ISIL: Biblical Barbarism, Jewish Roots of Islamists

August 28, 2014

In these days, many talk about ISIL and Islamists. As some wise Iranians say: “Now many know that ISIL (DAESH) and Islamists are puppets of the West, and serve the West’s interests. But most people don’t know that ISIL and Islamic Barbarians are sworn enemies of Iran (Persia), and followers of Jewish God and Jewish traditions”. They also add: “As all informed-people know, the first modern religions were Iranian religions, in which evil things like telling big lies, killing innocent people, hurting other people and violating people’s rights were evil things. In Iranian religions, what the Western Barbarians did (ie eating humans, drinking human blood, savagery, barbarism etc) and what the Arab/ Turk/ Jewish Barbarians did (ie genocide, racism, sadism, barbarity, bigotry etc) were considered as the most Satanic evil acts. In Iranian religions, the God was the Good, and the symbol of Love, Tolerance, Kindness, Wisdom etc. In fact, the good part of religions is Iranian. When they talk about kindness, honesty, sympathy, tolerance, helping other people, caring about other humans etc they actually talk about Iranian values and what Iranian religions said. But Barbarians and bad guys have always tried to pollute Religions with evil things. Barbarians have always added their own barbarian traditions to religions. Now most religions have mainly two parts: (1) A good and civilized part, which is actually the Iranian part; this part talks about Iranian values and Iranian traditions (2) A barbarian and satanic part, which is actually the Jewish part (aka Tazi part, Sami part, European part etc); this evil part talks about Barbarian values and Jewish traditions. Persia (Iran), as the cradle of culture and civilization, was the Land of the Good and the Home of Human values. But as history and many evidence show, the West was the Home of the Evil and the Land of Barbarians. The West and ancient barbarians (ie Europeans, Jews/ Arabs, Turks/ Mongols etc) were savage barbarous people. They were ‘Adam-khar’ (human-eaters), Khun-Khar (blood-eaters) and ‘Nejasat-Khar (shit-eater). The West and ancient barbarians (ie Europeans, Jews/ Arabs, Turks etc) praised, and still praise, genocide, racism, sadism and other evil and barbarian things to the skies. The West’s Barbarian culture and the West’s Barbarian religions are not hidden facts. Even their so-called holy books can show you many things about the Medieval Europe, the Barbarian West or its puppets -ISIL and Islamic Barbarians”. They also add: “In the Religion of Barbarians -which is the religions of Islamist/ Jewish/ Christian fanatics- religious laws are barbarian laws and say: ‘Genocide is good; killing children is good; Racism is good; killing critics is good; Sadism is good; Censorship and telling big lies is good; Barbarism is good’. The Religion of ISIL is the Religion of Barbarians, the Religion of the West. They openly say: ‘Killing critics is good; Criticism is bad; Sadism is good; Freedom is bad; killing dissidents is good; Truth telling is bad; Killing men and raping women is good; Love is bad; Genocide is good; Tolerance is bad; Bloodshed and barbarity is good etc’. The Religion of ISIL is like the Religion of Mesbah, Janati, Qalibaf, Basij, English Rouhanis, Jewish Mullahs and savage Arabs. In the Religion of Mullahs and Barbarians, telling the Truth is bad, but Corruption, Censorship or Oppression is good. In the Religion of Barbarians, the 2009 CIA Coup, killing protesters, killing children, raping women, telling big lies, or hurting people is good, but caring about the Truth, the Good and the Human values is bad. The Jewish Religion of ISIL, like the Jewish Religion of Mullahs, is the Religion of Satan, the Tazi Religion. Since the ancient time, the savage Arabs/ Jews were called ‘the Tazi’, because they lived and acted like rabid dogs (Tazi dogs) and European barbarians. The Tazi loved bloodshed and barbarity. The Tazi still live and act like rabid dogs. Just look what ISIL and savage Arabs/ Jews do. In 2012, Moshe Dyan openly said: ‘Is-rael must be like a mad dog, a rabid dog’ ! [5] It’s part of their Tazi/ Jewish traditions. The Tazi have always been proud of living and acting like rabid dogs and savage animals. The Tazi (ie savage Arabs/ Jews) only understand force and animal language. The Tazi hate Persia, culture, civilization, humanity, truth, tolerance and other Iranian values […] Mullahs are Tazis. The Tazi Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullahs are Jewish/ Arab pigs. The Mullah regime is a Tazi regime. This Tazi regime just help the Tazi and the West, and hurt Iran and Iranians. Mullahs, like other Tazis, are the sons of Satan and sworn enemies of Iran”. In these years, the West’s Anti-Iran Sadism, the Jewish incitement to Genocide, and barbarians like the Tazi and the Savage West encourage Iranians to think or talk about the roots of problems. As some wise Iranians: ‘Their evil act is a godsend for Iran. They kill children and average people, they openly defend the Anti-Iran Sadism, they openly praise Racism and hurting Iran’s people, they censor the voices of Iranian people, they censor all news of Iran, they are behind the Mullah Evil Firewall, they implement their Zionist IMF plans in Iran, they send noise and parasite, they increase their Filtering & Censorship, they slow down the terrible internet speed in Iran, they tell big lies, they censor all important facts, and they do all evil acts, because they are still savage barbarous people. But their evil acts is a real godsend for all good guys. Their evil acts show their true colors, the roots of problems, and the truths of what the wise Iranians already said about Barbarians and the Religions of Barbarians. Now if you want to know the Tazi Religions better, you can take a look at what ISIL, Zionists, savage Arabs, Mullahs, the UK and other barbarians do and say. If you want to know the West’s Barbarian Culture and the Religions of Barbarians better, you can read their so-called holy books. The West’s holy books say a lot about the Jewish-barbarian traditions. As non-Iranians say: ‘Jewish God barbarically killed millions of people in the Old Testament because they werent ‘fortunate’ enough to belong to the Is-raelite tribe’ [3] The Jewish Gods evil demands require us to murder billions of non-Christians‘ [3] ISIL and Islamic Barbarians are followers of such Jewish traditions. They are followers of the Jewish Bible, in which ‘Barbarous Laws ratified the correctness of annihilating enemies, the subjugation of women, the enslavement of conquered tribes, the suppression of dissent and the curtailment of any liberality‘ [3] And it’s what non-Iranians say. In fact, even non-Iranians know the Jewish roots of ISIL and Islamists”.

As some wise Iranians say: ‘Tazis are worse than Nazis. Tazis kill and torture people, if people refuse to accept the Tazi God and the Tazi barbarous traditions like forced Hijab, forced Jihad, forced prostitution, forced beliefs etc. ISIL/ ISIS and Tazis are savage barbarous pigs who rape woman and children, and call it Marriage/ Nekah Jihad. Tazis kill children and innocent people. Tazis kill people of different religions. Tazis kill those who refuse to worship the Tazi God (ie Satan). Tazis are worse than Nazis. Tazis are the sons of Satan, and the followers of the Jewish Bible. In these years, even the good Westerners talk about ‘Facing Up to the Bibles Darkness’ [2], and say: ‘Christians should face up to the dark and savage morality of the Bible‘ [2] They talk about ‘those believers who have never read the Bible themselves’ [1], and say: ‘If a portrait of God commanding people to slaughter babies and causing mothers to eat them doesnt qualify as revolting, what would? If you found material like this in any other ancient or modern text, would you hesitate for a moment from labeling it as macabre, revolting, (barbaric) or some such phrase?‘ [2] In 2012 and 2013, we all saw how the West and the Tazi openly defended Sadism, Genocide and Inciting Genocide’ [5] But the West and the Tazi have always defended savagery and barbarism. Their Jewish God, ie the God of the Bible, is the God of Genocide. As non-Iranians say: many of the acts committed by the God of the Bible are morally indefensible and must lead us to the conclusion that he is not good, but evil‘ [1] ‘The Jewish God commands that babies be smashed to death, pregnant women be cut open, that children be killed violently for the sins of their parents’ [1] And it’s what non-Iranians say about their Bible. They even add: ‘what the Bible says about women, children, stoning, apostates, non-believers, freedom of religion, slavery etc is worse than what Islamists say [1][4] ‘In the Jewish Bible, (Deuteronomy 7:1-2, 20:16-17), (the Tazi God) identifies groups of people by nationality and orders the Isr-a-elites to kill all of them, men, women and children, leaving no one alive. This is the definition of genocide – the deliberate eradication of a people‘ [1] And it’s what non-Iranians say. They also add: ‘With the Israelites entry into the promised land, Joshua is appointed to be Moses successor, and duly takes charge of the campaign of genocide the Jewish God has commanded against the current inhabitants of that land. ‘And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword’ (Joshua 6:21) Man, woman and child, the unsuspecting residents of Jericho are massacred. Even the livestock are killed. With the destruction and slaughter complete, Joshua loots the city of all its treasure, burns the rest to the ground. The Israelite army then continues its systematic campaign of massacre and destruction, and city after city falls before them. In addition to Jericho, the list of cities that Joshua completely destroyed, slaughtering every single inhabitant, includes: Ai (8:24-26), Makkedah (10:28), Libnah (10:30), Lachish (10:32), Gezer (10:33), Eglon (10:35), Hebron (10:37), Debir (10:39), Hazor (11:11), and Anab (11:21)’ [1] In fact, ‘the genocidal operation courtesy of Jewish God takes place in many cities‘ [3] And it’s the Tazi Logic. It’s the Jewish Logic. The Jewish Bible is the Bible of Barbarians, as any book that defends genocide, racism, sadism, the logic of sword, killing critics, killing children etc is a Satanic/ Barbarian book. ISIL, Islamists and savage Arabs just use the Jewish Logic. ‘ The greatest act of evil is Genocide – the deliberate extermination of a racial, political or religious group’ [1] But the Jewish Bible is the Book of Genocide and Inciting Genocide [1][2][3][4] Their Jewish God is the Evil, and the so-called Jewish holy texts are full of praising Genocide and Inciting Genocide. ‘Through Samuel, their God sends a dire command to the Is-raelite king Saul: ‘Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass‘ (1 Samuel 15:3) All the Amalekites had been killed for many generations by this point’ [1] As you know, savage Jews said the same barbarian things in 2012 and 2013 [5] They said Persians should be seen as Amalek! [5] The West and Jewish Barbarians are like or worse than ISIL and savage Islamists. ‘Through Isaiah, the Jewish God promises a dreadful judgment (Genocide) on Babylon: ‘Every one that is found shall be thrust through; and every one that is joined unto them shall fall by the sword. Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished .. their bows also shall dash the young men to pieces; and they shall have no pity on the fruit of the womb; their eyes shall not spare children (Isaiah 13:9,15-18)’ [4] In fact, the Jewish Barbarity is at the root of the Islamic Barbarity. ISIL (ISIS) and savage Islamists are nothing but the followers of the Jewish Bible, Jewish laws and Jewish traditions. As non-Iranians say: ‘the Jewish Bible is the Hebrew Scriptures, 39 books, mainly written in Hebrew (Tazi language). The Christian Bible is in two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament (27 books) .. the Old Testament is the Bible of Judaism .. the 39 books of the Jewish Bible are really (eye-opener) .. the Hebrew God is the most evil character of all time’ [3] It’s what non-Iranians say. The wise non-Iranians even say: ‘the Jewish God feels the necessity to eradicate thousands innocent babies, children, and animals because one man was too stubborn! The Jewish God butchers innocent children and innocent individuals for the faults of their leaders‘ ! [3] They even know that ‘Islamists are actually following Biblical laws’ [1] In fact, even non-Iranians know obvious things, and say: ‘(In the Jewish Bible,) anyone who worships another god must be stoned to death (Deuteronomy 17:2-7) If a city worships other gods, kill everyone in it and burn it (Deuteronomy 13:12-16) Jewish God will kill men, have their children smashed, and have their wives raped (Isaiah 13:15-16) You shall annihilate them – Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, Jebusites- as your God commanded you’ (Deuteronomy 20.11,18) [1][2][3][4] Such genocidal views and barbarous comments in the Jewish Bible are at the root of the Western Barbarity, the ISIL Barbarity, and the Jewish-Islamist Barbarity. In fact, the Logic of ISIL and Islamists is the Jewish Logic, the Logic of Satan, the Logic of Barbarians, the Logic of the Jewish Bible”.


As some wise Iranians say: ‘Jewish Mullahs (Rabbis) dress like Arab Mullahs and English Mullahs, because all Mullahs are the same shit. Mullahs think, talk, act and dress like Rabbis, because Jewish Mullahs (Rabbis) and Tazi Mullahs are followers of the same Jewish-barbarian traditions. Jewish Mullahs like Rabbi Ovadia Yosef openly say: ‘Non-Jews were born only to serve Jews! [5] The Jewish barbarians like Rabbi Yosef, the leader of Shas, openly praise Racism and Sadism, because it’s what their Jewish Bible says. Both the Tazi and the Savage West love and defend Racism, Sadism, Genocide and Barbarism, because it’s part of their barbarian culture and their barbarian religions. The fruits of their Barbarian-Satanic traditions are the KKK, the Nazis, the Fascists, the ISIL, the Zionists, the Barbarous Colonialism, the Holocaust, the Medieval Europe, and many other Evil things. We, Iranians, prefer to live in the present, and to ignore their shameful past and their dark history. But apparently, they cannot ‘live like Adam (ie sane humans)’, and Iranian decency just makes them more impudent. Barbarians are animals, not humans. Barbarians shed crocodile tears for each other, while they hate each other. For instance, the West and the Jews have ‘Pedar Koshtegi’ (deep hatred) towards each other. The West says: ‘Jews killed Jesus’ [5] And on the other hand, Europe created the Holocaust, and killed millions of Jews. Barbarians are brothers, but they kill each other, because barbarians hate good things like friendship, humanity etc. In the Fucking Gaza and Is-rael, two groups of Tazis, two groups of Barbarians, kill innocent people and fight against each other, while they are old brothers and old followers of the same Jewish-barbarian traditions. Even the good Arabs and the good Jews know the Tazi and their old problems. The Tazi and all Barbarians hate Persia, Truth, Tolerance, Civilization, Love, Sympathy and other Iranian values. ISIL, savage Arabs, savage Britons, savage Jews and other Barbarians are the sons of the Tazi God (is Satan). Their Tazi God is the God of Barbarity. Even non-Iranians know ‘Biblical Holocaust‘ [3] and ‘How Jewish God commands genocide in the Old Testament’ [2] They say: (In the Jewish Bible you can read the following genocidal/ barbarian things): Anyone who works on the Sabbath must be put to death (Exodus 35:2) Jewish God will punish children for the iniquities of their fathers and distant ancestors (Isaiah 14:21). Tazi God will set people, animals and plants on fire because of his anger (Jeremiah 7:20) Jewish God will burn entire cities with the inhabitants still inside (Jeremiah 50:32) Tazi God will kill children when they come out of their mothers wombs (Hosea 10:14) Jewish God will kill inhabitants of entire cities if they have a bad government (Micah 3:9-12)’ [3] Such genocidal things in the Jewish Bible are at the root of the West’s religious Barbarism, the ISIL Barbarity, the Arab Barbarity, the West’s Anti-Iran Sadism, the Jewish incitement to war and genocide on Iran etc”. In these years, many people are becoming aware. As some wise Westerners say: “It is time to stop defending the indefensible. The Bible is morally flawed, a product of its times, and many of the acts it condones are unacceptable. Obedience to the cruel dictates of this book has kept humanity in the darkness for a long time. So long as humankind continues to believe in this book of blood, we will never know peace” [1] But unfortunately, many Westerners are still racists, sadists, fascists, or religious fanatics. It’s really shameful that now “More Jews and more Christians Defending Genocide” [1] It’s really shameful. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘In the Land of Barbarians (ie the West) many things have changed. Now many Westerners are good guys, and it’s a great victory. The Land of Aryans (Iran/ Persia) and other civilized people tried to change the Land of Barbarians (ie the West), and it really worked because now many Westerners have become good and civilized people. It’s a great victory. Yah, many of the Westerners/ Arabs/ Jews/ Turks etc are still barbarians and live, think or act like Barbarians. But in the past, they were in the majority, and now they are in the minority. It’s a great victory. The last remaining Barbarians will go to hell, if all good guys know more about Barbarians, the Logic of Barbarians, and the Religions of Barbarians. All good guys should know more about the Tazi, the Savage West, and the Logic of the West, ie the Logic of Satan. It’s necessary for having a better world. In the Orwellian world, Ignorance is Strength. But in the world of good guys, Awareness is Strength”.

We should write more about the Tazi. But as some wise Iranians say: “Many know Tazis and Nazis. Now the West’s evil acts and the ISIL satanic acts remind many of the barbarity of the Nazis and the barbarity of the Tazis. Now the barbarity of ISIL and Zionists can reveal many things, including the differences between Iranian values and Western values”. We have already written about Iranian values like Truth, Tolerance, Humanity, Sympathy etc [5] We have already written about Iranian Mindset, Iranian God, and Deep Humanity and Tolerance in the Iranian culture [5] When ‘the Tazis and European barbarians were defending Genocide, Racism, Sadism, Barbarism etc Iranians were writing about Truth, Tolerance, Sympathy and Human rights [5] Iran is the Birthplace of Culture and Human values [5] Since the ancient time, Iranians have always said: ‘If you have no sympathy for human pain – the name of human you cannot retain’ [5] It’s the Iranian Logic. Since the ancient time, many non-Iranians have praised Persian Tolerance, Persian kindness and Persian Wisdom. For instance, they said: ‘the most commendable Property of the Manners of the Persians is: their kindness to Strangers; their Universal Hospitality, and their Toleration, in regard to Religion [5] or ‘Persians are very civil, and very honest in Matters of Religion .. Persians believe that all Mens Prayers are good and prevalent; Persians (respect) the Prayers of different Religions [5] It’s Iranian Tolerance and Iranian Wisdom. When Europeans were eating humans and drinking human blood, and when the Tazi (savage Arabs/ Jews) were committing genocide and other barbaric crimes against humanity, Iranians were writing about Tolerance, Humanity, Human rights, Good thoughts, Good words, and Good deeds [5]. As some wise Iranians say: “Ancient Iranians created and invented basic rights and basic freedoms such as Freedom of Religion or Freedom of Choice. But as non-Iranians truly say: ‘But this right is not respected by the God of the Bible – just the opposite. The only system of government he approves of is a dictatorial theocracy where no one is allowed to practice any belief system other than the state-approved one, under pain of death‘ [1] It’s so important. In fact, Iranian values are at the root of almost all good and modern things, including Democracy. Could Barbarians even think about Democracy?! Barbarians and those who were eating humans and committing genocide and barbarous crimes against humanity could care about human rights, democracy, human values and such modern things?! No, never. There is no doubt that Persia, the land of Aryans (Iran), Iranians and Iranian values are at the root of good and modern values. Even if you don’t know history, and if you don’t know the dark and barbarian history of the West and the Tazi, you still can see the truths. Just think about what the West, ISIL, savage Arabs/ Jews and other barbarians do and say now. Just ask yourself: who still praise Racism, Sadism, War and Bullying? Who threaten other nations with nukes, wars, sanctions, sadism, genocide etc? Who shamelessly praise bullying, war, genocide, racism and sadism and say: We are ‘Chosen People’, and all humans should be our slaves? Who kill children, critics or protesters? In these years, even some American bloggers – like US Blogger in h-t-tp:// say: ‘the Jewish Bible teaches genocide of unbelievers. The story of the Amalekites has been used to justify genocide throughout the ages. God said to Saul: Now go, attack the Amalekites, and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants’. Americans used this passage when they wanted to get rid of the Native American tribes. Catholics used it against Protestants, Protestants against Catholics’. Christians used it against the Jews, the Blacks and other people. ISIL, Wahabis, Salafis and other savage Arabs used it, and still use it, against normal humans and average people. What ISIL, Wahabis, Salafis and other savage Arabs do is exactly like what Zionists and Western Fanatics do. US Christian Fanatics teach Genocide to American students [5] Now many American public school children, ranging in age from 4 to 12, receive instruction in the lessons of Saul and the Amalekites. The first thing the curriculum makes clear is that if God gives instructions to kill a group of people, you must kill every last one’ ! [5] In fact, ISIL Islamists and US Religious Fanatics are two sides of the same coin. They are followers of the Jewish traditions and Biblical barbarism. But we, Iranians, say to the West and all religious fanatics: ‘Teach Tolerance, instead of Genocide; Teach our Iranian Tolerance to your children. Teach our Iranian values to your children. Stop Teaching Biblical Genocide and your Barbarian values to children’. We, Iranians, think all religions can be good things, if they care about Truth, Logic, Tolerance, kindness, love, sympathy, humanity and other Iranian values (ie human values). But if any religion or any ideology defends Genocide, Sadism, Racism, Barbarity, Injustice, Slavery, Intolerance, the Logic of Sword and other barbarous things, it’s definitely a Satanic Religion or a Satanic Ideology. Iranians and all good guys know that those who kill children or critics, those who incite genocide, and those who defend Racism, Sadism and the Logic of Sword are the sons of Satan. But Barbarians tell bad jokes. Barbarians have nukes and threaten Iran and others with nukes and genocide, but at the same time, they say Iran, the Cradle of Culture and Civilization, should not have nukes. Barbarians are bad jokes. Barbarians worship Satan, but call themselves ‘Men of God’ or Moral people. ISIL, Islamists and all barbarians and religious fanatics follow the Satanic-Barbarian traditions. But any sane person knows that if you think all people are slaves of you and your god, and you should impose your own beliefs on all people -and if people reject your beliefs, you should violently kill them all because it’s what your god wants- then you are a brainless barbarian, and your god is Satan. Only the sons of Satan can defend Genocide, Racism, Sadism, Barbarity and the Logic of Sword. Only the Evil (Satan) can say: If a city refuses to obey me or to worship me, kill everyone in it and burn it’. Only the Evil (Satan) can commit Genocide and kill children and average people”.

For more information:

[1] “A Book of Blood” and “More Jews/ Christians Defending Genocide”, two articles by Adam Lee, 2011
[2] “Facing Up to the Bibles Darkness”, by Adam Lee, March 2013 [3] Some articles by anonymous American authors: “The Darker Side Of Biblical God” [in], “Brutal Jewish God of War”, “Top 10 worst Bible passages” [in Telegraph], “The Bible and violence” [in Wikipedia]
[4] Some articles by anonymous Western authors: “What the Bible says about Genocide”, “Secrets of the Bible: Thou Shalt Commit Genocide”, “Biblical Genocide and Murder”
[5] Check our archive page for : “True Face: US Christian Fanatics teach Genocide”, “Iranian Mindset: God, Deep Humanity, Tolerance”, “Zionists (Jewish Mullahs) Pray for Annihilation of Iran”, “AhmadiNejad is a Jew, Holocaust Denier is a Spy?”, “New Monkey Species found in the West”, ‘Ancient Iran: Persian Legacy (Xenophon)’, ‘Satanism, Religion, Islamists and their Great Satan’, “The Barbarian West: Incite Genocide, Nuke Iran!”, “Jewish Fanatics, Jewish Theocracy”, etc

Western Insanity: Corrupt Media, Corrupt Scientists

August 22, 2014

“the 2014 Fields Medal showed the world: (1) the potential of Iran’s brains and the insanity of the West’s Anti-Iran propaganda (2) the true colors of the Mullah regime, which is the worst Puppet Regime and the worst Anti-Iranian Regime in Iran’s history. Now the West and its puppets (Mullahs, Lefts, Zionists, ISIL savage Arabs etc) suffer from the Mad Cow Disease and terrible insanity. Just look what the Anti-Iran Mullah TV, the UK media, the Anti-Iran Mullah Parliament, Zionists, Basijis, DAESH (ISIL) and savage Arabs/ Jews/ Britons do and say in this year (2014). The sons of Satan and sworn enemies of Iran have badly confused. Now Islamist Barbarians, from DAESH (ISIL) and Basijis to MEK and Mullahs, clearly show that Islamic Insanity is a combination of Arab/ Jewish Insanity and Western Insanity. In fact, Islamist Barbarism is nothing but a combination of Arab/ Jewish Barbarism and English Barbarism. The sons of the West and savage Islamists like DAESH (ISIL) reveal many things. The West’s Evil Empire is suffering from the Mad Cow Disease, and nearing the End”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Now it’s clear who help Islamic Barbarians (DAESH, Basijis etc). Now it’s clear who is behind Mullahs and savage Islamists. Just look how the West censors news, and how the West tells big lies. They even censor what their Mullah media say. Now even the Mullah media talk about Anti-Iranian policies, Islamist Barbarity, or Terrible Corruption (Bokhor Bokhor) in the Mullah regime. But the West censors everything. They even censor the farcical story of ‘Mullah parliament and Mullah Science minister’, which was a complete farce from start to finish, and if the West and the media didn’t censor this farce, the world could see the true colors of this Anti-Iranian Islamist regime. But the West is behind Islamists. Now the Mullah parliament, which is a Masonic/ English cesspool of anti-Iranian whores, openly say: ‘Only Basijis and Islamists (ie whores and retards) should go to Iran’s universities. Iran’s people and Iran’s brains have no right to go to universities. Our professors and our teachers should be Islamists and Basijis. Iranian people, Iranian brains, critics and protesters have no right to enjoy the basic rights, including the right to educate and the right to go to university’ ! It’s what Mullah MPs say. But the West censor such facts, because the West is the main Arbab (master) and the main supporter of Mullahs. The West censors all things that show you why the 97% of Iranians hate Islamists, and why Islamists are the sons of Satan and puppets of the West – who just try to serve the West’s interests, and to hurt Iran and Iranians”. In these days, many things are ridiculous, but very informative. As some wise Iranians say: “In Iran, people know why Basij-i is DAESH-i. Mullahs and DAESH (ISIL) use the same methods, and have the same Arbab. Mullahs still send terrible noise and parasite, slow down the terrible internet speed, and increase the terrible Filtering & Censorship. Now Rouhani’s ITC minister openly defends Islamic Censorship, Islamic Fascism, Islamic Oppression and Islamic Internet, and says it’s one of Rouhani’s strategic plan! Now the 97% of Iranians laugh and spit at Rouhani and his Anti-Iran cabinet. Now even the stupid Mullah media laugh at Rouhani and his ITC minister. But the West and English barbarians censor all facts and all news. In the West, Journalism means Prostitution, and journalists are Big Brother’s whores. Just look what English Barbarians and their Satanic media do and say. They censor + 90% of Iran’s news. They even censor what their own Mullah media say about Terrible Corruption (Bokhor Bokhor) in their Mullah regime. This level of Censorship is a clear sign of insanity. The UK and the Ministry of Truth have badly confused”. They also add: “British Barbarity and Western insanity are at the root of many problems. British Colonialism was the worst Barbarous Colonialism in history. Mullahs were the sons of British Colonialism. Mullahs are puppets of the West, and the Mullah Evil Firewall is a western product. The UK, the EU and the US are behind ISIL, savage Arabs/ Jews, MEK and Mullahs. The West aids Mullahs and other brutal dictators to hurt people. After 2009, and after Snow-den, no one can deny that the West is Orwellian. Now even idiots talk about mass spying, mass surveillance, or Orwellian programs in the West. Now, in 2014, the West’s mathematicians say: ‘our Mathematicians Should Refuse to Work For The NSA [!] .. our mathematical societies can stop publishing their job adverts, refuse their money, or even expel members who work for Big Brother .. We should acknowledge that these choices are ours to make. If we do not like what Big Brother is doing, we should not cooperate’ ! As their media reports: ‘They call on the West’s mathematicians to boycott working for the NS-A, which is the largest employer of mathematicians [!] .. working for the N-SA (and working for GC-HQ) should become ‘socially unacceptable’ in the same way that working for the KGB became unacceptable’ ! (2014) Think about it. The West’s whores are bad jokes. In 2014, whores like NSA mathematician Alexander Beilinson of the University of Chicago openly propose that the American Mathematical Society sever all ties with the NS-A!”. We have already written about the Wests Cancer of Corruption and the West’s scientists (check Archive for [1]: ‘Biggest Scandal in History of Science & Technology’, ‘Corrupted Science, or Why is The West Bankrupt?’ etc) But unfortunately, many still don’t care about real problems. As some wise Iranians say: ‘the UK and the US are corrupting Science [1] In 2014, T Hales, a mathematicians at the University of Pittsburgh, says: ‘many mathematicians work for the NS-A. Theyre involved in facial recognition development and big data aspects of mass surveillance. If Privacy disappears from the face of the Earth, mathematicians will be some of the primary culprits‘ (2014) Now, for the first time in history, mathematicians work for Satan. In fact, Barbarians and the Land of Barbarians (ie the West) have polluted everything, even math and mathematicians”.

As some wise Iranians say: “the Wests Cancer of Corruption and the Western Insanity are like the Mullah Cancer of Corruption and the Mullah insanity. The West and it’s puppets (Mullahs, lefts etc) are the same shit. The story of the Anti-Iran Mullah Parliament and Rouhani’s Science minister is very informative, but the West censors it. Mullah Science minister is a Basiji faggot and an Islamist pig, but he lived in Canada!, and now he wants to return to Canada. But the West censors such facts. The UK and the West love Mullahs. Basijis and Islamists are the sons of the West. They hurt Iran’s people, and help Iran’s enemies. For instance, Mullah MPs say: ‘An Iranian professor sent an Email that praised Iran but criticized Mullahs. He was expelled from university, but it’s not enough .. Iranian students should become Setareh-dar (deprived of education/ deprived of basic rights) .. Iranian students should not be allowed to go to universities .. only Islamists and Basijis (ie non-Iranian pigs) should be allowed to become university students and professors … Mullah Gestapo should control all universities .. Mullah Gestapo has the right to deprive Iran’s brains and Iran’s students from basic rights, including the right to educate, the right to speak, the right to do research, the right to have job etc .. We, Islamists, are (savage fascists); we created the Fascist Cultural Revolution in 1980, because we wanted to serve (the West’s interests and to hurt) Iran and Iranians. But we could not stop (Iran’s people). Now Iranians are hurting our (Big Brother). It’s a bad thing. Iran’s people and Iran’s brains should not be able to protest against (Big Brother) and to make Iran (a world power) again. We should keep Iran (weak, dependent, and under tyranny). It’s what (Big Brother) wants. We should obey (Big Brother) orders. We should expel (Iran’s brains and Iran’s talents) from universities. We should not allow (Iranian people) to decide about their own country and their own future .. We, Islamists, are the sons of (Arbab) .. the UK and the US are our (Arbab/ master)’. It’s exactly what Mullah MPs say. But the West censors such important facts, because the West wants to hide this fact that Mullahs and Islamists are the world’s worse anti-Iranian pigs”. They also add: “Islamists are brainless animals. Now Islamists badly suffer from the Mad Cow Disease and terrible Confusion (Goh Gijeh). But now Iranian people put comments at the Mullah media, and say: ‘In the Mullah regime, Iran’s brain become Setareh-dar (deprived of basic rights). But outside Iran, when they get rid of this fucking Islamist Regime, Iran’s brains became Setareh (stars), the stars of Science .. Hey Basiji faggots, Sharif students leave Iran because of you, Islamist pigs .. Hey Islamist pigs leave our country, and return to your Arab shithole .. Islamists are savage Arabs; they have occupied our Iran with the help of the West; ISIL and (Mullahs) are the same shit, and have the same Arbab’. The West censors all facts. But in 2014, Iran’s people say many good things like: “the Mullah Parliament is a ‘Majles Farmayeshi’ or a Masonic Majles like the Pahlavi Parliament .. the 97% of Iran’s people and Iran’s university students hate all Rouhanis and all Islamists .. Mullah MPs are Darbari (regime’s stooges) or Englisi (English stooges); they are followers of English Islam .. All Islamists are followers of Jewish Islam and the Jewish God of Barbarity (ie Satan) .. Just look what the anti-Iran Mullah MPs like NoBabeh say; Basiji faggots like NoBabeh are NoKiseh (parvenu), Neo-DAESHi and NoKare Ajaneb (puppets of Jewish CIA, UK etc) .. the Mullah regime is an English regime; their Parliament is English; their cabinet is English; their Mullah king is English (Majles Englisi, Vazir Englisi, Vakil Englisi, Vali Englisi etc) .. Akhund-e Englisi (English Mullah) is worse than Qajar & Pahlavi .. All Islamists are the same shit; and We, Iranians, say to Islamists: if your God allows you to kill children, to torture people, to steal people’s money, to censor people’s voice, to tell big lies and to violate people’s rights, then your God is Satan; Your Jewish God is Satan .. But if your God doesn’t allow you to do such evil acts, then you are the hypocritical sons of Satan; your evil acts are Satan’s acts’. Iranian people are really wise and smart people. They hate all Islamists and all bad guys. But Mullahs just remind you of Alam’s memories. In his memories, Alam, the Shah’s right-hand man, said the Pahlavi regime is a very corrupt regime, and the Shah’s men are a bunch of Corrupt Anti-Iranian pigs. In his memories, Alam refers to all the Shah’s men as ‘Lash-Khoran Hakem’ (corrupt vultures who rule Iran), and clearly says: ‘We rule Iran like foreigners; we act like foreign invaders who have occupied Iran; we don’t care about Iran or Iranians. Iran’s people are great people; Iran’s people are very good and great people. But we, their rulers, are corrupt pigs and Afsad Al-Nas (the most corrupt people). I even hate myself; we are (puppets of) the West, and hurt Iranians; it’s obvious why Iranians hate us, and see us as foreigners (Ajnabi)’. It’s what Alam says in the 1970s. But now Mullahs are ‘the worst corrupt vultures’, who rule Iran like the worst foreigners. Mullahs act like the worst foreign invaders who have occupied our Iran. Mullahs are the worst Ajnabi. The Mullah regime, like the Shah regime, is full of foreigners and freemasons. Just look at their Mullah Parliament. The Mullah parliament is an anti-Iranian cesspool that just cares about the Fucking Gaza or Savage Arabs, not about Iran’s people, Iran’s children, people’s health, people’s pains and people’s problems in Iran. The Mullah parliament is a Masonic/ English cesspool of anti-Iranian pigs who openly try to help their Zionist IMF and their English Arbab (master), to create a baby boom amid the water crisis or Economic War, to hurt Iran’s brains, Iran’s students, or Iran’s children. What English Mullahs do are clear signs of inherent lunacy. It’s sheer lunacy to act like ISIL. But Islamists have small brains, and just copy from their Arbab (master). Mullah Madness or Islamist Insanity is just a copy of Western Insanity and Jewish-British Barbarity”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Western Censorship is unbelievable. Now even the Mullah media and the Mullah Oil Minister talk about Bokhor Bokhor (Terrible corruption, stealing, looting, plundering etc) in the Mullah regime. They say: ‘Terrible Corruptions and Embezzlements turned Islamists/ Basijis into billionaires almost overnight’ ! They even say: ‘Iranian people are fed up with injustice, corruption, censorship, tyranny etc’. But the West and the Left censor all facts and all news. Islamists are the symbol of Corruption, but the left and lefty pigs like Noam Chomsky defend Islamists, injustice, barbarity and corruption. In Iran, our people sarcastically say: ‘oh, yah, their Islamic Justice is really great; their Islamic Justice means terrible injustice, terrible corruption, embezzlement, terrible censorship, stealing people’s money, killing people, violating people’s rights, telling big lies etc’. But the West and the Left love Islamists. Now the Mullah media reports: ‘(the fucking Mullah) Health Ministry and Mullah FDA say: we will never announce the names of those companies or officials who endangering public health by adding the industrial oil to the milk; we will not betray companies’ ! (Aug 2014) But the West and the Left censor such big news. Now Iranian people curse all Mullahs, use F-words a lot, and force the Mullah media to confess: ‘Social conditions are ripe for an Explosion‘ ! In fact, even idiots know that Big Bang is near. But the West and Left censor all facts and all news. The stupid West still lives in the 1970s, or in the 19th century. They think all people are blind. But in Iran and many other countries, average people openly say: ‘The West is behind ISIL and all savage Islamists (including Mullahs and Basijis)’. The West is so stupid. Now the USA is becoming a fascist country. But many Americans are blind, stupid and uncultured, and say: ‘Hurting and exploiting non-Westerners is not a bad thing’ ! They even don’t know that the fruits of such evil things are Nazism and Fascism. The US unrest in Ferguson shows that the West betrays its own people, as Nazis and Fascists betrayed their own people. But the West’s pigs still say: ‘We love our people, and we just hurt other people. We love our own nation; we just hurt other nations. Long live our own people’ ! But it’s exactly what Nazis, Fascists and British pigs said and say. It’s not a new thing. The main victims of the Fascist state and Big Brother’s society are those people who cheer Big Brother, and praise Fascism”. They also add: “the stupid Americans defend the NS-A, and say: ‘they routinely receives routers, servers and other computer network devices being exported from the US[!] They then implants spying tools, and repackages the devices with a factory seal [!] .. NS-A is a force of good, because it hurts other nations’ ! (2014) But the fruits of such evil crap are Nazism, Fascism, Animal Farm and imminent Downfall. Now even their experts and scientists are corrupt idiots. As the West’s good guys says: ‘the sponsors of the School Nutrition Association’s annual conference are junk-food companies included PepsiCo and McDonald’s! No wonder Americans are overweight and diabetic’ (2014) They even add: ‘our universities and our think tanks are sponsored by Big Brothers. Do really we hope that they tell us the real science?!’. In the West, intellects and scientists are ‘Sandis Khor’ (whores etc). They sell themselves and their honor for a fistful of dollars. But they are often hypocritical whores. They get money from Big Brother, but say money is evil. They call themselves ‘freedom-fighters’, ‘free software activists’ etc and say: good guys hate money; good guys should suffer from poverty! These stupid bastards actually ask people to become slaves of basic needs and slaves of Arbabs (ie those who have money). They say money is evil, while any sane person knows Money is not evil, being slave of money is evil. Food or Sex is not evil, being slave of sex/ food/ etc is evil. But the West’s charlatans talk/ act like AhmadiNejad (AN) and other Jewish-Islamist pigs. They are the sons of Satan and the world’s most corrupt people, but they shed crocodile tears for God, people, justice or morality. If you want to know these pigs better, you can think about ISIL and ISIL’s barbarity, or about the terrible corruption and all evil acts in the AN’s era. The West’s jerks are like or worse than AN and ISIL. They shed crocodile tears for Simin Behbahani’s death or Robin Williams Suicide, but they kill and torture innocent people. They talk about a wave of suicide in Hollywood, while they lie at the root of the West’s Cancer of Corruption”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Many know that the West just tries to turn people into whores and sheeple. But many don’t know the West’s Barbarian Culture. The West is the ancient land of Barbarians (for more info, check Archive). They are still uncultured. The West’s barbarian culture says money and power are the most important things, and you can act like barbarians, racists, sadists and fascists, if you want to reach money and power. Of course many truly say: corruption, corrupt government or corrupt politicians are old and global problems. It’s true. But for the first time in history, mathematics and sciences have been corrupted by the West. It’s a new thing. The systemic corruption in science and math is a new thing. It’s a Western thing. The Ministry of Truth, Orwellian society and many other evil things are Western things. In 2014, the US good guys talk about ‘the School Nutrition Association’, and say: ‘the School Nutrition Association has asked Congress to lift the rule that students must take fruits and vegetables on the lunch line; their sponsors are Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestlé etc .. they (tell us): you can trust the government! you can trust Companies! you can trust media! you can trust Big Brother! .. the International Food Information Council -whose supporters include Coca-Cola, Yum, Kraft, and McDonalds – presented a discussion in which the panelists assured audience members that genetically modified foods were safe and environmentally sustainable! They (say such things), and McDonalds give them free foods’ ! In fact, the West is full of ‘Sandis Khor’. Even their scientists and university students are Sandis Khor. ‘Sandis Khor’ (as a Persian slang) is someone who sells her/ his soul for a pizza, a soda, a free food or a fistful of dollars. But in the West, even their scientists and intellects are Sandis Khor. It’s shocking. But it’s not the whole story. In Canada’s universities and US universities, many students are Sandis Khor. They attend seminars, conferences, panels, rallies, protest shows etc mainly because of free foods and freebies. In North America, they silence university students and serious protests with giving them free foods and freebies. Yah, it’s really shocking. But you should ask: Why they turn students into ‘Sandis Khor’? Why their students become ‘Sandis Khor’? Why Western students sell their souls for free foods, free staples or money? […] The West’s culture is not like Iran’s culture. In the West’s culture, they just care about money and power, and hypocrisy. The West’s culture asks them to become corrupt and hypocritical pigs. They worship money, but they say: ‘money is evil’; they work for Big Brothers, but they are founders or developers of Tor Project, OpenSSL, FireFox, free software, open source, Anti-Filtering tools, Anti-Tracking tools etc. In 2014, the West’s good guys say: ‘UK and USA are making college expensive .. Big companies are starting to run schools .. In prior decades US students were a major force for social change. They played an active role in the Civil Rights movement, and the Free Speech movement. But todays students dont want to make a ruckus. Theyre laden with debt. Since 1999, student debt has increased more than 500%. They buried students under so much debt. They made most Americans (slaves of money) (2014) Now even their own media says: The Land Of The Free is now A Nation Of Sheep, Wolves, Pigs and Sluts (Forbes) But they say nothing about their intellectual whores, their Barbarian culture, their Barbarian history, or their Barbarian values. They don’t care about the root of problems. In 2014, their media says: ‘UK minister wants more surveillance .. UK asks for laws to increase mass surveillance .. UK forces ISPs to keep user data .. UK continues forcing ISPs to keep data about their users’ contacts .. Canada ordered Google to remove particular websites from its search results .. Germany and Denmark let the NSA run taps on cables .. UK court decision allowing blanket surveillance of social media includes even private messages and data To protect British people’ ! It’s what their own corrupt media says. It’s just 1% of the truths. But they still live in a stupid imaginary world, in which Barbarians are moral people, and the Barbarian West is a force of Good. They talk about the mass poisoning [1], and say: the Food industry is poisoning people, but the FDA says nothing’ [1] Their FDA is like the Mullah FDA. But it’s funny that many of them still deny the West’s Cancer of Corruption, and say: ‘No, this level of corruption belongs to third world countries and backward nations; we are not a third world country’ ! But in the real world, the West is worse than all third world countries and backward nations. The West is Orwellian, and Barbarian. The West was the land of Barbarians. But now they say Barbarians were modern people. Yah, Barbarians shaped today’s world, which is a shitty world with a lot of Orwellian problems. But Iranians and other good & civilized people shaped and created good things like culture, arts, sciences, human values, progress etc. Barbarians just tried to create evil problems, and to pollute and poison all good things. Now even the West’s good guys say: ‘Evil things do not last forever. Today seems like the calm before the Revolution. Now many websites like [2]: talk about the systematic corruption of science, the misuse and distortion of science and other evil acts in the West. They say, for instance: ‘Companies provide fake research services for industry. Science-for-sale entrepreneurship has become rife in America’ [2] They talk about ‘Corporate takeover of Science’ [2], but they know that the Evil Empire is nearing the End. They know that Cancer of Corruption is Seed of Destruction [1]”.

Iranian Woman Makes History: Math Nobel Prize

August 16, 2014

“The Fields Medal is the highest honour a mathematician can attain. Now, for the first time in history, a woman wins the Fields Medal prize. The first female winner of the Fields Medal -aka the Nobel prize for mathematics- is Iranian. Maryam Mirzakhani is the world’s first woman who wins the most prestigious prize in mathematics. A woman, an Iranian woman, Maryam Mirzakhani, wins the Math Nobel prize for the first time in history, but Mullahs and their Mullah TV (ie Satan TV) don’t care about such historic events. Mullahs and Islamists are savage Arabs, sick pigs (Bimar) and stupid psychos (Ravani). They hurt Iranians, censor the voices of Iranians, and just care about the fucking Gaza, savage Arabs and Jewish Islamists. Mullahs and Basjis are worse than DAESH (ISIL) and Taliban. Mullahs and Islamists are animals, not humans. They use DAESH methods and Jewish methods. Mullahs and Islamists are not Iranians. If you don’t live in Iran and cannot see the true colors of Islamists, you can take a look at the Jewish fanatics, the West’s religious fanatics, or the West’s history. Now in Iraq, Syria and other countries Islamists commit barbaric crimes, Jewish Genocide and other Satanic-Medieval acts, because Islamists are the followers of the Jewish-Western barbarian-medieval traditions. These years show that all Islamists are Sadists, Satanists and Savage animals. All Islamists are the sons of Satan and sworn enemies of Iran”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, everything has been polluted with dirty politics. As some wise Iranians say: “Now even foods, milk, air, arts, sciences and maths have been polluted by politicians, Islamists and other psychos and sadists. Now an Iranian woman makes history and becomes the first female winner of the most prestigious prize in math, but Mullahs censor such big news. Now Mullahs hurt Iran’s people, and help Arabs and Iran’s enemies. Now all Iranians curse Mullahs and Islamic industries because Mullahs use whores and retards to manage their fucking industries. Now more than 50 Iranians (women and children) are killed by Mullahs in an air crash. But the Mullah TV just cares the Fucking Gaza and savage Arabs. Mullahs are Arabs, and think Arab blood or Arab children are more important than Iranian blood or Iranian children. The Mullah TV is nothing but Arab TV or Anti-Iran TV. Now the Mullah TV, ie the Satan TV, clearly proves that Mullahs are the most anti-Iranian people in the world. But the West and English Barbarians, ie the main Arbab (master) and the main supporter of Mullahs, censor all facts and all news. Now even idiots can see that the West is behind DAESH (ISIL), Taliban, Mullahs and all savage Islamists. Now it’s clear that the West loves Mullahs and Islamists because Mullahs and Islamists are the world’s worst anti-Iranian pigs“. They also add: “In these days, Mullahs send terrible noise and parasite, slow down the internet speed, and increase Filtering & Censorship. Now the West and its puppets (Mullahs, lefts etc) censor news, and create media circus. But Iranian people just spit & laugh at the Mullah media circus and the West’s media circus. Now Iranian people use F-words a lot. Now cursing Mullahs and saying Fuck Rouhanis, Fuck Gaza, Fuck Islamists and Fuck all Barbarians including Zionists, UK, Islamic Barbarians etc have become part of the daily life in Iran”. In these days, idiots care about the media circus over Gaza and ISIL, but Iranians and good guys care about real news and real problems. As some wise Iranians say: “the media circus over Gaza or ISIL is so disgusting. Now Islamists, Marxists, killers, rapists, racists and sadists have become defenders of children, women and moral values. It’s laughable, and disgusting. Now the Western Censorship and the important stories of Islamic Censorship, Islamic Lies, Islamic Oppression, Islamic Tyranny, Islamic Corruption and all Islamic Pollutions can show you that all Islamists are Satanists, Sadists and Savage beasts. Islamists hate Truth, Logic, Humanity and other Iranian values (ie human values). Now the world’s first woman wins the most prestigious prize in mathematics. This women is an Iranian woman. But Mullahs and Basijis are dying from jealousy and confusion, because Mullahs and Basijis are Arabs/ Jews, not Iranians. The Anti-Iran Mullah TV (ie Satan TV) is a Jewish/ Arab TV. They just care about the anti-Iran Arabs/ Jews. Now even idiots say: How Mullahs and Islamists should prove that they are anti-Iranian pigs? How Mullahs and Islamists should prove that they are Ajnabi (Arabs/ Jews etc) or Mozdoor-e Ajnabi (puppets of Iran’s enemies)? Mullahs don’t care about Iran’s children, or about the symbols of ‘Yes We Can’ and national pride in Iran, because Mullahs are Ajnabi or Mozdoor-e Ajnabi. Mullahs and their savage Brothers (ISIL/ DAESH/ Zionists etc) hate Persia, Persian people, and Persian values. Mullahs and all Islamists only love Barbarism, Sadism, Tyranny, Oppression, Lying, Stealing, Filtering, Censorship and other Satanic things. Only Satan and savage people, including the Savage West, can love or defend Islamists and other barbarians”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Iran’s people are angry, and they should be angry. An Iranian woman is the first female mathematician in history that wins the Math Nobel Prize. But just look what Mullahs and the Mullah TV (ie Satan TV) do and say. The Mullah TV is (ie Satan TV) is Anti-Persia and Anti-Iranian. Mullahs and Islamists are psychos and sadists. They openly defend Anti-Iran Arabs, and praise Iran’s enemies. Mullahs and their Fucking Gaza and their Savage Brothers (ISIL, Zionists, UK etc) are bad jokes. When Mullahs, Islamists, DAESH, Basiji, sadists, rapists, killers, psychos and barbarians shed crocodile tears for children and women, it just makes people laugh. When Mullahs, Islamists and other sadists, psychos and barbarians censor the voice of people, tell many big lies, commit many evil acts, and defend Barbarism, Racism, Sadism and Censorship, sane people and normal humans cannot close their eyes. Iranian people and all normal humans can only hate sadists and barbarians like Islamists and Zionists. Now the terrible noise and parasite, the terrible Filtering, the terrible Censorship, and the terrible internet speed in Iran clearly show that Mullahs, like Zionists, love DAESH (ISIL) and DEASH methods. But what’s the use of hurting Iranians and using DAESH methods? What was the result of such Jewish-English-Satanic acts in the 1980s? The current large army of wise and smart Iranians were little children in the 1980s. Mirzakhani was one of these Iranian children in the 1980s. But even in that dark and medieval decade, Islamists and their Arbabs (masters) could not succeed. Their Jewish-English-Satanic acts just backfired, and now the large army of wise, smart and educated Iranians are among the world’s smartest and wisest people. Mirzakhani is just the tip of the ice berg. Mirzakhani is just a symbol of Iran’s Golden Generations, who learned a lot from their pain and suffering. These years proved that today’s Iranians are really wiser and smarter than their western counterparts. Now Iran’s Golden Generations are knowing and thinking about global problems, real problems and real solutions, and it will change the world. Now Iranians want to topple the Big Brother’s Evil Empire, because this Evil Empire is behind most pains and problems in Iran and the world. Now it’s clear that Mullahs are not important at all. Their Arbab (master), ie the Big Brother, is the main problem. Islamists and Basijis are Kodan (ultra-stupid pigs) and Pakhmeh (brainless idiots). Iran’s people know Islamists well. In Iran, people know who is Nokhbeh (elite, exceptional talent), and who is Pakhmeh (brainless idiot). Nokhbeh has high IQ, and first and foremost hates pigs like Mullahs and Islamists. But Pakhmeh has low IQ, loves Islamists or fanatics, and doesn’t care about Truth, Logic, Humanity, Tolerance and other Iranian values. Iran is the Land of Aryans, the Land of Nokhbegan (elites, exceptional talents). But the Mullah regime is the Regime of Pakhmegan (brainless idiots). In Iran, we have many Navabegh (Genius). But the Islamist Regime is the Regime of Navabigh (stupid retards). The difference between Navabegh and Navabigh is like the difference between Iran’s people and Iran’s regime. Now Iran’s people are among the world’s wisest and smartest men and women. But Iran’s regime is one of the world’s stupidest regimes, because it’s what the West wants. The West creates and uses the world’s stupidest regimes and the world’s worst puppet regimes like the Mullah regime and the Pahlavi regime to hurt Iranians and to keep Iran weak. Basjis and Islamists, like Pahlavists, are Corrupt, Kodan (ultra-stupid pigs) and Pakhmeh (brainless idiots). The West uses them to hurt Iranians, to serve the West’s interests, and to keep Iran weak and unfree. Now all good guys, including good Arabs, good Jews and good Westerners, can see how Islamists work for the West, and how Islamists serve the West’s interests. Islamists and Basijis are bad retards. They love fake things, including fake universities degrees, fake gestures and fake titles. In Iran’s universities, Islamists and Basijis are called Sahmieh-ie (Quota guys). Iran’s prestigious universities have high admissions standards. Only top students can gain admission to Iran’s prestigious universities. But Basijis and Islamists enjoy a ‘special privilege’ or ‘special admission’ known as ‘Quota’ (Sahmieh). In fact, Mullahs force Iran’s prestigious universities to admit a special number of Basijis and Islamists, aka Kodan-ha (ultra-stupid pigs) and Pakhmeh-ha (brainless idiots). Mullahs use these retards to fuck and control Iran’s universities. In Iran, Basijis and Islamists are known as Sahmieh-ie (Quota guys), because Mullahs have imposed them and their quota on universities. In Iran’s prestigious universities, all students can see that Basijis and Islamists are Kodan and Pakhmeh. But Mullahs use these Basijis and Islamists, ie Kodan-ha and Pakhmeh-ha, as managers, ministers and decision-makers in the Mullah system. Mullahs refer to these retards as ‘experts’, ‘Nokhbeh’, doctors etc. But as our people say, if Sahmieh-ie, Basiji and Islamist (ie Kodan-ha & Pakhmeh-ha) are ‘experts’ and ‘Nokhbeh’, then animals are professors, monkeys are scientists, and cows are Albert Einstein! Mullahs say Pakhmeh is Nokhbeh or ‘Brainless Idiots are exceptional talents’, and it’s not a joke. In the Mullah regime, Kodan-ha and Pakhmeh-ha control everything, from economy to industries. Iran’s brains and the large army of wise, smart and educated Iranians are systematically suppressed, because it’s what the Big Brother wants, and Mullahs just try to obey the Big Brother and to keep Iran weak and dependent. Almost all Iranians are aware of this issue. Iranians know why English Mullahs love Kodan-ha, Pakhmeh-ha, whores and ass-lickers, and why English Rouhanis hate Iran’s brains and Iran’s exceptional talents, including Mirzakhani and many many other Iranians”.


As some Iranians say: “Mullahs still try to hurt Iran’s people. Sometimes Mullahs send terrible noise & parasite, block all Internet ports and protocols, and slow down the internet speed in a way that the Internet seems totally disconnected to Iranians“. In these days, we wanted to write about Maryam Mirzakhani, to use her pictures, and to focus on her and her historic success. But the Mullah evil acts and the terrible filtering and censorship changed our minds. Now we recommend that you google Maryam Mirzakhani, and read more about her, her life and her works. But here lets focus on other issues. As some wise Iranians say: “Mirzakhani has become a symbol of ‘Yes We Can’ and national pride in Iran. But Mullahs are enemies of Iran, and a symbol of English Colonialism and Anti-Iranian policies. Mirzakhani is a member of Iran’s Golden Generations. In the 1980s, the Golden Generations of Iranians didn’t exist, or they were little kids. In the 1980s, Satan was trying to hurt Iranians and to hit them with war, sadism, medieval tyranny, baby boom and many other evil acts. But Satan’s evil acts backfired, led to the birth of Iran’s Golden Generations, and made Iranians wiser and stronger. Iran’s Golden Generations had good teachers. Their teachers were a few wise Iranians, and a lot of pains, sufferings and problems – Mullah-made problems and Western-made problems. In the 1980s and 1990s, most of the Iranian children lived like Mirzakhani. They didn’t live in luxury. They didn’t live like American children or European children. But they became self-educated and self-made men and women; and now they are among the world’s smartest and wisest men and women. Iran’s Golden Generations have already shocked the Evil Empire. They created the 2009 Anti-Mullah movement, one of the most modern and progressive movements in history. They changed Iran for ever, and now they are changing the world. Now an Iranian woman is the world’s first female winner of the Math Nobel Prize, because Iranian men and women are pioneers in many fields. Now Iranian women and men are among the world’s greatest thinkers, philosophers, scientists, engineers, intellects etc. Now the West is bankrupt, but Persia is on the rise. Now the West’s top intellectuals are stupid pigs like Chomsky. Now the West is morally and intellectually bankrupt, and as Snow-den showed, even Western scientists and intellects are stupid slaves of money and power. Yah, the West has many good guys and good scientists. But in the West, whores, idiots and bad guys are decision-makers and control many things. The West and its stooges (Mullahs etc) are the same shit. The West and Mullahs help each other. The West asks Mullahs to hurt Iran’s people, and to not allow Iran’s brains to solve Iran’s problems, or to make Iran a superpower again. Mullahs and Islamists, ie Kodan-ha (ultra-stupid pigs), Pakhmeh-ha (brainless idiots) and Barbar-ha (barbarians), just obey the West’s orders, hurt Iran’s people and Iran’s brains, and create the so-called Brain Drain. It’s the Mullah mission. It’s what the West wants. Iran has many brains and wise guys, but only retards, ass-lickers and brainless idiots are allowed to manage Iran. The Mullah Parliament and the Mullah Government (AN-Rohani’s cabinet) are Anti-Iranian cesspools, in which Basijis and Islamists, ie retards, whores and non-Iranians decide about Iran, Iran’s universities, Iran’s industries, Iran’s progress, Iran’s economy etc. The Mullah Parliament is a disgusting cesspool of anti-Iranian spies and stooges who just help Iran’s enemies and hurt Iran’s people. In the Mullah Regime, Kodan-ha, Pakhmeh-ha, Dozd-ha (crooks), Khayemal-ha (ass-lickers), spies, whores and non-Iranian pigs are decision-makers, and decide about all aspects of life in Iran. So, it’s obvious why Iran’s exceptional talents and Iran’s brains prefer to leave Iran. But it’s not the whole story. In these years, the West openly refers to our brains and our exceptional talents as their own brains and their own talents. It’s laughable and unbelievable, but now in 2014, the Western media has headlines like ‘Iran’s Brain Drain Is the West’s Gain‘ !! In fact, if you ask yourself: why they hurt Iranians, and what’s the West’s gain? they show you part of the answer: Iran’s Brain Drain is the West’s Gain! They happily say: ‘During the past two years, at least 50% of top-performing students with undergraduate degrees in science and engineering left Iran .. Each year about 100,000 Iranian brains leave Iran’. They openly talk about: ‘the exit of Irans brightest minds, and say: ‘It’s the West’s gain’ ! Yah, it’s shocking and unbelievable. But after 2009, and after Snow-den, you can understand the West’s plans and the West’s wishes better. The West’s stooges, ie Kodan-ha, Pakhmeh-ha and Barbar-ha, hurt Iran’s people’s and Iran’s brightest minds, because it’s what the West wants. But the West and its stooges are big losers. For Iranians, inside Iran or outside Iran is not important. Iranians are not racists. Iranians see Immigration as a good thing. Iranians care about all good guys in all around the world. Iranians can live inside Iran or outside Iran, but all Iranians care about Iran, the birthplace of Culture and Human Values. The West’s stupid pigs think they are smart guys (Fekr mikonan Kheili Zerangan). They see our pain as their gain. But they are big losers. Iranians don’t think like the West’s pigs; but even if Iranians wanted to think like the West’s pigs, they would say: If we want to topple the West’s Evil Empire, we need millions of Iranians to live in the West; and now millions of Iranians live in the West! The West’s pigs are big losers. Now they pretend that Iranian/ Chinese/ Indian/ non-Western brains are their own brains, because they are badly bankrupt. Now their own scientists are slaves of money, power, N-SA and Big Brothers. Now their own scientists just remind you of films like ‘A Beautiful Mind’, in which Beautiful Minds work for the NS-A and the Evil Empire, and become ugly minds and sick minds. But real scientists care about truth and science, not money and politics. The West’s good guys and the West’s real scientists are like the good guys and the real scientists in Iran and the world. It’s an Iranian view. Iranians are not racists. Iranians think that Truth, humanity and human values are much more important than one race or one nation. It’s an Iranian view. Iranians care about all humans. But the West’s pigs are racists and sadists, and desperately try to hurt other people, and to keep other nations weak. The Western values are Barbarian values and Satanic things like Racism, Sadism, Utilitarianism, the Law of the Jungle, Power-worshiping, Money-worshiping, Devil-worshiping, Lying, Stealing, Inhumanity, Hypocrisy etc”.

As some wise Iranians say: “The 2014 Fields Medal is a historic event. A woman wins the most prestigious prize in mathematics for the first time in history. And this woman is an Iranian woman. Now you can compare the 2014 World Cup with the 2014 Fields Medal. As you know, Mullahs and Islamist pigs repeated the West’s crap during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and said: ‘this is Iran’s level; this is our level’ ! But the 2014 Fields Medal shows the real level of Iran, and now Iranians say to Mullahs, Islamist pigs and Western pigs: This is Iran’s level; this is our level“. They also add: “Now many talk about Mirzakhani and her works. As mathematicians say Mirzakhanis monumental work draws deep connections between topology, geometry and dynamical systems. Mirzakhani’s most important achievement is her work on dynamics, says McMullen of Harvard University. ‘Many natural problems in dynamics have no exact mathematical solution. But Mirzakhani found that dynamical systems evolving in ways the systems’ trajectories are tightly constrained to follow algebraic laws .. Mirzakhanis achievements combine superb problem-solving ability, ambitious mathematical vision and fluency in many disciplines, which is unusual in the modern era, when considerable specialization is often required to reach the frontier’, McMullen adds. Iran’s people and scientists actually combine Iranian traditions with modern things, and yah, it’s unusual in the West. But who cares about the stupid West. The real intellects care about truth and logic, not about the stupid West or what is usual or usual in the stupid West. Mirzakhani can remind you of many other Iranians. ‘Mirzakhani has a reputation among mathematicians for tackling the most difficult questions in her field with dogged persistence. She has a fearless ambition when it comes to math,’ says McMullen. As the media says: ‘Mirzakhani doesnt feel intimidated by mathematicians who knock down one problem after another. ‘I dont get easily disappointed; I don’t not give up easily ,’ she says’. But it’s an Iranian tradition. Iranians dont get easily disappointed; Iranians don’t not give up easily. Mirzakhani went to a famous high school – Farzanegan, one of the public high schools for Exceptional Talents in Iran. But you should not forget that Mirzakhani is just one of many many Exceptional Talents in Iran. Her education and self-education in Iran instilled in her an ambition to do something great with her life. As a teenager, Mirzakhani took part in international mathematics olympiads and won gold medals in 1994 and in 1995. As Mirzakhani says: ‘I went to Farzanegan, and had good teachers. I met my friend Roya Beheshti there .. It is invaluable to have a friend who shares your interests, and it helps you stay motivated’. Mirzakhani lived, thought and acted like many other Iranians. She went to Sharif University (in Tehran), and ‘met many inspiring mathematicians at Sharif University’. After earning her bachelor’s degree in 1999, she left Iran to work on her doctorate at Harvard University under the guidance of Fields Medalist Curt McMullen. She completed her PhD at Harvard in 2004. As her colleagues say: by borrowing principles from several fields, she has brought a new level of understanding to an area of mathematics called low dimensional topology. Mirzakhani’s earliest work involved solving the decades-old problem of calculating the volumes of moduli spaces of curves on Riemann surfaces. These objects are mostly theoretical, but real-world examples include amoebae and doughnuts’. In 2008, she became a professor of mathematics at Stanford, where she lives with her husband (Jan Vondrak) and her daughter (Anahita). As she says: Doing research is like being lost in a jungle and trying to use all the knowledge that you can gather to come up with some new tricks, and with some luck you might find a way out’. Mirzakhani can remind you of the Iranian school of thought. As McMullen says: ‘In 2006, she tackled the problem of what happens to a hyperbolic surface when its geometry is deformed using a mechanism akin to a strike-slip earthquake. Before Mirzakhanis work, this problem was completely unapproachable. But with a one-line proof, she constructed a bridge between this completely opaque theory and another theory thats completely transparent’. Mirzakhani has also worked on one of the largest open problems -about the behaviors of a ball that is bouncing around a billiard table. Billiards provides some of the simplest examples of dynamical systems -systems that evolve over time according to a given set of rules – but the behavior of the ball has proven unexpectedly hard to pin down. For about 100 years, mathematicians were thinking about this problem. They showed that understanding the ‘moduli space’ is the key to understanding billiards. And in 2012 and 2013, Mirzakhani and Eskin, and another Iranian (Amir Mohamadi) did ‘a titanic work’ in this field. This work is ‘the beginning of a new era, as many say”. They also add: “real scientists don’t care about money. They care about the truth and ‘the excitement of discovery and enjoyment of understanding something new’. As Mirzakhani says: ‘the most rewarding part is the ‘Aha’ moment, the excitement of discovery and enjoyment of understanding something new – the feeling of being on top of a hill and having a clear view’. Real scientists don’t care about money. The Fields Institute, based in Toronto, awards each winner only CAN $15,000! But it’s shameful that the West doesn’t care about real scientists, while a stupid footballer, a stupid porn start or an NSA scientist can earn millions of dollars. In the Orwellian world, idiots and whores are heroes and millionaires, but real scientists are called poor nerds […] Mirzakhani revealed the potential of Iran’s brains. She showed why Iranian people say: Yes We Can. Mirzakhani showed the world the real potential of the large army of young, wise, smart and educated Iranians. Now even idiots know that the bad guys will never be able to stop Iran’s people and Iran’s progress. Now the media says: Mirzakhani has learned to think big’. But most Iranians, Iran’s brains and Iran’s people, have learned to think big, and to not give up easily. It’s part of Iranian culture and Iranian traditions. Mirzakhani says many ‘Iranian things’ like: ‘I dont give up easily .. You have to ignore low-hanging fruit .. the barriers for girls who are interested in sciences is not lower now than they were when I grew up. Balancing career and family is still a big challenge .. Most of the time, doing research for me is like being on a long hike with no trail and no end in sight”.

Islamic Capitalism, Islamic Westernization

August 10, 2014

“Today’s World is Orwellian. They say censorship is freedom, barbarians are modern people, dictators are democrats, censors are freedom-fighters, the sons of Satan are the men of God, crooks are moral people, killers and rapists are defenders of women and children, racists and sadists are defenders of human rights, and Big Brother’s agents are journalists. You live in such an Orwellian world”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “the West is badly Orwellian. The West is A Lie Factory. The West censors all news. The West just cares about its own spies and stooges, and censors all facts and all news about Iran and the world. Now even the stupid Mullah media talks about Islamic Corruption and Capitalism. But the West censors all news. Now even Mullahs and their stupid Health Minister warned Iranian people against consuming milk and yogurt produced in Islamic companies. Now even the Mullah media reports: ‘the Mullah Health Minister said that dairy companies are using palm oil in milk, yogurt and other dairy products. The dangerous palm oil is being used in dairy products because of high profits for the Mullah companies’ ! (August 2014). This news has become a very big news in Iran. But the West censors such big news. The West is the Land of Censorship. The UK media like the Guardian, Economist, Telegraph, BBC etc are Big Brother’s agencies, not News agencies. The English media is A Lie Factory, and the English Lie Factory is much worse than the Nazi Lie Factory and the Stalin’s Lie Factory. Mullahs are puppets of England. Their teacher is England. When Mullahs want to learn about their Islamic Economy, Mullahs go to England to attend the IMF courses. The love story of ‘Mullahs and their Zionist IMF’ is so ridiculous. In August 2014, the IMF agents go to Iran and thank Mullahs for implementing the Zionist IMF plans and creating more poverty, more injustice, more corruption, and more economic problems in Iran. But the West censors all news, while the stupid Mullah media says to Rouhani: ‘your plans and your economic policies are nothing but the IMF plans; what Mullahs do is exactly like what the Zionist IMF dictates to its clients’ ! (Aug 2014) Now even Islamists say that their Eqtesade Moqaretabi is a copy of the Zionist IMF’s Plans, and their Mullah Economy is Islamic Capitalism. Now even the Mullah media talk about what the Mullah companies do to Natural Milk, and how Mullahs produce Fake and Poisonous Milk by using Capitalist formulas. What Mullah companies do is a copy of what US companies do. In the USA, experts warn people about ‘the misuse of palm oil by the dairy companies’ ! Palm oil is high in saturated fats. Palm oil is cheap, but dangerous to humans. But do you know which country is the main user of palm oil? the USA! Their food industry just cares about money, not people’s health. In these years, the good Americans say: ‘Palm Oil Needs to be Dropped From Baby Formula’ ! (2013) Capitalist pigs don’t care about people’s health, and as some American say, now ‘Palm Oil Is Everywhere’ ! (2013) As these American say: ‘I read the ingredients of every single dairy products (in America). And I was pretty amazed at what I found: All contained palm oil ! Ive written about palm oil over the years (in the New York Times, Mother Jones and Newsweek, among others). Yet for some reason, despite the stark reality of palm oils impacts, were consuming ever more of it. Palm oil is one of the planets most destructive ingredients. Indonesia and Malaysia together produce 85% of the global palm oil supply .. they sell most of their palm oil to major U.S. brands .. In Asia, its used for cooking; in Europe, its feedstock for biofuel; In the US, its an ingredient not just in foods and health and beauty products, but in the ingredients that make up those products -vitamin A palmitate etc .. Palm oil is often absent from the label, leaving consumers in the dark about what theyre actually buying and its impact … (US companies use palm oil in most of their products such as:) Margarine, peanut butter, crackers, cookies, ice cream, lipstick, toothpaste, soap, soy milk, drugs etc .. Palm oil may be the ultimate icon of globalization’ ! (2013) Islamists are slaves of their Great Satan, and Islamic companies just copy from their Great Satan’s companies. Islamists are Satanists, and that’s why they just care about money, not people’s health. Islamists just do what their Great Satan and their Zionist IMF dictate to them. But the most ridiculous thing is that the Western media censors all facts, while even the Mullah media censor less facts, less than the Western media. In Aug 2014, the stupid Mullah media has headlines such as: ‘Don’t eat and Don’t breath, if you want to be Healthy people ! (Qaza Nakhorid va Nafas Nakeshid ta Salamat Bemanid !) In Aug 2014, the Mullah media sarcastically say: ‘they pollute and poison our foods; they pollute our air and our environment; Now dust storms are killing people; dairy products, rice, meat, vegetables etc are killing people; they play with people’s life and people’s health; they are killing people; But no one cares about people and people’s heath’ ! (Aug 2014) In fact, now even idiots know that the Mullah regime is a Satanic regime, a puppet regime, and an anti-Iranian regime. But the West censors all facts and all news. The West is nothing but A Lie Factory”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In 2014, many things give you a headache. In 2014, when you eat Cream, Ice Cream, Cheese etc, it gives you a headache and you feel nausea. In 2014, when you breath, it gives you a headache or you feel nausea, because air pollution and dust storms in Tehran and Iran are serious problems. So, it’s obvious why even the fucking Mullah media say: ‘Don’t eat and Don’t breath, if you want to be Healthy people’ ! In August 2014, air pollution and dust storms in Tehran and Iran is a very serious problem, but all media censors such news. Now the fucking Qalibaf and Mullahs refuse to solve Tehran’s problems, but instead, they try to act like Zionists, Mullah Omar or Seyed Zia, and to make Iranians even angrier. Qalibaf and his Basiji friends are Jewish Islamists, and what they do is a copy of what Orthodox Jews do. Qalibaf, Basijis and Islamists ‘Gender Segregation’ is exactly like ‘Gender Segregation in Judaism’. Qalibaf and Islamists’ Gender Separation Plans in Tehran are exactly like the Jewish Gender Separation plans. For instance, do you know that ‘Orthodox Jews want separate playgrounds in Brooklyn, New York’ ?! Do you know that the Jews have separate sidewalks, separate buses, separate bus stops etc in the New York city?! Yah, in the USA and New York City, Orthodox Jews enjoy Gender Segregation, because Gender Segregation is a Jewish law & a Jewish tradition. Islamists are nothing but the followers of the Jewish traditions. Basijis and Islamists like ISIS, ISIL, Al-Baghdadi, Qalibaf and AhmadiNejad (AN) are Jewish Islamists. Some of them are Jews (Jewish converts) and some of them are agents of Jews. But the mission of all of them is: ‘Serving the interests of Iran’s enemies and Hurting Iran or Iranians’. Islamists and Zionists have the same ideology. For instance, as the Jewish media reports: ‘Jewish children should not play with members of the opposite sex [!] Mixed playgrounds may give children the impression that playing with and talking to the opposite sex is kosher [!] We need Kosher Playgrounds [!!] We want separate playgrounds devoted to specifically to girls or boys‘ (2013) ! In fact, when Qalibaf and Basijis talk about separate parks, or say: ‘we should put male and female staff in separate rooms’, it’s exactly what the Jewish fanatics want and say. In the 1980s, Basijis and Islamists were after the same gender segregation, but Khomeini blocked the move, because he knew that all Iranians hate such things, and he should not make Iranians even angrier. But now the 3% openly fight against the will of the 97% of Iranians. Of course now even the very stupid Basijis talk about ‘Fatehe Velayat’ or ‘Fatehe Regime’ (the End of the Mullah regime), because they know that the 97% of Iranians hate the Mullah regime so much. The 3% still try to cover up their terrible corruptions/ embezzlements by acting like ISIL and Taliban. But now all Iranians (+97%) hate Islamic corruptions, Islamic embezzlements and the Arab-Jewish laws like forced Hijab and gender separation. Now the 3% -ie Basiji faggots, Islamist whores and spies and stooges like Motahari, Larijani, Qalibaf, Rohani and the notorious English Mullahs and English Clans- defend the Zionist IMF plans and/ or the Zionist-Jewish laws in Iran, but the 97% of Iranians hate all Islamists and all puppets of Iran’s enemies”. They also add: “Now the Mullah Regime is Shir tu Shir (very chaotic); Basijis threaten Khamenei and talk about ‘Fatehe Velayat’; Rouhani talks about the regime’s Terrible Corruption and says: ‘AN and his friends just stole and plundered Iran’s oil (Naft ra Khordand va Bordand)’ ! Now even the stupid Mullah media talk about the terrible Corruption, the systematic Corruption, and the sea of Corruption in the AN’s era! In fact, the soup is too salty, and even idiots know that AN and his friends (ie Basijis & Islamists) should be tried for stealing people’s money & people’s votes, implementing the Zionist IMF plans & the Enemy’s plans in Iran, killing and torturing people and many other serious crimes. Now even idiots say that AN and his friends should be tried for terrible corruption, because it’s what Iran’s people want and say. The +97% of Iranians hate Jewish Islamists, from ISIL to Basijis. AhmadiNejad (AN) was a Jew, a Jewish Freemason, and Iranian people hated him so much. But who supported AN and his systematic corruptions? Pigs like the lefts and the Jewish CIA (Leveretts, Sick, Chomsky etc). The West and the Left were and are behind all brutal dictators and savage Islamists. The West censors all facts, but now even the stupid Mullah media publish part of the people’s comments in which Iranian people say good things like: ‘Islamists and their supporters (ie Great Satan, Marxists etc) worship money .. Islamists don’t care about children; Islamists are killing Iranian children with poisonous milk/ air/ food .. the victims of Islamists in Iran are much more than the victims of Zionists in the fucking Gaza .. Islamists are Ajnabi (Arabs/ Jews); Islamists and their poisonous milk are killing children; So (fuck Islamists and fuck Gaza)’. Now it’s clear that Islamists are the sons of Satan and Zahak, while today’s Iranians are the sons of Kaveh, Arash and Rostam. The Mullah regime is the Zahakh’s regime. Devils and Great Satan are behind this Satanic regime. But since the ancient time, Iranians know how to fight against Zahak, Devils and Great Satan. Now all Iranians (+97) know and hate Islamists and their Arbabs (masters), and that’s why even the English animals like Ahmad Tavakoli -who already defended IMF Plans like subsidy cuts and ‘High inflation but fixed prices’ (Tasbit-e Qeymat-ha)- now talk about Systematic Lies and Systematic Corruption in the Mullah regime! Now even stupid animals like Tavakoli know that if they obey their English Arbab like sheep, and if they refuse to protest against their Great Satan and their Zionist IMF, then it would be Aberu-rizi (very shameful and embarrassing). The fate of the IMF Plans, Corruption, Tyranny, Censorship, Poverty and Injustice in the Pahlavi era is quite clear. The stupid Shah just obeyed the West, slipped on the West’s banana peel, and made Iranians even angrier; but Mullahs still act like Shah”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Now all Iranians talk about Shir (Milk), or say: the situation is Shir tu Shir (very chaotic)! In August 2014, the Mad Mullahs and Great Satan are making love in Geneva. Now Hajj Hussein (Obama) openly makes love with Hajj Abbas (Iraq-chi and Basijis)! But it’s not a new thing. What happened after the 2009 CIA Coup is like what happened after the 1953 CIA Coup. Events in history reappear, but the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. The current farce is so ridiculous. Just look what the Mullah TV says about Islamic Westernization or Islamic Capitalism. Now Mullahs and Islamists are stupid slaves of the West (Qarb-zadeh) and worship the West. In August 2014, the anti-Iran Mullah TV openly says: ‘We add palm oil to milk, because it’s what US capitalists do, and because it’s profitable; our dairy products, from milk and yogurt to cheese and ice cream, should have a lot of palm oil because we should copy from USA, IMF and capitalists. In the AN’s era, AN asked dairy companies to copy from the US and to add palm oil to dairy products. All authorities knew that milk and dairy products have been polluted with palm oil’ ! In fact, Mad Mullahs just copy from their Great Satan. The Mullah TV is really the Satan TV, and censor the voice of the people. But now Iranian people put comments at websites, or say good things like: ‘Mullahs and their Islamic Capitalism/ Islamic Westernization just remind you of the Pahlavi era .. Mullahs and Islamists are slaves of the West & Arabs (Qarb-zadeh & Arab-zadeh)! Now they worship their Great Satan! .. the Mullah TV and Islamic Capitalists say Everything is Business: sport is a business; culture is a business; healthcare is a business; food safety is a business. Mullahs are the world’s worst capitalists .. Mullahs love Injustice, Poverty, Lying, Stealing, Plundering, Privatization, Corruption, IMF Plans etc; In the US, they buy and sell laws and politicians, and call it Lobbying; but Mullahs worship money and power and IMF Plans, and call it Resistance .. Now Mullahs and their Mullah TV (Satan-TV) say: ‘we have money, because we steal your money; so we have the right to decide about your life; we have money, so we have the right to decide about people’s life and people’s rights; we have money; so, we have the right to pollute your foods with poison! .. now Iranian people have boycotted industrial dairy products, and Mullahs are in deep shit; God bless Iran’s people .. Mullahs say ass-lickers and idiots are experts, but Iranians know that Mullahs and their TV celebs are hateful whores, not experts .. they must announce the names of those firms and officials who endangering public health by adding the industrial oil to the milk; but Mullahs love corruption, corrupt guys and real criminals .. palm oil contain saturated fatty acid, a trans fats that could lead to increase of cholesterol and to heart attack; those who add palm oil to milk and dairy products are actually killing children; they are worse than Nazis and Zionists .. Rohani and his fucking cabinet, including his Economy Minister and his Health minister, are (stupid Capitalists) and stooges of the IMF. They openly say: people’s health or public health is a business! Now they talk about Palm Oil because now their hospitals are full of young people who suffer from heart attack and other symptoms of using palm oil .. American people say: palm oil is unhealthy for the human body, but the palm oil is commonly used as ingredients in almost all American foods’ ! But Mullahs and their Great Satan don’t care about people’s health .. Mullahs still talk the 40% increase in heath’s price, drug’s price, doctor’s price, poisonous milk’s price etc. Is it their fucking Health Plan?! Is it their Islamic justice? .. Islamists are not humans; Islamists are Satanists; their Great Satan is their teacher and their god; In the AN’s era, AN allowed dairy companies to add palm oil and poison to milk .. AN was a Jew, and he just tried to hurt Iranians; it was his Jewish mission .. Islamists are savage animals, they pollute everything .. Islamists pollute foods, air, milk and water with poison & palm oil; it’s their fucking Islamic Westernization .. AhmadiNejad (AN) and Rouhani just created more poverty, more injustice, more inflation, more poisons and more problems in Iran .. In the AN’s era, inflation, poverty, injustice and corruption increased; in the AN’s era, many things were polluted with Jewish poisons .. Basijis and Islamic Capitalists love Fake & Satanic things like fake milk. But Iranians want natural milk and healthy products, not the fucking American/ Jewish/ Islamic products which are fake & unhealthy products .. even their Jewish God is a fake and satanic thing; their Jewish God is Satan .. Mullahs and Capitalists worship money; their god is money .. Who love and support Islamic Capitalists? whores like Marxists & Chomsky .. Death to Mullahs and all crooks and thieves who play with people’s heath … Mullah Parliament is a Masonic Lodge, and that’s why they don’t care about people’s health and the regime’s systematic corruption; they just care about UK, Mullah Omar, Qalibaf and English-Jewish laws .. English Mullahs have always served the interests of Iran’s enemies .. In the 2014 Referendum, the 97% of Iranians clearly declared that they hate all English Mullahs .. UK media and CIA media still tell big lies and bad jokes such as: ‘Iranians think Rouhani has done a very good job .. Rouhani promised to improve the economy, and that’s why he (implements IMF Plans)’ ! (August 2014) .. the English media says: the price of gasoline was increased by 75%, diesel by 70%, and other prices by about 30%, and that’s why Iranians love Rouhani and other English Mullahs!”.

As some wise Iranians say: “In Iran, you even cannot eat or breath without any fucking problems. But you should not forget when even milk, air, water and basic needs make Iranians even angrier, it just means that Revolution is in the air, and Big Bang is near. Now Iranians are so mad at Mullahs and the West. Now Mullahs just act like Shah (Pahalvi) in his last years. Mullahs are so stupid, and they even don’t ask themselves: what’s the use of obeying the IMF and the West? What’s the use of making Iranians even angrier? what’s the use of acting like Taliban, Seyed Zia, ISIS or Jewish fanatics? what’s the use of helping the anti-Iran Arabs/ Jews, but hurting Iranians? what’s the use of hurting Iran’s people and serving the West’s interests? If such evil acts could saved the Shah regime and other puppet regimes, then the same evil acts would save the Mullah regime, too. Now even the stupid Mullah media says: ‘We should stop selling raw materials (Kham-Forushi); it’s what the colonial powers want. English Colonialism and colonial powers have always said that we should not have large industries, universities, high education, non-oil exports etc. Even in the Pahlavi era, the West refused to give Iran the steel industry (Zobe Ahan)’. In fact, even idiots know that the West has always tried to keep Iran weak and backward”. They also add: “Islamic Westernization seems like a self-contradictory term, but ‘Western Democracy’, ‘Western Modernism’ and many other western terms are self-contradictory terms. The stupid West says Barbarians were modern people and cared about democracy, humanity, Iranian values and other modern and civilized things! But when Iranians were writing about Tolerance, Freedom, Justice, Truth, Humanity and other Iranian values, European Barbarians and English barbarians were eating humans, drinking human blood, and living like savage animals. When Persians were creating modern concepts such as Tolerance, Freedom and Fighting against Tyranny, Europeans and English barbarians even didn’t know how to utter or spell Culture and Modernity. Tolerance is a 100% Iranian concept, as Freedom and Fighting against Tyranny are Iranian concepts and have Iranian roots. Persian Tolerance and Iranian values are the roots of Modern Values, Democracy and Open Society/ Tolerant Society. The West was and is so ungrateful. They learned a lot from Iranians, but now they say: those barbarians that even at their peak were drinking human blood and praising Gladiatorial Barbarity were good savages, better than the great cultured and civilized people of Persia! The West killed itself for Aryanization and Persianization. They learned Culture and Civilization from the land of Aryans (Iran), but they were ungrateful pigs, and stupid students. They and their puppets (Mullahs etc) still try not to allow Iranian children to receive enough calcium, enough education, enough services/ facilities, or enough joy and happiness. But it’s not a new thing. They did the same evil acts in the past (1980s etc). But what was the result of such evil acts? Now the large army of wise, strong and educated Iranians are much more wiser, smarter and stronger than their Western counterparts. Now the large army of wise and educated Iranians can solely fight against all bad guys and all evil forces. Now it’s clear that Iran suffers from global problems and western-made problems. Now many know that the West and America suffer from harmful foods, palm oil, GMOs, Monsanto’s acts and many other capitalist evil acts. For instance, in August 2014, the UK media reports: ‘Most of the chicken sold in the UK is contaminated with X or Z, which cause stomach illness that is sometimes fatal’ or ‘the UK government is trying to censor X o Y’ ! The West and its puppets create many problems and crises, including Terrorism, Air pollution crisis, Food pollution crisis, Internet crisis, IMF plans, Housing crisis […] Now even the stupid Mullah media talks about ‘500,000 empty houses in Tehran’ !, and says: ’empty houses belong to Mullahs and (Islamic capitalists). More than 60% of Mullahs are living a life of luxury in Northern Tehran. Mullahs (steal people’s money) and have many luxury cars and luxury homes, but many Iranians even don’t have 1 car or 1 house. Many Iranian families don’t have even one house, but each Mullah family has many houses, gardens, villa etc. Is it the Islamic Justice ?!’ (July 2014) In fact, even idiots know that Mullahs and Islamists are the sons of Satan and Zahak. Now even the Mullah media says: ‘In the AN’s era, corruption, injustice and poverty increased dramatically. In the AN’s era and in the past 20 years, Islamists have created a new social class, the Parvenu, who live by stealing people’s money and drinking people’s blood. The empty houses in Tehran belong to these parvenus. (Pigs like) AN and Qalibaf have created this crisis. Their empty apartments are not safe and standard, but Mullahs make capital from these non-standard apartments’ ! (July 2014) Islamic Capitalists are so stupid; the UK and the IMF are their teachers. But Iranians experts know how to solve Iran’s problems, how to control inflation, how to create a strong economy, and how to convert Iran into a world power and a very advanced country. Iranians know how to use the large army of university-educated Iranians, how to boost domestic products, how to create domestic industries, how to reach self-sufficiency, how to convert Iran into an industrial and agricultural power, how to create a welfare state, and how to fight against corruption, injustice etc. But Mullahs are slaves of the Colonial Powers. Mullahs and retards still worship the West. But Iranians know obvious things. For instance, Iranians know that whores, barbarians or ass-lickers are not modern people. Prostitution or Money-worshiping is not a new or modern thing. Worshiping poverty, worshiping Capital/ money, worshiping Power/ politics, or worshiping Satan/ corruption is not a new thing. But the West is still stupid and uncultured, and idiots and ass-lickers still worship the Uncultured West. Now the West suffers from financial corruption, political corruption, cultural corruption and intellectual corruption. In the West, even intellects and journalists are slaves of money and power. They say the oldest profession (prostitution), Sadism, Satanism, Racism, Barbarism, worshiping money, lying, censoring, stealing etc are modern things! They don’t know Progress and Modernity. They think if you fuck natural things like natural milk, and if you convert natural milk into a poisonous thing, it’s Progress or Modernity. But even in the ancient time, bad guys could add poison to milk. Poisonous milk is not a new thing. Pasteurization, in which milk is heated to a high temperature to destroy pathogenic bacteria, can be seen as a good or modern thing. But Pasteurized milk is different from Poisonous milk. Poisonous milk, ie Milk + poison (palm oil, chemicals etc) is not a new or modern thing. It’s a simple, but important example. If you cannot understand the differences between Pasteurized milk and Poisonous milk, you cannot understand the meaning of modernity, progress, better life, better world, modern values etc”.

Logic of Science vs Logic of Satan (Ideology)

August 4, 2014

“Mullahs and Islamists tell many big lies, censor many facts, commit many evil acts, and hurt Iranian people. Mullahs and the West are two sides of the same coin. Zionists and Islamists are Devil-worshipers, and that’s why they tell big lies, kill children, hurt people, and use the same Satanic Logic and the same Satanic Excuses. The West and Islamists have no logical things and no rational things to say, and that’s why they censor and filter the internet and the media. The Jewish Logic, like the Islamist Logic, is nothing but the Logic of Sword, aka the Logic of Satan. They censor news, they tell big lies, they kill children, they defend Racism, Sadism and Genocide, because the logic of the West, like the logic of Mullahs, is the logic of Satan”, some wise Iranians say. We have already written about [1]: Logic and Learning from Contradictions . But as some wise Iranians say: “many still know nothing about the differences between Scientific Logic (logic of good guys) and Satanic Logic (logic of bad guys). The West, the Left, Zionists and Mullahs use the Logic of Satan. According to the Logic of Satan, Censorship and Filtering in the West and about Gaza is bad, but the terrible Censorship & Filtering in Iran or about Iran is good. Now Mullahs try to block all internet connections. Sometimes Mullahs send terrible noise & parasite, block all Internet ports and protocols, and slow down the internet speed in a way that the Internet seems totally disconnected to Iranians. But according to the Logic of Satan, ie the Logic of Islamists and Noam Chomsky, such evil acts and such Satanic Censorship are good things, but if the West and the Jews commit the same evil acts, it’s a bad thing. According to the Logic of Satan, killing Arab children is bad, but the 2009 Coup and killing Iranian children is good. According to the Logic of Satan, all evil acts -including Oppression, Censorship, Sadism, killing people, violating people’s rights (Hagh Al-Nas) and stealing people’s money (Beit Al-Mal)- is good for Islamists, but bad for others. According to the Logic of Satan, ie the Logic of Mullahs and Chomsky, you are free to commit evil acts, but only if you are Islamist or Chomsky’s protégé. The West uses the same Satanic Logic, too. The West says the Jews and the West are allowed to kill children, to commit Genocide, to act like Nazis, to support Terrorism, to defend Bullying and Barbarity, but Islamists and others are not allowed to do the same evil acts. According to the Logic of Satan, ie the Logic of the West, the West’s censorship and the West’s evil acts are good things. The Western Logic, ie the Satanic Logic, is so ridiculous. The Guardian and the Washington Post censor all news, tell many big lies, and censor all Iranian comments. But now they shed crocodile tears for Freedom and Free Speech. The US media and UK media and their Big Brother’s agents tell paradoxical jokes like: Iranian people, specially the poor, love high inflation, poverty and economic crises. Iranians have a societal desire for Mullahs. Mullahs kill Iranians, but Iranians love their killers. Islamists torture Iranians, but Iranians love their torturers. Mullahs create economic crises, but Iranians love economic crises. Iranians love Irans enemies, including the anti-Iran West’ [1] The Guardian and the Washington Post refer to such Orwellian Crap as Journalism, and to Big Brother’s agents as Journalists. The Satanic Media like the Guardian censor all news & people’s comments and tell many big lies, but at the same time, they shed crocodile tears for Free Speech. The UK is the home of Satan. The UK media are the worst Satanic media. But now the US is like or worse than the UK and Mullahs. US officials openly attack basic rights and critics like Snow-den. US officials openly support Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK), Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, ISIS and savage Islamists in Syria, Iraq etc. The USA is Anti-Iran, but pro-Islamist. US Congress openly talk and act like Hitler and Nazis, and threaten Iran with wars and nukes. US officials refused to impose the anti-Mullah sanctions in 2009. But now US officials openly defend the Anti-Iran Sadism. The US and the EU openly defend Sadism, Racism, Zionists, Islamists, Rouhanis and anti-Democracy groups like MEK and Monarchists. But the EU and the US still shed crocodile tears for Freedom, Democracy or Human Rights. The Logic of Satan is so ridiculous”.


As the wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the logic of science, you should read famous books like Karl Popper’s book [*]: The Logic of Scientific Discovery, known as the Logic of Knowledge. But if you want to know the logic of Satan, you should read the Satanic media like the UK media! […] Science is not Religion. Science is not Ideology. Science cares about facts, truths and what can lead us to find and to understand the truths about the world and the life. The story of the differences between ‘Science and Religion’, ‘Science and Ideology’, ‘Science and Satanism’ or ‘Science and Non-science’ is a long story (We will write more about this issue later). But in brief, science is honest and cares about the Truth, while non-science is not honest. In science, you have different theories, and you can test them and reject them. In science, theories are not holy things. But scientific theories should be free from fallacies and paradoxes. In science, you cannot say Black is White. Scientific means testable [*] ‘A scientist, whether theorist or experimenter, puts forward statements, or theorists, and tests them step by step’ [*] We all can ‘test their theories’ [*] We all can reject a theory, if some negative results and some experiments reject the theory. Scientific theories are not sacred things. You can have your own theory, but if your theory fails some tests, you should dump it in the garbage can. It’s what Science says. But do you know what the religious/ political ideologies say?”. They also add: “In the ideological systems, idiots refer to their ideological bullshits as holy things. They say their own ideological crap and their own stupid theories are sacred things. They say you cannot reject their theories, as you cannot test their theories. They say you must accept their ideological theories, and if you reject them, you should be killed or tortured. It’s the Logic of Satan or the Logic of Sword. The religious/ political ideologies don’t care about Truth and Logic. If you criticize or reject their stupid theories, they try to kill you, to silence you, to censor you, or to hurt you. It’s the Logic of Satan. But the Logic of Science is quite different. In Science, and in the world of sane people, you can test all theories, and you can reject those theories that fail your test. In Science, and in the world of rational guys, they will not hurt you or censor you because you want to test their theories or to reject their theories. Even if you reject all scientific theories, no one kills you! So, science has been accepted as very respectable, and now Mullahs and all idiots try to pretend that their bullshit is scientific. Mullahs and all political/ religious fanatics often compare themselves with scientists. For instance, they say: ‘Mullahs and doctors are experts. What Mullahs say is like what Doctors say. When you go to see a doctor, you listen to the doctor, obey the doctor’s orders, and accept the doctor’s prescription. So you must obey the Mullahs and accept the Mullah prescriptions’. But even if you ignore this fact that Mullahs are big idiots, not experts, there are still many differences between Mullahs and Doctors. For instance, you can reject the doctor’s prescription and you can say to the doctor: I hate your prescription. If you reject the doctor’s prescription, no one kills you. But what would happen if you reject the Mullah prescriptions? Almost all ideological systems are like the Mullah system. They would hurt you or censor you, if you reject their stupid prescriptions. Even in the West, they would censor you or boycott you, if you reject their theories and their evil acts. All bad guys use the Logic of Satan”. We should write more about the differences between “Science and Non-Science”, but as some wise Iranians say: “What Mullahs and Islamists say are Satanic things, because they use the Logic of Sword (ie the Logic of Satan), and they don’t allow you to criticize their theories or to test their theories. They, like all Satanic ideologies, just ask you to accept their stupid theories, to obey them like sheep, and to close your eyes to their apparent paradoxes. ‘There are many examples of apparent contradictions. For instance, the Lefts say: the IMF is Imperialist, and Mullahs say: the IMF is Zionist ! But now Mullahs are in bed with their Zionist IMF and implement the Zionist IMF Plans in Iran, while the Lefts defend Mullahs and the Imperialist IMF ! The West and Mullahs refer to their Sanction Game as Economic War. But AN, Rouhani and Mullahs just implement the Enemy’s plans (ie IMF Plans etc) amid the so-called Economic war, and call it Resistance!’ [1] Islamists and Marxists are psychos. Islamists make love with their Zionist IMF, while Marxists defend their Imperialist IMF and censor all facts, including the goal of the 2009 Coup, the goal of sanctions and the goal of IMF Plans’ [1] The West and the Left censor all facts, including the 2014 Referendum in which the 97% of Iranians said a Big No to Rouhani and the IMF. The 2014 Referendum clearly showed that the 97% of Iranians hate IMF Plans, Rouhanis (Mullahs) and their minister of Economy, Tayebnia, who is a Basiji faggot, an English spy/ whore, and a stooge of the IMF. But now Rouhani, Tayebnia and the Mullah Parliament, which is actually a Masonic Lodge, openly say that the 97% is not important, and only what the Arbab (ie Satan/ Zionist IMF) says is important. Now Mullahs openly try to fight against the will of the people. Of course it makes Iranians happy, because Mullahs actually ask the 97% and the Large Army of Angry Iranians to fuck or to kill all Mullahs, all Islamists, all slaves of Satan, and all puppets of the West in Iran. But it’s important to note that those who obey Satan and use the Logic of Satan have very low IQs, and they even don’t know that they should not fight against the will of the 97% of the people“.

As the wise Iranians say: “Science is not Ideology. Ideology tries to turn people into Sheeple or Slaves. You cannot reject their ideological theories or what Ideology says, because they care about money, power or Ideology, not the Truth. But Science just cares about the Truth. In the ideological systems, you cannot test their theories, and you should only accept their theories and obey them. But in science, you can test their theories, rejects their theories, and have your own theories. In science, Iranians can have their own theories, test them, and use them. Science is not an Ideological System. In science, we can have an Iranian theory about How to Read Books, How to know Bad Guys, How to do this or How to do that. We test our theory, and we all know and ‘it should be noticed that a negative result rejects the theory, but a positive result can only temporarily support the theory’ [*] It’s the Logic of Science. But Satan and the Logic of Satan say even if thousands of negative results reject their stupid theory, you are not allowed to reject their stupid theory. It’s the Logic of Satan. It’s what all Ideological systems say. Their stupid theories are holy things. But Science is not Ideology. In science, having theories, testing theories, rejecting theories or using theories is a good or scientific thing. In science, people can create, test or reject scientific theories. But ideological theories and what religious/ political ideologies say are often Satanic Theories, because you cannot test them, reject them, or even protest against them”. It’s a good point. As some wise Iranians say: “we all should know the differences between scientific theories and non-scientific theories, aka Satanic Theories. In Logic and Philosophy of Science, you can see the problem of Demarcation (Marz-bandi) [*] As Popper said: ‘the problem of finding a criterion which would enable us to distinguish between the empirical sciences on the one hand, and mathematics and logic as well as ‘metaphysical’ systems on the other, I call the problem of demarcation ‘ [*] In Philosophy of Science, they also try ‘to draw a clear line of demarcation between science and non-science’. It’s so important, because if you don’t know the differences between science and non-science, then even shamans, clergymen and charlatans can pretend that they are scientists and their ideological bullshit is scientific. Drawing a clear line of demarcation between science and non-science is really important. People should know what is Scientific. As Popper truly said, Scientific means refutable. If you say: ‘It will rain or not rain tomorrow’, it’s not scientific; it’s a joke; it’s non-science, ‘simply because it cannot be refuted’ [*] Any charlatans, without any knowledge, can tell such jokes. But Islamists and other slaves of ideology force people to accept such jokes. For instance they say: If Big Brother wills, X will happen. But it’s not refutable, and any charlatans can say such things. If X happened, they would say: Oh, yes, Big Brother willed; but if X didn’t happen, they again say: Oh, yes, Big Brother didn’t will. But it’s Charlatanism. Scientific means Free of Fallacy and Charlatanism [1]”. They also add: “Scientific theories are not holy things, and you don’t worship scientific theories. In science, you only temporarily support or accept a theory. You test the theory, but even positive results only temporarily support the theory [*] In science, you don’t worship your own theories. As Godel showed, even the best theories just show you part of the truth, not the whole truth [1] A good scientific theory just shows you part of the truths. So, you use many theories to find more parts of the truths”. This issue is very important, and even ancient Iranians have talked about it. We will write more about this issue later.

As some wise Iranians say: “We, Iranians, care about Science and Scientists, because they care about the Truth. But Charlatans and bad guys love the Logic of Satan, which is actually the Logic of Power, the Logic of Control, the Logic of Deception. The Logic of Satan is the logic of Mullahs, the logic of Politicians, the logic of the West, the logic of religious fanatics, and the logic of charlatans. The Logic of Satan is full of ‘tautologies’ and ‘self-contradictory statements’. Tautologies (ie always true) are used to fool naive people. Tautologies – like ‘tomorrow is sunny, or is not sunny’ – add nothing to your knowledge, but charlatans use them to fool you. Self-contradictory statements are Orwellian. War is Peace, or X is Anti-X are examples of self-contradictory statements. In these years, Western statements are often Self-contradictory statements [1] For instance, the Jewish CIA says: ‘Iranians love AN, because Iranians hate Rafsanjani. But Iranians love Rohani, because Iranians love Rafsanjani’ (We have already written about such Western statements; check [1]) It’s important to note that as Popper truly said: ‘any conclusion you please can be derived from a self-contradictory system … this is why Consistency is the most general requirement for a (good and logical system)’ [*] In fact, if you don’t care about Consistency, then any stupid and Orwellian conclusions -such as War is Peace, Black is White, Evil is Good, Censorship is Freedom, Lie is Truth, Tyranny is Democracy etc- can be derived from ideological systems. The bad guys don’t care about Truth and Consistency, because they want to draw any conclusion they please from their stupid systems. They only try to fool people, to enslave people, and to exploit people. Shamans and Clergymen hate Science, because any conclusion they please cannot be derived from Science. Shamans, clergymen, politicians, ideological leaders and all charlatans hate the Logic of Science, because the Logic of Science says your systems should be free from Contradiction and Charlatanism, and any conclusion you please cannot be derived from logical systems”. They also add: “Scientists are free men, and just care about the Truth. But the so-called Western scientists just care about money and power, not the Truth. They are slaves of money and power, and just cares about what Big Brother wants. As some American says, they are the followers of the Religion of Money. They just use Science to reach money and power. They create Orwellian Technologies, because they want to aid Big Brother in controlling and enslaving people. They are Big Brother’s agents. They use the Logic of Satan, not the Logic of science and scientists. So, they are pseudo-scientists or pseudo-intellects. As Snow-den and the 2013 scandals showed, the USA and Europe are full of such fake scientists and pseudo-intellects. Now many use terms like Orwellian Technology, Orwellian Science, Evil Technology etc, and it shows that many people know pseudo-scientists. In this post-Snowden era, one of the main issues is ‘Fighting against pseudo-scientists and those whores who get money from Big Brothers and try to fool and enslave people in the name of Science or Technology”. The bad guys are big losers. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Now most bad guys pretend that they care about good things and hate evil things, because even the bad guys can see the power of the Good and the great weakness of the Evil. In fact, the bad guys’ Hypocrisy is a clear sign of the power of the Good, and also of the imminent downfall of the Evil Empire. The bad guys are big losers. Now even if you use Iranian Folklore and Persian Literature, you can see the true colors of bad guys and their evil ideologies. For instance, before any marriage/ relation to any groups or ideological systems, you can ask what would happen if you reject their theories?! What would happen if you try to test or criticize their theories? What would happen if you protest against them, criticize them, or reject their stupid prescriptions? The ideological systems often say: ‘our prescription is like a doctor’s prescription; we are experts, and you should not reject the expert’s advice’. But as you know, you can reject a doctor’s prescription. Even if the doctor is a very good doctor, you still can reject the doctor’s prescription. In fact, even if a scientific theory is a very good theory, you still can reject it. For instance, you can reject all sciences (Math, Physics etc) and then you can try to build a new aircraft with your own theories. Yah, you will most probably fail, face many problems, and pay the price of your own stupidity. But the important thing is that you are free to reject all sciences. If you reject all scientific theories, you yourself will be faced with many serious problems; but no one forces you to accept science. It’s one of the main differences between Science and Ideology. Logic and Science make some good suggestions to you, and you can reject their suggestions. But Ideology and Satanic Logic make some bad and stupid suggestions to you, but you are not allowed to reject their suggestions”. Think about it; we will write more about this issue later.