Hollaback Catcalling: Real Problem, Playing Games

“If you want to know more about the serious problems in the West, and if you know want to know why the US and the UK are backward countries, you can take a look at their mass media, at their terrible censorship, at their big lies, at their allies (Savage Saudis etc), at Ferguson and Missouri, at their systematic Racism, Sadism, Censorship and Orwellian acts, or at the stories of Hollaback video and Catcalling in the West”, some wise Iranians say. In Nov 2014, many talk about the so-called Hollaback video – a short video depicting a woman walking around in NYC / Manhattan. The mass media reports: ‘more than 300 million people watched this catcalling video’; and some wise Iranians say: “Iranians watch this video; and the first reaction of Iranians is to say: Is America really such a third world country?! or ‘Why they just show men of color; the fact that they edited out almost all the white men is Racist’. But you can ask yourself: Do only we, Iranians, can feel, see and understand such things? (The good news is) when you search the internet, you can see that now many Americans and many good guys/ normal humans in all around the world feel and say the same things, and put good comments such as: ‘the racism in this video is (disgusting) .. where are the Italians; In NYC, nobody catcalls more than Italians .. Make a video of a woman in a mini skirt, and watch what happens; Americans [..] her; America is a (backward country) .. I’ve been harassed by lots of white men (Im white too); the message here was that they are not the problem .. Make a video of beautiful girls walking pass through an Irish/ Jewish/ Italian neighborhood, and see how aggressive white men will be towards all girls, including girls of color .. low class men are everywhere, specially in Britain and Italy; British thugs are the worst thugs .. Saying ‘How you doing’ is cute, but the same thing from a black man is harassment! .. Racial politics of the video are fu-cked up .. As a white woman I dont think most of the men were harassing her at all .. women of color experience harassment and violence to much worse degrees than white women .. Between 1901- 1930, about 3,000 African-Americans were Lynched in the US; many of them were driven by accusations of Talking to a white woman! .. If I say ‘Good morning’ and keep walking, Im se-xually harassing this Jewish/ sassy girl?! .. Is this all the Harassment she could edit out of a 10 hour walk?! why they say nothing about the real forms of street harassment including intimidating, bullying, groping, frightening, assaulting’ (Nov 2014) The bad guys try to hide real problems by playing dirty games. Street Harassment is a real problem. But why did the mass media (CNN etc) only care about this Racist catcalling video? Why such a Racist-Jewish video should become a much-discussed video on street harassment? This actress is a Jew. In their official website, Halloback website, they say her name is Shoshana – which is a Jewish name. She is a Jew. And the American/ Jewish Racists actually say a Black man should be condemned/ arrested for saying ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Hey, baby’. But a white man should not be arrested/ jailed for killing Black children/ innocent children! Now many sarcastically say: ‘Hello/ Good Morning’ is considered harassment?! But killing Black children/ innocent children is not considered harassment or crime?!’ Now all sane people can see the deep roots of the West’s Anti-Iran Sadism/ Racism. Now it’s clear that the US and the UK are racist and backward countries. In 2014, their own media say: ‘Organized gang that ra-ped children in the UK are protected by UK regime .. A court fined some for publishing a photo of the streets. They say the right to take a photo outdoors and publish it should not be respected! They say the main issue is ‘wearing revealing clothing’. The court fined the poor photographer because the photo showed a woman’s revealing cloths .. A Teenager Faces 2 Years in Prison, because this teen, from Pennsylvania, hopped on top of a statue of a kneeling Jesus -in front of an organization called ‘Love in the Name of Christ’ [!]- and played with the statue’s face, and showed his love’ ! (2014) The US, like the UK, is a fanatic/ backward country. Now even the good Americans are aware of this fact. They call for an end to Orwellian/ Racist/ Police harassment. They say: ‘In September, Oklahoma made headlines with three serial rapists in 3 weeks, all police officers, as well as one police chief molesting children. Also, last month an Officer of the Month brutally raped a young woman at gunpoint. In July, a former New York Police Department officer convicted of planning to kidnap and ra-pe women before killing and eating them was set to go free after a federal judge overturned his conviction’ (Nov 2014) Ferguson and all stories of recent years clearly show that America, like the UK, suffers from systematic Racism, systematic Injustice, and systematic Hypocrisy”.


As some wise Iranians say: “most people could see the hypocrisy and ridiculousness of Hollaback video, and after much criticism, Hollaback apologized. The public backlash forced them to retreat. In an official statement, Halloback guys say: First, we regret the racial bias in the editing of the video that over represents men of color’. The group behind the video have also said (in Reddit.com): ‘We got a fair amount of white guys .. the final product is not a perfect representation of everything that happened’ ! In fact, they have edited out white men. And it’s Racism, and playing dirty Games with real problems. The US, like the UK, is a real third world country, but not because of a few bad guys or a bad regime, or because their media say: ‘American woman was killed for refusing to give a man her phone number’ (2014) America is a backward country because of systematic Ignorance, Injustice, Hypocrisy, Racism, Sadism, Censorship and Big Lies. America is a backward country because of the stories of Ferguson, Snow-den, N-SA, Congress, Lavabit, Manning, 2009 Coup, Chomsky, supporting Rouhanis/ Terrorists/ Saudis/ Zionists, Anti-Iran Sadism/ Racism, Creating ISIS & MEK and supporting Dictators and Religious fanatics, including Savage Saudis and Christian-Jewish fanatics. America is a backward country because many Americans are religious fanatics, and say: ‘If you tell women they look se-xy, you are asking for se-x, and it’s a (bad thing) because se-x is evil’ ! The American logic is like Taliban’s logic, Jewish logic or ISIS/ Saudi logic. The worst psychos/ jerks are Religious fanatics. Religious fanatics are obsessed by s-ex. The Jewish-Christian fanatics, like Islamists, suffer from se-x addiction, systematic hypocrisy, corruption, sadism and masochism”. They also add: “the UK/ US regime is like the Mullah regime. In fact, many problems are global problems. In each human society, about 6% of humans are psychos (retards, politicians etc). But the cradle of Civilization (Iran) is very different from the land of Barbarians (UK etc). Since the ancient time, most Iranians have been tolerant, cultured, nice and good-hearted guys. But the UK or Europe was officially the land of Barbarians, Barbarism, Racism and Genocide. Tolerance and Human Rights are part of the Iranian Legacy. But Nazism, Fascism, Systematic Racism, Slavery, Colonialism, Bullying, Barbarity and Genocide are part of the Western Legacy. We all know the tragic stories of the Ku Klux Klan and Religious Racism in the US. We all know the tragic stories of Fascism and Racist/ Religious Genocide/ Holocausts in Europe or America. We all know the tragic stories of their Barbarous Colonialism and Systematic Slavery and Exploitation. We all know how European-British pigs invaded America, massacred the native Americans, occupied their lands, and created the Native American Holocaust/ Genocide. They did the same things in Africa, Australia, India etc. We all know the stories of Lynching Blacks and the West’s Barbaric crimes against humanity. The Savage West still defend Genocide, Sadism, Racism, and Hurting All Iranians. But historians and educated people know that Iranians are the world’s first culturally and religiously Tolerant people. Iranians are the world’s first whites that defended Basic Rights, men of color and men of different races/ religions. Iranians were the first white people that fought against Racism and Intolerance. Ku Klux Klans, Nazis/ Fascists and other savage/ racist barbarians belong to the West. Such Evil things are 100% Western-Jewish. We don’t have such things in Iran and Iran’s history. All educated people know that Mullahs/ Islamists are Tazis; and Barbarians and Tazis (ie savage Arabs/ Jews) were/ are sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian values. Iran, the Land of Aryans, is the Land of Human Values. Iran, as a civilized human society, had and has many problems. But Barbarians, British Colonialists, Ku Klux Klan, ISIS, Saudis, Zionists, Tazis, Nazis etc belong to a Barbarian Culture that advocating Barbarity, Intolerance, Inhumanity and Sadism. Their Biblical/ Jewish God advocating Genocide, Racism, Barbarism and Killing Children. But Iranian God was/ is the God of Tolerance, Love, Kindness, Friendship, Humanity, Good Thoughts and Good Deeds”. They also add: “Just look how the US makes love with Savage Saudis. ISIS/ Saudi religion is a Satanic Religion, a Religion of Intolerance and Barbarity. But the West makes love with Savage Arabs, while attacks all Muslims. Now they openly say: ‘90% of s-e-xual harassment would immediately stop in Europe, if there were no Muslims in Europe’ (Nov 2014) Christian fanatics are worse than bad Muslims. Bad Christians are like ISIS/ Saudis. The Jewish-Christian history, like the Saudi history, is full of Genocide, Barbaric crimes against women/ slaves/ minorities, Racist crimes, and the worst crimes in history. But idiots still defend Saudis or Jewish/ Biblical Barbarism. Jewish fanatics are like Saudis. But why the US media say nothing about such facts? Why they say nothing about Haredi Jews in NYC? Many Ha-redi Jews live in Manhattan. These Jews are like or worse than Taliban/ Saudis (for more info, check Archive for: Jewish Fanatics, Jewish Theocracy) But the West loves religious fanatics, from Saudis and Jewish fanatics to Mullahs. In 2014, the West badly censors Iran’s news, because the 2014 news reveal the Iranian Wisdom and the depth of the Bankruptcy of Mullahs and the West in Iran. Now all Iranians hate and ridicule Rouhani and Media Whores. Now the West, Media and Celebrities cannot play silly games with Iranians. It’s so important. The West censors news, but we all can see what Iran’s people say about Celebrities, Media or stupid whores/ celebs like Bahareh Rahnama, QasemKhani, Hamed Behdad, Atila Pesyani, Elham Charkhandeh etc who lick the Devil’s ass. Such Celebs are stooges of the West/ Mullahs, and sell their souls to the Devil and Zahak/ Yazid. But all Iranians spit at them and discredit them. Only in Iran, people are wise/ smart enough to treat Celebrities (whores) in this way, and that’s why the West and its stooges have badly confused. Now Media & Celebrities cannot play games with Iran’s people. And it’s so important. This puppet regime, the Mullah regime, is so bankrupt, and now even their best Celebrities/ secular whores can not help Rouhanis. It’s so important. Now Whores are Maqtal-khan/ Rozeh-Khan (Basiji)! But when Whores help Rouhanis, when the West advocating Whores, when the West and all Media censor news, help Rouhanis and try to fool people, then Iran’s people make a miracle, and spit at all of them. The world should bow before the Iranian Wisdom and this Great nation. Now all Iranians know Iran’s enemies. Iranians know that Rouhani is a British Spy, and an anti-Iran stooge of the IMF. Now the 97% of Iranians refer to Rouhani as Free-Mason, English Spy, Faggot, Asshole, Jerk, Jakesh (Pimp) or Valodo-Zena (Bastard) etc. Now all Iranians hate the West’s stooges/ whores -from Celebs to Rouhanis or MEK. Now Iran’s people don’t care about celebrities and media. All nations should learn from Iran’s people -who know bad guys and main problems”.

The bad guys try to play silly games, and to hide real problems –
including the real harassment. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Normal people know what is harassment, and what is not. ‘Harassment = behaving in an unpleasant or threatening way towards others’. What the US and the West do to Iran is Harassment. What the US and its allies do is Harassment and Sadism. But men speak to women; women speak to men; and it’s not harassment. ‘Se-xual harassment = when someone regularly tries to treat you or touch you in a se-xual way that you don’t want’. But Western-Jewish pigs play silly games. The best definition for Street harassment is causing women/ men to feel frightened, threatened, uneasy and unsafe. Greetings or saying Hello is not harassment. Many comments in the Hollaback video are stupid, but they not are harassment. Saying just a simple ‘how you doing’, ‘have a nice day’, ‘you look beautiful’ etc is not harassment. Some successful relationships start out with just a Hello or Good Morning. But jerks try to hurt female passerby. Jerks insist on non-consensual things. For instance, they stupidly insist on repeating hello, and it’s harassment. Jerks make racist/ insulting remarks to female passerby. An American says: Im a 31 year old NYC woman. I am obese. I walk 11 blocks to work through the city daily. I would love for a man to call me beautiful. I hear none of that. Instead I hear comments like ‘the sidewalk is cracking’ [..] saying ‘Good morning’ is (not harassment), but yelling ‘call the zoo, the hippo got out’ is (insulting remark)’ (Nov 2014) Saying ‘hey beautiful’ can be stupid or low class. But idiots pretend that it’s harassment; their paradoxes are laughable, because they add: ‘it’s taboo to show our tits; but we break this taboo’ ! They wear se-xy cloths, and act in a se-xy way, but at the same time, they think or act like religious fanatics. It’s a bad paradox. Such paradoxes belong to backward countries such as the US or the UK. In the real Third world countries such as the UK and the US, they think or act like religious fanatics but pretend otherwise. The West tells big lies about Iranians. The West and Mullahs have created stupid or special problems in Iran. But even in such shitty conditions, most Iranians are cool, nice, tolerant, open-minded guys. Iranians say good things such as: ‘street harassment is a global problem, and debating/ talking about this problem in media and public space is a good thing .. you can find jerks and psychos everywhere .. but when jerks try to insult or harass you/ others in the street, you/ others can use your phones and start filming them, and then share this video with all people. In this way, an evil tool like smart phone can become a useful tool – an anti-Street harassment tool’ ! Many Iranians say good things. For instance, some Iranian men say: we are not obsessed with s-ex; even if we see na-ked women, we don’t care and we don’t kill ourselves/ our dignity for s-ex … Even if they pay us 1000 dollars, we would not fuck sassy/ shitty girls like Shoshana! But there are two points: (1) all men are not like us (2) diversity is a good thing; it’s good that different people have different views or different tastes. All sane people know that Having fun is not bad, but you cannot harass/ hurt women or passerby to have fun. Most humans know the real red line, and the real harassment”. They also add: “People approach this catcalling video from different angles. For instance, some say: Hollaback video shows a woman dressed in a black t-shirt and leggings/ tights (not normal jeans) walking in NYC; she is an Arab-Jewish woman; she is not attractive or hot; but even such women get catcalls from many poor/ unsatisfied people in NYC; and it says a lot about USA .. these American men have a complex about s-ex; they are obsessive about s-ex; they suffer from many unsatisfied needs; if their society cared about the Hierarchy of Needs, and their basic needs, then they could be better men .. this Jewish girl is wearing stupid tights and stupid make-up; so some unsatisfied men catcall her .. Wealthy American pigs dont catcall, because they hire many high priced prostitutes, or stupid whores, and pay to do and have them do the most despicable things. Which is worse? .. white men catcall, grope and rape; Do a video showing that shit .. CNN says: Women Wouldnt Care About Harassment if Catcallers Were Hot! what it means?! we have (good rapists and bad rapists)! .. If I say Hello and wish Good Morning with a smile to a random female on the street thats Harassment? Would she rather be told to go fu-ck herself instead? .. Stop Street Harrassment (SSH) surveyed 2,000 American women, and (says) 41% of U.S. women experiencing street harassment including touching, groping, (bullying,) following, flashing or being forced to do something se-xual .. Police harassment is worse; (US media say): US police officers arrest women, and then steal nu-de photos from their phones. This kind of nu-de image stealing has been going on for years in the state law enforcement agency! They say Its a Game for US Police’ (Nov 2014) Bullying and Sadism is a real problem in the West. But we all should think about its roots. When they openly hurt and bully other nations, what you can expect from their poor/ illiterate thugs?”.


As some wise Iranians say: “A real problem has turned into a media circus. In this short Hollaback video, sometimes you can feel pity for her; but sometimes you feel pity for those poor men who disgrace themselves by saying: youre beautiful, I’m ugly; they actually humiliate themselves by saying youre beautiful, I’m ugly for you; they are actually harassing themselves! But these idiots disgrace themselves for what? for se-x, for shitty […] American culture is a Capitalist culture, an Inhumane culture, a combination of the Jewish-Racist culture and the British Barbarian Culture. Some say: ‘If you live in NYC, you can understood why people dont approach each other on the street much. Usually when someone does, they want something’. In their Capitalist culture, Humanity is dead. They don’t care about other humans. Many Americans are racists and religious fanatics. They say stupid things about men of color, curvy women, non-Western women, other nations etc and show that America, like the UK, is really a Third world country. In the real third world countries such as the UK and the US, they say: our women hate black men talking to them; Black (slaves) shouldn’t be allowed to talk to us; We (lynch them), as we lynched them in the past because they dared talk to white women on the street’! Racism or Barbarism are much worse than Street harassment or Catcalls. But the West openly defends Racism, Barbarism, and Sadism against Iran and other nations. Now they openly say: ‘ We should make Racism a personal thing’! (CNN, Nov 2014) But Sadism or Racism is a social and cultural thing in the US and the UK. What they say and do about Iran and all Iranians prove many things. As you know, Iranians are the first cultured whites. It’s funny that Westerners refer to whites as Caucasians, or in fact, as Iranians/ Aryans/ Persians. But idiots don’t know that Caucasian actually means Iranian/ Aryan/ Persian. White shits in Europe were barbarians. The only civilized/ cultured whites were Aryans (Iranians), ie whites from Iranian origin. Now the West craps about Iran, but they cannot hide the truth for ever. Now many can read history, can know Iran, and can learn about the real history of America, UK, Europe, Arabs, Jews etc. History and even recent years can reveal the truths. Racism in America is not a new subject. But the Ku Klux Klan, Nazis and Fascists still rule the West, and defend the institutional Racism and Sadism. They don’t care about real problems. They are only interested in playing games. Now US officials are in bed with Terrorists and Savage Saudis, and actually show/ prove that America deserved the 9/11 attacks”. They also add: “US silly games are laughable. Now their Jewish-Racist Hollaback game has become a complete farce. Now their Jewish-Republican media say: ‘Shoshana Roberts doesnt want men to Harass her, but on her online biography Shoshana mentions her DD breasts [!] Why (this Jewish girl) lists her breast size on her biography?’ ! (Nov 2014) Now their conservatives put comments and say: ‘these women are not decent people .. If you dont want our men to catcall you, wear less tight pants and cover your butt .. US female graduates are interviewed for a job. But who got the job: The one with the big boobs (Nov 2014)”. As some wise Iranians say: “Even in a so-called Se-x-less society like Japan, s-e-xual harassment happens on a daily basis (for more info, check archive for [1]: ‘Japan and A Weird Syndrome’) Some American women say: ‘(without catcalling) I felt unattractive, unwanted, and unfemale .. not even a short skirt or revealing top attracted more than a passing glance and even construction workers regarded me with bored, blank expressions’ [1] You can laugh at these women. But they can show you the fate of a robotic society – without any kind of catcalling/ flirting. Now many ask: ‘Why the Japanese people are workaholic or depressed? Why friendship is fading away? Why intimacy is fading away, and depression is on the rise?’ [1] Many feminists are jerks or assholes. But some feminists and many many average girls/ women say good things such as: ‘There are men that refuse to accept no for answer, or believe that if they keep talking, eventually she will change her mind; It’s the real harassment .. If youre polite they think youre interested. If you ignore them they get mad and call you a bitch. If you try to verbally tell them off it gets worse .. what she experienced is not harassment. No one touched her butt, or grabbed her, or (insulted) her, or tried to whisper in her ear, or got too close, which is something that happens to me right here in Chicago on a daily basis .. At first I was thinking people would insult her or touch or whatever when I saw the title of video but she only gets nice compliments; If Im walking and someone said hello or good morning I say it back .. everything is harassment if its coming from an ugly guy but if they are attractive its welcomed?! .. the world needs many catcalling videos; all men and women should (become aware) .. Make a video in Europe, especially in the UK and the Balkans; you wont believe the level of aggressive harassment there .. Hello or Good morning is not the problem; they should talk about real problems’ (Nov 2014) The West and the mass media just play silly games, and don’t care about real problems. They actually love real problems such as racism, modern slavery, sadism, censorship, mongolism, living like sheep, obeying Big Brother, and playing Orwellian games”.

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