Persian Power, Persian Lions: Iran is Unstoppable

The dirty world of politics has polluted all aspects of life. As some wise Iranians say: ‘many people (including us) prefer to talk (write) about the so-called non-political issues. But the damn world of politics has polluted everything – including arts, sciences, technology, philosophy, history, daily life, entertainment, sports etc. Most people (including us) hate politics and all politicians. Most people (including us) prefer to ignore the fucking politics and the fucking politicians, but all aspects of life – from economy and health care to culture and all kinds of comfort – have been polluted with politics and politicians. When even your foods, your air, water, milk and all basic needs have been polluted with politicians, can you ignore the fucking world of politics?! In these days, Mullahs still send noise and parasite, and try to slow down the terrible internet speed in Iran, but the West censors all facts. Sometimes (for some days) Mullahs try to block all internet ports and all internet connections. Sometimes (for some days) Mullahs try to block all HTTPS/ SSL connections. Sometimes (for some days) Mullahs try to block all HTTP connections and all ports. Mullahs and their Arbabs (masters) try to pollute everything – including internet, foods, air, environment, culture etc. Under such fucking conditions, can people ignore the fucking politics and what the fucking Rouhanis, the fucking West and the fucking Lefts do? Now the West censors all news and all facts. The Mad West has lost its mind, and acts like retards […] If the West and its media were not insane, they would not censor all news and all facts in this childish way, and they would not show their true face in this stupid way. This level of Censorship just shows that the Mad West is dying from the Mad Cow Disease”. They also add: “Now even the world of sciences and the world of sports show that Persian power is on the rise, and Iran is becoming a world power again. Now even idiots know that Iran’s Golden Generations can restore Great Persia, and can make Iran a world power again. Now Iran’s brains, Iran’s scientists, Iran’s sportsmen, Iran’s volleyball men etc show that even the worst sanctions in history and even the worst Anti-Iran Racism and Sadism in history cannot stop Iran and Iranians. But Mullahs and Islamists still try to obey their English Arbab (master), and to do what colonial powers (Estemar) want. Instead of boosting national confidence, national pride and ‘Yes We Can’, Mullahs and Islamists just say Anti-Iranian things and still repeat what their Arbabs – ie English barbarians and savage colonial powers (Estemar)- said in the 19th century. Now the Mad Mullahs themselves show that they are Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews). In August 2014, even the Mullah media say: ‘Why Mullahs and the Mullah TV (and Mullah Parliament) say many Anti-Iran things or support sworn enemies of Iran? Do we want to prove that the Mullah regime is an Anti-Iranian regime, and Mullahs are Ajnabi (anti-Iranian pigs)?’ ! It’s what their own media say. In fact, the soup is too salty, and now even idiots know that Mullahs and Islamists are not Iranians. In these days, a senior Jewish-English Mullah, Makarem, has said: ‘the high speed internet is Haram (forbidden/ not Kosher !); the high speed internet (like VHS recorders, music players, cinema, films, microphone etc) is unethical, harmful and contrary to Tazi/ Jewish principles‘ ! Tazi Mullahs like Makarem act like DEASH (ISIL), and just make Iran’s people even angrier. Tazi Rouhanis like Makarem, Qalibaf and Mullah MPs are stupid bastards, and even don’t ask themselves: what’s the use of acting like DAESH (ISIL) and Jewish fanatics? what’s the use of licking the UK ass, serving the West’s interests, and hurting Iran’s people? Now even their own media say: ‘Makarem is a Jew, a Jewish convert. His ancestors were Jews. Makarem is a Jewish convert (ie he is still a Jew)’ ! Now many say: ‘Mullah Makarem is a great cook and embezzler, known as ‘the King of Sugar Smugglers’. And as Sabeti (Savak) says, Mullah Makarem worked for Savak (Pahlavi Gestapo). But even if you ignore such facts, it’s quite clear that the Religion of Makarem and Rouhanis is like the Religion of DAESH (ISIL) and Zionists. Now even the people’s comments at the Mullah media ask good questions like: ‘Why Qalibaf and (Makarem etc) say such DAESH-i things, exactly when DAESH (ISIL) is committing barbarous crimes in Iraq?! Do Qalibaf and (Makarem etc) want to prove that all Mullahs are DAESH-i, and the Mullah regime is a DAESH-i regime?! If Qalibaf and (Makarem etc) are not spies and stooges of Iran’s enemies, why they should say such DAESH-i things and damage Iran’s image at this moment of time?!‘ In fact, even idiots know who serve the West’s interests, who still work for colonial powers (Estemar), and who still try to hurt Iranians and to work on damaging Iran’s image. Now even idiots know who act and talk like DEASH, Zionists, Tazis and sworn enemies of Iran […] Mullahs were puppets of British Colonialism (Estemar-e Englis). In the 19th century, English pigs paid Mullahs and said to Iranians: ‘Patriotism is a bad thing. You should not be proud of your country and your legacy. You Iranians have always been internationalists, and cared about all humans. You Iranians were not racists. So, instead of defending Iran, you should become
Foreign-worshiper (Biganeh-parast) .. National Pride or Patriotism is a bad thing, but Foreign-worshiping (Biganeh-parasti), West-worshiping (Qarb-parasti), Arab-worshiping, Tazi-worshiping, UK-worshiping, Russia-worshiping or US-worshiping is a good thing’ ! It’s exactly like what English Barbarians, colonial powers and their stooges (Mullahs etc) said in the 19th century. English barbarians and Tazis said the same things. It’s obvious why barbarians said such things in the past. But the main question is: Why Mullahs and Islamists still say the same stupid things? Why Mullahs and Islamists hate Iran and National Pride and National Legacy in Iran? All Iranians are proud of Iranian legacy, Iranian values and Iranian gifts to mankind. The wise non-Iranians praise Iran and see Iran as the birthplace of culture and human values. But why Mullahs still lick the ass of the Barbarian UK, and still say many pro-Tazi and anti-Iranian things?”.

The 2014 Fields Medal was so important, and revealed many things. As some wise Iranians say: “Mirzakhani and Iran’s brains are symbols of National Pride and ‘Yes We Can’ in Iran. But the main question is: Why Mullahs and Islamists hate Iran’s brains, Iran’s progress, Iran’s positive image, Iran’s national pride, and restoring Persia? Are Mullahs and Islamists still puppets of the UK and the British Barbarous Colonialism (Estemar- Englis)? We all know what the Barbarian UK and Colonial powers (Estemar) did to our Iran in the 19th century. All Iranians know who were behind the so-called Golestan Treaty (in 1813), the so-called Torkamanchai Treaty (in 1828) and other disasters in the 19th century. All Iranians know who is who. But Mullahs still say ‘Doing Researching is a bad thing; Ignorance is Strength’ ! Mullahs still obey their English Arbab (master), and still lick the ass of the Barbarian UK. But today is not the 19th century. Today’s Iranians are much more modern, educated and wiser than their Western counterparts. Now not only ancient Iranians, Iran’s history and Iran’s legacy, but today’s Iranians and the large army of wise and educated Iranians show that Iran is Unstoppable. But it’s important to note that even in the 19th century English barbarians confessed: ‘Iran and Iranians have natural and congenital talents .. No one can break the spirit of Iran .. Iran is a weird nation. You cannot defeat them. Iran always (even in the worst conditions) has some Great men and great heroes .. Resistance (& fighting against Evil forces) is an inherent part of the Iranian culture‘. Such English confessions are important, because all informed people know ‘the British Barbarous Colonialism’ and what English barbarians did to the world in the 19th century. But Mullahs and other puppets of the West even refuse to ask themselves why their English Arbab said: No one can break the spirit of Iran; Iran is a weird nation; You cannot defeat them’. Iran has been like a live and eternal spring, and has always created great men, great ideas, and great things”. They also add: “Now even the wise Westerners talk about ‘How Britain Created Salafism, Wahhabism, Mullahism, Bahaism, Zionism etc. But the main question is Why the UK created Salafism, Wahhabism, Mullahism, Bahaism etc? Now even Westerners say: ‘Iran Didnt Create ISIS; We Did; the West Did’ ! (Aug 2014) Now there is no doubt that the UK, the EU and the USA are behind all Islamists, including DAESH (ISIL) and English Rouhanis (Mullahs). But you should ask yourself: ‘Why the UK and the West support Mullahs and Islamists, and why Mullahs and Islamists still try to hurt Persia and to serve the interests of the West? Now many say: ISIL is a product of Western Colonialism, and English Mullahs were products of British Colonialism in the 19th century. But even if you don’t know history, current events can show you many things. Now the West and its media clearly show you who is behind Islamists and Rouhanis (Mullahs). Now the UK media, known as the English Lie Factory, works as Rouhanis media, and Rouhani himself confesses to this issue. In August 2014, Rouhani says: ‘Why Iranians and Iran’s media don’t support me? why only the IMF, the World Bank and the UK media support me and defend me? [!!] .. Iranians should support me, because the IMF, the World Bank, the UK media and the US media praise me and defend me [!!]’ (August 2014) Can you believe it ?! Even the Mullah media published this big and shameful news. But the West, the Left and all Western media censor such facts/ news. The West is the Capital of Censorship. But Iranian people just laugh and say: ‘Oh, yah, only their Zionist IMF, their Great Satan, their English Arbab (master) and Colonial powers (Estemar) support Rouhani and Islamists’! All Iranians (+97%) hate this English Pofyooz (Rouhani) and all Mullahs. But it’s funny and important that Rouhanis themselves confess that only their Zionist IMF, their English Arbab (master) and ‘Estemar’ love and support Rouhanis (Mullahs). It’s a historic confession. Rouhani made a good and historic confession: Only the IMF, the World Bank, the English Lie Factory (ie UK media) and the Savage West love and support Rouhani and Islamists. Now all Iranians (+97%) hate Rouhani and Islamists so much. Rouhani’s dual policy -ie Repression and Oppression for Iran, but Concession for the West and Iran’s enemies’ – is like or worse than the Qajar’s policy or the Barbarian UK policy in the 19th century. Rouhani is like or worse than Mirza Abul Hasan Elchi (ilchi) and Mirza Aqa Khan Nuri. What Mullahs and their English Arbab (master) do in the 21st century is just a farcical version of what English Barbarians and their puppets did in the 19th century”. We should write more about the story of ‘Britain and Persia’ in the 19th Century. But as some wise Iranians say: “Rouhanis still live in the 19th century, and still lick the ass of their Arbab. Super-idiots still don’t know that when the 97% of Iranians hate you, and only IMF, English barbarians, Tazis and other notorious bad guys support you and praise you, you have no future in Iran and your fate is quite clear. Understanding such things doesn’t need High IQ. Only Pahlavi, Mullahs, Islamists and other super-idiots cannot understand such things”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even sciences and sports show that Iran is unstoppable. What Iranians did and do is really a miracle. Despite all threats and all sanctions, Iranian sportsmen can defeat the USA, the UK, Italy, Germany, Russia etc. Despite the toughest Sanctions/ worst Sadism in history, Persian Lions can defeat the USA and the West’s paper tigers. It’s so important. Despite all efforts to keep Iran weak and dependent, Iran’s Golden Generations are making Iran a world power again. Iranians can live inside or outside Iran, but all of them care about Iran, Iranian legacy and Iranian values. Iran’s Golden Generations actually show the world the Persian Power. Despite all sanctions, all censorship, all big lies, all brainwashing campaigns and all forced restrictions, Iranians are among the world’s most educated and most informed people. It’s very very important. Barbarians and bad guys, from the West and the Left to Tazi Mullahs, have desperately tried to keep Iranians stupid and ignorant. But their evil acts have backfired. Now many Iranians repeat our ancient proverbs, and say to the West and it’s puppets: ‘You only disgrace and discredit yourself, and cause us a few problems’ (Erze Khod Mibari-o Zahmat Ma Midari …). Despite all threats, all sanctions and all sadistic acts, Iranians are among the world’s best brains and best talents. Iran’s brains, Iran’s scientists, Iran’s sportsmen and Iran’s average people show the world that all evil acts, including imposed wars, coups, sanctions and Barking and Farting (ArroGooz), cannot stop Iran and Iranians. Since the ancient time, all Barbarians -including the Savage Tazis and the Savage West- have always tried to destroy our Iran, the Home of the Good. But the main question is: Have they succeeded ? Satan and all barbarians have created many crises and many disasters. But Satan and the sons of Satan have never been able to destroy and to get rid of our Iran, the Home of the Good. Our Iran, as the birthplace of Culture and Human values, received a lot of wounds, but was a proud and strong wounded. Satan and barbarians have always wanted to destroy the Home of the Good (Iran), and our Iran has always fought solely against all barbarians, all bad guys and all evil forces. But who was the winners? Our Iran. Our Iranian legacy and our Iranian values changed the world. One day barbarians were in the majority, but now they are in the minority. One day the sons of Satan could openly defend their barbarian values, but now, all normal humans and all good guys, who are in the majority, condemn Tazi/ Barbarian values and defend our Iranian values and our Iranian legacy. It’s a great victory for the Home of the Good (Iran) and all good guys. Now it’s clear who is morally and totally bankrupt. But the bankrupt barbarians still think that their evil acts and their Barking and Farting (ArroGooz) can stop our Iran. They still think their Bullying and Barbarity can stop Iran and Iranians. The bankrupt barbarians are bad jokes. Even in the 19th century, when Iran was in very poor conditions, barbarians confessed that ‘Iran and Iranians have natural and congenital talents; No one can break the spirit of Iran; Iran is a weird nation; You cannot defeat them; Iran always has some Great men’. In the 19th century, most Iranians were uneducated, and Iran had a few well-educated people. But now the large army of wise, smart and well-educated Iranians show the world the Persian Power and the potential of Persian Lions. Now the large army of educated Iranians want to restore Great Persia. As non-Iranians say: Iranians have learned to think big’ ! It’s true. Irans brains and Irans people have learned to think big, and to not give up easily. Its part of our Iranian culture and our Iranian traditions. Iranians don’t give up easily. Iranians don’t get easily disappointed. Iranians know that the Good, Truth and Logic, is the final winner. Iranians know the Evil is a big loser […] Iranians will never forget the past 200 years. Iranians will never forget and forgive Golestan, Torkamanchai, the 1953 Coup, the 2009 Coup and what English barbarians and the Savage West did in the past 200 years. Those who know history, know that Mullahs and Islamists were ‘Nokar-e Ajaneb’ (puppets of Iran’s enemies). But even if you don’t know history, you still can see the truths. Just ask yourself: Who supports Rouhanis (Mullahs) or MEK? Why Rouhanis implement the so-called Zionist IMF plans in Iran? Who censors all news of Iran, who tells big lies, who works as Rouhani’s media, who supports Rouhani, who censors the 2014 Referendum, or Who say Anti-Iranian things? […] Just look what their Exiled journalists or their Mullah Parliament do and say. The 2014 Fields Medal was a symbol of ‘Yes We Can’ and national pride in Iran. But their Anti-Iran Mullah Parliament, their Anti-Iran Mullah TV and their Exiled whores just say to Iranians: ‘National pride is a bad thing .. We are stupid; No We Can Not .. Iranians should hate Iran and Iran’s brains’ ! The Anti-Iranian whores just remind you of the 19th century and ‘the Inheritance of Colonialism’. They still worship their Great Satan and their English Arbab (master), and try to promote Foreign-worshiping (Biganeh-parasti), West-worshiping (Qarb-parasti), Arab-worshiping, Tazi-worshiping etc. Mullahs and Islamists -from Rouhani and exiled whores to Mullah MPs and Mullah TV- can remind you of ‘Hajji Baba’. James Morier, the author of ‘Hajji Baba’, was a stupid English barbarian. He wrote a stupid story about the notorious puppet of England, Elchi or Hajji Baba that all Iranians hated him, but said: our Hajji Baba is a symbol of your Iran’ ! In facts, English barbarians have always used non-Iranians or the most stupid whores as their own spies/ stooges, and they have always pretended that their own spies/ stooges are representatives of Iran and Iranians. Now Rouhanis (Mullahs) and Anti-Iranian whores like Akbar Ganji, Masoud Behnoud and the so-called Exiled journalists are new versions of Hajji Baba. Now ‘Hajji Baba in England’ or ‘Hajji Baba in America’ still crap about Iran, and still lick the West’s ass and the Mullah ass. But today is not the 19th century (Ahd-e Boogh)”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Iranian people care about Iran’s volleyball team, not only because they can defeat USA, Russia, Italy and all world powers, but because they are Iranians. Iran’s volleyball men are not Basijis or Islamists. Iran’s volleyball men dress, think, talk and act like Iranians, and that’s why we, Iranians, care about them. If they were Basijis/ Islamists, Iranian people would hate them and spit at them. Now Iran’s volleyball men think and act like Iranians, and that’s why they have succeeded in defeating all world powers […] Now all Iranians hate Islamists and Anti-Iranian whores like Akbar Ganji, Hatami-kia, Merila Zareie and all Mullah TV celebs, who lick the Mullah ass, the West’s ass, the Tazi’s ass and the Enemy’s ass. Now the Tazi TV (Mullah TV) says many Anti-Iranian things. Now the Satan TV (Mullah TV) openly defends their Zionist IMF, their Great Satan and their English Arbab. Now the English Barbarian TV (Mullah TV) openly defends the colonial powers (Estemar), the Anti-Iran Arabs and the savage Tazis. Now the Savage Arab TV (Mullah TV) openly defends the Anti-Iranian pigs and the Anti-Iran acts. Now the Anti-Iran TV (Mullah TV) openly attacks Iran’s brains, Iran’s talents, Iran’s students, and Iran’s Golden Generations. Now the West and the Left censor all facts and all news, and show who is behind Islamists and the Satanic Regime of Islamists. In this year (2014), the systematic lies and the systematic censorship in the West are unbelievable, but eye-opener. Now you can see what has really happened in the past. The West and Tazis were the same shit. They sold us our own ideas and our own values, but they called it Modernity, Western modernity! Barbarians pretended that they cared about our Iranian values. Barbarians pretended that they cared about human rights, freedom, democracy, peace, brotherhood, laws etc. But the West’s main law was and is the Law of the Jungle. It’s part of the West’s barbarian culture. They still praise Bullying, Sadism, Racism and Barbarity. They are still Anti-Iran, Anti-Progress, Anti-Truth, and Anti-Human”. We have already written about the Anti-Iran West and the Law of the Jungle (check Archive). But as some wise Iranians say: “the West and its puppets still act like retards and barbarians. They know that ‘Persian Lion has not lost its power .. Persian power is on the rise’. They know that Iran is unstoppable. They know that even with the help of Mullahs/ traitors and all dirty/ barbaric tricks, the Wests paper tiger cannot defeat the Persian Lion. The Mad West has confused. The West badly tries to censor all news of Iran, to help Rouhanis, and to damage the public image of Iran. Mullahs still aid the anti-Iran West in destroying the public image of Iran. But all good guys, including good Jews, good Arabs and good Westerners, can see the true image of Iran, Iran’s brains and Iran’s talents. The 2014 Fields Medal, the 2014 FIVB World Championship and many other events show the world the real image of Iran and Iranians. Iran’s people don’t think and act like the West or Tazis. They say: ‘Iran must be a Superpower again, as it used to be’, because they know who want to keep Iran and other nations weak, and who try to turn all humans into slaves. Iranians cared, and still care, about human values, all humans and all good guys, and that’s why Satan and barbarians hated, and still hate, Iran and Iranians […] The West, barbarians and all evil forces are on the wrong side of history; and we, Iranians, still tell them: ‘Stop acting like savage animals; Be humans, not animals (Adam Bashid); Live like normal humans (Mesl-e Adam); Stop worshiping money and power; Basic needs are low level needs, and cannot make you really happy. If you live like normal humans and good guys, it’s better for you .. the Evil Empire can be sure that all parts of our Great Iran -form Georgia and Armenia to Tajikistan and all parts of Caucasus, that were occupied by the Russian-British barbarians in the 19th century- will return home. We, Iranians will never forget and accept stupid things like Torkamanchai’. We, Iranians, say to Mullahs and other puppets of the West: Stop licking the UK ass and the West’s ass; Stop hurting Iran’s people; Stop helping Iran’s enemies and serving the West’s interests; Stop implementing the Enemy’s plans, including the IMF plans. Resign from the government, or Allow Iran’s experts, Iran’s brains, Iran’s talents and Iran’s people to solve Iran’s problems and to convert Iran into a Superpower again. If you are really Iranians, you should care about the Good, the Truth, Iran and Iranian values (ie human values), and you should Stop Foreign-worshiping (Biganeh-parasti), West-worshiping (Qarb-parasti), Arab-worshiping or Tazi-worshiping. If you are really Iranians, you can simply show it. For instance, Stop implementing the IMF Plans and the UK plans; Stop Censorship, Corruption, Big lies and Crapping about Iran; Stop attacking and hurting Iran’s brains, Iran’s talents, Iran’s people and Iran’s national pride; Instead of obeying the UK, and trying to create baby boom or to keep Iran weak, try to restore Great Iran. If you really care about Iran’s population, and If you are really Iranians, you should say that the people of Tajikistan, Herat, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, and all parts of the Caucasus and Great Iran are Iranian people. If you are really Iranians, instead of licking the UK ass and caring about Tazis and sworn enemies of Iran, you should care about all good guys in all around the world and all Iranians in all parts of Great Iran”.

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