Islamic Capitalism, Islamic Westernization

“Today’s World is Orwellian. They say censorship is freedom, barbarians are modern people, dictators are democrats, censors are freedom-fighters, the sons of Satan are the men of God, crooks are moral people, killers and rapists are defenders of women and children, racists and sadists are defenders of human rights, and Big Brother’s agents are journalists. You live in such an Orwellian world”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “the West is badly Orwellian. The West is A Lie Factory. The West censors all news. The West just cares about its own spies and stooges, and censors all facts and all news about Iran and the world. Now even the stupid Mullah media talks about Islamic Corruption and Capitalism. But the West censors all news. Now even Mullahs and their stupid Health Minister warned Iranian people against consuming milk and yogurt produced in Islamic companies. Now even the Mullah media reports: ‘the Mullah Health Minister said that dairy companies are using palm oil in milk, yogurt and other dairy products. The dangerous palm oil is being used in dairy products because of high profits for the Mullah companies’ ! (August 2014). This news has become a very big news in Iran. But the West censors such big news. The West is the Land of Censorship. The UK media like the Guardian, Economist, Telegraph, BBC etc are Big Brother’s agencies, not News agencies. The English media is A Lie Factory, and the English Lie Factory is much worse than the Nazi Lie Factory and the Stalin’s Lie Factory. Mullahs are puppets of England. Their teacher is England. When Mullahs want to learn about their Islamic Economy, Mullahs go to England to attend the IMF courses. The love story of ‘Mullahs and their Zionist IMF’ is so ridiculous. In August 2014, the IMF agents go to Iran and thank Mullahs for implementing the Zionist IMF plans and creating more poverty, more injustice, more corruption, and more economic problems in Iran. But the West censors all news, while the stupid Mullah media says to Rouhani: ‘your plans and your economic policies are nothing but the IMF plans; what Mullahs do is exactly like what the Zionist IMF dictates to its clients’ ! (Aug 2014) Now even Islamists say that their Eqtesade Moqaretabi is a copy of the Zionist IMF’s Plans, and their Mullah Economy is Islamic Capitalism. Now even the Mullah media talk about what the Mullah companies do to Natural Milk, and how Mullahs produce Fake and Poisonous Milk by using Capitalist formulas. What Mullah companies do is a copy of what US companies do. In the USA, experts warn people about ‘the misuse of palm oil by the dairy companies’ ! Palm oil is high in saturated fats. Palm oil is cheap, but dangerous to humans. But do you know which country is the main user of palm oil? the USA! Their food industry just cares about money, not people’s health. In these years, the good Americans say: ‘Palm Oil Needs to be Dropped From Baby Formula’ ! (2013) Capitalist pigs don’t care about people’s health, and as some American say, now ‘Palm Oil Is Everywhere’ ! (2013) As these American say: ‘I read the ingredients of every single dairy products (in America). And I was pretty amazed at what I found: All contained palm oil ! Ive written about palm oil over the years (in the New York Times, Mother Jones and Newsweek, among others). Yet for some reason, despite the stark reality of palm oils impacts, were consuming ever more of it. Palm oil is one of the planets most destructive ingredients. Indonesia and Malaysia together produce 85% of the global palm oil supply .. they sell most of their palm oil to major U.S. brands .. In Asia, its used for cooking; in Europe, its feedstock for biofuel; In the US, its an ingredient not just in foods and health and beauty products, but in the ingredients that make up those products -vitamin A palmitate etc .. Palm oil is often absent from the label, leaving consumers in the dark about what theyre actually buying and its impact … (US companies use palm oil in most of their products such as:) Margarine, peanut butter, crackers, cookies, ice cream, lipstick, toothpaste, soap, soy milk, drugs etc .. Palm oil may be the ultimate icon of globalization’ ! (2013) Islamists are slaves of their Great Satan, and Islamic companies just copy from their Great Satan’s companies. Islamists are Satanists, and that’s why they just care about money, not people’s health. Islamists just do what their Great Satan and their Zionist IMF dictate to them. But the most ridiculous thing is that the Western media censors all facts, while even the Mullah media censor less facts, less than the Western media. In Aug 2014, the stupid Mullah media has headlines such as: ‘Don’t eat and Don’t breath, if you want to be Healthy people ! (Qaza Nakhorid va Nafas Nakeshid ta Salamat Bemanid !) In Aug 2014, the Mullah media sarcastically say: ‘they pollute and poison our foods; they pollute our air and our environment; Now dust storms are killing people; dairy products, rice, meat, vegetables etc are killing people; they play with people’s life and people’s health; they are killing people; But no one cares about people and people’s heath’ ! (Aug 2014) In fact, now even idiots know that the Mullah regime is a Satanic regime, a puppet regime, and an anti-Iranian regime. But the West censors all facts and all news. The West is nothing but A Lie Factory”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In 2014, many things give you a headache. In 2014, when you eat Cream, Ice Cream, Cheese etc, it gives you a headache and you feel nausea. In 2014, when you breath, it gives you a headache or you feel nausea, because air pollution and dust storms in Tehran and Iran are serious problems. So, it’s obvious why even the fucking Mullah media say: ‘Don’t eat and Don’t breath, if you want to be Healthy people’ ! In August 2014, air pollution and dust storms in Tehran and Iran is a very serious problem, but all media censors such news. Now the fucking Qalibaf and Mullahs refuse to solve Tehran’s problems, but instead, they try to act like Zionists, Mullah Omar or Seyed Zia, and to make Iranians even angrier. Qalibaf and his Basiji friends are Jewish Islamists, and what they do is a copy of what Orthodox Jews do. Qalibaf, Basijis and Islamists ‘Gender Segregation’ is exactly like ‘Gender Segregation in Judaism’. Qalibaf and Islamists’ Gender Separation Plans in Tehran are exactly like the Jewish Gender Separation plans. For instance, do you know that ‘Orthodox Jews want separate playgrounds in Brooklyn, New York’ ?! Do you know that the Jews have separate sidewalks, separate buses, separate bus stops etc in the New York city?! Yah, in the USA and New York City, Orthodox Jews enjoy Gender Segregation, because Gender Segregation is a Jewish law & a Jewish tradition. Islamists are nothing but the followers of the Jewish traditions. Basijis and Islamists like ISIS, ISIL, Al-Baghdadi, Qalibaf and AhmadiNejad (AN) are Jewish Islamists. Some of them are Jews (Jewish converts) and some of them are agents of Jews. But the mission of all of them is: ‘Serving the interests of Iran’s enemies and Hurting Iran or Iranians’. Islamists and Zionists have the same ideology. For instance, as the Jewish media reports: ‘Jewish children should not play with members of the opposite sex [!] Mixed playgrounds may give children the impression that playing with and talking to the opposite sex is kosher [!] We need Kosher Playgrounds [!!] We want separate playgrounds devoted to specifically to girls or boys‘ (2013) ! In fact, when Qalibaf and Basijis talk about separate parks, or say: ‘we should put male and female staff in separate rooms’, it’s exactly what the Jewish fanatics want and say. In the 1980s, Basijis and Islamists were after the same gender segregation, but Khomeini blocked the move, because he knew that all Iranians hate such things, and he should not make Iranians even angrier. But now the 3% openly fight against the will of the 97% of Iranians. Of course now even the very stupid Basijis talk about ‘Fatehe Velayat’ or ‘Fatehe Regime’ (the End of the Mullah regime), because they know that the 97% of Iranians hate the Mullah regime so much. The 3% still try to cover up their terrible corruptions/ embezzlements by acting like ISIL and Taliban. But now all Iranians (+97%) hate Islamic corruptions, Islamic embezzlements and the Arab-Jewish laws like forced Hijab and gender separation. Now the 3% -ie Basiji faggots, Islamist whores and spies and stooges like Motahari, Larijani, Qalibaf, Rohani and the notorious English Mullahs and English Clans- defend the Zionist IMF plans and/ or the Zionist-Jewish laws in Iran, but the 97% of Iranians hate all Islamists and all puppets of Iran’s enemies”. They also add: “Now the Mullah Regime is Shir tu Shir (very chaotic); Basijis threaten Khamenei and talk about ‘Fatehe Velayat’; Rouhani talks about the regime’s Terrible Corruption and says: ‘AN and his friends just stole and plundered Iran’s oil (Naft ra Khordand va Bordand)’ ! Now even the stupid Mullah media talk about the terrible Corruption, the systematic Corruption, and the sea of Corruption in the AN’s era! In fact, the soup is too salty, and even idiots know that AN and his friends (ie Basijis & Islamists) should be tried for stealing people’s money & people’s votes, implementing the Zionist IMF plans & the Enemy’s plans in Iran, killing and torturing people and many other serious crimes. Now even idiots say that AN and his friends should be tried for terrible corruption, because it’s what Iran’s people want and say. The +97% of Iranians hate Jewish Islamists, from ISIL to Basijis. AhmadiNejad (AN) was a Jew, a Jewish Freemason, and Iranian people hated him so much. But who supported AN and his systematic corruptions? Pigs like the lefts and the Jewish CIA (Leveretts, Sick, Chomsky etc). The West and the Left were and are behind all brutal dictators and savage Islamists. The West censors all facts, but now even the stupid Mullah media publish part of the people’s comments in which Iranian people say good things like: ‘Islamists and their supporters (ie Great Satan, Marxists etc) worship money .. Islamists don’t care about children; Islamists are killing Iranian children with poisonous milk/ air/ food .. the victims of Islamists in Iran are much more than the victims of Zionists in the fucking Gaza .. Islamists are Ajnabi (Arabs/ Jews); Islamists and their poisonous milk are killing children; So (fuck Islamists and fuck Gaza)’. Now it’s clear that Islamists are the sons of Satan and Zahak, while today’s Iranians are the sons of Kaveh, Arash and Rostam. The Mullah regime is the Zahakh’s regime. Devils and Great Satan are behind this Satanic regime. But since the ancient time, Iranians know how to fight against Zahak, Devils and Great Satan. Now all Iranians (+97) know and hate Islamists and their Arbabs (masters), and that’s why even the English animals like Ahmad Tavakoli -who already defended IMF Plans like subsidy cuts and ‘High inflation but fixed prices’ (Tasbit-e Qeymat-ha)- now talk about Systematic Lies and Systematic Corruption in the Mullah regime! Now even stupid animals like Tavakoli know that if they obey their English Arbab like sheep, and if they refuse to protest against their Great Satan and their Zionist IMF, then it would be Aberu-rizi (very shameful and embarrassing). The fate of the IMF Plans, Corruption, Tyranny, Censorship, Poverty and Injustice in the Pahlavi era is quite clear. The stupid Shah just obeyed the West, slipped on the West’s banana peel, and made Iranians even angrier; but Mullahs still act like Shah”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now all Iranians talk about Shir (Milk), or say: the situation is Shir tu Shir (very chaotic)! In August 2014, the Mad Mullahs and Great Satan are making love in Geneva. Now Hajj Hussein (Obama) openly makes love with Hajj Abbas (Iraq-chi and Basijis)! But it’s not a new thing. What happened after the 2009 CIA Coup is like what happened after the 1953 CIA Coup. Events in history reappear, but the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. The current farce is so ridiculous. Just look what the Mullah TV says about Islamic Westernization or Islamic Capitalism. Now Mullahs and Islamists are stupid slaves of the West (Qarb-zadeh) and worship the West. In August 2014, the anti-Iran Mullah TV openly says: ‘We add palm oil to milk, because it’s what US capitalists do, and because it’s profitable; our dairy products, from milk and yogurt to cheese and ice cream, should have a lot of palm oil because we should copy from USA, IMF and capitalists. In the AN’s era, AN asked dairy companies to copy from the US and to add palm oil to dairy products. All authorities knew that milk and dairy products have been polluted with palm oil’ ! In fact, Mad Mullahs just copy from their Great Satan. The Mullah TV is really the Satan TV, and censor the voice of the people. But now Iranian people put comments at websites, or say good things like: ‘Mullahs and their Islamic Capitalism/ Islamic Westernization just remind you of the Pahlavi era .. Mullahs and Islamists are slaves of the West & Arabs (Qarb-zadeh & Arab-zadeh)! Now they worship their Great Satan! .. the Mullah TV and Islamic Capitalists say Everything is Business: sport is a business; culture is a business; healthcare is a business; food safety is a business. Mullahs are the world’s worst capitalists .. Mullahs love Injustice, Poverty, Lying, Stealing, Plundering, Privatization, Corruption, IMF Plans etc; In the US, they buy and sell laws and politicians, and call it Lobbying; but Mullahs worship money and power and IMF Plans, and call it Resistance .. Now Mullahs and their Mullah TV (Satan-TV) say: ‘we have money, because we steal your money; so we have the right to decide about your life; we have money, so we have the right to decide about people’s life and people’s rights; we have money; so, we have the right to pollute your foods with poison! .. now Iranian people have boycotted industrial dairy products, and Mullahs are in deep shit; God bless Iran’s people .. Mullahs say ass-lickers and idiots are experts, but Iranians know that Mullahs and their TV celebs are hateful whores, not experts .. they must announce the names of those firms and officials who endangering public health by adding the industrial oil to the milk; but Mullahs love corruption, corrupt guys and real criminals .. palm oil contain saturated fatty acid, a trans fats that could lead to increase of cholesterol and to heart attack; those who add palm oil to milk and dairy products are actually killing children; they are worse than Nazis and Zionists .. Rohani and his fucking cabinet, including his Economy Minister and his Health minister, are (stupid Capitalists) and stooges of the IMF. They openly say: people’s health or public health is a business! Now they talk about Palm Oil because now their hospitals are full of young people who suffer from heart attack and other symptoms of using palm oil .. American people say: palm oil is unhealthy for the human body, but the palm oil is commonly used as ingredients in almost all American foods’ ! But Mullahs and their Great Satan don’t care about people’s health .. Mullahs still talk the 40% increase in heath’s price, drug’s price, doctor’s price, poisonous milk’s price etc. Is it their fucking Health Plan?! Is it their Islamic justice? .. Islamists are not humans; Islamists are Satanists; their Great Satan is their teacher and their god; In the AN’s era, AN allowed dairy companies to add palm oil and poison to milk .. AN was a Jew, and he just tried to hurt Iranians; it was his Jewish mission .. Islamists are savage animals, they pollute everything .. Islamists pollute foods, air, milk and water with poison & palm oil; it’s their fucking Islamic Westernization .. AhmadiNejad (AN) and Rouhani just created more poverty, more injustice, more inflation, more poisons and more problems in Iran .. In the AN’s era, inflation, poverty, injustice and corruption increased; in the AN’s era, many things were polluted with Jewish poisons .. Basijis and Islamic Capitalists love Fake & Satanic things like fake milk. But Iranians want natural milk and healthy products, not the fucking American/ Jewish/ Islamic products which are fake & unhealthy products .. even their Jewish God is a fake and satanic thing; their Jewish God is Satan .. Mullahs and Capitalists worship money; their god is money .. Who love and support Islamic Capitalists? whores like Marxists & Chomsky .. Death to Mullahs and all crooks and thieves who play with people’s heath … Mullah Parliament is a Masonic Lodge, and that’s why they don’t care about people’s health and the regime’s systematic corruption; they just care about UK, Mullah Omar, Qalibaf and English-Jewish laws .. English Mullahs have always served the interests of Iran’s enemies .. In the 2014 Referendum, the 97% of Iranians clearly declared that they hate all English Mullahs .. UK media and CIA media still tell big lies and bad jokes such as: ‘Iranians think Rouhani has done a very good job .. Rouhani promised to improve the economy, and that’s why he (implements IMF Plans)’ ! (August 2014) .. the English media says: the price of gasoline was increased by 75%, diesel by 70%, and other prices by about 30%, and that’s why Iranians love Rouhani and other English Mullahs!”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In Iran, you even cannot eat or breath without any fucking problems. But you should not forget when even milk, air, water and basic needs make Iranians even angrier, it just means that Revolution is in the air, and Big Bang is near. Now Iranians are so mad at Mullahs and the West. Now Mullahs just act like Shah (Pahalvi) in his last years. Mullahs are so stupid, and they even don’t ask themselves: what’s the use of obeying the IMF and the West? What’s the use of making Iranians even angrier? what’s the use of acting like Taliban, Seyed Zia, ISIS or Jewish fanatics? what’s the use of helping the anti-Iran Arabs/ Jews, but hurting Iranians? what’s the use of hurting Iran’s people and serving the West’s interests? If such evil acts could saved the Shah regime and other puppet regimes, then the same evil acts would save the Mullah regime, too. Now even the stupid Mullah media says: ‘We should stop selling raw materials (Kham-Forushi); it’s what the colonial powers want. English Colonialism and colonial powers have always said that we should not have large industries, universities, high education, non-oil exports etc. Even in the Pahlavi era, the West refused to give Iran the steel industry (Zobe Ahan)’. In fact, even idiots know that the West has always tried to keep Iran weak and backward”. They also add: “Islamic Westernization seems like a self-contradictory term, but ‘Western Democracy’, ‘Western Modernism’ and many other western terms are self-contradictory terms. The stupid West says Barbarians were modern people and cared about democracy, humanity, Iranian values and other modern and civilized things! But when Iranians were writing about Tolerance, Freedom, Justice, Truth, Humanity and other Iranian values, European Barbarians and English barbarians were eating humans, drinking human blood, and living like savage animals. When Persians were creating modern concepts such as Tolerance, Freedom and Fighting against Tyranny, Europeans and English barbarians even didn’t know how to utter or spell Culture and Modernity. Tolerance is a 100% Iranian concept, as Freedom and Fighting against Tyranny are Iranian concepts and have Iranian roots. Persian Tolerance and Iranian values are the roots of Modern Values, Democracy and Open Society/ Tolerant Society. The West was and is so ungrateful. They learned a lot from Iranians, but now they say: those barbarians that even at their peak were drinking human blood and praising Gladiatorial Barbarity were good savages, better than the great cultured and civilized people of Persia! The West killed itself for Aryanization and Persianization. They learned Culture and Civilization from the land of Aryans (Iran), but they were ungrateful pigs, and stupid students. They and their puppets (Mullahs etc) still try not to allow Iranian children to receive enough calcium, enough education, enough services/ facilities, or enough joy and happiness. But it’s not a new thing. They did the same evil acts in the past (1980s etc). But what was the result of such evil acts? Now the large army of wise, strong and educated Iranians are much more wiser, smarter and stronger than their Western counterparts. Now the large army of wise and educated Iranians can solely fight against all bad guys and all evil forces. Now it’s clear that Iran suffers from global problems and western-made problems. Now many know that the West and America suffer from harmful foods, palm oil, GMOs, Monsanto’s acts and many other capitalist evil acts. For instance, in August 2014, the UK media reports: ‘Most of the chicken sold in the UK is contaminated with X or Z, which cause stomach illness that is sometimes fatal’ or ‘the UK government is trying to censor X o Y’ ! The West and its puppets create many problems and crises, including Terrorism, Air pollution crisis, Food pollution crisis, Internet crisis, IMF plans, Housing crisis […] Now even the stupid Mullah media talks about ‘500,000 empty houses in Tehran’ !, and says: ’empty houses belong to Mullahs and (Islamic capitalists). More than 60% of Mullahs are living a life of luxury in Northern Tehran. Mullahs (steal people’s money) and have many luxury cars and luxury homes, but many Iranians even don’t have 1 car or 1 house. Many Iranian families don’t have even one house, but each Mullah family has many houses, gardens, villa etc. Is it the Islamic Justice ?!’ (July 2014) In fact, even idiots know that Mullahs and Islamists are the sons of Satan and Zahak. Now even the Mullah media says: ‘In the AN’s era, corruption, injustice and poverty increased dramatically. In the AN’s era and in the past 20 years, Islamists have created a new social class, the Parvenu, who live by stealing people’s money and drinking people’s blood. The empty houses in Tehran belong to these parvenus. (Pigs like) AN and Qalibaf have created this crisis. Their empty apartments are not safe and standard, but Mullahs make capital from these non-standard apartments’ ! (July 2014) Islamic Capitalists are so stupid; the UK and the IMF are their teachers. But Iranians experts know how to solve Iran’s problems, how to control inflation, how to create a strong economy, and how to convert Iran into a world power and a very advanced country. Iranians know how to use the large army of university-educated Iranians, how to boost domestic products, how to create domestic industries, how to reach self-sufficiency, how to convert Iran into an industrial and agricultural power, how to create a welfare state, and how to fight against corruption, injustice etc. But Mullahs are slaves of the Colonial Powers. Mullahs and retards still worship the West. But Iranians know obvious things. For instance, Iranians know that whores, barbarians or ass-lickers are not modern people. Prostitution or Money-worshiping is not a new or modern thing. Worshiping poverty, worshiping Capital/ money, worshiping Power/ politics, or worshiping Satan/ corruption is not a new thing. But the West is still stupid and uncultured, and idiots and ass-lickers still worship the Uncultured West. Now the West suffers from financial corruption, political corruption, cultural corruption and intellectual corruption. In the West, even intellects and journalists are slaves of money and power. They say the oldest profession (prostitution), Sadism, Satanism, Racism, Barbarism, worshiping money, lying, censoring, stealing etc are modern things! They don’t know Progress and Modernity. They think if you fuck natural things like natural milk, and if you convert natural milk into a poisonous thing, it’s Progress or Modernity. But even in the ancient time, bad guys could add poison to milk. Poisonous milk is not a new thing. Pasteurization, in which milk is heated to a high temperature to destroy pathogenic bacteria, can be seen as a good or modern thing. But Pasteurized milk is different from Poisonous milk. Poisonous milk, ie Milk + poison (palm oil, chemicals etc) is not a new or modern thing. It’s a simple, but important example. If you cannot understand the differences between Pasteurized milk and Poisonous milk, you cannot understand the meaning of modernity, progress, better life, better world, modern values etc”.

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