Orwell 1984, Re-Reading: Lets Read 1984 Again

Our previous post about Rouhani and Bread Prices had a weird and stupid story. Now you can see this post as a double post (two posts), and its a result of this stupid/ Orwellian story. But lets such double posts remain as double posts. As we said before, such double posts (another double post was: “English Barbarians vs Iran: Behind the Evil Fi-re-wall”) can serve as a reminder. In this year (2014), the Left, the IMF and the West remind many of Orwell’s novels. As some wise Iranians say: “Now they just tell big lies, and censor all news and all facts. Now the stupid West and its stooges even tell big lies about Orwell’s novels. 1984 was a novel about the UK, the West, and Big Brother’s cults. But their media whores play silly games. So, Lets read Orwell’s 1984 again. Re-Reading 1984 can reveal many things”. They also add: “We all know Eric Arthur Blair (1903- 1950) known by his pen name George Orwell. We all know 1984. Nineteen Eighty-Four is a novel by George Orwell published in 1949. And as you know, George Orwell suddenly died in 1950. As Britons say: ‘In December 1948, he sent the final manuscript to the publisher. Nineteen Eighty-Four was published in June 1949. And in January 1950, Orwell died at age 46’. George Orwell’s 1984 is important, because it talks about the Brotherhood, Big Brother, mass surveillance, public mind control, Reality Control, Ministry of Truth, Systematic Censorship, Systematic Lies, Thought-crimes, Cult of Big Brother, Cult of Brotherhood and other serious problems in the UK and the West. You can easily find and read [1]: Orwell’s 1984 at websites such as George-Orwell.org, GeorgeOrwellnovels.com, OrwellToday.com and many other websites. You can also find his Biography and his essays in such websites. For instance, his important essay ‘ Censorship in England‘ is actually Orwell’s original preface to Animal Farm; and it’s about Censorship of the Press in the UK Animal Farm. But (here lets ignore) his essays and his life, and lets just (focus on) 1984. After 2009, and after the story of Snow-den, we all can understand Orwell’s novels better. Now Western Censorship, English Censorship & English Lies are not hidden facts. Now even Americans say: ‘I cannot Breath; We cannot Breath’ ! After the story of Snow-den, many know that the so-called Thought Police in the Masonic regimes is like the so-called Thought Police in the UK and the West. Orwell said: ‘It’s Thought Police and their police patrol, snooping into people’s windows .. Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire .. It was conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to‘ [1] And Snow-den showed that what Orwell said about the UK & the West was not a myth”. It’s not bad that we all try to re-read Orwell’s 1984. We want to have a series of posts on Orwell’s 1984. And what you read here is the first post. As some wise Iranians says: “In Orwell’s 1984, Oceania is the UK & the West. If you read Orwell’s 1984, you can see that Oceania = the UK & the West; Eurasia = Russia & Eastern Europe; Eastasia = China & Indochina. There is no doubt that Oceania is the UK. London is the main city of Oceania, and Orwell says: ‘In Oceania the prevailing philosophy is called (Y), in Eurasia it is called (X), and in Eastasia it is called by a Chinese name .. (But) the three philosophies are barely distinguishable, and the social systems which they support are not distinguishable at all .. Everywhere there is the same pyramidal structure, the same worship of semi-divine leader’ ! [1] In his 1984, Orwell even says: In Oceania at the present day, Science, in the old sense, has almost ceased to exist .. Even technological progress only happens when its products can in some way be used for the diminution of human liberty. In all the useful arts the world is going backwards …Oceania (is) the centre of the universe. The sun and the stars go round it .. Do you suppose our mathematicians are unequal to that? Have you forgotten doublethink?’ ! [1] In the 1940s, Orwell said such things. And in 2013, Snow-den clearly showed that even ‘In Oceania at the present day Science, in the old sense, has ceased to exist. Now Technological progress are really used for the diminution of human liberty”. They also add: “George Orwell knew nothing about Iranian values or Iranian Legacy. He just talked about Evil things, including Oceania (the West). As Orwell says: ‘It was only after (many) national wars, civil wars, revolutions, and counter-revolutions that Oceania’s ideology (Western ideologies) emerged as fully worked-out political theories’ ! [1] Oceania’s people still talk about the abolition of Privacy, the abolition of Democracy, or the abolition of Justice and other good things. But in the 1940s, Orwell knew Oceania, and wrote: ‘The possibility of enforcing not only complete obedience to the will of the State, but complete uniformity of opinion on all subjects, now existed for the first time .. In matters of vital importance –
meaning, in effect, war and police espionage – the empirical approach is still encouraged .. aims are to conquer the whole surface of the earth and to extinguish once and for all the possibility of independent thought‘ ! [1] In Orwell’s 1984, the Party = the West and Western Cults/ Ideologies. In Oceania, humans ‘are like the animals. Humanity is the Party. The others are outside – irrelevant’ ! [1] In Oceania, ie in the UK and the West, ‘the level of popular education is actually declining. What opinions the masses hold, or do not hold, is looked on as a matter of indifference. They can be granted intellectual liberty because they have no intellect‘ ! [1] And it’s exactly what you can see in the UK and the West today. Now the wise guys talk about the Death of Public Intellectuals in the West, and the Death of Intellectualism in the West. Now in the West, whores and retards are Intellectuals, or called intellectuals. In Oceania, whores like Noam Chomsky are called intellects, while they have no intellect and no skill except licking the ass of Big Brother, IMF, Dictators and other evil forces. In the West, many people are so stupid; and even Mullahs, the US and its Terrorist allies (Savage Saudis/ Zionists etc) are aware of this issue. In Oceania, the Brotherhood’s agents/ whores are called intellectuals, and Sheeple worship such whores”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Orwell’s 1984 is a novel about the UK. Winston lives in London. He says: Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows‘ [1] But in London, two plus two don’t make four [1] In the UK, you are only free to say that 2 + 2 = 5 [1], or 2 + 2 = 80,000,000! What the UK media and English Brothers censor or say about their beloved Rouhanis can prove many things. In the UK, or in Oceania, ‘they can twist reality into whatever shape they choose’ [1] If you read Orwell’s 1984, you can learn many things about Big Brother and the Brotherhood in the UK. For instance, Winston thought that the Brotherhood fight against Big Brother; and O’Brien is a symbol/ agent of the Brotherhood. Winston and Julia talked with O’Brien; and only O’Brien and the Brotherhood were aware of relations between Winston and Julia. But when, at the end of story, O’Brien and the Brotherhood’s agents arrested Winston and Julia, it became clear that the Brotherhood is actually Big Brother’s team!”. They also add: “In Chapter 2 of 1984, the Inner Party member O’Brien is an agent of the Brotherhood. And in Chapter 3, O’Brien also reveals himself to be a Thought Police leader! Orwell tries to show you many things. What Winston and O’Brien say are important. For instance, they say: ‘(Brotherhood) is real? It is not simply an invention of the Thought Police? No, it is real. (But) You will never learn much more about the Brotherhood than that it exists and that you belong to it’ ! [1] O’Brien’s Masonic questions – when Winston wants to become a member of the Brotherhood- are important: ‘You are prepared to give your lives? Yes. You are prepared to commit murder? Yes. To commit acts of sabotage which may cause the death of hundreds of innocent people [!!]? Yes. To betray your country to foreign powers? [!!] Yes. You are prepared to cheat, to forge, to blackmail, to corrupt the minds of children, to distribute habit-forming drugs, to encourage prostitution, to disseminate venereal diseases – to do anything … ? Yes. If, for example, it would somehow serve our interests to throw sulphuric acid in a child’s face [!!] – are you prepared to do that? Yes.’ ! [1] Such questions are Masonic questions. And Orwell actually shows you that The Brotherhood and Big Brother are two sides of the same coin. O’Brien’s says: ‘(In the Brotherhood), you will always be in the dark. You will receive orders and you will obey them, without knowing why’ ! [1] The Brotherhood, like Big Brother, love Slaves and Sheep – ie those who don’t ask questions, don’t think, and just obey orders. And it’s a Masonic Tradition. It’s like what Mullahs, Basijis, Zibakalam and other Masonic whores want. In the Brotherhood, Slavery is Freedom [1] They love Slavery and Orthodoxy, because Orthodoxy means not thinking [1] Mullahs, Basijis, Zibakalam and all English Brothers love and defend Orthodoxy, because Orthodoxy means not thinking -not needing to think [1] They love retards and slaves. They openly say: ‘He is too intelligent. The Party does not like such people’ ! [1] In Chapter 3, when Orwell talks about the Brotherhood’s book, he actually shows you that the Brotherhood’s book is as stupid as Big Brother’s crap. In the Brotherhood’s book, Ignorance is Strength & War is Peace! [1] Orwell actually shows you that Big Brother and the Brotherhood are the same, and those who see the Brotherhood as the opposition are retards. Winston tells O’Brien: ‘Does Big Brother exist? he exists .. Does Big Brother exist in the same way as I exist? you do not exist .. Will Big Brother ever die? Of course not. How could he die? .. Does the Brotherhood exist? you will never know; you will never learn whether the answer to that question is Yes or No’ ! [1] O’Brien’s even says: ‘I tell you that the Brotherhood exists .. (But) it is impossible for any one member of the Brotherhood to be aware of the identity of more than a few others .. When finally you are caught, you will get no help. We never help our members’ ! [1] In his 1984, Orwell shows you what the Brotherhood and Masonic Brothers do, say, and believe”. They also add: “In Orwell’s 1984, the Party = the West and Western ideologies. Orwell clearly says: ‘The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power … The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods … (But) we are not like that .. Power is not a means, it is an end .. The object of power is power … We are the priests of power. God is power‘ ! [1] And it’s exactly what the UK, Mullahs and the West say. In the West’s Machiavellian Logic, Power is an end and everything. In the UK Machiavellian Ideology, ‘Slavery is Freedom; Power is power over human beings .. Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing’ [1] Orwell says a lot about English Games, U.K. Machiavellian Ideology, and the British Brotherhood. In the final chapter of 1984, Orwell writes: ‘It was a sound-track of the conversation he had had with O’Brien, on the night when he had enrolled himself in the Brotherhood. Winston heard himself promising to lie, to steal, to forge, to murder, to encourage drug-taking and prostitution, to disseminate venereal diseases, to throw vitriol in a child’s face’ ! [1] In fact, those who want to become British agents or British Brothers should be prepared to tell big lies, to kill innocent people, to betray their country to foreign powers , to cheat, to forge, to censor, to become Barbarians, to act like Saudis/ ISIS/ Basijis/ MEK/ AN/ Rouhani/ Khatamists etc, and to do all evil things. British Barbarians and British Brothers love Barbarity & Stupidity, and say: ‘Stupidity was as necessary as intelligence, and as difficult to attain‘ ! [1] The Brotherhood and Big Brother still praise stupidity, and see independent thinking as thought-crimes [1] In the UK, the real law is the law of the jungle. In the West, retards and whores are called intellects, Barbarism is called Modernity, and Big Brother’s Brotherhood is called Solution or Alternative [1]”.


As some wise Iranians say: “You should ask yourself why Orwell talks about the League of Youths and Spies in Oceania?! Orwell writes: ‘On the walls were scarlet banners of the Youth League and the Spies, and a full-sized poster of Big Brother ! [1] After the story of Snow-den, you can understand why Orwell talked about Youths and Spies. Big Brother and Brotherhood use youths as spies. They brainwash youths -ignorant and immature youths- and use them as spies. Snow-den himself was one of these youths. Those who write/ work for the Guardian, the BBC and other Orwellian Media are among such youths. They are actually members of the League of Youths and Spies in Oceania. As Orwell said: ‘Nearly all children nowadays were horrible. What was worst of all was that by means of such organizations as the Spies they were systematically turned into little savages, and yet this produced in them no tendency whatever to rebel .. On the contrary, they adored (Big Brother) and everything connected with it’ ! [1] And it’s exactly like the stories of English Brothers, Basijis, Islamists, ISIS/ MEK, Western journalists and those who work for the UK media, the UK/ US regime, and all Big Brother’s cults/ ideologies. It’s obvious why they use kids and youths as spies. They believe: Ignorance is Strength [1] In Oceania, ie in the UK / West, Youths become Spies, and play childish games, tell childish lies, censor news in a silly way, or act like savages. They are actually little savages [1] ‘The yelling of slogans, the worship of Big Brother (Money & Power) is all a sort of glorious game to these youths‘ [1] Orwell said a lot about the UK and the West. ‘It was almost normal for people over thirty to be frightened of their own children .. In Oceania, youths were dressed the uniform of the Spies .. In Oceania, ‘the family had become in effect an extension of the Thought Police .. In Oceania, Child Hero (is a kid who) denounced its parents to the Thought Police’ [1] And it’s like the stories of Nazis, Fascists, British Barbarians, and many stooges of the West. In all Western-made cults and ideologies, we can see the same things. All British-made cults use Orwellian values, doublethink, Thought Police, the League of Youths and Spies, and other British / Evil things. In London, as Orwell says, ‘keeping people in control was not difficult. A few agents of the Thought Police moved always among them, spreading false rumours and marking down and eliminating the few individuals who were judged capable of becoming dangerous’ ! [1] The UK still uses such tactics. In London, as Orwell says, ‘The Records Department was only a single branch of the Ministry of Truth, whose primary job was not to reconstruct the past but to supply the citizens with newspapers, films, textbooks, telescreen programs, plays, novels – with every conceivable kind of information, instruction, or entertainment .. (they said they did it) for the benefit of the people .. Here were produced rubbishy newspapers containing almost nothing except sport, crime and astrology, sensational 5-cent novelettes, films oozing with s-ex, and sentimental songs .. there was even a whole sub-section – Pornosec- engaged in producing the lowest kind of Po-rnography – which no Party member, other than those who worked on it, was permitted to look at’ ! [1] In the UK, they love Fooling people (Tahmiq) and producing Sheeple / Slaves. They just try to create drug users, drug addicts, slave of s-ex (s-ex addicts), slaves of money, slaves of fashion, slaves of ideology, slaves of media etc. In the UK and the West, they still do and say stupid and paradoxical things about s-ex and p-orn. They still have ‘the Anti-Sex League’ ! [1], while their p-orn industry is their biggest industry. They say women should be slaves and s-ex objects, and so, women have only two choice/ options: Burka (Hijab) or Bikini (nu-dity)! They even say: You have only two options: S-ex is evil, or S-ex is everything! They are sick pigs like MEK, ISIS, Taliban, Basijis, Jewish fanatics and Christian fanatics. In all Satanic cults, as Orwell said, ‘Marriages between members had to be approved by (authorities) … there were even organizations such as the Junior Anti-S-ex League .. the Party was trying to kill the sex instinct, or, if it could not be killed, then to distort it and dirty it‘ ! [1] And it’s exactly like what they do in the UK, the US and the West. They try to distort it and dirty it. They hate normal things, including normal s-ex. They love Hypocrisy and Corruption. In 1984, what Winston and Julia say about s-ex are interesting: ‘Have you done this before? Of course. Hundreds of times .. With Party members? .. Yes, always with Party members .. They’re not so holy as they make out .. they are such hypocrites .. the Party is rotten under the surface‘ ! [1] In the West and all Satanic cults, they are rotten under the surface. It’s what you can see in all Satanic regimes, from the UK regime to the Mullah regime […] English Brothers are bad retards. They still think ‘The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth‘ ! [1] But Iranians and all sane people will never forget and forgive what English Barbarians and English stooges did and do. English Brothers still ‘tell you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears’! [1] But even Orwell’s 1984 says a lot about today: ‘The fabulous statistics continued to pour out of the telescreen. As compared with last year there was more food, more clothes, more houses, more fuel, more ships, more books, more babies, more of everything except disease, crime, and insanity’ ! [1] And it can remind you of the Mullah TV (Mullah telescreen), the UK media and BBC (ie UK telescreen), US telescreen and the West’s telescreen in recent years”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Orwell wanted to talk ‘to the future or to the past, to a time when thought is free – to a time when truth exists [1] He said: ‘From the age of solitude, from the age of Big Brother, from the age of doublethink – greetings’ ! [1] In the West and this shitty world, you still should say the same thing, and talk to the future, to a time when Thought is free – to a time when Truth exists. It’s so shameful. All humans should know this age of doublethink. They should know that the Principles of doublethink [1] are actually the Principles of Britain. In London, as Orwell said: ‘The Lie passed into history and became Truth’ [1] In London, they refer to ‘Reality control‘ as Doublethink’ [1] Orwell even talked about ‘the labyrinthine world of doublethink’ [1], and said: ‘To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the Guardian of democracy, to forget whatever it was necessary to forget .. and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself ! .. Even to understand the word ‘doublethink’ involved the use of doublethink’ ! [1] Orwell knew the Guardian of Lies and the Guardian of Big Brother, as we all know them now. The British Media – from Big Brother Corporation (BBC) to the Guardian of Lies- are Big Brother’s Media. In London, as Orwell said, ‘speeches, statistics, and records of every kind must be constantly brought up to date in order to show that the predictions were in all cases right’ ! [1] And it can remind you of what the UK and English Media do (about their beloved Rouhanis etc). English Brothers believe ‘Who controls the past controls the future; and who controls the present controls the past’ ! [1] So, as Orwell said, ‘If the facts say otherwise then the facts must be altered. Thus history is continuously rewritten. This day- to-day falsification of the past, carried out by the Ministry of Truth, is as necessary to the stability of the regime as the work of repression and espionage carried out by the Ministry of Love’ [1] And it’s the reality of the UK and the West. In London, as Orwell said ‘Books, (like newspapers), were recalled and rewritten again and again, and were invariably reissued without any admission that any alteration had been made … (In London), researches that could be called scientific are still carried out for the purposes of war, but they are essentially a kind of daydreaming’ ! [1] Orwell said such things in the 1940s. And now after the story of Snow-den, all people can see that what Orwell said about the UK and the West was not a myth. As Orwell said: ‘The scientist of today is either a mixture of psychologist and inquisitor, studying with real ordinary minuteness the meaning of facial expressions, gestures, and tones of voice, and testing the truth-producing effects of drugs, shock therapy, hypnosis, and physical torture; or he is chemist, physicist, or biologist concerned only with such branches of his special subject as are relevant to the taking of life. In the vast laboratories of the Ministry of Peace (…) the teams of experts are indefatigably at work. Some are concerned simply with planning the logistics of future wars .. others search for new and deadlier gases, or for soluble poisons capable of being produced in such quantities as to destroy the vegetation of whole continents, or for breeds of disease germs immunized against all possible antibodies; others strive to produce (evil tools)’ [1] And now, after the stories of Snow-den and all these years, any sane person can see that what was & is said about corrupt scientists, corrupt sciences, corrupt media and corrupt intellects in the West is not a myth”. They also add: “Orwell said a lot about Big Brother. He even said: ‘Nobody has ever seen Big Brother. He is a face on the hoardings, a voice on the telescreen. We may be reasonably sure that he will never die .. Big Brother is the guise‘ [1] Orwell knew the English Doublethink well. He said: ‘Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them .. it is a vast system of mental cheating’ [1] The UK, English Brothers and English Stooges still love and praise Doublethink. In London, as Orwell said, ‘the first and simplest stage in the discipline, which can be taught even to young children, is called crimestop. Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments .. Crimestop, in short, means protective stupidity. But Stupidity is not enough .. The keyword here is BlackWhite. Like (all Orwellian) words, this word has two mutually contradictory meanings. Applied to an opponent, it means the habit of impudently claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts .. But it means also the ability to believe that black is white, and more, to know that black is white, and to forget that one has ever believed the contrary. This demands a continuous alteration of the past, made possible by the system of thought which really embraces all the rest, and which is known as Doublethink’ [1] In the UK and the West, they still censor all news and all facts, and impudently claim that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts. But now most humans are becoming aware; they can grasp analogies, perceive logical errors, understand simple arguments, and detect hypocrisy, stupidity and insanity”.

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