Western Stupidity: Bullying, Barbarity, Hypocrisy

November 26, 2014

“In the civilized world, the change speed is very slow mainly because the bad guys resist change, and the people need a long time to understand real problems and the necessity of Change. The process of ‘Khar Fahm shodan’ take a long time to be completed. ‘Khar Fahm shodan’ means ‘becoming aware; when even idiots can understand the problem’ [1] Before any serious change in the human society, the vast majority of the people should understand the necessity of Change, and ask for Change, and it takes a long time [1] The bad guys often try to keep people ignorant and stupid. The bad guys hate the process of ‘Khar Fahm shodan’, but love the process of ‘Khar shodan’ or Khar kardan -ie fooling people, misleading people etc (For more info, check Archive for [1]: ‘Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change’ etc) But now most humans are becoming aware. Just take a look at Ferguson, Missouri, USA, UK and other parts of the world. The bad guys and their Orwellian-Evil acts just make people aware and angrier. We all should thank the bad guys for making all people aware, sowing the seeds of hate, making people even angrier, and helping the process of ‘Khar Fahm shodan’. Public awareness and Hatred of the West and bad guys are on the increase, and it’s very good news. The West and its stooges suffer from Mongolism and Mad Cow Disease. In 2014, they kill innocent children, but openly defend killers. It’s obvious why people are so angry in Ferguson or Missouri. America, like the UK, suffers from Racism, Sadism and Mongolism. In 2014, they openly threaten Iranian people with Air Pollution and further Darkening the skies above Tehran. In 2014, they openly ask Basijis or Islamists ‘to improve the image of Great Satan in Iran. Terrorists and those who created the 2009 Coup and killed/ hurt Iranian people with the help of the West, now want to ‘improve the image of the West in Iran’ (GU, Nov 2014) In this year (2014), even idiots can see why Iranians and others refer to the UK media and the Guardian (GU) as the Guardian of Barbarians or the Guardian of Lies. In recent days, the Guardian of Barbarians and Western Media openly say: ‘All Iranians are sneaky deceivers who are not to be trusted’ (GU, Nov 2014) or ‘All Iranians are egotistical, deceptive, secretive, manipulative, and selfish’ (Gu, Nov 2014) Can you believe it? Thank God that the UK is such a stupid cesspit of Racists and Barbarians – who just proving what Iranians say about British Barbarity and British values is not a myth. Now the UK craps about all Iranians, and tries to show/ prove that Britons are still ‘Barbar va Kun-Nashur’ (Barbarians and dirty pigs) But we, Iranians, don’t know what’s the use of such stupidity. Apparently, the Guardian (GU) and UK media try to prove that British values are Barbarian values, or Britons are still Barbarians and Uncultured pigs. But we, Iranians, know the UK; we know that good Britons exist, as British pigs exist. All Britons are not bad guys. We know that even good Britons hate U.K. pigs and British Barbarians […] This year (2014) is a good time to know the West and the root of problems in Iran. Just look how the West censors all news, tells big lies, and helps Mullahs. Just look how the West tries to hurt Iran’s people, and to help Islamists, Terrorists and other Evil forces. Now the US media says: ‘McCain and Graham (who defend Islamists/ Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt) support MEK/ NCRI (ie Islamist-Marxist Terrorists) US Congress sees MEK/ NCRI as the core group advocating a free Iran [!!!] … US Congress considers MEK/ NCRI (ie Islamist-Marxist Terrorists) worthy of support of the US‘! (Nov 2014) Can you believe it? And do you know who say such crap? US pigs like Tanter – who was a member of the National Security Council in the US government. America is really Animal Farm, not only because of what you can see in Ferguson and other US cities, but because US pigs like Tanter are US scholars, and they openly say: ‘Islamists, Marxists and Terrorists advocating A free Iran that does not become a nuclear-armed state’ (Nov 2014) Western Pigs and FMs still say Slavery is Freedom, Terrorists care about Democracy, and a free country is a slave of the West. Those who created the 2009 CIA Coup hate a Free Iran, because a Free Iran will be a Democracy, a nuclear power, and a strong and independent country. Islamists lick the ass of the Savage West. But Iranians and A Free Iran hate Bullies, Barbarians and the Savage West. What the US and the UK say about ISIS/ MEK/ Islamists and a Free Iran is very funny and important. It can reveal their main tactics. They create and support devils like ISIS, MEK, Khomeini, Mullahs, Wahhabis, Saudis, Terrorists and Dictators, but they pretend otherwise. Who created ISIS? Who created Islamism? Who created Khomeini? Who created the Mullah regime? Who created Reza Shah and Pahlavis? Who created Saudis, Wahhabis, Terrorists or Zionists? The West creates such devils, but after a while, the West starts to play the Blame Game (Bazi Keebud Keebud Man Nabudam). Now most humans know the story of ISIS and Syria, as Iranians know the stories of the 2009 Coup, the 1953 Coup, the 1979 Coup, MEK, Khomeini, Pahlavis, Islamists, AN, Rouhani and other puppets of the West. Now many know Devil’s Game”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In the 20th century, the West was King-Maker, Hero-Maker and Revolution-Maker. All educated people know the story of the 1953 Coup. But the story of the 1979 Coup is more interesting. Now if you read history, watch documentary films and read old newspapers, and if you compare the 1978/ 1979 events with the 2009 events, you can easily understand why Iranians say: ‘Mullahs were puppets of the West; what happened in 1978 was a complete farce; A few stupid protests with the help of the West, the media, and the Army are a complete Farce, not a Revolution; what happened in 1978/ 1979 was an Evil Project; 1978 was calmer than 2009 and recent years, and there was no serious protests in 1978 (Baba Aslan Khabari Nabud … ); If you ignore a few mass protests in the last days, the truth is that: A few faggots/ whores with the help of the West, the Media, the Army, the stupid Shah, and all tools and foreign supports created a Farce, but the West called it a Revolution. The West and its Media made a hero out of the unknown Khomeini. In 1978, the West and its Media said: Khomeini is a Defender of Democracy! Khomeini advocating a Free Iran! And now, in 2014, they say MEK (ie Islamists/ Marxist Terrorists) advocating a Free Iran. Their scenario and tactics are the same. In 1978, the West said that Mullahs are the core group advocating a Free Iran. But in 1978, most Iranians were ignorant and illiterate. But now in 2014, Iranians are among the world’s most informed and educated people. Now 99.9999% of Iranians know and hate MEK/ NCRI, and the West just makes a fool of itself, and reveals its secrets. Now Iranians know the West’s Game, the Devil’s Game, and that’s why all Iranians just boo the stupid West, laugh at the stupid UK, and say: We all know your stupid tactics (een Kalak-ha dige Qadimi shode) But the stupid West still thinks: Today we create and support MEK/ ISIS/ AN/ Rouhani/ Brotherhood/ Islamism etc, but tomorrow we deny our role, chant anti-Islamist slogans, fool people and play the Blame Game (Bazi Keebud Keebud ..) If you want to know more about British tactics, Islamism, Al-Afghani, Khomeini, Beheshti, Kashani, Navab and other Mullahs and Islamists you can read American books like Devils Game, and see what even Americans say about close relations between Mullahs and CIA/ MI6 officials – such as Donald Wilbur, Richard Cottam, John Waller, Lam Lambton etc; It’s funny that even Americans say: Mullah Navvab and Islamists (Fadayan) worked with CI-A & M-I6 (C&M); Mullah Kashani received large sums of money from (C&M); During the seven years that he was stationed in Iran, Waller, the CI-A station chief, developed a warm relationship with Mullah Kashani; Waller and (C&M) funded Mullah Kashani directly; Waller adds, with a wry grin, that even Ayatollahs are corruptable! It’s funny that Americans say such things. It’s funny that now even Americans say: ‘In 1953, the (C&M) used Mullah Kashani’s power among the masses of Tehran’s slums’ or ‘Khomeini was a frequent visitor to Kashani’s home’. Now even idiots talk about Devil’s Game, Friends of the Devil, How the UK created Islamism and Mullahism, or How Islamists assassinated many intellects and three Prime Ministers -Hajir, Razmara and Mansur- with the help of the UK. It’s funny that Mullahs say: Razmara said anti-Iranian things; he crapped about Iranian industries. But Mullahs are worse than Razmara. Mullahs say more Anti-Iranian things. Now Mullah Parliament, Mullah Haeri or Rouhani’s men (Turkan, Zibakalam etc) repeat Razmara’s words and say many Anti-Iranian things. TurkAn is Rouhani’s aide. He is actually Turk+ AN = TurkAN. He and Mullahs are worse than Razmara. What Mullahs and Rouhani’s men say about Iran, Iranians or Iranian industries are worse than what Razmara said. The soup is too salty, and now even the 3% put comments at the Mullah media and say: ‘Is Turk-AN really Iranian? .. Why (Mullahs) and crooks/ thieves like AN and TurkAN say anti-Iranian things, while they and (their Western Arbab) created all problems in Iran? .. Why such pigs and non-Iranians should become high rank managers in Iran? .. God Bless Razmara! (Basijis, Mullahs) and Rouhani’s men are worse than Razmara’ (2014) Now the 3% compare the fate of Rouhani’s men with the fate of Razmara. But the 97% of Iranians are wiser, and say better things; they say: Islamists and Mullahs are enemies of Iran; they should resign; they should not be managers/ decision-makers in Iran”. In these days, many non-Iranians talk about the Nuclear Talks. But many things are more important than this Nuclear Farce. As some wise Iranians say: “the Nuclear Farce is a bad joke. Just look how Mullahs and Great Satan make love, and what Mullahs say about their beloved UK and US. The West and its stooges say many stupid things. They even talk about key concessions by Mullahs and ‘Banning the use of advanced centrifuges’ or ‘Constraints on the research and development (R&D) and building new centrifuges’ (NYT, Nov 2014) But the West’s stooges are not important. Iranian people and what Iranians want are important. And now Iranians say: UK and USA are bullies; bullies are cowards .. Iran must reject bullies’ Deal. The NPT is an Orwellian law, which says: All countries are equal, but some countries are more equal. So, Iran must reject the NPT. As Iranians say: only if the UK and France stop their nuclear programs, using advanced centrifuges or doing R&D, then Iran can think about limiting its programs. Now UK/ US/ French faggots talk about Nuclear Consortium (like their old Oil Consortium), and say: ‘For a considerable fee, Russia would convert Iran’s fuel into rods’ (NYT, Nov 2014) Now instead of rejecting the West’s bullshit, and instead of talking about the Iranian-made nuclear plants, Mullahs talk about the new Russian nuclear plants (Nov 2014) But all Iranians know what Mullahs and Salehi already said about building the new nuclear power plants/ reactors by Iranian scientists. Basiji faggots like Salehi cannot play with Iranian people. All Iranians (97% + 3%) hate the West’s Bullying, and want Iran to be a strong and independent country. But Mullahs are not Iranians. And what Mullahs do just make the 3% aware, destroy the last vestiges of their own legitimacy, and it’s equal to Fateh Velayat – the End of All Mullahs and this English Mullah regime”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Most Iranians (including us) hate politics. We are so tired of politics. But in this shitty world, all aspects of life have been polluted by politics. Now Big Brother tries to control/ enslave all humans. Now a bunch of barbarians and stupid faggots insult and hurt all Iranians. So, we cannot remain silent. Most people (including us) prefer to talk/ care about arts, sciences, Iranian legacy, human legacy and the so-called non-political things. But now Each and EVERY aspect of human life has been polluted by Big Brother’s whores. They crap about everything. The Western faggots even tell big lies about Iranian traditions. Now their mass media have Crappy/ Orwellian articles such as: ‘Playing the Game of Taarof: Obama’s Letter’ (Huffington Post, Nov 2014) or ‘Iranian Tarof and Nuclear negotiations’ (GU, Nov 2014) Taarof means ‘courtesy, politeness, common courtesy, or exchanging courtesies. When the UK and Europeans were savage barbarians/ Human-eaters, Iranians cared about courtesy and politeness, and exchanged courtesies. But do you know what English barbarians say now? Just take a look at the Guardian of Lies and Western media, and see how they crap about common courtesy. ‘Having Taarof with sb’ means Exchanging Courtesies with sb; showing the courtesy and respect to sb. In Iran, we have two key idioms: Taarof Darim (we have Taarof with sb) and Tarof Nadarim (we don’t have Tarof with sb). Iranians have Tarof with friends and good guys; Iranians don’t have Tarof with bad guys and enemies (Ba Heyvan/ Ba Doshman/ Ba Barbar-ha Taarof Nadarand). All sane people know that Iranians have Taarof with only friends and good guys (Ba Adam-ha/ Doostan Tarof Darim). But the stupid West and British faggots even don’t know such obvious things. British pigs just love to tell big lies. Apparently Lying, Wickedness and Foolishness are part of the British DNA. But it’s funny that the US media just repeat English Lies. The US, like Mullahs and Arabs, tend to praise the blind (UK) leading the blind. But sane people are not blind. Only Big Brother’s whores like Richard Stallman can still praise the Guardian of Lies and US-British pigs. In this year (2014), when Iranians talk about English Censorship or the West’s Big Lies about Iran, Sanctions or Air Pollution, US-British pigs react by repeating their big lies, and saying: ‘Every breath you take: the environmental consequences of Iran sanctions’ ! (GU, Nov 2014) Can you believe it? But whores like Richard Stallman praise the Guardian of Lies, and say: ‘Iran has worked around western sanctions at the cost of destroying its environment. The result is dust storms and Air pollution’ (Nov 2014) US-British pigs are bad retards. They say nothing about the Western-made Tragedy of Internet, Terrible Filtering/ Censorship, MITM Attacks and all Orwellian attacks on the internet in the Rouhani’s era, but they openly praise ‘hurting all Iranians‘ (GU, Nov 2014) They think defending Racism, Sadism, Bullying, Lying, Censoring, or proving that British values are Barbarians values is a good thing. The UK suffers from Mongolism. Britain was officially the land of Barbarians. And now they try to prove that the UK is still Barbarian, Sadist and Racist. The UK suffers from Goh Gijeh (shitty confusion) & Kun Suzeh (burnt ass) because now all Iranians have become aware, and know the Little Britain and those who are behind Mullahs and Main problems in Iran. Now all Iranians hate the UK and English Mullahs. Now you can easily see the depth of Mullah Bankruptcy in Iran. Even sports can show you the truths. About 72 to 2 hours before the recent Derby, the Mullah TV killed itself to invite people to stadium. But Iranians said a Big No to Mullahs. In fact, even sporting events show that the Mullah regime is a very Bankrupt Regime. In 1978/ 1979, the Pahlavi regime had much more supporters than the Mullah regime in 2014. Now even idiots talk about the story of Pashaei (young musician), the story of Mullah Mahdavi Kani (the notorious English Mullah) and the depth of the Mullah regime’s bankruptcy. Now even idiots and the 3% talk about English Islam and Fatehe Velayat (Death of Mullahism & all Mullahs). Now all Iranians boo and ridicule those celebrities who lick the asses of Mullahs and the West. And now even idiots talk about this issue and its meanings, but the West censors all facts/ news”. They also add: “Mullah Haeri, Mullah MPs, Zibakalam, Behnoud, Ganji, Islamists, Khatamists, Exiled Journalists, Rouhanis and all stooges of the West say or censor the same things, because they work for the same Arbab (Master). All of them defend Slavery, Obeying Big Brother, Fooling people – Velayat Paziri, Goosfand Sazi, Tahmiq etc. They want to convert people into Slaves and Sheeple. They know that a Goosfand (sheep) can become a Basiji; A Goosfand (sheep) can become a Pahlavist or Islamist; A Goosfand can become a Terrorist; A Goosfand can become a spy/ whore / stooge. A Goosfand is a Slave, and just cares about what Cult, Ideology or big brothers say. A Goosfand can become Mesbah, Jannati, Bin Laden, Zibakalam, Behnoud, Ganji, Islamist, Zionist, Marxist, Capitalist or any other puppet of the West and the Devil. So the West and Big Brother love to create more Goosfand, and to convert Religion into a Factory that produces Goosfand”. In this year (2014), as some wise Iranians say: “many say good things. Now even the 3% and idiots say good things such as: ‘the West doesn’t care about human rights or democracy in Iran .. What Islamists and Mullah TV say about (Election Boycott, Election Show, Legitimacy Crisis) in other countries is just a bad copy of what Iranians say about Mullahs .. Human Rights or Election Boycott in (Bahrain) is good, but in Iran is bad?! .. Killing children in Gaza is bad, but in Iran is good?! .. the West supports all Dictators and Islamists including ISIS, MEK (Mullahs) etc’ (2014) Now pigs like Zibakalam, ISIS, Saudis, Tazis and Mullahs try to destroy their own cults. It’s none of our business. They can prove that their own religion/ cult is the Religion of Lies, the Religion of Slavery, the Religion of Barbarians, or the Religion of Barbarity and Hypocrisy. It’s none of our business. But the story of Iranian values is another story. We, Iranians, care about our Iran and our Iranian values, not about their British-Tazi-Jewish cults or their Mullah regime. We, Iranians, defend our Iranian values such as Freedom, Truth, Justice, Human Rights, Honesty, Humanity, and Condemnation of Tyranny and Oppression anytime and anywhere”.

As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know more about British Barbarians and their Ministry of Truth, you should take a look at the Guardian, the BBC and other UK media. In 2014, the UK media tell the biggest lies in history. Now they openly say: the UK believes in total sincerity’ ! (GU, Nov 2014) In this year (2014), the Guardian (GU) and the UK media tell the most laughable jokes of all times. Now British faggots openly bully/ threaten our Iran and our people, and say: ‘Iranians are under threat of attack by the West if the negotiations do not end in an agreement that pleases the West‘ ! (GU, Nov 2014) British bullies are bad jokes. Now they talk about ‘Iranian kind of insincerity’, and say: ‘(Bullies) and Westerners believe in total sincerity’ ! (GU, Nov 2014) But as Liars and British faggots have low IQs and short memories, they immediately add: ‘the classic Jim Carrey movie Liar Liar showed that a policy of constant directness and sincerity is the quickest path to utter social ruin‘ ! Their childish paradoxes are so laughable. Apparently, Lying and Stupidity are really part of the British DNA. British pigs are sneaky and stupid deceivers, and now even the good Britons are aware of this issue. Now only Mullahs, Retards and Whores like the UK. Now the Mullah TV openly licks the ass of the UK and British FM, and praises British pigs. Now Islamists, Marxists and Terrorists try ‘to improve the image of the Barbarian UK, the Great Satan and Imperialists in Iran ! Mullahs, like their English Master, suffer from Mongolism. As our people say: For a short time, Mongolia and Mongols ruled the world, but what happened to Mongols?! The fate of the UK is worse than the fate of Mongolia and Mongols .. if the Savage West can have nukes, then Iran, the Cradle of Civilization, must have nukes’. Now all Iranians can see obvious facts including: the West just wants to keep Iran weak, dependent and under Tyranny; Great Satan is a Friend of Mullahs, but an Enemy of Iran; the West is the Devil, and Islamists are Friends of the Devil. Now even the 3% or idiots say: ‘Mullahs want to surrender Irans dignity, along with the last vestiges of their own legitimacy, by accepting the dictates of western powers .. but they cannot ignore (red lines) because Irans society is in a completely explosive state’ (Nov 2014) But the West is really stupid. A few whores/ faggots – who are Devil-worshiper, Money-worshiper, US-worshiper, Mullah-worshiper (Akhund-parast), Shah-worshiper, UK-worshiper etc- can praise Western Bullying, Western Barbarity and Western Hypocrisy, but whores/ faggots are just a very small percent of Humanity. Now the West gains nothing from Bullying, Lying and Censoring but losing all its credibility and legitimacy. Now all sane people know that if the West tried to prove that the West is Anti-Democracy, the West is Anti-Humanity, or the UK and the US don’t care about Truth, Logic, Humanity, Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights or Human values, then the End of the West and the Death of the Evil Empire is inevitable and imminent. Now in 2014, even the good Britons say: ‘Big Brother Britain is getting out of hand … the UK does not feel like a free and democratic country … (In the UK,) Each and EVERY aspect of our lives are recorded and monitored. That is not a democracy, it is a police state .. But many in this country (UK) are stupid and complacent .. they havent got a clue that Big Brother will affect each and every British citizen’ (2014) The world and all good guys should know more about the Orwellian West, and also about the Persian Origin of Democracy, the Persian Origin of Human Rights, and the Persian Origin of Music/ Arts/ Sciences/ Culture and Civilization. Now many good guys know or say: ‘Human rights such as the right to choose, freedom, equity, equality, freedom of religion and the like are Iranian values, not Western values. Struggle for freedom and the right to choose are 100% Iranian, and among the ancient Iranian values. Tolerance, Freedom and the right to choose may be non-Arab, non-Jewish or non-European, but they are very much Iranian’. It’s funny that even National Geographic says: ‘The concepts of Freedom, Democracy and Human rights may not have originated with the Greeks but in Iran … Iranians were the world’s first religiously and culturally tolerant people‘. But unfortunately many still don’t know Iran, Iranian values or this fact that ancient Aryans and Zoroastrians referred to Iran as ‘the Land of the Free/ Freedom (SarZamin Azadegan). In recent centuries, Western pigs try to QeQereh (stupidly repeat) what Iranians said in the past. They fooled humanity for a while. But now many things have changed. Now those who see Savage Saudis as their allies/ friends, and those who support Tazis (ie savage Arabs/ Jews), Terrorists and Bullies are losing all their credibility. Now the media reports: ‘Yaalon says: ‘In bazaar and the (game of Logic, Thinking and Reasoning), Iranians are the best’ (Nov 2014) It’s true. But in Stupidity, Inhumanity, Barbarity and Genocide, the West and Tazis are the best. Tazis and Nazis are the same shit. And Iranians hate Tazis and Nazis. The world should know more about Iran and Iranian Legacy. In about 4000 years ago, Iranians talked about ‘Rule with Wisdom’, and said: ‘Happy life in peaceful pastures come to us through good rule .. Who can bring peace to us from cruel and wicked men .. A righteous government is Guided by the law of Truth‘. It’s what Iranians said in about 4000 years ago, ie when European Barbarians and Tazis were eating each other, and even didn’t know what is Culture and Civilization. In about 4000 years ago, Iranians believed the truth, wisdom and human kindness were necessary elements for a good leader. In about 4000 years ago, Iranians talked about the Law of Truth and Justice. But the stupid West still talks about the Law of the Jungle, Bullying and Orwellian laws. But we, Iranians, just care about the Law of Truth, not about Orwellian laws. Those who say: all humans or all countries are equal, but some are more equal, are stupid pigs. They still live in the Age of Barbarism”.

Poisons, Lies and Cancer of Tyranny

November 20, 2014

“Tehran’s air pollution only gets worse. On still days of winter (ie most days), Tehran’s air is filled with the smell of smokes and poison gases. Air pollution is causing many illnesses. Now the Western Tehran and all parts of Tehran should be declared a danger zone, a chemical war zone. But instead of declaring a state of emergency, Rouhani acts like AN. Rouhani, like AN, doesn’t care about people’s health. Air Pollution has increased. For 11 months out of this year (2014), Great Tehrans 14 million residents inhale a deadly mix of toxic gases, dust, smoke and pollutants. Even in the 2014 Summer, you could see A Black Smog over Tehran. Air pollution in Tehran is 10 to 1000 times higher than the standard level. In normal days (summer), Air pollution in Tehran is about 10 times higher than the standard level. But in the winter (from November to March), Air pollution in Tehran is about 1000 times higher than the standard level”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Air pollution and all kinds of pollution – Water pollution, Milk pollution, Food pollution, political pollution, financial pollution, IMF pollution etc- only get worse in these years. Rouhani, like AN, is nothing but a spy/ stooge of the West. Now, In Nov 2014, Air pollution is worse than the AN’s era. Rouhani just licks the ass of the IMF, and the ass of the UK. Rouhani and Basijis/ Mullah Parliament are two sides of the same coin. Just look what Rouhani’s ministers do and say. The West censors all news/ facts, but now Rouhani’s ministers of Health, ITC, Energy, Industry, Culture etc openly defend IMF Plans, Censorship, Big Lies, Oppression, Filtering, Basijis and other enemies of Iran. Rouhani’s cabinet is a cesspool of Anti-Iranian pigs. Rouhanis (Mullahs) just lick the ass of their Zionist IMF, and serve the West’s interests. Rouhanis have made breathing difficult for people, and no one can deny this fact. In 2014, Iranian people talk about the Fucking Rouhani, the Fucking UK/ West/ IMF, Dangerous levels of pollution, the pollution-related illnesses, the toxic air, the toxic milk/ water/ foods/ internet etc. But do you know what the fucking West and its media say? They censor all news and all facts. They even say: ‘In Iran, Air quality improves’ ! (2014) The West and its media badly support their beloved Rouhani, and tell big lies such as: Iran’s Air pollution has decreased significantly [!!] since sanctions were temporarily lifted’ ! (Time, 2014) Can you believe it?! The English Lie Factory and the West’s Masonic Media tell the Biggest Lies in history. When we all can see and feel ‘Severe Air Pollution in Tehran/ Iran’, they talk about ‘Tehrans clean air’ ! (2014) The UK is the worst Animal Farm. All Iranians can see A dramatic increase in the Air Pollution in the Rouhani’s era. But the UK and the West censor all news/ facts, and tell the exact opposite of the Truth”. In this year (2014), the West’s Big Lies and the West’s terrible Censorship just shatter all illusions about the West. As some wise Iranians say: “Now it’s clear that the West is an Enemy of Humanity. Now the fucking West even censors the news of Pollution in the Rouhani’s era. The West says nothing about Air pollution, Milk pollution, Palm oil, Food Pollution, Water pollution, IMF pollution, Internet pollution and all kinds of poisons and pollution in the Rouhani’s era. The UK and the West censor all news, tell big lies, and just support Rouhani and Islamists. And it says a lot about the Anti-Iran Mafia, the Masonic Mafia, Big Brother’s Mafia – which is behind Tyranny and all main problems in Iran. The 97% of Iranians hate all Mullahs/ Islamists. And the fucking West is the main supporter, teacher and Arbab (master) of Mullahs. After 2009, even idiots are becoming aware. In these days, even idiots say: ‘the funeral of an Iranian pop star has drawn out the biggest crowds seen on the streets of Iran since mass protests in 2009. Pashaei, the young Iranian pop star, died of cancer. Pashaei was 30. But the crowds honoring the late singer were much larger than those last month mourning the death of the high-rank Mullah Mahdavi Kani’ ! The story of Pashaei and Mullahs is informative. Mullahs sing Rozeh and Anti-Iranian crap. So, the 97% of Iranians hate Mullahs and Islamist pop singers like Hamed Zamani – who are Basiji, Teryaki (drug addicts) and whores/ stooges of the West and Mullahs. But Pashaei sang anti-Islamist songs. Pashaei talked about Love, and said: ‘In The Name Of Love’. As his songs show, the late Iranian musician, composer and pop star Morteza Pashaei cared about Iranian values, and hated Mullahs, Basijis and other enemies of Iran. Mullahs and the West are big liars. What they say about Music is bullshit. When the Barbarian West didn’t know what is Music, and when Tazis and European Barbarians didn’t know how to utter or spell Music, Iranians were inventing modern music instruments, and had great musicians. Many music instruments have Iranian roots. Western Music has Iranian roots. But the West, like Tazis, just love to tell big lies about Iran, history, music and everything”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Now Iranian people talk about important issues such as the Tsunami of Cancer and fatal diseases. They ask: Pashaei was born in 1984; But why such a young Iranian, and many young Iranians, should die at the age of thirty / twenty something? Iranian people are well aware of deadly poisons such as air pollution, water pollution, milk pollution, food pollution, palm oil and other Mullah-made poisons and Western poisons. Iranians know the IMF poisons, the Cancer of Tyranny, and the Cancer of Corruption. But the West and media whores turn a blind eye to all facts”. We have already written about the Air Pollution in Tehran and Iran (check Archive for “Horrible Air Pollution, No Solution”, etc). But in this year (2014), as some wise Iranians say: “the West shows that Air Pollution is a Project. Those who created this problem don’t want to solve it. Now even idiots and Mullah Media say: ‘There is no strong will and determination on the officials (ie Masonic Mullahs/ English Mullahs) to reduce air pollution, and we pay the price for this negligence’ ! (2014) ‘In the Rouhani’s era, like the AN’s era, Air pollution has gotten much worse‘. AN and Rouhani increased the severe air pollution in Tehran. This English pig, Rouhani, just implements the IMF plans in hospitals, and doesn’t care about people’s health. The West tells big lies about Air Pollution in Iran. Non-Iranian good guys say: ‘All Iranians are well aware that the current pollution crisis -like all crises- predates western sanctions‘ (2014) But the UK and the West try to link Air Pollution to Western Sanctions! In 2013, they said: ‘Thank to sanctions, Iran’s Air pollution has increased .. the impact of sanctions is visible is in the skies above Tehran‘ !! And now in 2014, these stupid barbarians censor all facts and tell big lies such as: ‘Iran’s Air pollution has decreased significantly since sanctions were temporarily lifted’ ! (2014) The English Lie Factory and the West’s Ministry of Truth badly insult the people’s intelligence. If you search the internet, you can see that Western Barbarians and their Orwellian media say: ‘(Our Sadistic) Sanctions led to air pollution in Iran .. Sanctions Against Iran (created) Air pollution’ ! (2014) The UK and the West think all humans are as stupid as Western faggots. The West is really stupid, sadist and barbarian. In 2014, when they want to bully/ threaten Iran, Western Barbarians talk about ‘Tougher sanctions, and further Darkening the skies above Tehran ‘ ! (Time, 2014) Can you believe it?! Britons are such savage and brainless barbarians. The Savage West and English pigs openly threaten Iranian people with Air Pollution, and further Darkening the skies above Tehran! English Barbarians are the most savage barbarians, and the most stupid faggots in history. They just show that Air Pollution is a Project – a Big Brother’s Projects. They clearly show that the Western values are barbarian values. Now only FMs and Mullahs love the UK. FMs and Mullahs are old friends, and now a Masonic Media like the Guardian (GU) says: ‘Mohammad Marandi, a (Basiji agent of the CIA/ MI6), told the Guardian that Iranians (love Big Brother) .. A (Basiji) told the Guardian: ‘Iranians are hungry for the Western companies .. Hossein Mousavian, a (Basiii/ Terrorist in USA), told the Guardian: We want to improve the image of the US and the west in Iran [!!]‘ (GU, Nov 2014) Can you believe it?! It’s not a joke. The UK, Mullahs, Marxists and FMs want to improve the image of the US and the West in Iran! It’s so funny. After the 2009 CIA Coup, FMs like Rouhanis, Basijis, Terrorists, Traitors, Censors, Whores and Islamists want to improve the image of the US and the West in Iran! The Guardian is a stupid Masonic Media/ Big Brother’s Media. The West and English Barbarians want ISIS and Basijis ‘To improve the image of the US and the UK in Iran’ ! […] Retards rule the West. But all Iranians know obvious things: Corruption, Mismanagement, IMF Plans and Mullahs are much worse than the West’s sanctions. Now many ask: How Mullahs and Marxists should prove that they are spies/ stooges of the West?! How the UK media should prove that they are Masonic Media, Big Brother’s media? Just look what Mullah Haeri, Motahari, Rouhani’s ministers like Jannati, and Rouhani’s supporters like Zibakalam say. Ali Jannati is a son of a Bitch/ Bin Laden. He is Rouhani’s minister of Censorship. The Guardian and BBC love him and support him. Now Jannati openly defends censorship, tyranny, oppression and his fucking father. Now Jannati openly says he is proud of his fucking father. But just look how the UK media – from the BBC to the Guardian- censor such facts/ news. The English Lies and Censorship reveal many things. Now the Guardian talks about ‘Rouhanis reformist government’ ! (Nov 2014), and says: ‘(Mullahs and Great Satan) close in on historic nuclear deal’ ! (Nov 2014) Free-Masons (FMs) badly want to impose another Torkmanchai (a nuclear one) on Iran. They still live in the 19th century. But they are faced with a big problem: Today is not the 19th century !”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now the West, the Anti-Iran Mafia, the mass media and the Mullah Regime actually show why Iranians say: the West is a poison that has caused much suffering, as Zionism or Islamism is a poison/ cancer that has caused suffering. Now experts say: Increasing pollution and smog is causing cancer’. Poisons and pollutants can cause cancer. But the West and its stooges are the worst poisons, and cause the worst cancers including Cancer of Tyranny and Cancer of Corruption. Now even idiots are aware of this issue. Now even idiots talk about Masonic Islam, Saudi Islam or English Islam. Now it’s clear that FMs and Islamist faggots like Mullah Al-Afghani, Mullah Haeri, Zibakalam and other Mullahs are like shit and pollutants in Tehran’s air and water. The West and the UK refer to a stupid faggot like Zibakalam as Intellectual or Iranian Intellectual ! But when the Big Brother’s Mafia, the Masonic Mafia, tries to make intellectual heroes out of Islamist faggots like Zibakalam or Ganji, you can understand why Iranians say: Iran’s main problem is not the Mullah regime; Iran’s main problem is the Big Brother’s Mafia. This year (2014) is a good time to know Free-Masons (FMs). Just look how the UK media censor news and tell big lies. Just take a look at Mullah Haeri’s letter, the Guardian’s articles, the BBC’s crap, or Zibakalam’s letters to Mullah Haeri and others. Faggots like Zibakalam can show you many things, because the UK and the West refer to Islamist faggots like Zibakalam as Intellectuals! Sadeq Zibakalam is a FM/ Faggot like Seyyed Jamal (Al-Afghani). If you search the internet and take a look at Zibakalam’s interviews, you can see how he defends Slavery and Obeying Big Brother. Zibakalam openly says: Religion is not a matter of logic and reason. I don’t read any books about religion. I don’t like logic, reasoning or reading book. Reading book, Reasoning or thinking about religion is a stupid thing, and just raises many questions and doubts. I just love to obey. I just love to obey (Big Brother). Our (Jewish) religion is a matter of obeying, and being slave. I love religion, because religion is not a Logical/ Rational thing. In (Jewish-Masonic) religion, Slavery and being slave of Big Brother is the most important thing. We don’t think. We just obey. In (Jewish-Masonic) religion, Obeying and Slavery is the most important thing. We are slaves, and we don’t think. So I love this religion. My leader is Qazali and (Mesbah, Haeri, Janati and Bin Laden). If you think, use your brain, read books and ask questions, then you lose your faith in religion, and our (Jewish religion) will be destroyed’. It’s exactly what Zibakalam says. But only a FM and a stupid whore can say such things, while he pretends that he is an Intellect/ Religious/ Islamic man. Zibakalam, like Mullah Al-Afghani, is a FM and a stooge of the UK. You can find/ read/ watch his crap and interviews in the internet. Zibakalam is a Basiji in disguise. He defends the worst Mullahs/ Islamists, and what he says is exactly like what FMs and Islamists said and say. But the West and the UK refer to such Islamist pigs as Intellectuals! And this is the Great Game. If you want to know FMs and those betrayed Iranian people in 2009, 1979, or 1997-2004, you should know stupid faggots like Zibakalam. These Masonic faggots are like or worse than AN, Rouhani, Mesbah, Jannati, Haeri, Basiji thugs, ISIS and other Islamist-Jewish barbarians. FMs or Stupid faggots like Mullah Haeri, Motahari, Tavakoli, Zibakalam and other English pigs desperately try to destroy Iranian values/ human values, and to keep Iran weak, dependent and under Tyranny. FMs/ whores like Zibakalam are like or worse than AhmadiNejad (AN). What they say about Iran, Iranians, Iranian industries, Tazis, the stupid West or Iran’s enemies show that they are not Iranians. They are psychotic FMs, and it’s funny that even their names are Fake/ Orwellian names such as Ziba-kalam (beautiful words) or Sadeq (not a Liar)! As our people say: ‘Bar-aks Nahand Name Zangi Kafur ! (their names are stupid Orwellian names) or ‘this bald man calls himself a hairy man (Zolf-Ali) !”. In this year, many things are informative. But as some wise Iranians say: “In 2014, the West and its media censor all news and tell many big lies. Each week, or each day, if you want to list all American lies, all British lies, or the Western media’s evil acts, then you can write one or two books! Now the UK media and Western media censor all news, help Rouhanis and just care about those news that can hurt the public image of Iran and Iranians. The West doesn’t care about the Truth, the people or Human Rights. The West loves Mullahs, MEK, ISIS, Zionists, Terrorists, Saudis and other puppets of the West. Ties between Islamists and Great Satan/ Zionist IMF are clear. Islamists really love the West. For instance, now Islamists praise CCTV camera, and say: we should learn from the UK regime, and we should have CCTV camera – like UK CCTV camera’ ! (Nov 2014) Islamists are lovers of the Orwellian West. Now Vaezi, Rouhani’s ITC minister, openly defends Filtering, Censorship, MITM Attacks and other Orwellian attacks on the internet. Islamists love and praise the Orwellian USA, while the US good guys say: ‘US corporations such as Cola-Cola, Burger King, McDonalds, Monsanto, Shell, BP, Chevron, Dow, Wal-Mart, Bank of America, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce now engage in espionage against nonprofit civic organizations and the individuals involved in them’ ! (2014) But Islamists and FMs love the Big Brother’s evil acts”.

As some wise Iranians say: “the educated Iranians know that the problem of Air pollution is resolvable with proper planning. Iran’s experts and Iran’s brains can solve Iran’s problems, and put the West in its place. But the main issue is that non-Iranians and anti-Iranian whores rule Iran, and the West is behind them. The West is the Master of Mullahs. The West is the main problem. Just look what WSJ says; they try to teach Mullahs how to justify Nuclear Deal/ Tokrmanchai; they openly say: ‘Mullahs can (fool Iranians and) pretend that they stood up to the ‘Bullying’ of the Western powers to defend Irans ‘Right’ to enrich uranium’ ! (WSJ, Nov 2014) Can you take the point? They don’t say that Bullying is a bad thing. UK/ US barbarians love Bullying, Sadism and Deception. They just want to fool people. US pigs think Iranian people are as blind and brainless as US Sheeple. US pigs know that Iranians will never accept the Bullying of the Western powers. So they talk about deception tactics and ‘the Nuclear Deal upon which the Mullah regimes survival depends’ ! (WSJ, Nov 2014) After 2009, the 97% of Iranians knew Mullahs and Great Satan. But now even idiots and the 3% are becoming aware. Now the 3% say new things. They don’t say: US-Mullah deal = the End of Rouhani; but they say: US-Mullah deal = Fatehe Velayat (the End of Mullah-ism/ the End of all Mullahs)! In fact, even idiots know what is the fate of a Nuclear Torkmanchai”. They also add: “In Oct 2014, Rafsanjani’s friend, Ayatollah Amjad, has said: ‘We Mullahs have fucked Humanity .. now people hate Rozeh and (Hozeh) ..Mullahs are responsible for this change .. Now Iranian people hate Islamists .. We Mullahs love hypocrites and ass-lickers .. But people and critics are suppressed .. It’s equal to our Downfall’ ! (Oct 2014) In fact, even idiots can see the Truth. Now even idiots and the 3% talk about English Islam or Fatehe Velayat (the Death of Mullah-ism). The West censors all facts –
from 2014 Referendum and 2014 news to the stories of air pollution, water pollution, dust pollution, palm oil, poisonous milk/ foods, IMF plans or 2009 Coup. But the West just disgraces and discredits itself. They cannot hide the Truth, or change the facts. Now all Iranians know that Cancer of Tyranny and Cancer of Corruption, like Cancer of Islamists, are western-made cancers. All Iranians know that MEK or ISIS is the product of the West, as AN or Rouhani is the product of the Anti-Iran Mafia. The dramatic increase in pollution in the Rouhani’s era shows that Tehran’s pollution crisis is just a consequence of a much larger problem. The West’s Evil Empire is the main problem. The story of the West’s Evil Empire is actually the story of The Tyranny of the Evil Man in The Valley of Darkness”. They also add: “Rouhanis lick the ass of their Zionist IMF, and implement the IMF plans in Hospitals, and even the price of a simple medical test increases from 400,000 Rial to 1,200,000 Rial. Mullahs are stooges of the IMF, and say doctors and nurses are businessmen! But Iranians know that doctors, nurses, teachers or scientists are not businessmen, and we should have a strong Insurance/ health care system, and we should remove money and any financial relationship between doctors and patients from hospitals and clinics. But Mullahs just lick the ass of the IMF or the UK. Iran’s experts and the large army of wise and educated Iranians can solve Iran’s problems. But Rouhanis just love to lick the ass of the West, and to serve the West’s interests. Now even non-Iranian good guys say: ‘Because of the NS-A, we can no longer trust and buy American products .. the US and (bad guys) want to control human beings through control of their machines’ (2014) But Mullahs, Khatamists and other whores still lick the ass of the Orwellian West. The West and its stooges are bad jokes. They say: ‘The West wants to see a sharp reduction in Irans power’ ! (Nov 2014) Thank God that Iran’s enemies are such stupid Bullies. Now Iranians and all good guys want to see a sharp reduction in the West’s ability to build nukes, to bully other nations, to do evil things, to control the internet and the media, to support terrorists/ dictators, and to hurt human beings. Now it’s clear that Fascism or Americanism is a poison that can destroy the civilized world, as the Barbarian UK was a poison that tried to destroy the civilized world and all good things”.

Iranian Values vs Barbarism and Sadism

November 14, 2014

“In the Cradle of Culture and Civilization, people say: ‘If you have no sympathy for Human pain, the name of Human you cannot retain’. In the Home of the Good, they don’t care about your race or religion, but they say: Humanity and being a real Human is the most important thing. In the Land of Aryans, they judge you by the level of your humanity and your goodness- not by your race, your religion/ nationality/ family etc; If you have no sympathy for Human pain, and if you don’t care about other humans, and if you are sadist and racist, then Aryans say you are not human, because you have lost your humanity. In the Land of Aryans, they care about Humanity and Human values. But in the Land of Barbarians, they just care about Utilitarianism and Machiavellian values. They see Sadism as Leverage. In the Land of Barbarians, they have no sympathy for Human pain. In the Land of Barbarians, Barbarism is Modernism, Slavery is Freedom, Ignorance is Strength, Satan is God, Sadists are Men of God, Liars are defenders of the Truth, Censors are defenders of Freedom, Big Brothers are defenders of Democracy, Human-eaters are defenders of Human Rights, and Uncivilized Barbarians are defenders of Civilization. In the Land of Barbarians, their Jewish Bible justifies Genocide, Sadism, Inhumanity and Intolerance. In the Masonic-Jewish Religion of Barbarians, all people are slaves of Big Brother, and if you & your people want to be free men, not slaves of Big Brother, then they try to bully you, to censor you, to hurt you, to impose sanctions on you, to threaten you with genocide, and to use ISIS, Basijis, Saudis, Zionists and other barbarians as a cudgel against you”, some wise Iranians say. We have already written about Iranian Mindset and Iranian values (for more info, check Archive for: “Iranian Mindset: God, Deep Humanity, Tolerance” etc). But as some wise Iranians say: “Many still don’t know Iran and sworn enemies of Iran. Many still don’t know differences between Iranians and the West, or differences between Iran’s people and the Mullah regime – which is the worst Puppet, Anti-Iranian regime in Iran’s history. Many still don’t know differences between Iranian values and Western values/ Barbarian values/ Tazi values. British Barbarians, Tazis (ie Savage Arabs/ Jews) and other barbarians were and are sworn enemies of Iran, Culture and Civilization. If you read history – real history not the Ministry of Truth’s version of history- you can know Tazis, Nazis and British Barbarians. The UK was officially the land of Barbarians. Britain has a long history of Barbarism and Barbarization (for more info, check Archive). English Barbarians, like Arab-Jewish barbarians, were and are sworn enemies of Iranian values such as Tolerance, Humanity, Justice, Equality, Liberty, Basic Rights etc. Even in the 21st century, they attack Iranian values. Even in 2014, Islamic-Jewish fanatics and Saudis/ Wahhabis openly say: Tolerance is evil; our Jewish God hates Tolerance; Persian Tolerance is evil ! Even in 2013 & 2014, European/ British Barbarians and American pigs openly defend Sadism, Bullying, Barbarity, Genocide, nuking Iran, and hurting all Iranians. Such facts are not hidden facts. Now even the West’s analysts openly say: The West created ISIS and (Islamist barbarians) because the West wanted to stop Iran and (to hurt) Iranians’ ! (2014) The story of the 2009 Coup, the Story of the IMF plans in 2010, the story of the Anti-Iran Sanction/ Sadism in 2012, the story of the 2013 Farce, and all sad stories of these years, and the systematic Censorship and Sadism in the West clearly show that the West is the Devil, and Devil’s Game is not a myth. Now it’s clear why the UK created Islamism, and used Islamists as a cudgel against Iranians. After 2009, any sane person can see that the West just wants to hurt Iranians, to help Islamists, and to Keep Iran weak, dependent and under Tyranny. But since the 19th century, the Savage West and British Barbarians have tried to hurt Iranians and all good guys. In recent centuries, Western Colonialism and Western Exploitation hurt all countries. And it can show you the Western values. The West’s Colonialism, Exploitation and so-called Imperialism, Capitalism, Fascism and other Western ideologies clearly show that the Western values are barbarians values. Hurting other humans, exploiting other humans, bullying other humans, fooling other humans, and enslaving other humans are among the Western values. The West’s Racism, Sadism, Colonialism, Capitalism, Marxism, Fascism, Nazism, Americanism etc show that the West is still the land of Barbarians, Barbarity and Hypocrisy […] Those who hurt Iranian people, and sow the seeds of hate, just encourage Iranians to think and talk about the root of problems […] In the West, bullying others, hurting others and Utilitarianism are among cultural values. Now the West openly defends ‘Hurting all Iranian people’. They openly talk about Advancing U.S. Interests Through Cooperation With the Devil ! (2014) or Advancing U.S. Interests Through Acting like the Devil ! (2014) They openly say: We hate all Iranians ! (2014) They openly say: We want to hurt all Iranians, and to bring Iranians to their knees! (2014) The UK, the US and the West are such barbarians and such uncultured pigs. They openly say: Hurting other nations is a good thing (2014) They openly defend hurting all Iranians, killing children, butchering non-Westerners, and bulling and enslaving other nations. In the land of Barbarians (ie the West), Humanity is Dead”.


A some wise Iranians say: “It’s obvious why Iranians are so mad at the West. The systematic Lies and Censorship in the West is unbelievable. They censor all big news, and say nothing about MITM attacks, Internet Tragedy, Rouhani’s evil acts, IMF’s plans, or the 2014 Referendum on Rouhanis and IMF. This is utter insanity. And this level of Insanity just shows that the West suffers from the Mad Cow Disease. They actually prove that all Western journalists are controlled by a single Big Brother. They just show that a single Big Brother commands all western journalists to tell the same big lies, to censor the same news, and to act like a single Orchestra. Now all Western journalists tell the same big lies, and censor big news and important matters in the same way. And it shows that a single Big Brother rules the West, and controls all Western journalists/ intellects. They dreams about ‘A world dominated by a single Big Brother’. The West hates Democracy and Basic Rights. And after the story of Snow-den, no one can deny this issue. Now even the good Americans say: ‘There is no Democracy in America’ (Oct 2014) And the good news is that they try to create ‘Election Boycott movement in America. It’s really good news. Now the good Americans say: ‘Boycott Corrupt Elections; Democracy in America is a standing joke .. they manipulating the population into wage-slavery and debt servitude .. (crooks) will get richer; the poor will get poorer. Bad guys will win; the people will lose. (So) the people should boycott US elections .. We Americans Deny all legitimacy to the individuals elected through corrupt elections .. In America, the rights of the people are illusory. They have betrayed us. They enslave us to poverty while they profit from our misery. The time for rebellion has come .. Boycott the whole system of Evil; we lending them credibility by our participation in their totally corrupt system .. (In 2014,) the voter turnout is so low in America, because many Americans have realized there is no real election and no democracy in America‘ (Nov 2014) It’s really good news. God Bless the good guys in America. Now we all can see the fruits of the 2009 Awareness. After 2009, many things changed. In these years, Iranians and other good guys tried to change many things, and now we all can see the fruits of their labour. These years are Historic years, and the lessons of these years are Historic lessons. And now many have learned the lessons of these historic years -from the 2009 lessons to the 2012/ 2013/ 2014 lessons. If you compare the 2012 Election Farce with the 2014 Election Show in the US, you can see that many Americans are becoming aware, and now they are sick and tired of the US pigs – who showed their true colors in 2009. Now many humans, including the good Americans, enjoy the fruits of Iranian Resistance and Iranian Wisdom. Now many know the Power of the Iranian Logic, and the Power of the Iranian Values. Now many Americans say: ‘We cannot tolerate this utter corruption of Democracy .. We are urging (a real) Revolution .. a modern, nonviolent, powerful, organized Revolution. The time has come’ (2014) It’s really good that Americans say such good things. God bless the good Americans. Election boycott is a good strategy, and Iranians tell all good guys: Boycott The Evil Empire. Boycott Big Brother’s whores. Boycott Apologists for Dictators. Boycott Whores and Apologists like the Ayatollah Chomsky. Boycott Big Brother’s media like the Guardian. The bad guys say: Legitimize our corrupt system. But the good guys say: De-legitimize the corrupt system. If the bad guys lose their legitimacy and their credibility, they will lose everything. And now even the good Americans say: ‘It is beginning to raise questions about the legitimacy of the US government‘ (Oct 2014) Iranians strongly defend the good Americans and all good guys – from the good Canadians to the good Britons/ Arabs/ Jews etc”. Iranian people care about all good guys in all around the world, because it’s part of Iranian culture, Iranian values, and Iranian identity. As the wise Iranians say: “Iranians care about all children – even Arab children or Jewish children. Iranians are not racists and sadists. Iranians know that children are innocent, and you should not judge little children by the sins of their parents. Iranians were & are such a great nation that they care about all children in all countries – from UK to Gaza. Iranian people are such a great, cultured nation that they even care about children and good guys in the land of sworn enemies of Iran […] We, Iranians, care about all good guys and children, independent of their race or religion. And it’s part of our Iranian culture. It’s part of our Iranian Identity. It’s part of what our families, our Iranian teachers and our Iranian ancestors teach us. They said (and say): If you have no sympathy for Human Pain, the name of Human you cannot retain. It’s an inherent part of our Iranian Identity and our Iranian culture. And it’s so important. If you want to know who is not Iranian, just try to see who doesn’t care about Iranian values such as Truth, Tolerance, humanity, honesty etc. Mullahs and Islamists are not Iranians, mainly because they hate Iran and Iranian values. Mullahs and Islamists think and act like Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews) and other barbarians whose Satanic religious say: ‘Children should be killed for the sins of their parents or ‘Critics or Free men should be suppressed/ killed for criticizing, freethinking, or having different religions/ views’. ISIS, Saudis, Tazi cults, and all Jewish-Satanic cults, say such barbarian things, and all of them are sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian values”.

As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the differences between Iranians and the West/ Tazis, just look what they say/ do. Iranians care about all humans. But the West says: Hurting all Iranians is a good thing. Iranians say: A real democracy in America is good for American people and the whole world, as A real democracy in Iran is good for Iranian people and the whole world, and as A real democracy in all countries is good for all humans. But the West says: Helping Islamists, and Hurting all Iranians is a good thing! The West is Sadist, and loves Inhumanity, Utilitarianism and Machiavellian acts. But Iranians say: If you have no sympathy for Human pain, the name of Human you cannot retain. ISIS, Tazis and Savage Saudis/ Zionists are sworn enemies of Iran. But Iranians don’t say that all Arabs are like ISIS or Saudis. Iranians know that good Arabs exist, as good Jews exist. Iranians don’t say all Jews are bad guys, or all Britons are bad guys. Iranians know that many Arabs/ Jews/ Britons are good guys. But the West and Tazis say: the Anti-Iranian Sadism and Hurting all Iranians is a good thing!”. They also add: “In 2014, you can understand why Iranian people say Mullahs are Tazis; Mullahs are Masons, or Mullahs are stooges of the UK. Just look what the Mullah Parliament do. Just look what English Mullahs say. In Nov 2014, two FMs or two English Mullahs -Mullah Haeri & Motahari- wrote stupid letters to each other, and proved many things. The West censors such news/ facts, because such facts can show you the reality of Mullahs. Mullah Haeri is a Masonic Mullah, an English Mullah. They call him Ayatollah Haeri Shiraz-i, but his real name is, or should be, Ayatollah Haeri London-i or Ayatollah Haeri Mason-i. Mullah Haeri and other Free-Masons (FMs) still live in the 19th century, and just repeat what their English Master says. If you want to know why Mullahs are Masons, read Mullah Haeri’s recent letter to Ali Motahri, and see how this English Mullah defends the uncultured England, France and thugs and whores in London and Paris, but attack the wise and educated people in Iran. This Masonic Faggot, Mullah Haeri, is a symbol of English Mullahs -who still live in the 1970s and lick the ass of their British Master. This English-Jewish Faggot, Mullah Haeri, is a Tazi and a stupid enemy of Iranian people and Iranian values. This English Mullah says British thugs, French faggots, American-European idiots, the UK riots, Canadian Farce, OWS and other Western Farces are good or modern things. But the wise, modern, educated and peaceful Iranians are bad and reactionary people, because they hate the reactionary Mullahs and the Barbarian UK! Mullah Haeri is a FM and a Tazi. And all FMs said and say: The West’s thugs, whores and barbarians are modern people; but the wise and educated Iranians are reactionary people! (For more info, check our Archive for: ‘Canadian Bill 78 and Canadian Farce’ etc) They even say: Iranians are Arabs! These stupid faggots see Iran as an Arab country! Read Mullah Haeri’s letter, and see why Iranians say Mullahs are FMs, and the 1979 Tragedy was a Masonic Coup”. They also add: “Mullahs, like Saudis, attack Iranian values. Mullahs lick the ass of Arab-e Kun-Nashur and English-e Kun-Nashur. As historical documents show, Tazis and Arabs were really Kun-Nashur (ie they didn’t wash their asses, and lived within dirt and shits), as the Brits were Kun-Nashur. Tazis and Arabs, like ISIS and Saudis, were really barbarians and Malakh-khor (Locust-eaters), as the Brits were Adam-khor (Human-eaters). Such facts are historical facts. But now as the funny Iranians say: ‘Har Barbar va Kun-Nashuri … (Barbarians crap about Civilization, Iran, Culture …)! Now non-Iranian whores and those who speak Persian with Arabic accent or British accent pretend that they are Iranians! They attack Iran, Iranian values, Iranian Civilization, and Iranian people, but they call themselves Iranians! They have learned some basic Persian, but they speak Persian with Arabic accent or American accent! They are Arabs from Lebanon, or non-Iranians from the UK, the US and other countries. They are not Iranians. So they are ready to sell our Iran for a fistful of dollars. They are even ready to sell their own mothers, their humanity, their honor and everything for a fistful of dollars. They are FMs, US-worshipers, Arab-worshipers, Mullah-worshipers (Akhund-parast), Shah-worshipers, UK-worshiper etc. These stooges of the West & the Devil are bankrupt whores”. They also add: “Now any sane person can see the Power of the Iranian Logic, the Power of the Iranian values, and this fact that if there is a real democracy in Iran, and people have a space & an opportunity to talk about important issues, then the whole world changes dramatically. If Iran’s regime was really an Iranian regime, then they would not hurt Iranian people & serve the West’s interests, but instead, they would help Iranians, and use the Iranian Logic, the Iranian Values, and the Iranian Legacy to put the West in its place. But Mullahs/ Islamists are not Iranians, and they just serve the West’s interests, hurt Iranians, say many Anti-Iranian things, do many Evil/ Anti-Iran acts, and give the West excuses to crap about many things. Since the 1970s, the West has used the nuclear dispute to hurt Iran. And Islamists/ Pahlavists have always served the West’s interests. In 1978, the West tried to topple the Shah, because as the CBS reported: ‘US senators say: Iran is becoming too powerful, too fast [!!] Iran doesn’t need nuclear energy, and advanced weapons’ (1978) In the 1970s, the Shah was a stupid/ puppet dictator, and Mullahs/ Islamists/ Marxists were puppets of the West. But Iranian people were naive and ignorant. But today is not the 1970s. Now the main issue is clear: Iran is really becoming too powerful, too fast . Today’s Iranians are among the most modern, wise and educated people in the world. So the Savage West and Big Brother know why Iran is becoming too powerful, too fast, and that’s why they try to create and put many obstacles – like Baby Boom, IMF Plans, 2009 Coup, AN, Rouhani, FMs, Evil Fire-wall, Basijis, MEK, ISIS, Saudis, Mullahs, Zionists, Pahlavists, Tyranny, Tazi cults, Anti-Iran Sadism etc – in the way of Iran’s progress. But Iranians know obstacles, and the large army of well-educated Iranians don’t need that Western faggots ‘to advise Iran on its problems’. Most problems in Iran are Western-made problems. The West and its stooges created many many problems in Iran. Now even their own media talk about Anti-Iran policies of AN, and say: Manageable situation was made far worse by AN’s terrible mismanagement’ ! (Nov 2014) AN, Rouhani and Mullahs are FMs, not Iranians. Mullahs just lick the ass of the IMF, the UK or the Tazi. But Iranians know what Iran needs. Our Iran needs a real Iranian Republic – which hate bad guys (Iran’s enemies etc), but love Iran, Iranian people and Iranian values such as Tolerance, Freedom, Human Rights, Truth, Logic, Love etc”.

As some wise Iranians say: “We, Iranians, know that many Westerners are not bad guys. In the West, average people can be ignorant or stupid, but it doesn’t mean that they are bad guys. Many of them hate Racists, Sadists, Fascists, Fanatics and other bad guys. All good guys, including the West’s good guys, can understand why Iranians are changing their views about the West, and why Iranian people should be so mad at the West. The Anti-Iran Sadism and the Anti-Iranian Racism are not hidden facts. It’s clear who hurt Iranians, help Iran’s enemies, and defend Rouhanis, Islamists, Saudis, Zionists and other bad guys. Now even the West’s good guy say: Iran is the most glorious and peaceful civilizations (2014), but the West is Orwellian, and To be Orwellian is to be Inhuman (2014) The West’s bad guys and the American lefts are in bed with the IMF and Islamists. They write about ‘Friends of the Devil: US-Mullahs Ties’ (Oct 2014), and defend the Devil and Friends of the Devil. These Americans are not humans. They are animals, and Friends of the Devil. They just remind you of European Barbarians. British Barbarians were not humans (Adam); they were human-eaters (Adam-khor). Their British Evil Empire just tried to Hurt other nations and to enslave all Humans. FMs and British Barbarians, like Tazis, see God as Brutal Dictator, Big Brother or Slave Owner! But Iranians say: If your god is a brutal dictator/ oppressor, then this God is definitely Satan. But English Barbarians, FMs and Tazis say: our Jewish God loves Slavery, Sadism, killing Children, or killing those who have different views/ religions. The British-Jewish God is the Devil. In the Jewish Bible of Barbarians, killing children or killing critics is a good thing. In the Bible of Barbarians, their Jewish God praises Genocide, Racism and Sadism, and allows them to act like Nazis, Tazis, Fascists and English Colonialists. England is a very bad joke. Even the so-called English constitution is not a written constitution! Their nonexistent Constitution is like their nonexistent Democracy, their nonexistent Honor (Sharafe-Nadashte), and their nonexistent Civilization. Mullahs and FMs love such Barbarian-Orwellian UK. But now even Westerners have become aware, and say: Britain was the most savage place in the world’ (2014) The West’s good guys even talk about ‘the grim legacy of slavery which is one of the original sins of the American society’ (2014) But FMs and bad guys still love Slavery, Big Brother, and the Satanic Legacy of the UK. In the past, the West and UK were monstrous barbarians who had no conception of freedom, justice, equality or humanity. So, it’s clear what is at the root of the West’s current problems and the West’s Machiavellian Culture”. They also add: “The UK still says: we can support Islamists, we can kill children, we can kill/ plunder others, and we can violate other nation/ people’s rights, if it serves our interests/ national interests! And this is the UK logic. In this Barbarian-Machiavellian logic, looting, plundering, stealing, exploiting, lying, censoring, killing, Terrorism, Genocide and all evil acts are legitimate, because such evil acts serve their interests or National Interests! They still think and act like their Barbarian ancestors, who said eating humans, drinking human blood, and living like savage barbarians are legitimate. And this is the Western Legacy. But Iranians are not like the Machiavellian West. Iranians care about Humanity, Love, Tolerance, Goodness, Peace, Stable civilization etc. Ancient Iranians knew Human needs, High level needs, animal needs, and actually the Hierarchy of Needs. Iranians said and say: Being Good Guy, and Living like good guys is better for you, and leads to Happiness, good life, happy life, happy times, better world etc. Iranians knew that s-ex is not bad, money is not bad, food is not bad. But being slave of sex/ money/ food is bad. Iranians said/ say to religious fanatics and charlatans: S-ex is not evil; what clergymen and religious fanatics do is evil; what se-x addicts do is evil; Being slave of s-ex is evil; Slavery is Evil; being Salve is evil. But FMs and the West’s bad guys have always said: Slavery and being Slave of Big Brother is a very good thing! They still ask Iran to be a slave of the West and Big Brother. The stupid UK and USA still want to decide about Iran, Iran’s resources and Iran’s rights! From 1953 to 2014, they have talked about the Oil Consortium, the Nuclear Consortium, deciding about Iran’s rights, Iran’s regime, Iran’s people, or negotiations with Iran over Iran’s basic rights! They think the West has a right to plunder Iran’s resources and to deny/ violate Iran’s basic rights. In 1953, the Barbarian West said Iran’s Oil belongs to the UK and non-Iranians! But they still tell such bad jokes, while Mullahs, like Pahlavists, still lick the West’s ass and negotiate with the Savage West over Iran’s basic rights. It’s so ridiculous. The 2014 negotiation is as ridiculous as the 1953 negotiation. But today is not 1953. Today is another day. They still praise Bullying and Sadism. But now they just show why the West is Barbarian and Sadist, why their crimes are unforgettable and unforgivable, and why the End of the West’s Evil Empire is near. The payback time is near. But Persians will not act like the West’s bad guys. Since the ancient time, Iranians know how to deal with Zahaks and Deevs (devils). Genocide, Sadism, Barbarism, Nazism etc are the Tazi-Western Legacy. In recent decades, the West plays a Dirty-Orwellian game: our Iranian values pose as Western values; while their own values, -ie non-Iranian values and the barbarian values of the West and Tazis- pose as Iranian values! But now any sane person can see who is who. The English Lie Factory and the West’s Ministry of Truth cannot hide the Truth for ever. Now any sane person can see that Tazis and the Savage West still defend Genocide, Racism, Sadism, Bullying and Barbarity. Now all well-educated people know that Iranians created, defended, and still defend, Tolerance, Human Rights, and Human Values”.

West is Orwellian? UK is so Orwellian?

November 8, 2014

“Sometimes it’s hard to say what is good news, and what is bad news. Most of the time bad things are bad news. Evil things like Barbarity, Sadism and Tyranny are always bad news. But as you know, even bad things can be a godsend for good guys. And sometimes bad things can be good news. The West and the media tell big lies and censor all facts. The West and the English Lie Factory still produce many big and childish lies about Iran. Their Big Brother and their Ministry of Truth still control all media, all journalists and all Western intellects. Many say: it’s bad news. But you can see it as good news. Just look how they censor all news of Iran, and how they support their beloved Rouhani. They still live in the 19th century, and their Orwellian-Evil acts just shatter all illusions. It’s good news. Now if you search the internet, you can see even non-Iranians are becoming aware, and say: the West is Orwellian; the West is Anti-Democracy; the West is Animal Farm etc. Now even the West’s good guys write articles/ posts like: The UK is legally and officially Orwellian (2014), ‘The West is returning to the Dark Ages‘ (2014), Orwellian Reality of the USA (2014) , ‘The West Is More Terrifying Than Orwells 1984 (2014), The Future Of Orwellian America (2014), ‘Orwellian Nightmare in the UK‘ (Oct 2014), ‘The Orwellian Deception in the UK‘ ! (Oct 2014), ‘English Rape Culture’ (2014), ‘Orwell Predicted Big Brother Britain’ ! (Oct 2014) They even write about the very important issues like: ‘In the West, Democracy is Dead’ or ‘Is Democracy a Western Idea?’ In fact, many are becoming aware, and knowing the Great Game. The English Lie Factory or the West’s Ministry of Truth cannot hide the Truth for ever. Now many know that the West was the Land of Barbarians, but the idea of Democracy cannot belong to the Land of Barbarism. The idea of Democracy belongs to the cradle of culture and civilization, and to the home of Tolerance and Human Values (Persia). Could Human-eaters (Adam-khora), Sadists, Racists, Censors and those who still support Sadism, Bullying, Barbarity and the Law of the Jungle create the idea of Democracy, and care about Democracy?!”, some wise Iranians say. In these years, the bad guys are shattering all illusions. And as some wise Iranians say: “Now people are becoming aware. Now even the West’s good guys say: The UK is officially Orwellian (2014) The UK is a very Fascist/ Orwellian country, and now even Britons are aware of this issue. It’s obvious that the US respects freedom of speech much more than the UK. As Westerners say: ‘In tyrannical states such as the UK, you could be imprisoned just for having a copy of the magazine’ (2014) In tyrannical, Orwellian and barbarian states such as the UK, Media is A Lie Factory, and Big Brother controls media and everything. But now the US is officially turning into an Orwellian State like the UK. It’s bad news. But the good news is that now many can see that America is Orwellian, but the UK is more Orwellian. Now many know that America is Orwellian, but England is very very Orwellian. Now many admit openly that US media deliberately lies about Iran to the US public. Now when Savage Monkeys (Obama, Cameron etc) make love with their Mullahs, most people laugh and boo the Ayatollah UK or the Ayatollah America. The West, its Media and its Savage Monkeys (Obama, Cameron etc) are losing all credibility. And it’s good news. The UK is the Home of the Devil, and now even the good Britons talk about How the UK regime lies, distorts and twists reality like no other government on earth (2014) Now it’s clear that the West is not a Democracy. Censorship in The West, or English Censorship is so ridiculous. The West censors all big news -from the Tragedy of IMF Plans to the Tragedy of Internet- in a silly way. This level of Censorship, and this level of Stupidity show / prove many things. Now this English Motherfucker, Rouhani, implements their Zionist IMF Plans in Hospitals, and now even the stupid Mullah media talk about ‘The IMF Shock Therapy in Iran’s Hospitals or The IMF Shock Therapy in Iran’s Health care, and say how Rouhani is fucking Hospitals and Health care. But the West and its media censor such big news. In the best case, their lefty-alternative media praise the IMF and Mullahs, and say: Mullahs New Best Friend? The IMF’ ! (2014) In this year (2014), the West and the Left badly censor big news such as the news of the 2014 Referendum -which was one of the biggest Referendums in history. This level of Censorship proves many things. Now the West and the Left praise their beloved Mullahs, and hail Mullahs as ‘Friends of the Devil’ !! (Oct 2014) And this is Western wisdom! They see Olaqa (brainless idiots) as Oqala (wise guys). They even don’t know the differences between Oqala and Olaqa . The UK is the Land of Big Lies. The UK doesn’t say 2 + 2 = 5 or 6, but the UK says 2 + 2 = 1000! Now the UK even says 2 + 2 = 80,000,000! Now even the good Britons say: ‘In the UK, Lying and Falsifying have become our habit and our second nature’ ! And this is the modern UK”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Telling Big Lies, and Keeping your populace in the dark‘ is the UK motto, because the UK is very Orwellian. But the important point is that the UK has always been Orwellian or Barbarian. For thousands of years, the UK was officially the land of Barbarians and Human-eaters (Adam-khora). So it’s obvious why the UK Culture is the Culture of Barbarity & Hypocrisy, and why in its short history of civilization, the UK has always been an Orwellian cesspool. Barbarians and Human-eaters (Adam-khora) cannot care about Human Rights, Democracy, Freedom, Tolerance, Justice, Truth and other Iranian values. Barbarians and Human-eaters (Adam-khora) can only care about Sadism, Hurting others, exploiting others, looting others, killing others, enslaving others, censoring others etc and it’s exactly what the UK and Europe did and do, isn’t it? The Savage West and English Barbarians polluted all sciences. Now, for the first time in history, even math and mathematicians have been polluted. Most of the Western scientists/ mathematicians just care about money and obeying Big Brother. In the past 400 years, most of the West’s intellects have been whores and slaves of Power and Money. The West’s real scientists, like all real scientists, added good and new things to the Iranian Legacy and the Human Legacy. Real scientists/ intellects created real sciences, but whores/ slaves of Big Brother converted these good things into Evil things like WMDs, Orwellian Technology and evil tools of suppression and exploitation. It’s bad news. But the good news is that Science and Technology is a double edge sword. The bad guys are users of real sciences, not creators of it. ‘Science and Technology’ is, and should be, a tool to get rid of politicians and other bad guys/ evil things, and it’s what all real scientists/ intellects and the real creators of sciences/ technology want. Big brains and real scientists don’t work for Big Brother and other bad guys. The best brains live like free men, and care about the Truth, the joy of seeking the Truth, the excitement of discovery and enjoyment of understanding something new. The best brains hate licking Big Brother’s ass, and living like whores or slaves. But Big Brother and bad guys love and need whores/ slaves. So, the UK and the West try to create more whores/ slaves. In the main Big Brother’s project, scientists become whores/ slaves; intellects become whores/ slaves; clergymen become whores/ slaves; youths become whores/ slaves. And it was, and is, their Great Game. They use whores/ slaves to pollute all sciences, technology, culture, arts, religion and everything. And it’s the Great Game. In the West, and in the Ministry of Truth, Big Brother’s whores/ slaves pollute and falsify everything. Big Brother’s whores/ slaves create Orwellian Nightmares, and that’s why Westerners say: ‘(Now) we have no rights against the Big Brother; We are living 1984’ (2014) When Big Brother’s whores like the Ayatollah Chomsky and Richard Stallman are ‘Alternative Intellectuals’ in the West, it’s obvious why the West’s good guys say: ‘The West is returning to the Dark Ages, (ie the Age of Barbarism, the Age of Ignorance and Medieval Ages) (2014) or ‘The Dark Age of America is quickly approaching’ (2014) Big Brother’s whores have converted the US into an Orwellian Society. ‘America is entering into the Dark Age’ (2014), and losing all credibility, because their public intellectuals are Olaqa/ whores like Chomsky – who defend brutal dictators and tell big lies without losing their credibility in the West. Of course the West’s good guys know ‘the obvious hypocrisy media, journalists and intellects in the UK and the US display when they talk about (xyz)’ (2014) But in the West, whores/ slaves pretend that they are freethinkers. In the West, whores and slaves like Chomsky, Stallman and other Jewish agents of Big Brother pretend that they defend People or Free Software, while they just aid Fascists, Censors and Dictators. But in the West, many live like sheep/ slaves in the Matrix. The West is the Masonic Matrix, in which Slavery is Freedom, Ignorance is Strength, and Big Brother is a symbol of Democracy. Now it’s clear that Democracy is not a Western idea, and that’s why now even Westerners ask: ‘Is democracy a Western idea?’ As the West’s good guys say: ‘Democracy is not about (puppet regimes or election shows). Democracy is about values and culture’. They even talk about ‘intellectual/ democratic traditions outside the West’, and say: Democratic values are actually (Iranian values) such as Tolerance, Equality, Liberty, Basic rights (Human rights) and religious toleration‘. In fact, the well-educated people know that the first democratic values and the first liberal kind of democracy belong to Persia and Iranian society. Still, you can see democratic elements in Iranian society, because Iranians are basically a people with democratical and tolerant instincts. Concepts like Tolerance, religious Toleration, Human Rights, Humanity, Good thoughts, Good Deeds etc are Iranian concepts, and Iranians created them. Tazis, the UK and European barbarians were a people with barbarian, sadistic and racist instincts, and that’s why the West still defends Tyranny, Sadism, Barbarity, Exploitation and other evil things. The West and its Lie Factory can’t justify anything. They say: If Iran was such a great nation, why Iran had many problems, and why Iran is not Utopia … (?!) They are so stupid. They say Iran has, or had, only two options: (1)being Utopia (2) being a tyrannical/ barbarian state like the UK! But Iran was not, and will not be, Utopia. Utopia = an imaginary perfect world. A utopian society = a society in which you imagine there is a perfect social, economical, cultural, intellectual or political situation. The West and its stooge say: If Iran was not a utopian society, then it means that Iran was a barbarian society like (UK etc)’ !! It’s their childish logic. They say barbarians are like civilized humans, because civilized men had many problems, and didn’t live in a utopian society. Idiots even don’t know the differences between Civilization and Barbarism, as they don’t know the differences between themselves (Olaqa) and Oqala. Now you can understand why wise guys (Oqala) say: Stupidity, Inhumanity and Hypocrisy Rule the West. In this year (2014), the West’s whores/ monkeys (Obama, Cameron, IMF guys, lefts etc) still write love letters to, or openly make love with, their beloved Mullahs. But it just shows the depth of their Foolishness and Wickedness”.


As some wise Iranians say: “The Little Britain is the Great Evil. The UK created Islamism and Zionism, and they still talk about ‘their traditional allies in Israel and Saudi Arabia’ ! (2014) The West and its allies have created ISIS. Now even idiots are aware of this issue. But the West just insults the people’s intelligence. Unfortunately, the US, like Mullahs and Lefts, is following the Barbarian UK; and now the US media has articles like ‘Friends of the Devil: US-Mullah Ties‘ !! (Huffington Post, Oct 2014), in which they say it’s good that the West is the Devil, and Mullahs are Friends of the Devil ! As our people say, this level of Stupidly in the West is amazing (Vaqean Nobareh)! Now their Masonic Media say: ‘The Time for a nuclear Deal with Mullahs is Now’ ! (Guardian, Nov 2014) But now even idiots know why a Masonic Media like the UK Guardian loves Rouhani, defends spies/ stooge, hurts Iranians and censors all facts in a silly way. The UK Guardian is a guardian of Big Brother, and if you search the web, you can see that even Westerners say: Guardian Poll: 75% Say Rouhani Deserves Nobel Peace Prize [!!] But what else can you expect from the Guardian? The Guardian would nominate (Cameron, Hitler, Zionists, Islamists, UK Queen) and Big Brother for the Nobel Peace Prize [!!] The Guardian of Lies is (Rouhani’s media), and only (Big Brother’s slaves like Richard Stallman can love/ praise the Guardian of Lies & UK Lie Factory)”. They also add: “We, Iranians, will never forget the 2009 Lessons, as Iranians will never forget and forgive Torkmanchai. We, Iranians, will never forget and forgive what British Barbarians and their Evil Empire did to the Civilized World. In 2009 and all these years, we all saw and see that the UK is still uncultured, savage, sadist and big liar. The Masonic/ English Lie Factory still craps about Iran. In 2014, they censor all news of Iran, and just help their Rouhanis, or their stooges in Iran. In 2009, the West helped Mullahs, hurt Iranians, and said Iran should not enjoy Democracy. They said & say: Iran should not have democracy and advanced technologies. In 2009 and all these years, they showed their true colors, and that’s why now all Iranians say: Iran must have nukes and all advanced weapons/ technologies, and no one can deny Iran’s rights‘. Iran’s nuclear program is important, because the West tries to hurt Iran and Iranians, and to keep Iran weak and under Tyranny. The West is Sadist & Barbarian. They still live in the past. They still dream about a new Hajji Baba and a new Torkmanchai (a nuclear one). But now only if the UK and France stop all their nuclear programs and destroy all their nukes, then Iran can think about limiting its programs. When the Little Britain and British Barbarians have nukes, Iran must have Nukes and stronger than Nukes. When a Barbarian country like the UK has nukes and hurts and bullies Iran, then Iran must have Nukes and teach British Barbarians a good lesson. Rouhani is Hajji Baba. Rouhani is neither Iranian nor a representative of Iranians. The 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani/ Mullahs so much. The 2014 Referendum was one of the biggest Referendums in history. Now only the Ayatollah UK, the Ayatollah IMF/ CIA and their stooges support Rouhanis and savage Islamists like ISIS, Saudis, Wahhabis, Basijis and Mujaheds (MEK). Now all Iranians say: Iran must Nukes and Democracy, and the Savage West has no right to threaten/ bully Iran. It’s a consensus issue in Persia. When it comes to Iranian Rights, such a consensus exists in the land of Aryans (Iran) and among Aryans. Now all Persians say to the West: We will never give you what you want for threats. If you threaten us and bully our Iran, we will make you regret it‘. Now even idiots know that Mullahs are Tazis/ Arabs, not Iranians. Tazis still lick the Devil’s ass and the West’s ass. When the tone of US pigs become harsher and more insulting, and their evil demands increase, Mullahs and Islamists lick the ass of their Great Satan, and talk about the benefits of the Devil ! Now even the Brookings Institution talk about ‘the strength of Iranian national will to resist pressure and protect Iran’s rights and Iran’s interests’ (2014) But Mullahs just serve the West’s interests, and openly make love with their beloved Barbarian UK and their beloved Zionist IMF/ Great Satan. The West and its Mullahs still try to hurt Iranians, and to keep Iran weak, dependent, and under tyranny. But now all Iranians say: Iran should become a democracy & a nuclear power/ strong country, and the West and the Devil can go to hell and fuck themselves”. The bad guys still sow the seeds of hate, and insist on insulting the people’s intelligence. But as some wise Iranians say: “Now even Westerners are becoming aware. Now even Britons write: ‘Orwellian Big Brother is a Reality (2014) or ‘Orwell Predicted Big Brother Britain’ ! (Oct 2014) They say: ‘In his classic novel 1984 George Orwell described England as (Big Brother’s society) and a form of open prison .. We have in the UK laws that are forcing us to accept many unacceptable things and we may not speak out against them for fear of offending. For example one may not openly criticize (Big Brother’s media & UK Lie Factory) .. Look in any city center and you will see CCTV cameras. There are cameras in shops, at petrol stations, even in the toilets. There are even hidden microphones placed in lampposts in some English cities .. Orwell described how Britons would be constantly watched by Big Brother with hidden cameras & microphones placed in the streets and parks’ (Oct 2014) Britons even talk about ‘Orwellian Nightmares in the UK‘ (Oct 2014), and say: ‘Now Australia’s government wants to record all phone calls in a data base [!!] .. UK Tories are pledging that they will establish a list of Extremists that will have to have their posts ‘approved in advance by the police before they post them [!!!] .. the so-called civil liberties of the British people are going to be flushed down the toilet‘ ! (Oct 2014) Those who didn’t care about Iranians and British-made Plague in Iran, now suffer from the worst Plague. Now they say: ‘UK universities are working with UK regime to repress student protest at the root .. UK regime says Extremists/ Critics will be barred from speaking at public events. But Is it Democracy?! This sounds like Orwellian nightmares .. A Big Brother police state control grid is being constructed all around us. This is utter insanity, and it is getting worse with each passing day .. the following people are considered to be Extremists in US/ UK government documents: those that talk about individual liberties; those that want to make the world a better place; those that (criticize) the British Colonialism; those that (criticize the West’s) Evil Empire; Anyone that is opposed to the New World Order; Anyone that complains about Big Brother’s media; those that believe in conspiracy theories .. Are you starting to understand? The UK government speaks of the need to crack down on Critics’ ! (Oct 2014) Those who didn’t care about Iranians and Western-made pain and sufferings in Iran, are faced with the results of their Stupidity/ Inhumanity”.

As some wise Iranians say: “The good news is that people are becoming aware, and it can change many things, and bring a real Change. Now even average Britons talk about ‘The Orwellian Deception in the UK‘ (Oct 2014), and say: ‘ (in the UK) instead of engaging the public with the Truth, deception is often used to hide the Truths’ ! These Britons can see the true colors of the BBC, Guardian, Economist, Telegraph etc who tell big lies, support their Rouhanis, and hurt Iranians. Now if you search the internet, you can see that many Westerners are not so ignorant. Maybe they don’t know the 2009 CIA Coup, or the Ayatollah IMF. Maybe they don’t know that the UK Culture is the Culture of Deception, or the Culture of Uncultured people. But they know that America is Orwellian, and the UK is more Orwellian. They know ‘Dictatorship in Britain’, Dictatorship in USA, or Dictatorship in Europe. They know the West’s Orwellian Journalism’ (2014) They know that UK Media is Big Brother’s media. They even say: ‘As Lies Turn Into Truth, America Becomes Orwellian’ (2014) They even write about ‘Orwellian America: The Orwellian Surveillance’ (2014) or ‘Are we living in an Orwellian state?’ (2014) They say: ‘the US and the UK make use of the technology for significant oppression .. this degree of oppression and privacy intrusion is not compatible with Democracy’ ! (2014) Of course you can find many crappy things in the internet, because whores are more active than good guys. In 2014, articles like ‘Orwell in America’, ‘US Orwellian Nightmare’, ‘America’s Orwellian Liberalism‘ etc have only good titles. Big Brother’s whores, Tea Party or Fascists write them, and it’s really ‘Orwellian into Orwellian’ ! But many know these idiots, as many know and say How ‘The US Regime Deceives The American Public’ (2014), and Why ‘The West Is More Terrifying Than Orwells 1984‘ (2014) or Why ‘Not even Orwell could have envisioned a world dominated by a single Big Brother’ (2014) In fact, many can see that all journalists are controlled by a single Big Brother; and all Western media work as Evil Orchestra, led by a single Big Brother”. They also add: “Now many have become aware, and talk about Sham Democracy. But now the main issue is that In the West, the Good is Dead. In the West, Democracy is Dead. In the West, Privacy is Dead, as Liberalism is Dead. In the West, Journalism is Dead. In the West, Free Press or free journalist is Dead. In the West, Goodness is Dead. In the West, Humanity is Dead. The West’s Democracy is Democracy of Barbarians, or an Orwellian Democracy”. They also add: ‘But the good news is that now even Westerners are becoming aware, and talk about ‘Living the Orwellian Life’, and say: ‘the US regime harassing the real critics and whistleblowers .. Instead of learning from (Gestapo) and historic mistakes, the US is now repeating them .. the fact that basic rights such as privacy, equality and free expression are no longer guaranteed in the West is a sign of how far we’ve fallen .. Orwell opposed Fascism, Communism and Americanism. He recognized that Americanism was a term that easily could be exploited for totalitarian ends. How right he was’ ! (2014) Now Britons write about ‘Orwellian Britain, The Coup’ ! (2014) You can ask: which Coup?! the 2009 Coup, the 1979 Coup, the 1953 Coup, the 1921Coup …?! Which Coup?! But now Britons talk about Orwellian Britain and The Coup inside the UK. They have recently become aware, and say: ‘UK agencies install black box surveillance devices across the UKs communications networks to monitor all internet users .. the UK implements a nationwide surveillance regime aimed at logging nearly everything Britons do and say online’ ! (Sep 2014) But it’s not a new thing. The only new thing is that many Britons are becoming aware, and talk about ‘Orwellian Nightmares in the UK‘ (Oct 2014) Now Westerners talk about ‘The Future Of Orwellian America‘ (2014), and say: ‘they can charge you with a Patriot Act violation, and you have no right to an attorney, or trial .. A department that wages war is called the ‘Ministry of Peace’, or a law that removes Constitutional rights obtained by patriots is called ‘The Patriot Act’ (2014) In the West, a media/ press that censors all facts is called Free Press; and an apologist for the Devil and Dictators is called Intellectual or Noam Chomsky. In the West, Big Brother’s whores still talk about good Big Brother, good Slavery, good Genocide or good Barbarism, and openly defend good Big Brother, good Censors and good Fascists. The Orwellian whores talk about Good Satan, Good Evil, Good Devil, or Good Gestapo. They defend good Oppressors, good Brutal Dictators, good Barbarians, good Fascism, good Tyranny, or good Barbarity, and show that the story of the Orwellian West and its Orwellian whores is not a myth”.

Muharram, Islamists, Hypocrisy, Tyranny, Barbarity

November 2, 2014

The story of Muharram and Ashura in Iran (check Archive) has always opened old wounds. “Muharram and Ashura” remind Iranians of Oppression, Tyranny, Dictators, Oppressors, Evil stooges and many other things. As some wise Iranians say: “What Iranians said about ‘Muharram and Ashura’ is important. Iranians said, and still say: They were killed for the Truthfulness and fighting against Tyranny and Oppression. Ashura is a tribute to truth, justice and condemnation of tyranny and oppression anytime and anywhere. In fact, Iranians have always used ‘Muharram and Ashura’ to talk about the ancient Iranian values, and to fight against the Anti-Iranian Evil forces –
including Tazis and other Barbarians. It’s an undeniable fact, and even Mullahs and their TV series like Mokhtar Saqafi confirm it”. They also add: “In the past, Tazis (ie savage Arabs) were symbols of Tyranny and Barbarism. And now Basijis, Islamists and their Western masters are symbols of Tyranny, Oppression, injustice, corruption and other evil things. Now it’s clear why Iranians say: Mullahs, Islamists and Basijis are Amaleh Jor (pawns of Oppressors), Nokar-e Estebdad (stooges of Dictators), Amaleh Estemar (puppets of Colonial powers), or Nokar-e Estekbar (stooges of Imperialists)! The Mullah terminology, like the Marxist terminology, is hypocritical, stupid and disgusting. But in Iran, people use such terminologies in a sarcastic way because Iranians want to mock bad guys, and to reveal big lies, big paradoxes and true colors of Mullahs, Marxists, Islamists, Western powers and other bad guys. Iranians cannot deprive themselves of the joy of using the bad guys’ terminology in a sarcastic way. If you read Iran’s history, you can see that Iranians have always mocked the bad guys. For instance, Iranians used the Tazi terminology in a sarcastic way, and criticized the barbarous, hypocritical & satanic acts/ views of Tazis (ie Savage Arabs)”. They also add: “Iranians used the story of ‘Muhharram and Ashura’ to reveal the barbarity, hypocrisy, and tyranny of Tazis (Savage Arabs/ Jews). What happened in that historic ‘Muhharram and Ashura’ was quite normal among Arabs, and for Arabs. The Tazi traditions were barbarian and medieval traditions. Tazis were killing/ raping/ looting each other in a barbaric way, as they were treating children and prisoners of wars in a barbarian way. But the story of ‘Muhharram and Ashura’ became a symbol, and revealed their wickedness and barbarity, their evil acts, their paradoxes and their true colors. Iranians did a great job. Iranians knew that Tazis would burn all Iranian books, and would censor the true stories of the Tazi Barbarity, including their Barbarian invasion to Persia. Iranians knew The Arab Lie Factory, and how Tazis/ Arabs burn books and libraries. Tazis were savage barbarous people, and they burned Persian books and destroyed Iranian libraries. So, Iranians knew The Tazi Lie Factory, and how Tazis try to destroy historical documents. So Iranians tried to create Arab Books, and to use Arab stories and Arab history to show us how Tazis (Savage Arabs) lived and behaved, and what Tazis did to their own people. It’s obvious when you know what Tazis did to their own children, you can conclude that what Savage Tazis did to Iranians and other civilized humans. Iranians really did a great job. At that time writing about Iranian values was forbidden. So Iranians created and used the Epic of ‘Muhharram and Ashura’ to talk about Iranian values like Fighting against Tyranny and Oppression, Fighting Against Zahaks, Deeves (devils) and all Ahrimani/ Evil Forces – including Tazis. It’s so important. Iranians did a great job. Tazis and Locust-eaters (ie Savage Arabs) were enemies of Iran, Iranians, Truth, Tolerance, Justice, Love and other Iranian values. Tazis were like today’s ISIS/ ISIL and Basijis. What happened in 2009, aka the 2009 Karbala, showed that Islamists and Basijis are the Yazid army and DAESHi, and Mullahs are worse than Yazid & Shemr. Now it’s quite clear that The Islamist Regime is the Oppressor, worse than Yazid & Shemr. Now even idiots know why the 97% of Iranians hate Mullahs and mock the hypocritical views of Mullahs. Now when the Anti-Iran Mullah TV becomes a Mourning Station and defends Tazis, or when the Anti-Iran Mullah Parliament defends Sadism, Censorship, IMF Plans, Tazi traditions and Saudi laws -like Tazi/ Saudi Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue- Iranian people say: Oh, Yah, Mullahs are Tazis/ Saudis, not Iranians. Mullahs and Basijis are English/ Saudi Barbarians (Wahhabi/ DAESHi/ Brits etc)’ ! Now even idiots know that Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullah Parliament is a Tazi Parliament or a Masonic/ English Parliament. Mullah Parliament is a cesspool of the Anti-Iranian spies/ stooges who defend the IMF, the UK, oppressors, Tazis and Iran’s enemies, but attack Iranians and Iranian values. Mullah Hypocrisy is so ridiculous. Mullahs refer to peoples rights as Hagh al-Nas, and to peoples money as Beit al-Mal. Mullahs say: God can only forgive his own right, not Hagh al-Nas or Beit al-Mal. But Mullahs and Islamists fuck/ violate Hagh al-Nas, and embezzle/ steal ‘Beit al-Mal’. Our people ask: Do Mullahs believe in God?! But Mullahs even don’t believe in their own bullshits. Just look what Mullahs say and do about their Great Satan and their Zionist IMF. Now their Zionist IMF has become the Ayatollah IMF ! They referred to Imperialists/ Imperialism as Estekbar, and to Colonial powers and Western Colonialism as Estemar. But now even idiots and the 3% know and say that Mullahs are puppets of Estemar, and stooges of Estekbar. The 3% (ie Regime’s supporters) even say: Nuclear Deal with Estekbar = Fatehe Velayat (the End of Mullahs)! As you know, Mullah Afghani was the father of Islamism & Mullahism. Mullah Afghani is the Godfather of all Islamists. But Mullah Afghani was officially a Free-Mason (FM) and a spy/ stooge of Estemar and Estekbar. All Mullahs are like or worse than their Godfather, Mullah Afghani”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In you want to know Mullahs and Islamists, you should know history – specially the Arab history, the 19th century and Devil’s Game. In these years, even Westerners write books like [1]: Devil’s Game (by Robert Dreyfuss). This book is not so bad, and has two good chapters about the 19th century and how the UK created Islamism. This book talks about The Great Game [1], and uses historical documents to confirm what Iranians and independent historians already knew and said about English Islam, English Mullahs and Islamism. It’s funny that this American book, and Westerners, see Islamists as England’s Brothers! It’s funny that even Westerners try to show why Islamism is a product of the UK [1] They see the 19th century as the Era of the Great Game [1], and say: ‘It was the era of the Great Game .. Britons were masters of manipulating tribal, ethnic and religious affiliations [!] .. In the 19th century, the building blocks of Islamism (Islamists) were cemented in place by the British Empire‘ ! [1] It’s funny that even Americans say such things. But they say such things because now any sane person –
who reads history and uses historical documents- can see that Islamists were puppets of the UK, and Islamists served the interests of the UK [1] Mullah Afghani, Abduh, Saudis and other Islamist leaders were officially FMs and spies/ stooges of the UK [1] Wahhabism, Salafism, Bahaism, Mullahsim, Muslim Brotherhood etc were British creations [1] Mullah Afghani pretended that he was an anti-imperialist [1], while he was nothing but a spy/ stooge of imperialists [1] And it’s part of their Great Game. Mullah Afghani served as an agent for the UK [1] Mullah Afghani, the Father of Islamism/ Mullahism, was officially a Free-Mason (FM) [1] Mullah Afghani treated religion as a tool [1] Mullah Afghani is the founder of Islamism/ Mullahism, and the father of all Islamists. But Mullah Afghani was a closet Atheist (& Anti-Religion) who railed against not only Islam but all religions‘ ! [1] And it’s what Americans say. If you want to know the UK, Mullahs, Marxists and Devil’s Game, you should know pigs like Mullah Afghani. In Iran and Tehran, Mullahs have named several streets/ squares after Mullah Afghani. Mullahs still defend and praise their leader, Mullah Afghani. But when you read his letters, his essays and other historical documents, you can see that Mullah Afghani was an atheist and a FM. But Big Brother and his media portray Mullah Afghani as a crusader against Imperialism [1], or as an Islamist-Reformist [1], or as an Islamic Fundamentalist ! [1] But Mullah Afghani even didn’t believe in God and Religion. Historical documents are undeniable, and that’s why even Americans say: ‘Mullah Afghani posed an anti-Imperialist when it suited his purposes. But Mullah Afghani and those in his inner circle engaged in conspiratorial alliance with those very imperialists‘ ! [1] Mullah Afghani was like Noam Chomsky and today’s Mullahs – from Larijani to Rouhani. Al-Afghani was not an intellect, or a scholar. He was a Mullah, a Religious Fanatic. He created Islamism & Mullahism. He was the Father of Islamists. He is the Father of Islamism. But when you read his letters/ essays, including his Answer to Renan, you can see that Al-Afghani even didn’t believe in God and Religion. And it’s the Great Paradox. He openly said: We don’t cut the head of religion except with the sword of religion [!!] And the method used to this end is the practice of a false but showy devotion [1] The UK, Mullahs and Islamists are such hypocrites. They love Fake and Orwellian things. They love a fake and cultlike system [1], and a Free-Mason-like movement [1] But now even idiots talk about Big Brother’s cults, and say: Islamism, Mullahism, or the Muslim Brotherhood is a Cult [1] They even talk about the Cult of Rajavi (MEK), the Cult of Mullahs or the Cult of Islamists, and say: MEK, DAESH, Qom or Basij is a Cult. Now even their own Mullah TV airs good programs about Cult, Cult leaders and disillusioned members of cult-like systems. But you should ask: Why the UK created such Tazi Cults, and who helped the UK Cult-making projects in the 19th century […] Those who know history cannot ignore the role of the so-called British Orientalists [1] British Orientalists were not scholars, but they were FMs and stooges of Big Brother [1] As Westerners say: ‘Afghani’s London contacts were Masons and Orientalists .. One of Mullah Afghani’s most important contacts in London was the British Orientalist Edward G. Browne’ [1] Browne is the Godfather of British Orientalism [1] But Browne was a teacher of the leading British intelligence operatives [1] Edward Browne was the chief publicist in the West for the Bahais [1] But such historic facts remind you of what? Yah, they can remind you of Noam Chomsky and lefty pigs. Who is now the chief publicist in the West for Mullahs & Islamists? Chomsky and his friends. Now the UK media -from the Economist to the Guardian-
is a guardian of Rouhanis, and Chomsky is a publicist for Rouhanis and Islamists. Devil’s Game is Orwellian. ‘Mullah Afghani had multiple contacts with Browne and Bahais’ [1] Mullah Afghani formed the Arab Masonic society [1] But this Motherfucker, Mullah Afghani (below pix), is the Father of Islamism & Mullahism! In fact, the Father of all Mullahs is a FM atheist who supports a fundamentalist version of Islam (Islamism) [1] And it’s the Great Paradox”. We should write more about Al-Afghani, but as some wise Iranians say: “the fate of Afghani, like the fate of Hajji Baba and the fate of all stooges of the Devil, is so informative. Those who lick the ass of the Devil, the UK or the IMF gain nothing but eternal damnation. It’s funny that that even Westerners say: ‘Mullah Afghani proved to be an imperial asset [1] But Mullah Afghani failed to captured the imagination of the masses [1] In fact, average people hated Mullah Afghani. But unfortunately, ‘the seeds planted by Mullah Afghani and the UK (in the 19th century) were about to sprout (in 1979) [1] If you want to know the West’s Game or Devil’s Game better, you should know the story of Islamism, from Al-Afghani to Al-Hindi (Khomeini) and ISIS. As Westerners say: ‘Watered and carefully tended by the UK (Estemar & Estekbar) Islamism & Islamists grew [1] Islamists, from Al-Afghani and his offspring to Al-Hindi and his offspring were and are England’s Brothers [1] The Barbarian West/ UK created Islamism, Mullahsim and many other devils [1] And Al-Hindi and the 1979 FM Coup were Big Brother’s projects. Now even Westerners say: The UK, the MI6 and Cairo’s Anglophiles used the Muslim Brotherhood as a cudgel against people and nationalists [1] But the West and the UK have always used Islamists as a cudgel against Iran, Iranian people and other good guys”.


In this year (2014), many things make Iranians laugh. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Now the farcical story of ‘the Ayatollah Great Satan, the Ayatollah UK, the Ayatollah IMF and the Ayatollah Chomsky’ is like the farcical story of ‘the Ayatollah Shemr / Yazid’. Now the Ayatollah UK media has headlines like: ‘Iran: The Revolution is Over’ ! But as American analysts say: ‘War on Terrorism is a war against the Legacy of the UK (Evil Empire)‘ ! [1] They even say: ‘Mullahs and Islamists are Tools of the Imperialists‘ [1] Of course they say nothing about the Ayatollah IMF, their Zionist IMF plans, or the 2009 CIA Coup. But they know British-sponsored Islamists [1] They know the story of the creation of Islamism [1] They openly say: Mullahs and Islamists make their own deals with their Great Satans [1] It’s funny that even Americans say such things. They even say: ‘Mullah Afghani was officially a member of the Free-mason Lodge at Cairo, and a member of the General Scotch Lodge’ [1] But the Western media and the Lefty media say nothing about the Great Game, the West’s Game, the Devil’s Game”. They also add: “In the past, you could ignore many things. For instance, they said FMs love the Egypt’s pyramids [1], or Mullahs said: the pyramid is a Masonic symbol, or a symbol of FMs [1] And (if you search the internet, you can see that) Iranians laughed & said: So, Mullah Parliament is a Masonic Parliament, because Mullah Parliament is like the Pyramid; the first building in Iran that its shape and its architecture is like the Pyramid is the Mullah Parliament! In the Mullah regime’s era, Mullahs built this Masonic Pyramid/ Lodge and called it Mullah Parliament’ ! Before 2009, many (including us) ignored such things, or saw them as conspiracy theories. But now when Mullah MPs openly make love with their Ayatollah UK, their Zionist IMF and their Great Satan, and when Mullah MPs openly support Anti-Iran plans, Anti-Iranian values, Anti-Woman & Anti-Iranian laws, you can understand why Iranian people said and say: Mullah Parliament is a Masonic Parliament, and Mullah MPs like Tavakoli, Naderan, Nobabeh, Motahari etc are Anti-Iranian spies/ stooges of the UK and the West. Now Javad Larijani, Rouhani and other English Mullahs openly defend Filtering, Censorship, Sadism, Tyranny, Oppression etc. But the UK and the US censor all news and all facts. English Mullahs like Rouhani and Javad Larijani are Enemies of Internet, and Enemies of Iran. They see our Iran as their own Barbarian UK. Their Orwellian logic is so childish, because their Master and their teacher is the Barbarian England. English Mullahs like Rouhani and Javad Larijani use ‘Ab Shanguli’ (bad drugs), and still live in the 19th century. But now Iran and the world have changed. Just look what Iranians say about DEASH and the Orwellian West. Just look how the 97% of Iranians hate all Islamists so much. Just look what the 97% of Iranians do in Muhharam, and what they say/ do in public places. Now only the 3% support Mullahs and their British-Jewish-Tazi traditions. Just look what all Iranians say about ISIS/ ISIL, savage Saudis, Mullahs, Tazis and Locust-eaters (ie Savage Arabs). In the past, only Iranian intellectuals talked about Jewish-Arab traditions, Tazi traditions, and the Age of Savagery and Barbarity in Arabia and the Tazi Land. Iranian intellects knew how Arabs/ Tazis slaughtered an entire tribe of people, how they praised Genocide, and what they did to prisoners of wars. Iranian intellects knew the Tazi History, which is worse the Nazi History. Tazis (ie Savage Arabs/ Jews) proudly praised, and still praise, Genocide or how ‘an entire city of people were slaughtered after their surrender to Tazis! Savage Arabs, like ISIS, said: every man and every children should be killed. They created a ditch dug outside of the town, and each person would be forced to kneel, and their head would be cut off and then dumped along with the body into the trench. They beheaded the man and married his widow on the same day, or they raped the captured women in front of their families. It’s the Tazi Tradition. And the Tazi history is full of such barbaric, inhuman, evil acts. DEASH is not a new thing, as that Ashura was not a new thing. DAESH (ISIS/ ISIL) is a Tazi cult, and Tazis have always enjoyed killing children, raping female prisoners, or slaughtering innocent people merely because they are of a different religion or a different view. It’s a Jewish/ Arab tradition. Tazis were and are savage barbarous people. But the important thing is that now all Iranians, not merely intellects, talk about such issues. It’s funny that even the Mullah TV talks about such issues! For instance, in their own TV series, Mokhtar Saqafi, they say: Between 7000 & 9000 men and children (who lived in a Castle) were slaughtered after their surrender to Tazis (Mokhtar’s enemies). They even say Mokhtar Saqafi was a Tazi and a Big Liar (Kazzab)! He believed War is Deceit, and Tazis tell big lies in order to gain power or to stay in power. In fact, even the modern Islamists/ Zionists/ UK say: End justifies Means, and Means Justify End! They say: You can tell Big Lies and use Barbarity to defend the Truth! Mullahs and Tazis are followers of the Devil, the UK and Machiavelli. Now its clear why Iranians say: Rouhani is Hajji Baba; he is worse than AN; AhmadiNejad (AN) is a Jewish Free-Mason (FM), but Rouhani is a British FM & the West openly supports him & his big lies. Now you can understand many things, including the 1979 Masonic Coup, better. Just ask yourself: Who were Sharif-Emami and Amouzegar, the Shah’s prime ministers in his last year? Sharif-Emami was officially a FM, and the son of a Mullah. He spoke Persian with British Accent! He paved the way for Mullahs and the 1979 Coup. But you should ask: Why (in his last months) Pahlavi appointed the most notorious FM as his prime minister? Amouzegar was a FM and a stooge of the IMF. In 1978, he implemented the IMF plans -including cutting subsidies & Austerity measures- in Iran. Instead of adding water to the fire, he added fuel to the fire. He was like Rouhani. He tried to implement IMF Plans, to add fuel to the fire, and to make people even angrier. In 1978 & 1979, the Shah, Savak and Army allowed Mullahs to hold rallies, and the Shah’s TV covered such rallies and worked as the Mullah TV! The West and its media referred to this Farce as a Revolution, and tried to play the role of Revolution-maker. But if what happened in 1978/ 1979 was a revolution, then what happened in 2009 was the Greatest Revolution in history or the World’s Biggest Revolution. In the 1970s, Iranian people were ignorant, Shah was a stupid puppet dictator, and Islamists & Marxists licked the West’s ass, and the West and FMs helped them to hurt Iran and to serve the West’s interests. But is it a revolution?!”.

In these days, many things are so ridiculous. As some wise Iranians say: “In the 2014 Muharram, the Anti-Iran Mullah TV has become a very hateful mourning station, and just shows you why the 97% of Iranians hate all Mullahs, Islamists & Tazi traditions. What Mullahs and their Anti-Iran Mullah TV do in 2014 show the depth of the Mullah bankruptcy in Iran. Now as religious Iranians say, the Yazid Army shed crocodile tears for Imam Hussein. Now Islamists badly suffer from Goh Gijeh (shitty confusion). Some of them say: ‘Defending or Spreading our religion/ Cut by any means is necessary. And any means = Genocide, Barbarity, Massacre, Oppression and all Evil acts’ ! It’s the logic of Basij, DEASH, Saudis, Zionists and Tazis. They openly say: ‘If you don’t accept our cult/ religion, then we will kill you, rape your women, burn your cities etc. But now all sane people know that if you say such crap, then your Religion is a Satanic Religion, and your God is Satan. Now all Iranians (97% + 3%) and most humans hate DEASH (ISIS/ ISIL) and Savage Saudis/ Tazis. So the bad guys try to use their FM tactics to fool the 3% of Iranians. Now, in Oct 2014, they and their Mullah TV talk about ‘Azad Andishi’ (Free Thinking)! They hurt, censor and suppress Iranian critics, Iranian thinkers, Iranian intellectuals and Iranian people but talk about Iranian values like ‘Azad Andishi’ (Free Thinking), Azadegi (Libertarianism), Porsesh-gari (intellectual curiosity), Zolm-Setizi (fighting against Oppression/ Tyanny) and Hagh-Talabi (seeking the Truth)! It’s funny that FMs and those who defend Slavery and Velayat-paziri (Being Slave of Big Brother) talk about such things. It’s funny that Censors, Sadists and Dictators have become Azad Andish (Free Thinkers) and talk about Iranian values. It shows the depth of their bankruptcy. They know that their own Tazi/ Satanic values are very hateful, so they pretend that they care about our Iranian values. In the past, Anti-Iranian faggots/ whores like Akbar Ganji and Khatamaists used such FM tactics, and could fool a group of Iranians. But now the 97% of Iranians know and hate all Mullahs, all puppets of the West and all Islamists –
including Islamist-Reformists. Now all Iranians and all sane people know that you cannot censor all facts and the voices of all people, but pretend that you care about Freedom & Democracy. You cannot tell many big lies, but pretend that you care about the Truth. Now the West and its Mullahs are badly bankrupt. The Mullah Hypocrisy, like the Western Hypocrisy, makes people laugh. They already pretended that they praise Telling the Truth (Kaleme Haqh) in front of the brutal Dictator (Soltan-e Jaer), but now they themselves are openly licking the asses of the Brutal Dictator and the Great Satan! Mullahs and the West oppress people, and Oppress = to treat people unfairly or cruelly, and prevent them from having basic rights; to make people feel unhappy or uncomfortable . What the West and Mullahs did and do is Oppression, as what Yazid, Inb Ziad and Shemr did was Oppression. You cannot act like Yazid, but pretend that you are Anti-Yazid. When you say: Ali cared about Principles. Ali was a man of principle, but Muawiyah was a pragmatist, you cannot defend Pragmatism, and call yourself ‘Heroic Pragmatist’ and Anti-Muawiyah! When you suffer from the paradox of principles and play with your own principles, only sick pigs like Gary Sick, Ganji, Leveretts and the Ayatollah CIA/ UK praise you. But Iranian people, even religious people, say that you are like Muawiyah or Yazid. The Mullah paradoxes, like the West’s paradoxes, are childish and fatal paradoxes. For instance, they say: ‘you can rule people with Blasphemy (Kofr), but you cannot rule people with Oppression (Zolm)’. They say: ‘Lying is worse than Adultery’. But now from morning to night, they tell big lies and try to rule people with Oppression. Iranians have always said, and Irans motto was and is: You must not Oppress others, and you must not allow others to Oppress you’. Iranians have always fought against Zahaks (oppressors), Deevs (evil forces), and Ahriman (Great Evil). Iran and Iranians are such a great nation that they can solely (Yek-Taneh) fight against all bad guys and all barbarians. Irans enemies have always been barbarians and bad guys, and finally went to hell. Iran – as the land of Aryans, the cradle of culture and civilization, and the oldest country on earth- is still alive because Iranians are tolerant, cultured, good and strong people. Iranians are on the right side of history, while the West and its stooges are on the wrong side of history. Now it’s clear that the UK is just a Barbarian and uncivilized country that enjoys the fruits of Iranian legacy and Iranian values at a superficial level. The West is still barbarian, sadist, uncultured and Orwellian . Their bad guys/ barbarians still control the West, while most of the West’s good guys are silent, inactive or indifferent. Now it’s clear that the West is not a Democracy. The West is Orwellian. In the West, Democracy is Dead, as Journalism or Free Press is Dead. In the West, Big Brother controls everything, and the West’s Logic is still a Barbarian Logic. In the best case, they say: When your enemies are slaughtering each other, the best strategy is to aid them in slaughtering more people’ ! (2014) It’s their modern Logic! Western Barbarians, like British Barbarians, don’t care about Humanity, Human Rights and other Iranian values (aka Human values). They create and support Islamists, but pretend that the 97% of Iranians, who hate Islamists, support Islamists! The West is a very bad joke. Iranians have always cared about Justice, Truth, Human rights, Humanity, Love, Kindness, Tolerance, Liberty, and Fighting against Tyranny and Oppression. In the past, Mullahs and the West pretended that they care about such Iranian values, as the story of ‘Muharram and Ashura’ talked about such Iranian values. So Iranian people, which were naive but good-hearted people, cared about Mullahs and/or the West. But if the West and Mullahs try to shatter all illusions, as they did and do in these years, then instead of saying ‘The Revolution is Over’, they soon should say: The Great Game is Over’, the Devil’s Game is Over. Now the West and its stooges just show that the Barbarian West has not really changed; the West is the Devil, and Devil’s Game is not a myth”.