Orwellian West: Silly Games, Childish Things

September 27, 2014

In these days, the bad guys play silly games and make people laugh. As some wise Iranians say: “Politicians and journalists act like Little Children. They are playing silly games, Censoring news in a silly way, Hiding the truth in a silly way, and Telling big lies in a silly way. They are so Childish, and behaving in a silly way. Now all people laugh at the West and its stooges. What the West and its Jewish-Arab allies say and do about ISIS/ ISIL is one of the worst silly jokes of all times. They create and support ISIS/ ISIL, but want to fight against ISIS/ ISIL! Now their mass media says: ‘Obama hails Arab allies! US president says: America is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with Arabs (ie with Arab dictators & Arab terrorists)’ ! (Sep 2014) Obama’s America is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with Islamists, Tazis (ie Savage Arabs/ Jews) and Terrorists (MEK, ISIS etc). But could normal humans and average people – including the good Americas, the good Arabs etc- be proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with Obama, Tazis and Terrorists?! Now America and its Arab allies have become an object of ridicule among all people -including Westerners”. They also add: “In these days, Mullahs and their English Arbab (Arbab = master) play childish games. The UK and the English media are so happy and proud that Mullahs met with their UK leaders! In Sep 25, 2014, the UK media proudly talked about ‘Mullahs and UK Leaders Meet’ !, and said: ‘It’s the first (open) bilateral talks between a British prime minister and a Mullah’ ! But do you know what the Mullah TV and the Mullah media did and said?! In Sep 25, 2014, the Mullah TV and most of the Mullah media censored this news, and tried to hide the meeting between Rouhani & Cameron! Mullahs, like their English Arbab (UK), have low IQs and love silly Games, Childish Lies and Childish Censorship. Mullahs know what Iran’s people say about the UK and Mullahs. So, Mullahs make love with the UK but try to hide it in a silly way! The Ayatollah BBC and the UK media proudly tell bad lies such as: ‘Mullahs and UK leaders hold first meetings since 1979 (what a joke)’ But all Iranians know that the UK and Mullahs are old Brothers! Now Iranian people even put comments at the Mullah media and say: ‘Oh yah, you Mullahs are puppets of England (Shoma Akhunda Jireh-Khar Englis Hastid)‘ ! (Sep 2014) Open and non-secret meeting between Mullahs and their UK leaders is a new, but useless thing. (It’s not clear) why Mullahs and Little Britain make a fool of themselves in this way. Apparently they try to show that Hassan Rouhani is actually Mirza Abul Hassan Rouhani ! Apparently they still live in the 19th century, and the UK still dreams about creating new Hajji Baba and new Mirza Abul Hassan Elchi! But today is not the 19th century. Now Mirza Abul Javad and Mirza Abul Hassan just disgrace themselves by licking the West’s ass. Now, after 2009, all Iranian people (+ 97%) hate the West’s stooges – including Abul Javad and Abul Hassan, Exiled whores, Khatamists, Pahlavists, MEK and all Mullahs. Now Iranians ask good questions like: ‘Why this English Mullah (Rouhani) should openly meet with his English Arbab (UK leaders)?! What’s the use/ benefits of such open love affair between Mullahs and their Arbab (UK)?! Do they want to confirm what Iran’s people said about the UK and Mullahs, and to make all humans aware?! And if the Mullah regime’s love affair with the UK is a good thing, why they censor the news of the meetings between Mullahs and UK leaders?! You cannot meet and make love with your UK leaders, but censor this news and attack your UK leaders! Today is not the 19th century. Now Iranian people say many good things such as: ‘Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullahs are Arab stooges of the UK .. this Abul Hassan (Rouhani), like that Abul Hassan (Elchi), is a Freemason. Today’s Mullahs, like Mullahs in the 19th century, are freemasons & puppets of the UK .. In the Mullah regime, one Abul Javad licks the ass of Obama/ USA, and one Abul Javad licks the ass of the UK/ Browne! .. why the stupid Mullahs openly meet with their English Arbab (UK), but try to censor this news and to attack the UK ?! Why they play such silly games ?! .. Mullahs and their English Arbab (UK) have always played such silly-Orwellian games (Nal-e Varuneh) .. All Iranians know that Mullahs are puppets of the UK; but now the UK and its Mullahs try to make all humans aware! Thank God that Iran’s enemies are such brainless idiots”.


As some wise Iranians say: “In these days, even idiots and exiled media talk about the Ayatollah BBC and the Ayatollah VOA ! In fact, even idiots know that the UK and the USA love and support Mullahs and Islamists. Now even non-Iranians talk/ write about ‘The British, the Middle East and Islamists‘ ! Now even kids and idiots know why the UK and the US support the anti-Iran Mullahs. Now the Ayatollah BBC, the Ayatollah VOA, the Mullah TV and the Mullah media badly show their true colors and expose themselves to ridicule. In this year, even idiots ask: ‘Why do Mullahs and Islamists hate Persia and Iranian Civilization?!’ In this year (2014), Mullahs and Basijis say many anti-Iranian things. In 2014, and for the first time in Irans history, Rouhanis media openly said: Humiliating Iranians is a good thing. The US-Mullah deal is worth Humiliating Irans people. Hurting Iranians and Humiliating Iranians are among Rouhanis main goals. He wants to make a deal with the West, and Hurting Iranians is part of the deal’ ! (for more info check Archive for: ‘Rouhanis and their Zionist IMF: Puppets of the West’) Now the Mullah TV and the Mullah media are full of Anti-Iranian comments, and it’s really a godsend for Iran and truth-seekers. Thank God that Basiji faggots, Mullahs and Iran’s enemies are such idiots”. They also add: “the Anti-Iran Mullahs and Anti-Iranian Islamists are the followers of Mullah Afghani -who is known as the Pan-Islamism Pioneer, the Pioneer of Islamic Awakening, the Father of Islamists, the Father of Islamism/ Mullahism, or the Father of English Islam. Mullah Afghani was officially a Free-mason and a puppet of the UK. In these years, even non-Iranians write about [2]: ‘the Pan-Islamism Pioneer in a new perspective’, and say: ‘Mullah Afghani collaborated with the British and French intelligence agencies’ ! [2] Mullah Seyed Jamal Afghani can show you many things about the Anti-Iran Mullahs and the Anti-Iran Mafia”. We should write more about English Mullahs like al-Afghani. But as some wise Iranians say: “If you read [1]: ‘Essays by al-Afghani (in the 1880s)’, you can understand many things better. Al-Afghani, like today’s Mullahs, loved Nal-e Varuneh (Orwellian games). Al-Afghani attacked Persia and Iranians [1], defended Arabs and Iran’s enemies [1], but said The English toy with the minds of (Mullahs etc) in a way that makes intelligent men both laugh and cry [!] .. The English encouraged their clergymen and religious leaders to write books and publish tracts filled with (big lies)’ ! [1] Mullah Afghani was a bad joke. He stupidly repeated what the wise Iranians said in the 19th century, and said for instance: ‘A Mullah took (a new) road in order to serve his English masters[!] .. His doctrine pleased the English rulers and they saw in it the best means to corrupt the hearts of the Muslims [!!] .. the English began to support him, to honor him, and to help him to build a college called the Mohammadan College (ie Hozeh)’ !! [1] Can you believe it?! Al-Afghani stupidly repeated what the wise Iranians said about Qom, Hozeh, English Mullahs and Islamists as British inventions! And now Mullahs, like al-Afghani, just make people laugh. Now Mullahs openly make love with the IMF & the UK, but say: Death to the IMF & the UK! The UK and English Mullahs love Nal-e Varuneh (Orwellian games). But even in the 19th century, many knew that ‘the English were killing Muslims, while weeping for them and crying, We kill you only out of compassion and pity for you, and seeking to improve you and make your lives comfortable’ ! [1] In fact, many already knew the UK and its Orwellian tactics. But al-Afghani, like today’s Mullahs/ Khatamists, tried to play the game of ‘good Shit, bad Shit’, and to mislead people. In the 19th century, most Iranians and most humans were ignorant and illiterate. But even at that time most Iranians hated Al-Afghani, and many Iranians knew that ‘Islamic materialists (ie English Mullahs/ Islamists) are not like the materialists of Europe; for whoever abandons religion in Western countries retains love for his country, and his zeal to guard his country from the attacks of foreigners is not diminished. He gives freely of his most precious possessions for its advancement, and will sacrifice his life for its sake. But (English Mullahs) just disparaged to them the interests of their fatherland, and made people consider foreign domination over them a slight thing .. they did this not for a considerable reward or an exalted honor, but for a vile piece of bread, a paltry gain‘ ! [1] And it’s what Al-Afghani says! But Al-Afghani himself defended pan-Islamism and pan-Arabism, and attacked Persia, Iranian Civilization and Iranian Patriotism [1] Al-Afghani, like today’s Islamists/ Basijis, said that love for Iran or zeal to guard Iran from the attacks of foreigners is a bad thing, but love for Islamism and Iran’s enemies, or zeal to guard Arabs and Iran’s enemies is a good thing! [1] Mullah Afghani, like today’s Islamists and exiled whores, just tried to disparage the interests of Iran, and made people consider foreign domination over them a slight thing. Mullah Afghani, like today’s Islamists and exiled journalists, did this not for a considerable reward or honor, but for a vile piece of bread, a paltry gain!”. We should write more about such important issues later. But as some wise Iranians say: “If you want to know Mullahs, exiled whores, Islamists (Khatamists, Basijis) and other Anti-Iranian stooges of the West better, you should read their shameful comments in Persian, and see how they say many anti-Iranian things, and show their true colors in a silly way. In this year, the Mullah TV and the Mullah media, like Al-Afghani’s essays [1], are full of pro-Tazi and Anti-Iranian comments”.

In this year (2014), the Western media and the Lefty media censor almost all facts. But as some wise Iranians say: “the 2014 Referendum clearly showed that the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani and all Mullahs. But the West and its stooges still tell childish lies. The West and its stooges are suffering from Mongolism. Now their cyber whores put many anti-Iran comments at the Mullah media, and it’s so funny because the Mullah media censors + 90% of the Iranian people’s comments but they freely publish the anti-Iran comments and the comments of non-Iranians, ie Basiji faggots and non-Iranian spies (ie Arab spies, English spies, Jewish spies etc). These non-Iranians know the Persian language. Sometimes, they show their true face and put silly comments like: ‘You, Iranians, are stupid; You, Iranians, are (blah blah)’ ! But these non-Iranian whores have low IQs, and they often try to pretend that they are Iranians and they support Rouhanis, they love the West and Iran’s enemies, and they prefer to keep Iran weak and dependent! These Cyber whores and Big Brother’s agents are ‘Heyfe Nuun’ (good for nothing), but useful idiots. They actually show you how the Anti-Iran Mafia and the Big Brother’s system work […] Just ask yourself: The Western media, the lefty media, the mass media and the Mullah media care about whom, and censor/ boycott which facts, which news and the voice of whom?! They censor the voices of Iranian people, but pretend that non-Iranians are Iranians! They censor the story of the IMF plans, but talk about the story of Sanction! They censor the story of the 2014 Referendum, but say Iranians support Rouhani! They and their Arbab (ie the West) still think that they can re-play their old-silly games such as Khatami’s Game (Khatami Bazi) or the game of ‘Good Shit, Bad Shit’. They have low IQs, and even don’t know what has happened after 2009, and why and how Iranian people changed […] Now the West’s childish games just make Iranians laugh. Now the 97% of Iranians openly curse Rouhani, Khatami and all Mullahs, and openly say to the West and its stooges: ‘Don’t make us laugh! Don’t be so childish ! Idiots, you made a lot of silly mistakes! Stop playing silly games!’ Now most Iranians know Orwellian Charlatans (ie ‘Makaran Nal-e Varuneh Zan’). But in the past, only a few Iranians knew, or wrote books like, ‘Makaran Nal-e Varuneh Zan’ (1951). This book, known as Nal-e Varuneh (Orwellian games), was written by a wise Iranian in 1951. But in the past, such wise guys were in the minority, while now many humans and most Iranians know Orwellian Charlatans and Big Brother’s games. Now the West and its stooges censor all news in a silly way. For instance, almost all media censored the story of Yemen and ‘the IMF protests in Yemen’. The recent protests in Yemen were actually the Anti-IMF protests. They protested against the IMF plans in Yemen. As Yemeni media reported: ‘the World Bank and IMF pressure Yemen to end fuel subsidies‘ ! Even the Yemen Times said: ‘the World Bank and the IMF have forced Yemen to end government subsidies for fuel. The government intends to issue a decree ending the subsidies. (It’s part of) their economic reform package .. Yemen’s government signed an agreement in Washington to remove subsidies for fuel’ ! (July 2014) But such news remind you of what?! Yah, it reminds you of the IMF plans in Iran, of the love story of the IMF and Mullahs, and of the Western/ Lefty Censorship. In July of this year (2014), Yemens government introduced deep cuts to fuel subsidies raising the price of gasoline and diesel. The IMF praised Yemens decision to cut subsidies, and called it Economic Reform! But the West, the Lefts, Islamists, Mullahs and all bad guys censor such facts. Yemeni protesters said that the July cuts to fuel subsidies should be revoked, and in Sep 2014, their Anti-IMF Revolution succeeded. But the important point is that now even non-Iranians say: ‘Middle East states have experienced significant popular unrest sparked by government moves to cut fuel subsidies‘ ! (Sep 2014) In fact, the IMF Plans Cutting Subsidies and Rising prices in all countries, from Iran to Yemen, can only create public anger, deep hatred, mass protests and Revolution, and now even non-Iranians are aware of this issue. But Mullahs still act like retards, play silly games, and lick the ass of their Zionist IMF […] Now even Americans say: ‘the so-called reforms imposed by the World Bank and the IMF on South countries in the name of Development were actually making things worse. Poverty (hatred, anger, and awareness) have increased’ ! (Sep 2014). Now many say: ‘the IMF plans are actually (Plans for) increasing Poverty, Corruption, Injustice and Dependency‘. In Iran, the IMF plans have created nothing but poverty, corruption, injustice, dependency and ruining national products. Pigs like Noam Chomsky defends the IMF plans and the IMF-Mullah love affair, but now many, including the good Americans, know and say that the World Bank and the IMF publish fake polls and fake statistics, while ‘Poverty is getting worse, not better‘ (Sep 2014) The West, the Lefts and pigs like Noam Chomsky play silly games, say childish things, and try to fool people, but their childish lies/ paradoxes show their true colors”.


As some wise Iranians say: “the West’s silly games cannot fool Iranians and normal humans. Only Sheeple and retards are fooled by Childish things and childish tactics. Mullahs, Hajji Babas and Mirza Abul Hassan still lick the UK’s ass, but Iranian people hate the UK so much. Iranians only care about the good Britons – whose voices are badly censored. Unfortunately, the US is just following in the footsteps of the Orwellian UK. The UK was officially the land of Barbarians […] Britain owes Iran trillions of dollars. Britain has plundered Persia’s oil/ resources. Since the 19th century, the Barbarian Britain has committed many barbarian crimes against Humanity and against Iran. All Iranians and all historians know that the Barbarian Britain has plundered our oil, our money and our resources, and must repay its debts. The payback time is near, and repaying Iran trillions of dollars is just one of the first acts that Britain must do. The Barbarian Britain has killed millions of Iranians. Britain has Iranian blood on its dirty hands. Since the 19th century, Britain has committed many great crimes. But the payback time is near”. They also add: “Britain is a very Orwellian Society, and if you search the internet, you can see that the voices of British people and any major critique of the UK are heavily censored. But you still can find many serious critiques of the USA. In this year (2014), you still can find what the American people say about the Orwellian America. For instance, the American people write articles like [3]: ‘America is Now Officially an Orwellian Totalitarian State‘ ! (2014) or ‘How America Became Orwellian‘ (2014) or ‘the West’s Orwellian Journalists’ or ‘Age of Orwellian Journalism‘ (2014) or ‘Welcome to Orwellian America, the Land of the Silent, the Home of the Submissive (Slaves)’ ! (2014) The UK is very Orwellian, and the voices of good Britons are heavily censored. But the US is not as Orwellian as the UK”. They also add: “Most Americans are ignorant, but it doesn’t mean that Americans are totally unaware of all problems. Americans are not aware of many facts, including the 1953/ 2009 CIA Coup and the love story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’. But many Americans are aware of problems like America’s Orwellian acts and the love story of ‘America and Terrorists (ISIS/ MEK etc)’. As (some Americans) say: ‘Do the people of America even care that their privacy is being violated each and every day; that their communications of all forms are being monitored closely by the NSA? On the surface that might be the conclusion because their reaction to this invasion of privacy has been a deafening silence. But they are well aware of (many problems)’ [3] Many Americans are becoming increasingly disillusioned. Their media, their intellects and their politicians do silly things all the time, and it makes their people aware. Now even the Western people know that the West doesn’t care about freedom, democracy, human rights, critics or people in Iran and other countries. Now even the Western people know that the Western Media is A Lie Factory, the Western Journalists are Orwellian whores, and those who work for the Washington Post, the Guardian, the BBC, the UK media and the US media are a bunch of liars, whores or Big Brother’s agents. After 2009, we all saw that the West’s journalists are really whores. They get money, and say what the bad guys want. They don’t care about the Truth. They just care about money, power, or what the Big Brothers want. It’s the Western Journalism. The UK media and British journalists stupidly tell big lies and play silly games, and they even don’t care that they are losing all credibility and their legitimacy is in question! The West and its stooge are following in the footsteps of the stupid UK, but any sane person knows what is the result of censoring everything, playing silly games, telling childish lies and losing all credibility”.

The West: Credibility, Confidence or Popularity ?

September 21, 2014

“Most people know what Credibility, Confidence or Popularity means. Credibility = the quality of deserving to be believed and trusted; Confidence = the feeling that you can trust something to be good, or produce good results; Popularity = when someone is liked or supported by a lot of people. Now most people say: the West has lost credibility, popularity and people’s confidence”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “In these years, many things show that the West has even lost credibility among its own people. The West has now lost all credibility. The 2009 Coup, Snow-den’s revelations, Egypt’s farce, Syria’s farce, Anti-Iran Sadism, IMF-Mullah love affairs, Western Bullying, Western Suppression, Western incitement to Genocide, ISIS/ ISIL Barbarous Farce, Western support of Islamists and Terrorists, and the West’s Evil-Orwellian acts in these years had disastrous effects on the West’s credibility and popularity. The 2009- 2014 scandals and Snow-den’s revelations have totally damaged the West’s credibility as a democracy. Now most humans know that the West is Orwellian […] The West tells big lies, and badly censors all facts and all news, including all news of Iran, but is it a sign of Wisdom?! No; the West’s terrible censorship or the West’s ridiculous lies is a clear sign of bankruptcy, sheer madness and confusion. As you know, ‘Crisis of Confidence = a situation in which people no longer believe that a government or a system is reliable or working properly, and will no longer support it’. And now the West and its stooges (Rouhanis, Islamists, Lefts etc) are badly suffering from the Crisis of Confidence. Just look what Iranian people do and say about Rouhanis and Mullah-made crises like water crisis, inflation, IMF plans, corruption etc. Just look what the world’s ordinary people say about the West”. They also add: “the West is a big idiot and a big loser. They think Western Bullying can add credibility to the West ! They think the West’s Orwellian Censorship and the West’s Orwellian Lies can help to restore the West’s credibility! They have low IQs. As you know, ‘Credibility Gap = the difference between what someone says and what they do’. And now the stupid West just tries to widen its credibility gap! The West’s media, the West’s politicians and the West’s intellects are just damaging the credibility of the West further. When even the West’s intellects just support brutal dictators, terrorists, Zionists, Islamists, Tazis, the IMF and the sons of Satan, it’s obvious why most people hate the West, and the West is losing popularity by the minute. Can you create and support ISIL/ ISIS in Syria, and then you claim that ISIL/ ISIS is an evil force?! Can you create the 2009 CIA Coup, censor all facts, help Islamists, hurt Iranians, and openly support MEK and Mullahs (AN, Rouhani etc), and then you claim that you are Anti-Mullah, Anti-Islamist, Anti-Marxist, Anti-Terrorist, or pro-Democracy?! When the 99.9999% of Iranians know and hate the MEK, and when the 97% of Iranians know and hate Rouhanis (Mullahs), you just make a fool of yourself if you openly and shamelessly support MEK or Rouhanis. Now the Mad Mullahs and their Great Satan try to openly make a deal, but is it possible?! Can the bankrupt West make an open deal with a bankrupt regime ?! Do the world and Iranian people accept Bullying, Childish Deception (ie face-saving plan!) or the love story of ‘Mad Mullahs and Great Satan’ ?! In the past, Mullahs said that the USA is Great Satan, while most Iranians were not anti-American. But now Mullahs and Islamists trust/ worship their Great Satan and become pro-American!, while almost all Iranians and good guys are seeing the true face of America, and referring to America as the Great Evil. Now America is Anti-Iran, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Democracy, Anti-Humanity, but pro-Mullah, pro-Islamist, pro-Terrorist, pro-Tyranny and pro-Tazi. The USA and the West openly support Tazis (ie savage Arabs/ Jews) and Terrorists. The USA and the West have lost popularity and credibility. And it’s not merely another nail in the coffin of the West. Now the West and its stooges (Mullahs etc) are suffering from the Crisis of Popularity, the Crisis of Confidence, the Crisis of Credibility and the Crisis of Legitimacy. Now the West is morally, politically, economically, socially, intellectually and totally bankrupt, and it just reminds many of the last years of all bankrupt dictators. In fact, many know what would be the final nail in the West’s coffin”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Rouhanis still send noise and parasite, and try to slow down the terrible internet speed in Iran. But the US media and the Lefty media still act like the USSR media, the UK media and the Nazi media. Now even the New York Times censors all news, censors all facts, licks the ass of Rouhani and tells very big lies about Iran, Iranians, or the internet in Iran. The stupid New York Times (NYT) is the US most prestigious mass media! But when their most prestigious media is nothing but A Lie Factory and An Orwellian Media, it’s obvious why most people are cursing the USA and the US Lie Factory. Now even the Westerners put good comments, talk about ‘The biggest contradictions/ lies in the West’, and say for instance: ‘the West created ISIS, Taliban and Wahhabis .. Saudi Arabia is ISIS central; but we (call them) the US Arab Allies! … ISIS, al-Qaida, al-Nusra, Boko Haram and almost all Islamists are supported by USA and Is-r-ael – theyre branches of the same Arab-Jewish poisonous tree .. Saudis say: Iranians and Muslims that preach tolerance are infidels ! All Arab dictators and (savage Arabs) are unfriendly/ enemy to Iran; but we (ie USA and West) are friends of Arabs and (Mullahs), but enemies of Iranian people and (good guys)’ ! The West has really lost all credibility. Now even the West’s mass media says: ‘For Iranian People (and many other nations), the Evidence Is Clear: ISIS Is an American Invention‘ ! (Sep 2014) In fact, even idiots know that many things have changed. Before 2009, most Iranians were pro-American, because they thought that America cares about Freedom and Democracy. But now, after 2009, most Iranians and humans know that America is Orwellian. In these years, even the good Americans write about ‘Land of Barbarism: A Glimpse of America‘ ! The USA has now lost all credibility. Most people already knew and hated the UK, known as the Barbarian Kingdom or the Kingdom of Barbarians. But now the United States of Assholes tries to follow the path of Hitler and British Barbarians”. In this year (2014), the systematic lies and the systematic censorship make many laugh, and raise many questions. For instance, when Iranians write/ talk about “Islamic Capitalism, Islamic Westernization”, “Logic of Science vs Logic of Satan”, “When Lies Tell the Truth”, “Nuclear Issue and Sports”, “Iran Break Pedals”, “The Wests Banana Peel”, “Ancient Iran, Persian Legacy”, “Islamists and their Great Satan”, “Who is behind Rouhani? Who Support Mullahs?” or “A Referendum on Rouhani, Islamists and IMF”, the West and the Left censor or boycott the voices of Iranians! But this raises an important question: Why ? When Iranians talk about “Puppets of the West”, “Rouhanis and their Zionist IMF” or “America and Islamists”, why do the West, the Lefts and even the so-called Alternative Media censor the voices of Iranians? Why the voices of Iranian people are systematically censored or boycotted? As some wise Iranians say: “Apparently only the MEK, Islamists, Marxists, Terrorists, Tazis, Big Brother’s whores and other Evil forces can have a voice in the West. Apparently it’s forbidden to write/ talk about ‘The IMF and Islamists’, ‘Marxists and Imperialists’, ‘IMF Plans, Red & Black Colonialism’, Barbarians, Hajji Baba and Evil Empire! Apparently writing or talking about ‘English Barbarians’, ‘the Evil Fire-wall’, Not Secure HTTPS/ OpenSSL, ‘Iranian Legacy vs the West’, ‘The West and Mullahs’, Machiavellian Games etc is strictly forbidden in the West! Apparently it’s forbidden to write/ talk about ‘How the Savage West and British Barbarians invaded Persia and occupied many parts of Persia in the 19th century! Apparently it’s one of the unwritten laws in the West. Apparently writing or talking about British Barbarism, British Colonialism, British Culture, American Values, Western Censorship, UK Media, British Rouhanis, The Wests Animal Farm, Orwellian Modernity etc is strictly forbidden in the West, and it’s one of their unwritten laws. Apparently instead of talking about ‘British Barbarians vs Persia’, you should say: British Barbarians are good and modern people! Instead of criticizing The Barbarian West, you should ask the West and Barbarians to Incite Genocide and to Nuke Iran! Instead of talking about ‘Jewish Barbarians and Jewish Roots of Islamists’, you should say ISIL, religious fanatics and Jewish Barbarians are the men of God, and the God loves/ praises Genocide, Barbarity, Sadism and Racism! If you say only Satan and the sons of Satan love and defend Genocide, Barbarity, Sadism, Racism, Inhumanity, Intolerance, Censorship and other evil things, then your voices are systematically censored or boycotted ! Apparently Telling the Truth, Defending the Good, or Advocating Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights, Tolerance, Peace and other Iranian values is a crime in the West! Apparently only Advocating violence, war, barbarity, bullying, lying, inhumanity, sadism, racism, terrorism, genocide, barbarians, terrorists, dictators and Orwellian acts is really free in the West. But now even the West’s good guys say: ‘the West only destroys its credibility in this way’ ! The West’s good guys know many obvious things. For instance, they say: ‘Orwellian act is so dirty that only (barbarians) can do it .. That is why the British are so good at it’ ! The West’s good guys know that Western Bullying and Anti-Iran Sadism is a clear sign of Barbarity. As they say: ‘What the West does is nothing but Bullying’. They know that Bully = to put pressure on someone in order to make them do what you want; to threaten to hurt someone or frighten them. Modern Barbarians love Bullying, while all good guys know that when the West’s pigs have nukes, support Tazis and Terrorists, defend dictators and Islamists, and threaten Iran with nukes, Iran must have nukes and the Savage West has no right to bully Iran into limiting its nuclear programs. Now even idiots say: When the West openly defends Bullying, Sadism (Tazis, Terrorists or Dictators), the West just totally destroys its credibility among all people!”.

We have repeatedly warned the West about Sowing the Seeds of Hate. But as some wise Iranians say: “the stupid West still insists on sowing the seeds of hate and showing the true face of the West. The West’s Barbarians are ‘Barbarians in Modern Suits’, and they still talk about justifiable wars!, justifiable Genocide!, justifiable Sadism!, justifiable Bullying, or justifiable Barbarity ! They still defend Racism, and say: ‘all people are equal, but we are more equal’ ! The West’s Barbarians still defend Bullying and Barbarity in the name of Western Imperialism. What the US and Europeans did to Blacks and Native Americans was a Great Genocide. The British-made Genocide and the American-made Genocide are not (hidden facts). Even the good Americans talk and write about such things. In these years, the good Americans even write about [*]: ‘Land of Barbarism: A Glimpse of America‘ ! (2012), and say: ‘Americans and Europeans defend Barbarism and Barbarians in the name of Civilization … (When Britons came to America), Britons referencing their holy book (ie the Jewish Bible of Barbarians) to validate Genocide and Brutal massacres. They, and their European cousins (Spanish, Portuguese, French etc), made a habit of imposing their Bible and religion upon indigenous people .. Europeans needed little justification to execute their routine acts of savagery and barbarism. This was the European way .. America’s foundation is built upon the bloodied, mutilated, and lifeless bodies of innumerable people – mostly of color .. it should be of no surprise that its legacy of death and destruction continue unabated, even in 2010s .. Americans have allowed their government to psychologically dumb them down, as well as to rob them of humanity .. they are exhibiting disregard for humanity .. The rulers of this strange society (Western society) have convinced its populace that lies are truths and that truths are lies .. Barbarism has become entrenched within American society – the foundation was built hundreds of years ago, it is now perfected .. Americans have been easily persuaded in to believing that other people are (not) humans, therefore their lives are less valuable! .. America is a swampland of institutional Racism .. Many Euro-Americans accept the mass killing of people across the globe! .. How many Euro-Americans give a damn about (other humans) .. those who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it .. It is time to join other global citizens in creating a more livable world, free of injustice .. It is time for Americans to regain their humanity‘ [*] It’s so important that the good American talk about such important issues. It shows that the good Americans are like Iranians and other good & wise people in the all around the world. The good Americans know many problems. Of course they say some stupid things -lefty things, Marxist things etc- and they still don’t know the true face of Chomsky and Lefty pigs. It’s a great weak point. Many Americans say good things, of course if you ignore their Marxist crap, their Lefty crap and other crap! But if Americans really want a better world and ‘a more livable world’, they should know all bad guys including Chomsky and Lefty pigs – who support dictators, Islamists, IMF and evil forces in the name of Fighting against Imperialism. Lefty pigs like Chomsky accept Evil and cooperate with Evil. When you defend Gaddafi, Assad, Islamists, ISIL or Brutal Dictators, you actually defend the mass killing of people. Some Americans say: ‘Many Americans accept the mass killing of non-Western people .. Americans have accepted barbaric narratives of justifiable wars fed to them from a trough full of lies’. But those Americans who say such things often accept barbaric narratives of justifiable Tyranny and ‘justifiable Barbarity’ fed to them from a trough full of Lefty lies. Fascists, Marxists and all bad guys praise Justifiable wars, Justifiable barbarity or Justifiable tyranny. But Genocide or the Mass Killing of Africans, Asians or Americans (natives) is not Justifiable, as Tyranny, Oppression and Brutal Suppression in any country is not Justifiable. Barbarians are not Adventurers, as Fascists or Terrorists are not Adventurers. The Barbarian Invasions/ Attacks on Persia was not Justifiable, as advocating Racism & Sadism and inciting Genocide was & is not Justifiable”. They also add: “the West, retards and bad guys are on the wrong side of history, and they even don’t know that if they lose credibility, they actually lose everything -and they have too much to lose. If Bullying, Barbarity and the West’s evil acts really worked, Mongols, Genghis, Nazis and Hitler could still rule the world. If Tyranny, Oppression and Suppression really worked, all brutal dictators could still rule their countries. If Systematic Lies, Systematic Censorship and the Ministry of Truth really worked, the UK Evil Empire could still exist, and this stupid island (the UK) would not be on the edge of collapse. The West and all followers of Machiavelli are so stupid. Even the businessmen know what would happen if you betray people’s confidences and lose your credibility. Even the businessmen know the importance of the people’s confidence. But retards and politicians just care about money and power, not people. In Iran, even the old businessmen were wise guys and said: ‘you should care about the customer’s confidence; you should not tell big lies and betray people’s confidences; you can try to increase your profit, but not at any price; otherwise you will lose credibility”.

2014 Farce: Western Culture, Tazi Cults

September 15, 2014

In this year (2014), many cannot believe their eyes and their ears when they see how the bad guys censor almost all news, tell big lies and show their true colors, because as many say: “It’s just too Ridiculous to be true; It’s just too Silly to be true; It’s just too good to be true!“. The 2014 events are really ridiculous, but very informative. As some wise Iranians say: “the West and its stooges have lost their minds, and that’s why they are showing their true colors in this way. The West is now following the footsteps of Hitler, Stalin, Nazis, Fascists and other Western Barbarians. The 2014 Farce and what the stupid West is doing just show that the West and its stooges are suffering from the Mad Cow Disease. This year (2014) is full of good jokes, sick jokes and bad jokes -which can show you the truths”. So, here lets take a look at some of these jokes, the 2014 Jokes:

As some Iranians say: “Kissinger is a symbol of Western Imperialism. The Western media worships Kissinger, and refers to him as ‘American Brain’ ! But this American brain, Henry Kissinger, is a follower of Machiavelli and says: ‘ISIS is a group of adventurers [!!] with an aggressive ideology [!] But they have to conquer more and more territory [!!] before they can became a reality’ ! (NPR, Sep 2014) This ‘American Brain’ is really brainless, and reveals the true face of the West’s Barbarian Culture. This American Brain refer to Barbarians as Adventurers! This American Brain (what a joke) says Barbarians are either Aggressive men or a groups of Adventurers! But the difference between Barbaric (Barbarous) and Aggressive is quite clear, as the difference between Barbarians and Adventurers is quite clear. Only Kissinger and Modern Barbarians can say: ‘Barbarians are Adventurers – who can conquer more and more territory’ or ‘Barbarity and killing/ butchering children & innocent people in Iraq and Syria is Adventure’ ! But according to this Western Logic, Hitler and Nazis were just a group of Adventurers, too! According to Kissinger’s Logic, the 9/11 or the Holocaust was just an Adventure! Kissinger actually says Hitler and Nazis, like American and English Colonialists, just had an aggressive ideology and wanted to conquer more and more territory. Kissinger actually says that Western Barbarians and Western Imperialists -who killed and massacred hundreds of millions of innocent people in Africa, Asia, America, Australia etc- were just a group of Adventurers! According to Kissinger’s Logic, Nazis and European Barbarians were just Adventurers and had every right to kill millions of Jews, and to create the Holocaust! When they see Barbarians as Adventurers, the Land of Barbarians (ie the West) becomes the Land of Adventurers!, and it’s exactly what their media says. Kissinger is a symbol of the West’s Barbarian Culture. Pigs like Kissinger are actually ‘Barbarians in Modern Suites’ (BarBar-e Cot-Shalvari). In Iran, the English-Western defenders of Mullahs were called ‘Akhund-e Cot-Shalvari’ (A Mullah in modern suite). And now pigs like Kissinger and Chomsky can be called ‘BarBar-e Cot-Shalvari’ (A Barbarian in Modern Suite, or Modern Barbarians)”.

As some Iranians say: “ISIS or ISIL (DAESH) badly shows the true face of the West. Almost all people know how the US and the UK created ISIS/ ISIL in Syria, and how the West and savage Arabs (Saudis etc) supported ISIS/ ISIL in Syria and Iraq. But the stupid America still refers to savage Arabs and Saudi Arabia as America’s Allies! The USA really deserved the 9/11, and their Arab allies -who created the 9/11- really deserve Slavery and Exploitation. Now American Barbarians and their Arab Allies – ie those who created and supported ISIL, Taliban and the 9/11- want to fight against ISIL ! It’s among the best jokes of all times. ISIS wants to fight against ISIS ! The Evil wants to fight against the Devil ! Terrorists want to fight against Terrorism! Savage Arabs want to fight against Savage Arabs! The USA and its Arab allies deserve each other. Now Obama and US officials prove that America really deserved the 9/11. Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews) and the Savage West are the same shit. Now the US media, ie the King of Stupidity, reports: ‘A Saudi-funded newspaper, Al Hayat, did a poll in Saudi Arabia and found that 92% of Saudis believe that ISIS conforms to their Islam in Saudi Arabia‘ ! (Sep 2014) The USA and its Arab Allies are such stupid barbarians. For thousands of years, Western Culture was Barbarian Culture, the culture of Barbarians. And now Western Culture is an Orwellian Culture, or as many say, Western Culture is a Machiavellian Culture. In the West, the culture of Barbarity, the culture of Hypocrisy, the culture of Lying, the culture of Censorship and the culture of Secrecy are still deep and strong. The West openly praise Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews) and see Tazis as America’s Jewish-Arab Allies! Now the USA, the UK and the EU openly and shamelessly defend Terrorist groups like MEK/ NRC/ MKO (Rajavi Cult), but at the same time, they want to fight against their beloved Terrorists and their beloved Terrorism! The West and its Tazi Allies are the United Barbarians […] In the West’s Animal Farm, Barbarians, Tazis and Terrorists are heroes”.


As some Iranians say: “In Sep 2014, the Mullah TV airs a program about ‘Cult and Ideology’ ! Mullahs and defenders of Mullah Cult and Mullah Ideology blame and condemn ‘Cult and Ideology, and say: Cult or Ideology is Evil! It’s so funny. But it’s not whole story. Their program about ‘Cult and Ideology’ had a funny name/ title: ‘In Bed with Brothers (Dar Aqush-e Yaran) ! This good program, ‘In Bed with Brothers’, just reminded you of the 1980s, when Iranians made funny jokes about Mullahs and Basijis. In the 1980s, many Persian jokes were called ‘In Bed with Basiji’, ‘In Bed with Islamists’ or In Bed with Mullahs (Bia Dar Aqush-e … )! But now even Mullahs confess that what Iran’s people already said about ‘In Bed with Mullahs and Great Leader’ was not a myth. Now when you watch their ‘In Bed with Brothers’ film, you can easily understand: (1) the real name/ title of this film is: In Bed with Great Leader (Dar Aqush-e Rahbar)!, and it’s exactly what Iranians said (2) Rank and file members of the Mullah system hate their leaders (Mullahs). They know that Mullahs and Ideological leaders are corrupt pigs. They know why the 97% of Iranians hate the Mullah Cult and the Basij Cult. So, they now confess that MEK Cult, Mullah Cult, Basij Cult, Qom Cult and Hozeh Cult are Evil Cuts or Orwellian-Machiavellian Cults (3) when the Mullah TV airs programs about ISIL (DEASH) and MEK, the first reaction of Iranians is: Ajab ! so, their own Mullah Cult or Basij Cult is Evil, too. MEK Cult or DEASH Cult is like Basij Cult, Mullah Cult, Qom Cult and other Big Brother’s Cults (4) Mullahs are bankrupt and brainless idiots. They know that Tazi Cults are Satanic Cults. They can see that their own Tazi Logic is ridiculous. They can see the Power of Iranian Logic. But as Mullahs are Tazis and followers of Machiavelli, Kissinger and US-British barbarians, Mullahs and their Mullah TV often talk and act like Tazis and ISIS, and say many Anti-Iranian things”.

As some Iranians say: “Mullahs and their Mullah TV have badly confused, and suffer from Goh Gijeh (shitty confusion). One day they become Liberal; and one day they become DEASH-i ! One day they repeat what Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews) say; and one day, they repeat what Iranians say! Now, in Aug & Sep 2014, IRINN (Mullah TV’s channel 6) badly repeats (QerQereh) what Sadeq Hedayat and other Iranian intellectuals/ thinkers already said ! For instance, IRINN says: ‘DEASH Islam is like Saudi Islam [!] They use Saudi laws and savage Arabs’ laws. Their Satanic cult is of Saudi origin’ ! But Mullahs have forgotten that their own cult is of Saudi-Tazi origin, too. Mullahs hate our Iranian values, our Iranian Tolerance, Iranian Religions and Iranian Culture. Mullahs lick the Tazi ass. Mullah Cult is a Tazi cult. But now Mullahs say: ‘Tazi Cults are Satanic Cults’ ! If Mullahs really change, and if they really stop acting like Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews), it can be a good thing. But Mullahs and Islamists are hypocrites and stupid bastards. Now their Mullah TV repeats Iranian words (Hedayat’s words etc) and say: ‘ISIL and (bad Arabs) were savage barbarous people and lived in empty deserts. So their religious laws are barbarian laws‘ !! (Sep 2014) Can you believe it?! Now Iranians just laugh and say: ‘Since when Mullahs have become such modern and open-minded people?! Mullahs are stupid bastards, but the good Muslims are actually followers of Iranian Islam and Iranian values. Tazis, savage Arabs and savage Saudis hate Iranian values like Truth, Tolerance, Peace, Sympathy, Humanity, Logic etc. ISIL religion is of Tazi origin, as the West’s religions is of Tazi origin. But good and modern religions are of Iranian origin. The Jewish Bible is the Bible of Barbarians. But Mullahs still worship Barbarians and their Satanic cults”.

As some Iranians say: “Mullahs and their Great Satan are bad jokes. Now Mullahs (Rouhanis) openly defend Islamic Capitalism and Islamic Westernization! Now they openly say: ‘Mullah Al-Afghani -ie the father of Islamism and Mullahism- was the Father of Islamic
! But it’s not the whole story. In Sep 2014, Rouhani’s Health minister openly says: ‘Health Care is a Business [!] We should see Hospital and Health care as Business or Commercial activity [!] Nurses and Doctors are actually businessmen (Bimarestan yek Bongah Eqtesadi-e; Kar-e Bimarestan yek Kar-e Eqtesadi-e …) !! Can you believe it?! The West and the Left censor such news and all facts, but any sane person knows what it means. Rouhani’s plans are nothing but the Orwellian-Capitalist Plans of their Zionist IMF. In Sep 2014, Rouhani’s men say: Health Care is a Business! Nurses and Doctors are actually businessmen! And in Aug 2014, Rouhani himself said: ‘Education is a Business; School and Education is a commercial activity; Teachers and School’s managers are actually businessmen, and we should allow Big Corporations and Rich guys to manage our schools‘ ! Can you believe it?! It’s exactly what Rouhani says (Mullah TV aired Rouhani’s shameful speech). Rouhanis are actually ultra-Capitalist pigs and ultra-stupid pigs, and that’s why their Zionist IMF and their Great Satan love and support Rouhanis. As our people say: ‘when their Health care workers are businessmen, it’s obvious why even their hospitals and their doctors have been polluted with Bribery and Corruption’ ! All Iranians know corrupt Mullahs and corrupt Islamists, and ask: ‘What has happened to $800 billions of our oil money in the AN’s era? AhmadiNejad (AN) was a Jewish convert, a Jewish spy, and AN and his friends should be tried for terrible Corruption (Bokhor Bokhor), hurting Iran and Iranians, and implementing the Enemy’s plans like the IMF’s plans and the 2009 Coup’. But Rouhanis still worship their Zionist IMF and their Great Satan”.

As some Iranians say: “Now the Mullah TV (IRINN etc) says: ‘Tazi laws and Saudi laws like Victory (Al-Nasr) By Terror (Al-Rob) are Barbarian laws’ ! (Sep 2014) But as our people say to Mullahs: ‘Ajab ! But isn’t it your own fucking Mullah law?!’ ! The 2009 Coup and all these years showed that the main laws of Mullahs are Tazi laws like ‘Victory By Terror’. The 2009 Coup and all these years also show that the main laws of the West are Orwellian-Barbarian laws like The Law of the Jungle. The Mullah Logic is Tazi Logic, the Logic of Sword, and that’s why Mullahs openly defend Systematic Censorship, Orwellian Filtering and Evil Fire-wall. All Tazis -from savage Arabs, ISIL and Saudis to Zionists and Mullahs- have no rational thing to say. All Tazis – including Mullahs & Islamists- have no logical thing to say, and that’s why you love and defend Systematic Censorship, Tyranny, Terror, Oppression, Suppression, Sadism, Filtering, the Logic of Sword and Victory by Terror. The Logic of Sword and Terror is part of Tazi Cults and Satanic Religions. Now the Mullah TV says: ‘ISIS (DEASH) is following Saudi rules and (Tazi traditions) [!!] ISIS (DEASH) defends Forced hijab, Forced prayer, Forced friday prayer and Forced Gender Segregation [!!] ISIL (DAESH) says Watching sport games or watching music tools is forbidden [!!] ISIL (DEASH) is following barbarian rules of Saudis’ ! (Sep 2014) Can you believe it?! It’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black. But now Iranian people laugh, and say to Mullahs: ‘Areh Arvahe […] Your own Mullah laws are not Saudi laws?! Mullahs and Islamists are not following Saudi rules or Tazi Cults?! Both Mullahs and DEASH defend Forced hijab, forced prayer, Gender segregation and other forced things and barbaric things. Both Mullahs and ISIS say watching sport games (for women) or watching music tools (for all people) is forbidden! Mullahs and other Tazis (ie savage Arabs/ Jews) are sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian values”.

We should write more about the Mullah Evil Fire-wall, and their new Orwellian acts. But as some Iranians say: “the story of ‘the West, Rouhani and the Evil Fire-wall’ is one of the worst jokes of all times. In 2014, in the Rouhani’s era, Internet Censorship, Filtering, Spying, Tracking, Surveillance and all Orwellian acts have increased by 100% to 200% (For more info, check Archive for: ‘Behind the Evil Fire-wall’). But it’s not the whole story. Now, in Aug & Sep 2014, the Mullah Evil Fire-wall uses Dark IPs and Fake IPs at ISP level. In the past, Iran’s ISPs didn’t use Dark IPs and Fake IPs. But now Mullahs and their Western-made Evil Fire-wall are forcing all ISPs to use Dark IPs, Fake IPs and Mullah Machines of Orwellian Surveillance. In fact, Rouhani just tries to increase Internet Censorship, Filtering, Mass Spying and all Orwellian acts in Iran. But the UK and the US censor all news and all facts, and just tell Orwellian lies and Orwellian jokes like: Rouhani Is Bringing Internet Freedoms Back To Iran !!! or ‘Internet Censorship Change under Rouhani’ !!! This level of Censorship and Lying is ridiculous. All Iranians and informed people know that the West (ie UK, USA and EU) created The Mullah Evil Fire-wall. Mullahs and their Great Satan created the 2009 Coup and the Anti-Iran Sadism, and showed the true face of the Mullah Cult and the Western values (Western Culture). Now it’s quite clear that Rouhani is a new Hajji Baba, a new AhmadiNejad (AN) and a stupid spy/ stooge of the West. Now when Mullahs talk about DAESH, their Great Satan or their Zionist IMF, Iranians just laugh and use a lot of F-words (polite remarks are: ‘Areh Arvahe […] Pofyooza have no shame […] ). Now it’s quite clear why the 97% of Iranians hate this English Pofyooz (Rouhani), all Mullahs and all puppets of the West. Now it’s quite clear that If Iranians and good guys want a better future, they should fight against the West’s Modern Barbarians. Mullahs are Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews), and sworn enemies of Iranians. Mullah laws are Tazi-Barbarian laws like Victory By Terror and the Logic of Sword. But Iran’s main problem is Modern Barbarians like Kissinger, Chomsky, the US, the EU and the UK – who are behind Tazis and Islamists”.

As some Iranians say: “Modern Barbarians control the West and the Media, and try to control the whole world and to enslave all humans. But these years show that the West’s Modern Barbarians are nearing the End. The story of ‘America and ISIL (DAESH) in Syria and Iraq’, like the story of ‘the IMF and Rouhanis’, can show you many things. The USA and its Arab Allies are bad jokes. Now their media reports: ‘A Saudi-funded newspaper, Al Hayat, did a poll in Saudi Arabia, of Saudi public opinion. They found that more than 90% of Saudis believe that ISIS conforms to Saudi Islam‘ ! (Sep 2014) But the USA and the West love Tazis and Terrorists, and call them America’s Arab-Jewish Allies! They really deserved the 9/11 attacks. Now the 97% of Iranians hate all Islamists and all bad guys. So, the US Modern Barbarians try to hurt Iranians, and to help Terrorists and Tazis. Even good Westerners, good Arabs and good Jews know and hate Terrorists and Tazis, ie the West’s Jewish-Arab allies. Now even little kids know that the West created ISIS/ ISIL, and the West’s Tazi Allies support ISIL/ ISIS. Now even the Arab media says: DAESH acts like Nazis and (Tazis)’ ! Tazis are savage Arabs/ Jews. But the West loves Tazis and sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian values like Truth, Tolerance, Peace, Humanity etc. Western Culture is really the Culture of Barbarians and Human-eaters. In the West’s Barbarian Culture, whores are heroes, barbarians are friends, and good guys are enemies”.

As some Iranians say: ‘Can you imagine the Mullah TV talking about Orgasm and Benefits of Orgasm?! In Aug 2014, the Mullah TV and its Basiji whores talked about ‘Benefits of Orgasm’ ! In a Mullah Family Show, their Basiji doctor praised Orgasm and Benefits of Orgasm!, and their female host, which was a Basiji whore, said: I really envy those who can enjoy Orgasm and the benefits of Orgasm! When Islamists say such things, Iranians can only laugh, use F-words, and say for instance: ‘their Mullah TV has become Orgasm TV for Islamists?! .. Enqelab Shodeh ?! (Mullah have been toppled, and a new Revolution has been created?!) .. Islamists are sex addicts, ‘Slaves of Sex’, Slaves of Money, and Slaves of Satanl their Mullah TV is Rozeh TV and Hozeh TV, but now, this Rozeh TV airs Rozeh Orgasm! ‘Orgasm and Rozeh’ seems paradoxical. But the religions of Barbarians and Tazi Cults are full of shitty paradoxes and apparent contradictions’. Tazi cults, Saudi laws and Jewish traditions are very Self-contradictory. Tazis are bad jokes. Their Mullah TV says: ‘In heaven and paradise, the language is Tazi Language, and if you want to go to heaven, you should know Tazi language’ ! (Aug 2014) But the Mullah media say: ‘Why we should say such Satanic and Anti-Iranian things in our Mullah TV? Do we want to prove that Mullahs are Ajnabi (non-Iranian pigs) or (Mullahs are Tazis -savage Arabs/ Jews) ?!’ (Aug 2014) Now Iranians put comments at the Mullah media’s websites and say: ‘fuck you Tazi Mullahs, and fuck your Tazi heaven .. Your fucking Arab/ Jewish Heaven is our Hell ! A place in which Killers, Rapists, Liars, Sex addicts, Thugs, Barbarians, DEASH, Taliban, Zionists etc live is a real Hell, not Heaven! .. Heaven or Paradise is an Iranian concept and is where good guys and cultured people like good Iranians live. But Gehenna is a (Jewish name/ concept) and a place in which Tazis, devils, Western barbarians and other barbarians live, and fuck each other”.

As some Iranians say: “In the 19th century, the neo-barbarians invaded Persia, killed millions of Iranians and occupied many parts of Iran – including todays Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Torkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Persian lands/ islands in the Persian Gulf, etc. All educated people (not Sheeple) are aware of this issue. They also know Turk-Mongol barbarians and their barbarian invasions to Iran, India, China etc. But this English Rouhani praise Iran’s enemies, Turk-Mongol barbarians and Western Barbarians. Instead of saying that our brothers and sisters in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan etc were and are Iranian people, Rouhani just makes Iran’s enemies happy. Instead of condemning Torkmenchai and Barbarian invasions, this English Rouhani defends Barbarians and sworn enemies of Iran. We all know Turkistan. Turko-Mongols were savage barbarous tribes, who lived in Turkistan-Mongolia. Since the ancient time, Iranians have always talked about ‘Path to Turkistan’, and said to the bad guys: ‘Een Rah keh tu miravi beh Turkistan ast’ ! (Your path is a Path to Turkistan!, that means: your path is a very wrong and stupid path, a path to Destruction, a path to Downfall) But British Barbarians and English Rouhanis love ‘Path to Turkistan’. It’s obvious why the English Lie Factory and the Big Brother’s media love barbarians, defend sworn enemies of Iran, use ‘Divide and Rule‘ tactics, and try to not allow all Iranians and all good guys to unite against Bad guys and Barbarians. But now even the West’s good guys know that all good guys should unite against the Dark forces. The West’s Evil Empire is a big loser. They can censor the facts, but they cannot change the reality. People in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Torkmenistan, Armenia and all parts of Great Iran are Iranian people and enjoy Iranian Legacy, Iranian Culture and Iranian Civilization. Now all good guys in all around the world care about our Iranian values like Truth, Logic, Tolerance, Humanity, Peace, Love etc. Now the world’s good guys are in the majority, and they actually say to the West, Rouhanis and all bad guys: Your path is a Path to Turkistan”.

Big Brother and Barbarians: Orwellian Colonialism

September 9, 2014

In these years, most people know what Big Brother, Animal Farm, Orwellian or Machiavellian means. But as some wise Iranians say: “Now you can understand Orwellian Colonialism better. Orwell actually wrote about the UK Evil Empire and their evil acts in the 19th & 20th centuries. The West is really Orwellian. Rouhanis still try to slow down the terrible internet speed in Iran . The story of Dark IPs and Dangerous IPs is becoming very Orwellian, and now sometimes, Iranians directly connect to Dark IPs (ie the Mullah Machines of Orwellian Surveillance) not ISPs ! Many (including us) have already written about the Mullah Evil Firewall which is a Western product, and (we should write more about this important issue later). Now sometimes (for some days/ hours) Rouhanis block all internet ports and all internet connections. Rouhani sheds crocodile tears for Freedom, but at the same time, Rouhani openly defends Forced hijab, Oppression and Censorship! But the West loves such ‘Nal-e Varuneh’ (Orwellian acts). Now the 97% of Iranians know and hate all Mullahs (Rouhanis), their Jang-e Zargari (Sham Fight) and their Power Struggle. Now even Mullah Media say: ‘Rouhani’s dual policy is: Concessions for the West and Basijis, but Repression and Big lies for Iranians‘ ! Now Rouhani’s Culture minister openly defends Systematic Censorship. Now Rouhanis ITC minister openly defends Filtering and Orwellian-Islamic Internet, and says its Rouhanis Plan. Now even the Mullah media laugh and say: ‘Is it what (IMF, UK & USA) say about Rouhani’s reformist plan?!’ ! But do you know what the UK, the Left and the West do and say? They defend their beloved Rouhani, censor all news, and tell Orwellian Lies. Now if you search the internet for Filtering & Censorship in Iran, you find nothing but English Lies & CIA Lies. In the days of Terrible Internet Censorship, when you google for ‘Internet Censorship in Iran’, you just find such Orwellian lies: ‘Rouhani Is Bringing Internet Freedoms Back To Iran’ !!!, “Internet Censorship Change under Rouhani” !!!, “Rouhani battles judiciary over Internet censorship” !! Rouhani defends Internet freedom’ !!! Can you believe it?! These Orwellian lies/ jokes are what the CIA media and UK media -from the Big Brother Corporation (BBC) to the Guardian (of Big Brother)- say about their beloved Rouhani. Now Big Brother’s agents and Anti-Iranian whores like Akbar Ganji writes for the CIA media: ‘Why is Rouhani Angry? .. Rouhani is angry because his Leader has blocked him from implementing his program (ie his Zionist IMF program, aka Eqtesad-e Moqarebati !) and opening up the political system, giving more freedom to the people‘ !! (Huffington Post, Aug 2014) Can you believe it?! Big Brother’s agents and the Ministry of Truth suffer from Mongolism. We all know How they and their Akbar Gaf licked the ass of ‘his Leader’ in 2013. Now they censor all facts and all news, but many ask: when today, at the age of Internet, they tell such big lies and censor all facts in such Orwellian way, what did they really do in the past 200 years?!“. It’s a good question. As some wise Iranians say: “If you want a better future, you should know the past and History. You should know differences between Conspiracy theories and Machiavellian conspiracies. You should know the West’s Dark forces”. We have already written about [1]: “Conspiracy Theories or Manufactured Crises” (check Archive) Idiots say: there is no conspiracy or everything is conspiracy [1] But as some wise Iranians say: “After 2009, and after Snow-den’s revelations, even non-Iranians have become aware and say: ‘the West is Orwellian’. Now ‘Orwellian Colonialism’ is not a myth. But if you want to know more about Big Brother’s projects, Big Brother’s methods or Big Brother’s Colonialism, you should know the story of ‘Savage West vs Persia’ or the story of ‘English Barbarians vs Persia’ […] To cut a long story short, in the 19th century English barbarians came to Persia and said to Iranians: ‘We are your friends; we care about your Iranian values, including brotherhood, freedom or human rights; we were barbarians and had nothing, but now we are followers of Big Brother’s ideology, and have modernity, technology, modern weapons etc; You can kiss Big Brother’s hands and enjoy such things, too; Don’t worry, we and our Big Brother are your brothers; Big Brother’s ideology is Freedom, Brotherhood, Modernity …’. It’s exactly like what Barbarians said to Iranians in the 19th century. But what was Big Brother’s ideology? Big Brother’s ideology talked about ‘brotherhood, freedom, democracy, equality etc and its official name was Freemasonry”. They also add: “Big Brother’s ideology was Orwellian. English Barbarians and their Big Brother wanted to Spoil all good things. Spoiling everything (Beh Lajan Keshidan … ) was one of their main methods. They used and spoiled good concepts to destroy the Good and to enslave all humans. Orwell has already written about such Masonic Projects. Orwell cleverly used terms like ‘Big Brother’ to show you who is who. His Orwellian world, the Big Brother’s world, is actually a Masonic World in which Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, and all people are equal but some are more equal. George Orwell actually criticized and ridiculed Free-Masons (FMs) and their Big Brother […] Alam, the Shah’s right hand man, said: ‘FM brothers kiss the Big Brother’s hands; but I don’t want to kiss the hands of non-Iranians; I just want to kiss Shah’s hands’ ! Alam was so stupid, but he knew why FMs say: ‘If you want to become FM, you should kiss the hands of Big Brother’. It’s a Masonic tradition. You must declare that you are slave, and they and their Big Brother are your Arbab (masters). But is it Freedom ?! no; it’s the clear definition of Slavery. But FMs say Slavery is Freedom! Orwell cleverly talked about FMs, their traditions and their Big Brother in the UK. Orwell talked about their ‘Nal-e Varuneh’. Nal-e Varuneh is a Persian slang. Nal-e Varuneh’ is when you censor all news & all facts, but call yourself Free Press. ‘Nal-e Varuneh’ is when you create and support ISIL and Islamists, but say: Death to Islamists. ‘Nal-e Varuneh’ is when you say: Death to the Zionist IMF, but you implement the Zionist IMF plans, and the Zionist IMF praises you. ‘Nal-e Varuneh’ is when you defend NS-A Orwellian acts, you sell tools of surveillance/ repression to Mullahs and all dictators, and you attack all basic rights & freedoms, but you shed crocodile tears for Freedom and Democracy. ‘Nal-e Varuneh’ is when you defend Bullying, Barbarity and Sadism, but call yourself A Force of good […] Zionists, Islamists and Marxists are the sons of ‘Nal-e Varuneh Estemar’ (Orwellian acts of Colonial powers). They, like the West, are followers of Machiavelli. English Barbarians believe: ‘The only real concern of the political ruler is the acquisition and maintenance of power’. So, they tell big lies, they fuck Ethics and all human values, they lick Satan’s ass, and they commit barbaric crimes against humanity just for the sake of power, ie for the acquisition and maintenance of power. It’s the British Logic. But it’s not the whole story. The Savage West and British Barbarians tell big lies, distort the truths, falsify the past, censor all news, defend N-SA/ Orwellian acts, but they call themselves ‘Defenders of Freedom & Democracy’! They commit barbaric crimes against humanity, but call themselves ‘Defenders of Human Rights’! For thousands of years, they were savage Barbarians, but now they say: Barbarians were Democrats! They love Nal-e Varuneh. But now many sarcastically ask: Since when English Barbarians, Imperialists, Colonial powers and their stooges (Rouhanis etc) care about Freedom, Democracy or Human Rights ?!“.

In these days, many things are so ridiculous, but informative. As some wise Iranians say: “Now, in Sep 2014, the Mullah TV airs a ridiculous program, ‘Seyed Jamal’, and openly defends notorious Free-masons (FMs) like Seyed Jamal (Al-Afghani). Apparently they want to prove that their Mullah TV is a Masonic TV. Non-Iranians, Taleb-Zadeha (sons of Taliban), Gorg-Zadeha (sons of Wolfs) and Haram-Zadeha (sons of UK Bitch) control the Mullah TV. They are puppets of the Jewish CIA and English Barbarians, and defend Iran’s enemies and FMs. Seyed Jamal, known as Al-Afghani or Mullah Afghani, was an enemy of Iran and a spy/ stooge of England. Al-Afghani and his pupil, Abduh, were Free-masons (FMs) and created the Salafiya movement (Salafism)”. We should write more about English Mullahs like Al-Afghani (1838- 97). But as some wise Iranians say: “Now even non-Iranians say: ‘Truth About Islamism: Britain gave birth to Salafism, Wahhabism, Muslim Brotherhood etc .. Three FreeMasons (FMs) (1) Jamal Al-Din Al-Afghani, the father of Islamism and (English Islam), (2) Muhammad Abduh, Al-Afghanis pupil and founder of Salafism (Salafi movement), (3) Hassan Al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, were (as stupid as Saudi Arabs, and worked for the UK) .. Free-m-asonry became their main religion .. Al Qaeda sprang from the Muslim Brotherhood and their current leader, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, is a FM Muslim Brotherhood’. It’s what non-Iranians say. They know who created ISIL, Salafis or Muslim Brotherhood. As Egyptians say: ‘In 1927, at the age of 22, Hasan al-Banna became FM and established the Muslim Brotherhood’ [1] Egypt’s historians say: “Seyed Qutb was the same age as al-Banna, and also a Free-mason (FM). Sayed Qutb lived in the US, but became the chief ideologist of Muslim Brotherhood after al-Banna !’ [1] But lefts and Islamists still defend FMs and their Masonic Islam. Lefts, Islamists and FMs are bad jokes. In Sep 2013, all US media and UK media praised their stupid agent Akbar Ganji for writing ‘Who is Ali Khamenei?’ and defending his Leader (Khamenei). In Sep 2013, Akbar Gaf (Ganji) licked the ass of his Leader, and tried to link his leader to Seyed Qotb, Abdueh and other FMs. Apparently he wanted to say that his leader is FM and that’s why he is a good guy! But as Akbar Gaf regularly makes 180 degree change (for more info, check Archive), in Aug 2014, and in a new 180 degree change, he says his beloved leader is Evil ! Akbar Gaf is a stupid psycho. But he is a symbol of Big Brother’s agents and Machiavellian Basijis in the West. Apparently Ganji and all Basijis think their beloved leader is dying, and so they now stop licking his ass, and talk about his Fatehe or his Wickedness. Basijis use the British Logic. European/ British Barbarians were man-eaters (adam-khor), and they even ate their own family and friends. This Barbarian culture created FMs, Machiavellian Logic and Orwellian things”. They also add: “It’s hard to know Free-masons (FMs) because most books and articles about FMs are unreliable. Only a few books provide good and reliable documents. In Iran, Esmaeel Raeen’s books, which are weak books but provide historical documents, are fairly reliable. Even Mullahs and Islamic historians don’t reject, and cannot reject, Raeen’s documents. Many of these documents are used by Mullahs and historians. As Sabeti says, Savak gave Raeen many documents, and he wrote Books like [2]: ‘Free-masonry in Iran’ and ‘Puppets of England, or English Stooges in Iran’. These books provide good clues and historical documents about FMs like Mullah Afghani, Mirza Malkom, Aqa Khan Nuri, Abul Hasan Elchi, James Morier, Gore Oeseley and many other (English barbarians and English stooges). For instance, Raeen use some historical letters, and say: ‘In the mid 19th century, some Mullahs asked Mirza Malkom about FMs, and Malkom wrote for Mullahs: ‘FMs talk about the secrets of the world, the secrets of sciences .. We need Brotherhood, and they (FMs) talk about Brotherhood; We need Muslim Brotherhood and they (FMs) defend Muslim Brotherhood [!!] Do you think talking about Awakening or Brotherhood is bad?’ ! [2] Such documents say a lot about FMs, English Islam and English Colonialism. If you want to know FMs, as a dark Cult and secret society, you can watch films like Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, and see how FMs wore masks, used famous people [2] and created Mafia, Ministry of Truth etc. FMs loved Nal-e Varuneh [2] FMs read poems of Saadi, Hafiz and Iranian poets, talked about Brotherhood, Freedom and Iranian values, but ridiculed Iran and defended Barbarians, Foreign-worshiping (Biganeh-parasti), British Barbarism, Exploitation, Big Lies, Big Brother etc. Even in the 19th century, many knew FMs and asked: ‘Since when (English Barbarians), Imperialists and Colonial powers care about Brotherhood, Solidarity and Awakening in the Muslim world?!’ [2] But most Mullahs and Islamists were, and still are, stupid animals. Mirza Malkom was a high rank FM. But in one of his letters, Malkom wrote: ‘Many of FMs in Iran are Mullahs and Seyeds (Islamists). We hold our meetings (Masonic lodges) in Mosques .. Islamists and Mullahs become FMs, because they love (money, power), Brotherhood etc’ ! [2] Malkom and Mullahs were close Brothers. In 1891-92, Mullah Afghani went to England (again) and joined Malkom. In London, Malkom and Mullah Afghani, as two notorious Freemasons, made public speeches against Iran’s regime, and asked for Regime Change in Iran [2] Mullahs and Malkom were close Brothers. But now when Mullahs want to attack Iranian intellects, they often say: this or that intellectual had some relations with Malkom, and can be a FM’. But the truth is that many Mullahs and Islamists had close relations with the UK and Malkom, and were FMs. Even the father of all Islamists, Al-Afghani -that they call him the Father of Islamic Awakening- was a high rank Free-mason (FM) and had very close relations with England and Malkom [2] Malkom and Mullah Afghani acted like today’s MEK (Rajavi Cult) and supported the (Sunni) Caliph, Ottoman Dictator, and sworn enemies of Iran. Even at that time, many knew that the UK and its spies like Mullah Afghani wanted ‘to undermine Iran’s Shia Shah and to support the (Sunni) Ottoman Caliph’ [2] And finally the UK, Ottomans, Mullah Afghani and FMs assassinated Iran’s Shia Shah. They were Anti-Iran, and played the dirty games of ‘Shia-Sunni’ and Divide and Rule, but talked about Brotherhood and Solidarity! They loved Nal-e Varuneh, and worked for Pig Brother”.


These years remind many of old wounds and roots of problems. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Many non-Iranians still cant see the reality, because the reality is a shocking discovery for them. They live in the Matrix, and the reality is the most shocking things they have heard. Their Matrix tells them: ‘Mullahs (Islamists) and the UK (West) are enemies of each other’ ! or Noam Chomsky and Lefts are Anti-Imperialist and Anti-West! But they don’t know their Ministry of Truth. They even don’t know what ”War is Peace’ really means. But they, like all people, can disillusion themselves. We recommend they read more about ‘Western Colonialism’, and for knowing ‘Orwellian Colonialism’ they can read Orwell’s novels carefully and think carefully about it. If you want to know the 19th Century, you should know Big Brother’s ideology, Big Brother’s methods, and Big Brother’s agents like John Malcolm, Gore Ouseley, James Morier, Harford Jones, Edward Browne, Fraser, Curzon etc. You should ask yourself: What these English pigs did and said in the 19th century? You should know the stories of the Golestan Treaty (1813) and the Torkamanchai Treaty (1828). You should know the story of Herat and the Barbarian UK War against Persia. You should know what the British East India Company and FMs did. You can ask yourself: Why the UK and the East India Company paid Mullahs and support Islamists financially and politically? Now many talk about ‘How Britain Created Salafism, Wahhabism, Mullahism, Bahaism, Zionism etc. But you should ask: Why they created Salafism, Wahhabism, Mullahism, Bahaism, ISIL etc. You should ask: ‘Why many Islamists and Mullahs were Masons (FMs), got money from the UK and the East India Company, and tried to hurt Persia (Iran)? You should ask: Who were English Mullahs? Who was Mullah Afqhani, and what he did and said? Mullahs and Islamists label their opponents as spies, stooges or FMs, because they love Nal-e Varuneh. They and their English Arbab try to spoil everything. According to dictionaries: ‘Spoil = (Los Kardan; Beh Lajan Keshidan) to have bad effects on something so that it is no longer attractive, enjoyable, useful’. And it’s exactly what the UK and its stooges did and do. They had a discredit campaign against the Good and all good things. They tried to spoil brotherhood, freedom, democracy, human rights and all Iranian values. If you want to know FMs better, you can check UK dictionaries. According to British dictionaries, Free-m-ason (FM) = a man who belongs to a secret society in which each member helps the other members to become successful ! So you can ask: Who helps Rouhanis, ISIL etc to become successful ?! Why the Guardian, BBC and all UK media, Lefty media and CIA media censor all facts, tell many big lies, hurt Iran & Iranians, and try to help Rouhanis to become successful ?! Now most of the media are Big Brother’s media, as most of the history books are the Ministry of Truth’s books. But their paradoxes and their big lies can reveal the truths. If you do research and use your brain, you can find the truths”. They also add: “Now Terrible Censorship and Terrible big lies in the UK and the US show that almost all media and journalists in the UK and the US work for Big Brother. If they were sane or normal, would they tell such big lies, or censor all news of Iran in this childish way?! […] In the 19th century, the UK and FMs created and supported Islamist Awakening, but Why? Islamists are enemies of Iran, Iranian values and Progress. Islamists are brutal dictators, and aid dictators. Islamists are Brake Pedals in the Engine of growth and progress in Iran and other countries. So, the West loves Islamists. Islamists and their Nasty England (Englis-e Khabis) say the same things. The UK, Islamists and FMs love and praise Obedience (Velayat Paziri), obeying Big Brother [2], ‘Zob dar Velayat’ (Melting into Big Brother) or Melting into the ideological leader, because Big Brother and his stooges want to turn all people into Slaves. Those who say: Obedience (Velayat Paziri) is Redemption; Ignorance is Strength; Slavery is Freedom’ are actually FMs. They love Nal-e Varuneh. But now people laugh at them. Now when Mullahs talk about ‘Regime Kodak-Kosh’ (the regime of Child-Murderers), ‘the Regime of Barbarians’, the Regime of Censorship, the Regime of Crooks and Thieves, or the Regimes of Killers and Rapists, Iranian people just laugh and say: ‘They talk about ISIL, Zionists or their own Arab/ Mullah regime (2009 Coup etc) ?!’ ! Now when the West and Western media talk about barbarians, dictators, censorship, tyranny, sadism, barbarism etc Iranians just laugh and say: They talk about ISIL, Islamists, Zionists, their own N-SA, their own West or what ?!’ ! Iranians know Big Brother’s stooges and their ‘Nal-e Varuneh’. As our people say: ‘At night, they are in bed with Big Brother/ US Imperialism/ British Colonialism and lick the ass of their Great Satan, but in the morning, they become Anti-Imperialist, and want to fight again their Great Satan! They are like ISIL, MEK and (Al-Afghani)”.

We should write more about the 19th century and Big Brother’s projects. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Just look what Basijis/ Islamists say about English projects and Al-Afghani. These super idiots say: ‘Al-Afghani was a good Mullah. He talked about Moslem unity through Um-ul-Qura ! He talked about Islamic Westernization [!!] He was a symbol of
(Islamic-British Freemasonry!) Seyed tried to hide his true face; one day he said he is Sunni; one day he said he is Shia; one day he was Afghan; one day he was Turk, Arab, Indian or Iranian. He regularly made 180 degree change; he loved ambiguity and mask [!] He used different names & masks and said contradictory things, because it was his policy (Siasat-e Seyed)’ ! And it’s what the Mullah TV and Basijis say in 2014. They refer to ‘Siasat-e Englis’ (English policy) or Orwellian-Masonic policy as Siasat-e Seyed or Islamic policy! Mullahs are bad jokes. Al-Afghani was neither Iranian nor Shia. Al-Afghani belonged to Asadabad, Afghanistan (provincial capital of Kunar in Afghanistan is called Asadabad). As you know, Afghanistan is a new, fake and English-made name. People in Herat and Great Khorasan were not Afghan. They were Herat-i, Balkh-i, Kabul-i (like Tehran-i, Yazd-i, Shiraz-i etc). Most of them were Iranians or pro-Iran. Only a few groups, ie Pakhtun barbarians were called Afghan. They were Turk-Mongol barbarians. They were Anti-Iran & Non-Iranians (Al-Afghani was one of them). But British Barbarians and Orwellian Colonialism tried to refer to all people in Herat and Great Khorasan as Afghan, and to create a new, fake and separate history for them. English Barbarians asked Al-Afghani to write a book about Afghan History! Al-Afghani worked on many Masonic projects like ‘Afghan History’ and ‘all Muslims under the rule of one Caliph (Big Brother)’. Yah, Al-Afghani and ISIL (DAESH) say the same things. English barbarians have always said ‘All humans and all Muslims under the rule of one Big Brother, our Big Brother’ ! But super-idiots worship UK, Al-Afghani and DAESH, while Iranians say to super-idiots: Open your eyes, idiots. ‘Brotherhood’ and the vocabulary of FMs should not fool you. Big Brother is not your friend; he is your Arbab (master)”. They also add: “the 19th century was full of Orwellian projects. For instance, Hajji Baba was one of the first Masonic-Orwellian projects for the decline of Persias image in the West. English barbarians said their own Hajji Baba is a symbol of our Persia! James Morier was a psychotic Free-mason (FM) [2] Abul Hasan Elchi (Hajji Baba) was a FM, and lived in England and the British colony of India. He had become a British man and a British agent. James Fraser wrote of Elchi: ‘He receives a considerable annuity from the English government’ ! [2] Most of the sources confirm that Elchi was a British agent, and for his good services he was paid an annuity of 1,000 rupees from 1810 to 1845, the year of his death. In fact, for about 35 years, the UK and the East India company paid Elchi. According to the British Foreign Office documents, in 1843 Elchi asked that after his death his salary should be paid to his son!’ [2] During his stay in London, Elchi was initiated into Free-m-asonry and attained the title of ‘Past Grand Master’. R. Gould confirmed this in his book ‘Free-m-a-sonry Throughout the World, London, 1887)’ [2] James Morier accompanied Elchi (Hajji Baba) as his interpreter. As Britons say: ‘When the Adventures of Hajji Baba were published, Abul Hasan Elchi (Hajji Baba) said to James Morier: ‘What for you write this, sir? Persians very angry, sir. King very angry, sir .. All Iranians very angry with you, sir. Very bad book, sir. All lies, sir. Who tell you all these lies, sir? What for you not speak to me? Very bad business, sir. We very bad people, perhaps, but very good to you, sir. What you abuse us so bad, sir?’ !! In fact, Elchi was not proud that all Iranians were angry and hated him. But Rouhanis are worse than Elchi. Rouhanis and today’s Hajji Babas are proud that all Iranians hate them and only the IMF, the World Bank and the UK love them and use them. Rouhanis are worse than Qajars and Pahlavis”. We should write more about the 19th century. But as some wise Iranians say: “In the UK, Orientalists work for Big Bother. Now almost all British journalists are Big Brother’s whores. Can you find even one good or normal journalist in the UK?! British journalists just tell big lies, censor all facts, and say what Big Brother wants. But as many say: When today, at the age of Internet, they act and behave in this way, what did they really do in 19th & 20th centuries?! In the West, Journalism is ‘Nal-e Varuneh’. But their evil acts are eye-opener. In these years, when you read their old books or their new media, you can see their true colors. In the past, you could say they are ignorant. But now it’s clear that they just pretend ignorance (Khod ra Zadan beh Khari). Now after 2009, and after Snow-den, most people know that the West is Orwellian. Now it’s clear that their ‘Orientalists’, ‘Journalists’, ‘Historians’ and Intellects worked, and still work, for the Ministry of Truth. They already said: journalists serve as watchdogs for the public. But now it’s clear that their media and their journalists serve as whores/ dogs of the Big Brother and the Ministry of Truth. Now it’s quite clear that the West is Orwellian, and the West is behind all main problems in Iran. Now it’s clear what is Conspiracy theory and what is Manufactured Crisis [1]”.

Persian Power, Persian Lions: Iran is Unstoppable

September 3, 2014

The dirty world of politics has polluted all aspects of life. As some wise Iranians say: ‘many people (including us) prefer to talk (write) about the so-called non-political issues. But the damn world of politics has polluted everything – including arts, sciences, technology, philosophy, history, daily life, entertainment, sports etc. Most people (including us) hate politics and all politicians. Most people (including us) prefer to ignore the fucking politics and the fucking politicians, but all aspects of life – from economy and health care to culture and all kinds of comfort – have been polluted with politics and politicians. When even your foods, your air, water, milk and all basic needs have been polluted with politicians, can you ignore the fucking world of politics?! In these days, Mullahs still send noise and parasite, and try to slow down the terrible internet speed in Iran, but the West censors all facts. Sometimes (for some days) Mullahs try to block all internet ports and all internet connections. Sometimes (for some days) Mullahs try to block all HTTPS/ SSL connections. Sometimes (for some days) Mullahs try to block all HTTP connections and all ports. Mullahs and their Arbabs (masters) try to pollute everything – including internet, foods, air, environment, culture etc. Under such fucking conditions, can people ignore the fucking politics and what the fucking Rouhanis, the fucking West and the fucking Lefts do? Now the West censors all news and all facts. The Mad West has lost its mind, and acts like retards […] If the West and its media were not insane, they would not censor all news and all facts in this childish way, and they would not show their true face in this stupid way. This level of Censorship just shows that the Mad West is dying from the Mad Cow Disease”. They also add: “Now even the world of sciences and the world of sports show that Persian power is on the rise, and Iran is becoming a world power again. Now even idiots know that Iran’s Golden Generations can restore Great Persia, and can make Iran a world power again. Now Iran’s brains, Iran’s scientists, Iran’s sportsmen, Iran’s volleyball men etc show that even the worst sanctions in history and even the worst Anti-Iran Racism and Sadism in history cannot stop Iran and Iranians. But Mullahs and Islamists still try to obey their English Arbab (master), and to do what colonial powers (Estemar) want. Instead of boosting national confidence, national pride and ‘Yes We Can’, Mullahs and Islamists just say Anti-Iranian things and still repeat what their Arbabs – ie English barbarians and savage colonial powers (Estemar)- said in the 19th century. Now the Mad Mullahs themselves show that they are Tazis (savage Arabs/ Jews). In August 2014, even the Mullah media say: ‘Why Mullahs and the Mullah TV (and Mullah Parliament) say many Anti-Iran things or support sworn enemies of Iran? Do we want to prove that the Mullah regime is an Anti-Iranian regime, and Mullahs are Ajnabi (anti-Iranian pigs)?’ ! It’s what their own media say. In fact, the soup is too salty, and now even idiots know that Mullahs and Islamists are not Iranians. In these days, a senior Jewish-English Mullah, Makarem, has said: ‘the high speed internet is Haram (forbidden/ not Kosher !); the high speed internet (like VHS recorders, music players, cinema, films, microphone etc) is unethical, harmful and contrary to Tazi/ Jewish principles‘ ! Tazi Mullahs like Makarem act like DEASH (ISIL), and just make Iran’s people even angrier. Tazi Rouhanis like Makarem, Qalibaf and Mullah MPs are stupid bastards, and even don’t ask themselves: what’s the use of acting like DAESH (ISIL) and Jewish fanatics? what’s the use of licking the UK ass, serving the West’s interests, and hurting Iran’s people? Now even their own media say: ‘Makarem is a Jew, a Jewish convert. His ancestors were Jews. Makarem is a Jewish convert (ie he is still a Jew)’ ! Now many say: ‘Mullah Makarem is a great cook and embezzler, known as ‘the King of Sugar Smugglers’. And as Sabeti (Savak) says, Mullah Makarem worked for Savak (Pahlavi Gestapo). But even if you ignore such facts, it’s quite clear that the Religion of Makarem and Rouhanis is like the Religion of DAESH (ISIL) and Zionists. Now even the people’s comments at the Mullah media ask good questions like: ‘Why Qalibaf and (Makarem etc) say such DAESH-i things, exactly when DAESH (ISIL) is committing barbarous crimes in Iraq?! Do Qalibaf and (Makarem etc) want to prove that all Mullahs are DAESH-i, and the Mullah regime is a DAESH-i regime?! If Qalibaf and (Makarem etc) are not spies and stooges of Iran’s enemies, why they should say such DAESH-i things and damage Iran’s image at this moment of time?!‘ In fact, even idiots know who serve the West’s interests, who still work for colonial powers (Estemar), and who still try to hurt Iranians and to work on damaging Iran’s image. Now even idiots know who act and talk like DEASH, Zionists, Tazis and sworn enemies of Iran […] Mullahs were puppets of British Colonialism (Estemar-e Englis). In the 19th century, English pigs paid Mullahs and said to Iranians: ‘Patriotism is a bad thing. You should not be proud of your country and your legacy. You Iranians have always been internationalists, and cared about all humans. You Iranians were not racists. So, instead of defending Iran, you should become
Foreign-worshiper (Biganeh-parast) .. National Pride or Patriotism is a bad thing, but Foreign-worshiping (Biganeh-parasti), West-worshiping (Qarb-parasti), Arab-worshiping, Tazi-worshiping, UK-worshiping, Russia-worshiping or US-worshiping is a good thing’ ! It’s exactly like what English Barbarians, colonial powers and their stooges (Mullahs etc) said in the 19th century. English barbarians and Tazis said the same things. It’s obvious why barbarians said such things in the past. But the main question is: Why Mullahs and Islamists still say the same stupid things? Why Mullahs and Islamists hate Iran and National Pride and National Legacy in Iran? All Iranians are proud of Iranian legacy, Iranian values and Iranian gifts to mankind. The wise non-Iranians praise Iran and see Iran as the birthplace of culture and human values. But why Mullahs still lick the ass of the Barbarian UK, and still say many pro-Tazi and anti-Iranian things?”.

The 2014 Fields Medal was so important, and revealed many things. As some wise Iranians say: “Mirzakhani and Iran’s brains are symbols of National Pride and ‘Yes We Can’ in Iran. But the main question is: Why Mullahs and Islamists hate Iran’s brains, Iran’s progress, Iran’s positive image, Iran’s national pride, and restoring Persia? Are Mullahs and Islamists still puppets of the UK and the British Barbarous Colonialism (Estemar- Englis)? We all know what the Barbarian UK and Colonial powers (Estemar) did to our Iran in the 19th century. All Iranians know who were behind the so-called Golestan Treaty (in 1813), the so-called Torkamanchai Treaty (in 1828) and other disasters in the 19th century. All Iranians know who is who. But Mullahs still say ‘Doing Researching is a bad thing; Ignorance is Strength’ ! Mullahs still obey their English Arbab (master), and still lick the ass of the Barbarian UK. But today is not the 19th century. Today’s Iranians are much more modern, educated and wiser than their Western counterparts. Now not only ancient Iranians, Iran’s history and Iran’s legacy, but today’s Iranians and the large army of wise and educated Iranians show that Iran is Unstoppable. But it’s important to note that even in the 19th century English barbarians confessed: ‘Iran and Iranians have natural and congenital talents .. No one can break the spirit of Iran .. Iran is a weird nation. You cannot defeat them. Iran always (even in the worst conditions) has some Great men and great heroes .. Resistance (& fighting against Evil forces) is an inherent part of the Iranian culture‘. Such English confessions are important, because all informed people know ‘the British Barbarous Colonialism’ and what English barbarians did to the world in the 19th century. But Mullahs and other puppets of the West even refuse to ask themselves why their English Arbab said: No one can break the spirit of Iran; Iran is a weird nation; You cannot defeat them’. Iran has been like a live and eternal spring, and has always created great men, great ideas, and great things”. They also add: “Now even the wise Westerners talk about ‘How Britain Created Salafism, Wahhabism, Mullahism, Bahaism, Zionism etc. But the main question is Why the UK created Salafism, Wahhabism, Mullahism, Bahaism etc? Now even Westerners say: ‘Iran Didnt Create ISIS; We Did; the West Did’ ! (Aug 2014) Now there is no doubt that the UK, the EU and the USA are behind all Islamists, including DAESH (ISIL) and English Rouhanis (Mullahs). But you should ask yourself: ‘Why the UK and the West support Mullahs and Islamists, and why Mullahs and Islamists still try to hurt Persia and to serve the interests of the West? Now many say: ISIL is a product of Western Colonialism, and English Mullahs were products of British Colonialism in the 19th century. But even if you don’t know history, current events can show you many things. Now the West and its media clearly show you who is behind Islamists and Rouhanis (Mullahs). Now the UK media, known as the English Lie Factory, works as Rouhanis media, and Rouhani himself confesses to this issue. In August 2014, Rouhani says: ‘Why Iranians and Iran’s media don’t support me? why only the IMF, the World Bank and the UK media support me and defend me? [!!] .. Iranians should support me, because the IMF, the World Bank, the UK media and the US media praise me and defend me [!!]’ (August 2014) Can you believe it ?! Even the Mullah media published this big and shameful news. But the West, the Left and all Western media censor such facts/ news. The West is the Capital of Censorship. But Iranian people just laugh and say: ‘Oh, yah, only their Zionist IMF, their Great Satan, their English Arbab (master) and Colonial powers (Estemar) support Rouhani and Islamists’! All Iranians (+97%) hate this English Pofyooz (Rouhani) and all Mullahs. But it’s funny and important that Rouhanis themselves confess that only their Zionist IMF, their English Arbab (master) and ‘Estemar’ love and support Rouhanis (Mullahs). It’s a historic confession. Rouhani made a good and historic confession: Only the IMF, the World Bank, the English Lie Factory (ie UK media) and the Savage West love and support Rouhani and Islamists. Now all Iranians (+97%) hate Rouhani and Islamists so much. Rouhani’s dual policy -ie Repression and Oppression for Iran, but Concession for the West and Iran’s enemies’ – is like or worse than the Qajar’s policy or the Barbarian UK policy in the 19th century. Rouhani is like or worse than Mirza Abul Hasan Elchi (ilchi) and Mirza Aqa Khan Nuri. What Mullahs and their English Arbab (master) do in the 21st century is just a farcical version of what English Barbarians and their puppets did in the 19th century”. We should write more about the story of ‘Britain and Persia’ in the 19th Century. But as some wise Iranians say: “Rouhanis still live in the 19th century, and still lick the ass of their Arbab. Super-idiots still don’t know that when the 97% of Iranians hate you, and only IMF, English barbarians, Tazis and other notorious bad guys support you and praise you, you have no future in Iran and your fate is quite clear. Understanding such things doesn’t need High IQ. Only Pahlavi, Mullahs, Islamists and other super-idiots cannot understand such things”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now even sciences and sports show that Iran is unstoppable. What Iranians did and do is really a miracle. Despite all threats and all sanctions, Iranian sportsmen can defeat the USA, the UK, Italy, Germany, Russia etc. Despite the toughest Sanctions/ worst Sadism in history, Persian Lions can defeat the USA and the West’s paper tigers. It’s so important. Despite all efforts to keep Iran weak and dependent, Iran’s Golden Generations are making Iran a world power again. Iranians can live inside or outside Iran, but all of them care about Iran, Iranian legacy and Iranian values. Iran’s Golden Generations actually show the world the Persian Power. Despite all sanctions, all censorship, all big lies, all brainwashing campaigns and all forced restrictions, Iranians are among the world’s most educated and most informed people. It’s very very important. Barbarians and bad guys, from the West and the Left to Tazi Mullahs, have desperately tried to keep Iranians stupid and ignorant. But their evil acts have backfired. Now many Iranians repeat our ancient proverbs, and say to the West and it’s puppets: ‘You only disgrace and discredit yourself, and cause us a few problems’ (Erze Khod Mibari-o Zahmat Ma Midari …). Despite all threats, all sanctions and all sadistic acts, Iranians are among the world’s best brains and best talents. Iran’s brains, Iran’s scientists, Iran’s sportsmen and Iran’s average people show the world that all evil acts, including imposed wars, coups, sanctions and Barking and Farting (ArroGooz), cannot stop Iran and Iranians. Since the ancient time, all Barbarians -including the Savage Tazis and the Savage West- have always tried to destroy our Iran, the Home of the Good. But the main question is: Have they succeeded ? Satan and all barbarians have created many crises and many disasters. But Satan and the sons of Satan have never been able to destroy and to get rid of our Iran, the Home of the Good. Our Iran, as the birthplace of Culture and Human values, received a lot of wounds, but was a proud and strong wounded. Satan and barbarians have always wanted to destroy the Home of the Good (Iran), and our Iran has always fought solely against all barbarians, all bad guys and all evil forces. But who was the winners? Our Iran. Our Iranian legacy and our Iranian values changed the world. One day barbarians were in the majority, but now they are in the minority. One day the sons of Satan could openly defend their barbarian values, but now, all normal humans and all good guys, who are in the majority, condemn Tazi/ Barbarian values and defend our Iranian values and our Iranian legacy. It’s a great victory for the Home of the Good (Iran) and all good guys. Now it’s clear who is morally and totally bankrupt. But the bankrupt barbarians still think that their evil acts and their Barking and Farting (ArroGooz) can stop our Iran. They still think their Bullying and Barbarity can stop Iran and Iranians. The bankrupt barbarians are bad jokes. Even in the 19th century, when Iran was in very poor conditions, barbarians confessed that ‘Iran and Iranians have natural and congenital talents; No one can break the spirit of Iran; Iran is a weird nation; You cannot defeat them; Iran always has some Great men’. In the 19th century, most Iranians were uneducated, and Iran had a few well-educated people. But now the large army of wise, smart and well-educated Iranians show the world the Persian Power and the potential of Persian Lions. Now the large army of educated Iranians want to restore Great Persia. As non-Iranians say: Iranians have learned to think big’ ! It’s true. Irans brains and Irans people have learned to think big, and to not give up easily. Its part of our Iranian culture and our Iranian traditions. Iranians don’t give up easily. Iranians don’t get easily disappointed. Iranians know that the Good, Truth and Logic, is the final winner. Iranians know the Evil is a big loser […] Iranians will never forget the past 200 years. Iranians will never forget and forgive Golestan, Torkamanchai, the 1953 Coup, the 2009 Coup and what English barbarians and the Savage West did in the past 200 years. Those who know history, know that Mullahs and Islamists were ‘Nokar-e Ajaneb’ (puppets of Iran’s enemies). But even if you don’t know history, you still can see the truths. Just ask yourself: Who supports Rouhanis (Mullahs) or MEK? Why Rouhanis implement the so-called Zionist IMF plans in Iran? Who censors all news of Iran, who tells big lies, who works as Rouhani’s media, who supports Rouhani, who censors the 2014 Referendum, or Who say Anti-Iranian things? […] Just look what their Exiled journalists or their Mullah Parliament do and say. The 2014 Fields Medal was a symbol of ‘Yes We Can’ and national pride in Iran. But their Anti-Iran Mullah Parliament, their Anti-Iran Mullah TV and their Exiled whores just say to Iranians: ‘National pride is a bad thing .. We are stupid; No We Can Not .. Iranians should hate Iran and Iran’s brains’ ! The Anti-Iranian whores just remind you of the 19th century and ‘the Inheritance of Colonialism’. They still worship their Great Satan and their English Arbab (master), and try to promote Foreign-worshiping (Biganeh-parasti), West-worshiping (Qarb-parasti), Arab-worshiping, Tazi-worshiping etc. Mullahs and Islamists -from Rouhani and exiled whores to Mullah MPs and Mullah TV- can remind you of ‘Hajji Baba’. James Morier, the author of ‘Hajji Baba’, was a stupid English barbarian. He wrote a stupid story about the notorious puppet of England, Elchi or Hajji Baba that all Iranians hated him, but said: our Hajji Baba is a symbol of your Iran’ ! In facts, English barbarians have always used non-Iranians or the most stupid whores as their own spies/ stooges, and they have always pretended that their own spies/ stooges are representatives of Iran and Iranians. Now Rouhanis (Mullahs) and Anti-Iranian whores like Akbar Ganji, Masoud Behnoud and the so-called Exiled journalists are new versions of Hajji Baba. Now ‘Hajji Baba in England’ or ‘Hajji Baba in America’ still crap about Iran, and still lick the West’s ass and the Mullah ass. But today is not the 19th century (Ahd-e Boogh)”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Iranian people care about Iran’s volleyball team, not only because they can defeat USA, Russia, Italy and all world powers, but because they are Iranians. Iran’s volleyball men are not Basijis or Islamists. Iran’s volleyball men dress, think, talk and act like Iranians, and that’s why we, Iranians, care about them. If they were Basijis/ Islamists, Iranian people would hate them and spit at them. Now Iran’s volleyball men think and act like Iranians, and that’s why they have succeeded in defeating all world powers […] Now all Iranians hate Islamists and Anti-Iranian whores like Akbar Ganji, Hatami-kia, Merila Zareie and all Mullah TV celebs, who lick the Mullah ass, the West’s ass, the Tazi’s ass and the Enemy’s ass. Now the Tazi TV (Mullah TV) says many Anti-Iranian things. Now the Satan TV (Mullah TV) openly defends their Zionist IMF, their Great Satan and their English Arbab. Now the English Barbarian TV (Mullah TV) openly defends the colonial powers (Estemar), the Anti-Iran Arabs and the savage Tazis. Now the Savage Arab TV (Mullah TV) openly defends the Anti-Iranian pigs and the Anti-Iran acts. Now the Anti-Iran TV (Mullah TV) openly attacks Iran’s brains, Iran’s talents, Iran’s students, and Iran’s Golden Generations. Now the West and the Left censor all facts and all news, and show who is behind Islamists and the Satanic Regime of Islamists. In this year (2014), the systematic lies and the systematic censorship in the West are unbelievable, but eye-opener. Now you can see what has really happened in the past. The West and Tazis were the same shit. They sold us our own ideas and our own values, but they called it Modernity, Western modernity! Barbarians pretended that they cared about our Iranian values. Barbarians pretended that they cared about human rights, freedom, democracy, peace, brotherhood, laws etc. But the West’s main law was and is the Law of the Jungle. It’s part of the West’s barbarian culture. They still praise Bullying, Sadism, Racism and Barbarity. They are still Anti-Iran, Anti-Progress, Anti-Truth, and Anti-Human”. We have already written about the Anti-Iran West and the Law of the Jungle (check Archive). But as some wise Iranians say: “the West and its puppets still act like retards and barbarians. They know that ‘Persian Lion has not lost its power .. Persian power is on the rise’. They know that Iran is unstoppable. They know that even with the help of Mullahs/ traitors and all dirty/ barbaric tricks, the Wests paper tiger cannot defeat the Persian Lion. The Mad West has confused. The West badly tries to censor all news of Iran, to help Rouhanis, and to damage the public image of Iran. Mullahs still aid the anti-Iran West in destroying the public image of Iran. But all good guys, including good Jews, good Arabs and good Westerners, can see the true image of Iran, Iran’s brains and Iran’s talents. The 2014 Fields Medal, the 2014 FIVB World Championship and many other events show the world the real image of Iran and Iranians. Iran’s people don’t think and act like the West or Tazis. They say: ‘Iran must be a Superpower again, as it used to be’, because they know who want to keep Iran and other nations weak, and who try to turn all humans into slaves. Iranians cared, and still care, about human values, all humans and all good guys, and that’s why Satan and barbarians hated, and still hate, Iran and Iranians […] The West, barbarians and all evil forces are on the wrong side of history; and we, Iranians, still tell them: ‘Stop acting like savage animals; Be humans, not animals (Adam Bashid); Live like normal humans (Mesl-e Adam); Stop worshiping money and power; Basic needs are low level needs, and cannot make you really happy. If you live like normal humans and good guys, it’s better for you .. the Evil Empire can be sure that all parts of our Great Iran -form Georgia and Armenia to Tajikistan and all parts of Caucasus, that were occupied by the Russian-British barbarians in the 19th century- will return home. We, Iranians will never forget and accept stupid things like Torkamanchai’. We, Iranians, say to Mullahs and other puppets of the West: Stop licking the UK ass and the West’s ass; Stop hurting Iran’s people; Stop helping Iran’s enemies and serving the West’s interests; Stop implementing the Enemy’s plans, including the IMF plans. Resign from the government, or Allow Iran’s experts, Iran’s brains, Iran’s talents and Iran’s people to solve Iran’s problems and to convert Iran into a Superpower again. If you are really Iranians, you should care about the Good, the Truth, Iran and Iranian values (ie human values), and you should Stop Foreign-worshiping (Biganeh-parasti), West-worshiping (Qarb-parasti), Arab-worshiping or Tazi-worshiping. If you are really Iranians, you can simply show it. For instance, Stop implementing the IMF Plans and the UK plans; Stop Censorship, Corruption, Big lies and Crapping about Iran; Stop attacking and hurting Iran’s brains, Iran’s talents, Iran’s people and Iran’s national pride; Instead of obeying the UK, and trying to create baby boom or to keep Iran weak, try to restore Great Iran. If you really care about Iran’s population, and If you are really Iranians, you should say that the people of Tajikistan, Herat, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, and all parts of the Caucasus and Great Iran are Iranian people. If you are really Iranians, instead of licking the UK ass and caring about Tazis and sworn enemies of Iran, you should care about all good guys in all around the world and all Iranians in all parts of Great Iran”.