2014 Farce: Western Culture, Tazi Cults

September 15, 2014

In this year (2014), many cannot believe their eyes and their ears when they see how the bad guys censor almost all news, tell big lies and show their true colors, because as many say: “It’s just too Ridiculous to be true; It’s just too Silly to be true; It’s just too good to be true!“. The 2014 events are really ridiculous, but very informative. As some wise Iranians say: “the West and its stooges have lost their minds, and that’s why they are showing their true colors in this way. The West is now following the footsteps of Hitler, Stalin, Nazis, Fascists and other Western Barbarians. The 2014 Farce and what the stupid West is doing just show that the West and its stooges are suffering from the Mad Cow Disease. This year (2014) is full of good jokes, sick jokes and bad jokes -which can show you the truths”. So, here lets take a look at some of these jokes, the 2014 Jokes:

As some Iranians say: “Kissinger is a symbol of Western Imperialism. The Western media worships Kissinger, and refers to him as ‘American Brain’ ! But this American brain, Henry Kissinger, is a follower of Machiavelli and says: ‘ISIS is a group of adventurers [!!] with an aggressive ideology [!] But they have to conquer more and more territory [!!] before they can became a reality’ ! (NPR, Sep 2014) This ‘American Brain’ is really brainless, and reveals the true face of the West’s Barbarian Culture. This American Brain refer to Barbarians as Adventurers! This American Brain (what a joke) says Barbarians are either Aggressive men or a groups of Adventurers! But the difference between Barbaric (Barbarous) and Aggressive is quite clear, as the difference between Barbarians and Adventurers is quite clear. Only Kissinger and Modern Barbarians can say: ‘Barbarians are Adventurers – who can conquer more and more territory’ or ‘Barbarity and killing/ butchering children & innocent people in Iraq and Syria is Adventure’ ! But according to this Western Logic, Hitler and Nazis were just a group of Adventurers, too! According to Kissinger’s Logic, the 9/11 or the Holocaust was just an Adventure! Kissinger actually says Hitler and Nazis, like American and English Colonialists, just had an aggressive ideology and wanted to conquer more and more territory. Kissinger actually says that Western Barbarians and Western Imperialists -who killed and massacred hundreds of millions of innocent people in Africa, Asia, America, Australia etc- were just a group of Adventurers! According to Kissinger’s Logic, Nazis and European Barbarians were just Adventurers and had every right to kill millions of Jews, and to create the Holocaust! When they see Barbarians as Adventurers, the Land of Barbarians (ie the West) becomes the Land of Adventurers!, and it’s exactly what their media says. Kissinger is a symbol of the West’s Barbarian Culture. Pigs like Kissinger are actually ‘Barbarians in Modern Suites’ (BarBar-e Cot-Shalvari). In Iran, the English-Western defenders of Mullahs were called ‘Akhund-e Cot-Shalvari’ (A Mullah in modern suite). And now pigs like Kissinger and Chomsky can be called ‘BarBar-e Cot-Shalvari’ (A Barbarian in Modern Suite, or Modern Barbarians)”.

As some Iranians say: “ISIS or ISIL (DAESH) badly shows the true face of the West. Almost all people know how the US and the UK created ISIS/ ISIL in Syria, and how the West and savage Arabs (Saudis etc) supported ISIS/ ISIL in Syria and Iraq. But the stupid America still refers to savage Arabs and Saudi Arabia as America’s Allies! The USA really deserved the 9/11, and their Arab allies -who created the 9/11- really deserve Slavery and Exploitation. Now American Barbarians and their Arab Allies – ie those who created and supported ISIL, Taliban and the 9/11- want to fight against ISIL ! It’s among the best jokes of all times. ISIS wants to fight against ISIS ! The Evil wants to fight against the Devil ! Terrorists want to fight against Terrorism! Savage Arabs want to fight against Savage Arabs! The USA and its Arab allies deserve each other. Now Obama and US officials prove that America really deserved the 9/11. Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews) and the Savage West are the same shit. Now the US media, ie the King of Stupidity, reports: ‘A Saudi-funded newspaper, Al Hayat, did a poll in Saudi Arabia and found that 92% of Saudis believe that ISIS conforms to their Islam in Saudi Arabia‘ ! (Sep 2014) The USA and its Arab Allies are such stupid barbarians. For thousands of years, Western Culture was Barbarian Culture, the culture of Barbarians. And now Western Culture is an Orwellian Culture, or as many say, Western Culture is a Machiavellian Culture. In the West, the culture of Barbarity, the culture of Hypocrisy, the culture of Lying, the culture of Censorship and the culture of Secrecy are still deep and strong. The West openly praise Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews) and see Tazis as America’s Jewish-Arab Allies! Now the USA, the UK and the EU openly and shamelessly defend Terrorist groups like MEK/ NRC/ MKO (Rajavi Cult), but at the same time, they want to fight against their beloved Terrorists and their beloved Terrorism! The West and its Tazi Allies are the United Barbarians […] In the West’s Animal Farm, Barbarians, Tazis and Terrorists are heroes”.


As some Iranians say: “In Sep 2014, the Mullah TV airs a program about ‘Cult and Ideology’ ! Mullahs and defenders of Mullah Cult and Mullah Ideology blame and condemn ‘Cult and Ideology, and say: Cult or Ideology is Evil! It’s so funny. But it’s not whole story. Their program about ‘Cult and Ideology’ had a funny name/ title: ‘In Bed with Brothers (Dar Aqush-e Yaran) ! This good program, ‘In Bed with Brothers’, just reminded you of the 1980s, when Iranians made funny jokes about Mullahs and Basijis. In the 1980s, many Persian jokes were called ‘In Bed with Basiji’, ‘In Bed with Islamists’ or In Bed with Mullahs (Bia Dar Aqush-e … )! But now even Mullahs confess that what Iran’s people already said about ‘In Bed with Mullahs and Great Leader’ was not a myth. Now when you watch their ‘In Bed with Brothers’ film, you can easily understand: (1) the real name/ title of this film is: In Bed with Great Leader (Dar Aqush-e Rahbar)!, and it’s exactly what Iranians said (2) Rank and file members of the Mullah system hate their leaders (Mullahs). They know that Mullahs and Ideological leaders are corrupt pigs. They know why the 97% of Iranians hate the Mullah Cult and the Basij Cult. So, they now confess that MEK Cult, Mullah Cult, Basij Cult, Qom Cult and Hozeh Cult are Evil Cuts or Orwellian-Machiavellian Cults (3) when the Mullah TV airs programs about ISIL (DEASH) and MEK, the first reaction of Iranians is: Ajab ! so, their own Mullah Cult or Basij Cult is Evil, too. MEK Cult or DEASH Cult is like Basij Cult, Mullah Cult, Qom Cult and other Big Brother’s Cults (4) Mullahs are bankrupt and brainless idiots. They know that Tazi Cults are Satanic Cults. They can see that their own Tazi Logic is ridiculous. They can see the Power of Iranian Logic. But as Mullahs are Tazis and followers of Machiavelli, Kissinger and US-British barbarians, Mullahs and their Mullah TV often talk and act like Tazis and ISIS, and say many Anti-Iranian things”.

As some Iranians say: “Mullahs and their Mullah TV have badly confused, and suffer from Goh Gijeh (shitty confusion). One day they become Liberal; and one day they become DEASH-i ! One day they repeat what Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews) say; and one day, they repeat what Iranians say! Now, in Aug & Sep 2014, IRINN (Mullah TV’s channel 6) badly repeats (QerQereh) what Sadeq Hedayat and other Iranian intellectuals/ thinkers already said ! For instance, IRINN says: ‘DEASH Islam is like Saudi Islam [!] They use Saudi laws and savage Arabs’ laws. Their Satanic cult is of Saudi origin’ ! But Mullahs have forgotten that their own cult is of Saudi-Tazi origin, too. Mullahs hate our Iranian values, our Iranian Tolerance, Iranian Religions and Iranian Culture. Mullahs lick the Tazi ass. Mullah Cult is a Tazi cult. But now Mullahs say: ‘Tazi Cults are Satanic Cults’ ! If Mullahs really change, and if they really stop acting like Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews), it can be a good thing. But Mullahs and Islamists are hypocrites and stupid bastards. Now their Mullah TV repeats Iranian words (Hedayat’s words etc) and say: ‘ISIL and (bad Arabs) were savage barbarous people and lived in empty deserts. So their religious laws are barbarian laws‘ !! (Sep 2014) Can you believe it?! Now Iranians just laugh and say: ‘Since when Mullahs have become such modern and open-minded people?! Mullahs are stupid bastards, but the good Muslims are actually followers of Iranian Islam and Iranian values. Tazis, savage Arabs and savage Saudis hate Iranian values like Truth, Tolerance, Peace, Sympathy, Humanity, Logic etc. ISIL religion is of Tazi origin, as the West’s religions is of Tazi origin. But good and modern religions are of Iranian origin. The Jewish Bible is the Bible of Barbarians. But Mullahs still worship Barbarians and their Satanic cults”.

As some Iranians say: “Mullahs and their Great Satan are bad jokes. Now Mullahs (Rouhanis) openly defend Islamic Capitalism and Islamic Westernization! Now they openly say: ‘Mullah Al-Afghani -ie the father of Islamism and Mullahism- was the Father of Islamic
! But it’s not the whole story. In Sep 2014, Rouhani’s Health minister openly says: ‘Health Care is a Business [!] We should see Hospital and Health care as Business or Commercial activity [!] Nurses and Doctors are actually businessmen (Bimarestan yek Bongah Eqtesadi-e; Kar-e Bimarestan yek Kar-e Eqtesadi-e …) !! Can you believe it?! The West and the Left censor such news and all facts, but any sane person knows what it means. Rouhani’s plans are nothing but the Orwellian-Capitalist Plans of their Zionist IMF. In Sep 2014, Rouhani’s men say: Health Care is a Business! Nurses and Doctors are actually businessmen! And in Aug 2014, Rouhani himself said: ‘Education is a Business; School and Education is a commercial activity; Teachers and School’s managers are actually businessmen, and we should allow Big Corporations and Rich guys to manage our schools‘ ! Can you believe it?! It’s exactly what Rouhani says (Mullah TV aired Rouhani’s shameful speech). Rouhanis are actually ultra-Capitalist pigs and ultra-stupid pigs, and that’s why their Zionist IMF and their Great Satan love and support Rouhanis. As our people say: ‘when their Health care workers are businessmen, it’s obvious why even their hospitals and their doctors have been polluted with Bribery and Corruption’ ! All Iranians know corrupt Mullahs and corrupt Islamists, and ask: ‘What has happened to $800 billions of our oil money in the AN’s era? AhmadiNejad (AN) was a Jewish convert, a Jewish spy, and AN and his friends should be tried for terrible Corruption (Bokhor Bokhor), hurting Iran and Iranians, and implementing the Enemy’s plans like the IMF’s plans and the 2009 Coup’. But Rouhanis still worship their Zionist IMF and their Great Satan”.

As some Iranians say: “Now the Mullah TV (IRINN etc) says: ‘Tazi laws and Saudi laws like Victory (Al-Nasr) By Terror (Al-Rob) are Barbarian laws’ ! (Sep 2014) But as our people say to Mullahs: ‘Ajab ! But isn’t it your own fucking Mullah law?!’ ! The 2009 Coup and all these years showed that the main laws of Mullahs are Tazi laws like ‘Victory By Terror’. The 2009 Coup and all these years also show that the main laws of the West are Orwellian-Barbarian laws like The Law of the Jungle. The Mullah Logic is Tazi Logic, the Logic of Sword, and that’s why Mullahs openly defend Systematic Censorship, Orwellian Filtering and Evil Fire-wall. All Tazis -from savage Arabs, ISIL and Saudis to Zionists and Mullahs- have no rational thing to say. All Tazis – including Mullahs & Islamists- have no logical thing to say, and that’s why you love and defend Systematic Censorship, Tyranny, Terror, Oppression, Suppression, Sadism, Filtering, the Logic of Sword and Victory by Terror. The Logic of Sword and Terror is part of Tazi Cults and Satanic Religions. Now the Mullah TV says: ‘ISIS (DEASH) is following Saudi rules and (Tazi traditions) [!!] ISIS (DEASH) defends Forced hijab, Forced prayer, Forced friday prayer and Forced Gender Segregation [!!] ISIL (DAESH) says Watching sport games or watching music tools is forbidden [!!] ISIL (DEASH) is following barbarian rules of Saudis’ ! (Sep 2014) Can you believe it?! It’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black. But now Iranian people laugh, and say to Mullahs: ‘Areh Arvahe […] Your own Mullah laws are not Saudi laws?! Mullahs and Islamists are not following Saudi rules or Tazi Cults?! Both Mullahs and DEASH defend Forced hijab, forced prayer, Gender segregation and other forced things and barbaric things. Both Mullahs and ISIS say watching sport games (for women) or watching music tools (for all people) is forbidden! Mullahs and other Tazis (ie savage Arabs/ Jews) are sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian values”.

We should write more about the Mullah Evil Fire-wall, and their new Orwellian acts. But as some Iranians say: “the story of ‘the West, Rouhani and the Evil Fire-wall’ is one of the worst jokes of all times. In 2014, in the Rouhani’s era, Internet Censorship, Filtering, Spying, Tracking, Surveillance and all Orwellian acts have increased by 100% to 200% (For more info, check Archive for: ‘Behind the Evil Fire-wall’). But it’s not the whole story. Now, in Aug & Sep 2014, the Mullah Evil Fire-wall uses Dark IPs and Fake IPs at ISP level. In the past, Iran’s ISPs didn’t use Dark IPs and Fake IPs. But now Mullahs and their Western-made Evil Fire-wall are forcing all ISPs to use Dark IPs, Fake IPs and Mullah Machines of Orwellian Surveillance. In fact, Rouhani just tries to increase Internet Censorship, Filtering, Mass Spying and all Orwellian acts in Iran. But the UK and the US censor all news and all facts, and just tell Orwellian lies and Orwellian jokes like: Rouhani Is Bringing Internet Freedoms Back To Iran !!! or ‘Internet Censorship Change under Rouhani’ !!! This level of Censorship and Lying is ridiculous. All Iranians and informed people know that the West (ie UK, USA and EU) created The Mullah Evil Fire-wall. Mullahs and their Great Satan created the 2009 Coup and the Anti-Iran Sadism, and showed the true face of the Mullah Cult and the Western values (Western Culture). Now it’s quite clear that Rouhani is a new Hajji Baba, a new AhmadiNejad (AN) and a stupid spy/ stooge of the West. Now when Mullahs talk about DAESH, their Great Satan or their Zionist IMF, Iranians just laugh and use a lot of F-words (polite remarks are: ‘Areh Arvahe […] Pofyooza have no shame […] ). Now it’s quite clear why the 97% of Iranians hate this English Pofyooz (Rouhani), all Mullahs and all puppets of the West. Now it’s quite clear that If Iranians and good guys want a better future, they should fight against the West’s Modern Barbarians. Mullahs are Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews), and sworn enemies of Iranians. Mullah laws are Tazi-Barbarian laws like Victory By Terror and the Logic of Sword. But Iran’s main problem is Modern Barbarians like Kissinger, Chomsky, the US, the EU and the UK – who are behind Tazis and Islamists”.

As some Iranians say: “Modern Barbarians control the West and the Media, and try to control the whole world and to enslave all humans. But these years show that the West’s Modern Barbarians are nearing the End. The story of ‘America and ISIL (DAESH) in Syria and Iraq’, like the story of ‘the IMF and Rouhanis’, can show you many things. The USA and its Arab Allies are bad jokes. Now their media reports: ‘A Saudi-funded newspaper, Al Hayat, did a poll in Saudi Arabia, of Saudi public opinion. They found that more than 90% of Saudis believe that ISIS conforms to Saudi Islam‘ ! (Sep 2014) But the USA and the West love Tazis and Terrorists, and call them America’s Arab-Jewish Allies! They really deserved the 9/11 attacks. Now the 97% of Iranians hate all Islamists and all bad guys. So, the US Modern Barbarians try to hurt Iranians, and to help Terrorists and Tazis. Even good Westerners, good Arabs and good Jews know and hate Terrorists and Tazis, ie the West’s Jewish-Arab allies. Now even little kids know that the West created ISIS/ ISIL, and the West’s Tazi Allies support ISIL/ ISIS. Now even the Arab media says: DAESH acts like Nazis and (Tazis)’ ! Tazis are savage Arabs/ Jews. But the West loves Tazis and sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian values like Truth, Tolerance, Peace, Humanity etc. Western Culture is really the Culture of Barbarians and Human-eaters. In the West’s Barbarian Culture, whores are heroes, barbarians are friends, and good guys are enemies”.

As some Iranians say: ‘Can you imagine the Mullah TV talking about Orgasm and Benefits of Orgasm?! In Aug 2014, the Mullah TV and its Basiji whores talked about ‘Benefits of Orgasm’ ! In a Mullah Family Show, their Basiji doctor praised Orgasm and Benefits of Orgasm!, and their female host, which was a Basiji whore, said: I really envy those who can enjoy Orgasm and the benefits of Orgasm! When Islamists say such things, Iranians can only laugh, use F-words, and say for instance: ‘their Mullah TV has become Orgasm TV for Islamists?! .. Enqelab Shodeh ?! (Mullah have been toppled, and a new Revolution has been created?!) .. Islamists are sex addicts, ‘Slaves of Sex’, Slaves of Money, and Slaves of Satanl their Mullah TV is Rozeh TV and Hozeh TV, but now, this Rozeh TV airs Rozeh Orgasm! ‘Orgasm and Rozeh’ seems paradoxical. But the religions of Barbarians and Tazi Cults are full of shitty paradoxes and apparent contradictions’. Tazi cults, Saudi laws and Jewish traditions are very Self-contradictory. Tazis are bad jokes. Their Mullah TV says: ‘In heaven and paradise, the language is Tazi Language, and if you want to go to heaven, you should know Tazi language’ ! (Aug 2014) But the Mullah media say: ‘Why we should say such Satanic and Anti-Iranian things in our Mullah TV? Do we want to prove that Mullahs are Ajnabi (non-Iranian pigs) or (Mullahs are Tazis -savage Arabs/ Jews) ?!’ (Aug 2014) Now Iranians put comments at the Mullah media’s websites and say: ‘fuck you Tazi Mullahs, and fuck your Tazi heaven .. Your fucking Arab/ Jewish Heaven is our Hell ! A place in which Killers, Rapists, Liars, Sex addicts, Thugs, Barbarians, DEASH, Taliban, Zionists etc live is a real Hell, not Heaven! .. Heaven or Paradise is an Iranian concept and is where good guys and cultured people like good Iranians live. But Gehenna is a (Jewish name/ concept) and a place in which Tazis, devils, Western barbarians and other barbarians live, and fuck each other”.

As some Iranians say: “In the 19th century, the neo-barbarians invaded Persia, killed millions of Iranians and occupied many parts of Iran – including todays Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Torkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Persian lands/ islands in the Persian Gulf, etc. All educated people (not Sheeple) are aware of this issue. They also know Turk-Mongol barbarians and their barbarian invasions to Iran, India, China etc. But this English Rouhani praise Iran’s enemies, Turk-Mongol barbarians and Western Barbarians. Instead of saying that our brothers and sisters in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan etc were and are Iranian people, Rouhani just makes Iran’s enemies happy. Instead of condemning Torkmenchai and Barbarian invasions, this English Rouhani defends Barbarians and sworn enemies of Iran. We all know Turkistan. Turko-Mongols were savage barbarous tribes, who lived in Turkistan-Mongolia. Since the ancient time, Iranians have always talked about ‘Path to Turkistan’, and said to the bad guys: ‘Een Rah keh tu miravi beh Turkistan ast’ ! (Your path is a Path to Turkistan!, that means: your path is a very wrong and stupid path, a path to Destruction, a path to Downfall) But British Barbarians and English Rouhanis love ‘Path to Turkistan’. It’s obvious why the English Lie Factory and the Big Brother’s media love barbarians, defend sworn enemies of Iran, use ‘Divide and Rule‘ tactics, and try to not allow all Iranians and all good guys to unite against Bad guys and Barbarians. But now even the West’s good guys know that all good guys should unite against the Dark forces. The West’s Evil Empire is a big loser. They can censor the facts, but they cannot change the reality. People in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Torkmenistan, Armenia and all parts of Great Iran are Iranian people and enjoy Iranian Legacy, Iranian Culture and Iranian Civilization. Now all good guys in all around the world care about our Iranian values like Truth, Logic, Tolerance, Humanity, Peace, Love etc. Now the world’s good guys are in the majority, and they actually say to the West, Rouhanis and all bad guys: Your path is a Path to Turkistan”.