Nuclear Issue, Sports, The West and Mullahs

“In these days, the stupid West and Mullahs compare the nuclear issue with sports! Both the Western media and the Mullah media say the Mullah Nuclear team is like the Mullah Soccer team! In June 2014, and during the World Cup, the Mullah TV shamelessly said: ‘our Nuclear them is like our soccer team[!] .. Our team cannot rival the world’s best teams[!] But our team should try to avoid a humiliating defeat [!!] Our team is weak. But other teams are strong. Our Nuclear them is like our soccer team’ !! It’s exactly what the Anti-Iran Mullah TV said. But why they compare their Nuclear team with their stupid soccer team, which is a weak team?! Why they don’t compare the Nuclear team with Iran’s volleyball team?! Iran’s volleyball team is a strong team (a world power) and can defeat all world powers. Why they don’t compare the Mullah Nuclear team with Iran’s volleyball team?!”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Mullahs are so weak and so stupid. Mullahs have low IQs and poor self-esteem. Mullahs are stooges of Iran’s enemies. The Mullah regime and Mullah nuclear-soccer teams suffer from terrible mismanagement, corruption, stupidity, anti-Iranian policies and Football-e Ali-Asqari. The West knows it, and loves it. Just ask yourself: Who are members of the Mullah nuclear team? Retards like Iraq-chi, ie non-Iranian pigs or Anti-Iran Basiji faggots who openly lick the English ass, the Zionist ass and the American ass. Who can forgot what they said about their beloved UK, Wendy Sherman, their Zionist IMF, their Great Satan etc? Any sane person knows how Mullahs and their Arbabs (ie their beloved UK, their Great Satan, their Zionist IMF etc) make love after 2009. Iranian people are not blind. Now the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani and all Mullahs. The 2014 Referendum was one of the most important referendums in history”. They also add: “Rouhanis (Mullahs) have no public support in Iran. Iran is very different from Mullahs. Iranians have strong wills. After 2009, Iranians show Iron Wills. Iran, as the Cradle of Civilization and the oldest country on earth, has always won the Battle of Wills. Iran and Iranians hate bullies and bastards. American pigs like John Kerry have low IQs, and don’t know that the US regime’s evil acts (bullying, lying, betraying etc) just make Iran’s people aware and angrier. Iran and Iranians will never forget the 2009 Coup, and how the UK, the US and the EU aided Mullahs in killing and suppressing the Iranian people and the Anti-Mullah movement. In 2009, the stupid West said: Iran should not have Democracy and Nukes. But now, Iranian people say: Iran must have Nukes and Democracy! American Barbarians are big losers. Now even idiots know Iran’s nuclear red lines. Even the stupid Mullahs know that R&D, all nuclear facilities and all centrifuges -that billions of dollars and a lot of pain, blood and money have been spent on them- are among the basic red lines. Even the stupid Mullahs know that after all Western threats, bullying and evil acts, even one centrifuge (of 20,000 centrifuges) should not be removed. It’s a basic red line. Now the Western media says: ”the deal would not leave Iran with enough centrifuges to fuel its Bushehr reactor! Iran should not continue modernizing its centrifuges! Iran should not continue R&D (Research & Development). Iran [can not have] 25kg of highly enriched uranium to produce one bomb! Iran should not be able to produce 25kg of HEU’ !! (June 2014) But even little kids know that R&D, Nuclear Science, Nuclear Technology, and Scientific and Technological Progress, that is actually a basic right but Iran pays a high price to achieve it, are among the basic red lines. Iran’s basic rights are the basic red lines. Even the stupid Mullahs know such red lines and also this fact that all people in Iran, even the stupid Basijis, will never accept any retreat from the basic red lines. But Iran’s red lies are more than the basic red lines. Now almost all Iranians say: Iran Must Have Nukes. The Savage West has no right to tell us what we should have or what we should not have! Those who have nukes, and threaten us with nukes, have no right to tell us that we should not have nukes‘. From 2009 to 2014, the Savage West showed that (1) the West doesn’t care about human values, freedom, democracy etc (2) the West only understands Force; the West hates Truth and Logic; the West’s main law is the Law of the Jungle. Now American pigs, English Barbarians, French faggots, and German Nazis openly praise Bullying, Racism and Sadism, and talk about our rights or what we can have! Now Barbarians want to tell us what we should have or what we should do! The Barbarian West has no shame. One day they say you should not have nukes, and one day they say you should not have progress/ democracy etc. But today is not the 19th century. Now the West must choose. If they destroy all their nukes and stop all their nuclear programs, then Iran can stop its programs, too. It’s what almost all Iranians say. Iran, the birthplace of Culture, and we all know why Barbarians and the Savage West should not have nukes. The West and Barbarians should not have any advanced technologies. As Snow-den showed, they just abuse and fuck technology. The Savage West just turns Science and Technology into Satanic tools and Orwellian things. The West is still evil and uncultured. But for the sake of Iranian values, and for the sake of the West’s good guys, we don’t say: We should have everything, because we are civilized humans; But they should have nothing, because they are still Barbarians. We just say: If Iran should not have X or Y, then the West should not have X or Y, too’ or ‘Iran must have nukes, simply because the West and Barbarians (Zionists etc) have nukes and threaten Iran with nukes & genocide’. It’s a strong logic, and any sane person can understand it”.

Iranians know that many good guys live in the West. But unfortunately, the bad guys have the upper hand in the West, and we, Iranians inside Iran, only hear the voice of the West’s bad guys. As some wise Iranians say: “the West still acts like Barbarians, because their good guys have no voice/ media, and their bad guys control everything. As Snow-den showed, the West is a very Orwellian Society. The Western pigs think they are smart guys (Fekr mikonan Kheili Zerangan)! But they have low IQs, act like retards, tell childish lies, and badly show their true face. If you take a look at the English media and their childish lies and their childish censorship, you can see that ‘English IQ’ is less than Jewish IQ. Now the Savage Jews say: ‘Is-rael is a rational scorpion’ ! (Jpost, June 2014) The Savage Jews are very bad jokes. They openly talk about ‘Stinging first’ ! (Jpost, June 2014) But what rational pig/ scorpion, ‘Stinging First’ or Biting First means?! In 2013, they said Is-rael is a rabid dog !, and should bite first; and now they say Is-rael is a scorpion!, and should sting first! What it means?! J-e-ws are animals, and think & act like animals?! The bad Jews are worse than Hitler and Nazis. The Jewish Incitement to Genocide, the Jewish Bullying, the Jewish Barbarism and what the Ungrateful Jews said about Persia (Iran) are historic scandals. The locust-eaters, ie savage Jews and savage Arabs, badly showed their true face. They and their Arbab (ie the West) badly make a fool of themselves. What this American faggot, John Kerry, has recently written in the Washington Post is a good joke. He talks about ‘what will be good & positive for the Iranian people and for their economy’ ! It’s funny that Iran’s sworn enemies talk about what is good & positive for Iran! They say their IMF Plans, their 2009 CIA Coup, their savage Islamists, their Tyranny etc are good & positive for us! […] But since the ancient time, If Iranians can see that you are a bad guy or a bully, then nothing, neither penalties, nor sanctions, nor threats, nor bluffs will stop them from teaching you a good lesson. The West just makes a fool of itself. American Barbarians refer to Mullahs as Iranian leaders or Iranian officials! But even little kids know that Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullahs hate Persia, Persian Civilization and Iranian values. The 2009 CIA Coup clearly showed that Mullahs are Arabs/ Jews (ie non-Iranians), ‘stooges of the UK’, ‘puppets of the US’, sons of Great Satan, and slaves of Big Brother. English Mullahs lick the West’s ass, but almost all Iranians say to the West: ‘We will never give you what you want for threats. If you threaten us, we will make you regret it‘. Iranians know that the Savage Islamists only serve the West’s interests. Iranians know The Islamist Plague, which is a part of The Jewish Plague and The English Plague. Now the UK media and the CIA media openly defend Rouhani, but censor the 2014 Referendum and this fact that the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani. They say nothing about IMF Plans, Mullah corruption, Mullah mismanagement, anti-Iranian Mullahs, or what Iran’s people say. The UK media just supports English Mullahs like Rouhani, Jannati and Motahari. But you should ask yourself: Why the UK media, from the BBC to the Guardian, strongly support these Mullahs?! English Mullahs like Ali Motahari are worse than Taliban. Ali Motahari is a member of Larijani clan, the most notorious English Clan in Iran. English Mullahs like Motahari defend forced Hijab and other Jewish-Barbarian laws. English Mullahs like Motahari try to decide about the people’s pants & shorts! But the MI6 media like the Guardian (GU) defend English Mullahs like Motahari, and say: ‘Iran is not ready .. Even if the mandatory Hijab is removed one day, you still wont be able to wear shorts near Railway Square in south Tehran’ !! (GU, June 2014) Can you believe it?! Tehran’s Railway Square is much more modern than many squares in London. Tehran’s Railway Square is more modern than many squares in the US, Italy, England and the Western Europe. These years and UK riots, Canadian riots, EU riots, OWS etc clearly showed why Iranians are really more modern and wiser than the West (For more info, check Archive). Many many people in the UK, Canada and the USA are much more dumber and less developed than average Iranians. But English Barbarians and their stooges still tell big lies, and badly try to pretend that ‘English Barbarians deserve good things; But Iranians, the first cultured humans, don’t deserve Freedom & Democracy’ ! […] English Barbarians and their stooges still tell bad jokes like: ‘Mixing of men and women in stadiums is not in the public interest. Iran is not quite ready to lift the ban’ !! (June 2014) But now Iranians say good things like: ‘We, Iranians, don’t need Barbarians or Faggots to tell us what is good for us! .. Mullahs are English Fetneh/ English Plague. But they are big losers. Hijabs (manteaus etc) just become shorter and shorter, and tighter and tighter! If you compare 2014 with even 2004, you can see why funny Iranians say: ‘today, Mullahs talk about ‘Leggings’ and ‘Open’ manteaus, but in the near future, they would be forced to tell people: ‘At least wear a short or a bra! Please don’t walk naked’ ! .. the West’s Bully Boys can go to hell and fuck themselves; Iran must enjoy nukes and those things that the West sees them as bad things for Iran! .. the West is a bad joke. Now CIA whores like Farideh Farhi – who has worked for the IMF, the World Bank, the Crisis Group etc- are defenders of AN and Rouhani! But the Lefts defend such CIA whores and such IMF stooges! The Jewish CIA (Gary Sick, Chomsky, Leveretts etc) love whores like Farideh Farhi, Akbar Ganji and other anti-Iranian shits. But it’s funny that Mullahs and Lefts love and support such stooges of IMF and Imperialism! .. UK asks Mullahs to make a new Baby Boom in Iran! Now UK media openly says: Iran, Make more babies! (Economists, June 2014) Mullahs just obey their English Arbab (master) .. Now any sane person can see who is behind the Mullah regime and evil-childish plans like IMF Plans, Baby Boom, Medieval tyranny etc”.


In these days, sports and nuclear issue remind many of the main problems. As some wise Iranians say: “Now the West and its stooges (English Mullahs etc) can remind you of the 19th century or the 1970s. The West and its puppets (Mullahs etc) still try to hurt/ injure National Pride and National Self-Esteem in Iran. In the 1970s, Mullahs said Iran should not have nuclear programs, and the West supported Mullahs. At that time, Iranians were naive, and didn’t know who is who. But the West and its slaves (Islamists etc) could not keep Iranians naive and ignorant. They could not destroy National Pride, Self-Respect, or Self-Esteem in Iran. Now Iran’s people say: Yes WE CAN. But Mullahs, like Qajars, still say: NO WE Can NOT ! In 2014, and in the World Cup’s season, Mullahs openly say: NO WE Can NOT. All Iranians are aware of this issue. From morning to night, the Mullah TV said that Iran is weak, but Argentina, Bosnia and Nigeria are strong! Now the Mullah TV whores like Ferdosi-Pur (F-P) defend the Mullah team’s poor performance and say: ‘It’s our level. It’s Iran’s level. Iran is weak, and we should accept it. This is the level of Iran! This is our level’ !! Mullahs have no shame. But Iranians say to pigs like F-P: ‘Motherfucker, it’s your level, not Iran’s level. It’s your own fucking level, not our level ! You have no right (you eat shit / Goh Mikhori) to say your own low level is our level or Iran’s level’. Iranians are not blind, and know who are worse than Qajars and Pahlavis”. They also add: “Iranians know the West and its stooges -from Islamists to exiled whores. The West’s stooges pretend that their own stupidities and their own low levels are ours! They have low IQs and low level, but they pretend that all people are like themselves! The story of faggots like Ferdosi-Pur (F-P) is a (long story). In the past, Iranians cared about F-P, because Iranians thought that he is honest, good guy, anti-Mullah, or on the people’s side. One day, F-P was people’s hero. But now F-P has become a Khayemal (ass-licker), and a disgusting media whore. Now the Mullah TV and F-P lick the West’s ass, and try to hurt Iran’s national pride! Faggots like F-P just obey their Arbab (master), and just say what Big Brother wants. But Iranians know obvious things. Iranians know the stories of Costa Rica or Iran’s Volleyball team. As many Iranians say: ‘Costa Rica is a poor and small country. At the 2014 World Cup, they had to rival Italy and England. But did they start to say: We are weak, but Italy and England are strong. We are not as good as them. This is our level. We are so weak, and we can never defeat Italy or England?! Costa Rica didn’t act like the Anti-Iran Mullah TV and the Anti-Iranian faggots like F-P. Costa Rica didn’t say that we are weak, and this is our level ! Costa Rica didn’t act like Mullahs, and didn’t say that Italy and England have big names, rich players, big leagues etc, but we are stupid and unknown, and we cannot rival the West’s paper tigers. Costa Rica acted like the Iranian people. Costa Rica started to work, to practice, and to do its best, without any fear of big names and paper tigers. Costa Rica thought and acted like Iranians. They knew that ‘Fear’ is a brother of ‘Death’. They knew that instead of seeing yourself as a loser or a weak idiot, you should try to learn, to practice, and to do your best. You should not care about what the West’s Orwellian media says. The West and Barbarians say to all nations: ‘You are weak; You are stupid; You are not as good as us! We are strong, but you are weak. We are Arbab (masters), but you are slaves’ ! They want to enslave/ exploit other people. They are barbarians, and want to hide the truths. So, they try to play with you. But all well-educated people know that the West is the ancient Land of Barbarians […] After 2009, and after Snow-den, only whores and retards lick the West’s ass. Mullahs and faggots like F-P say: ‘We should not expect to defeat the West. We should not expect to defeat the big names! We should not have high expectations. We are weak and stupid’ ! Mullahs and faggots like F-P are worse than Qajars and Pahlavis. They don’t care about real problems or solutions. Whores and assholes like Ferdosi-Pur (F-P) and his friends sell their soul for a visa, a ticket to Brazil, or a handful of Dollars. Instead of criticizing Mullahs and terrible corruption and mismanagement in the Mullah system, they just lick the Mullah ass, and try to hide the root of problems! But Iranians know the main problems, and say to faggots like F-P: ‘if you don’t dare criticizing the West and Mullahs, Shut the fu-ck up and stop talking rubbish’ ! Now faggots like F-P just lick the West’s ass, and defend the systematic corruption and systematic mismanagement in the Mullah system. Now F-P and his friends have become the Enemies of the Truth & the People. They actually show you why the West and Mullahs try to make heroes out of whores and faggots like F-P, who are nothing but slaves of Money, traitors, Basiji faggots, Khayemals (ass-lickers) and Qarb-Zadeh (slaves of the West)”.

We should write more about the story of Celebrities and Fake heroes. But as some wise Iranians say: “little pigs like F-P and his friends try to create a new Mafia, a Baby Mafia! These little pigs try to play with people, to shape public opinions !, to fool people, and to pretend that Iran is equal to Mullahs or faggots like F-P. In Iran, all educated people know and hate tabloid newspapers (But Mullahs love tabloid, ie a newspaper that has a lot of stupid stories about celebs and stupid things rather than serious news) In Iran, all people know the level of tabloid. But now faggots like F-P praise tabloid newspapers! The level of Ferdosi-Pur (F-P) is equal to the level of Tabloid. In 2014, idiots like F-P and tabloid journalists said: ‘Iran is weak; Argentina will beat Iran 5 – 0; Messi will destroy team Iran; Iran is the World Cup’s weakest team, because Iran is weak and stupid … ‘. But now idiots pretend that such crap is what Iran’s people say!”. They also add: “In these years, the Mullah TV had only one hero that Iranians cared about him. He was F-P. Iran’s people cared about him, because they thought he is a non-political good guy, or an anti-Regime/ honest critic. But now F-P has become a slave of Mullahs, or a whore like tabloid journalists. In Iran, tabloid journalists are thugs and uneducated whores. But now F-P openly defends tabloid newspapers and Orwellian Journalism! Instead of criticizing Mullahs and caring about the main problems, F-P licks the Mullah ass and tries to fool people […] The Mullah TV and faggots like F-P just remind you of the 19th century, when the English spies/ stooges tried to pretend that Iranians are backward people; Iranians are stupid; Iranians Can Not rival the West! Their motto was like the Mullah motto: NO We Can Not !”. They also add: “the Mullah TV or the Mullah Football Federation is a cesspool of retards, corrupt whores, and anti-Iranian assholes. They just try to keep Iran weak, and to suppress Iranian experts. It’s their mission. But Iran’s average people and Iran’s experts say good things like: ‘Only those sportsmen/ players who play in Europe are good players?! Mullah TV and whores like F-P say Iranian players don’t play in Europe, and that’s why Iranian players are not good players! But it’s bullshit. It’s a big lie. Do Iran’s volleyball players play in Europe?! Iran’s volleyball men play in Iran, and money has not corrupted them. They have good education and good practice; so, they are good players, better than European players .. Mullah TV and whores like F-P say big names are important, and Iran should have fear of big names! But in sports, and in all aspects of life, performance, not big name, is important .. Many big names are fake heroes, media-made heroes. Even Costa Rica knew such obvious things, but Mullahs still lick the West’s ass! .. Mullahs and media whores just try to keep Iran weak and dependent. They openly crap about Team Work in Iran! They and their English Arbab (master) openly say that Iranians are not good at Team Work! But when they tell such lies, they censor the story of Iran’s volleyball team, because such stories can prove that they are big liars, and Iranians are good at Team Work .. One day, most Iranians thought that F-P is a good guy, and cares about Iran’s progress. But now it’s clear that F-P is a puppet .. All puppets of the West (Mullahs, F-P etc) have the same goal. They don’t care about Progress and Development. Their goal is playing with people, fooling people, embarrassing Iran, and keeping Iran weak & dependent. Whores like F-P defend a Corrupt System, and just try to embarrass Iran .. Money and Fame have corrupted people like Ferdosi-Pur (F-P). Now they are slaves of Money, and slaves of Mullahs. Just look how F-P licks the Mullah ass and craps about Iran .. F-P and his friends show their true colors. All of them (Kollo Yom!) are assholes. Instead of criticizing the Mullah team and Football-e Ali-Asqari (F-A), they openly defend F-A and Mullah team .. F-P defends F-A, and licks the Mullah ass .. Now F-P is the regime’s hero, and just reminds you of old farts/ ass-lickers like Shafie (Varzesh & Mardom)! .. Pigs like F-P are Hezb-e Baad (ie they go where the wind is blowing)! Do you remember what they said in 2006? .. Chalquz (shits) like F-P want to make waves, to ridicule Iran, to insult the people’s intelligence, to hurt national pride .. Iran’s performance at the 1978 World Cup was much better than Mullah performance. Mullahs just go backwards, and call it Progress! 1998 was better than 2006! and 2006 was better than 2014! .. Since 1979, Mullahs just wanted to weaken Iran by destroying Iran’s nuclear programs, Iran’s industries, Iran’s environment, Iran’s sports, Iranian experts etc … Mullah Football Federation, like the whole Mullah system, just tries to suppress Iranian experts and those who can convert Iran into a world power .. Now it’s clear who play the role of Break Pedal in Iran .. Iran is not a small, poor or new country like Costa Rica. Iran is the Home of Civilization and the oldest country on earth. When Europeans were Barbarians, and didn’t know how to utter or spell Civilization, Sports etc, Iranians were playing Chess, Polo etc. Even in recent centuries, when Iran had become weak, Iran was better/ stronger than most countries .. Costa Rica is a good example. Do Costa Rica and its media just said: We are weak, but Italy & England are strong?! If Costa Rica said: our level is not like their level; No We Can Not!, then Costa Rica could fuck England & Italy?! .. Bad Guys don’t want people to say: Yes We Try; Yes We Can .. the Nuclear issue is just part of the problems. They openly say: Iran should not have democracy; Iranians should not have a free and strong country; Iran even should not have sports achievements! Iran even should not have a good sport team or a good coach like Velasco! .. If you want to know the West and its stooges (Mullahs etc), the stories of ‘nukes and sports’ in the 1970s and 2010s can show you many things”.

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