The Ayatollah UK or The Ayatollah USA ?!

“In these days, many things make Iranians angry. Now the bad guys make even the simple act of accessing the internet a headache. Rouhani has increased Internet Censorship, and now even surfing the web, downloading files, playing games or checking emails in Iran is a difficult thing, gives Iranians a headache and forces them to curse Rouhani and his Arbab (ie UK/ West ). Now Rouhanis are badly slowing down the internet speed in Iran. But the West and the Media censor all news and just defend Rouhanis, and Rouhanis openly try to increase Censorship, Oppression and all kinds of Satanic acts, to serve the West’s interests and to make Iran’s enemies happy. Now behind the Devil’s Fire-wall in Iran, most Digital Certificates/ HTTPS connections are Fake and totally unsecured. In fact, Rouhanis openly try to hack and hijack the Yahoo, Skype, Gmail and all email accounts and other accounts of All Iranian users. But the West censors all news, and praises Rouhanis! Rouhanis/ Islamists and their Arbab (ie UK/ West) are sick pigs (Bimar) and stupid psychos (Ravani). In these days, Rouhani has ordered a new crackdown on the Mullah Media. As the Iranian media reports: the Mullah media ‘Entekhab’ shut down after criticizing the Rouhani government’ ! (Oct 2014) But the West censors such facts and all news”, some Iranians say. They also add: “Apparently, this Mullah media (Entekhab) has shut down because it was criticizing the systematic Lies/ Corruption in the Rouhani’s era, and because instead of publishing Anti-Iranian comments, it published part of the Iranian people’s comments about the Ayatollah UK, Rouhani, Tazis and other enemies of Iran. This shameful crackdown is important. But just look how the West censors all news. The West’s Censorship and the West’s Lies are much more important than what Mullahs do”. In these days, many things are ridiculous but important. As some wise Iranians say: “the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani so much, but now even the 3% (ie Rouhani’s +Regime’s supporters) say to Rouhani and the West: Stop Lying!! (Oct 2014) Now almost all Anti-Fil-ter tools don’t work properly, because Rouhani has increased Internet Censorship and Internet Filtering in Iran. Rouhanis and their Devil Fire-wall try to block, control, fuck or pollute almost all Anti-Fil-ter tools. But it’s funny that the Ayatollah UK and the West censor all news, tell the exact opposite of the Truth, and strongly aid/ defend their Rouhani, Censorship and the greatest suppressors of Basic Rights and Internet Freedom. Now almost all censorship circumvention tools (ie Anti-Fil-ters) have serious problems behind the Western-made Devil’s fire-wall in Iran. But the West censors all news, and shows that the Ayatollah UK, the USA and the Western media are the main enemies of Internet, Freedom, Democracy, and Internet Freedom in Iran. Now it’s quite clear Why the Hatred of the West is on the Increase, and why the West is the Capital of Censorship”. In these days, the West censors almost all news in a silly way. But as some wise Iranians say: “Now the West shows its real intentions. Now the US media has articles like ‘Mullahs, the Thinkable Ally ! (New York Times, Sep 2014) or ‘How the West and Mullahs Become Friends Again‘ !! (Forbes, Sep 2014) and says: ‘This is a new era in which the West needs to be friends with Mullahs (Islamists) .. the West’s joint venture partner is Revolutionary Guards’ ! Can you believe it?! The Ayatollah USA has no shame and no brain, and as Iranians: ‘Sharm ro Khordan, Haya ro Qey Kardan !’ (they eat Shame, and vomit up Decency !) Now the most polite things that Iran’s people say about America is: ‘Fuck you, the Ayatollah Obama’ or ‘Shame on you, the Ayatollah USA“. They also add: “Now what US Lie Factory, from the Ayatollah CNN to the the Ayatollah NBC, say about Rouhanis is exactly like what the Ayatollah BBC and the Ayatollah UK already said […] All Iranians know and hate the Ayatollah Britain. Iranians know that the UK media and British journalists are Inglorious Whores (Faheshe-haye Bi-Aberu), as British politicians are Inglorious Bastards or Inglorious Barbarians (Barbar-haye Bi-Aberu). But just look what the Ayatollah America says! The love story of ‘Great Satan and Mad Mullahs’ is so ridiculous. Now even the 3% (Basijis, whores etc) laugh at the love story of ‘Mullahs and their Great Satan’ ! Now Great Satan tries to become the Ayatollah Satan !, or the Ayatollah USA !, and that’s why the stupid West censors all news, tell childish lies and play silly games. But all Iranians know the West’s silly games. After their 1953 CIA Coup, they tried to create more Tyranny, Censorship and Oppression in Iran, and now, after their 2009 CIA Coup, they try to re-play their old games. The West just wants to keep Iran weak and under Tyranny, and all Iranians are aware of this issue. The stupid West wants a new Hajji Baba, a new Torkmanchai (a nuclear one) and more Tyranny and more Censorship in Iran. In fact, Censorship, Tyranny, Filtering, Sadism, Oppression and more problems are the direct results of Relations with the West. Indeed, Islamic Westernization & Relations with the West = Tyranny, Censorship, Oppression and Keeping Iran weak and unFree. Relations with the West = Relations with the Devil = More Tyranny, more Censorship, More Oppression, More Poverty (IMF Plans) and More problems. Iranian people are not blind and stupid. Now Iranians say many good things such as: On the one hand, Filtering, Noise, Paradise, Censorship, Lying and all Evil acts have increased in the Rouhani’s era. On the other hand, the West’s terrible censorship and the West’s terrible lies have increased, and the West censors all news, supports Tyranny, Censorship and Rouhanis, and make Iranians laugh. Now many talk about ‘Qazanfar va Qarb’, and say: ‘Qazanfar ro vel Kol, Qarb ro beh Chasb’ ! that means: Just look what the West says/ does; the West is worse than Mullahs. Qazanfar = brainless Idiot = Rouhanis. But Qarb (West) is worse than Qazanfar! The West is the Arbab (master) of Rouhani, of the Anti-Iran Mullah TV, of the Anti-Iran Mullah Parliament etc. The West is behind the Internet Censorship in Iran. The West is behind the Mullah regime. The West is behind Islamists, Zionists, Terrorists and Dictators. The West is behind the Internet Filtering. Now their own media says: ‘Germany imposes internet filtering on routers‘ ! (Oct 2014) The West is a bad joke”.


It’s obvious why Iranians are so mad at the West. As some Iranians say: “the stupid West tries to prove what? to prove the West is Great Evil, Empire of Lies or what ?! Now the Ayatollah West censors all news and tells childish lies. But Iranians say to the stupid West: ‘Show your true face, baby! Show your true colors, and make all people aware! Now it’s quite clear that Iran’s Main Problem or Iran’s Main Enemy is the West, not Mullahs and other puppets of the West. In fact, Mullahs are not important. As Iranians say: ‘Mullah Sag-e Kieh; Rouhani dige Sag-e Kieh. The West is Omol Fetneh (the Mother of All Evil); The West is their Arbab (Arbab = master); The West is the Main Problem & the Great Evil; The West support & control Mullahs and this Anti-Iranian regime’. The 97% of Iranians hate Mullahs so much. So, it’s obvious that a bunch of Basiji faggots (Charta Chalquz/ Basiji) are not able to save this bankrupt regime. Basiji faggots have low IQs, and almost all Iranian people know them and hate them so much. But the West still helps and supports Mullahs/ Basijis. Iran’s main problem is the West. Iran’s main problem is the Anti-Iran Mafia, known as the Big Brother’s Mafia, the Masonic Mafia, the West’s Mafia etc. Who openly supports Terrorists (MEK etc), Anti-Democracy groups (Mullahs, Monarchists etc), Iran’s sworn enemies and the Anti-Iran Sadism? Who censors all news of Iran and the voices of the 97% of Iranians? Who tries to keep Iran weak and under Tyranny? The answer is clear, and now all people are aware of it. Now even idiots and the 3% know that Rouhani, the Censor/ the Liar is a puppet”. Iranian people are not blind or stupid. As some Iranians say: “Islamists increase internet censorship in Turkey. Rouhani increases internet censorship in Iran. But just look how the West makes love with Censors and Islamists. Now in Iran, even surfing the web or checking emails gives people a headache, because Rouhani has increased internet censorship. But the West censors all news, tells the exact opposite of the Truth, and says: Rouhani eases Internet Censorship! The West is The Empire of Lies. The West is so Orwellian. In 2013, they said: ‘Iran Moves to Ease Internet Censorship Via ‘Smart Filtering’ and Smart Censorship’ ! (NBC) The Ayatollah NBC already licked the ass of AN, and now they lick the ass of Rouhani, and say: Rouhani plans to loosen Internet censorship by introducing Smart Filtering’ ! In US Lie Factory, Orwellian = Smart ! So, The Ayatollah America sees itself as a smart pig, while any sane person knows that America is Orwellian, Smart Fil-tering = Orwellian Fil-tering, or Smart Censorship = Orwellian Censorship. Only retards and US Sheeple still don’t know obvious things and say: Censorship is Freedom! The US media, from the Ayatollah CNN to the Ayatollah NBC, loves Censors and Oppressors. The Ayatollah USA and the US media are Enemies of Iran, Freedom and Democracy. They hate Iranians, but love Rouhani, Islamists, Arab dictators, Turkish Terrorists, MEK, ISIS and all Terrorists and Evil forces. The US Lie Factory, from the Ayatollah Washington Post to the Ayatollah Huffington Post , censor all news and tells paradoxical/ childish lies about Islamists, ISIS, Arabs, Turkey, Tyranny, Rouhani, Filtering and Censorship. Erdogan and Turkish Islamists have openly supported Internet Censorship, ISIS and Islamic barbarians. But Erdogan and Turkish Islamists, like Arab Dictators, are called US Allies or Friends of America! Now they want to turn Rouhani into a new Erdogan –
ie a new Islamic Dictator who licks the West’s ass, defends Censorship & Tyranny, and openly suppresses its own people and serves the West’s interests. But Iran is not Turkey. The 97% of Iranians hate Islamists so much. Iran, the land of Aryans, is the oldest country on earth and the cradle of culture and civilization. Iran is a not a newly born state or a European-made country like Turkey and Arab states. The West is so stupid”. Those who defend Tyranny, Censorship, Big lies and other evil things are on the wrong side of history. As some Iranians say: “The West is the Home of the Evil, and the Empire of Lies. They are on the wrong side of history. Just look how the Ayatollah Obama, US Congress and other American jerks have turned the so-called Home of the Brave into the Home of the idiots, the Home of the Faggots, or the Home of the Jerks. They openly support Islamists, Arab dictators, Turkish Taliban, the 2009 CIA Coup, the Anti-Iran Sadism, Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews) and other Evil things. Even Good Turks and Good Arabs, like Good Jews, are aware of this issue. The West and the USA openly support Turk-e Khar (Turkish donkeys), ie those Turks who support Internet Censorship, Filtering, Oppression, ISIS and Barbarity. Even the good Turks/ Arabs know that Saudi Arabia and ISIS/ ISIL are the same thing, as Turkey’s Islamists and ISIS are the same shit. But US officials and US media love Turkey, Saudi Arabia, ISIS and Al-Qaeda! The US media whores, from the CNN’s whores (Amanpour etc) and NBC’s whores to the fucking Larry King, love to lick the asses of dictators – from AN to Rouhani & Erdogan. Now they openly support Terrorists (MEK etc) and the Islamic Republic of Corruption & Censorship. They know that the 97% of Iranians hate all Rouhanis (Mullahs). They know what the Ayatollah IMF and the Ayatollah CIA did and do in these years. They know that Rouhani has increased Internet Censorship in Iran. They know that even the Mullah media talks about ‘Rouhani, the Liar’, and Dolat-e Sansoor-chi Rouhani (Rouhani’s government, the Censor). They know that Rouhanis try to block all Internet ports, HTTPS, public DNS and everything. But they censor all facts, and tell the exact opposite of the Truth. They actually show that the West is the Empire of Lies, and the West is the Enemy of Freedom and Democracy“.

In these days, many talk about the West’s Orwellian Censorship. As some Iranians say: “The West and the Left even censors the news about corruption in the AN’s era! AN’s men and AN’s ministers have embezzled billions of dollars, and now even the Mullah Media talks about such issues. But the Lefts and the USA censor all news, and act like the Ayatollah Guardian and the Ayatollah BBC. Some people still ask: ‘Why the US media should act like the Ayatollah UK media?!’ But many things are convincing most people that the USA and the Ayatollah UK are the same shit. Now the whole West censors all news. The West even censors what the Mullah media says about Islamic Crooks like Jazayeri, Zanjani, Rahimi (the Vice President in the AN’s era) and stealing Billions of dollars in the AN’s era. The West is really the Capital of Censorship. Now Rouhani’s ministers (Jannati & Vaezi) openly defend Censorship and Tyranny. But the West censors all news, and defend Rouhani’s Censorship ministers! In fact, the West is an Enemy of the Iranian People, but a Friend of Islamists and Censors. Now even the West’s good guys say good things like: ‘The West puts its interests above Democracy. It’s a Shame’ ! (2014) or ‘Americans should be protesting for Democracy like the people of Iran’ ! (2014) All good guys know obvious things. For instance, Iranians say to the Exiled whores/ journalists: ‘Stop licking the Mullah’s ass; Stop licking the West’s ass; Stop Lying; Stop licking the ass of Big Brother’ ! Now almost all Iranian people know that Anti-Iranian Whores/ FMs like Akbar Ganji, Massoud Behnoud, Nikahang Kowsar, Nabavi, Nourizadeh and all 2009 Traitors are Qarb-parast (West-worshiper), Ajnabi-parast (Foreign-worshiper), Englis-parast (UK-worshiper), Barbar-parast (Barbarian-worshiper), Arab-parast (Arab-worshiper), Shah-parast, Akhund-parast (Mullah-worshiper) or Devil-worshipers. The so-called Exiled Journalists, like Western Journalists, worship Money and Power, and don’t care about the Truth and the People. The West, the Devil, tries to Keep People in the Dark, and journalists help the Devil. It’s the West’s Journalism. Now the West and its journalists openly censor all news and openly defend Tyranny and Censorship, and actually show: ‘In the West, Journalism is Orwellian (Journalism is Kashk), and it’s so important. You should ask: When they censor all news, tell big lies and do such evil things at the age of Internet, why they have really done in the past (19th century)?! The current Evil projects are like the Big Brother’s Projects in the past – aka Evil Projects, Orwellian Projects, British Projects or Masonic Projects. The 19th century, when the Western Barbarians invaded the Home of the Good (Iran/ Persia), marks the Beginning of the Orwellian Era […] Hajji Baba (Adventures of Hajji Baba) -that they see it as ‘the most popular Oriental novel in the English language‘ ! – is one of the first Big Brother’s projects”. We should write more about the Big Brother’s projects, including Hajji Baba. But as some wise Iranians say: “Now when you read Hajji Baba and the UK childish lies, you can understand Big Brother’s Projects better. James Morier (1782- 1849) was officially a Free-Mason (FM), a psychotic FM. In the real world, Hajji Baba was Mirza Abul Hassan Elchi, a friend of Morier. Most of the sources confirm that during his stay in London (in 1810), Elchi officially become a FM. Elchi worked closely with FMs like Morier, Jones and Ouseley. Gore Ouseley was officially a FM. In London, Ouseley was appointed FM host/ teacher of Elchi. The story of Ouseley is a long story, but to make a long story short, both Elchi and Ouseley were FMs and played an important role in waging UK-Russian wars against Iran, in aiding Russian army, in weakening Iran, and in drafting the Treaty of Golestan. In 1813, Elchi signed the treaty of Golestan on behalf of Iran! Then Elchi went to the UK, and lived there for some years! In 1823, Elchi was appointed the foreign minister of Iran! In 1828, Elchi signed the Treaty of Torkamanchai ! Most of the sources confirm that Elchi was a staunch supporter of the British, and for his good services the UK paid him an annuity of 1,000 rupees from 1810 to 1845, the year of his death! But it’s interesting to know that even in the 19th century most Iranians knew that Elchi works for the UK. At that time, Iranian people didn’t have access to today’s documents, but they had enough evidence. In the 19th century, Persia was in its worst conditions and most Iranians (like most humans) were illiterate or ignorant. But even at that time, as Morier confessed, Iranians knew many things and said to the UK: Whose dogs are you (Shoma Sag-e ki Bashid keh … )! But today is another day. Today Iranians are among the most modern, well-informed and well-educated people in the world. Now the payback time is near, and you can be sure that Iran and Iranians will pay British Barbarians back for what the Savage UK did to the world. The Barbarian UK or the Little Britain is a Great Criminal, and as our people: it’s good that British pigs open old wounds, make love with Mullahs, and make people even more angrier. Thank God that Barbarians are such brainless idiots’ ! British Barbarians still think their Mirza Abul Hassan Rouhani / Elchi and his Dual Policy (Concession for the West, Oppression/ Suppression for Iranians) can fool people! Rouhanis and their Masonic/ English Brothers have low IQs, and still live in the 19th century. Mirza Abul Hassan Rouhani, like Mirza Abul Hassan Elchi, is Anti-Iran and Anti-Iranian, but today is not the 19th century and the Age of Torkamanchai and Hajji Baba. Now it’s clear that the West is the Great Evil & the Main Problem. In fact, Iranians and many other good guys know that if they want a better world and a better life, they should fight against the West, and should put an end to The West’s Evil Empire. And the good news is that The West’s Evil Empire is badly bankrupt, confused, corrupted, frustrated, and nearing the End. The best tool for fighting against The West’s Evil Empire is Awareness, the public awareness. And now the Evil Empire itself is making all people aware! […] Today Farce is a bad copy of an old tragedy. In the 19th century, some wrote a letter to Mirza Malkom and said: ‘you and your UK want to use Mullahs as the leaders of Iran’s progress?! You ask Mullahs to become FMs, because Mullahs should become the progressive leaders of Iran?! Are you joking ?!’ In fact, the Ayatollah UK could only fool the ignorant/ illiterate people. But now almost all Iranians have become aware and educated, and know who is who”.


As the wise Iranians say: “When Tyranny reaches its peak, it actually reaches its End. And it’s not merely a metaphor like: The night before dawn is always the darkest. As you know, everything has its own boiling point and breaking point; and as history and reason show, when Tyranny reaches its peak, people reach boiling point, and tyranny reaches breaking point“. They also add: “In these years, the West is actually nearing breaking point, the point of no return. Now their own media says, for instance: ‘Australian senators voted for a monstrous censorship law. Australian senators and their new law say: ‘If you see government agents kill people, it will be illegal for you to tell anyone!’ !! (Sep 2014) But this monstrous law is just one of their ridiculous/ monstrous laws in the West. You can say: Australia is a Third World country, or Australia is a backward country. But the whole West is like Australia. Just look at the UK. The UK Monstrous Censorship is so Orwellian. The UK media is the world’s worst Orwellian media, and the UK’s people are so ignorant and indifferent, and it shows that the UK is a Third world country. The UK is a backward and Orwellian country. The UK is so Orwellian. The UK is a Third World Country, because most of their people are so ignorant/ stupid, and don’t protest against their Orwellian systems and the UK Tyranny. Of course even in a Third World Country like the UK sooner or later people will rebel against their Orwellian regime. Now what Britons say about Cameron and its Orwellian programs show that even in an Orwellian Society and a Third World Country like the UK, people will not remain stupid for ever”. They also add: “Now the West’s people not only have no opportunity to hear/ read critiques of the West, they also have no opportunity to learn real news about Iran, or to hear the voices of Iranians and other good guys. But when your media censors everything, and your people are so ignorant/ stupid, and when your people are easily fooled, and when your people know nothing about the world, history and many other things, you are actually a Third world Country. America is really a Third World Country, because US Sheeple are among the world’s most ignorant people, and US Media and US intellects are Stupid and Orwellian”. They also add: “Now it’s quite clear that Western Journalism is Orwellian Journalism, as Western Democracy is nothing but Orwellian Tyranny. Filtering policies are stricter under Rouhani than ever before, but just look how all Western media and all Western journalists censor such news, and tell big lies. They just copy from the Ayatollah Guardian and the Ayatollah UK, and say what the Big Brother wants. It’s so shameful that almost all Western journalists are such slaves of the Big Brother. Now even their own media have ridiculous news like: ‘UK snooping and spying powers is ‘too weak’ ! The UK regime needs to persuade British public to reduce digital freedoms’ !! (Sep 2014) or ‘Australia’s government defends a massive and broad attack on basic rights/ freedoms, including Free Speech’ ! (Sep 2014) In the West, only Big Brother’s agents are allowed to become public figures (journalists, intellects etc), and most of their analysts/ journalists are CIA or ex-CIA! It’s obvious that such Orwellian Society, with such Orwellian Journalists/ Intellects, is not a Democracy. The West is not a democracy. The West is a backward and Orwellian society. The Western Democracy is nothing but Big Brother’s Democracy, Orwellian Democracy or Masonic Democracy. And this is Barbarian/ British Democracy. In the UK, Censorship is Freedom, Tyranny/ Monarchy is Democracy, Ignorance is Strength, Liars are journalists, and A Lie Factory is called Media. They openly say Orwellian things like: Censorship is bad, but our Censorship is good! Big Brother is bad, but our Big Brother is good! Fascism is bad, but our British Fascism is good! The UK media and the US media stupidly talk about good Fascism, good Censors, good Barbarians, good Bad guys!, good Tyranny, good Racism, good Sadism, good Genocide, good Barbarity etc. The West is a very bad joke”. They also add: “We, Iranians, are not Anti-West or Anti-American. We, Iranians, are Anti-Barbarian, Anti-Censorship, Anti-Tyranny, Anti-Big Brother and Anti-Evil. We, Iranians, say to the West and the US: Iranians already cared about you, because Iranians thought that you are Humans (Adamid) and you care about Democracy or Human Rights. But if your USA becomes the Ayatollah USA, or if your USA openly censors all news, tells big lies, and supports Terrorists (MEK etc) and Anti-Democracy groups (Monarchists, Mullahs etc), then all good guys and all Iranians will become anti-US, and will be so proud to be Anti-Barbarian and Anti-American. Our people already thought that you are good guy (Fekr Mikardan Adam hastid), but now you try to show us that you are very bad guys (Adam nistid)! Such a wisdom! Apparently, you want to show that you have never been humans (Adam Nabudid), but you were Human-eaters (Adam-khor Budid)! […] Now the Large Army of Educated Iranians say to the stupid West: Whose dogs are you?! Iran must enjoy Democracy and Nukes. Our Persia must become a Super Power again, as it used to be. Our Persia must have Nukes and everything. Our Iran must punish the Barbarian West. Our Great Persia, the Cradle of Culture and Civilization, should put an End to the West’s Evil Empire. Our Iran, the Land of Aryans, and other good guys should bring the Savage West to justice. Your puppets and your brake pedals cannot stop our Iran. If your brake pedals really worked, today’s Iranians were not such wise, modern and educated people. If your puppets and your Brake Pedals really worked, today’s Iran was not such a modern and wise nation, much wiser and smarter than your stupid UK and your stupid West. You were Barbarians, and your values are still Orwellian-Barbarian values. But our Iranian values are the first Human values. Our Iran created modern values like Tolerance. When you were savage Barbarians and were eating humans and defending Genocide and Barbarism, our Iran was creating Modern Values and Human Rights, and Iranians were writing about Truth, Tolerance, Love, Humanity, Justice, Human Rights, Good Thoughts and Good Deeds. Our Iran is the Land of the Good, and the Cradle of Culture and Civilization, while the West was officially the Land of Barbarians and Barbarism. They are still uncultured Barbarians. They still try to sow the seeds of Hate, to defend censorship, tyranny and Orwellian acts, and to praise Bullying, Sadism, Genocide and Collective Punishment! Such a Wisdom! Now even little kids know who is on the wrong side of history, who is Barbarian or Bad guy, and who is nearing the End”.

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