Muharram, Islamists, Hypocrisy, Tyranny, Barbarity

The story of Muharram and Ashura in Iran (check Archive) has always opened old wounds. “Muharram and Ashura” remind Iranians of Oppression, Tyranny, Dictators, Oppressors, Evil stooges and many other things. As some wise Iranians say: “What Iranians said about ‘Muharram and Ashura’ is important. Iranians said, and still say: They were killed for the Truthfulness and fighting against Tyranny and Oppression. Ashura is a tribute to truth, justice and condemnation of tyranny and oppression anytime and anywhere. In fact, Iranians have always used ‘Muharram and Ashura’ to talk about the ancient Iranian values, and to fight against the Anti-Iranian Evil forces –
including Tazis and other Barbarians. It’s an undeniable fact, and even Mullahs and their TV series like Mokhtar Saqafi confirm it”. They also add: “In the past, Tazis (ie savage Arabs) were symbols of Tyranny and Barbarism. And now Basijis, Islamists and their Western masters are symbols of Tyranny, Oppression, injustice, corruption and other evil things. Now it’s clear why Iranians say: Mullahs, Islamists and Basijis are Amaleh Jor (pawns of Oppressors), Nokar-e Estebdad (stooges of Dictators), Amaleh Estemar (puppets of Colonial powers), or Nokar-e Estekbar (stooges of Imperialists)! The Mullah terminology, like the Marxist terminology, is hypocritical, stupid and disgusting. But in Iran, people use such terminologies in a sarcastic way because Iranians want to mock bad guys, and to reveal big lies, big paradoxes and true colors of Mullahs, Marxists, Islamists, Western powers and other bad guys. Iranians cannot deprive themselves of the joy of using the bad guys’ terminology in a sarcastic way. If you read Iran’s history, you can see that Iranians have always mocked the bad guys. For instance, Iranians used the Tazi terminology in a sarcastic way, and criticized the barbarous, hypocritical & satanic acts/ views of Tazis (ie Savage Arabs)”. They also add: “Iranians used the story of ‘Muhharram and Ashura’ to reveal the barbarity, hypocrisy, and tyranny of Tazis (Savage Arabs/ Jews). What happened in that historic ‘Muhharram and Ashura’ was quite normal among Arabs, and for Arabs. The Tazi traditions were barbarian and medieval traditions. Tazis were killing/ raping/ looting each other in a barbaric way, as they were treating children and prisoners of wars in a barbarian way. But the story of ‘Muhharram and Ashura’ became a symbol, and revealed their wickedness and barbarity, their evil acts, their paradoxes and their true colors. Iranians did a great job. Iranians knew that Tazis would burn all Iranian books, and would censor the true stories of the Tazi Barbarity, including their Barbarian invasion to Persia. Iranians knew The Arab Lie Factory, and how Tazis/ Arabs burn books and libraries. Tazis were savage barbarous people, and they burned Persian books and destroyed Iranian libraries. So, Iranians knew The Tazi Lie Factory, and how Tazis try to destroy historical documents. So Iranians tried to create Arab Books, and to use Arab stories and Arab history to show us how Tazis (Savage Arabs) lived and behaved, and what Tazis did to their own people. It’s obvious when you know what Tazis did to their own children, you can conclude that what Savage Tazis did to Iranians and other civilized humans. Iranians really did a great job. At that time writing about Iranian values was forbidden. So Iranians created and used the Epic of ‘Muhharram and Ashura’ to talk about Iranian values like Fighting against Tyranny and Oppression, Fighting Against Zahaks, Deeves (devils) and all Ahrimani/ Evil Forces – including Tazis. It’s so important. Iranians did a great job. Tazis and Locust-eaters (ie Savage Arabs) were enemies of Iran, Iranians, Truth, Tolerance, Justice, Love and other Iranian values. Tazis were like today’s ISIS/ ISIL and Basijis. What happened in 2009, aka the 2009 Karbala, showed that Islamists and Basijis are the Yazid army and DAESHi, and Mullahs are worse than Yazid & Shemr. Now it’s quite clear that The Islamist Regime is the Oppressor, worse than Yazid & Shemr. Now even idiots know why the 97% of Iranians hate Mullahs and mock the hypocritical views of Mullahs. Now when the Anti-Iran Mullah TV becomes a Mourning Station and defends Tazis, or when the Anti-Iran Mullah Parliament defends Sadism, Censorship, IMF Plans, Tazi traditions and Saudi laws -like Tazi/ Saudi Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue- Iranian people say: Oh, Yah, Mullahs are Tazis/ Saudis, not Iranians. Mullahs and Basijis are English/ Saudi Barbarians (Wahhabi/ DAESHi/ Brits etc)’ ! Now even idiots know that Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullah Parliament is a Tazi Parliament or a Masonic/ English Parliament. Mullah Parliament is a cesspool of the Anti-Iranian spies/ stooges who defend the IMF, the UK, oppressors, Tazis and Iran’s enemies, but attack Iranians and Iranian values. Mullah Hypocrisy is so ridiculous. Mullahs refer to peoples rights as Hagh al-Nas, and to peoples money as Beit al-Mal. Mullahs say: God can only forgive his own right, not Hagh al-Nas or Beit al-Mal. But Mullahs and Islamists fuck/ violate Hagh al-Nas, and embezzle/ steal ‘Beit al-Mal’. Our people ask: Do Mullahs believe in God?! But Mullahs even don’t believe in their own bullshits. Just look what Mullahs say and do about their Great Satan and their Zionist IMF. Now their Zionist IMF has become the Ayatollah IMF ! They referred to Imperialists/ Imperialism as Estekbar, and to Colonial powers and Western Colonialism as Estemar. But now even idiots and the 3% know and say that Mullahs are puppets of Estemar, and stooges of Estekbar. The 3% (ie Regime’s supporters) even say: Nuclear Deal with Estekbar = Fatehe Velayat (the End of Mullahs)! As you know, Mullah Afghani was the father of Islamism & Mullahism. Mullah Afghani is the Godfather of all Islamists. But Mullah Afghani was officially a Free-Mason (FM) and a spy/ stooge of Estemar and Estekbar. All Mullahs are like or worse than their Godfather, Mullah Afghani”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In you want to know Mullahs and Islamists, you should know history – specially the Arab history, the 19th century and Devil’s Game. In these years, even Westerners write books like [1]: Devil’s Game (by Robert Dreyfuss). This book is not so bad, and has two good chapters about the 19th century and how the UK created Islamism. This book talks about The Great Game [1], and uses historical documents to confirm what Iranians and independent historians already knew and said about English Islam, English Mullahs and Islamism. It’s funny that this American book, and Westerners, see Islamists as England’s Brothers! It’s funny that even Westerners try to show why Islamism is a product of the UK [1] They see the 19th century as the Era of the Great Game [1], and say: ‘It was the era of the Great Game .. Britons were masters of manipulating tribal, ethnic and religious affiliations [!] .. In the 19th century, the building blocks of Islamism (Islamists) were cemented in place by the British Empire‘ ! [1] It’s funny that even Americans say such things. But they say such things because now any sane person –
who reads history and uses historical documents- can see that Islamists were puppets of the UK, and Islamists served the interests of the UK [1] Mullah Afghani, Abduh, Saudis and other Islamist leaders were officially FMs and spies/ stooges of the UK [1] Wahhabism, Salafism, Bahaism, Mullahsim, Muslim Brotherhood etc were British creations [1] Mullah Afghani pretended that he was an anti-imperialist [1], while he was nothing but a spy/ stooge of imperialists [1] And it’s part of their Great Game. Mullah Afghani served as an agent for the UK [1] Mullah Afghani, the Father of Islamism/ Mullahism, was officially a Free-Mason (FM) [1] Mullah Afghani treated religion as a tool [1] Mullah Afghani is the founder of Islamism/ Mullahism, and the father of all Islamists. But Mullah Afghani was a closet Atheist (& Anti-Religion) who railed against not only Islam but all religions‘ ! [1] And it’s what Americans say. If you want to know the UK, Mullahs, Marxists and Devil’s Game, you should know pigs like Mullah Afghani. In Iran and Tehran, Mullahs have named several streets/ squares after Mullah Afghani. Mullahs still defend and praise their leader, Mullah Afghani. But when you read his letters, his essays and other historical documents, you can see that Mullah Afghani was an atheist and a FM. But Big Brother and his media portray Mullah Afghani as a crusader against Imperialism [1], or as an Islamist-Reformist [1], or as an Islamic Fundamentalist ! [1] But Mullah Afghani even didn’t believe in God and Religion. Historical documents are undeniable, and that’s why even Americans say: ‘Mullah Afghani posed an anti-Imperialist when it suited his purposes. But Mullah Afghani and those in his inner circle engaged in conspiratorial alliance with those very imperialists‘ ! [1] Mullah Afghani was like Noam Chomsky and today’s Mullahs – from Larijani to Rouhani. Al-Afghani was not an intellect, or a scholar. He was a Mullah, a Religious Fanatic. He created Islamism & Mullahism. He was the Father of Islamists. He is the Father of Islamism. But when you read his letters/ essays, including his Answer to Renan, you can see that Al-Afghani even didn’t believe in God and Religion. And it’s the Great Paradox. He openly said: We don’t cut the head of religion except with the sword of religion [!!] And the method used to this end is the practice of a false but showy devotion [1] The UK, Mullahs and Islamists are such hypocrites. They love Fake and Orwellian things. They love a fake and cultlike system [1], and a Free-Mason-like movement [1] But now even idiots talk about Big Brother’s cults, and say: Islamism, Mullahism, or the Muslim Brotherhood is a Cult [1] They even talk about the Cult of Rajavi (MEK), the Cult of Mullahs or the Cult of Islamists, and say: MEK, DAESH, Qom or Basij is a Cult. Now even their own Mullah TV airs good programs about Cult, Cult leaders and disillusioned members of cult-like systems. But you should ask: Why the UK created such Tazi Cults, and who helped the UK Cult-making projects in the 19th century […] Those who know history cannot ignore the role of the so-called British Orientalists [1] British Orientalists were not scholars, but they were FMs and stooges of Big Brother [1] As Westerners say: ‘Afghani’s London contacts were Masons and Orientalists .. One of Mullah Afghani’s most important contacts in London was the British Orientalist Edward G. Browne’ [1] Browne is the Godfather of British Orientalism [1] But Browne was a teacher of the leading British intelligence operatives [1] Edward Browne was the chief publicist in the West for the Bahais [1] But such historic facts remind you of what? Yah, they can remind you of Noam Chomsky and lefty pigs. Who is now the chief publicist in the West for Mullahs & Islamists? Chomsky and his friends. Now the UK media -from the Economist to the Guardian-
is a guardian of Rouhanis, and Chomsky is a publicist for Rouhanis and Islamists. Devil’s Game is Orwellian. ‘Mullah Afghani had multiple contacts with Browne and Bahais’ [1] Mullah Afghani formed the Arab Masonic society [1] But this Motherfucker, Mullah Afghani (below pix), is the Father of Islamism & Mullahism! In fact, the Father of all Mullahs is a FM atheist who supports a fundamentalist version of Islam (Islamism) [1] And it’s the Great Paradox”. We should write more about Al-Afghani, but as some wise Iranians say: “the fate of Afghani, like the fate of Hajji Baba and the fate of all stooges of the Devil, is so informative. Those who lick the ass of the Devil, the UK or the IMF gain nothing but eternal damnation. It’s funny that that even Westerners say: ‘Mullah Afghani proved to be an imperial asset [1] But Mullah Afghani failed to captured the imagination of the masses [1] In fact, average people hated Mullah Afghani. But unfortunately, ‘the seeds planted by Mullah Afghani and the UK (in the 19th century) were about to sprout (in 1979) [1] If you want to know the West’s Game or Devil’s Game better, you should know the story of Islamism, from Al-Afghani to Al-Hindi (Khomeini) and ISIS. As Westerners say: ‘Watered and carefully tended by the UK (Estemar & Estekbar) Islamism & Islamists grew [1] Islamists, from Al-Afghani and his offspring to Al-Hindi and his offspring were and are England’s Brothers [1] The Barbarian West/ UK created Islamism, Mullahsim and many other devils [1] And Al-Hindi and the 1979 FM Coup were Big Brother’s projects. Now even Westerners say: The UK, the MI6 and Cairo’s Anglophiles used the Muslim Brotherhood as a cudgel against people and nationalists [1] But the West and the UK have always used Islamists as a cudgel against Iran, Iranian people and other good guys”.


In this year (2014), many things make Iranians laugh. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Now the farcical story of ‘the Ayatollah Great Satan, the Ayatollah UK, the Ayatollah IMF and the Ayatollah Chomsky’ is like the farcical story of ‘the Ayatollah Shemr / Yazid’. Now the Ayatollah UK media has headlines like: ‘Iran: The Revolution is Over’ ! But as American analysts say: ‘War on Terrorism is a war against the Legacy of the UK (Evil Empire)‘ ! [1] They even say: ‘Mullahs and Islamists are Tools of the Imperialists‘ [1] Of course they say nothing about the Ayatollah IMF, their Zionist IMF plans, or the 2009 CIA Coup. But they know British-sponsored Islamists [1] They know the story of the creation of Islamism [1] They openly say: Mullahs and Islamists make their own deals with their Great Satans [1] It’s funny that even Americans say such things. They even say: ‘Mullah Afghani was officially a member of the Free-mason Lodge at Cairo, and a member of the General Scotch Lodge’ [1] But the Western media and the Lefty media say nothing about the Great Game, the West’s Game, the Devil’s Game”. They also add: “In the past, you could ignore many things. For instance, they said FMs love the Egypt’s pyramids [1], or Mullahs said: the pyramid is a Masonic symbol, or a symbol of FMs [1] And (if you search the internet, you can see that) Iranians laughed & said: So, Mullah Parliament is a Masonic Parliament, because Mullah Parliament is like the Pyramid; the first building in Iran that its shape and its architecture is like the Pyramid is the Mullah Parliament! In the Mullah regime’s era, Mullahs built this Masonic Pyramid/ Lodge and called it Mullah Parliament’ ! Before 2009, many (including us) ignored such things, or saw them as conspiracy theories. But now when Mullah MPs openly make love with their Ayatollah UK, their Zionist IMF and their Great Satan, and when Mullah MPs openly support Anti-Iran plans, Anti-Iranian values, Anti-Woman & Anti-Iranian laws, you can understand why Iranian people said and say: Mullah Parliament is a Masonic Parliament, and Mullah MPs like Tavakoli, Naderan, Nobabeh, Motahari etc are Anti-Iranian spies/ stooges of the UK and the West. Now Javad Larijani, Rouhani and other English Mullahs openly defend Filtering, Censorship, Sadism, Tyranny, Oppression etc. But the UK and the US censor all news and all facts. English Mullahs like Rouhani and Javad Larijani are Enemies of Internet, and Enemies of Iran. They see our Iran as their own Barbarian UK. Their Orwellian logic is so childish, because their Master and their teacher is the Barbarian England. English Mullahs like Rouhani and Javad Larijani use ‘Ab Shanguli’ (bad drugs), and still live in the 19th century. But now Iran and the world have changed. Just look what Iranians say about DEASH and the Orwellian West. Just look how the 97% of Iranians hate all Islamists so much. Just look what the 97% of Iranians do in Muhharam, and what they say/ do in public places. Now only the 3% support Mullahs and their British-Jewish-Tazi traditions. Just look what all Iranians say about ISIS/ ISIL, savage Saudis, Mullahs, Tazis and Locust-eaters (ie Savage Arabs). In the past, only Iranian intellectuals talked about Jewish-Arab traditions, Tazi traditions, and the Age of Savagery and Barbarity in Arabia and the Tazi Land. Iranian intellects knew how Arabs/ Tazis slaughtered an entire tribe of people, how they praised Genocide, and what they did to prisoners of wars. Iranian intellects knew the Tazi History, which is worse the Nazi History. Tazis (ie Savage Arabs/ Jews) proudly praised, and still praise, Genocide or how ‘an entire city of people were slaughtered after their surrender to Tazis! Savage Arabs, like ISIS, said: every man and every children should be killed. They created a ditch dug outside of the town, and each person would be forced to kneel, and their head would be cut off and then dumped along with the body into the trench. They beheaded the man and married his widow on the same day, or they raped the captured women in front of their families. It’s the Tazi Tradition. And the Tazi history is full of such barbaric, inhuman, evil acts. DEASH is not a new thing, as that Ashura was not a new thing. DAESH (ISIS/ ISIL) is a Tazi cult, and Tazis have always enjoyed killing children, raping female prisoners, or slaughtering innocent people merely because they are of a different religion or a different view. It’s a Jewish/ Arab tradition. Tazis were and are savage barbarous people. But the important thing is that now all Iranians, not merely intellects, talk about such issues. It’s funny that even the Mullah TV talks about such issues! For instance, in their own TV series, Mokhtar Saqafi, they say: Between 7000 & 9000 men and children (who lived in a Castle) were slaughtered after their surrender to Tazis (Mokhtar’s enemies). They even say Mokhtar Saqafi was a Tazi and a Big Liar (Kazzab)! He believed War is Deceit, and Tazis tell big lies in order to gain power or to stay in power. In fact, even the modern Islamists/ Zionists/ UK say: End justifies Means, and Means Justify End! They say: You can tell Big Lies and use Barbarity to defend the Truth! Mullahs and Tazis are followers of the Devil, the UK and Machiavelli. Now its clear why Iranians say: Rouhani is Hajji Baba; he is worse than AN; AhmadiNejad (AN) is a Jewish Free-Mason (FM), but Rouhani is a British FM & the West openly supports him & his big lies. Now you can understand many things, including the 1979 Masonic Coup, better. Just ask yourself: Who were Sharif-Emami and Amouzegar, the Shah’s prime ministers in his last year? Sharif-Emami was officially a FM, and the son of a Mullah. He spoke Persian with British Accent! He paved the way for Mullahs and the 1979 Coup. But you should ask: Why (in his last months) Pahlavi appointed the most notorious FM as his prime minister? Amouzegar was a FM and a stooge of the IMF. In 1978, he implemented the IMF plans -including cutting subsidies & Austerity measures- in Iran. Instead of adding water to the fire, he added fuel to the fire. He was like Rouhani. He tried to implement IMF Plans, to add fuel to the fire, and to make people even angrier. In 1978 & 1979, the Shah, Savak and Army allowed Mullahs to hold rallies, and the Shah’s TV covered such rallies and worked as the Mullah TV! The West and its media referred to this Farce as a Revolution, and tried to play the role of Revolution-maker. But if what happened in 1978/ 1979 was a revolution, then what happened in 2009 was the Greatest Revolution in history or the World’s Biggest Revolution. In the 1970s, Iranian people were ignorant, Shah was a stupid puppet dictator, and Islamists & Marxists licked the West’s ass, and the West and FMs helped them to hurt Iran and to serve the West’s interests. But is it a revolution?!”.

In these days, many things are so ridiculous. As some wise Iranians say: “In the 2014 Muharram, the Anti-Iran Mullah TV has become a very hateful mourning station, and just shows you why the 97% of Iranians hate all Mullahs, Islamists & Tazi traditions. What Mullahs and their Anti-Iran Mullah TV do in 2014 show the depth of the Mullah bankruptcy in Iran. Now as religious Iranians say, the Yazid Army shed crocodile tears for Imam Hussein. Now Islamists badly suffer from Goh Gijeh (shitty confusion). Some of them say: ‘Defending or Spreading our religion/ Cut by any means is necessary. And any means = Genocide, Barbarity, Massacre, Oppression and all Evil acts’ ! It’s the logic of Basij, DEASH, Saudis, Zionists and Tazis. They openly say: ‘If you don’t accept our cult/ religion, then we will kill you, rape your women, burn your cities etc. But now all sane people know that if you say such crap, then your Religion is a Satanic Religion, and your God is Satan. Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) and most humans hate DEASH (ISIS/ ISIL) and Savage Saudis/ Tazis. So the bad guys try to use their FM tactics to fool the 3% of Iranians. Now, in Oct 2014, they and their Mullah TV talk about ‘Azad Andishi’ (Free Thinking)! They hurt, censor and suppress Iranian critics, Iranian thinkers, Iranian intellectuals and Iranian people but talk about Iranian values like ‘Azad Andishi’ (Free Thinking), Azadegi (Libertarianism), Porsesh-gari (intellectual curiosity), Zolm-Setizi (fighting against Oppression/ Tyanny) and Hagh-Talabi (seeking the Truth)! It’s funny that FMs and those who defend Slavery and Velayat-paziri (Being Slave of Big Brother) talk about such things. It’s funny that Censors, Sadists and Dictators have become Azad Andish (Free Thinkers) and talk about Iranian values. It shows the depth of their bankruptcy. They know that their own Tazi/ Satanic values are very hateful, so they pretend that they care about our Iranian values. In the past, Anti-Iranian faggots/ whores like Akbar Ganji and Khatamaists used such FM tactics, and could fool a group of Iranians. But now the 97% of Iranians know and hate all Mullahs, all puppets of the West and all Islamists –
including Islamist-Reformists. Now all Iranians and all sane people know that you cannot censor all facts and the voices of all people, but pretend that you care about Freedom & Democracy. You cannot tell many big lies, but pretend that you care about the Truth. Now the West and its Mullahs are badly bankrupt. The Mullah Hypocrisy, like the Western Hypocrisy, makes people laugh. They already pretended that they praise Telling the Truth (Kaleme Haqh) in front of the brutal Dictator (Soltan-e Jaer), but now they themselves are openly licking the asses of the Brutal Dictator and the Great Satan! Mullahs and the West oppress people, and Oppress = to treat people unfairly or cruelly, and prevent them from having basic rights; to make people feel unhappy or uncomfortable . What the West and Mullahs did and do is Oppression, as what Yazid, Inb Ziad and Shemr did was Oppression. You cannot act like Yazid, but pretend that you are Anti-Yazid. When you say: Ali cared about Principles. Ali was a man of principle, but Muawiyah was a pragmatist, you cannot defend Pragmatism, and call yourself ‘Heroic Pragmatist’ and Anti-Muawiyah! When you suffer from the paradox of principles and play with your own principles, only sick pigs like Gary Sick, Ganji, Leveretts and the Ayatollah CIA/ UK praise you. But Iranian people, even religious people, say that you are like Muawiyah or Yazid. The Mullah paradoxes, like the West’s paradoxes, are childish and fatal paradoxes. For instance, they say: ‘you can rule people with Blasphemy (Kofr), but you cannot rule people with Oppression (Zolm)’. They say: ‘Lying is worse than Adultery’. But now from morning to night, they tell big lies and try to rule people with Oppression. Iranians have always said, and Irans motto was and is: You must not Oppress others, and you must not allow others to Oppress you’. Iranians have always fought against Zahaks (oppressors), Deevs (evil forces), and Ahriman (Great Evil). Iran and Iranians are such a great nation that they can solely (Yek-Taneh) fight against all bad guys and all barbarians. Irans enemies have always been barbarians and bad guys, and finally went to hell. Iran – as the land of Aryans, the cradle of culture and civilization, and the oldest country on earth- is still alive because Iranians are tolerant, cultured, good and strong people. Iranians are on the right side of history, while the West and its stooges are on the wrong side of history. Now it’s clear that the UK is just a Barbarian and uncivilized country that enjoys the fruits of Iranian legacy and Iranian values at a superficial level. The West is still barbarian, sadist, uncultured and Orwellian . Their bad guys/ barbarians still control the West, while most of the West’s good guys are silent, inactive or indifferent. Now it’s clear that the West is not a Democracy. The West is Orwellian. In the West, Democracy is Dead, as Journalism or Free Press is Dead. In the West, Big Brother controls everything, and the West’s Logic is still a Barbarian Logic. In the best case, they say: When your enemies are slaughtering each other, the best strategy is to aid them in slaughtering more people’ ! (2014) It’s their modern Logic! Western Barbarians, like British Barbarians, don’t care about Humanity, Human Rights and other Iranian values (aka Human values). They create and support Islamists, but pretend that the 97% of Iranians, who hate Islamists, support Islamists! The West is a very bad joke. Iranians have always cared about Justice, Truth, Human rights, Humanity, Love, Kindness, Tolerance, Liberty, and Fighting against Tyranny and Oppression. In the past, Mullahs and the West pretended that they care about such Iranian values, as the story of ‘Muharram and Ashura’ talked about such Iranian values. So Iranian people, which were naive but good-hearted people, cared about Mullahs and/or the West. But if the West and Mullahs try to shatter all illusions, as they did and do in these years, then instead of saying ‘The Revolution is Over’, they soon should say: The Great Game is Over’, the Devil’s Game is Over. Now the West and its stooges just show that the Barbarian West has not really changed; the West is the Devil, and Devil’s Game is not a myth”.

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