Internet Tragedy, Evil Censors: West or Devil ?!

“In 2014, even the simple act of accessing the internet is so ridiculous. In some days, they send terrible noise/ parasite, or slow down the internet speed in a way that you even cannot open a simple page like Google’s page! But even when the internet speed is more than zero, their Devil Fire-Wall block almost everything, including HTTPS/ SSL ports. Rouhani is worse than AN. Before Rouhani, it took you 5 minutes to check your emails. But now, in the Rouhani’s era, it takes you 10 to 60 minutes to check your emails in Iran. Rouhani has decreased internet speed. Rouhani has badly increased Internet Censorship. Rouhanis often fuck or block all SSL connections. So, Anti-Fil-Ter (AFT) tools don’t work properly. But even when AFT tools work, you are faced with new problems. In this Fucking Rouhani’s era, even when you use AFT tools, Rouhanis and their Western devices can attack SSL, can send fake digital certificates, and can screw all SSL connections. Now Rouhanis don’t allow Iranians to log on to websites in a normal way. Rouhanis send fake digital certificates, and openly try to intercept SSL connections. Rouhanis openly try to launch Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attack on all HTTPS/ SSL connections, even when you use AFT tools! The West has aided Rouhanis in polluting/ controlling AFT tools, and in intercepting SSL connections and launching MITM attacks. So in this Fucking Rouhani’s era, even the simple act of checking emails or searching the web takes a lot of time. In the past, it took us 10 min. to google something. But now, in the Fucking Rouhani’s era, it takes us 60 min. to do the same search. Rouhani is really worse than AN. But just look what the West and the Media say. They censor all facts, and tell big lies”. In these days, the West censors all news in a silly way, and tells big lies in a silly way. But as some wise Iranians say: “Iranians know what the West and its stooges (Rouhanis etc) do. Rouhanis use British-American tools to intercept & break SSL. Rouhanis (Mullahs) try to intercept all SSL connections with the help of the UK, the US and the West. What Rouhanis do is clear, because now even Westerners talk about [1]: ‘How the N-SA, and your boss, can intercept and break SSL !‘ (ZDNet) As they say: ‘there are many ways to attack SSL … But why go to all that trouble when you can just buy a SSL interception pro-xy, such as Blue Coat Systems to do the job for you?!’ ! [1] As you know, Mullahs use Blue Coat’s pro-xies. Blue Coat is an American Company, and like other American/ British companies, they aid Mullahs in intercepting and breaking SSL. As the West’s good guys say: ‘Blue Coat is the biggest name in the SSL interception business. This American Company, like other Western companies, aids Mullahs in keeping all Iranian users under Surveillance‘. In fact, it’s clear that the UK and the US sell Mullahs Orwellian Tools -ie suppression tools, surveillance tools and filtering/ censorship tools. And a specific example of the West’s Orwellian tools is the so-called SSL Pro-xy. The Ayatollah UK and the Ayatollah USA sell Rouhanis SSL pro-xy or SSL Interception Device. As their own experts say: ‘SSL pro-xy intercepts traffic between your computer and the Internet. When you surf to a ‘secure’ site, this (Evil device), and not your browser, get the real Web server certificate and handles setting up a perfect SSL connection between it and the Web server! (Evil device) then sends you a fake digital certificate, which looks like the Web server’s certificate, and sets up a ‘secure’ connection between your browser and (Evil device)’ ! [1] It’s MITM attack. And now Rouhanis use Evil devices at the ISP’s level (as a part of their Devil Fire-wall) to launch MITM attacks and to break/ intercept SSL. SSL interception devices often cause certificate errors [1], and now all Iranians are faced with such errors. Iranian internet users are often faced with Fake Digital Certificate or Certificate error/ warning, because Mullahs use the British-American-made SSL Interception Devices at all ISPs, and launch MITM attacks on all SSL connections. It’s their Smart Fil-Tering!”. The West is really Orwellian. As the wise Iranians say: “Just look how the West, the Left and all Western media -including Lefty media and Alternative media- censor all facts and all news. Rouhani has increased internet censorship. Rouhani sends fake digital certificates and runs (MITM attacks). But the West and its media censor all news, and tell the exact opposite of the Truth. It’s a great Shame, and a great Scandal. And that’s why now even the West’s good guys talk about the Collapse of Journalism. Now the West and all media censor news, tell the same big lies and act like the Big Brother’s Orchestra. (In Sep & Oct 2014,) when you google ‘Rouhani / Iran Internet Censorship’, you can see the West censors all facts and just tells Orwellian Lies such as: ‘Rouhani Is Bringing Internet Freedoms Back To Iran’ [!!!!], Rouhani moves to ease Internet censorship via ‘Smart Fil-tering’ [!!!!] Internet freedom in Iran defended by Rouhani [!!!!] The West is the Empire of Lies. In the West, all media and all journalists play in the same Evil Orchestra. Big Brother leads this Evil Orchestra, and pigs like the Ayatollah Chomsky help Big Brother. Now we all are seeing/ witnessing historic events, including the Collapse of Journalism and the Collapse of Western Democracy. In the West, all journalists and public intellectuals are slaves of Big Brother, and just care about Money and Power. In fact, the West’s intellects and journalists – like Mullahs, Marxists, Basijis, Islamists, Zionists, Fanatics etc- have sold their souls to the Devil”.


In this year (2014), the most shameful thing is that all media, all public figures and even the so-called Western Freedom-fighters and Alternative Media censor the important news/ facts, and tell the same big lies. As some wise Iranians say: “Now even people like Richard Stallman and his friends -who call themselves Defenders of Internet Freedom, Open Internet, Free Software etc- censor all facts and help the bad guys. Iranians, like most humans, already thought that Stallman and his friends (Tor’s guys, OpenSSL’s guys, EFF’s guys, Linux’s guys, GNU’s guys etc) are good guys. But now Stallman and his friends lick the ass of Big Brother, censor news, and just help Censors, Oppressors, Rouhanis and other bad guys. Apparently Stallman and his friends work for Big Brother, and that’s why Big Brother’s media like the Ayatollah Guardian is their beloved/ reliable media. Richard Stallman is a Jew, and has a Jewish family. But Iranians didn’t care about his Jewish root. Iranians thought he is a good Jew. But apparently he is a puppet Jew like his beloved Chomsky. Apparently Stallman and his friends are part of the Devil’s Game or Big Brother’s Projects. Yah, it’s hard to believe that even people like Stallman, Tor’s guys and EFF’s guys are part of the Big Brother’s Mafia. But unfortunately, they talk & act like their Ayatollah Noam Chomsky – who shamelessly supports Brutal Dictators, Mullahs, Censors, Islamists and other Oppressors. Now, many truly say: It’s hard to put your feelings into word; even the West’s Freedom-fighters (what a joke) are bad guys?!”. They also add: “Before 2014, the West didn’t censor all news in a silly way. For instance, they already said: ‘Iranian users revealed a MITM attack via a fake certificate’; or they talked about the story of ‘Fake digital certificates, DigiNotar and Mullahs’ (check Archive). They even said: ‘Blue Coat Internet surveillance devices used in Iran and Syria’. Their Citizen Lab or Reporters Without Borders said: ‘US Blue Coat and Western companies are the Enemies of Internet’. But now, in the Rouhani’s era, the West censors all news, and their Citizen Lab, EFF, Reporters Without Borders etc have closed their mouth and their eyes. Rouhani has increased Internet Censorship. Rouhani attacks all Iranian users with Fake Digital certificates and MITM attack. But the West censors all news, and tells big lies”. They also add: “The West and its Internet companies can detect MITM attacks, but why they say nothing and just help Rouhanis?! The answer is clear. The West is the Mother of All Evil. The West is behind Rouhanis, aids Rouhanis, and supports Rouhanis. The West is the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy and Open Internet. The West is behind the Devil’s Fire-wall in Iran. The West is the root of All Evil . In the West, all media and all journalists/ public figures play in Big Brother’s Orchestra. If Big Brother says: Censor X, Do this or Do that, then all media & all journalists obey Big Brother“. They also add: “In the past, their Reporters Without Boarders said: ‘American Company Blue Coat (BC), a large IT company based in California, is best known for providing filtering and censorship devices for dictators .. BC devices use Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) to survey and censor the Internet’. But now they don’t say how Rouhanis use DPI, MITM and British-American devices to increase Censorship, Filtering, Surveillance, Tyranny & Oppression in Iran”. We have already written about the Western-made Tragedy of Internet in Iran (check Archive). But now what the West does is a real eye-opener. As some wise Iranians say: “the West’s systematic Censorship and the West’s systematic Lies show that the West is not a democracy. The West is Animal Farm. The Ayatollah Great Satan wants to make a deal with Mullahs, so they censor all news and the voices of all Iranians. The West’s journalists, the West’s media and the West’s intellects lick the ass of Big Brother, and obey his orders. This is the West. In the West, Censorship is Freedom. In the West, the Ayatollah Devil is Watching you, but you should be proud of the Devil […] Our people ask: the UN is United Nazis, United Neanderthals or what?! But the West is proud that its UN (ie United Neanderthals) is a defender of Barbarity and Oppression. The West is a bad joke. Now they praise their Rich Kids in Iran. They censor the voices of all Iranians, but talk about a bunch of stupid faggots – who are nothing but MI6 kids or Basiji kids. All Iranians laugh at these stupid faggots, but the Ayatollah Guardian and the Ayatollah BBC censor all news of Iran but support Basiji kids and Basiji censors. Now we all can see what is British Islam, and why even Westerners talk about ‘the Masonic Roots of Islamists’ or ‘the Masonic Roots of Mullahs’. Now the Anti-Iran Mullah TV, Mullah Parliament, Rouhani and other British spies/ stooges like Ahmad Tavakoli – who learned Islamic Economy from the UK & IMF – can show you that their Zionist IMF is actually the Ayatollah IMF, as their Great Satan is the Ayatollah Satan. The West and Mullahs are really the same shit. Who said: ‘Web monitoring devices made by U.S. firms detected in Iran’ ?! The Ayatollah Washington Post and US media! They already said: ‘ Web filtering devices made by U.S. companies detected in Iran … American-made devices for Internet surveillance have been sold to Mullahs, in apparent violation of U.S. sanctions’ !! But now they censor all news […] Now when the West talks about Freedom, Democracy or Human Rights, almost all Iranians boo the West, and say: Arvah-e Amatoon ! The West is the Devil. The West is (Animal Farm). The West is […]”.

As some wise Iranians say: “We, Iranians, had repeatedly said that if the West’s people don’t care about the Western-made Plague/ Tragedy in Iran, then this Plague would badly hurt them. Before 2014, their media talked about ‘How American-Made Tech Help Dictators Censor the Internet’ or ‘How American companies, British companies, and Canadian companies provide Internet filtering and surveillance tools to Mullahs‘ ! Their Ayatollah Post said: ‘Cisco Systems, which makes Internet routers, sold surveillance technology to China and (Mullahs)[!] .. these American tools can be used for Web filtering, spying, surveillance and traffic analysis’ ! They already said: ‘Evil tools like McAfee’s Smart-Fil-ter, and (Evil products) of Blue Coat, NetApp, Web-Washer, Web-Sense, Nokia etc are used by Mullahs, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey’. But now this Plague has polluted the US and the West. Now even Americans say: ‘Hello, my employer has new pro-xies, with ssl intercept enabled. All in the name of Transparency .. I get an error about MITM, and I can see the certificate is not valid’ ! (2014) In fact, now the Plague hurts all of them. Now their media says: ‘French government uses Fake Certificates to read its people’s traffic’ ! Now the West’s employers openly use ‘MITM pro-xy’ !, and their media says: ‘Your employer has a right to perform MITM on you [!] Your employer has a right to watch you‘ ! (2014) The West has officially become Animal Farm. They openly say: ‘Big Brother has a right to watch you and to spy on you’! The West says: Big Brother is Watching you, because Big Brother has a right to watch you’ ! But in the West’s Animal Farm, Sheeple accept such Orwellian crap. Now any bad guys (Har Naneh Qamari), from Basijis and Turks to US employers, can use Blue Coat evil tools, can become a big brother, and can spy on people and fuck privacy. Now Western experts warn their people: ‘If your boss has set up BC device correctly you won’t feel anything because they’ll have arranged to have their own SSL certificate registered on your machine as a valid certificate! If not, you’ll receive an error message, which, if you click on to continue, will accept the Fake certificate‘ [1] In fact, the West is like or worse than the Mullah Regime. Now even their own experts talk about ‘Fake SSL Certificates for MITM Attacks’ (2014), and say: ‘Rogue SSL certificates are used to commit MITM attacks that leave the users under the impression that they are engaged in an encrypted session … Setting up a rogue wireless access point is one of the easiest ways to carry out such attacks .. Wireless internet is so (Orwellian). In all wireless networks, the attacker can easily fuck/ monitor all traffic’. Now many talk about the shameful story of ‘Tor and N-SA’, and even the mass media says: Tor Stinks ! Tor, OpenSSL, EFF, GNU etc have a strong and very unpleasant smell. Aow even Westerners talk about this issue. For instance, a Western blogger, [2]:, says: ‘Tor was a secret project, funded by DARPA … At the very end of 2004, the US Navy cut most of its Tor funding, released it under an open source license and, oddly, the project was handed over to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)! .. EFFs Dave Maass told me by email .. EFF curiously failed to mention that Tor was developed primarily for military and intelligence use!’ ! [2] Now Richard Stallman and his friends not only censor the important news of Iran, but they censor all news about Tor, OpenSSL and Big Brother’s projects. So, it’s obvious why many ask: Stallman is a Big Brother’s agent?! Tor’s guys and EFF’s guys work for Big Brother?!’ Now even Westerners ask: Who kept boosting and promoting Tor as a powerful privacy tool?! [2] They say: In 2007, it appears that all of Tors funding came from the US government via two grants. The first came from the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB), a CI-A spinoff that now operates under the Broadcasting Board of Governors. IBB runs Voice of America (VOA). The CI-A supposedly cut IBB financing in the 1970s after its ties to Cold War propaganda arms like Radio Free Europe were exposed .. the second chunk of cash came from the US State Department’ [2] It’s what Westerners say. They even say: ‘In 2013, the Washington Post revealed that N-SA controls Tor Network’ [2] But Stallman and his friends censor all facts, and just help Evil and Big Brothers”. As some wise Iranians say: “Many have become aware, and that’s why they refer to NS-A as SS, KGB, Gestapo etc. As Americans say: ‘TOR is a great way for SS/ governments to identify and track people .. Tor Network is controlled by SS, but EFF (pretends otherwise) [2] .. SS and GC-HQ run Tor nodes [2] .. All bad guys can run a Tor node’ ! Unfortunately, Tor is Kashk (Orwellian), SSL is Kashk, VP-N is Kashk, and HTTPS is Kashk, as Modern Cryptography is Kashk, and a product of SS […] Now the Ayatollah West aids Mullahs and other Cyber-criminals in using fake SSL Certificates and running MITM attacks against the people. Now you are witnessing the Collapse Of Western Democracy, as you are witnessing the Collapse of Islamism, Mullahism, Tazi Cults and Arab/ Jewish Satanism”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In the West’s Evil Empire, whores like the Ayatollah Chomsky are heroes. But if Westerners want a real change, they should know the Ayatollah Chomsky. They should know that the West is the Devil, and Marxists and Islamists are the Devil’s slaves. The story of the Ayatollah IMF, Smart Sanctions & Smart Fil-tering is ridiculous, but informative. It can show you who is the Ayatollah Chomsky, and who is the Ayatollah UK or the Ayatollah Satan. Now when the Ayatollah BBC says: ‘Rouhani tells Clerics web is vital’ ! (Sep 2014), all Iranians know that Rouhani means Cleric, and the real news is: Rouhani (Cleric) tells other Clerics Censorship/ Filtering/ Tyranny is vital’. Now the Ayatollah UK and its media -from the Ayatollah BBC to the Ayatollah Guardian- just show Iranians why the UK is Animal Farm, why Rouhani is a stooge of the West, or why the Ayatollah West is bankrupt, losing all credibility and nearing the End. But the West’s people are ignorant, and should become aware. In the West, the good guys can see and feel the Plague, and say: ‘Targeted surveillance is focused on individuals, but Mass surveillance on all people. The West’s people (like Iranians) are victims of Mass surveillance’. They even talk about ‘the Changing Landscape of Digital Surveillance’, and say: ‘Mass surveillance of communication networks is (Orwellian) .. NS-A’s systems store about 2 billion emails per day .. Blue Coat, as a silicon valley vendor, (shows that) systems like Tor, VP-N and HTTPS are not secure … Facebook and WhatsApp are SS projects .. PGP and GnuPG are deeply broken and downright dangerous .. Billions of people rely on SSL. But HTTPS and SSL don’t protect your communications from being snooped on by (Big Brothers)‘. The West’s good guys say such things. But the West’s public figures/ intellectuals (ie celebrities) and the so-called Western Freedom-fighters accept Evil, cooperate with Evil, and play in Big Brother’s Orchestra. The West’s average people are not bad guys. They are ignorant, and should become aware. But the West’s media, the West’s public figures and whores like the Ayatollah Chomsky mislead and misinform their people. They cooperate with Evil, and play in the Evil Orchestra. They defend censors, oppressors, dictators and other bad guys, and actually show that the West is the Mother of All Evil […] Even the West’s good guys say: ‘the West’s Evil products provide SSL-cracking capabilities to dictators’. But the West’s pigs talk about ‘the benefits of Evil products’, and say: ‘companies can use such tools to deny their employees access to Facebook during working hours [!] Companies can read their employees’ emails, and can (spy) on their employees [!] (These are) the benefits of (Big Brother’s Blue Coat)!”. In this year (2014), many talk about ‘Solutions’, but as some wise Iranians say: ‘most of these solutions are not real solutions. For about 15 years, the experts knew that PKI or SSL is not secure. But what they did?! When experts, universities and professors work for Big Brother, you cannot have any real solution. First and foremost, universities, mathematicians and all scientists must stop working with Big Brother and Evil agencies like SS. All good guys should condemn evil tools, evil agencies and evil stooges. Now any bad guys (Har Naneh Qamari) can buy and use evil tools like SSL pro-xy. As the West’s good guys say: ‘In the West, Enterprises routinely intercept SSL connections! They say they want to make sure you aren’t leaking their data or doing (bad things)!’ Western companies are evil companies. But it’s not the main problem. Western values are Barbarian-Orwellian values, and the West is an Orwellian society, and it’s the main problem. In the West, Big Brothers control media, universities, think tanks, scientists, intellects, journalists and everything, and it’s the main problem. The West is A Lie Factory. The West is the Empire of Lies, and it’s the main problem. Good scientists and good experts can solve technical problems and find new solutions, but first and foremost the main problems should be solved or (at least) recognized as real problems. You cannot deny or ignore the main problems, but try to find real solutions. In the Orwellian Society, ‘Big Brother reading your private e-mails and looking over your shoulder when you visit all websites’. You cannot ask Big Brother to create secure/ private tools for you. Of course the West’s good guys know such obvious things. Now they say: ‘Western Society is on the Brink of Collapse’ (2014), and add: ‘the West is returning to the DARK AGES, when only a few Barons ruled everything and everyone, while the average individual became a slave, a serf, a working-machine, always in debt to the system’. It’s good that they talk about the New Dark Ages in the West or about the concept of the Prison Planet or the Big Brother Planet. The West’s people and the whole world should know that the West is not a democracy, and the West doesn’t care about Freedom, Human Rights, Truth, Tolerance and other Iranian values (aka Human values). Now the West’s good guys say to their people: ‘At what point will you decide to try to resist, or to learn more about the system and the planners who are doing this to you?’ (2014) In fact, after 2009 and after Snow-den, many things have changed, and now even Westerners talk about the Collapse of Journalism, ‘Orwellian Journalism’, the Fall of the West or the West’s Evil Empire. Now it’s quite clear that the West is on the wrong side of history, and if humans want a better world and a better life, all humans should fight against the West’s Evil Empire and those who have sold their souls to the Devil”.

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