West and Rouhanis: Truths or Bad Jokes ?

The bad guys still try to hurt Iranians, to tell big lies, and to censor all news. In this year (2014), the bad guys still insist on sowing the seeds of hate and shattering all illusions, and Iranians use satire as a tool to criticize the bad guys. Here lets take a look at one of these satirical comments.

Some wise Iranians say: “Rouhani’s acts and the West’s systematic Lies and Censorship are so ridiculous. So lets use satire to see what the West and its Rouhanis really do and say. (What you read here) is just a satire. But it’s important to note that what Rouhanis (ie Mullahs) do and say is not very different from the satirical versions of their acts or speeches. Rouhani’s acts and Rouhani’s speeches are so shameful and so ridiculous. In 2013 and 2014, and in his Orwellian speeches, Rouhani tells Stupid and Orwellian crap like this: In the name of Satan. In the name of Great Britain. As we know, and as the Ayatollah UK media says, we have converted Iran into ‘Heaven on Earth’. We have increased Censorship, Tyranny, Oppression and IMF Plans; and as we know, it’s the real Freedom and Democracy. As we know, and as the Ayatollah UK media says, Censorship is Freedom, and Tyranny is Democracy. I am Rouhani, and I am not a Colonel. I am worse than a Colonel. As you know, I have implemented the IMF plans in Iran, and I have created more poverty, more injustice, more corruption and more censorship in Iran. In fact, I have tried to fuck this country, and to convert this country into ‘Heaven on Earth’. So, Iranians love Rouhani, and that’s why Iranians say: Rouhani is a Free-Mason (FM); Rouhani is a stupid faggot; Rouhani is a British spy. Iranians say: Rouhani, like all Mullahs, is a liar, an enemy of the people, and a puppet of the West. Iranians say such things, because Iranians love Rouhani and all Mullahs. Mullahs are Free-Masons (FMs), and sons of Satan. So, Mullahs are good guys and men of God. The 2014 Referendum shows that the 97% of Iranians hate all Mullahs and all Islamists. But as U.K. media says, Iranian people love Mullahs and Islamists. The 97% of Iranians hate all Rouhanis and all Islamists so much. Only the 3% (ie whores, Basiji faggots & non-Iranian spies) love and support us. But as the Ayatollah Britain, the Ayatollah Chomsky and the Ayatollah CIA say it means that all Iranians love and support Mullahs. And this is our British logic, our Mullah logic. When the 97% of people hate you and spit at you, you should say: all people love you and support you. Some refer to this logic as ‘Khod Goozi, Khod Khandi …’ (you Fart, and you think all people love Farters because Farters are great men … ) But the UK, Mullahs and FMs love this Orwellian Logic. The 97% of Iranians people hate us and curse us, but we pretend that they love us. We and our FM Brothers (ie Basiji Brothers, British Brothers and other barbarians) are such liars. We even say Iranian people love Iran’s enemies; or Iranian people love tyranny, oppression, poverty or economic problems, and that’s why we increase internet censorship in Iran, and that’s why we implement our Zionist IMF plans and create more poverty in Iran. Yah, Iranians laugh at Rouhani and the Ayatollah BBC. They say our logic is ‘Khod Goozi, Khod Khandi …’. But who care about Iran or Iranians. Who care about the Truth. The UK and Mullahs hate the Truth. The West hates the Truth. So Curses on the Truth. God bless Satan and Big lies. We Mullahs are the sons of Satan. Mullahs tell big lies, because Mullahs don’t believe in God. Mullahs and Islamists tell big lies, kill people, steal people’s money (Beit Al-Mal), fuck & violate people’s rights (Haq Al-Nas) and do all evil things, because Mullahs and Islamists don’t believe in God. Some ask: Mullahs and Islamists are Religious fanatics, Atheists, Big Liars, Satanists, Barbarians or what?! But the answer is clear. Mullahs, like the West, just care about money and power. The West’s God is the Devil, as the Mullah’s God is Satan. The Master of Mullahs is the UK and the Ayatollah Great Satan. Mullahs and Islamists hate Iran and Iranians. Mullahs are Tazis/ Arabs, not Iranians. Mullahs hate the Truth, the Good and Iran’s people. We don’t need Iran’s people. When the Ayatollah UK media and the Ayatollah US media censor all news, tell big lies, love us and support us, we don’t need people. Curses on Iran, and Curses on Iranian people. Iranians say: Rouhani is Ravani (Rouhani is a stupid psycho); Rouhani is a FM like Hajji Baba and AN; Rouhani is worse than AhmadiNejad (AN) and Hajji Baba; Rouhani is a stooge of the IMF; Rouhani is a puppet of the UK. But who cares about Iran and Iranians. Rouhani is proud to be a puppet of the Ayatollah IMF. Rouhani is proud of licking the ass of the Ayatollah Barbarian UK. Rouhani increases Internet Censorship, but the UK supports Rouhani. Rouhani increases Fil-tering and Censorship, but the Ayatollah Great Satan supports Rouhani. Iranians hate Rouhani, but the UK and the USA love and support Rouhani. So Rouhani is proud to be a British spy. Iranians say: Rouhani is worse than AhmadiNejad (AN) and Hajji Baba. Rouhani is a stupid faggot. But Rouhani is proud to be a stupid faggot. Rouhani, like all English Mullahs and all sons of Satan, is proud of telling big lies and licking the Devil’s ass. What’s the use of being a good guy? What’s the use of being honest, human or cultured man? What’s the use of Telling the Truth? What’s the use of caring about Iranian values or Human values? Can you become a billionaire, when you care about the Truth? Can you become a rich guy, when you care about human values? Rouhanis and Islamists are millionaires and billionaires, because they tell big lies, steal people’s money (Beit Al-Mal), embezzle public money, fuck & violate people’s rights (Haq Al-Nas) and do all evil things. Rouhanis and Islamists are a bunch of crooks, thieves and barbarians. We Mullahs and Islamists are animals, not humans. But we are proud of it. We Rouhanis and Islamists love barbarity, oppression and censorship. We Mullahs worship Satan, and love Sadism & Censorship. And Censorship is vital, because If we don’t censor all facts, and if we don’t tell big lies, and if we allow all people to have a voice or to freely debate with us, then we should go to hell and fuck ourselves because we have no rational thing and no logical thing to say. Our Mullah crap/ bullshits just make all people laugh. So, our logic is the Logic of Sword. If we don’t censor all facts and the voices of all people, then we have no place in the world. We Mullahs are enemies of Truth and Logic. We Mullahs and Islamists, like our FM Brothers and our Tazi brothers (ie our Arab brothers + our Zionist brothers) oppress and suppress all people and critics, because our logic is Barbarity, Bloodshed, Bullying and Barbarism. Yes friends, the Savage West and Islamists (ie Basijis, Saudis, ISIS/ ISIL etc) are two sides of the same satanic coin. Basiji Brothers, like their FM/ Tazi/ British Barbarian brothers, are slaves of Satan and Big Brother. Rouhani licks the UK’s ass, hurts Iranians and obeys the West’s orders, because Rouhani is a not a Colonel. Rouhani is a British FM. As the Mullah media openly said, Rouhani’s main goal is: Hurting Iranians and Humiliating Iran. Rouhani just tries to hurt Iranians, and to serve the interests of Iran’s enemies. It’s his mission, and he is proud of his mission”.


“I am Rouhani, and I am proud of licking the ass of the UK. I am Rouhani, a FM; and I am proud of licking the ass of the West and serving the West’s interests. I don’t care about Iran and Iranian people. I am Rouhani, and I am proud that I just try to implement the Zionist IMF plans in Iran. Rouhani, like all Mullahs, is Anti-Iran and Anti-Iranian. Rouhani defends the Anti-Iran IMF plans, the Anti-Iran Filtering and Censorship, the Anti-Iran Britain, the Anti-Iran Arabs, the Anti-Iran Barbarians and the anti-Iran Basijis who killed Iranian people in 2009, and who still attack Iranian people with acid and other Barbarian/ British/ Saudi tools and traditions. I am Rouhani, and Rouhanis (ie Mullahs) defend killers and Rapists, but suppress/ kill victims of Rape. I am Rouhani, an Enemy of the Iranian women and Iranian men, but a friend of Killers, Rapists, British Barbarians, Basijs, Tazis and other enemies of Iran. In these days, Mullah Mahdavi Kani died, and the 97% of Iranians were so happy. The 97% of Iranians hated him, and referred to him as Abu Sufyan, Amr ibn al-As, English Mullah, FM, crook, thief, bastard, animal etc. But I am Rouhani, and I forced all media to have public mourning for this FM brother, not for Iranian women or victims of acid attacks. Iranian people laugh and say: ‘the 3% have a Masonic Mourning for the Ayatollah Abu Sufyan’. Iranians hate all Mullahs. Iranians say Rouhani and other Mullahs are like Yazid, Muawiyah, Abu Musa Ashaari etc. But who cares about Iran and Iranians. The Religion of Mullahs, like all Jewish/ Tazi Cults, is the Religion of Lies and the Religion of howling, barking and shedding crocodile tears. The Religion of Mullahs, like all Tazi/ Jewish cults, is Anti-Happiness, Anti-Humanity and Anti-Honesty. The Religion of Mullahs, like the Religion of the West & ISIS, is a Satanic religion of barking, farting, bullying and lying. Iranian people hate such Satanic religions. But the West and our FM Brothers love Satanism and Satanic cults. In the 2014 Referendum, aka the IMF Referendum, the 97% of Iranians shit on me, and on Hozeh, Rozeh, and all Mullahs. I know that all Iranians hate Mullahs and the Ayatollah IMF. But I am Rouhani, and me and my Anti-Iranian Cabinet still try to increase all prices, to cut all subsidies, to create high inflation, and to privatize everything – from public schools and hospitals to public transports and public places. I am Rouhani, a puppet of the IMF. The Ayatollah IMF asks me to implement Satanic plans, and I just try to implement the Zionist IMF plans. I don’t care about Iran and Iranians. Now all Iranians shit on me and my IMF privatization plans. Iranians ask why I obey the IMF’s orders and try to fuck and privatize public schools, hospitals and everything. But it’s my Masonic mission. I am a Mullah and a FM, and I cannot stop licking the ass of Big Brother. I know that the 97% of Iranians hate me and shit on me. But I am a slave of Big Brother, and I don’t need Iran’s people. Who made me president? who loves me and supports me? Our brothers in the UK and the USA. Rouhani and AhmaniNejad (AN) are the same. All Mullahs and Islamists are stooges of the same Big Brother. Who created the 2009 CIA Coup? Who killed Iranian people? Who support the 3%, but suppress and censor the 97%? Our brothers in the UK and the USA. The Ayatollah BBC is my media. The Ayatollah Guardian is our media. The Ayatollah UK media helps me and supports me. So, we don’t care about Iran and Iranians. Who cares about what Iranians say about the Ayatollah BBC, the Ayatollah Britain or the Ayatollah IMF. The Big Brother’s Mafia controls the West, the media and everything. We Mullahs love and worship the West, because the West is Anti-Iran, Anti-Democracy and Anti-Humanity. In the West, journalists and intellects -like politicians, capitalists, marxists, clergymen, Christian fatalists and Jewish fanatics – have sold their souls to the Devil. In fact, the West is the home of the Evil, and the Land of Barbarians. So, Mullahs love the West. Tazis and Mullahs love the West, because In the West, God is Dead. In the West, Democracy is Dead. In the West, Privacy is Dead. In the West, Liberalism is Dead. In the West, Journalism is Dead. In the West, Free Press is Dead. In the West, Goodness is Dead. In the West, Humanity is Dead. And that’s why we Mullahs love the West. The Savage West is our teacher and our master. Iranians say Rouhani is Hajji Baba. But Rouhani is proud to be a Hajji Baba. Now Brothers and Hajjis control the World; and everything is Khar-to-Khar (donkey-into-donkey) or Hajji-into-Hajji. Now Hajji Hussein (Obama), Hajji Abbas (Iraq-chi/ Basiji), Hajji Shemr-man (Sherman), Hajji Bitch (UK Queen), Hajji Whore (Ashton) and other Hajjis and Brothers control everything. Hajji Cameron, Hajji Hassan (Rouhani) and Hajji Hussein (Obama) are FM Brothers, and play with the world. Yah, Iranians laugh at us. Iranians shit on Wendy SherMan and say: this Kos SherMan is a stupid bitch or a crappy whore, and Lying, Barbarity, Wickedness and Stupidity is part of her DNA. But as Hajji Abbas (Iraq-chi) and other Brothers said, Shemr-man is a close friend of Mullahs. Iranian people know Jang-e Zargari (Sham Fights). Iranian people know who is behind the 2009 CIA Coup and the 1979 FM Coup. Now all Iranians know and hate Mullahs, Mujaheds, Monarchists, Marxists and other puppets of the West. But the West and the Media censor the voices of all Iranians, and so, we can bury our heads in the sand. We can tell Orwellian jokes, and we can think all people are as blind and brainless as ourselves. The West and its media help us. We Rouhanis increase censorship & suppression, but the West and its media say we ease or decrease censorship & suppression! We Rouhanis increase internet censorship/ filtering/ MITM attacks, but the West and its media censor all news and tell the exact opposite of the Truth. So, we can try to bury our heads in the sand, to make people even angrier, and to make a fool of ourselves. Yes brothers, the West and Mullahs have sold their souls to the Devil. Iranians and other good guys are stupid, and say: those who accepts Evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with Evil. But we Mullahs/ Islamists are proud of cooperating with Evil, and selling our souls to the Devil … “.

As some wise Iranians say: “When Rouhani says such stupid and Orwellian things, the UK media and the US media censor all facts, and report: ‘In his good and modern speech, Rouhani slams Internet Censorship, and defends Internet Freedom. Rouhani is really a Reformist and a Freedom-Fighter. Rouhani really cares about Iran, Iranians, Freedom and Democracy. Rouhani is really a friend of the UK and the West. Rouhani is really our (FM) Brother. Rouhani and Islamist-Reformists love the West and Western values, but Iranians hate the West and Western values’. If you want to understand the West better, you should increase your understanding of the animal world. In the past, the West was the land of Barbarians, and now the West is Animal Farm. So you should place them on the level of stupid wild animals, because they are still proud of bullying others, hurting others, censoring facts and telling big lies. They are still proud to be sadists and censors. They are proud of lying, bullying and bullshitting. In the past, Western Barbarians and British Barbarians intentionally tried to attack, torture, rape, massacre, mutilate, eat and incinerate humans simply for not being a slave of the West. But in recent centuries, they wore modern masks, and tried to create democratic illusions, and to fool/ brainwash people. But now even the West’s people talk about the Fallen Masks and the true face of the West. Now the West’s good guys say: ‘In the West, the Idea of Democracy is Dead‘ ! (Oct 2014) They even say: ‘In the 1940s and 1950s public school courses such as history and literature were largely up to the individual teacher. Consequently, there was a lot of diversity in what was taught. (But after that) a form of national brainwashing was put in place that instilled in the young false beliefs about the West and the world .. Now any criticism of America is an unpatriotic act .. In the 21st century it has become increasingly difficult to protest in the US .. They regard protests as a threat to the status quo, and not as a way to express public dissent from government policies .. The purpose of government in the US is not to serve the will of the people, but to conform the behavior of the people to the will of the government .. the same thing appears to be the case in Australia, Canada, the UK and Europe .. In the UK, most people (hate the UK regime) .. In the West, (election shows) serve as a cloak to mask the Death of Democracy’ (Oct 2014) Now Iranians and the West’s good guys talk about ‘the Fall of Journalism’ or ‘the Collapse of Journalism’. They even say: ‘In the West, the Age of Reason was actually the Age of TReason (Treason)! What the West did and does is nothing but committing treason against the Truth and the Humanity’. Now, in 2014, the West’s good guys say: ‘The West is Entering A New Dark Age’ (2014) or ‘The Dark Ages Are Coming’ (2014) or ‘Welcome To The NEW Dark Age’ ! (Sep 2014) They openly say: ‘The Death, or at least the Dark Age of Western Civilization is quickly approaching .. America is entering into a new Dark Ages .. Do Americans, like the people of the Dark Ages, want to hold on to their ignorance for centuries? If Americans remain ignorant, then Freedom of expression will be lost, Privacy will be lost, Basic Rights will be lost .. the Civilized World today has really only one Enemy: the West’s Evil Empire and those (who have sold their souls to the Devil)”.

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