West and Rouhani: Censorship, Devil’s Game

“What the bad guys do is a real eye-opener. Their Terrible Censorship is a real eye-opener, as their Orwellian Game is a real eye-opener. ‘Eye-Opener = an experience from which you learn something surprising or new’ ! So, what the West and its stooges do is a real eye-opener”, some Iranians say. They also add: “After 2009, and after Snow-den’s revelations, many can understand ‘Orwellian Game’ or Devil’s Game better. Now when the West supports Terrorists (MEK, ISIS etc), Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews) and Rouhanis, you can understand ‘the root of all evil’ better. Now the West’s big lies, the West’s Orwellian games and the West’s Terrible Censorship can reveal ‘the root of all evil’. Now Rouhani’s cabinet and other Mullahs openly defend their Satanic Fire-wall, their new
Filtering-Censorship system, their new Satanic acts, and their new Censorship, Suppression and Oppression methods, but the West censors all news and all facts, and openly supports Rouhani’s Evil-Orwellian acts
! Apparently, the stupid West still thinks all humans are as blind and brainless as US Sheeple. But now any sane person can see that The West is the Mother of All Evil. The West censors all news (of Iran etc), including the news of the new crackdown on Internet freedom in the Rouhani’s era, because The West is really the Devil, and the West is behind all Islamists, Terrorists, Dictators and Satanic forces. The West censors all news and fucks the publics right to know. But now many people know the West and ‘Devil’s Game’. In these years, even Americans write books like ‘Devil’s Game‘ ! This book (‘Devil’s Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam’ by Robert Dreyfuss) discusses how Western governments supported the growth of Islamic fundamentalism for several purposes, and why British imperialism saw Islamists as a helpful instrument in the service of its Evil empire. Of course many better books can be written about Devil’s Game and the Untold Stories of ‘Islamists and their Western Masters’, ‘Islamists and their Zionist IMF’, ‘Islamists and their Great Satan’, ‘Islamists and their Nasty England’ etc. These years and current events say a lot about Devil’s Game“. So, here lets take a look at some new and important events, which are badly censored by the West.

As some Iranians say: “In 2014, almost all Iranians see, feel and/ or talk about the new waves of Internet Filtering and Internet Censorship in Iran. In Sep 2014, Rouhanis (Mullahs) openly talk about their New Filtering System and their new Evil Fire-Wall (FW). But the West censors all facts and all news! Now it’s quite clear that the West is behind Islamists, Tyranny and Oppression in Iran. As you know, Mullah FW is a product of the West. Mullah FW, like the NS-A FW or British FW, is nothing but Devil’s Fire-Wall (FW). Devil’s Firewall is a Orwellian system that the West creates it, and all dictators and all evil forces use it. Yah, it’s not a new thing. But do you know why Iranian people (are so mad at the West and its stooges)? In Sep 2014, English Barbarians make love with their Rouhanis, while Rouhanis openly defend Censorship and Orwellian Tyranny! The UK loves Rohani, because Rohani is an Enemy of the Iranian People, an Enemy of Iran, and an Enemy of Freedom. Rohani is an English Mullah, and just tries to increase Censorship, Filtering, Restrictions and Orwellian Acts. The West and English Barbarians still dream about a new Hajji Baba, a new Torkmanchai (a nuclear one) and keeping Iran weak and under tyranny. So, they love and support Rohani and Anti-Iran Mullahs. They openly defend Censorship and Tyranny in Iran (for more info, check Archive for [1]: ‘English Barbarians vs Iran: Behind the Evil Fire-wall’ etc). Collaboration between the West and Mullahs is unbelievable . The Mullah Surveillance-Orwellian Machines have Dark IPs (fake IPs/ private IPs), not public IPs [1] But now the Mullah Orwellian Machines (with dark IPs) are directly making love with the Western servers! [1] It’s a historic Shame. Now Mullahs have started to use their Dark Machines, ie their Surveillance-Orwellian Machines, at the ISP’s level. In Sep 2014, Rouhanis have forced all Iran’s Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to use Dark Machines. They say: It’s ‘A Distributed System’ !, and this ‘Distributed Evil’ adds new layers to their Western-made FW. Now Rouhanis, like their English masters, say Censorship is a new kind of Freedom! Now most Iranians directly connect to the Dark Machines, not to ISPs. In fact, ISPs use ‘Dark Machines’ and ‘Dark IPs’ at their front gate, and it means that most Iranians firstly and directly connect to the Orwellian Machines. But do you know what the West and the Left say and do?! Now Iranian packets go through more than 6 Surveillance-Orwellian Machines [1] In fact, filtering, spying, tracking, surveillance and all Orwellian acts have increased by 100% to 200% in the Rouhani’s era. But the West and the Left censor all facts, praise Rouhani, and call him a defender of Internet Freedom! In Sep 2014, the UK Lie Factory and Big Brother’s media say: ‘In the past, the Iranian censorship system has been very restrictive [!] (But now) Rouhani Eases Restrictions on Internet Censorship and Internet Filtering’ !! (Sep 2014) Can you believe it?! This level of Orwellian Censorship and Orwellian Lying just confirm that The West is the Devil and the root of all Evil. Now Rouhani’s men openly defend Censorship and their new English-Satanic Filtering methods. Now Rouhanis defend Devil’s Fire-wall and Orwellian acts. Now the Mullah Censorship System is very restrictive, more than before. But the UK and the West censor all facts, and tell the exact opposite of the Truth! The West is so Orwellian. The West is really the Mother of All Evil, as the UK is the Mother of all Islamists”.


Iranian people are not blind or stupid. As some Iranians say: ‘Almost all Iranians know that Mullahs are puppets of the UK and the West. Iranians know what Western Censorship and Western Lies mean. Now all Iranians (+97%) are booing the West, English Barbarians and English Mullahs. Now only Whores and English Basijis like Ali Motahari or Akbar Ganji lick the asses of the UK, the US, the IMF and Rohani. Now it’s quite clear that all Islamists -including MEK, ISIS, savage Arabs, Khatamists and Basiji faggots- work for the Big Brother. They lick the Devil’s ass, tell childish lies, and betray the truth and the people. Now it’s quite clear, and Iran’s people know, that Exiled whores and the so-called Exiled Journalists are nothing but Orwellian whores and Big Brother’s agents. They just try to serve the Devil’s interests, and to hurt Iranians. Exiled Journalists are like or worse than Basiji faggots like Ali Motahari – who belongs to a notorious English Clan. But the West still says Islamists, Whores, Faggots and Big Brother’s agents are journalists, intellects or human right activists! It’s one of the worst jokes of all times. Now even non-Iranians laugh at the West. Now even non-Iranians talk about How the West created and supported Islamists. Now even non-Iranians know that European/ British Barbarians created Islamists and Islamism (ie Wahhabism, Salafism, Muslim Brotherhood, Mullahism etc). Mullah Al-Afghani, the Father of Islamism and all Islamists, officially worked for the UK. And now even Westerners talk about such issues and call it Devil’s Game! In fact, if any sane person tries to know history, s/he can know English Game, Orwellian Game or Devil’s Game. But even if you don’t know history, these years and current events can show you many things. Just look how the West created and supported ISIS/ ISIL. Just look how the West supports Terrorists (MEK, ISIS etc), and how the West supports Arab dictators. Just look how the West supports Rouhanis and Anti-Iranian forces. Just look how the West censors the 2014 Referendum, the IMF plans in Iran, and the voices of average Iranians. American Animals and British Barbarians still live in the 19th century. The United States of Animals (USA) and British Barbarians still dream about re-writing history and repeating history. In Sep 2014, the UK and Mullahs and the Jewish CIA make love, but call it ‘A New Horizon’ ! Islamists and Basijis love their Jewish CIA, their Zionist IMF, their Great Satan, and the Big Brother’s monkeys like Leveretts, G. Porter or J. Reporter ! Now the Jewish C-IA goes to Qom and Tehran, and writes about ‘Going To Tehran’ ! But is it a New Horizon ?! Now Mullahs make love with their English Arbab (master), their Zionist C-IA or their Zionist IMF, but is it a New Horizon?! When the Mullah TV openly defends and praises the Jewish CI-A and monkeys like Leveretts and Gareth Porter, and when the Jewish C-IA defend Mullahs, appear on the Mullah TV, travel to Qom, or meet with high rank Mullahs, is it a New Horizon or a very Old and Masonic/ Manufactured Game?! It’s obvious why the Jewish C-IA support the 2009 CIA Coup, the IMF Plans in Iran, the Mullah Tyranny, the Islamic Barbarity and all Evil things. But defending Tyranny, Censorship, Barbarity and Evil things is a New Horizon?! Now even non-Iranians say: ‘The masks fall: Gareth Porter and (the Jewish C-IA) in Iran’ ! (2014) Many people know the CI-A monkeys like Leveretts and G. Porter, who are close friends. Now Big Brother’s monkeys and the US media openly write about ‘Our Allies, the Mullahs’ ! or ‘Our Friends, the Mullahs’ ! (2014) or ‘Mullahs, the Thinkable Ally’ ! (2014) The Big Brother’s monkeys created the 2009 CIA Coup and killed many Iranians. Now the 97% of Iranians know them and hate them so much, but they still think they can repeat what happened after their 1953 CIA Coup. They stupidly refer to their Old games as A New Horizon! But when the UK openly makes love with Mullahs’, or When CIA Goes to Qom/ Tehran’, it’s a New Shame, not a New Horizon! It’s an old game, like Devil’s Game in the 19th century. Now even the stupid Mullah media talks about ‘Those (Stupid Mullahs) who still live in the 19th Century! (Javad-haii ba Ruykard-e Qajari !) (Sep 2014) In fact, now even idiots know the West’s stooges and Devil’s Game”.

The story of the Orwellian Internet or the Orwellian Media is not a new thing. But as some Iranians say: “It’s a new thing that the West censors all news and all facts in a silly way. It’s a new thing that Rouhanis use new Satanic-Orwellian Filtering methods. It’s a new thing that the West censor all news, and praises Censorship and Rouhanis. It’s a new thing that the West shows its true face in a silly way, and makes people aware. Now the West’s Orwellian Games are silly games. Now all Iranians know that the West is a Big Liar and a Great Devil, as Islamists, Lefts and Rouhanis (Mullahs) are Big Liars. Rohani is like or worse than AN. The only things that you cannot find in Rohani’s face is Honesty, Humanity, Wisdom and Iranian identity. Rohani’s face is a Jewish face and a British face. Rouhani, like AN and all Mullahs, is a stupid Hypocrite, an anti-Iranian stooge of the West, and an Enemy of the Iranian people. Rouhani, like his Masonic/ English Brothers, love Orwellian games (Nal-e Varuneh) and Sham Fights ( Jang-e Zargari). Rouhani and his ministers openly and strongly defend Censorship, Filtering, IMF plans and Orwellian plans, but chant Empty and Orwellian slogans about Freedom! But the UK and the West say: Rouhani is a defender of Freedom! The West is a bad joke. Rouhani defends Censorship; Rouhani and his cabinet openly defend Internet Censorship, Internet Filtering, and Devil’s Fire-wall, but English Barbarians, American Animals and Big Brother’s media say: ‘Rouhani defends Internet Freedom’ ! (Sep 2014) English Barbarians and Western Animals still live in the 19th century (Ahd-e Booq), and think their Ministry of Truth can still fool people. But when Iranians can see and feel Rouhani’s evil acts, including the the New Methods of Internet Filtering and more Orwellian Filtering methods in the Rouhani’s era, what they would think and say about the West and its silly lies?! When ‘Rouhanis enter the individuals private domain, and chat sessions between people; When Rouhanis defend wire tapping and online surveillance of internet users; and when the West censors such facts and defends Rouhanis, what Iranian people think and say about the West and Rouhanis?! Now the story of fake digital certificates, fake tools, fake VPNs, fake IPs, fake Freedoms, fake Democracy, fake Religion, fake Fights (between the West and Mullahs) is very Orwellian & very Ridiculous. But it makes people aware. Now what the West is doing just shows that the West is the main creator, lover and supporter of the Mullah regime and Islamists. The West’s pigs love Mullahs, meet with them and support them. But even Western people hate the West’s politicians and the West’s evil acts […] Iranians hope that the West’ good guys and all good guys try to know more about Devil’s Game, and to care more about Western-made tragedies like the Anti-Iran Sadism and the Tragedy of the Internet in Iran”.


The tragedy of the internet in Iran can reveal many things. As some Iranians say: ‘It shows the true face of the West. It shows the real Logic of Islamists, which is the Logic of Sword. Now the Mullah TV stupidly says: ‘Tazi laws and Saudi laws like Victory (Al-Nasr) By Terror (Al-Rob) are Barbarian laws ! (Sep 2014) But what’s their own Mullah Logic?! They try to Terrorize Iranian people. Their Devil’s Fire-wall is nothing ‘Victory (Al-Nasr) By Terror (Al-Rob)’. Rouhanis openly Terrorize People. Just look what Rouhani’s ministers say, and how Rouhani’s men, ISIS and all Islamists try to Terrorize People. ‘Terrorize = to deliberately frighten people by threatening to harm them, especially so they will do what you want’. And it’s exactly what Mullahs/ Islamists, from ISIS to Basijis, did and do. The Mullah Logic is the Tazi Logic, ie Victory (Al-Nasr) By Terror (Al-Rob) and the Logic of Sword. All Tazis -from savage Arabs, ISIS and Saudis to Zionists and Mullahs- have no rational thing and no logical thing to say, and thats why they love and defend Censorship, Tyranny, Terror, Oppression, Suppression, Sadism, Filtering, and Victory by Terror. Tazi Cults are Satanic Cults. Mullah Paradoxes, like the West’s paradoxes and the Arab-Jewish paradoxes, are Childish and Satanic Paradoxes. They defend Censorship, but say Censorship is Freedom! They attack normal sex, but defend Rape and Rapists! They attack normal humans, but defend Crooks, Thieves and Big Liars! Mullahs act/ talk like their English masters. In 2014, English Barbarians and their Orwellian media tell bad jokes. For instance, the Guardian of Big Brother defends Hijab, ridicules Iranian women, and has articles like ‘Modeling Iranian style: the ‘Po-rn star’ look’!! (2014) and says: ‘Iranian women don’t like Islamic dress (Hijab) or natural Iranian beauty[!] There is a fever for Modeling’ and the Po-rn star look in Iran’ !! (2014) It’s so funny that English Barbarians and their media have become defenders of Hijab (Islamic dress), and try to ridicule Iranian women in this silly way. But according to this English logic, all British women are sluts, and all Western women live like sluts or po-rn stars! Now it’s clear that the UK and English barbarians hate Freedom, Human rights or Women Right’s. As our people say: the UK and its Human-eaters (Adam-khora) are defenders of Human Rights or Women’s Rights?! Don’t make us laugh !’ The UK beliefs are
Satanic-Orwellian beliefs. But it’s interesting to know that Mullahs -even Mullah Afghani (the Father of Islamists)- talk/ act like their English masters. In ‘The Answer to Renan’, Mullah Afghani said: ‘All religions are intolerant, each one in its way .. Muslim society has not yet freed itself from the tutelage of religion .. I cannot keep from hoping that Muslim society will succeed in breaking its bonds and marching resolutely in the path of civilization someday after the manner of Western society [!!] .. No agreement & no reconciliation are possible between religion and philosophy. Religion imposes on man its faith and its belief, whereas philosophy frees him of it totally or in part … the struggle between religion and philosophy is a desperate struggle in which, I fear [!!], the triumph will not be for free thought [!!], because the masses dislike reason‘ !! Can you believe it?! Mullah Al-Afghani, who is a Religious Fanatic and the Father of all Islamists, said such things! It’s so important that Mullah Al-Afghani – that Mullahs love and praise him because he is the Father of Mullahism and Islamism – said such Anti-Religious things. Mullah Al-Afghani was a Mullah and a Religious Fanatic, but what he said and did show that he even didn’t believe in God and Religion! English Mullahs are such hypocrites and sick pigs. The Mullah Hypocrisy, like the English Hypocrisy, is so sickening. But they can show you an important thing: The Religion of Religious Fanatics is actually the Orwellian Religion, the Religion of Satan. They say Consensual S-ex or Normal things is not Free; But Lying is Free, Cheating is Free, Savagery is Free, Censorship is Free, Sadism is Free, Thievery is Free, and Rape is free, and Big Brothers (ideological leaders) can enjoy all Evil things! The Satanic Religion is actually the Orwellian Religion, ie the Religion of Liars, the Religion of Hypocrites, the Religion of Barbarians, and the Religion of Apparent Paradoxes”.

In Sep 2014, the Mullah media reported: “A 7-year old girl, Roya, died from Heart Attack! In Iran, the 40% of the young people’s deaths are deaths from Heart Attack!”. The West even censors such facts/ news. But as some Iranians say: “It’s obvious why many young Iranians die from Heart Attack, and why the West censor such facts. Young Iranians die from Heart Attack, ie from Palm Oil, Air pollution, and other Mullah-made disasters and Western-made tragedies. The side effects of Palm Oil, Air pollution and other Western pollutions are quite clear. The poor Roya and many young Iranians actually died or die from Islamic Capitalism and Islamic Westernization. So, the West censors such news and all facts/ news of Islamic Capitalism, Islamic Westernization, Palm Oil, Air Pollution, IMF Plans etc. You should not forget that Mullahs love and praise Islamic Westernization, and openly say: ‘Mullah Al-Afghani was the Father of Islamists and Islamic Westernization’! (2014) Arabs, Islamists and Mullahs implement the IMF plans and praise their Zionist IMF, because they are the followers of pigs like Mullah Al-Afghani […] Lefts/ Marxists love Islamists and Islamic Capitalism, because Islamists serves the Big Brother’s interests. Islamic Capitalism is what Rouhani and AN did and do, ie Corruption, Censorship, Tyranny, IMF Plans and Orwellian slogans. Lefts close their dirty eyes, but normal humans cannot close their eyes to apparent paradoxes. You cannot make love with the UK, but say Death to the UK! You cannot implement the IMF’s plans and obey the IMF’s orders, but say Death to the IMF! You cannot praise the IMF and lick the ass of the IMF, but say the IMF is a Zionist/ Satanic organization! You cannot pretend that you are Iranians, but you attack Iran and Iranians, say many Anti-Iranian things, and defend Arabs, Tazis and sworn enemies of Iran! You cannot defend Censorship, Filtering and Devil’s fire-wall, but pretend that you are a defender of Freedom or Internet Freedom! You cannot tell big lies, but say Lying is the worst of the worst; Lying is worse than Adultery! Mullahs, Lefts, English Barbarians and other bad guys tell childish lies and insult people’s intelligence. So, normal people cannot close their eyes. Only Whores and Big Brother’s agents can close their eyes to Big Lies, Childish Paradoxes and Apparent Contradictions. Now when they talk about a New Horizon or ‘a country built on relentless propaganda and run by a government that does its best to keep its population cut off from outside influences and information’, many ask: they talk about which country?! the US, the UK, Saudis, Zionists, their beloved Mullah regime or what?! Marxists and Lefts are stupid pigs. But all people know that Censorship is not Freedom! When you defend Censorship, Sadism, Tyranny, Oppression, Filtering, Devil’s fire-wall, the Logic of Sword and other Evil things, you are a sick pig (animal), not a human. As the ancient Iranians said: ‘If you have no sympathy for Human pain, the name of Human you cannot retain”.

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