Poisons, Lies and Cancer of Tyranny

“Tehran’s air pollution only gets worse. On still days of winter (ie most days), Tehran’s air is filled with the smell of smokes and poison gases. Air pollution is causing many illnesses. Now the Western Tehran and all parts of Tehran should be declared a danger zone, a chemical war zone. But instead of declaring a state of emergency, Rouhani acts like AN. Rouhani, like AN, doesn’t care about people’s health. Air Pollution has increased. For 11 months out of this year (2014), Great Tehrans 14 million residents inhale a deadly mix of toxic gases, dust, smoke and pollutants. Even in the 2014 Summer, you could see A Black Smog over Tehran. Air pollution in Tehran is 10 to 1000 times higher than the standard level. In normal days (summer), Air pollution in Tehran is about 10 times higher than the standard level. But in the winter (from November to March), Air pollution in Tehran is about 1000 times higher than the standard level”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Air pollution and all kinds of pollution – Water pollution, Milk pollution, Food pollution, political pollution, financial pollution, IMF pollution etc- only get worse in these years. Rouhani, like AN, is nothing but a spy/ stooge of the West. Now, In Nov 2014, Air pollution is worse than the AN’s era. Rouhani just licks the ass of the IMF, and the ass of the UK. Rouhani and Basijis/ Mullah Parliament are two sides of the same coin. Just look what Rouhani’s ministers do and say. The West censors all news/ facts, but now Rouhani’s ministers of Health, ITC, Energy, Industry, Culture etc openly defend IMF Plans, Censorship, Big Lies, Oppression, Filtering, Basijis and other enemies of Iran. Rouhani’s cabinet is a cesspool of Anti-Iranian pigs. Rouhanis (Mullahs) just lick the ass of their Zionist IMF, and serve the West’s interests. Rouhanis have made breathing difficult for people, and no one can deny this fact. In 2014, Iranian people talk about the Fucking Rouhani, the Fucking UK/ West/ IMF, Dangerous levels of pollution, the pollution-related illnesses, the toxic air, the toxic milk/ water/ foods/ internet etc. But do you know what the fucking West and its media say? They censor all news and all facts. They even say: ‘In Iran, Air quality improves’ ! (2014) The West and its media badly support their beloved Rouhani, and tell big lies such as: Iran’s Air pollution has decreased significantly [!!] since sanctions were temporarily lifted’ ! (Time, 2014) Can you believe it?! The English Lie Factory and the West’s Masonic Media tell the Biggest Lies in history. When we all can see and feel ‘Severe Air Pollution in Tehran/ Iran’, they talk about ‘Tehrans clean air’ ! (2014) The UK is the worst Animal Farm. All Iranians can see A dramatic increase in the Air Pollution in the Rouhani’s era. But the UK and the West censor all news/ facts, and tell the exact opposite of the Truth”. In this year (2014), the West’s Big Lies and the West’s terrible Censorship just shatter all illusions about the West. As some wise Iranians say: “Now it’s clear that the West is an Enemy of Humanity. Now the fucking West even censors the news of Pollution in the Rouhani’s era. The West says nothing about Air pollution, Milk pollution, Palm oil, Food Pollution, Water pollution, IMF pollution, Internet pollution and all kinds of poisons and pollution in the Rouhani’s era. The UK and the West censor all news, tell big lies, and just support Rouhani and Islamists. And it says a lot about the Anti-Iran Mafia, the Masonic Mafia, Big Brother’s Mafia – which is behind Tyranny and all main problems in Iran. The 97% of Iranians hate all Mullahs/ Islamists. And the fucking West is the main supporter, teacher and Arbab (master) of Mullahs. After 2009, even idiots are becoming aware. In these days, even idiots say: ‘the funeral of an Iranian pop star has drawn out the biggest crowds seen on the streets of Iran since mass protests in 2009. Pashaei, the young Iranian pop star, died of cancer. Pashaei was 30. But the crowds honoring the late singer were much larger than those last month mourning the death of the high-rank Mullah Mahdavi Kani’ ! The story of Pashaei and Mullahs is informative. Mullahs sing Rozeh and Anti-Iranian crap. So, the 97% of Iranians hate Mullahs and Islamist pop singers like Hamed Zamani – who are Basiji, Teryaki (drug addicts) and whores/ stooges of the West and Mullahs. But Pashaei sang anti-Islamist songs. Pashaei talked about Love, and said: ‘In The Name Of Love’. As his songs show, the late Iranian musician, composer and pop star Morteza Pashaei cared about Iranian values, and hated Mullahs, Basijis and other enemies of Iran. Mullahs and the West are big liars. What they say about Music is bullshit. When the Barbarian West didn’t know what is Music, and when Tazis and European Barbarians didn’t know how to utter or spell Music, Iranians were inventing modern music instruments, and had great musicians. Many music instruments have Iranian roots. Western Music has Iranian roots. But the West, like Tazis, just love to tell big lies about Iran, history, music and everything”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now Iranian people talk about important issues such as the Tsunami of Cancer and fatal diseases. They ask: Pashaei was born in 1984; But why such a young Iranian, and many young Iranians, should die at the age of thirty / twenty something? Iranian people are well aware of deadly poisons such as air pollution, water pollution, milk pollution, food pollution, palm oil and other Mullah-made poisons and Western poisons. Iranians know the IMF poisons, the Cancer of Tyranny, and the Cancer of Corruption. But the West and media whores turn a blind eye to all facts”. We have already written about the Air Pollution in Tehran and Iran (check Archive for “Horrible Air Pollution, No Solution”, etc). But in this year (2014), as some wise Iranians say: “the West shows that Air Pollution is a Project. Those who created this problem don’t want to solve it. Now even idiots and Mullah Media say: ‘There is no strong will and determination on the officials (ie Masonic Mullahs/ English Mullahs) to reduce air pollution, and we pay the price for this negligence’ ! (2014) ‘In the Rouhani’s era, like the AN’s era, Air pollution has gotten much worse‘. AN and Rouhani increased the severe air pollution in Tehran. This English pig, Rouhani, just implements the IMF plans in hospitals, and doesn’t care about people’s health. The West tells big lies about Air Pollution in Iran. Non-Iranian good guys say: ‘All Iranians are well aware that the current pollution crisis -like all crises- predates western sanctions‘ (2014) But the UK and the West try to link Air Pollution to Western Sanctions! In 2013, they said: ‘Thank to sanctions, Iran’s Air pollution has increased .. the impact of sanctions is visible is in the skies above Tehran‘ !! And now in 2014, these stupid barbarians censor all facts and tell big lies such as: ‘Iran’s Air pollution has decreased significantly since sanctions were temporarily lifted’ ! (2014) The English Lie Factory and the West’s Ministry of Truth badly insult the people’s intelligence. If you search the internet, you can see that Western Barbarians and their Orwellian media say: ‘(Our Sadistic) Sanctions led to air pollution in Iran .. Sanctions Against Iran (created) Air pollution’ ! (2014) The UK and the West think all humans are as stupid as Western faggots. The West is really stupid, sadist and barbarian. In 2014, when they want to bully/ threaten Iran, Western Barbarians talk about ‘Tougher sanctions, and further Darkening the skies above Tehran ‘ ! (Time, 2014) Can you believe it?! Britons are such savage and brainless barbarians. The Savage West and English pigs openly threaten Iranian people with Air Pollution, and further Darkening the skies above Tehran! English Barbarians are the most savage barbarians, and the most stupid faggots in history. They just show that Air Pollution is a Project – a Big Brother’s Projects. They clearly show that the Western values are barbarian values. Now only FMs and Mullahs love the UK. FMs and Mullahs are old friends, and now a Masonic Media like the Guardian (GU) says: ‘Mohammad Marandi, a (Basiji agent of the CIA/ MI6), told the Guardian that Iranians (love Big Brother) .. A (Basiji) told the Guardian: ‘Iranians are hungry for the Western companies .. Hossein Mousavian, a (Basiii/ Terrorist in USA), told the Guardian: We want to improve the image of the US and the west in Iran [!!]‘ (GU, Nov 2014) Can you believe it?! It’s not a joke. The UK, Mullahs, Marxists and FMs want to improve the image of the US and the West in Iran! It’s so funny. After the 2009 CIA Coup, FMs like Rouhanis, Basijis, Terrorists, Traitors, Censors, Whores and Islamists want to improve the image of the US and the West in Iran! The Guardian is a stupid Masonic Media/ Big Brother’s Media. The West and English Barbarians want ISIS and Basijis ‘To improve the image of the US and the UK in Iran’ ! […] Retards rule the West. But all Iranians know obvious things: Corruption, Mismanagement, IMF Plans and Mullahs are much worse than the West’s sanctions. Now many ask: How Mullahs and Marxists should prove that they are spies/ stooges of the West?! How the UK media should prove that they are Masonic Media, Big Brother’s media? Just look what Mullah Haeri, Motahari, Rouhani’s ministers like Jannati, and Rouhani’s supporters like Zibakalam say. Ali Jannati is a son of a Bitch/ Bin Laden. He is Rouhani’s minister of Censorship. The Guardian and BBC love him and support him. Now Jannati openly defends censorship, tyranny, oppression and his fucking father. Now Jannati openly says he is proud of his fucking father. But just look how the UK media – from the BBC to the Guardian- censor such facts/ news. The English Lies and Censorship reveal many things. Now the Guardian talks about ‘Rouhanis reformist government’ ! (Nov 2014), and says: ‘(Mullahs and Great Satan) close in on historic nuclear deal’ ! (Nov 2014) Free-Masons (FMs) badly want to impose another Torkmanchai (a nuclear one) on Iran. They still live in the 19th century. But they are faced with a big problem: Today is not the 19th century !”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now the West, the Anti-Iran Mafia, the mass media and the Mullah Regime actually show why Iranians say: the West is a poison that has caused much suffering, as Zionism or Islamism is a poison/ cancer that has caused suffering. Now experts say: Increasing pollution and smog is causing cancer’. Poisons and pollutants can cause cancer. But the West and its stooges are the worst poisons, and cause the worst cancers including Cancer of Tyranny and Cancer of Corruption. Now even idiots are aware of this issue. Now even idiots talk about Masonic Islam, Saudi Islam or English Islam. Now it’s clear that FMs and Islamist faggots like Mullah Al-Afghani, Mullah Haeri, Zibakalam and other Mullahs are like shit and pollutants in Tehran’s air and water. The West and the UK refer to a stupid faggot like Zibakalam as Intellectual or Iranian Intellectual ! But when the Big Brother’s Mafia, the Masonic Mafia, tries to make intellectual heroes out of Islamist faggots like Zibakalam or Ganji, you can understand why Iranians say: Iran’s main problem is not the Mullah regime; Iran’s main problem is the Big Brother’s Mafia. This year (2014) is a good time to know Free-Masons (FMs). Just look how the UK media censor news and tell big lies. Just take a look at Mullah Haeri’s letter, the Guardian’s articles, the BBC’s crap, or Zibakalam’s letters to Mullah Haeri and others. Faggots like Zibakalam can show you many things, because the UK and the West refer to Islamist faggots like Zibakalam as Intellectuals! Sadeq Zibakalam is a FM/ Faggot like Seyyed Jamal (Al-Afghani). If you search the internet and take a look at Zibakalam’s interviews, you can see how he defends Slavery and Obeying Big Brother. Zibakalam openly says: Religion is not a matter of logic and reason. I don’t read any books about religion. I don’t like logic, reasoning or reading book. Reading book, Reasoning or thinking about religion is a stupid thing, and just raises many questions and doubts. I just love to obey. I just love to obey (Big Brother). Our (Jewish) religion is a matter of obeying, and being slave. I love religion, because religion is not a Logical/ Rational thing. In (Jewish-Masonic) religion, Slavery and being slave of Big Brother is the most important thing. We don’t think. We just obey. In (Jewish-Masonic) religion, Obeying and Slavery is the most important thing. We are slaves, and we don’t think. So I love this religion. My leader is Qazali and (Mesbah, Haeri, Janati and Bin Laden). If you think, use your brain, read books and ask questions, then you lose your faith in religion, and our (Jewish religion) will be destroyed’. It’s exactly what Zibakalam says. But only a FM and a stupid whore can say such things, while he pretends that he is an Intellect/ Religious/ Islamic man. Zibakalam, like Mullah Al-Afghani, is a FM and a stooge of the UK. You can find/ read/ watch his crap and interviews in the internet. Zibakalam is a Basiji in disguise. He defends the worst Mullahs/ Islamists, and what he says is exactly like what FMs and Islamists said and say. But the West and the UK refer to such Islamist pigs as Intellectuals! And this is the Great Game. If you want to know FMs and those betrayed Iranian people in 2009, 1979, or 1997-2004, you should know stupid faggots like Zibakalam. These Masonic faggots are like or worse than AN, Rouhani, Mesbah, Jannati, Haeri, Basiji thugs, ISIS and other Islamist-Jewish barbarians. FMs or Stupid faggots like Mullah Haeri, Motahari, Tavakoli, Zibakalam and other English pigs desperately try to destroy Iranian values/ human values, and to keep Iran weak, dependent and under Tyranny. FMs/ whores like Zibakalam are like or worse than AhmadiNejad (AN). What they say about Iran, Iranians, Iranian industries, Tazis, the stupid West or Iran’s enemies show that they are not Iranians. They are psychotic FMs, and it’s funny that even their names are Fake/ Orwellian names such as Ziba-kalam (beautiful words) or Sadeq (not a Liar)! As our people say: ‘Bar-aks Nahand Name Zangi Kafur ! (their names are stupid Orwellian names) or ‘this bald man calls himself a hairy man (Zolf-Ali) !”. In this year, many things are informative. But as some wise Iranians say: “In 2014, the West and its media censor all news and tell many big lies. Each week, or each day, if you want to list all American lies, all British lies, or the Western media’s evil acts, then you can write one or two books! Now the UK media and Western media censor all news, help Rouhanis and just care about those news that can hurt the public image of Iran and Iranians. The West doesn’t care about the Truth, the people or Human Rights. The West loves Mullahs, MEK, ISIS, Zionists, Terrorists, Saudis and other puppets of the West. Ties between Islamists and Great Satan/ Zionist IMF are clear. Islamists really love the West. For instance, now Islamists praise CCTV camera, and say: we should learn from the UK regime, and we should have CCTV camera – like UK CCTV camera’ ! (Nov 2014) Islamists are lovers of the Orwellian West. Now Vaezi, Rouhani’s ITC minister, openly defends Filtering, Censorship, MITM Attacks and other Orwellian attacks on the internet. Islamists love and praise the Orwellian USA, while the US good guys say: ‘US corporations such as Cola-Cola, Burger King, McDonalds, Monsanto, Shell, BP, Chevron, Dow, Wal-Mart, Bank of America, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce now engage in espionage against nonprofit civic organizations and the individuals involved in them’ ! (2014) But Islamists and FMs love the Big Brother’s evil acts”.

As some wise Iranians say: “the educated Iranians know that the problem of Air pollution is resolvable with proper planning. Iran’s experts and Iran’s brains can solve Iran’s problems, and put the West in its place. But the main issue is that non-Iranians and anti-Iranian whores rule Iran, and the West is behind them. The West is the Master of Mullahs. The West is the main problem. Just look what WSJ says; they try to teach Mullahs how to justify Nuclear Deal/ Tokrmanchai; they openly say: ‘Mullahs can (fool Iranians and) pretend that they stood up to the ‘Bullying’ of the Western powers to defend Irans ‘Right’ to enrich uranium’ ! (WSJ, Nov 2014) Can you take the point? They don’t say that Bullying is a bad thing. UK/ US barbarians love Bullying, Sadism and Deception. They just want to fool people. US pigs think Iranian people are as blind and brainless as US Sheeple. US pigs know that Iranians will never accept the Bullying of the Western powers. So they talk about deception tactics and ‘the Nuclear Deal upon which the Mullah regimes survival depends’ ! (WSJ, Nov 2014) After 2009, the 97% of Iranians knew Mullahs and Great Satan. But now even idiots and the 3% are becoming aware. Now the 3% say new things. They don’t say: US-Mullah deal = the End of Rouhani; but they say: US-Mullah deal = Fatehe Velayat (the End of Mullah-ism/ the End of all Mullahs)! In fact, even idiots know what is the fate of a Nuclear Torkmanchai”. They also add: “In Oct 2014, Rafsanjani’s friend, Ayatollah Amjad, has said: ‘We Mullahs have fucked Humanity .. now people hate Rozeh and (Hozeh) ..Mullahs are responsible for this change .. Now Iranian people hate Islamists .. We Mullahs love hypocrites and ass-lickers .. But people and critics are suppressed .. It’s equal to our Downfall’ ! (Oct 2014) In fact, even idiots can see the Truth. Now even idiots and the 3% talk about English Islam or Fatehe Velayat (the Death of Mullah-ism). The West censors all facts –
from 2014 Referendum and 2014 news to the stories of air pollution, water pollution, dust pollution, palm oil, poisonous milk/ foods, IMF plans or 2009 Coup. But the West just disgraces and discredits itself. They cannot hide the Truth, or change the facts. Now all Iranians know that Cancer of Tyranny and Cancer of Corruption, like Cancer of Islamists, are western-made cancers. All Iranians know that MEK or ISIS is the product of the West, as AN or Rouhani is the product of the Anti-Iran Mafia. The dramatic increase in pollution in the Rouhani’s era shows that Tehran’s pollution crisis is just a consequence of a much larger problem. The West’s Evil Empire is the main problem. The story of the West’s Evil Empire is actually the story of The Tyranny of the Evil Man in The Valley of Darkness”. They also add: “Rouhanis lick the ass of their Zionist IMF, and implement the IMF plans in Hospitals, and even the price of a simple medical test increases from 400,000 Rial to 1,200,000 Rial. Mullahs are stooges of the IMF, and say doctors and nurses are businessmen! But Iranians know that doctors, nurses, teachers or scientists are not businessmen, and we should have a strong Insurance/ health care system, and we should remove money and any financial relationship between doctors and patients from hospitals and clinics. But Mullahs just lick the ass of the IMF or the UK. Iran’s experts and the large army of wise and educated Iranians can solve Iran’s problems. But Rouhanis just love to lick the ass of the West, and to serve the West’s interests. Now even non-Iranian good guys say: ‘Because of the NS-A, we can no longer trust and buy American products .. the US and (bad guys) want to control human beings through control of their machines’ (2014) But Mullahs, Khatamists and other whores still lick the ass of the Orwellian West. The West and its stooges are bad jokes. They say: ‘The West wants to see a sharp reduction in Irans power’ ! (Nov 2014) Thank God that Iran’s enemies are such stupid Bullies. Now Iranians and all good guys want to see a sharp reduction in the West’s ability to build nukes, to bully other nations, to do evil things, to control the internet and the media, to support terrorists/ dictators, and to hurt human beings. Now it’s clear that Fascism or Americanism is a poison that can destroy the civilized world, as the Barbarian UK was a poison that tried to destroy the civilized world and all good things”.

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