Big Brother and Barbarians: Orwellian Colonialism

September 9, 2014

In these years, most people know what Big Brother, Animal Farm, Orwellian or Machiavellian means. But as some wise Iranians say: “Now you can understand Orwellian Colonialism better. Orwell actually wrote about the UK Evil Empire and their evil acts in the 19th & 20th centuries. The West is really Orwellian. Rouhanis still try to slow down the terrible internet speed in Iran . The story of Dark IPs and Dangerous IPs is becoming very Orwellian, and now sometimes, Iranians directly connect to Dark IPs (ie the Mullah Machines of Orwellian Surveillance) not ISPs ! Many (including us) have already written about the Mullah Evil Firewall which is a Western product, and (we should write more about this important issue later). Now sometimes (for some days/ hours) Rouhanis block all internet ports and all internet connections. Rouhani sheds crocodile tears for Freedom, but at the same time, Rouhani openly defends Forced hijab, Oppression and Censorship! But the West loves such ‘Nal-e Varuneh’ (Orwellian acts). Now the 97% of Iranians know and hate all Mullahs (Rouhanis), their Jang-e Zargari (Sham Fight) and their Power Struggle. Now even Mullah Media say: ‘Rouhani’s dual policy is: Concessions for the West and Basijis, but Repression and Big lies for Iranians‘ ! Now Rouhani’s Culture minister openly defends Systematic Censorship. Now Rouhanis ITC minister openly defends Filtering and Orwellian-Islamic Internet, and says its Rouhanis Plan. Now even the Mullah media laugh and say: ‘Is it what (IMF, UK & USA) say about Rouhani’s reformist plan?!’ ! But do you know what the UK, the Left and the West do and say? They defend their beloved Rouhani, censor all news, and tell Orwellian Lies. Now if you search the internet for Filtering & Censorship in Iran, you find nothing but English Lies & CIA Lies. In the days of Terrible Internet Censorship, when you google for ‘Internet Censorship in Iran’, you just find such Orwellian lies: ‘Rouhani Is Bringing Internet Freedoms Back To Iran’ !!!, “Internet Censorship Change under Rouhani” !!!, “Rouhani battles judiciary over Internet censorship” !! Rouhani defends Internet freedom’ !!! Can you believe it?! These Orwellian lies/ jokes are what the CIA media and UK media -from the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) to the Guardian (of Big Brother)- say about their beloved Rouhani. Now Big Brother’s agents and Anti-Iranian whores like Akbar Ganji writes for the CIA media: ‘Why is Rouhani Angry? .. Rouhani is angry because his Leader has blocked him from implementing his program (ie his Zionist IMF program, aka Eqtesad-e Moqarebati !) and opening up the political system, giving more freedom to the people‘ !! (Huffington Post, Aug 2014) Can you believe it?! Big Brother’s agents and the Ministry of Truth suffer from Mongolism. We all know How they and their Akbar Gaf licked the ass of ‘his Leader’ in 2013. Now they censor all facts and all news, but many ask: when today, at the age of Internet, they tell such big lies and censor all facts in such Orwellian way, what did they really do in the past 200 years?!“. It’s a good question. As some wise Iranians say: “If you want a better future, you should know the past and History. You should know differences between Conspiracy theories and Machiavellian conspiracies. You should know the West’s Dark forces”. We have already written about [1]: “Conspiracy Theories or Manufactured Crises” (check Archive) Idiots say: there is no conspiracy or everything is conspiracy [1] But as some wise Iranians say: “After 2009, and after Snow-den’s revelations, even non-Iranians have become aware and say: ‘the West is Orwellian’. Now ‘Orwellian Colonialism’ is not a myth. But if you want to know more about Big Brother’s projects, Big Brother’s methods or Big Brother’s Colonialism, you should know the story of ‘Savage West vs Persia’ or the story of ‘English Barbarians vs Persia’ […] To cut a long story short, in the 19th century English barbarians came to Persia and said to Iranians: ‘We are your friends; we care about your Iranian values, including brotherhood, freedom or human rights; we were barbarians and had nothing, but now we are followers of Big Brother’s ideology, and have modernity, technology, modern weapons etc; You can kiss Big Brother’s hands and enjoy such things, too; Don’t worry, we and our Big Brother are your brothers; Big Brother’s ideology is Freedom, Brotherhood, Modernity …’. It’s exactly like what Barbarians said to Iranians in the 19th century. But what was Big Brother’s ideology? Big Brother’s ideology talked about ‘brotherhood, freedom, democracy, equality etc and its official name was Freemasonry”. They also add: “Big Brother’s ideology was Orwellian. English Barbarians and their Big Brother wanted to Spoil all good things. Spoiling everything (Beh Lajan Keshidan … ) was one of their main methods. They used and spoiled good concepts to destroy the Good and to enslave all humans. Orwell has already written about such Masonic Projects. Orwell cleverly used terms like ‘Big Brother’ to show you who is who. His Orwellian world, the Big Brother’s world, is actually a Masonic World in which Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, and all people are equal but some are more equal. George Orwell actually criticized and ridiculed Free-Masons (FMs) and their Big Brother […] Alam, the Shah’s right hand man, said: ‘FM brothers kiss the Big Brother’s hands; but I don’t want to kiss the hands of non-Iranians; I just want to kiss Shah’s hands’ ! Alam was so stupid, but he knew why FMs say: ‘If you want to become FM, you should kiss the hands of Big Brother’. It’s a Masonic tradition. You must declare that you are slave, and they and their Big Brother are your Arbab (masters). But is it Freedom ?! no; it’s the clear definition of Slavery. But FMs say Slavery is Freedom! Orwell cleverly talked about FMs, their traditions and their Big Brother in the UK. Orwell talked about their ‘Nal-e Varuneh’. Nal-e Varuneh is a Persian slang. Nal-e Varuneh’ is when you censor all news & all facts, but call yourself Free Press. ‘Nal-e Varuneh’ is when you create and support ISIL and Islamists, but say: Death to Islamists. ‘Nal-e Varuneh’ is when you say: Death to the Zionist IMF, but you implement the Zionist IMF plans, and the Zionist IMF praises you. ‘Nal-e Varuneh’ is when you defend NS-A Orwellian acts, you sell tools of surveillance/ repression to Mullahs and all dictators, and you attack all basic rights & freedoms, but you shed crocodile tears for Freedom and Democracy. ‘Nal-e Varuneh’ is when you defend Bullying, Barbarity and Sadism, but call yourself A Force of good […] Zionists, Islamists and Marxists are the sons of ‘Nal-e Varuneh Estemar’ (Orwellian acts of Colonial powers). They, like the West, are followers of Machiavelli. English Barbarians believe: ‘The only real concern of the political ruler is the acquisition and maintenance of power’. So, they tell big lies, they fuck Ethics and all human values, they lick Satan’s ass, and they commit barbaric crimes against humanity just for the sake of power, ie for the acquisition and maintenance of power. It’s the British Logic. But it’s not the whole story. The Savage West and British Barbarians tell big lies, distort the truths, falsify the past, censor all news, defend N-SA/ Orwellian acts, but they call themselves ‘Defenders of Freedom & Democracy’! They commit barbaric crimes against humanity, but call themselves ‘Defenders of Human Rights’! For thousands of years, they were savage Barbarians, but now they say: Barbarians were Democrats! They love Nal-e Varuneh. But now many sarcastically ask: Since when English Barbarians, Imperialists, Colonial powers and their stooges (Rouhanis etc) care about Freedom, Democracy or Human Rights ?!“.

In these days, many things are so ridiculous, but informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, in Sep 2014, the Mullah TV airs a ridiculous program, ‘Seyed Jamal’, and openly defends notorious Free-masons (FMs) like Seyed Jamal (Al-Afghani). Apparently they want to prove that their Mullah TV is a Masonic TV. Non-Iranians, Taleb-Zadeha (sons of Taliban), Gorg-Zadeha (sons of Wolfs) and Haram-Zadeha (sons of UK Bitch) control the Mullah TV. They are puppets of the Jewish CIA and English Barbarians, and defend Iran’s enemies and FMs. Seyed Jamal, known as Al-Afghani or Mullah Afghani, was an enemy of Iran and a spy/ stooge of England. Al-Afghani and his pupil, Abduh, were Free-masons (FMs) and created the Salafiya movement (Salafism)”. We should write more about English Mullahs like Al-Afghani (1838- 97). But as some wise Iranians say: “Now even non-Iranians say: ‘Truth About Islamism: Britain gave birth to Salafism, Wahhabism, Muslim Brotherhood etc .. Three FreeMasons (FMs) (1) Jamal Al-Din Al-Afghani, the father of Islamism and (English Islam), (2) Muhammad Abduh, Al-Afghanis pupil and founder of Salafism (Salafi movement), (3) Hassan Al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, were (as stupid as Saudi Arabs, and worked for the UK) .. Free-m-asonry became their main religion .. Al Qaeda sprang from the Muslim Brotherhood and their current leader, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, is a FM Muslim Brotherhood’. It’s what non-Iranians say. They know who created ISIL, Salafis or Muslim Brotherhood. As Egyptians say: ‘In 1927, at the age of 22, Hasan al-Banna became FM and established the Muslim Brotherhood’ [1] Egypt’s historians say: “Seyed Qutb was the same age as al-Banna, and also a Free-mason (FM). Sayed Qutb lived in the US, but became the chief ideologist of Muslim Brotherhood after al-Banna !’ [1] But lefts and Islamists still defend FMs and their Masonic Islam. Lefts, Islamists and FMs are bad jokes. In Sep 2013, all US media and UK media praised their stupid agent Akbar Ganji for writing ‘Who is Ali Khamenei?’ and defending his Leader (Khamenei). In Sep 2013, Akbar Gaf (Ganji) licked the ass of his Leader, and tried to link his leader to Seyed Qotb, Abdueh and other FMs. Apparently he wanted to say that his leader is FM and that’s why he is a good guy! But as Akbar Gaf regularly makes 180 degree change (for more info, check Archive), in Aug 2014, and in a new 180 degree change, he says his beloved leader is Evil ! Akbar Gaf is a stupid psycho. But he is a symbol of Big Brother’s agents and Machiavellian Basijis in the West. Apparently Ganji and all Basijis think their beloved leader is dying, and so they now stop licking his ass, and talk about his Fatehe or his Wickedness. Basijis use the British Logic. European/ British Barbarians were man-eaters (adam-khor), and they even ate their own family and friends. This Barbarian culture created FMs, Machiavellian Logic and Orwellian things”. They also add: “It’s hard to know Free-masons (FMs) because most books and articles about FMs are unreliable. Only a few books provide good and reliable documents. In Iran, Esmaeel Raeen’s books, which are weak books but provide historical documents, are fairly reliable. Even Mullahs and Islamic historians don’t reject, and cannot reject, Raeen’s documents. Many of these documents are used by Mullahs and historians. As Sabeti says, Savak gave Raeen many documents, and he wrote Books like [2]: ‘Free-masonry in Iran’ and ‘Puppets of England, or English Stooges in Iran’. These books provide good clues and historical documents about FMs like Mullah Afghani, Mirza Malkom, Aqa Khan Nuri, Abul Hasan Elchi, James Morier, Gore Oeseley and many other (English barbarians and English stooges). For instance, Raeen use some historical letters, and say: ‘In the mid 19th century, some Mullahs asked Mirza Malkom about FMs, and Malkom wrote for Mullahs: ‘FMs talk about the secrets of the world, the secrets of sciences .. We need Brotherhood, and they (FMs) talk about Brotherhood; We need Muslim Brotherhood and they (FMs) defend Muslim Brotherhood [!!] Do you think talking about Awakening or Brotherhood is bad?’ ! [2] Such documents say a lot about FMs, English Islam and English Colonialism. If you want to know FMs, as a dark Cult and secret society, you can watch films like Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, and see how FMs wore masks, used famous people [2] and created Mafia, Ministry of Truth etc. FMs loved Nal-e Varuneh [2] FMs read poems of Saadi, Hafiz and Iranian poets, talked about Brotherhood, Freedom and Iranian values, but ridiculed Iran and defended Barbarians, Foreign-worshiping (Biganeh-parasti), British Barbarism, Exploitation, Big Lies, Big Brother etc. Even in the 19th century, many knew FMs and asked: ‘Since when (English Barbarians), Imperialists and Colonial powers care about Brotherhood, Solidarity and Awakening in the Muslim world?!’ [2] But most Mullahs and Islamists were, and still are, stupid animals. Mirza Malkom was a high rank FM. But in one of his letters, Malkom wrote: ‘Many of FMs in Iran are Mullahs and Seyeds (Islamists). We hold our meetings (Masonic lodges) in Mosques .. Islamists and Mullahs become FMs, because they love (money, power), Brotherhood etc’ ! [2] Malkom and Mullahs were close Brothers. In 1891-92, Mullah Afghani went to England (again) and joined Malkom. In London, Malkom and Mullah Afghani, as two notorious Freemasons, made public speeches against Iran’s regime, and asked for Regime Change in Iran [2] Mullahs and Malkom were close Brothers. But now when Mullahs want to attack Iranian intellects, they often say: this or that intellectual had some relations with Malkom, and can be a FM’. But the truth is that many Mullahs and Islamists had close relations with the UK and Malkom, and were FMs. Even the father of all Islamists, Al-Afghani -that they call him the Father of Islamic Awakening- was a high rank Free-mason (FM) and had very close relations with England and Malkom [2] Malkom and Mullah Afghani acted like today’s MEK (Rajavi Cult) and supported the (Sunni) Caliph, Ottoman Dictator, and sworn enemies of Iran. Even at that time, many knew that the UK and its spies like Mullah Afghani wanted ‘to undermine Iran’s Shia Shah and to support the (Sunni) Ottoman Caliph’ [2] And finally the UK, Ottomans, Mullah Afghani and FMs assassinated Iran’s Shia Shah. They were Anti-Iran, and played the dirty games of ‘Shia-Sunni’ and Divide and Rule, but talked about Brotherhood and Solidarity! They loved Nal-e Varuneh, and worked for Pig Brother”.


These years remind many of old wounds and roots of problems. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Many non-Iranians still cant see the reality, because the reality is a shocking discovery for them. They live in the Matrix, and the reality is the most shocking things they have heard. Their Matrix tells them: ‘Mullahs (Islamists) and the UK (West) are enemies of each other’ ! or Noam Chomsky and Lefts are Anti-Imperialist and Anti-West! But they don’t know their Ministry of Truth. They even don’t know what ”War is Peace’ really means. But they, like all people, can disillusion themselves. We recommend they read more about ‘Western Colonialism’, and for knowing ‘Orwellian Colonialism’ they can read Orwell’s novels carefully and think carefully about it. If you want to know the 19th Century, you should know Big Brother’s ideology, Big Brother’s methods, and Big Brother’s agents like John Malcolm, Gore Ouseley, James Morier, Harford Jones, Edward Browne, Fraser, Curzon etc. You should ask yourself: What these English pigs did and said in the 19th century? You should know the stories of the Golestan Treaty (1813) and the Torkamanchai Treaty (1828). You should know the story of Herat and the Barbarian UK War against Persia. You should know what the British East India Company and FMs did. You can ask yourself: Why the UK and the East India Company paid Mullahs and support Islamists financially and politically? Now many talk about ‘How Britain Created Salafism, Wahhabism, Mullahism, Bahaism, Zionism etc. But you should ask: Why they created Salafism, Wahhabism, Mullahism, Bahaism, ISIL etc. You should ask: ‘Why many Islamists and Mullahs were Masons (FMs), got money from the UK and the East India Company, and tried to hurt Persia (Iran)? You should ask: Who were English Mullahs? Who was Mullah Afqhani, and what he did and said? Mullahs and Islamists label their opponents as spies, stooges or FMs, because they love Nal-e Varuneh. They and their English Arbab try to spoil everything. According to dictionaries: ‘Spoil = (Los Kardan; Beh Lajan Keshidan) to have bad effects on something so that it is no longer attractive, enjoyable, useful’. And it’s exactly what the UK and its stooges did and do. They had a discredit campaign against the Good and all good things. They tried to spoil brotherhood, freedom, democracy, human rights and all Iranian values. If you want to know FMs better, you can check UK dictionaries. According to British dictionaries, Free-m-ason (FM) = a man who belongs to a secret society in which each member helps the other members to become successful ! So you can ask: Who helps Rouhanis, ISIL etc to become successful ?! Why the Guardian, BBC and all UK media, Lefty media and CIA media censor all facts, tell many big lies, hurt Iran & Iranians, and try to help Rouhanis to become successful ?! Now most of the media are Big Brother’s media, as most of the history books are the Ministry of Truth’s books. But their paradoxes and their big lies can reveal the truths. If you do research and use your brain, you can find the truths”. They also add: “Now Terrible Censorship and Terrible big lies in the UK and the US show that almost all media and journalists in the UK and the US work for Big Brother. If they were sane or normal, would they tell such big lies, or censor all news of Iran in this childish way?! […] In the 19th century, the UK and FMs created and supported Islamist Awakening, but Why? Islamists are enemies of Iran, Iranian values and Progress. Islamists are brutal dictators, and aid dictators. Islamists are Brake Pedals in the Engine of growth and progress in Iran and other countries. So, the West loves Islamists. Islamists and their Nasty England (Englis-e Khabis) say the same things. The UK, Islamists and FMs love and praise Obedience (Velayat Paziri), obeying Big Brother [2], ‘Zob dar Velayat’ (Melting into Big Brother) or Melting into the ideological leader, because Big Brother and his stooges want to turn all people into Slaves. Those who say: Obedience (Velayat Paziri) is Redemption; Ignorance is Strength; Slavery is Freedom’ are actually FMs. They love Nal-e Varuneh. But now people laugh at them. Now when Mullahs talk about ‘Regime Kodak-Kosh’ (the regime of Child-Murderers), ‘the Regime of Barbarians’, the Regime of Censorship, the Regime of Crooks and Thieves, or the Regimes of Killers and Rapists, Iranian people just laugh and say: ‘They talk about ISIL, Zionists or their own Arab/ Mullah regime (2009 Coup etc) ?!’ ! Now when the West and Western media talk about barbarians, dictators, censorship, tyranny, sadism, barbarism etc Iranians just laugh and say: They talk about ISIL, Islamists, Zionists, their own N-SA, their own West or what ?!’ ! Iranians know Big Brother’s stooges and their ‘Nal-e Varuneh’. As our people say: ‘At night, they are in bed with Big Brother/ US Imperialism/ British Colonialism and lick the ass of their Great Satan, but in the morning, they become Anti-Imperialist, and want to fight again their Great Satan! They are like ISIL, MEK and (Al-Afghani)”.

We should write more about the 19th century and Big Brother’s projects. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Just look what Basijis/ Islamists say about English projects and Al-Afghani. These super idiots say: ‘Al-Afghani was a good Mullah. He talked about Moslem unity through Um-ul-Qura ! He talked about Islamic Westernization [!!] He was a symbol of
(Islamic-British Freemasonry!) Seyed tried to hide his true face; one day he said he is Sunni; one day he said he is Shia; one day he was Afghan; one day he was Turk, Arab, Indian or Iranian. He regularly made 180 degree change; he loved ambiguity and mask [!] He used different names & masks and said contradictory things, because it was his policy (Siasat-e Seyed)’ ! And it’s what the Mullah TV and Basijis say in 2014. They refer to ‘Siasat-e Englis’ (English policy) or Orwellian-Masonic policy as Siasat-e Seyed or Islamic policy! Mullahs are bad jokes. Al-Afghani was neither Iranian nor Shia. Al-Afghani belonged to Asadabad, Afghanistan (provincial capital of Kunar in Afghanistan is called Asadabad). As you know, Afghanistan is a new, fake and English-made name. People in Herat and Great Khorasan were not Afghan. They were Herat-i, Balkh-i, Kabul-i (like Tehran-i, Yazd-i, Shiraz-i etc). Most of them were Iranians or pro-Iran. Only a few groups, ie Pakhtun barbarians were called Afghan. They were Turk-Mongol barbarians. They were Anti-Iran & Non-Iranians (Al-Afghani was one of them). But British Barbarians and Orwellian Colonialism tried to refer to all people in Herat and Great Khorasan as Afghan, and to create a new, fake and separate history for them. English Barbarians asked Al-Afghani to write a book about Afghan History! Al-Afghani worked on many Masonic projects like ‘Afghan History’ and ‘all Muslims under the rule of one Caliph (Big Brother)’. Yah, Al-Afghani and ISIL (DAESH) say the same things. English barbarians have always said ‘All humans and all Muslims under the rule of one Big Brother, our Big Brother’ ! But super-idiots worship UK, Al-Afghani and DAESH, while Iranians say to super-idiots: Open your eyes, idiots. ‘Brotherhood’ and the vocabulary of FMs should not fool you. Big Brother is not your friend; he is your Arbab (master)”. They also add: “the 19th century was full of Orwellian projects. For instance, Hajji Baba was one of the first Masonic-Orwellian projects for the decline of Persias image in the West. English barbarians said their own Hajji Baba is a symbol of our Persia! James Morier was a psychotic Free-mason (FM) [2] Abul Hasan Elchi (Hajji Baba) was a FM, and lived in England and the British colony of India. He had become a British man and a British agent. James Fraser wrote of Elchi: ‘He receives a considerable annuity from the English government’ ! [2] Most of the sources confirm that Elchi was a British agent, and for his good services he was paid an annuity of 1,000 rupees from 1810 to 1845, the year of his death. In fact, for about 35 years, the UK and the East India company paid Elchi. According to the British Foreign Office documents, in 1843 Elchi asked that after his death his salary should be paid to his son!’ [2] During his stay in London, Elchi was initiated into Free-m-asonry and attained the title of ‘Past Grand Master’. R. Gould confirmed this in his book ‘Free-m-a-sonry Throughout the World, London, 1887)’ [2] James Morier accompanied Elchi (Hajji Baba) as his interpreter. As Britons say: ‘When the Adventures of Hajji Baba were published, Abul Hasan Elchi (Hajji Baba) said to James Morier: ‘What for you write this, sir? Persians very angry, sir. King very angry, sir .. All Iranians very angry with you, sir. Very bad book, sir. All lies, sir. Who tell you all these lies, sir? What for you not speak to me? Very bad business, sir. We very bad people, perhaps, but very good to you, sir. What you abuse us so bad, sir?’ !! In fact, Elchi was not proud that all Iranians were angry and hated him. But Rouhanis are worse than Elchi. Rouhanis and today’s Hajji Babas are proud that all Iranians hate them and only the IMF, the World Bank and the UK love them and use them. Rouhanis are worse than Qajars and Pahlavis”. We should write more about the 19th century. But as some wise Iranians say: “In the UK, Orientalists work for Big Bother. Now almost all British journalists are Big Brother’s whores. Can you find even one good or normal journalist in the UK?! British journalists just tell big lies, censor all facts, and say what Big Brother wants. But as many say: When today, at the age of Internet, they act and behave in this way, what did they really do in 19th & 20th centuries?! In the West, Journalism is ‘Nal-e Varuneh’. But their evil acts are eye-opener. In these years, when you read their old books or their new media, you can see their true colors. In the past, you could say they are ignorant. But now it’s clear that they just pretend ignorance (Khod ra Zadan beh Khari). Now after 2009, and after Snow-den, most people know that the West is Orwellian. Now it’s clear that their ‘Orientalists’, ‘Journalists’, ‘Historians’ and Intellects worked, and still work, for the Ministry of Truth. They already said: journalists serve as watchdogs for the public. But now it’s clear that their media and their journalists serve as whores/ dogs of the Big Brother and the Ministry of Truth. Now it’s quite clear that the West is Orwellian, and the West is behind all main problems in Iran. Now it’s clear what is Conspiracy theory and what is Manufactured Crisis [1]”.