West, then Iran will become a free and modern country! Malkum even said: Iran should allow the UK and Europe to plunder its mines, its jungles and its natural resources, because it’s Modernism [!!] Masonic/ British plans for Iran are equal to Modernism’ ! Now stupid faggots like Zibakalam & Basijis repeat Malkum’s words, and say IMF Plan is Reform! Now stupid faggots like Mullahs & Zibakalam repeat UK words and Al-Afghani’s words, and say: Slavery is Modernism! Orthodoxy is Modernism! But Iranians say: Yah, in the UK, Slavery is Modernism. But Iran is not the UK’ ! Now Iranians say: British Barbarians or Tazis want to tell us what is good, what is evil, or what is modernity?!’ ! Now Big Brother Corporation (BBC) talks about ‘Cohabitation’ in Iran, and say: Can Iran Control its cohabiting couples?’ ! (BBC, Dec 2014) But now all Iranians, even kids, laugh and say: ‘British Barbarians and uneducated faggots/ fanatics want to tell us what is Modernism?! Iranians are much more educated, cultured, modern, wiser, smarter and open-minded than British pigs and Western pigs’ ! Non-Iranian whores (Malkum, Al-Afghani etc) or uneducated faggots (Behnoud, Zibakalam, Khatamists etc) licked and still lick the ass of the Barbarian UK. But all Iranians hate the Barbarian UK and those who lick the ass of the UK. The West and Barbarians showed their true colors in 2009 and recent years. Now it’s clear why British pigs and their Masonic Media such as the Guardian (GU) openly defend Bahai Cult & Big Brother’s cults in the name of ‘Modernity in Iran’ ! (GU, Dec 2014) It’s really funny that MEK, ISIS, Bahais and Barbarians talk about Modernity. Big Brother’s whores are really bad joke, but now Iranians know them and their Devil Game. Now Iranians want real modernity or real progress, and that’s why Iranians say to the West or the UK: Fuck you and Fuck your Modernism; in 2009 and all these years, we all could see the true face of your values and your modernism’ ! Now the Barbarian West and its stooges cannot fool Iranians. Now English games, Mullah political-silly games or their power struggle are bad jokes, as what uneducated whores like Behnoud, Ziba-kalam, Shir-zad and other FMs say are bad jokes. Even their fake/ Orwellian names are bad jokes. In the 19th century, British Brothers and British Agents such as Malkum and Al-Afghani defended British Modernism and British Barbarism. But now Iranians say: If you want to know British Modernism and British stooges, you can read Orwell’s novels, specially Animal Farm and 1984. Orwell can show you the true meaning of British Modernism”.

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