Rouhani is worse than AhmadiNejad ?

“Iranians already talked about AhmadiNejad (AN), his Anti-Iranian polices, his lies and his evil acts. Before 2014, AN was the worst Liar / Jerk in Iran’s history. Iran’s people refer to AhmadiNejad as AN, and in Persian, AN means Shit. Before 2014, AhmadiNejad was the worst Shit in Iran’s history. AN, Islamists and the West created the 2009 Coup. AhmadiNejad (AN) was a Jew, a Jewish convert. AhmadiNejad came from a Jewish family. After the 2009 CIA Coup, AN openly started to implement their Zionist IMF plans in Iran, and the IMF praised AN. Iranians have already said How AN served the interests of Iran’s enemies, How AN obeyed the IMF’s orders and helped Anti-Iran Sanctions, and how the IMF and Lefts defended AN and his evil acts (for more info, check Archive) But now Rouhani is worse than AN. Now Rouhani is the worst Shit in Iran’s history. Now Rouhani breaks AN’s records. Now Rouhani is the worst Liar / Jerk in Iran’s history”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, the West and Rouhani make people even angrier. As some wise Iranians say: “Just look how Rouhani aids Iran’s enemies. Just look how Rouhani implements IMF Plans and increases Bread price. Just look how Rouhani tries to hurt Iran’s people, and to make Iran’s enemies happy. Just look what the West does. The West and its stooges censor all news of Iran. Now all Iranians talk about Bread Price, and how this English Rouhani tells big lies, implements IMF Plans, increases all prices, and serves the interests of Iran’s enemies. But Just look how the West censors such big news and all facts”. They also add: “these years are historic years, and can show you who are behind Mullahs & Iran’s Main Problems. Now all Iranians – even the 3% – talk about IMF Plans, Rial, Dollar, Bread, Inflation, Increasing Prices, Rouhani’s evil acts, 2014 Referendum, Evil Fire-Wall, Increasing Censorship & Filtering, Increasing Pollutions etc. But the West and all mass media censor people’s voices and all news/ facts in a silly way. On Dec 1, 2014, Rouhani’s cabinet officially declared that Bread prices increased by (+40%) in Tehran. In Shiraz and other Iranian cities, bread prices increased by 50% to 100%. Now all Iranians curse Rouhani, and talk about Rouhani’s Evil acts. But just look how the West censors such big news. Rouhani still implements their Zionist IMF plans, and tries to make his British Brothers happy. This English Faggot, Rouhani, plays silly games. In Nov 2014, the Mullah media said that Rouhani wants to increase bread price. But Rouhani’s cabinet said: ‘We reject such claims; Bread Price increase is only a rumor; we have already increased prices in this year; and prices will not increase again in this year’ ! (Nov 2014) Rouhani, like his English Brothers, tells many big and stupid lies. Rouhani is like or worse than AN. And now all Iranians curse Rouhani. Now the 97% of Iranians say many F-words (Fohsh-e Khar Madar etc) about Rouhani, and you cannot publish these F-words. But in the most polite remarks, Iranian people refer to Rouhani as Valado-Zena (crappy bastard), Jerk, Jakesh (Pimp), Faggot, Asshole, English Spy, Mason etc. Now even the 3% and regime’s supporters curse Rouhani, and put comments at their Mullah media, and say: ‘Fuck Rouhani; Shame on Rouhani; He acts like bastards, hurts people, and tell stupid lies; he should limits himself (Doruq-guii va Harum-zadi ham hadee dareh … ! ) ! (Dec 2014) Rouhanis implement IMF Plans, and what is said about Sanctions or Oil Price is bullshit. When oil price is increasing, Mullahs lick IMF Ass, implement IMF Plans, create high inflation and increase all prices. And when oil price is decreasing, Mullahs do the same thing, and increase all prices, including prices of fuel and petrol. It’s not important whether Oil price is decreasing or Oil price is increasing, because in both cases the prices of petrol, fuel, foods and everything increase in Iran because it’s what the IMF wants, and Rouhanis just lick the ass of IMF and implement IMF Plans in Iran“. They also add: “Rouhanis are stupid slaves of the UK and the West. Rouhanis are worse than Pahlavis. Retards like Rouhani just try to make Iran’s people even angrier. This English Faggot, Rouhani, wants to make his English Brothers happy. When the UK and Iran’s enemies suffer from Goh Gijeh (shitty confusion) or Kun Suzeh (burnt ass), then Rouhani tries to aid Iran’s enemies, and to make his English Brothers happy by hurting Iran’s people. But now even Mullah media say: ‘Why Rouhani increases Bread Price exactly when Iran’s enemies need it?’ ! (Dec 2014) Iran, Iranians and History will never forget and forgive Anti-Iranian Shits like Rouhani, AN, Mullah Parliament etc. In 2014, Rouhani’s media openly say: ‘Rouhani’s main goal is Hurting and Humiliating Iranians’ ! (2014) Rouhani, his English Brothers and all slaves of Big Brother suffer from Mongolism. They talk nonsense, tell childish lies, play silly games, act like retards, but see themselves as smart guys. In the UK, retards and stupid jerks are called smart guys. But Iran is not the UK. The 97% of Iranians know and hate Rouhanis so much, and now even the 3% put comments at Mullah Media and say: ‘God should destroy you Rouhanis (Khoda Nabudetun Koneh …)’ ! (Dec 2014) Now the 3% say new things. In Nov 2014, their Mullah TV talked about Masons and Religious Tyranny! In Nov 2014, Mullah TV Channel 7, aka Amouzesh/ Education TV, talked about Masonic handshakes, and reminded you of AN, Rouhani, Cameron etc. If you search the internet, you can see that Westerners say: ‘AhmadiNejad exchanged a Masonic handshake with Larry King/ Jewish Rabbis/ etc’. They, like Mullah TV, say: ‘When you shake hands, the thumb naturally extends upward or straight ahead. When it points downward, you are signaling that you are a member of the Big Brother’s satanic cult’ ! If you search the internet, you can find many things about Masonic handshakes. Westerners talk about Masonic handshakes between US/ UK officials and Celebrities/ Dictators/ Politicians/ Islamists etc. We all can see such things as conspiracy theories, or think more about the Masonic Brotherhood. They say many things about Masonic gestures, playing with hands etc and it can remind you of AN-Rouhani’s gestures. Perhaps the Brotherhood and Masonic gestures is not a myth. But their evil acts, big lies and Anti-Iranian policies are much more important than their handshakes or gestures”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Most people could never imagine that one day the West censors all news of Iran in such a silly way, or one day the West supports Rouhanis, MEK, Islamists, Terrorists, Savage Saudis and other Evil forces in such a silly way. Now the US and its Terrorist allies (Savage Saudis, MEK etc) are bad jokes. But we all could never imagine that one day the US and the West censor all news, tell very big lies and show their true face in such a silly way. We all could never imagine that one day Chomsky, Marxists, Islamists and Lefts defend and support their Imperialist IMF and Capitalism, Imperialism and their Imperialist Brothers in such a silly way! But now we all can see the true meanings of their Stupid/ Orwellian slogans about Estemar (Western Colonialism) and Estekbar (Western Imperialism) ! Marxists and Islamists openly make love with their Zionist IMF and their Imperialist Brothers, and clearly show that Marxists and Islamists are pawns/ stooges of a single Masonic Big Brother. Normal media or normal humans don’t censor the big news of IMF-Mullah Love, Cutting subsidies, Privatization, IMF Plans or 2014 Referendum in Iran. Only Big Brother, English/ Masonic Brothers and their Media can censor big news and all facts in a silly way. If you search the internet, you can see that Westerners talk about Stephen Knight’s book, the Brotherhood. They say: ‘Sephen Kingh published his famous book The Brotherhood in 1984. But in 1985, he suddenly died at the age of 33 .. In The Brotherhood, Knight shows how Masons control every aspect of British society. There are 500,000 Masons in England. Lodges are associated with every local government, police, bank, military unit, hospital, university, church, court and of course Westminster. Knight said the UK is a Masonic tyranny [!]‘ ! What these Westerners say, and what Stephen Knight said, is like what George Orwell said about the UK. If you read or re-read Orwell’s 1984, you can see that Orwell writes: ‘Perhaps the rumors of vast underground conspiracies were true after all. Perhaps the Brotherhood really existed ! (Perhaps) a small movement of the Hand (is just) a signal of recognition .. the Brotherhood is not simply a myth … I tell you that the Brotherhood exists‘ ! (Orwell’s 1984) If you search the internet, you can find many things about Orwell, 1984 and the Brotherhood”. They also add: “Orwell, Knight and other Britons said that Big Brother and Brotherhood are Masonic terms, as Orwellian slogans such as Slavery is Freedom are Masonic slogans. George Orwell said a lot about the Masonic UK, UK Animal Farm and UK Big Brother’s society. But in the past, only conspiracy theorists talked about relations between the UK, Mullahs, Islamists, Marxists, Brotherhood, IMF, Big Brother etc. In the past, most people (including us) ignored such things, or preferred to see such things as conspiracy theories. But after the 2009 coup, after Snow-den’s revelations, after Mullah-IMF Plans, after the West’s terrible Censorship, after the West’s terrible Lies, and after what the West and its stooges said and did in 2014 and recent years, many things changed. Now you cannot ignore many facts. Now many facts are undeniable facts. Now Zibakalam, Mullah Haeri, Mullah MPs, Rouhani’s men and the Masonic Media such as BBC, Mullah TV, Alef, RoozOnline, Gooya, Economist, Guardian, VOA etc make all Iranians laugh. Now Mullahs, Mullah MPs and Rouhani’s men openly do/ say the worst Anti-Iranian things”. They also add: “Rouhani’s men remind many of Razmara, as Rouhani reminds many of Amouzegar and the last year of the Pahlavi regime. Amouzegar Brothers officially worked for the IMF and World Bank. IMF Plans in the Pahlavi era were like IMF Plans in recent years. Now IMF Says Rouhani Has Stabilized Iran’s Economy‘ ! (2014), while we all can see the story of Bread, Dollar, Rial and Rouhani’s evil acts, which just destabilize Iran’s Economy. IMF Plans are not nothing but a vicious circle of Increasing Prices, Corruption and High Inflation. But Rouhani implements IMF Plans in Iran’s Hospitals and Iran’s Economy, destabilizes Iran’s Economy, and the UK and the IMF praise Rouhani. If you search the internet, you can see what the IMF says about Rouhanis. But Iranians and all sane people know why IMF Thanks Rouhani, why ‘IMF Loves Rouhani‘, why ‘IMF Defends Rouhani‘, or why ‘IMF Praises Rouhani ‘. Even idiots know why their media say: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) thanks Rouhani for reducing subsidies and (increasing prices) in Iran‘ ! (2014) It’s obvious why the IMF, the CIA and the UK Thank Rouhani for acting like AN and aiding Iran’s enemies. It’s obvious why the West and the Left love and support the IMF and Islamists. But you can ask: ‘Do the 3% love their Great Satan & Zionist IMF?! Basijis/ Mullahs are Masons/ Tazis, and love their Zionist IMF. But Do the rank and file and the 3% can accept that their Ideology is Kashk (their values are Orwellian), and Mullahs and Great Satan/ Zionists are actually close friends and Brothers?! Most of the 3% are idiots, not whores/ spies. They have low IQs and suffer from Mongolism, Excessive Naivety or Excessive Stupidity. They think Mullahs are good guys. But what would happen if they can see the reality?! Now even the 3% and idiots put comments at Mullah media and say: ‘Rouhani is worse than AN; AN increased Bread Price but paid some money to people (Geran Mikard, vali kami pul midad)! But this jerk (Rohani) increases Bread Price, but eats all money and pays people nothing’ ! (Dec 2014) In Persian, Mullah-khor kardan or Sag-khor kardan means Stealing, Embezzling, or what Pigs, crooks, thieves and Mullahs do. In these years, what AN & Rouhani do is Sag-khor kardan or Mullah-khor kardan. All Iranians know the stories of 800 Billion Dollars and Mullah-khor kardan/ Sag-khor kardan in the AN era and the Mullah era. And it’s so important that all Iranians (97%+ 3%) know the stories of Mullah-khor kardan/ Sag-khor kardan in the past 34 years”. They also add: “Big Brother’s Media -from BBC and Guardian to Alef and RoozOnline- defend their Brothers, UK, IMF, Rouhanis etc. But the 97% of Iranians know and hate such media. Now even the 3% are becoming aware. Iranians know the shitty conditions in Tehran – from Air Pollution Crisis to terrible privatization, terrible corruption, terrible mismanagement and destroying Tehran’s environment for building stupid apartments. But it’s funny that now even the 3% and their Mullah TV say: ‘Even if Mongols had invaded Tehran, then Tehran would have had better conditions’ ! (Dec 2014) In fact, even idiots know that Mullahs are worse than Mongols. Now it’s clear that the 1979 Coup, the Mullah regime, the 2009 Coup, AN, Rouhani and IMF Plans were Big Brother’s projects. Rouhani and his English Brothers just try to hurt Iran and Iranians. Rouhani has increased all pollutions, including Internet Filtering and MITM Attacks. In the AN era, MITM attacks and Internet Filtering were less than the Rouhani era. This English Shit, Rouhani, is worse than Jewish AN. And now even the 3% and Rouhani’s fans say: ‘Baz Sad Rahmat beh AN (God Bless AN! Rohani is worse than AN)’ ! (Dec 2014) Big Brother’s media still praise AN or Rouhani. They see Rouhani or AN as their savior, a problem-solver! (CS Monitor, Nov 2014) They still think they can regularly switch from an English FM to a Jewish FM. But now even kids know the West’s silly games, the Devil’s Games”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Perhaps the pictures of the meetings and handshakes between Cameron and Rouhani can be used as Educational material for the Mullah Education TV and their educational programs on Masonic traditions! But we Iranians know that what Rouhani and his men do and say are much more important than their handshakes/ gestures. Rouhani is a Big Liar and an Anti-Iran whore. All Iranians know what Rouhani already said about Rial. And all Iranians know what Rouhani and his men now do and say about Iran’s national currency (Rial), Iran’s economy, Iran’s industries, Iran’s schools, Iran’s hospitals, Iran’s people and Hurting/ Humiliating Iranians. This English Faggot, Rouhani, just serves the interests of the West. Rouhani’s Anti-Iranian policies clearly show that Rouhani is a stooge of the West. Rouhani’s big lies and Rouhani’s evil acts are much more important than his shameful gestures towards Cameron, UK and sworn enemies of Iran. This English Whore, Rouhani, is an Evil Man because he tells big lies, hurts Iran’s people, helps Iran’s enemies, and serve the interests of the West and Iran’s enemies. Idiots love conspiracy theories. But good guys only care about Truth and Logic. Now we all can see and feel the Western-made tragedies – from the Tragedy of the Internet (MITM attacks, Evil Fire-wall, Terrible Filtering/ Censorship etc) to the Tragedy of the IMF Plans in the Rouhani era. The West, the Left and their journalists can tell big lies or censor all facts, but they cannot change facts. They just damage all their own credibility or legitimacy. Now even idiots can see Paradoxes. Now even the CIA whores talk about ‘The Rouhani Paradox’ ! (2014), and after telling many stupid lies, they add: ‘Rouhani himself is a regular user of Twitter and Facebook, but he (increases Internet Filtering and defends the crackdown on the internet in Iran) .. The price of food has skyrocketed, and (it’s a result of IMF Plans) .. Iranian people are (so mad at) Rouhani .. Rouhani has not taken any steps to improve internal politics .. Most analysts agree that Iran is going through a sensitive time after the 2009 uprising and the crackdown that followed (with the help of the UK and CIA)’ ! (2014) In fact, even idiots know this sensitive time and this fact that Big Bang/ Revolution is in the air in Iran. The exact time/ date of Iranian Revolution is not clear. But now almost all Iranians know that Iran’s Main Problem is the West and its stooges. The story of these years is the story of ‘the Last Years of Mullah Regime’, ‘the Last Years of A Bankrupt Regime’, ‘the Last Years of A Puppet Regime’, or ‘the Last Years of A Masonic Regime’. After 2009, the Mullah regime passed the Point of No Return. And after the 2014 Referendum, even idiots could see how the 97% of Iranians hate all Mullahs and all Whores. Now even idiots can see that Iran’s Main Problem is the West and Big Brother’s Mafia”. They also add: “Rouhani’s ministers are Basiji faggots or Islamist whores. But English Brothers and UK media -from BBC to Guardian- love and defend Rouhani’s ministers. Rouhani and his ministers are worse than Hajji Baba, Razmara, Qajars & Pahlavis. Rouhani’s ministers do/ say many many Anti-Iranian things. They just try to hurt Iranians and to lick the ass of IMF/ UK/ West. Rouhani’s ministers – his IT Censorship minister (Vaezi), his unHealth Minister (Hashemi), his unCultured minister (Janati), his IMF-Economy minister (Tayebnia), his anti-Industry minister, his anti-Science minister etc- are Basijis, Islamists or English whores who openly defend IMF, Iran’s enemies, Sadism, Censorship, Tyranny, Fascism etc. So it’s obvious why the West and the UK love Rouhani’s ministers. Big Brother loves Slaves, Cult and Ideology. The West and the UK have created many Satanic cults –
including the Cult of MEK/ ISIS, the Cult of Mullahs, the Cult of Masons/ Marxists etc. But it’s important to note that if Whores & Non-believers become the main defenders of a Cult or Ideology, then that Cult or Ideology is Dead. Now people can see the depth of Mullah Bankruptcy, because now whores and non-believers are Rozeh-Khan/ Maqtal-khan (Basijis) Now whores and non-believers like Zibakalam advocating Islamists, Islamism and Satanic Fanatics like Taliban, ISIS, Mesbah, Qazali etc. Zibakalam openly says: I love Religion, because Religion is a stupid, illogical and irrational thing! Masonic whores like Al-Afghani and Zibakalam play English games, and praise English cults. But now Iranians know English games and English stooges -from Islamists to other English Brothers. Now all Iranians know and hate Big Brother’s whores such as Masoud Behnoud, Akbar Ganji, Ali Nourizadeh, Nikahang, Zibakalam, Khatamists etc. Now these Anti-Iranian whores -known as 2009 traitors, Ashura traitors, Masonic whores, stooges of the West – are dead in Iran. These stupid whores still lick the ass of the West, and attack Iranian values such as Condemnation of Tyranny and Oppression anytime and anywhere. These Masonic whores still say: Slavery, licking the West’s ass, obeying Big Brother, and living like Sheep are good and modern things, but Freethinking, Liberty, Justice, and Struggle for Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights are bad and stupid things! These Masonic retards still defend Oppression, Tyranny, Slavery and Big Brother. The UK and the West still refer to such Islamists/ retards as Intellectuals! In the UK, whores and retards are called intellectuals. But Iran is not the UK”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In 2014, the West and English Brothers badly wanted to impose a new Torkmanchai (a nuclear one) on Iran. But they could not succeed, because Iran’s people resisted. Now English Brothers try to take revenge on Iran’s people by increasing Bread Price. Iran, Iranians and History will never forget and forgive the Traitorous Evil acts. Increasing Bread Price has a symbolic meaning, not a real meaning or a real impact. But the symbolic meaning of Increasing Bread Price at this moment in time is very shameful and important. Before the 2014 Referendum and current farce, Iranian people said: Lets wait and see how Rouhani shows his true face. And now Rouhani has showed his true colors. The story of Bread Price was the final nail in Rouhani’s coffin, and from now on all Iranians see Rouhani as a new AN, and treat Rouhani like AN. Now even the 3% put comments at Mullah media, and say: ‘Shame on you, Rouhani; Your lies and your acts are worse than the fucking AN .. Shame on Rouhani; what’s the different between AN and Rouhani? Rouhani tells more lies .. All prices increased by 40% to 50%, but this stupid faggot, Rouhani, says that inflation rate is 17%! .. This is their Regime of Truth-Tellers (Rast-guyan)?! But this is worse than AN and the Regime of Big Liars (Doruq-guyan) .. these stupid animals think people are blind and stupid, but they themselves are blind and stupid; all Iranians know and hate them .. Rouhani just made a fool of himself, and became a hateful figure like AN .. God Damn Rouhani .. Damn you Rouhani; you increase all prices, but pay nothing to people; God Damn Rouhani’ ! (Dec 2014) Now the 3% and regime’s supporters say such things, and Mullah media publish such things because all Iranians are so mad at Rouhani and all Mullahs. When even Mullah Media publish comments such as ‘God Damn Rouhani’ or ‘God should Destroy Mullahs (Khoda Nabudetun Koneh)’, it shows that even idiots know how angry Iranian people are, and how salty the soup is. Now even the 3% talk about ‘the Point of No Return’, and the results of passing the point of no return. In and after 2009, the West encouraged and aided Mullahs in reaching/ passing the point of no return; and it’s what the West did and do to all puppet regimes and puppet dictators. We all know the story of the Pahlavi regime and the West’s dirty games. But today is not 1970s. Now almost all Iranians hate the Mullah regime, but all Iranians care about Iran, Iran’s interests, Iranian legacy and Iranian values. Today is not the 19th century or 1970s. Now all Iranians know Iran’s enemies -from the West to Tazis (ie Savage Jews/ Arabs). Now not only the 97%, but even the 3% know and hate Savage Saudis, Savage Arabs, Tazis and the Anti-Iran West”. They also add: “AN and Rouhani clearly showed/ proved that Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullahs are the UK’s offspring. In the Pahlavi era, the stupid Shah referred to Free-Masons (FMs) as Bi-Vatan (homeless, country-less). But FMs, English Brothers and English stooges are Bi-Pedar/ Mathar (rootless), Bi-Maqz (brainless), Bi-Sharaf (honor-less) and Bi-Hame Chiz (everything-less). They openly defend Slavery, Obeying Big Brother and Living like Sheep. They defend Big Brother’s Projects – from IMF Plans and 2009 Coup to Baby boom and Evil Fire-wall. They love to lick the ass of UK, to hurt Iran, to increase Censorship/ Filtering/ Slavery, and to increase all pollutions, all prices/ costs and all bad things. They love to see Iran in crisis. They love to lick the ass of IMF, and to hurt Iran and Rial. We all know the stories of 2014 Referendum, Seif, Rial, Rouhani, IMF and those who try to hurt or humiliate Iran’s people in the Rouhani era. Rouhanis and Islamists are not Iranians. All Iranians know that IMF Plans have only created a vicious circle of high inflation and increasing prices. Now even idiots and the 3% know this, and say good things such as: ‘We are in a vicious circle of increasing prices, corruption and high inflation .. It’s clear why the West loves Rouhani .. All Iranians (97%+ 3%) hate the West’s stooges .. Rouhani uses English Formulas. English Queen said: if people have no Bread, then they can eat Biscuit !’ ! (Dec 2014) Now even idiots know that the West and its stooges just try to not allow the large army of wise and educated Iranians to solve Iran’s problems and to restore Great Persia. Now English Brothers and the Guardian of Big Brother happily say: Iran and Oil countries wasted chance to build strong economies’ ! (GU, Nov 2014) It’s what the West and the IMF want. When retards, non-Iranians and stooges of the West are managers/ decision-makers in Iran, it’s obvious that they cannot build strong economies, and they just try to lick the ass of IMF. The key point is clear: Iranians and Iran’s experts don’t control/ rule Iran. But non-Iranians and the West’s stooges control Iran. Now Iranians and all sane people can see who try to create more poverty and more problems in Iran, and who refer to IMF Plans as Resistance Economy (Eqtesade Moqarebati) Now any sane person can see that their Eqtesade Moqarebati is nothing but IMF Plans and what their Zionist IMF dictates to them. Iranian people know Mullahs and Main Problems. Now all Iranians can see who created Water crisis, Environmental crises, Pollution crises etc and who defend IMF Plans, Poverty and Baby Boom. All Iranians can see who insist on implementing IMF Plans, hurting Iran & Iranians, and creating Baby Boom amid Water crisis, unstable Environment, and the so-called Economic War. Iranian people are not blind. Iran is not like Orwellian and backward countries such as the UK. The 2014 Referendum was one of the Biggest Referendums in history. All Iranians participated in it, and the 97% of Iranians showed and proved many things”.

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