West is Orwellian? UK is so Orwellian?

“Sometimes it’s hard to say what is good news, and what is bad news. Most of the time bad things are bad news. Evil things like Barbarity, Sadism and Tyranny are always bad news. But as you know, even bad things can be a godsend for good guys. And sometimes bad things can be good news. The West and the media tell big lies and censor all facts. The West and the English Lie Factory still produce many big and childish lies about Iran. Their Big Brother and their Ministry of Truth still control all media, all journalists and all Western intellects. Many say: it’s bad news. But you can see it as good news. Just look how they censor all news of Iran, and how they support their beloved Rouhani. They still live in the 19th century, and their Orwellian-Evil acts just shatter all illusions. It’s good news. Now if you search the internet, you can see even non-Iranians are becoming aware, and say: the West is Orwellian; the West is Anti-Democracy; the West is Animal Farm etc. Now even the West’s good guys write articles/ posts like: The UK is legally and officially Orwellian (2014), ‘The West is returning to the Dark Ages‘ (2014), Orwellian Reality of the USA (2014) , ‘The West Is More Terrifying Than Orwells 1984 (2014), The Future Of Orwellian America (2014), ‘Orwellian Nightmare in the UK‘ (Oct 2014), ‘The Orwellian Deception in the UK‘ ! (Oct 2014), ‘English Rape Culture’ (2014), ‘Orwell Predicted Big Brother Britain’ ! (Oct 2014) They even write about the very important issues like: ‘In the West, Democracy is Dead’ or ‘Is Democracy a Western Idea?’ In fact, many are becoming aware, and knowing the Great Game. The English Lie Factory or the West’s Ministry of Truth cannot hide the Truth for ever. Now many know that the West was the Land of Barbarians, but the idea of Democracy cannot belong to the Land of Barbarism. The idea of Democracy belongs to the cradle of culture and civilization, and to the home of Tolerance and Human Values (Persia). Could Human-eaters (Adam-khora), Sadists, Racists, Censors and those who still support Sadism, Bullying, Barbarity and the Law of the Jungle create the idea of Democracy, and care about Democracy?!”, some wise Iranians say. In these years, the bad guys are shattering all illusions. And as some wise Iranians say: “Now people are becoming aware. Now even the West’s good guys say: The UK is officially Orwellian (2014) The UK is a very Fascist/ Orwellian country, and now even Britons are aware of this issue. It’s obvious that the US respects freedom of speech much more than the UK. As Westerners say: ‘In tyrannical states such as the UK, you could be imprisoned just for having a copy of the magazine’ (2014) In tyrannical, Orwellian and barbarian states such as the UK, Media is A Lie Factory, and Big Brother controls media and everything. But now the US is officially turning into an Orwellian State like the UK. It’s bad news. But the good news is that now many can see that America is Orwellian, but the UK is more Orwellian. Now many know that America is Orwellian, but England is very very Orwellian. Now many admit openly that US media deliberately lies about Iran to the US public. Now when Savage Monkeys (Obama, Cameron etc) make love with their Mullahs, most people laugh and boo the Ayatollah UK or the Ayatollah America. The West, its Media and its Savage Monkeys (Obama, Cameron etc) are losing all credibility. And it’s good news. The UK is the Home of the Devil, and now even the good Britons talk about How the UK regime lies, distorts and twists reality like no other government on earth (2014) Now it’s clear that the West is not a Democracy. Censorship in The West, or English Censorship is so ridiculous. The West censors all big news -from the Tragedy of IMF Plans to the Tragedy of Internet- in a silly way. This level of Censorship, and this level of Stupidity show / prove many things. Now this English Motherfucker, Rouhani, implements their Zionist IMF Plans in Hospitals, and now even the stupid Mullah media talk about ‘The IMF Shock Therapy in Iran’s Hospitals or The IMF Shock Therapy in Iran’s Health care, and say how Rouhani is fucking Hospitals and Health care. But the West and its media censor such big news. In the best case, their lefty-alternative media praise the IMF and Mullahs, and say: Mullahs New Best Friend? The IMF’ ! (2014) In this year (2014), the West and the Left badly censor big news such as the news of the 2014 Referendum -which was one of the biggest Referendums in history. This level of Censorship proves many things. Now the West and the Left praise their beloved Mullahs, and hail Mullahs as ‘Friends of the Devil’ !! (Oct 2014) And this is Western wisdom! They see Olaqa (brainless idiots) as Oqala (wise guys). They even don’t know the differences between Oqala and Olaqa . The UK is the Land of Big Lies. The UK doesn’t say 2 + 2 = 5 or 6, but the UK says 2 + 2 = 1000! Now the UK even says 2 + 2 = 80,000,000! Now even the good Britons say: ‘In the UK, Lying and Falsifying have become our habit and our second nature’ ! And this is the modern UK”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Telling Big Lies, and Keeping your populace in the dark‘ is the UK motto, because the UK is very Orwellian. But the important point is that the UK has always been Orwellian or Barbarian. For thousands of years, the UK was officially the land of Barbarians and Human-eaters (Adam-khora). So it’s obvious why the UK Culture is the Culture of Barbarity & Hypocrisy, and why in its short history of civilization, the UK has always been an Orwellian cesspool. Barbarians and Human-eaters (Adam-khora) cannot care about Human Rights, Democracy, Freedom, Tolerance, Justice, Truth and other Iranian values. Barbarians and Human-eaters (Adam-khora) can only care about Sadism, Hurting others, exploiting others, looting others, killing others, enslaving others, censoring others etc and it’s exactly what the UK and Europe did and do, isn’t it? The Savage West and English Barbarians polluted all sciences. Now, for the first time in history, even math and mathematicians have been polluted. Most of the Western scientists/ mathematicians just care about money and obeying Big Brother. In the past 400 years, most of the West’s intellects have been whores and slaves of Power and Money. The West’s real scientists, like all real scientists, added good and new things to the Iranian Legacy and the Human Legacy. Real scientists/ intellects created real sciences, but whores/ slaves of Big Brother converted these good things into Evil things like WMDs, Orwellian Technology and evil tools of suppression and exploitation. It’s bad news. But the good news is that Science and Technology is a double edge sword. The bad guys are users of real sciences, not creators of it. ‘Science and Technology’ is, and should be, a tool to get rid of politicians and other bad guys/ evil things, and it’s what all real scientists/ intellects and the real creators of sciences/ technology want. Big brains and real scientists don’t work for Big Brother and other bad guys. The best brains live like free men, and care about the Truth, the joy of seeking the Truth, the excitement of discovery and enjoyment of understanding something new. The best brains hate licking Big Brother’s ass, and living like whores or slaves. But Big Brother and bad guys love and need whores/ slaves. So, the UK and the West try to create more whores/ slaves. In the main Big Brother’s project, scientists become whores/ slaves; intellects become whores/ slaves; clergymen become whores/ slaves; youths become whores/ slaves. And it was, and is, their Great Game. They use whores/ slaves to pollute all sciences, technology, culture, arts, religion and everything. And it’s the Great Game. In the West, and in the Ministry of Truth, Big Brother’s whores/ slaves pollute and falsify everything. Big Brother’s whores/ slaves create Orwellian Nightmares, and that’s why Westerners say: ‘(Now) we have no rights against the Big Brother; We are living 1984’ (2014) When Big Brother’s whores like the Ayatollah Chomsky and Richard Stallman are ‘Alternative Intellectuals’ in the West, it’s obvious why the West’s good guys say: ‘The West is returning to the Dark Ages, (ie the Age of Barbarism, the Age of Ignorance and Medieval Ages) (2014) or ‘The Dark Age of America is quickly approaching’ (2014) Big Brother’s whores have converted the US into an Orwellian Society. ‘America is entering into the Dark Age’ (2014), and losing all credibility, because their public intellectuals are Olaqa/ whores like Chomsky – who defend brutal dictators and tell big lies without losing their credibility in the West. Of course the West’s good guys know ‘the obvious hypocrisy media, journalists and intellects in the UK and the US display when they talk about (xyz)’ (2014) But in the West, whores/ slaves pretend that they are freethinkers. In the West, whores and slaves like Chomsky, Stallman and other Jewish agents of Big Brother pretend that they defend People or Free Software, while they just aid Fascists, Censors and Dictators. But in the West, many live like sheep/ slaves in the Matrix. The West is the Masonic Matrix, in which Slavery is Freedom, Ignorance is Strength, and Big Brother is a symbol of Democracy. Now it’s clear that Democracy is not a Western idea, and that’s why now even Westerners ask: ‘Is democracy a Western idea?’ As the West’s good guys say: ‘Democracy is not about (puppet regimes or election shows). Democracy is about values and culture’. They even talk about ‘intellectual/ democratic traditions outside the West’, and say: Democratic values are actually (Iranian values) such as Tolerance, Equality, Liberty, Basic rights (Human rights) and religious toleration‘. In fact, the well-educated people know that the first democratic values and the first liberal kind of democracy belong to Persia and Iranian society. Still, you can see democratic elements in Iranian society, because Iranians are basically a people with democratical and tolerant instincts. Concepts like Tolerance, religious Toleration, Human Rights, Humanity, Good thoughts, Good Deeds etc are Iranian concepts, and Iranians created them. Tazis, the UK and European barbarians were a people with barbarian, sadistic and racist instincts, and that’s why the West still defends Tyranny, Sadism, Barbarity, Exploitation and other evil things. The West and its Lie Factory can’t justify anything. They say: If Iran was such a great nation, why Iran had many problems, and why Iran is not Utopia … (?!) They are so stupid. They say Iran has, or had, only two options: (1)being Utopia (2) being a tyrannical/ barbarian state like the UK! But Iran was not, and will not be, Utopia. Utopia = an imaginary perfect world. A utopian society = a society in which you imagine there is a perfect social, economical, cultural, intellectual or political situation. The West and its stooge say: If Iran was not a utopian society, then it means that Iran was a barbarian society like (UK etc)’ !! It’s their childish logic. They say barbarians are like civilized humans, because civilized men had many problems, and didn’t live in a utopian society. Idiots even don’t know the differences between Civilization and Barbarism, as they don’t know the differences between themselves (Olaqa) and Oqala. Now you can understand why wise guys (Oqala) say: Stupidity, Inhumanity and Hypocrisy Rule the West. In this year (2014), the West’s whores/ monkeys (Obama, Cameron, IMF guys, lefts etc) still write love letters to, or openly make love with, their beloved Mullahs. But it just shows the depth of their Foolishness and Wickedness”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The Little Britain is the Great Evil. The UK created Islamism and Zionism, and they still talk about ‘their traditional allies in Israel and Saudi Arabia’ ! (2014) The West and its allies have created ISIS. Now even idiots are aware of this issue. But the West just insults the people’s intelligence. Unfortunately, the US, like Mullahs and Lefts, is following the Barbarian UK; and now the US media has articles like ‘Friends of the Devil: US-Mullah Ties‘ !! (Huffington Post, Oct 2014), in which they say it’s good that the West is the Devil, and Mullahs are Friends of the Devil ! As our people say, this level of Stupidly in the West is amazing (Vaqean Nobareh)! Now their Masonic Media say: ‘The Time for a nuclear Deal with Mullahs is Now’ ! (Guardian, Nov 2014) But now even idiots know why a Masonic Media like the UK Guardian loves Rouhani, defends spies/ stooge, hurts Iranians and censors all facts in a silly way. The UK Guardian is a guardian of Big Brother, and if you search the web, you can see that even Westerners say: Guardian Poll: 75% Say Rouhani Deserves Nobel Peace Prize [!!] But what else can you expect from the Guardian? The Guardian would nominate (Cameron, Hitler, Zionists, Islamists, UK Queen) and Big Brother for the Nobel Peace Prize [!!] The Guardian of Lies is (Rouhani’s media), and only (Big Brother’s slaves like Richard Stallman can love/ praise the Guardian of Lies & UK Lie Factory)”. They also add: “We, Iranians, will never forget the 2009 Lessons, as Iranians will never forget and forgive Torkmanchai. We, Iranians, will never forget and forgive what British Barbarians and their Evil Empire did to the Civilized World. In 2009 and all these years, we all saw and see that the UK is still uncultured, savage, sadist and big liar. The Masonic/ English Lie Factory still craps about Iran. In 2014, they censor all news of Iran, and just help their Rouhanis, or their stooges in Iran. In 2009, the West helped Mullahs, hurt Iranians, and said Iran should not enjoy Democracy. They said & say: Iran should not have democracy and advanced technologies. In 2009 and all these years, they showed their true colors, and that’s why now all Iranians say: Iran must have nukes and all advanced weapons/ technologies, and no one can deny Iran’s rights‘. Iran’s nuclear program is important, because the West tries to hurt Iran and Iranians, and to keep Iran weak and under Tyranny. The West is Sadist & Barbarian. They still live in the past. They still dream about a new Hajji Baba and a new Torkmanchai (a nuclear one). But now only if the UK and France stop all their nuclear programs and destroy all their nukes, then Iran can think about limiting its programs. When the Little Britain and British Barbarians have nukes, Iran must have Nukes and stronger than Nukes. When a Barbarian country like the UK has nukes and hurts and bullies Iran, then Iran must have Nukes and teach British Barbarians a good lesson. Rouhani is Hajji Baba. Rouhani is neither Iranian nor a representative of Iranians. The 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani/ Mullahs so much. The 2014 Referendum was one of the biggest Referendums in history. Now only the Ayatollah UK, the Ayatollah IMF/ CIA and their stooges support Rouhanis and savage Islamists like ISIS, Saudis, Wahhabis, Basijis and Mujaheds (MEK). Now all Iranians say: Iran must Nukes and Democracy, and the Savage West has no right to threaten/ bully Iran. It’s a consensus issue in Persia. When it comes to Iranian Rights, such a consensus exists in the land of Aryans (Iran) and among Aryans. Now all Persians say to the West: We will never give you what you want for threats. If you threaten us and bully our Iran, we will make you regret it‘. Now even idiots know that Mullahs are Tazis/ Arabs, not Iranians. Tazis still lick the Devil’s ass and the West’s ass. When the tone of US pigs become harsher and more insulting, and their evil demands increase, Mullahs and Islamists lick the ass of their Great Satan, and talk about the benefits of the Devil ! Now even the Brookings Institution talk about ‘the strength of Iranian national will to resist pressure and protect Iran’s rights and Iran’s interests’ (2014) But Mullahs just serve the West’s interests, and openly make love with their beloved Barbarian UK and their beloved Zionist IMF/ Great Satan. The West and its Mullahs still try to hurt Iranians, and to keep Iran weak, dependent, and under tyranny. But now all Iranians say: Iran should become a democracy & a nuclear power/ strong country, and the West and the Devil can go to hell and fuck themselves”. The bad guys still sow the seeds of hate, and insist on insulting the people’s intelligence. But as some wise Iranians say: “Now even Westerners are becoming aware. Now even Britons write: ‘Orwellian Big Brother is a Reality (2014) or ‘Orwell Predicted Big Brother Britain’ ! (Oct 2014) They say: ‘In his classic novel 1984 George Orwell described England as (Big Brother’s society) and a form of open prison .. We have in the UK laws that are forcing us to accept many unacceptable things and we may not speak out against them for fear of offending. For example one may not openly criticize (Big Brother’s media & UK Lie Factory) .. Look in any city center and you will see CCTV cameras. There are cameras in shops, at petrol stations, even in the toilets. There are even hidden microphones placed in lampposts in some English cities .. Orwell described how Britons would be constantly watched by Big Brother with hidden cameras & microphones placed in the streets and parks’ (Oct 2014) Britons even talk about ‘Orwellian Nightmares in the UK‘ (Oct 2014), and say: ‘Now Australia’s government wants to record all phone calls in a data base [!!] .. UK Tories are pledging that they will establish a list of Extremists that will have to have their posts ‘approved in advance by the police before they post them [!!!] .. the so-called civil liberties of the British people are going to be flushed down the toilet‘ ! (Oct 2014) Those who didn’t care about Iranians and British-made Plague in Iran, now suffer from the worst Plague. Now they say: ‘UK universities are working with UK regime to repress student protest at the root .. UK regime says Extremists/ Critics will be barred from speaking at public events. But Is it Democracy?! This sounds like Orwellian nightmares .. A Big Brother police state control grid is being constructed all around us. This is utter insanity, and it is getting worse with each passing day .. the following people are considered to be Extremists in US/ UK government documents: those that talk about individual liberties; those that want to make the world a better place; those that (criticize) the British Colonialism; those that (criticize the West’s) Evil Empire; Anyone that is opposed to the New World Order; Anyone that complains about Big Brother’s media; those that believe in conspiracy theories .. Are you starting to understand? The UK government speaks of the need to crack down on Critics’ ! (Oct 2014) Those who didn’t care about Iranians and Western-made pain and sufferings in Iran, are faced with the results of their Stupidity/ Inhumanity”.

As some wise Iranians say: “The good news is that people are becoming aware, and it can change many things, and bring a real Change. Now even average Britons talk about ‘The Orwellian Deception in the UK‘ (Oct 2014), and say: ‘ (in the UK) instead of engaging the public with the Truth, deception is often used to hide the Truths’ ! These Britons can see the true colors of the BBC, Guardian, Economist, Telegraph etc who tell big lies, support their Rouhanis, and hurt Iranians. Now if you search the internet, you can see that many Westerners are not so ignorant. Maybe they don’t know the 2009 CIA Coup, or the Ayatollah IMF. Maybe they don’t know that the UK Culture is the Culture of Deception, or the Culture of Uncultured people. But they know that America is Orwellian, and the UK is more Orwellian. They know ‘Dictatorship in Britain’, Dictatorship in USA, or Dictatorship in Europe. They know the West’s Orwellian Journalism’ (2014) They know that UK Media is Big Brother’s media. They even say: ‘As Lies Turn Into Truth, America Becomes Orwellian’ (2014) They even write about ‘Orwellian America: The Orwellian Surveillance’ (2014) or ‘Are we living in an Orwellian state?’ (2014) They say: ‘the US and the UK make use of the technology for significant oppression .. this degree of oppression and privacy intrusion is not compatible with Democracy’ ! (2014) Of course you can find many crappy things in the internet, because whores are more active than good guys. In 2014, articles like ‘Orwell in America’, ‘US Orwellian Nightmare’, ‘America’s Orwellian Liberalism‘ etc have only good titles. Big Brother’s whores, Tea Party or Fascists write them, and it’s really ‘Orwellian into Orwellian’ ! But many know these idiots, as many know and say How ‘The US Regime Deceives The American Public’ (2014), and Why ‘The West Is More Terrifying Than Orwells 1984‘ (2014) or Why ‘Not even Orwell could have envisioned a world dominated by a single Big Brother’ (2014) In fact, many can see that all journalists are controlled by a single Big Brother; and all Western media work as Evil Orchestra, led by a single Big Brother”. They also add: “Now many have become aware, and talk about Sham Democracy. But now the main issue is that In the West, the Good is Dead. In the West, Democracy is Dead. In the West, Privacy is Dead, as Liberalism is Dead. In the West, Journalism is Dead. In the West, Free Press or free journalist is Dead. In the West, Goodness is Dead. In the West, Humanity is Dead. The West’s Democracy is Democracy of Barbarians, or an Orwellian Democracy”. They also add: ‘But the good news is that now even Westerners are becoming aware, and talk about ‘Living the Orwellian Life’, and say: ‘the US regime harassing the real critics and whistleblowers .. Instead of learning from (Gestapo) and historic mistakes, the US is now repeating them .. the fact that basic rights such as privacy, equality and free expression are no longer guaranteed in the West is a sign of how far we’ve fallen .. Orwell opposed Fascism, Communism and Americanism. He recognized that Americanism was a term that easily could be exploited for totalitarian ends. How right he was’ ! (2014) Now Britons write about ‘Orwellian Britain, The Coup’ ! (2014) You can ask: which Coup?! the 2009 Coup, the 1979 Coup, the 1953 Coup, the 1921Coup …?! Which Coup?! But now Britons talk about Orwellian Britain and The Coup inside the UK. They have recently become aware, and say: ‘UK agencies install black box surveillance devices across the UKs communications networks to monitor all internet users .. the UK implements a nationwide surveillance regime aimed at logging nearly everything Britons do and say online’ ! (Sep 2014) But it’s not a new thing. The only new thing is that many Britons are becoming aware, and talk about ‘Orwellian Nightmares in the UK‘ (Oct 2014) Now Westerners talk about ‘The Future Of Orwellian America‘ (2014), and say: ‘they can charge you with a Patriot Act violation, and you have no right to an attorney, or trial .. A department that wages war is called the ‘Ministry of Peace’, or a law that removes Constitutional rights obtained by patriots is called ‘The Patriot Act’ (2014) In the West, a media/ press that censors all facts is called Free Press; and an apologist for the Devil and Dictators is called Intellectual or Noam Chomsky. In the West, Big Brother’s whores still talk about good Big Brother, good Slavery, good Genocide or good Barbarism, and openly defend good Big Brother, good Censors and good Fascists. The Orwellian whores talk about Good Satan, Good Evil, Good Devil, or Good Gestapo. They defend good Oppressors, good Brutal Dictators, good Barbarians, good Fascism, good Tyranny, or good Barbarity, and show that the story of the Orwellian West and its Orwellian whores is not a myth”.

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