Western Stupidity: Bullying, Barbarity, Hypocrisy

“In the civilized world, the change speed is very slow mainly because the bad guys resist change, and the people need a long time to understand real problems and the necessity of Change. The process of ‘Khar Fahm shodan’ take a long time to be completed. ‘Khar Fahm shodan’ means ‘becoming aware; when even idiots can understand the problem’ [1] Before any serious change in the human society, the vast majority of the people should understand the necessity of Change, and ask for Change, and it takes a long time [1] The bad guys often try to keep people ignorant and stupid. The bad guys hate the process of ‘Khar Fahm shodan’, but love the process of ‘Khar shodan’ or Khar kardan -ie fooling people, misleading people etc (For more info, check Archive for [1]: ‘Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change’ etc) But now most humans are becoming aware. Just take a look at Ferguson, Missouri, USA, UK and other parts of the world. The bad guys and their Orwellian-Evil acts just make people aware and angrier. We all should thank the bad guys for making all people aware, sowing the seeds of hate, making people even angrier, and helping the process of ‘Khar Fahm shodan’. Public awareness and Hatred of the West and bad guys are on the increase, and it’s very good news. The West and its stooges suffer from Mongolism and Mad Cow Disease. In 2014, they kill innocent children, but openly defend killers. It’s obvious why people are so angry in Ferguson or Missouri. America, like the UK, suffers from Racism, Sadism and Mongolism. In 2014, they openly threaten Iranian people with Air Pollution and further Darkening the skies above Tehran. In 2014, they openly ask Basijis or Islamists ‘to improve the image of Great Satan in Iran. Terrorists and those who created the 2009 Coup and killed/ hurt Iranian people with the help of the West, now want to ‘improve the image of the West in Iran’ (GU, Nov 2014) In this year (2014), even idiots can see why Iranians and others refer to the UK media and the Guardian (GU) as the Guardian of Barbarians or the Guardian of Lies. In recent days, the Guardian of Barbarians and Western Media openly say: ‘All Iranians are sneaky deceivers who are not to be trusted’ (GU, Nov 2014) or ‘All Iranians are egotistical, deceptive, secretive, manipulative, and selfish’ (Gu, Nov 2014) Can you believe it? Thank God that the UK is such a stupid cesspit of Racists and Barbarians – who just proving what Iranians say about British Barbarity and British values is not a myth. Now the UK craps about all Iranians, and tries to show/ prove that Britons are still ‘Barbar va Kun-Nashur’ (Barbarians and dirty pigs) But we, Iranians, don’t know what’s the use of such stupidity. Apparently, the Guardian (GU) and UK media try to prove that British values are Barbarian values, or Britons are still Barbarians and Uncultured pigs. But we, Iranians, know the UK; we know that good Britons exist, as British pigs exist. All Britons are not bad guys. We know that even good Britons hate U.K. pigs and British Barbarians […] This year (2014) is a good time to know the West and the root of problems in Iran. Just look how the West censors all news, tells big lies, and helps Mullahs. Just look how the West tries to hurt Iran’s people, and to help Islamists, Terrorists and other Evil forces. Now the US media says: ‘McCain and Graham (who defend Islamists/ Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt) support MEK/ NCRI (ie Islamist-Marxist Terrorists) US Congress sees MEK/ NCRI as the core group advocating a free Iran [!!!] … US Congress considers MEK/ NCRI (ie Islamist-Marxist Terrorists) worthy of support of the US‘! (Nov 2014) Can you believe it? And do you know who say such crap? US pigs like Tanter – who was a member of the National Security Council in the US government. America is really Animal Farm, not only because of what you can see in Ferguson and other US cities, but because US pigs like Tanter are US scholars, and they openly say: ‘Islamists, Marxists and Terrorists advocating A free Iran that does not become a nuclear-armed state’ (Nov 2014) Western Pigs and FMs still say Slavery is Freedom, Terrorists care about Democracy, and a free country is a slave of the West. Those who created the 2009 CIA Coup hate a Free Iran, because a Free Iran will be a Democracy, a nuclear power, and a strong and independent country. Islamists lick the ass of the Savage West. But Iranians and A Free Iran hate Bullies, Barbarians and the Savage West. What the US and the UK say about ISIS/ MEK/ Islamists and a Free Iran is very funny and important. It can reveal their main tactics. They create and support devils like ISIS, MEK, Khomeini, Mullahs, Wahhabis, Saudis, Terrorists and Dictators, but they pretend otherwise. Who created ISIS? Who created Islamism? Who created Khomeini? Who created the Mullah regime? Who created Reza Shah and Pahlavis? Who created Saudis, Wahhabis, Terrorists or Zionists? The West creates such devils, but after a while, the West starts to play the Blame Game (Bazi Keebud Keebud Man Nabudam). Now most humans know the story of ISIS and Syria, as Iranians know the stories of the 2009 Coup, the 1953 Coup, the 1979 Coup, MEK, Khomeini, Pahlavis, Islamists, AN, Rouhani and other puppets of the West. Now many know Devil’s Game”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In the 20th century, the West was King-Maker, Hero-Maker and Revolution-Maker. All educated people know the story of the 1953 Coup. But the story of the 1979 Coup is more interesting. Now if you read history, watch documentary films and read old newspapers, and if you compare the 1978/ 1979 events with the 2009 events, you can easily understand why Iranians say: ‘Mullahs were puppets of the West; what happened in 1978 was a complete farce; A few stupid protests with the help of the West, the media, and the Army are a complete Farce, not a Revolution; what happened in 1978/ 1979 was an Evil Project; 1978 was calmer than 2009 and recent years, and there was no serious protests in 1978 (Baba Aslan Khabari Nabud … ); If you ignore a few mass protests in the last days, the truth is that: A few faggots/ whores with the help of the West, the Media, the Army, the stupid Shah, and all tools and foreign supports created a Farce, but the West called it a Revolution. The West and its Media made a hero out of the unknown Khomeini. In 1978, the West and its Media said: Khomeini is a Defender of Democracy! Khomeini advocating a Free Iran! And now, in 2014, they say MEK (ie Islamists/ Marxist Terrorists) advocating a Free Iran. Their scenario and tactics are the same. In 1978, the West said that Mullahs are the core group advocating a Free Iran. But in 1978, most Iranians were ignorant and illiterate. But now in 2014, Iranians are among the world’s most informed and educated people. Now 99.9999% of Iranians know and hate MEK/ NCRI, and the West just makes a fool of itself, and reveals its secrets. Now Iranians know the West’s Game, the Devil’s Game, and that’s why all Iranians just boo the stupid West, laugh at the stupid UK, and say: We all know your stupid tactics (een Kalak-ha dige Qadimi shode) But the stupid West still thinks: Today we create and support MEK/ ISIS/ AN/ Rouhani/ Brotherhood/ Islamism etc, but tomorrow we deny our role, chant anti-Islamist slogans, fool people and play the Blame Game (Bazi Keebud Keebud ..) If you want to know more about British tactics, Islamism, Al-Afghani, Khomeini, Beheshti, Kashani, Navab and other Mullahs and Islamists you can read American books like Devils Game, and see what even Americans say about close relations between Mullahs and CIA/ MI6 officials – such as Donald Wilbur, Richard Cottam, John Waller, Lam Lambton etc; It’s funny that even Americans say: Mullah Navvab and Islamists (Fadayan) worked with CI-A & M-I6 (C&M); Mullah Kashani received large sums of money from (C&M); During the seven years that he was stationed in Iran, Waller, the CI-A station chief, developed a warm relationship with Mullah Kashani; Waller and (C&M) funded Mullah Kashani directly; Waller adds, with a wry grin, that even Ayatollahs are corruptable! It’s funny that Americans say such things. It’s funny that now even Americans say: ‘In 1953, the (C&M) used Mullah Kashani’s power among the masses of Tehran’s slums’ or ‘Khomeini was a frequent visitor to Kashani’s home’. Now even idiots talk about Devil’s Game, Friends of the Devil, How the UK created Islamism and Mullahism, or How Islamists assassinated many intellects and three Prime Ministers -Hajir, Razmara and Mansur- with the help of the UK. It’s funny that Mullahs say: Razmara said anti-Iranian things; he crapped about Iranian industries. But Mullahs are worse than Razmara. Mullahs say more Anti-Iranian things. Now Mullah Parliament, Mullah Haeri or Rouhani’s men (Turkan, Zibakalam etc) repeat Razmara’s words and say many Anti-Iranian things. TurkAn is Rouhani’s aide. He is actually Turk+ AN = TurkAN. He and Mullahs are worse than Razmara. What Mullahs and Rouhani’s men say about Iran, Iranians or Iranian industries are worse than what Razmara said. The soup is too salty, and now even the 3% put comments at the Mullah media and say: ‘Is Turk-AN really Iranian? .. Why (Mullahs) and crooks/ thieves like AN and TurkAN say anti-Iranian things, while they and (their Western Arbab) created all problems in Iran? .. Why such pigs and non-Iranians should become high rank managers in Iran? .. God Bless Razmara! (Basijis, Mullahs) and Rouhani’s men are worse than Razmara’ (2014) Now the 3% compare the fate of Rouhani’s men with the fate of Razmara. But the 97% of Iranians are wiser, and say better things; they say: Islamists and Mullahs are enemies of Iran; they should resign; they should not be managers/ decision-makers in Iran”. In these days, many non-Iranians talk about the Nuclear Talks. But many things are more important than this Nuclear Farce. As some wise Iranians say: “the Nuclear Farce is a bad joke. Just look how Mullahs and Great Satan make love, and what Mullahs say about their beloved UK and US. The West and its stooges say many stupid things. They even talk about key concessions by Mullahs and ‘Banning the use of advanced centrifuges’ or ‘Constraints on the research and development (R&D) and building new centrifuges’ (NYT, Nov 2014) But the West’s stooges are not important. Iranian people and what Iranians want are important. And now Iranians say: UK and USA are bullies; bullies are cowards .. Iran must reject bullies’ Deal. The NPT is an Orwellian law, which says: All countries are equal, but some countries are more equal. So, Iran must reject the NPT. As Iranians say: only if the UK and France stop their nuclear programs, using advanced centrifuges or doing R&D, then Iran can think about limiting its programs. Now UK/ US/ French faggots talk about Nuclear Consortium (like their old Oil Consortium), and say: ‘For a considerable fee, Russia would convert Iran’s fuel into rods’ (NYT, Nov 2014) Now instead of rejecting the West’s bullshit, and instead of talking about the Iranian-made nuclear plants, Mullahs talk about the new Russian nuclear plants (Nov 2014) But all Iranians know what Mullahs and Salehi already said about building the new nuclear power plants/ reactors by Iranian scientists. Basiji faggots like Salehi cannot play with Iranian people. All Iranians (97% + 3%) hate the West’s Bullying, and want Iran to be a strong and independent country. But Mullahs are not Iranians. And what Mullahs do just make the 3% aware, destroy the last vestiges of their own legitimacy, and it’s equal to Fateh Velayat – the End of All Mullahs and this English Mullah regime”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Most Iranians (including us) hate politics. We are so tired of politics. But in this shitty world, all aspects of life have been polluted by politics. Now Big Brother tries to control/ enslave all humans. Now a bunch of barbarians and stupid faggots insult and hurt all Iranians. So, we cannot remain silent. Most people (including us) prefer to talk/ care about arts, sciences, Iranian legacy, human legacy and the so-called non-political things. But now Each and EVERY aspect of human life has been polluted by Big Brother’s whores. They crap about everything. The Western faggots even tell big lies about Iranian traditions. Now their mass media have Crappy/ Orwellian articles such as: ‘Playing the Game of Taarof: Obama’s Letter’ (Huffington Post, Nov 2014) or ‘Iranian Tarof and Nuclear negotiations’ (GU, Nov 2014) Taarof means ‘courtesy, politeness, common courtesy, or exchanging courtesies. When the UK and Europeans were savage barbarians/ Human-eaters, Iranians cared about courtesy and politeness, and exchanged courtesies. But do you know what English barbarians say now? Just take a look at the Guardian of Lies and Western media, and see how they crap about common courtesy. ‘Having Taarof with sb’ means Exchanging Courtesies with sb; showing the courtesy and respect to sb. In Iran, we have two key idioms: Taarof Darim (we have Taarof with sb) and Tarof Nadarim (we don’t have Tarof with sb). Iranians have Tarof with friends and good guys; Iranians don’t have Tarof with bad guys and enemies (Ba Heyvan/ Ba Doshman/ Ba Barbar-ha Taarof Nadarand). All sane people know that Iranians have Taarof with only friends and good guys (Ba Adam-ha/ Doostan Tarof Darim). But the stupid West and British faggots even don’t know such obvious things. British pigs just love to tell big lies. Apparently Lying, Wickedness and Foolishness are part of the British DNA. But it’s funny that the US media just repeat English Lies. The US, like Mullahs and Arabs, tend to praise the blind (UK) leading the blind. But sane people are not blind. Only Big Brother’s whores like Richard Stallman can still praise the Guardian of Lies and US-British pigs. In this year (2014), when Iranians talk about English Censorship or the West’s Big Lies about Iran, Sanctions or Air Pollution, US-British pigs react by repeating their big lies, and saying: ‘Every breath you take: the environmental consequences of Iran sanctions’ ! (GU, Nov 2014) Can you believe it? But whores like Richard Stallman praise the Guardian of Lies, and say: ‘Iran has worked around western sanctions at the cost of destroying its environment. The result is dust storms and Air pollution’ (Nov 2014) US-British pigs are bad retards. They say nothing about the Western-made Tragedy of Internet, Terrible Filtering/ Censorship, MITM Attacks and all Orwellian attacks on the internet in the Rouhani’s era, but they openly praise ‘hurting all Iranians‘ (GU, Nov 2014) They think defending Racism, Sadism, Bullying, Lying, Censoring, or proving that British values are Barbarians values is a good thing. The UK suffers from Mongolism. Britain was officially the land of Barbarians. And now they try to prove that the UK is still Barbarian, Sadist and Racist. The UK suffers from Goh Gijeh (shitty confusion) & Kun Suzeh (burnt ass) because now all Iranians have become aware, and know the Little Britain and those who are behind Mullahs and Main problems in Iran. Now all Iranians hate the UK and English Mullahs. Now you can easily see the depth of Mullah Bankruptcy in Iran. Even sports can show you the truths. About 72 to 2 hours before the recent Derby, the Mullah TV killed itself to invite people to stadium. But Iranians said a Big No to Mullahs. In fact, even sporting events show that the Mullah regime is a very Bankrupt Regime. In 1978/ 1979, the Pahlavi regime had much more supporters than the Mullah regime in 2014. Now even idiots talk about the story of Pashaei (young musician), the story of Mullah Mahdavi Kani (the notorious English Mullah) and the depth of the Mullah regime’s bankruptcy. Now even idiots and the 3% talk about English Islam and Fatehe Velayat (Death of Mullahism & all Mullahs). Now all Iranians boo and ridicule those celebrities who lick the asses of Mullahs and the West. And now even idiots talk about this issue and its meanings, but the West censors all facts/ news”. They also add: “Mullah Haeri, Mullah MPs, Zibakalam, Behnoud, Ganji, Islamists, Khatamists, Exiled Journalists, Rouhanis and all stooges of the West say or censor the same things, because they work for the same Arbab (Master). All of them defend Slavery, Obeying Big Brother, Fooling people – Velayat Paziri, Goosfand Sazi, Tahmiq etc. They want to convert people into Slaves and Sheeple. They know that a Goosfand (sheep) can become a Basiji; A Goosfand (sheep) can become a Pahlavist or Islamist; A Goosfand can become a Terrorist; A Goosfand can become a spy/ whore / stooge. A Goosfand is a Slave, and just cares about what Cult, Ideology or big brothers say. A Goosfand can become Mesbah, Jannati, Bin Laden, Zibakalam, Behnoud, Ganji, Islamist, Zionist, Marxist, Capitalist or any other puppet of the West and the Devil. So the West and Big Brother love to create more Goosfand, and to convert Religion into a Factory that produces Goosfand”. In this year (2014), as some wise Iranians say: “many say good things. Now even the 3% and idiots say good things such as: ‘the West doesn’t care about human rights or democracy in Iran .. What Islamists and Mullah TV say about (Election Boycott, Election Show, Legitimacy Crisis) in other countries is just a bad copy of what Iranians say about Mullahs .. Human Rights or Election Boycott in (Bahrain) is good, but in Iran is bad?! .. Killing children in Gaza is bad, but in Iran is good?! .. the West supports all Dictators and Islamists including ISIS, MEK (Mullahs) etc’ (2014) Now pigs like Zibakalam, ISIS, Saudis, Tazis and Mullahs try to destroy their own cults. It’s none of our business. They can prove that their own religion/ cult is the Religion of Lies, the Religion of Slavery, the Religion of Barbarians, or the Religion of Barbarity and Hypocrisy. It’s none of our business. But the story of Iranian values is another story. We, Iranians, care about our Iran and our Iranian values, not about their British-Tazi-Jewish cults or their Mullah regime. We, Iranians, defend our Iranian values such as Freedom, Truth, Justice, Human Rights, Honesty, Humanity, and Condemnation of Tyranny and Oppression anytime and anywhere”.

As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know more about British Barbarians and their Ministry of Truth, you should take a look at the Guardian, the BBC and other UK media. In 2014, the UK media tell the biggest lies in history. Now they openly say: the UK believes in total sincerity’ ! (GU, Nov 2014) In this year (2014), the Guardian (GU) and the UK media tell the most laughable jokes of all times. Now British faggots openly bully/ threaten our Iran and our people, and say: ‘Iranians are under threat of attack by the West if the negotiations do not end in an agreement that pleases the West‘ ! (GU, Nov 2014) British bullies are bad jokes. Now they talk about ‘Iranian kind of insincerity’, and say: ‘(Bullies) and Westerners believe in total sincerity’ ! (GU, Nov 2014) But as Liars and British faggots have low IQs and short memories, they immediately add: ‘the classic Jim Carrey movie Liar Liar showed that a policy of constant directness and sincerity is the quickest path to utter social ruin‘ ! Their childish paradoxes are so laughable. Apparently, Lying and Stupidity are really part of the British DNA. British pigs are sneaky and stupid deceivers, and now even the good Britons are aware of this issue. Now only Mullahs, Retards and Whores like the UK. Now the Mullah TV openly licks the ass of the UK and British FM, and praises British pigs. Now Islamists, Marxists and Terrorists try ‘to improve the image of the Barbarian UK, the Great Satan and Imperialists in Iran ! Mullahs, like their English Master, suffer from Mongolism. As our people say: For a short time, Mongolia and Mongols ruled the world, but what happened to Mongols?! The fate of the UK is worse than the fate of Mongolia and Mongols .. if the Savage West can have nukes, then Iran, the Cradle of Civilization, must have nukes’. Now all Iranians can see obvious facts including: the West just wants to keep Iran weak, dependent and under Tyranny; Great Satan is a Friend of Mullahs, but an Enemy of Iran; the West is the Devil, and Islamists are Friends of the Devil. Now even the 3% or idiots say: ‘Mullahs want to surrender Irans dignity, along with the last vestiges of their own legitimacy, by accepting the dictates of western powers .. but they cannot ignore (red lines) because Irans society is in a completely explosive state’ (Nov 2014) But the West is really stupid. A few whores/ faggots – who are Devil-worshiper, Money-worshiper, US-worshiper, Mullah-worshiper (Akhund-parast), Shah-worshiper, UK-worshiper etc- can praise Western Bullying, Western Barbarity and Western Hypocrisy, but whores/ faggots are just a very small percent of Humanity. Now the West gains nothing from Bullying, Lying and Censoring but losing all its credibility and legitimacy. Now all sane people know that if the West tried to prove that the West is Anti-Democracy, the West is Anti-Humanity, or the UK and the US don’t care about Truth, Logic, Humanity, Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights or Human values, then the End of the West and the Death of the Evil Empire is inevitable and imminent. Now in 2014, even the good Britons say: ‘Big Brother Britain is getting out of hand … the UK does not feel like a free and democratic country … (In the UK,) Each and EVERY aspect of our lives are recorded and monitored. That is not a democracy, it is a police state .. But many in this country (UK) are stupid and complacent .. they havent got a clue that Big Brother will affect each and every British citizen’ (2014) The world and all good guys should know more about the Orwellian West, and also about the Persian Origin of Democracy, the Persian Origin of Human Rights, and the Persian Origin of Music/ Arts/ Sciences/ Culture and Civilization. Now many good guys know or say: ‘Human rights such as the right to choose, freedom, equity, equality, freedom of religion and the like are Iranian values, not Western values. Struggle for freedom and the right to choose are 100% Iranian, and among the ancient Iranian values. Tolerance, Freedom and the right to choose may be non-Arab, non-Jewish or non-European, but they are very much Iranian’. It’s funny that even National Geographic says: ‘The concepts of Freedom, Democracy and Human rights may not have originated with the Greeks but in Iran … Iranians were the world’s first religiously and culturally tolerant people‘. But unfortunately many still don’t know Iran, Iranian values or this fact that ancient Aryans and Zoroastrians referred to Iran as ‘the Land of the Free/ Freedom (SarZamin Azadegan). In recent centuries, Western pigs try to QeQereh (stupidly repeat) what Iranians said in the past. They fooled humanity for a while. But now many things have changed. Now those who see Savage Saudis as their allies/ friends, and those who support Tazis (ie savage Arabs/ Jews), Terrorists and Bullies are losing all their credibility. Now the media reports: ‘Yaalon says: ‘In bazaar and the (game of Logic, Thinking and Reasoning), Iranians are the best’ (Nov 2014) It’s true. But in Stupidity, Inhumanity, Barbarity and Genocide, the West and Tazis are the best. Tazis and Nazis are the same shit. And Iranians hate Tazis and Nazis. The world should know more about Iran and Iranian Legacy. In about 4000 years ago, Iranians talked about ‘Rule with Wisdom’, and said: ‘Happy life in peaceful pastures come to us through good rule .. Who can bring peace to us from cruel and wicked men .. A righteous government is Guided by the law of Truth‘. It’s what Iranians said in about 4000 years ago, ie when European Barbarians and Tazis were eating each other, and even didn’t know what is Culture and Civilization. In about 4000 years ago, Iranians believed the truth, wisdom and human kindness were necessary elements for a good leader. In about 4000 years ago, Iranians talked about the Law of Truth and Justice. But the stupid West still talks about the Law of the Jungle, Bullying and Orwellian laws. But we, Iranians, just care about the Law of Truth, not about Orwellian laws. Those who say: all humans or all countries are equal, but some are more equal, are stupid pigs. They still live in the Age of Barbarism”.

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