The West is A Lie Factory ?!

In these days, many things are ridiculous. As some wise Iranians say: “Now the Western media is even worse than the Mullah media! The West censors more things, more than the Mullah media. It’s really shameful and ridiculous. We don’t know why they insist on showing the true face of the West in this way. But we know that the West’s Censorship and the West’s big lies are not signs of wisdom or strength. This level of Censorship, and this kind of Big Lies are clear signs of Weakness and Stupidity. This level of Censorship just shows that the End of the West is near (Fatehe Qarb ro Bayad Khund). In 2014, when Iranians take a look at the UK media or the US media, they are often in a state of shock! It’s really shocking for people to see that the West is the Capital of Censorship, and the land of the Ministry of Truth. It’s shocking for people to see that the West is really uncultured, liar, hypocrite, Barbarian and Orwellian. It’s quite shocking for people to see that the West is A Lie Factory. Now, in 2014, even the Mullah media talks about the 2014 Referendum, the English Mullahs, the disastrous results of the IMF plans, the love story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’ etc. But the West censors all facts/ news. The Mullah media even talks about the importance of the 2014 Referendum, in which the 97% of Iranians clearly declared that they hate Rouhani. But the West censors all facts. Even the Mullah media talks about English Mullahs and the story of ‘Mesbah and Rouhani’. But the West censors all news. In June 2014, the Mullah media reports: ‘(English Mullahs like) Mesbad say: Rouhani is a student (puppet) of England’ ! In July 2014, Rouhani’s media says: ‘We know how many times Mesbah has gone to England. Does Mesbah like we reveal his dossier?! We know his shameful dossier, and How many times Mesbah has gone to the UK and the USA, and how many times Mesbah has met with (US/ English agents)’ !! (July 2014) Yah, it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black! But the most important thing is that the West and all Western media – from the US media to the Lefty Media- censor such facts/ news. Now even the Mullah media talks about the disastrous results of the IMF plans, and says: Why we make Iranian people even angrier, when the first phase of the IMF Plans was a total disaster/ failure’ ! Now even the Mullah media talks about the Mullah Car industry and says: ‘the real cost of their (stupid car) is $1000. But why they sell it to people for $7000 .. The Car industry has been exempted from Sanctions. Now Sanctions can not be used as an excuse. But now they say Sanctions are not important [!!], and we should increase prices, because (high inflation is a good thing) ! Instead of decreasing car price -because of removing sanctions and/ or reducing dollar value- they just try to increase car price and to make Iranians even angrier’ ! (July 2014) The Mullah media publishes such things. But the West censors everything. It’s really ridiculous. The stupid Mullah media talks about the IMF Plans, Rouhani’s big lies, English Mullahs etc but the Western media censors all facts/ news, and just cares about stooges and Khaz guys (hateful figures). Now the CIA media and pigs like Gary Sick say: ‘New Study Shows Leading Iranian Figures Support Nuclear Deal’ ! (July 2014) or ‘Voices from Iran: Strong Support for Rouhani’ !! (July 2014) They have no shame. They refer to their own spies/ stooges as ‘Iranian people’ or ‘Leading Figures’ ! They pretend 3% = 97% ! They know the 2014 Referendum and this fact that the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani and all Islamists (Khatamists, Basijis etc). But they still make a fool of themselves and tell childish lies […] Even their own CNN went to Tehran and Iran’s streets, and saw how all Iranians hate the US Bullying, and say: ‘the US has no right to tell us what we should have .. Iran must have Nukes, simply because the US and Iran’s enemies have Nukes’. But the UK, the C-IA and people like Gary Sick, Chomsky and Leveretts just crap about Iranians, support Islamists, and show us who is really behind Islamists”. They also add: “Iranians have already talked about Terrible Censorship and Terrible big lies in the West (for more info, Check Archive) But now, in 2014, even Westerners say: The Western Media is A Lie Factory! Now the soup is too salty. Now if you want to write about the West’s terrible Censorship and the West’s big lies, then each week you can write a big Book! Now it’s clear that English pigs even don’t have a little honesty and humanity (Hata Yek Roodeh Rast …)! Apparently, Lying, Cheating, Censorship or Barbarity is part of English DNA!, because now even the US media (from NYTimes to CNN and Washington Post) suffers from English diseases. But they often try to hide their real diseases. Sometimes they pretend that they suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, and have forgotten almost everything, including the year 2009! They pretend that they are Kar (deaf), Kur (blind), Kodan (so stupid) etc. But Iranians know that the West just pretends ignorance of everything (Khod ra Zadeh beh Khari)! The West just reminds you of Animal Farm”.

In these days, some Americans talk about “Technology and the End of Privacy“, and say: “We are the first people in history to deal with (Orwellian nightmares)” (June 2014) Americans even talk about the Biometrics Nightmares in the West, and say: “US State Department maintains a biometrics database of Americans and foreigners, which includes information on everyone who has applied for a visa to visit the US .. All of this information -biometrics data on Americans, immigrants, visitors to USA etc – (form evil) databases .. Each state has its own biometrics database .. Facial recognition tech, even as employed today at Casinos, can pick out a known person from a crowd .. it’s a serious threat to our liberty .. now they work on a technology to identify or verify the identity of a person at a distance of 1000 meters .. devices capable of identifying an individual at a distance are (very Orwellian) .. US government also wants to be able to detect people from images online (FaceBook is part of this evil project) .. US government has been investing billions of dollars into Orwellian projects .. instead of legislating to protect us against such Orwellian threats, Congress is authorizing more funds for the development of Orwellian technologies .. when the government can use face-recognition enabled surveillance cameras to identify people, you have lost your ability to walk anonymously in public streets” ! (June 2014) Orwellian nightmares are real threats. As some wise Iranians say: “Snow-den and the West’s good guys warn their people about ‘Living in the Orwellian World of 1984’. But many Westerners still live like sheep, and the conditions in the West just become worse and worse. Orwellian technologies like face-recognition,
voice-recognition, Smart TVs, Smart phones and other smart shits just realize Orwellian nightmares. When you use smart TVs, internet of things and other smart shits, you have actually allowed the Big Brother to watch you and to control you in your own home. Face-recognition enabled cameras and voice-recognition enabled devices remind many of Orwell’s TeleScreen. Internet of things, Smart TV or IP TV is like or worse than Orwell’s TeleScreen. Internet of Things allows Big Brother to control all your appliances/ machines in your own home. With such evil technologies, all your appliances and all your devices will turn into spying tools and Big Brother’s tools. Now they openly say that all appliances, all cars, all tools and all mechanical machines should have eyes, ears, or hidden sensors to watch you and to control you! They want to control all aspects of your life, from public life to private life, and to report every detail of your private life to the Big Brother! It’s the true meaning of ‘Big Brother is Watching You’. But how many people are aware of this issue? As the American good guys say: ”Share this information with your friends and family. Orwellian programs are powerful because they operate in the shadows. Don’t let them’ (July 2014) It’s true. Don’t let them to hide their true colors. But it’s funny that they are so stupid, and they themselves are revealing their true face!”. As some wise Iranians say: “The West needs a real Renaissance, and this renaissance means Real Change. Medieval Europe said, and still says, Renaissance means Rebirth or Revival ! But Barbarian Europe wanted to revive what?! Barbarian Europe wants to restore or revive its Barbarian values, its Barbarian traditions, its Barbarity or what?! The West should stop telling bad jokes, and making a fool of itself. The West needs Real Change, a real change from Barbarism to Civilization; a real change from Satanism to Iranian Values (ie Human values). We call it Renaissance […] Yah, it’s good that European Barbarians finally stopped eating each other. It’s good that European Barbarians finally stopped living and acting like their savage ancestors, who were naked and savage animals. But it’s not enough. It’s just the first step. They are still uncultured pigs with bad intentions, while they pretend otherwise! But hundreds of years of pretence and hypocrisy is enough. Enough is enough. Now they should stop telling big lies, hiding the truths, and pretending otherwise. Now the West needs a Real Change, a real Renaissance. And if the West wants to revive something, they should revive the Iranian Values, aka Human values, and what Great Iran, the land of Aryans and the birthplace of Culture and Civilization, has already taught them”. In these days, many Westerners say good things. For instance, Snow-den has recently said: “Technology (should be) a liberating force in our lives .. But in secret, our very own government has converted Technology into a tool of Oppression .. the US government right now can easily monitor whom you call, whom you associate with, what you read, what you buy, and where you go online and offline, and they do it to all of us, all the time .. (they and their) Surveillance create societies that fear free expression and dissent .. (Even) a federal judge in open court called NSA programs ‘almost Orwellian’ .. every step we can take to secure ourselves from a government that no longer respects our privacy (and our basic rights) is a patriotic act” (June 2014).


As some wise Iranians say: “In the West, Journalism is Prostitution, and Democracy is Sheepocracy. In the West, journalists are brainless whores. Their media is something like SheepTV. Now they tell bad jokes like: “the rapid emergence [!] of a powerful and extreme Sunni movement, a group called ISIS, poses a severe threat to Iran [!] It is violently anti-Shiite [!], bent on destroying Syria and Iraq, and intent on establishing a Medieval Caliphate in Iran’s backyard’ ! (July 2014) Of course they know that the West plays such dirty games, and ‘the only winner is Iran’ ! (June 2014) But they still insist on telling paradoxical jokes, and showing the true face of the West. We all know who created ISIS, and who is behind the so-called rapid emergence of ISIS! In these years, any sane person can see that the West is behind all savage Islamists. The West is a stupid devil. The West’s evil acts just serve Iran’s interests. Just look what they did and do in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. All wise guys know why the only winner was, is, and will be Iran. The West and its stooges are big losers. If they defend ‘Freedom and Democracy’, it’s in Iran’s interests, and if they support savage Islamists/ terrorists, they just show their true face and make all humans aware, and it’s in Iran’s interests, too. Even kids know that a bunch of savage Islamists/ terrorists -that all cultured humans hate them and only Barbarians support them- are not a threat to Iran. They just prove that Iran should have its own groups, and its own powerful tools. Iranians know what Leverage means. But the West is still uncultured. The Savage West refers to sanctions, wars, sadism, racism and barbarity as ‘Leverage’ ! US Congress and US media openly say: Bullying is Leverage! Barbarity is Leverage! They such things, because they are uncivilized . They still think and act like their savage ancestors, who were naked barbarians. They still think and act like Nazis and Fascists. They themselves are a bunch of retards or a herd of cattle, but they see other people as cows and sheep! So, they insult the people’s intelligence, and they tell childish lies without thinking about its consequences […] US Congress has no shame. They openly support Egypt’s Islamists, MEK and all savage Islamists, but now they say: ‘While we continue to focus on disarming Irans nuclear program, we cannot forget that Iran is a state-sponsor of terrorism [!] that persecutes its own citizens .. Now its time [!!] to hold Iranian officials [!!] accountable for their blatant violation of human rights’ !! (July 2014) US pigs have low IQs, and even don’t know that the 2009 CIA Coup and what the US did and said in 2009 and all these years clearly showed that the USA is anti-Iran, anti-Democracy, pro-Tyranny and pro-Islamist. The US animals openly support Mullahs, Monarchists, Mujaheds (Jihadis), the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK) and all evil and anti-Democracy groups. Now when the USA sheds crocodile tears for Democracy or Human Rights, Iranians and all normal humans just laugh and spit at the USA. As Snow-den, the 2009 CIA Coup and these years showed the USA really stands for the United States of Anti-democracy! Now it’s clear that America is A Lie Factory. Who can forget their fake polls and their big lies in 2009 and all these years? Who can forget the 2009 CIA Coup, the pro-Mullah Crap, the Anti-Iran Sanctions, the Zionist-American incitement to Genocide, and all evil acts in this post-2009 era? Now their media and their little dogs say: ‘I-s-rael has threatened military action against Iran if it is not satisfied with the results of the talks’ !! (July 2014) But Iranians and all normal humans just laugh and spit on them and their Nazi-styled crap. We all know these Chalquz (little shits) and little dogs, who are enemies of both Jewish people and Iranian people. Now it’s clear that the USA is in deep shit, and they just try to buy time. They are morally and totally bankrupt. So as Iranians say, Iran should finish the job […] Iranians care about good guys, not about those who want to hurt Iran and Iranians. Iranians hate Mullahs, but even If Iranians want to give Mullahs a piece of advice, they would tell Mullahs: ‘the West just wants to buy time. They are in deep shit, and just want to buy time … OK. Play with them, but Finish the job. Iran must have nukes, and Iran must complete all its nuclear programs ASAP’. Those who betrayed Iranians in 2009, and said Iran should not have Democracy, now should face the consequences of their betrayals. Now almost all Iranians say: Iran must have Nukes and Democracy. Those who hurt and betrayed Iranians must face the consequences of their evil acts”.

As some wise Iranians say: “these years had a lot of lessons. For instance, these years showed that the Western media is A Lie Factory. They censor about 90% of all facts/ news. Lets assume that S1, S2, S3, … S99, S100 are 100 events/ news (According to their importance, S1 is the most important news, and S100 is the most superficial things) But according to what we have seen by our own eyes, the UK media and the Western media badly censor S1 to S90, or say nothing about S1 to S90. They only cover S91 to S100, while they tell big lies and try to misinform people! This level of Censorship is unbelievable. But the English media – from the BBC to the Guardian- use such tactics a lot, and show us that the short and real definition of Western Journalism is ‘Terrible Censorship, Big Lies and Misinforming’. The West is really Orwellian. In the West, Big Brother’s agents are called journalists and intellects. In the West, Big Brother’s agents like Noam Chomsky are heroes! In the West, those who defend brutal dictators, tyranny, oppression, big lies, CIA coups, Censorship and the Ministry of Truth are heroes! In the West, almost all public figures – from celebs to intellects and scientists- are slaves of money and power. They don’t care about the Truth and what is good and decent. They just care about money and what the Big Brother wants. In the West, they try to make heroes out of whores and idiots. In the West, the role of the media is ‘misinforming, fooling and brainwashing people. But unfortunately, many still don’t know the West’s Evil Empire, and how to deal with it. They even don’t know ‘How to Read Books’ or ‘How to Read/ Watch Media’ […] But all people can learn to use their brains, to see apparent paradoxes, to discover big lies, and to resist brainwashing. The West and the Ministry of Truth publish many books, newspapers, magazines, films etc and try to rewrite history, to falsify and distort the facts, and to fool and brainwash people. But all people can resist such dirty tricks, if they become aware and use their brains. For instance, any sane person knows that you cannot defend Hitler, Gaddafi, Saddam, Taliban, Assad and other brutal dictators, and then call yourself Intellectual or Freedom-fighter! You cannot defend Mullahs and Islamists, and then call yourself Anti-Mullah or Anti-Islamist. You cannot defend the Marxist-Islamist Terrorists (MEK), ISIS or Taliban, and then call yourself Anti-Terrorist! You cannot defend Monarchy and Tyranny, and then call yourself Libertarian, Democrat or Intellect ! You cannot defend Gestapo and Gestapo’s evil acts -from Censorship to Suppression-, and then call yourself Good Guy. You cannot say War is Peace, Tyranny is Democracy, or Black is White! If all people care about such obvious things, then the Ministry of Truth will go to hell. There is an Iranian theory about the Ministry of Truth and its products. According to this theory, their reports, books, films and other products of the Ministry of Truth have three parts: 1)-Comic part, which includes ridiculous lies, apparent paradoxes, and shameful crap like War is Peace 2)-Tragic part, which includes a few facts and a few true things 3)-Tragicomic part, in which they ignore all important facts, and stupidly try to mix a few true things with many big lies, or as Iranians say, to Connect Fart to Forehead !“. We should write more about this theory, and How to Read Books or How to Watch Films. But as some wise Iranians say: “If you want a better world and a better life, you should try to avoid living like sheep/ slaves in the Matrix. Today’s West seems like an Orwellian Matrix. So, at first you should try to disillusion yourself, and to become aware. This Orwellian Matrix is a complex system, but if you open your eyes, you can see who is who. After 2009, and after Snow-den, many things have become clear. Now it’s clear that the Satanic media like the BBC and the Guardian are worse than the Nazi media. Now it’s clear that in the West’s Orwellian Matrix, stupid whores call themselves journalists; Baby Spies call themselves Historians; Satanists call themselves Men of God; and Big Brother’s agents call themselves intellectuals! In this Orwellian Matrix, little kids and immature whores sell their souls to the Big Brother, and become slaves of the Ministry of Truth. In these years, many things are heavily censored by the West. But such terrible censorship is a godsend for all truth-seekers. The bad guys attack people like Snow-den and tools like Lavabit, but it’s a godsend for all good guys. The bad guys crap about Iran, and even censor the Iranian sports fans, but it’s a godsend for all Iranians. The bad guys -from the Anti-Iran Mullah TV to the Western media- try to create a bad and false image of Iran and Iranians, but such evil acts is really a godsend. They actually show you what really happened in recent centuries, and what the West and the Ministry of Truth did in recent centuries. As ancient Iranians said, Evil can be a godsend. Ancient Iranians knew the importance of Hope. But they didn’t want to create a stupid/ unrealistic Hope. They had knowledge and first-hand experiences. They knew many things. They knew that Crisis is the mother of Evolution. They knew why Evil can be a godsend. It’s really important. We all should not forget that Evil can be a godsend; and Crisis is the mother of Evolution”.

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