The West: Credibility, Confidence or Popularity ?

September 21, 2014

“Most people know what Credibility, Confidence or Popularity means. Credibility = the quality of deserving to be believed and trusted; Confidence = the feeling that you can trust something to be good, or produce good results; Popularity = when someone is liked or supported by a lot of people. Now most people say: the West has lost credibility, popularity and people’s confidence”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “In these years, many things show that the West has even lost credibility among its own people. The West has now lost all credibility. The 2009 Coup, Snow-den’s revelations, Egypt’s farce, Syria’s farce, Anti-Iran Sadism, IMF-Mullah love affairs, Western Bullying, Western Suppression, Western incitement to Genocide, ISIS/ ISIL Barbarous Farce, Western support of Islamists and Terrorists, and the West’s Evil-Orwellian acts in these years had disastrous effects on the West’s credibility and popularity. The 2009- 2014 scandals and Snow-den’s revelations have totally damaged the West’s credibility as a democracy. Now most humans know that the West is Orwellian […] The West tells big lies, and badly censors all facts and all news, including all news of Iran, but is it a sign of Wisdom?! No; the West’s terrible censorship or the West’s ridiculous lies is a clear sign of bankruptcy, sheer madness and confusion. As you know, ‘Crisis of Confidence = a situation in which people no longer believe that a government or a system is reliable or working properly, and will no longer support it’. And now the West and its stooges (Rouhanis, Islamists, Lefts etc) are badly suffering from the Crisis of Confidence. Just look what Iranian people do and say about Rouhanis and Mullah-made crises like water crisis, inflation, IMF plans, corruption etc. Just look what the world’s ordinary people say about the West”. They also add: “the West is a big idiot and a big loser. They think Western Bullying can add credibility to the West ! They think the West’s Orwellian Censorship and the West’s Orwellian Lies can help to restore the West’s credibility! They have low IQs. As you know, ‘Credibility Gap = the difference between what someone says and what they do’. And now the stupid West just tries to widen its credibility gap! The West’s media, the West’s politicians and the West’s intellects are just damaging the credibility of the West further. When even the West’s intellects just support brutal dictators, terrorists, Zionists, Islamists, Tazis, the IMF and the sons of Satan, it’s obvious why most people hate the West, and the West is losing popularity by the minute. Can you create and support ISIL/ ISIS in Syria, and then you claim that ISIL/ ISIS is an evil force?! Can you create the 2009 CIA Coup, censor all facts, help Islamists, hurt Iranians, and openly support MEK and Mullahs (AN, Rouhani etc), and then you claim that you are Anti-Mullah, Anti-Islamist, Anti-Marxist, Anti-Terrorist, or pro-Democracy?! When the 99.9999% of Iranians know and hate the MEK, and when the 97% of Iranians know and hate Rouhanis (Mullahs), you just make a fool of yourself if you openly and shamelessly support MEK or Rouhanis. Now the Mad Mullahs and their Great Satan try to openly make a deal, but is it possible?! Can the bankrupt West make an open deal with a bankrupt regime ?! Do the world and Iranian people accept Bullying, Childish Deception (ie face-saving plan!) or the love story of ‘Mad Mullahs and Great Satan’ ?! In the past, Mullahs said that the USA is Great Satan, while most Iranians were not anti-American. But now Mullahs and Islamists trust/ worship their Great Satan and become pro-American!, while almost all Iranians and good guys are seeing the true face of America, and referring to America as the Great Evil. Now America is Anti-Iran, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Democracy, Anti-Humanity, but pro-Mullah, pro-Islamist, pro-Terrorist, pro-Tyranny and pro-Tazi. The USA and the West openly support Tazis (ie savage Arabs/ Jews) and Terrorists. The USA and the West have lost popularity and credibility. And it’s not merely another nail in the coffin of the West. Now the West and its stooges (Mullahs etc) are suffering from the Crisis of Popularity, the Crisis of Confidence, the Crisis of Credibility and the Crisis of Legitimacy. Now the West is morally, politically, economically, socially, intellectually and totally bankrupt, and it just reminds many of the last years of all bankrupt dictators. In fact, many know what would be the final nail in the West’s coffin”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Rouhanis still send noise and parasite, and try to slow down the terrible internet speed in Iran. But the US media and the Lefty media still act like the USSR media, the UK media and the Nazi media. Now even the New York Times censors all news, censors all facts, licks the ass of Rouhani and tells very big lies about Iran, Iranians, or the internet in Iran. The stupid New York Times (NYT) is the US most prestigious mass media! But when their most prestigious media is nothing but A Lie Factory and An Orwellian Media, it’s obvious why most people are cursing the USA and the US Lie Factory. Now even the Westerners put good comments, talk about ‘The biggest contradictions/ lies in the West’, and say for instance: ‘the West created ISIS, Taliban and Wahhabis .. Saudi Arabia is ISIS central; but we (call them) the US Arab Allies! … ISIS, al-Qaida, al-Nusra, Boko Haram and almost all Islamists are supported by USA and Is-r-ael – theyre branches of the same Arab-Jewish poisonous tree .. Saudis say: Iranians and Muslims that preach tolerance are infidels ! All Arab dictators and (savage Arabs) are unfriendly/ enemy to Iran; but we (ie USA and West) are friends of Arabs and (Mullahs), but enemies of Iranian people and (good guys)’ ! The West has really lost all credibility. Now even the West’s mass media says: ‘For Iranian People (and many other nations), the Evidence Is Clear: ISIS Is an American Invention‘ ! (Sep 2014) In fact, even idiots know that many things have changed. Before 2009, most Iranians were pro-American, because they thought that America cares about Freedom and Democracy. But now, after 2009, most Iranians and humans know that America is Orwellian. In these years, even the good Americans write about ‘Land of Barbarism: A Glimpse of America‘ ! The USA has now lost all credibility. Most people already knew and hated the UK, known as the Barbarian Kingdom or the Kingdom of Barbarians. But now the United States of Assholes tries to follow the path of Hitler and British Barbarians”. In this year (2014), the systematic lies and the systematic censorship make many laugh, and raise many questions. For instance, when Iranians write/ talk about “Islamic Capitalism, Islamic Westernization”, “Logic of Science vs Logic of Satan”, “When Lies Tell the Truth”, “Nuclear Issue and Sports”, “Iran Break Pedals”, “The Wests Banana Peel”, “Ancient Iran, Persian Legacy”, “Islamists and their Great Satan”, “Who is behind Rouhani? Who Support Mullahs?” or “A Referendum on Rouhani, Islamists and IMF”, the West and the Left censor or boycott the voices of Iranians! But this raises an important question: Why ? When Iranians talk about “Puppets of the West”, “Rouhanis and their Zionist IMF” or “America and Islamists”, why do the West, the Lefts and even the so-called Alternative Media censor the voices of Iranians? Why the voices of Iranian people are systematically censored or boycotted? As some wise Iranians say: “Apparently only the MEK, Islamists, Marxists, Terrorists, Tazis, Big Brother’s whores and other Evil forces can have a voice in the West. Apparently it’s forbidden to write/ talk about ‘The IMF and Islamists’, ‘Marxists and Imperialists’, ‘IMF Plans, Red & Black Colonialism’, Barbarians, Hajji Baba and Evil Empire! Apparently writing or talking about ‘English Barbarians’, ‘the Evil Fire-wall’, Not Secure HTTPS/ OpenSSL, ‘Iranian Legacy vs the West’, ‘The West and Mullahs’, Machiavellian Games etc is strictly forbidden in the West! Apparently it’s forbidden to write/ talk about ‘How the Savage West and British Barbarians invaded Persia and occupied many parts of Persia in the 19th century! Apparently it’s one of the unwritten laws in the West. Apparently writing or talking about British Barbarism, British Colonialism, British Culture, American Values, Western Censorship, UK Media, British Rouhanis, The Wests Animal Farm, Orwellian Modernity etc is strictly forbidden in the West, and it’s one of their unwritten laws. Apparently instead of talking about ‘British Barbarians vs Persia’, you should say: British Barbarians are good and modern people! Instead of criticizing The Barbarian West, you should ask the West and Barbarians to Incite Genocide and to Nuke Iran! Instead of talking about ‘Jewish Barbarians and Jewish Roots of Islamists’, you should say ISIL, religious fanatics and Jewish Barbarians are the men of God, and the God loves/ praises Genocide, Barbarity, Sadism and Racism! If you say only Satan and the sons of Satan love and defend Genocide, Barbarity, Sadism, Racism, Inhumanity, Intolerance, Censorship and other evil things, then your voices are systematically censored or boycotted ! Apparently Telling the Truth, Defending the Good, or Advocating Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights, Tolerance, Peace and other Iranian values is a crime in the West! Apparently only Advocating violence, war, barbarity, bullying, lying, inhumanity, sadism, racism, terrorism, genocide, barbarians, terrorists, dictators and Orwellian acts is really free in the West. But now even the West’s good guys say: ‘the West only destroys its credibility in this way’ ! The West’s good guys know many obvious things. For instance, they say: ‘Orwellian act is so dirty that only (barbarians) can do it .. That is why the British are so good at it’ ! The West’s good guys know that Western Bullying and Anti-Iran Sadism is a clear sign of Barbarity. As they say: ‘What the West does is nothing but Bullying’. They know that Bully = to put pressure on someone in order to make them do what you want; to threaten to hurt someone or frighten them. Modern Barbarians love Bullying, while all good guys know that when the West’s pigs have nukes, support Tazis and Terrorists, defend dictators and Islamists, and threaten Iran with nukes, Iran must have nukes and the Savage West has no right to bully Iran into limiting its nuclear programs. Now even idiots say: When the West openly defends Bullying, Sadism (Tazis, Terrorists or Dictators), the West just totally destroys its credibility among all people!”.

We have repeatedly warned the West about Sowing the Seeds of Hate. But as some wise Iranians say: “the stupid West still insists on sowing the seeds of hate and showing the true face of the West. The West’s Barbarians are ‘Barbarians in Modern Suits’, and they still talk about justifiable wars!, justifiable Genocide!, justifiable Sadism!, justifiable Bullying, or justifiable Barbarity ! They still defend Racism, and say: ‘all people are equal, but we are more equal’ ! The West’s Barbarians still defend Bullying and Barbarity in the name of Western Imperialism. What the US and Europeans did to Blacks and Native Americans was a Great Genocide. The British-made Genocide and the American-made Genocide are not (hidden facts). Even the good Americans talk and write about such things. In these years, the good Americans even write about [*]: ‘Land of Barbarism: A Glimpse of America‘ ! (2012), and say: ‘Americans and Europeans defend Barbarism and Barbarians in the name of Civilization … (When Britons came to America), Britons referencing their holy book (ie the Jewish Bible of Barbarians) to validate Genocide and Brutal massacres. They, and their European cousins (Spanish, Portuguese, French etc), made a habit of imposing their Bible and religion upon indigenous people .. Europeans needed little justification to execute their routine acts of savagery and barbarism. This was the European way .. America’s foundation is built upon the bloodied, mutilated, and lifeless bodies of innumerable people – mostly of color .. it should be of no surprise that its legacy of death and destruction continue unabated, even in 2010s .. Americans have allowed their government to psychologically dumb them down, as well as to rob them of humanity .. they are exhibiting disregard for humanity .. The rulers of this strange society (Western society) have convinced its populace that lies are truths and that truths are lies .. Barbarism has become entrenched within American society – the foundation was built hundreds of years ago, it is now perfected .. Americans have been easily persuaded in to believing that other people are (not) humans, therefore their lives are less valuable! .. America is a swampland of institutional Racism .. Many Euro-Americans accept the mass killing of people across the globe! .. How many Euro-Americans give a damn about (other humans) .. those who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it .. It is time to join other global citizens in creating a more livable world, free of injustice .. It is time for Americans to regain their humanity‘ [*] It’s so important that the good American talk about such important issues. It shows that the good Americans are like Iranians and other good & wise people in the all around the world. The good Americans know many problems. Of course they say some stupid things -lefty things, Marxist things etc- and they still don’t know the true face of Chomsky and Lefty pigs. It’s a great weak point. Many Americans say good things, of course if you ignore their Marxist crap, their Lefty crap and other crap! But if Americans really want a better world and ‘a more livable world’, they should know all bad guys including Chomsky and Lefty pigs – who support dictators, Islamists, IMF and evil forces in the name of Fighting against Imperialism. Lefty pigs like Chomsky accept Evil and cooperate with Evil. When you defend Gaddafi, Assad, Islamists, ISIL or Brutal Dictators, you actually defend the mass killing of people. Some Americans say: ‘Many Americans accept the mass killing of non-Western people .. Americans have accepted barbaric narratives of justifiable wars fed to them from a trough full of lies’. But those Americans who say such things often accept barbaric narratives of justifiable Tyranny and ‘justifiable Barbarity’ fed to them from a trough full of Lefty lies. Fascists, Marxists and all bad guys praise Justifiable wars, Justifiable barbarity or Justifiable tyranny. But Genocide or the Mass Killing of Africans, Asians or Americans (natives) is not Justifiable, as Tyranny, Oppression and Brutal Suppression in any country is not Justifiable. Barbarians are not Adventurers, as Fascists or Terrorists are not Adventurers. The Barbarian Invasions/ Attacks on Persia was not Justifiable, as advocating Racism & Sadism and inciting Genocide was & is not Justifiable”. They also add: “the West, retards and bad guys are on the wrong side of history, and they even don’t know that if they lose credibility, they actually lose everything -and they have too much to lose. If Bullying, Barbarity and the West’s evil acts really worked, Mongols, Genghis, Nazis and Hitler could still rule the world. If Tyranny, Oppression and Suppression really worked, all brutal dictators could still rule their countries. If Systematic Lies, Systematic Censorship and the Ministry of Truth really worked, the UK Evil Empire could still exist, and this stupid island (the UK) would not be on the edge of collapse. The West and all followers of Machiavelli are so stupid. Even the businessmen know what would happen if you betray people’s confidences and lose your credibility. Even the businessmen know the importance of the people’s confidence. But retards and politicians just care about money and power, not people. In Iran, even the old businessmen were wise guys and said: ‘you should care about the customer’s confidence; you should not tell big lies and betray people’s confidences; you can try to increase your profit, but not at any price; otherwise you will lose credibility”.