Iranian Values vs Barbarism and Sadism

“In the Cradle of Culture and Civilization, people say: ‘If you have no sympathy for Human pain, the name of Human you cannot retain’. In the Home of the Good, they don’t care about your race or religion, but they say: Humanity and being a real Human is the most important thing. In the Land of Aryans, they judge you by the level of your humanity and your goodness- not by your race, your religion/ nationality/ family etc; If you have no sympathy for Human pain, and if you don’t care about other humans, and if you are sadist and racist, then Aryans say you are not human, because you have lost your humanity. In the Land of Aryans, they care about Humanity and Human values. But in the Land of Barbarians, they just care about Utilitarianism and Machiavellian values. They see Sadism as Leverage. In the Land of Barbarians, they have no sympathy for Human pain. In the Land of Barbarians, Barbarism is Modernism, Slavery is Freedom, Ignorance is Strength, Satan is God, Sadists are Men of God, Liars are defenders of the Truth, Censors are defenders of Freedom, Big Brothers are defenders of Democracy, Human-eaters are defenders of Human Rights, and Uncivilized Barbarians are defenders of Civilization. In the Land of Barbarians, their Jewish Bible justifies Genocide, Sadism, Inhumanity and Intolerance. In the Masonic-Jewish Religion of Barbarians, all people are slaves of Big Brother, and if you & your people want to be free men, not slaves of Big Brother, then they try to bully you, to censor you, to hurt you, to impose sanctions on you, to threaten you with genocide, and to use ISIS, Basijis, Saudis, Zionists and other barbarians as a cudgel against you”, some wise Iranians say. We have already written about Iranian Mindset and Iranian values (for more info, check Archive for: “Iranian Mindset: God, Deep Humanity, Tolerance” etc). But as some wise Iranians say: “Many still don’t know Iran and sworn enemies of Iran. Many still don’t know differences between Iranians and the West, or differences between Iran’s people and the Mullah regime – which is the worst Puppet, Anti-Iranian regime in Iran’s history. Many still don’t know differences between Iranian values and Western values/ Barbarian values/ Tazi values. British Barbarians, Tazis (ie Savage Arabs/ Jews) and other barbarians were and are sworn enemies of Iran, Culture and Civilization. If you read history – real history not the Ministry of Truth’s version of history- you can know Tazis, Nazis and British Barbarians. The UK was officially the land of Barbarians. Britain has a long history of Barbarism and Barbarization (for more info, check Archive). English Barbarians, like Arab-Jewish barbarians, were and are sworn enemies of Iranian values such as Tolerance, Humanity, Justice, Equality, Liberty, Basic Rights etc. Even in the 21st century, they attack Iranian values. Even in 2014, Islamic-Jewish fanatics and Saudis/ Wahhabis openly say: Tolerance is evil; our Jewish God hates Tolerance; Persian Tolerance is evil ! Even in 2013 & 2014, European/ British Barbarians and American pigs openly defend Sadism, Bullying, Barbarity, Genocide, nuking Iran, and hurting all Iranians. Such facts are not hidden facts. Now even the West’s analysts openly say: The West created ISIS and (Islamist barbarians) because the West wanted to stop Iran and (to hurt) Iranians’ ! (2014) The story of the 2009 Coup, the Story of the IMF plans in 2010, the story of the Anti-Iran Sanction/ Sadism in 2012, the story of the 2013 Farce, and all sad stories of these years, and the systematic Censorship and Sadism in the West clearly show that the West is the Devil, and Devil’s Game is not a myth. Now it’s clear why the UK created Islamism, and used Islamists as a cudgel against Iranians. After 2009, any sane person can see that the West just wants to hurt Iranians, to help Islamists, and to Keep Iran weak, dependent and under Tyranny. But since the 19th century, the Savage West and British Barbarians have tried to hurt Iranians and all good guys. In recent centuries, Western Colonialism and Western Exploitation hurt all countries. And it can show you the Western values. The West’s Colonialism, Exploitation and so-called Imperialism, Capitalism, Fascism and other Western ideologies clearly show that the Western values are barbarians values. Hurting other humans, exploiting other humans, bullying other humans, fooling other humans, and enslaving other humans are among the Western values. The West’s Racism, Sadism, Colonialism, Capitalism, Marxism, Fascism, Nazism, Americanism etc show that the West is still the land of Barbarians, Barbarity and Hypocrisy […] Those who hurt Iranian people, and sow the seeds of hate, just encourage Iranians to think and talk about the root of problems […] In the West, bullying others, hurting others and Utilitarianism are among cultural values. Now the West openly defends ‘Hurting all Iranian people’. They openly talk about Advancing U.S. Interests Through Cooperation With the Devil ! (2014) or Advancing U.S. Interests Through Acting like the Devil ! (2014) They openly say: We hate all Iranians ! (2014) They openly say: We want to hurt all Iranians, and to bring Iranians to their knees! (2014) The UK, the US and the West are such barbarians and such uncultured pigs. They openly say: Hurting other nations is a good thing (2014) They openly defend hurting all Iranians, killing children, butchering non-Westerners, and bulling and enslaving other nations. In the land of Barbarians (ie the West), Humanity is Dead”.


A some wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious why Iranians are so mad at the West. The systematic Lies and Censorship in the West is unbelievable. They censor all big news, and say nothing about MITM attacks, Internet Tragedy, Rouhani’s evil acts, IMF’s plans, or the 2014 Referendum on Rouhanis and IMF. This is utter insanity. And this level of Insanity just shows that the West suffers from the Mad Cow Disease. They actually prove that all Western journalists are controlled by a single Big Brother. They just show that a single Big Brother commands all western journalists to tell the same big lies, to censor the same news, and to act like a single Orchestra. Now all Western journalists tell the same big lies, and censor big news and important matters in the same way. And it shows that a single Big Brother rules the West, and controls all Western journalists/ intellects. They dreams about ‘A world dominated by a single Big Brother’. The West hates Democracy and Basic Rights. And after the story of Snow-den, no one can deny this issue. Now even the good Americans say: ‘There is no Democracy in America’ (Oct 2014) And the good news is that they try to create ‘Election Boycott movement in America. It’s really good news. Now the good Americans say: ‘Boycott Corrupt Elections; Democracy in America is a standing joke .. they manipulating the population into wage-slavery and debt servitude .. (crooks) will get richer; the poor will get poorer. Bad guys will win; the people will lose. (So) the people should boycott US elections .. We Americans Deny all legitimacy to the individuals elected through corrupt elections .. In America, the rights of the people are illusory. They have betrayed us. They enslave us to poverty while they profit from our misery. The time for rebellion has come .. Boycott the whole system of Evil; we lending them credibility by our participation in their totally corrupt system .. (In 2014,) the voter turnout is so low in America, because many Americans have realized there is no real election and no democracy in America‘ (Nov 2014) It’s really good news. God Bless the good guys in America. Now we all can see the fruits of the 2009 Awareness. After 2009, many things changed. In these years, Iranians and other good guys tried to change many things, and now we all can see the fruits of their labour. These years are Historic years, and the lessons of these years are Historic lessons. And now many have learned the lessons of these historic years -from the 2009 lessons to the 2012/ 2013/ 2014 lessons. If you compare the 2012 Election Farce with the 2014 Election Show in the US, you can see that many Americans are becoming aware, and now they are sick and tired of the US pigs – who showed their true colors in 2009. Now many humans, including the good Americans, enjoy the fruits of Iranian Resistance and Iranian Wisdom. Now many know the Power of the Iranian Logic, and the Power of the Iranian Values. Now many Americans say: ‘We cannot tolerate this utter corruption of Democracy .. We are urging (a real) Revolution .. a modern, nonviolent, powerful, organized Revolution. The time has come’ (2014) It’s really good that Americans say such good things. God bless the good Americans. Election boycott is a good strategy, and Iranians tell all good guys: Boycott The Evil Empire. Boycott Big Brother’s whores. Boycott Apologists for Dictators. Boycott Whores and Apologists like the Ayatollah Chomsky. Boycott Big Brother’s media like the Guardian. The bad guys say: Legitimize our corrupt system. But the good guys say: De-legitimize the corrupt system. If the bad guys lose their legitimacy and their credibility, they will lose everything. And now even the good Americans say: ‘It is beginning to raise questions about the legitimacy of the US government‘ (Oct 2014) Iranians strongly defend the good Americans and all good guys – from the good Canadians to the good Britons/ Arabs/ Jews etc”. Iranian people care about all good guys in all around the world, because it’s part of Iranian culture, Iranian values, and Iranian identity. As the wise Iranians say: “Iranians care about all children – even Arab children or Jewish children. Iranians are not racists and sadists. Iranians know that children are innocent, and you should not judge little children by the sins of their parents. Iranians were & are such a great nation that they care about all children in all countries – from UK to Gaza. Iranian people are such a great, cultured nation that they even care about children and good guys in the land of sworn enemies of Iran […] We, Iranians, care about all good guys and children, independent of their race or religion. And it’s part of our Iranian culture. It’s part of our Iranian Identity. It’s part of what our families, our Iranian teachers and our Iranian ancestors teach us. They said (and say): If you have no sympathy for Human Pain, the name of Human you cannot retain. It’s an inherent part of our Iranian Identity and our Iranian culture. And it’s so important. If you want to know who is not Iranian, just try to see who doesn’t care about Iranian values such as Truth, Tolerance, humanity, honesty etc. Mullahs and Islamists are not Iranians, mainly because they hate Iran and Iranian values. Mullahs and Islamists think and act like Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews) and other barbarians whose Satanic religious say: ‘Children should be killed for the sins of their parents or ‘Critics or Free men should be suppressed/ killed for criticizing, freethinking, or having different religions/ views’. ISIS, Saudis, Tazi cults, and all Jewish-Satanic cults, say such barbarian things, and all of them are sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian values”.

As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the differences between Iranians and the West/ Tazis, just look what they say/ do. Iranians care about all humans. But the West says: Hurting all Iranians is a good thing. Iranians say: A real democracy in America is good for American people and the whole world, as A real democracy in Iran is good for Iranian people and the whole world, and as A real democracy in all countries is good for all humans. But the West says: Helping Islamists, and Hurting all Iranians is a good thing! The West is Sadist, and loves Inhumanity, Utilitarianism and Machiavellian acts. But Iranians say: If you have no sympathy for Human pain, the name of Human you cannot retain. ISIS, Tazis and Savage Saudis/ Zionists are sworn enemies of Iran. But Iranians don’t say that all Arabs are like ISIS or Saudis. Iranians know that good Arabs exist, as good Jews exist. Iranians don’t say all Jews are bad guys, or all Britons are bad guys. Iranians know that many Arabs/ Jews/ Britons are good guys. But the West and Tazis say: the Anti-Iranian Sadism and Hurting all Iranians is a good thing!”. They also add: “In 2014, you can understand why Iranian people say Mullahs are Tazis; Mullahs are Masons, or Mullahs are stooges of the UK. Just look what the Mullah Parliament do. Just look what English Mullahs say. In Nov 2014, two FMs or two English Mullahs -Mullah Haeri & Motahari- wrote stupid letters to each other, and proved many things. The West censors such news/ facts, because such facts can show you the reality of Mullahs. Mullah Haeri is a Masonic Mullah, an English Mullah. They call him Ayatollah Haeri Shiraz-i, but his real name is, or should be, Ayatollah Haeri London-i or Ayatollah Haeri Mason-i. Mullah Haeri and other Free-Masons (FMs) still live in the 19th century, and just repeat what their English Master says. If you want to know why Mullahs are Masons, read Mullah Haeri’s recent letter to Ali Motahri, and see how this English Mullah defends the uncultured England, France and thugs and whores in London and Paris, but attack the wise and educated people in Iran. This Masonic Faggot, Mullah Haeri, is a symbol of English Mullahs -who still live in the 1970s and lick the ass of their British Master. This English-Jewish Faggot, Mullah Haeri, is a Tazi and a stupid enemy of Iranian people and Iranian values. This English Mullah says British thugs, French faggots, American-European idiots, the UK riots, Canadian Farce, OWS and other Western Farces are good or modern things. But the wise, modern, educated and peaceful Iranians are bad and reactionary people, because they hate the reactionary Mullahs and the Barbarian UK! Mullah Haeri is a FM and a Tazi. And all FMs said and say: The West’s thugs, whores and barbarians are modern people; but the wise and educated Iranians are reactionary people! (For more info, check our Archive for: ‘Canadian Bill 78 and Canadian Farce’ etc) They even say: Iranians are Arabs! These stupid faggots see Iran as an Arab country! Read Mullah Haeri’s letter, and see why Iranians say Mullahs are FMs, and the 1979 Tragedy was a Masonic Coup”. They also add: “Mullahs, like Saudis, attack Iranian values. Mullahs lick the ass of Arab-e Kun-Nashur and English-e Kun-Nashur. As historical documents show, Tazis and Arabs were really Kun-Nashur (ie they didn’t wash their asses, and lived within dirt and shits), as the Brits were Kun-Nashur. Tazis and Arabs, like ISIS and Saudis, were really barbarians and Malakh-khor (Locust-eaters), as the Brits were Adam-khor (Human-eaters). Such facts are historical facts. But now as the funny Iranians say: ‘Har Barbar va Kun-Nashuri … (Barbarians crap about Civilization, Iran, Culture …)! Now non-Iranian whores and those who speak Persian with Arabic accent or British accent pretend that they are Iranians! They attack Iran, Iranian values, Iranian Civilization, and Iranian people, but they call themselves Iranians! They have learned some basic Persian, but they speak Persian with Arabic accent or American accent! They are Arabs from Lebanon, or non-Iranians from the UK, the US and other countries. They are not Iranians. So they are ready to sell our Iran for a fistful of dollars. They are even ready to sell their own mothers, their humanity, their honor and everything for a fistful of dollars. They are FMs, US-worshipers, Arab-worshipers, Mullah-worshipers (Akhund-parast), Shah-worshipers, UK-worshiper etc. These stooges of the West & the Devil are bankrupt whores”. They also add: “Now any sane person can see the Power of the Iranian Logic, the Power of the Iranian values, and this fact that if there is a real democracy in Iran, and people have a space & an opportunity to talk about important issues, then the whole world changes dramatically. If Iran’s regime was really an Iranian regime, then they would not hurt Iranian people & serve the West’s interests, but instead, they would help Iranians, and use the Iranian Logic, the Iranian Values, and the Iranian Legacy to put the West in its place. But Mullahs/ Islamists are not Iranians, and they just serve the West’s interests, hurt Iranians, say many Anti-Iranian things, do many Evil/ Anti-Iran acts, and give the West excuses to crap about many things. Since the 1970s, the West has used the nuclear dispute to hurt Iran. And Islamists/ Pahlavists have always served the West’s interests. In 1978, the West tried to topple the Shah, because as the CBS reported: ‘US senators say: Iran is becoming too powerful, too fast [!!] Iran doesn’t need nuclear energy, and advanced weapons’ (1978) In the 1970s, the Shah was a stupid/ puppet dictator, and Mullahs/ Islamists/ Marxists were puppets of the West. But Iranian people were naive and ignorant. But today is not the 1970s. Now the main issue is clear: Iran is really becoming too powerful, too fast . Today’s Iranians are among the most modern, wise and educated people in the world. So the Savage West and Big Brother know why Iran is becoming too powerful, too fast, and that’s why they try to create and put many obstacles – like Baby Boom, IMF Plans, 2009 Coup, AN, Rouhani, FMs, Evil Fire-wall, Basijis, MEK, ISIS, Saudis, Mullahs, Zionists, Pahlavists, Tyranny, Tazi cults, Anti-Iran Sadism etc – in the way of Iran’s progress. But Iranians know obstacles, and the large army of well-educated Iranians don’t need that Western faggots ‘to advise Iran on its problems’. Most problems in Iran are Western-made problems. The West and its stooges created many many problems in Iran. Now even their own media talk about Anti-Iran policies of AN, and say: Manageable situation was made far worse by AN’s terrible mismanagement’ ! (Nov 2014) AN, Rouhani and Mullahs are FMs, not Iranians. Mullahs just lick the ass of the IMF, the UK or the Tazi. But Iranians know what Iran needs. Our Iran needs a real Iranian Republic – which hate bad guys (Iran’s enemies etc), but love Iran, Iranian people and Iranian values such as Tolerance, Freedom, Human Rights, Truth, Logic, Love etc”.

As some wise Iranians say: “We, Iranians, know that many Westerners are not bad guys. In the West, average people can be ignorant or stupid, but it doesn’t mean that they are bad guys. Many of them hate Racists, Sadists, Fascists, Fanatics and other bad guys. All good guys, including the West’s good guys, can understand why Iranians are changing their views about the West, and why Iranian people should be so mad at the West. The Anti-Iran Sadism and the Anti-Iranian Racism are not hidden facts. It’s clear who hurt Iranians, help Iran’s enemies, and defend Rouhanis, Islamists, Saudis, Zionists and other bad guys. Now even the West’s good guy say: Iran is the most glorious and peaceful civilizations (2014), but the West is Orwellian, and To be Orwellian is to be Inhuman (2014) The West’s bad guys and the American lefts are in bed with the IMF and Islamists. They write about ‘Friends of the Devil: US-Mullahs Ties’ (Oct 2014), and defend the Devil and Friends of the Devil. These Americans are not humans. They are animals, and Friends of the Devil. They just remind you of European Barbarians. British Barbarians were not humans (Adam); they were human-eaters (Adam-khor). Their British Evil Empire just tried to Hurt other nations and to enslave all Humans. FMs and British Barbarians, like Tazis, see God as Brutal Dictator, Big Brother or Slave Owner! But Iranians say: If your god is a brutal dictator/ oppressor, then this God is definitely Satan. But English Barbarians, FMs and Tazis say: our Jewish God loves Slavery, Sadism, killing Children, or killing those who have different views/ religions. The British-Jewish God is the Devil. In the Jewish Bible of Barbarians, killing children or killing critics is a good thing. In the Bible of Barbarians, their Jewish God praises Genocide, Racism and Sadism, and allows them to act like Nazis, Tazis, Fascists and English Colonialists. England is a very bad joke. Even the so-called English constitution is not a written constitution! Their nonexistent Constitution is like their nonexistent Democracy, their nonexistent Honor (Sharafe-Nadashte), and their nonexistent Civilization. Mullahs and FMs love such Barbarian-Orwellian UK. But now even Westerners have become aware, and say: Britain was the most savage place in the world’ (2014) The West’s good guys even talk about ‘the grim legacy of slavery which is one of the original sins of the American society’ (2014) But FMs and bad guys still love Slavery, Big Brother, and the Satanic Legacy of the UK. In the past, the West and UK were monstrous barbarians who had no conception of freedom, justice, equality or humanity. So, it’s clear what is at the root of the West’s current problems and the West’s Machiavellian Culture”. They also add: “The UK still says: we can support Islamists, we can kill children, we can kill/ plunder others, and we can violate other nation/ people’s rights, if it serves our interests/ national interests! And this is the UK logic. In this Barbarian-Machiavellian logic, looting, plundering, stealing, exploiting, lying, censoring, killing, Terrorism, Genocide and all evil acts are legitimate, because such evil acts serve their interests or National Interests! They still think and act like their Barbarian ancestors, who said eating humans, drinking human blood, and living like savage barbarians are legitimate. And this is the Western Legacy. But Iranians are not like the Machiavellian West. Iranians care about Humanity, Love, Tolerance, Goodness, Peace, Stable civilization etc. Ancient Iranians knew Human needs, High level needs, animal needs, and actually the Hierarchy of Needs. Iranians said and say: Being Good Guy, and Living like good guys is better for you, and leads to Happiness, good life, happy life, happy times, better world etc. Iranians knew that s-ex is not bad, money is not bad, food is not bad. But being slave of sex/ money/ food is bad. Iranians said/ say to religious fanatics and charlatans: S-ex is not evil; what clergymen and religious fanatics do is evil; what se-x addicts do is evil; Being slave of s-ex is evil; Slavery is Evil; being Salve is evil. But FMs and the West’s bad guys have always said: Slavery and being Slave of Big Brother is a very good thing! They still ask Iran to be a slave of the West and Big Brother. The stupid UK and USA still want to decide about Iran, Iran’s resources and Iran’s rights! From 1953 to 2014, they have talked about the Oil Consortium, the Nuclear Consortium, deciding about Iran’s rights, Iran’s regime, Iran’s people, or negotiations with Iran over Iran’s basic rights! They think the West has a right to plunder Iran’s resources and to deny/ violate Iran’s basic rights. In 1953, the Barbarian West said Iran’s Oil belongs to the UK and non-Iranians! But they still tell such bad jokes, while Mullahs, like Pahlavists, still lick the West’s ass and negotiate with the Savage West over Iran’s basic rights. It’s so ridiculous. The 2014 negotiation is as ridiculous as the 1953 negotiation. But today is not 1953. Today is another day. They still praise Bullying and Sadism. But now they just show why the West is Barbarian and Sadist, why their crimes are unforgettable and unforgivable, and why the End of the West’s Evil Empire is near. The payback time is near. But Persians will not act like the West’s bad guys. Since the ancient time, Iranians know how to deal with Zahaks and Deevs (devils). Genocide, Sadism, Barbarism, Nazism etc are the Tazi-Western Legacy. In recent decades, the West plays a Dirty-Orwellian game: our Iranian values pose as Western values; while their own values, -ie non-Iranian values and the barbarian values of the West and Tazis- pose as Iranian values! But now any sane person can see who is who. The English Lie Factory and the West’s Ministry of Truth cannot hide the Truth for ever. Now any sane person can see that Tazis and the Savage West still defend Genocide, Racism, Sadism, Bullying and Barbarity. Now all well-educated people know that Iranians created, defended, and still defend, Tolerance, Human Rights, and Human Values”.

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