Big Brother Projects: Hajji Baba and England

“They say: ‘the Adventures of Hajji Baba’ is the most popular Oriental novel in the English language! They have ‘Hajji Baba club’ and Hajji Baba society! They even have Hajji Baba song! If you search the internet, you can see what they (UK/ West) say about Hajji Baba. Their stupid Hajji Baba song says: ‘(We) formed the first Persian novel [!] (We ridicule & crap) about Iranian love of poetry [!] (This is our Oriental novel !) Hafiz’s poems are (stupid)! Yes friend, (We Britons hate) Hafiz, Ferdowsi, Rumi (Mowlavi) and Saadi ! .. the beauties of Persia [?!] Who is the (Persian King), a drinker of wine with monkey’s face’ ! Hajji Baba’s book says a lot about the UK and the West. In their Hajji Baba, they say: ‘Sufi is a free thinker .. Sufis are (tolerant & open-minded), and even the infidels are undefiled in their sight [!] And these are wise men of Persia [!] These are the lights of the world ! (But Tolerance is a bad thing! The tolerant/ cultured Persians are bad guys !)Curses on their beard! Curses on their fathers and mothers! Curses on their children [!!] Curses on Attar [!!!] Curses on Rumi [!!!]‘ ! [1] And this is Hajji Baba’s book. This is their most popular Oriental novel in the English language. These sick Barbarians, who wrote such Anti-Cultural crap, are wise men of the UK! These uncultured Barbarians, ie Britons & Europeans, still think and act like their savage ancestors, but pretend otherwise. Read their books and see how they attack Truth, Logic, Literature, Tolerance and Persia. Hajji Baba is one of the first Big Brother’s projects, and can show you many things about the Barbarian West, and a Barbarian Culture and a congenital inferiority complex in the UK and the West”, some wise Iranians say. In this year (2014), the West censors all news in a silly way, and tell big lies in a silly way, and it reminds many of the 19th century. As some Iranians say: “Now the Ayatollah BBC, the Ayatollah Guardian and the Ayatollah UK media censor all news, support their Rouhani, and tell childish lies about Iran. What the Ayatollah West and its media – from the Ayatollah Huffington Post and the Ayatollah New York Times to the Ayatollah CNN and the Ayatollah BBC –
do and say is so childish and so ridiculous. Now even kids laugh/ spit at the Ayatollah Britain and the United States of Ayatollah (USA) ! But the systematic lies and the systematic censorship in the West remind many of the past and Big Brother’s projects . Iran’s people know Big Brother’s projects, and that’s why now even the Western media (in Persian) confesses their 1979 Coup was one of their Big Brother’s projects, Mullahs -from Al-Afghani to Al-Hindi (Khomeini)- were Big Brother’s stooges, the West made a hero out of Khomeini, and created this Anti-Iranian regime”. As the wise Iranians say: “It’s not important what you call them: Big Brother’s projects, Masonic projects, Evil projects, Orwellian projects, British projects etc. They exist, and Iranians and all sane people can see and feel them. After the 2009 CIA Coup, we all could see that Big Brother’s Project is not a myth. When the Ayatollah IMF and the Ayatollah CIA openly make love with Mullahs, and when the Ayatollah UK, the Ayatollah West, Lefts and all media openly censor all news, tell the same big lies and act like the Evil Orchestra, any sane person can see that Big Brother’s Mafia is not a myth. But since the 19th century, Big Brother has led this Orwellian orchestra“. In this year (2014), Rouhani has increased the Internet Censorship/ Filtering in Iran. As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, Rouhanis have badly increased the Internet Censorship/ Filtering. Now Rouhani has increased All Kinds of Censorship, including Sending Terrible Noise and Terrible Parasite. Now even the simple act of accessing the internet is so Ridiculous & Orwellian, but the West and even its so-called Free Software activists, including Richard Stallman and the Tor’s guys, censor all news and just help Rouhanis and Censors. Big Brother’s Mafia is not a myth. Just look how the West, its intellects and its media help Censors, Oppressors or Mullahs. And How Mullahs, including this English Eshak (Rouhani), just try to serve the West’s interests, to aid Iran’s enemies, to hurt Iran and Iranians, and to lick the ass of Big Brother. Mullahs and Islamists, as a British invention, just try to aid the Enemy of Persia. Mullahs and Islamists, like their English Arbab (Arbab = master), still think today is the 19th century! Mullahs and Islamists, like their Masonic Brothers, still live in Ahd-e Boogh (19th century). Now the stupid West and its Freedom-fighters (what a joke) censor all news, tells childish lies and openly aids/ supports Rouhanis and Censors. In fact, the Ayatollah West shows that Big Brother’s Mafia and their Evil projects lie at the root of all problems“. So, we have decided to write a series of articles about ‘Big Brother’s Projects’. Hajji Baba is one of the first Big Brother’s projects, and will be discussed in two posts (the first post is what you read here). Hajji Baba is a very stupid and Orwellian book, but Hajji Baba is important, because as the wise Iranians say: “Hajji Baba was one of the first products of the UK Lie Factory (UK Ministry of Truth), and can show you how the Big Brother’s Mafia works”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Hajji Baba, as a product of the UK Ministry of Truth, is full of childish lies. Now you can find and read the last edition of Hajji Baba as [1]: a free e-book at Project Gutenberg. This edition [1] is a special edition, because Lord Curzon wrote its introduction. But the first edition was published in 1824, not in 1895 (at the Curzon’s time). James Morier (1782- 1849) was officially a Free-Mason (FM), a psychotic FM. His ‘Hajji Baba’ in 1824, and even his next editions in the 1830s, was full of psychotic delusions and childish lies. So they decided to edit Morier’s crap, and to censor/ edit many part of Hajji Baba’s first editions. In the late 19th century, English FMs like Curzon and Browne tried to publish new editions of Hajji Baba, and what you can find in the internet are these last editions – with many censorship and improvement! But even these editions can show you many things”. They also add: “Free-Masons (FMs) like Lord Curzon clearly showed that Hajji Baba was a Masonic Project. This stupid FM, Curzon, openly and shamelessly said: ‘Hajji Baba is an estimate of the Persian character, whose great and national vice is lying, and whose weapons, instead of the sword and spear, are treachery, deceit, and falsehood … And he revels in his tales of Persian cowardice .. in conflict with the troops of a European Power (ie Russian barbarians who invaded Persia), Morier put (his own words) into the mouth of his characters (ie Mullahs) .. Similarly, though doubtless with an additional instigation of ambassadorial prudence, Harford Jones (Brydges), Moriers own chief, wrote (about) characteristics of the Iranian people‘ !! [1] The UK, whose great and national vice is Barbarity, Eating Humans, Drinking Human Blood and Telling Big lies, and whose weapons are the Ministry of Truth, the Lie Factory, and the Orwellian media pretended that ‘A stupid stooge of the UK = Persia! Hajji Baba’s goal was clear: the decline of Persias image in the West. Hajji Baba was full of childish lies and childish paradoxes. For instance, English Barbarians and their James Morier said: ‘Persians have had Genghis, Timours and Nadirs’ !! [1] This is their Hajji Baba and their English IQ! English faggots said Genghis & Mongols were Iranians! In fact, if they now say: Obama is Iranian; Hitler was Iranian; or Cameron and UK Queen are Iranians, It would be less laughable. English Barbarians and their Morier were illiterate & uneducated, but said: Ignorance is Strength! They didn’t know ‘whether Persia was part of the East, or the East part of Persia?’ They even didn’t know ‘whether England was part of London, or London part of England?’ ! [1] They even didn’t know that Genghis and Timours -Like Obama, Cameron and Hitler- are not Iranians. Morier, like all British faggots, was uneducated and uncultured. He just tried to connect Fart to Forehead. For instance, he said Non-Iranians or Sworn enemies of Iran (like Turk-Mongol Barbarians) are Iranians [1], but Iranians/ Aryans -like Kurds, Medes, Armenians and other Iranians- are not Iranians! [1] His Hajji Baba has about 80 chapters, and in many chapters Morier stupidly tries to pretend that Ottoman Turks are Persians! [1], or Arabs are Iranians! [1] This is Hajji Baba and English IQ. English retards pretended that Tazis, savage Arabs and sworn enemies of Iran & Civilization are Iranians! They still use the same tactics. They know that Mullahs/ Islamists are Arabs and Anti-Iranian pigs. But they still pretend that their Arab/ Anti-Iran Mullahs are Iranians! But any educated person knows that Arabs are not Iranians, as Britons are not Iranians (Aryans). Any educated person knows that Arabs had Caliph, while Iranians had Shah, not Caliph. But Morier said: ‘Persians have Calip .. (King) in Persia is khalifeh or caliph’ !! [1] This is Hajji Baba’s book. British pigs were uneducated and uncultured. When they wanted to ridicule Persia, they used a stupid beggar and said: ‘He (beggar) is among the modern Persians what Sam and Afrasiab were among the ancient’ ! [1] This is their Hajji Baba. The stupid UK even didn’t know who is Afrasiab! (Afrasiab was not Iranian) The UK Logic was so childish. Now If you say: A British football hooligan = All Britons! Cameron = all Britons! A British football hooligan can remind us of Newton, Darwin or British intellects!, you are are as stupid and uncultured as the UK. The UK and Morier were so uncultured, and their most popular Oriental novel tried to justify Savagery, Barbarity, and Russian-Barbarian invasions to Persia [1] In many chapters of his stupid books, Morier defended the occupying army of the Russian barbarians and said, for instance: ‘I saw Persians with uplifted swords, attacking defenseless Russians’ !! [1] or ‘the good Russian (invaders!) had been the first to fall a sacrifice to the attack of the Persians’ ! [1] or ‘”Hajji, tell me, how many Russians have you killed?’ ! [1] or ‘the Persians, having completed their deeds of horror, had retired from the scene of action, leaving to villagers the melancholy task of burying the dead bodies of thirty wretched Russians’ !! [1] The Russian army was the Invader/ Occupying army. Russian barbarians waged war, invaded Persia, and killed millions of innocent and defenseless Persians -with the help of the Barbarian UK. But Morier and British pigs said Barbarians and Invaders are good guys, but Iranians who defend their country and fight against Barbarian invaders are bad guys! This is the British-Barbarian Logic. The UK was officially the land of Barbarians, and the Home of the Devil […] But Iranian Logic has always been a Human logic. Since the ancient time, Iranians have said: ‘Our Persia is a great country, and we don’t invade other countries. But If you attack our Persia, and hurt/ kill our people, we will resist, fight back, kill you like pigs, and make you regret’. This is the Iranian logic. Since the ancient time, many Barbarians (from Europeans to Tazis) have invaded Persia. Persians just defended, and most Persian wars were merely defensive wars. It’s so important, because the UK and other Barbarians loved war, barbarity and bloodshed”.

As some wise Iranians say: “James Morier told many childish lies, but had a few good confessions. For instance, he said: ‘ Persians are (as strong as) male Lions’ ! [1] He knew what Iranians say about Barbarians, including Russian dogs and English pigs. In the 19th century, all Barbarians – including the UK, Franks (today’s France & Germany) and Russians- united against Persia and invaded the Home of the Good (Iran). But even at that time, as Morier confessed, Iranians knew obvious things and said: ‘Whose dogs are Russians? .. Russians are (nothing but) the dogs of Europe’ ! [1] Morier had good confessions. For instance, he talked about ‘the Russian occupation of Teflis, Baadkoo, Derbent, and of all which belong to Persia‘ [1] In fact, he showed where was and is the Iranian territory, and which parts of Iran have been occupied by British-Russian barbarians, and must return home. He talked about Bokhara, Herat, Erivan, Ganja, Georgia and other parts of Persia [1] He actually showed which cities/ areas belong to Iran, the Land of Aryans. James Morier was a Kodan (brainless idiot). He tried to pretend that Iranians are not Iranians!, but non-Iranians are Iranians! For instance, in many chapters of his Hajji Baba, he tried to pretend that Kurds, ie one of the first Iranians, are not Iranians! Morier and English pigs put their own words into the mouth of Kurds, and pretended that Kurds (ie Iranians) say about other Iranians: ‘You do not know the Persians! Lying is their great, national vice [!!] We advise you, as a general rule, not to put your trust in Persians [!!]‘ ! [1] Can you believe it?! Which Iranians can say such Anti-Iranian crap ?! But Morier and English pigs had low IQs, and pretended that Kurds (ie Iranians) say to other Iranians: ‘You may talk of your hospitality, and of your kindness to strangers, But You Persians are a wicked nation‘ !! [1] English Barbarians told such childish lies. But those who know Iran and history, know that Kurds -like other Iranians-
were & are so zealous in defending Iran. Who bravely fought against Turks, Arabs and other enemies of Iran? Who have always defended our Iran? Iranians like Kurds, Azeri, Lur and other Iranians. Even the stupid Morier confessed that ‘Kurds fight against Arabs, Turks and other enemies of Persia’ ! [1] But as Morier and English pigs had low IQs and short memories, they said paradoxical things. For instance, Morier confessed: ‘ Persia is the country which, from the beginning of the world to the present day, has always been famous for the genius of its inhabitants, and the wisdom and splendour of (its people)’ [1] In fact, Morier and English pigs knew that our Iran is the Cradle of Culture & Civilization, and our Persia is the Land of Wisdom & Goodness. And that’s why they were & are so jealous of our Persia. The story of Britain and British Barbarians is exactly like what Iranians said about the UK in the 19th century: ‘the most miserable and neglected of creatures, all of a sudden found themselves the object of universal attention/ admiration ‘ ! [1] And it’s one of the best and shortest comments about the UK and British Barbarians”. They also add: “Hajji Baba has 80 chapters [1], and in most chapters the stupid Morier tries to pretend: ‘A very stupid person in Iran = all Iranians and all great men of Persia’ ! He even tried to pretend that Luti = Sufi ! [1], or Dervish = Luti ! [1] Morier and Britons were uneducated, and they even didn’t know who is a Dervish, who is a Luti, who is a Sufi, who is a Scientist, who is a scholar, who is a man of literature, who is a poet etc. They even didn’t know that Luti (Lat/ thug) is not Scholar! English pigs were so uneducated. If you want to talk/ act like them, you should say: The UK football hooligans = British philosophers & English intellects ! or ‘British hooligans/ thugs = Newton & Darwin’ ! And it’s exactly like the English Logic in Hajji Baba. Morier said a thug, a Luti, or a stupid person = All Iranians, all Iranian scholars, or all great men of Persia! This childish logic has deep roots in the Land of Barbarians (UK), and (we should write more about it later)”. They also add: “In the Barbarian modes of thought, ie in the British modes of thought, a thug/ hooligan = All scholars! This is the UK logic. British Barbarians said an illiterate thug is ‘the most perfect dervish in Persia’ ! [1] This is the UK Hajji Baba. Their Hajji Baba is full of Anti-Iranian sentiment. Anti-Iranian sentiment is feelings and expression of hostility, hatred, discrimination, or prejudice towards Iran and its culture, and towards persons based on their race and nationality. Anti-Persianism or Anti-Iranianism is actually Anti-Humanism. Only Barbarians and those who hate Culture, Literature, Tolerance, Humanity and Civilization can hate Iran and Iranian values […] Even the Persian thugs (Lutis) were saints and angels compared to the English men and European intellects. Even the Persian thugs (Lutis) cared about human values like honesty, humanity, and many civilized red lines. But as history shows, even the British elite was ‘a Barbarian and a drinker of human blood’. The British were naked Barbarians (Pictish), and savage Human-eaters. And their logic and their values still belong to the Age of Barbarism. We all know their Barbarous-British Colonialism. They are the followers of Satan and the defenders of Barbarity, Racism, Sadism and Genocide. Who created and/ or defended Systematic Racism, Systematic Slavery (Slave Trade), Systematic Genocide, and Systematic Sadism & Exploitation in Africa, America, Australia or Asia?! The Orwellian-Satanic logic of Hajji Baba is the Logic of the West. They still praise Sadism, Censorship and Barbarism. They still say: Rouhani/ AhmadiNejad = Iran, or Hajji Baba = Iran! But now all normal humans say to the stupid West: ‘According to your own logic, Obama = America, Hitler = Germany, Cameron = Britain, British Barbarians = all Britons, or American animals = all Americans ?!”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘Even the educated Britons know that James Morier was so stupid (Zaye)! So, some of them try to pretend that: ‘Morier was a Turk’ ! or ‘Morier was born and nurtured in a Turkish atmosphere’ ! Morier loved Genghis and Turko-Mongol Barbarians. But does it mean James Morier was a Turk-e Khar (Turkish donkey)?! For about 200 years, James Morier (above picture) was a good Briton, but now suddenly, he becomes a Turk?! Morier was a real Briton, because he had low IQ and told childish lies in a silly way. Morier talked and acted like today’s UK media – from the Ayatollah BBC to the Ayatollah Guardian. British Barbarians were & are like Tazis (Savage Arabs/ Jews) and Turkish donkeys. The UK and British Barbarians still love and praise Genghis and Mongol Barbarians, because the British invasion to the civilized world was like the Turko-Mongol invasion. Turko-Mongol Barbarians invaded Persia, China, India, and the rest of the world. And it’s exactly like what British Barbarians and Western Barbarians did […] English pigs still refer to Genghis as a Hero or a Real politician! In fact, English Barbarians love other Barbarians, but hate Culture, Literature, Persia and great poets like Hafiz, Saadi, Attar and Rumi’ [1] This is Britain, the main land/ cesspit of Barbarians and Barbarism”. They also add: “Morier, like all British Barbarians, was psychotic and uneducated. And now even the good Britons say: ‘Morier’s letters and diaries make it clear that from the start he had (a psychotic, racist & Orwellian attitude) towards Persia’ ! James Justinian Morier, know as James Morier, was a politician (diplomat) and a Free-mason (FM), but English Barbarians call him intellect, writer or Orientalist! They say a Jafang Nameh (a book of crap/ a crappy book) like Hajji Baba was an Orientalist project!, apparently because their Morier hated Culture, Literature and Tolerance, and said: ‘Sufis, Dervishs and tolerant Persians are a set of bad heathens’ ! [1] Morier had low IQ. He used Persian terms like Dalal (broker), Eshek Mirza (Eshek = donkey) and Namerd Khan (Namerd = traitor), but he didn’t know what these terms really mean, and why Persians use such funny, sarcastic terms. Morier stupidly tried to copy from Persians, but his fake and English-made terms like Mirza Fuzul (nosy), Mirza Ahmak (stupid), Mullah Nadan (idiot), or Dervish Bideen (Bideen = irreligious) were so childish. Iranians had a great sense of humor, but British pigs had low IQs and even didn’t know why Iranians referred to a traitor or a stooge as Eshak Mirza or Namard Khan. For instance, Rouhani is Eshak Mirza, or the prince of Herat was Eshak Mirza [1] because English pigs could fool him into betraying Persia. Traitors and Puppets of Enemy (UK etc) were called ‘Namerd Khan’. The UK stooges and Mullahs were Namerd (traitors), but Morier had low IQ. Morier and UK were really Eshak! They openly said: ‘Mirza Ahmak is a Persian Doctor like Avicenna ‘ ! [1] This is their Hajji Baba. They said Dervish Bideen is a bad guy because he defends the Truth, the Good, Tolerance, Humanity and all Humans! [1] But their Lord Curzon said such crap shows ‘the talents of the British writer’ ! [1] British pigs are bad jokes. In Curzon and Morier’s eyes, Barbarians are good guys, but the civilized and tolerant people of Persia are infidels, loquacious, and naives! [1] The UK and Europe were, and still are, savage and uncultured. Who still defend the Anti-Iran Sadism, Racism or Genocide?! Who censor all news and all facts, and still tell childish lies? Now non-Iranians say: ‘Britons are liars by nature. Lying, Hypocrisy or Barbarity is part of the British DNA’ ! British Barbarians are uncultured racists & sadists. But we, Iranians, are not racists. We are not like them. We, Iranians, don’t say: All Britons are bad guys/ barbarians by nature. We, Iranians, know and say Good Britons exist, as Good Jews/ Arabs/ Turks etc exist. Iranians are not racists. Iranians care about all good guys in all around the world. It’s part of our Iranian Culture and Persian Wisdom. Even Morier confessed, ‘Persians say: Wisdom is better than everything; Wisdom is even better than riches!’ [1] But British pigs could not understand such things. The level of Persian Wisdom is much more higher than the level of the UK”. They also add: “Now the normal humans truly say: the UK is a Third world country/ a backward country simply because their most prestigious media is A Lie Factory like the Guardian’. It’s true. The UK media- from the Ayatollah BBC to the Ayatollah Guardian- clearly show that the UK is a backward/ Orwellian cesspit. But you should not forget that the UK has been an Orwellian Cesspit for a long time. George Orwell wrote several articles about ‘Censorship in Britain‘. You can find these articles in the internet. Try to find and read, for instance [2]: ‘Censorship in England’ (by George Orwell, 1928) or [2]: ‘Orwell’s Preface to Animal Farm‘, aka ‘the Freedom of the Press’ (by Orwell, 1945). Now even the good Britons say: ‘George Orwell’s original preface to Animal Farm was about Censorship in the UK. But in a shocking bit of Orwellian irony, this preface is censored from almost all print editions of the book!‘ ! In fact, Orwell tried to say that the UK is Animal Farm, and his famous novels (‘Animal Farm’ & ‘1984’) are about the UK, the British Animal Farm and the UK Ministry of Truth. Orwell knew the Big Brother’s Mafia or the British-Masonic projects. Orwell said: ‘the British press is (heavily) censored. But the same kind of veiled censorship (ie Orwellian censorship) also operates in books and periodicals, as well as in plays, films and radio … The present state of affairs regarding censorship in English is as follows. In the theatre, each play must be submitted for inspection by a censor nominated by the government, who can ban its performance or request alterations’ ! [2] And this is the Modern UK ! Rouhanis are actually the stooges/ followers of the UK. As even the good Britons know and say, ‘Animal Farm’ or ‘1984’ was actually about the UK, its Orwellian Society and its Ministry of Truth (UK Lie Factory). In these years, even the good Britons write about ‘How London became the censorship capital of the world‘ !, and say: ‘In the UK, Big brother is watching and recording us all. Every time we go online, we display our thoughts, our interests, our desires, our curiosities, or our politics. All of these things are recorded by the Big Brother‘ ! (2014) But Satan and Big Brother’s Mafia try to create the same Orwellian Situation in all countries, including Iran. Now Big Brother’s Mafia, ie all media and all public figures, just help and defend Censors, Oppressors and Rouhanis. They still say: Rouhani/ Hajji Baba = Iran, or Curses on Tolerance; Curses on Iranian values and Curses on the Truth and the Good. But now ‘the habits of the West appear so ridiculous and disgusting’, and even idiots are becoming aware. In the 19th century, UK pigs like Curzon said: ‘Tehran, Meshed, Ispahan and Shiraz will share the fate of Persepolis and Susa’ ! [1] But now it’s clear that the fate of the UK is like or worse than the fate of Mongols and Mongolia. In the UK, the voice of a dumb ass like James Morier is called harmony! In the UK and the West, the Orwellian media and dumb asses still censor all news or all voices, and try to fool their Sheeple in a silly way, because they still believe: In the country of the dumb the sound of one voice, be it even that of an ass, would be called harmony ! [1]”.

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