Ahmad Shamlou Poems: Such A Weird Time It Is

July 29, 2014

“Islamists are psychos. They still send terrible noise and parasite, increase Filtering and Censorship, get on people’s nerves, and stupidly try to obey their Arbab (ie Satan/ Great Satan) and to make Iran’s people even angrier. Islamists are really psychos, anti-Culture and anti-Good. As the media reports, the 14th commemoration ceremony for the passing of Iranian poet Ahmad Shamloo was attacked by Islamists. Islamists are psychos. Islamists even attack literature, poets and poems. It’s the true meaning of Rouhani’s policy and his English democracy. All Islamists are sick pigs. Now Qalibaf openly tries to become Bin Laden, Seyed Zia or Mullah Omar! Qalibaf and his friends, Basiji/ Islamist faggots, are like Rouhani and try to hide their corruptions/ embezzlements by acting like Taliban or Seyed Zia. But do they stupidly dream of repeating Seyed Zia’s English Coup, aka the 1921 Coup? It’s not clear. But it’s clear that Iran’s people hate all Mullahs, and English Mullahs, from Seyed Zia to Seyed Ali, were and are enemies of Iran. Now even the very stupid Islamists/ Basijis talk about the End of Regime (Fatehe Regime), because now + 97% of Iranians hate all Mullahs and know that Islamists are nothing but the sons of Satan or the slaves of England”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, many things are stupid and ridiculous. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs help the West’s Lie Factory, and the West helps the Mullah Lie Factory. Tragedy at its peak becomes Comedy, and now Iranians just laugh and spit at the UK and its puppets, ie Mullahs, Islamists and exiled whores. Now the English Censorship, the West’s Censorship and the Mullah Censorship make many laugh, and remind many of (Shamlou and) ‘Such A Weird Time’. Now the West censors all facts/ news. Now Islamists and other animals openly attack Iranian Culture and Literature. Islamists and their Arbab show that they are sworn enemies of Iranian Culture and Iranian values, and it means, Islamists and their Arbab are sworn enemies of Culture, Civilization and Humanity. Islamists hate Shamlou, because Shamlou was not illiterate, stupid, uncultured, Khayemal (ass-licker), slave, or bad guy. Shamlu hated Dictatorship and brutal dictators, from Shah to Mullahs. Ahmad Shamlou (1925- 2000) was a Nobel prize nominee for literature in 1984. The themes in his poetry range from political issues mostly freedom to human condition and love. Ahmad Shamloo had his own problems/ weak points, but Iranians care about him because Shamlou was not Khayemal (ass-licker), while most of his friends/ colleagues were Khayemal. Ahmad Shamlou was not a slave of money and power, and that’s why Iranians and good guys care about him. But Islamists and Basijis are slaves of Satan and agents of the Devil, and that’s why they defend savage Arabs and their Zionist IMF, but attack Shamlou and Iran’s people. Islamists are sick pigs, and their Arab/ Jewish ideology is Satanism. Islamists and Zionists worship Satan, and that’s why they tell many big lies, steal people’s money and people’s votes, hurt innocent people, and kill innocent children. Islamists and Zionists are slaves of Jewish God/ Satan”. Shamlou, Shamloo or Shamlu is Iran’s most celebrated contemporary poet. Shamlu, an iconic figure in Iranian literature and modern poetry, passed away on July 25, 2000 at the age of 75. One of his famous poems is known as “Such a strange time” or “Such a weird time”. Lets take a look at part of this poem:

Such a weird time it is, my dear

They smell your mouth

To find out if you have told someone:

I love you

They smell your heart

Such a weird time it is, my dear

They knock on your door at the dark night,

to kill the light, to break your Lamp

You must hide the Light in dark closets

Such a strange time it is, my dear

They cut off the smiles from lips,

and the songs from throats,

You must hide your Emotions in dark closets

Such a strange time it is, my dear

Drunk with victory,

Satan celebrates a feast at mourning table

You must hide God in dark closets

Such a weird time it is, my dear …


In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs and the West act like retards and psychos. The West’s Lie Factory helps the Mullah Lie Factory, and shows that the West is really the Land of Systematic Censorship. We live in such a weird time. Terrible Censorship and Terrible big lies have become part of the daily life. Such a weird time it is (Ruzegar-e Qaribist); good guys are silent, but whores, faggots, ass-lickers, retards and Big Brother’s agents pretend that they are intellectuals, dissidents, critics or the people’s voice. Such a weird time it is. It’s When Lies tell the Truth. But the West and its puppets even censor ‘When Lies tell the Truth’. Such a weird time it is; A group of the stupid bastards, ie the stupid Rights, tear their asses and kill themselves to defend savage Jews. On the other hand, another group of the stupid bastards, ie the stupid Lefts, tear their asses and kill themselves to defend savage Arabs. They don’t care about Truth, Humanity and Iranian values. They shed crocodile tears for Arabs/ Jews, but they just play dirty political games. They don’t care about average people and people’s pain. All stupid bastards are enemies of Iran and Iranian values. In 2009, 2012, 2013, and 2014, they closed their dirty eyes to the anti-Iran Sadism, the Jewish incitement to genocide, and the people’s pain and suffering in Iran; they even defended Mullahs and the anti-Iran evil acts and the Jewish incitement to genocide. Now the Stupid lefts -from big pigs like Chomsky to little shits like Ganji- shed crocodile tears for Arabs. But in these years, they didn’t defend Iran or Iran’s people, and said nothing about the anti-Iran Jews/ Arabs. They could see the Anti-Iran Sadism, the Anti-Iran evil acts, the love stories of ‘the IMF, Islamists, Arabs and Zionists’. They knew how the West, Arabs and Zionists united against Iran, and how Western bullies and Zionists threatened Iran with wars, nukes and genocide. But they closed their dirty mouths. But now these pigs -from big pigs like Noam Chomsky to little shits like Akbar Ganji and exiled whores- tear their asses and kill themselves to defend the Anti-Iran savage Arabs (Koon khode-shoon ro baray Arab-hay Zede-Iran Jer Midan) […] Iran’s people are great people. Iranians care about all innocent children, including Arab children and Jewish children. But Iranians have not forgotten how Savage Arabs and Savage Jews united against Iran in 2012 and 2013. Iranians have not forgotten how Hamas and Palestine defended Saddam, and helped Saddam during the Iraq-Iran war. Iranians know why the media says: ‘Hamas and Palestinians didn’t care about Iran or Iran’s interests, and strongly defended Syrian terrorists, Syrian Islamists, ISIS and other (savage Islamists) in Syria and Iraq’. Iranians know that Arabs, like Jews, are so ungrateful. Iranians have not forgotten how Hamas and all savage Arabs were happy in 2009, and even aided Mullahs in killing Iranian children in 2009. Iranian people know many things, and that’s why Iranians hate all savage pigs in both fucking Is-rael and fuc-king Gaza. Iran’s people only care about innocent children, and about good guys (good Arabs or good Jews) who are not savage, uncultured, ungrateful and anti-Iranian”. They also add: “Islamists and Zionists are two sides of the same coin. Islamists and Khatamists are not Iranians. They are Arabs or Jews. One day they defend bad Arabs, and one day they defend bad Jews. They are stupid psychos. Big Brother’s agents -from big pigs like Chomsky to little shits like Khatamists and exiled whores- don’t care about Iranian values, aka Human values. They have low IQs, and as Sadeq Hedayat said: ‘they can see a small straw in other people’s eyes, but they cannot see a very big hockey stick in their own asses ! (Kah ra beh Cheshm Digaran Mibinand, Ama Dasteh Bil ra beh Koon khod Nemibinand !) The stupid Lefts stupidly care about small problems (a small straw), while they close their fucking eyes to big problems and main problems. They suffer from big paradoxes, and the love story of ‘Islamists and Zionist IMF’ is just one of their many paradoxes. Sadeq Hedayat, the great Iranian intellectual, knew these stupid bastards and said good things about them. If you want to feel the joy of reading Hedayat’s comments and the power of Hedayat’s satire, you should know the Persian language. Translation ruins many things […] Hedayat knew their AnAnaat. He knew why they cannot see ‘Dasteh Bil ra beh…’ ! Hedayat and Shamlu knew AnAnaat, and now all Iranians can see and feel AnAnaat. Now Iranians say: ‘Such a weird time it is; You must hide God in the closet; you must hide the Light in dark closets […] Now Shamlu’s poems, which are new poems, have turned into one of the classics of literature. Now Shamlu’s comments like ‘the grave digger’s wages Exceed the price of human life and human freedom’, have turned into proverbs”. So, Lets take a look at a small part of Shamlu’s poems:

I have never feared death

Even though

Its hands were more fragile

Than banality

I dread, however, to die

In a land where

The grave digger’s wages

Exceed the price of human freedom


Shamlou talked about Hope at the Darkest times and the Darkest Nights. He said: In the end one night, Moon will be rising .. One night moon will come …

A Moon-Lit Night

On a moon-lit night

Moon is in my dream

It takes me with it

Alley to alley,

Valley to valley

On a moon-lit night

Moon is in my dream

It takes me with it

Out of the prison

Like a little moth

Into the dark night

It takes me where the

Martyrs of the town

With lanterns of blood

In the squares and streets

Cry until the dawn:

In the end one night

Moon will be rising

Over that mountain

Over the valley

And into the square,

Passing happily

One night moon will come

One night moon will come

As some wise Iranians say: “In the world whole, it is very rare to find real intellectuals. But Hedayat and Shamloo are among those rare people that you can call them Real Intellectuals. You can see Shamlou as a weaker version of Hedayat. [We have already written about Sadeq Hedayat (1903- 1951); check Archive] Hedayat knew and hated English Mullahs, including Seyed Zia and Martikeh Kashi (Mullah Kashani). If you want to know English Colonialism, Mullahs and Islamists better, you should know what Iranian Intellectuals like Hedayat said about them. Seyed Zia was a Mullah, an English Mullah. Seyed Zia was a notorious Free-m-ason. Seyed Zia said AnAnaat means traditions, and all people should care about AnAnaat. But Hedayat and his friends laughed/ spat at Seyed Zia and English Mullahs, and used AnAnaat in a sarcastic and satirical way (An = shit; so Hedayat said AnAnaat means shitty things, shitty/ evil acts etc). Hedayat referred to Seyed Zia, English Mullahs and other shitty things as AnAnaat. In the Pearl Cannon, Hedayat said the English love your AnAnaat, and they respect your religious AnAnaat, because they want to keep your country weak and backward. It’s the English Policy stupid. Hedayat knew that the UK just uses AnAnaat and religious fanatics to keep Iran weak. Hedayat knew that what religious fanatics and slaves of Ideology do is AnAnaat (shitty things; evil acts etc). He knew why the UK loves AnAnaat. He knew English Mullahs like Seyed Zia. Seyed Zia acted like today’s Mullahs and Taliban. For instance, he forbad drinking alcohol and men-women relations, while he himself lived like Satanists and had close relations with England and Jewish Zionists. Average people, intellectuals like Hedayat, and even politicians like Mossadeq hated Seyed Zia. But who were friends of Seyed Zia? Pahlavi, Islamists, Zionists and England. Now all historians confirm that Seyed Zia was a puppet of England (Nokar-e Englis). But Islamists still love or defend Seyed Zia’s AnAnaat”. They also add: “Seyed Zia published ‘Shargh Newspaper’ and AnAnaat Pamphlet, and now Seyed Zia’s followers and their media -from the BBC to ‘Shargh Newspaper’ – still love AnAnaat, and still defend Rouhani and the Mullah AnAnaat. But now these stupid bastards are the 3%, and the 97% of Iranians hate them”. Iranian people know bad guys, but many non-Iranians are still ignorant. As some wise Iranians say: “English AnAnaat, Jewish AnAnaat, religious AnAnaat, Ideological AnAnaat, political AnAnaat and economical AnAnaat have polluted the whole world. The West loves AnAnaat so much. Now people like Snow-den talk about the Western AnAnaat. But what’s the consequence of AnAnaat. As Hedayat said: ‘Anqadr AnAnaat Kardand ke Sahraye Karbala shod’ ! (they made too much AnAnaat, and finally it brought great disaster/ downfall etc). The West, Islamists and all religious fanatics are stupid psychos. They even don’t know that their stupid AnAnaat just accelerate the speed of their own downfall and their own End”. Unfortunately, many don’t know Iranian thinkers, Iranian poets, and other great men of Persia. Many even don’t know that Iranian poets are among the World’s greatest poets. But as some wise Iranians say: “Even Iran’s modern poets, including Shamlu, are great poets. Shamlu has many good poems. But many (including us) prefer his sociopolitical poems. You should read Shamlu’s poems in Persian. But you should not forget that Shamlou was actually sending a message of hope to all humans: Listen Fairies, the long night is ending; Not much remains of the night; Now the slaves are ready to pick up torches; and beat the soul of the night with them; and finish off the Devil’s darkness … Listen fairies …”

(the following poem is part of Shamlou’s famous poem Paria or Fairies)


Once upon a time,

Three pretty Fairies sat at sunset

“Boo-hoo,” cried the Fairies

their tears were like rain from spring clouds

Their hair was as long as rope

and as dark as night

Before them, upon the horizon

Was a city of enslaved men

Behind them, black and cold

sat the old fabled Castle

They listened; and from the city they heard

the sounds of chains clinking

While from behind them in the castle

came the nightly moans



Dear Fairies, why are you crying?

(We want to defeat all Devils)

Why don’t you come to our City?

Our city wants to celebrate tonight

For the Devil’s house has been overthrown

The Devil is mad, the people are happy

Listen Fairies, the long night is ending

and the doors of the Evil castle are fastened

There is no place for Devils to run now

For them, the forests will be barren

For them, the jungles will be desert

The chains will be open

Slave-holders and Devils will be ashamed

the slaves are being freed

They become a flood,

a flood of slaves

a flood of anger, Whoosh!

The slaves are becoming free

Once upon a time,

Three pretty fairies sat at sunset

“Boo-hoo,” cried the Fairies

and their tears were like rain from spring clouds

Before them, upon the horizon

Was a city of enslaved boys

Behind them, black and cold

sat the Devil’s Castle

They listened; and from the city they heard

the sounds of chains clinking

Listen fairies …

Not much remains of the night

Now the slaves are ready to pick up torches

and beat the soul of the night with them

and finish off the Devil’s darkness

Listen fairies …

How to Read Books: When Lies Tell the Truth

July 24, 2014

“These days are full of Censorship and Censorship; Noise and Parasite; Rozeh and Rozeh (Rozeh means Mourning; Talking nonsense; Lying etc) These days Iran’s people curse all Islamists, and use F words a lot. Now all channels of the Mullah TV have become RozehTV. From morning to night, the Anti-Iran Mullah TV gets on people’s nerves. The Mullah TV is CensorshipTV, and a branch of the West’s Lie Factory. They even censor sports games. Their terrible censorship and their support of Iran’s enemies -from their Zionist IMF to Savage Arabs- just remind you of the UK media. Mullahs and Islamists are worse than animals, and just make Iran’s people even angrier. Mullahs and Islamists are Ajnabi (Arabs/ Jews), slaves of Satan, and sworn enemies of Iran. The Anti-Iran Mullah TV is actually a Zionist-Arab-English TV. Now + 97% of Iranians hate the Mullah TV so much. The West is behind Mullahs, and badly censors such facts. But now even the stupid Mullah media protests against the Mullah TV, because now all Iranians (+97%) openly curse Mullahs/ Islamists and use a stream of invective (F words) when they watch the Mullah TV . All Iranians (+97%) hate slaves of England & Jewish God. Now Iranians say to both savage Arabs and Savage Jews: ‘Hey Animals, Stop killing innocent children; Stop Wars; Stop Barbarism’. But Mullahs and other slaves of Satan, from savage Arabs to savage Jews, love killing innocent children and hurting people, because all of them are sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian values”, some wise Iranians say. We should write more about current events. But here lets focus on a related issue. As some wise Iranians: “the Ministry of Truth controls the press and the media. Book is the symbol of Knowledge. Many still think only scientists, intellects or good guys write books. But unfortunately, it’s a wrong assumption. Now many charlatans, politicians and other bad guys write books. Unfortunately, the bad guys and the Ministry of Truth have polluted many good things, including books, sciences and technology. It’s a bad news. But the good news is that you can know who are the bad guys, and who tell paradoxical jokes. The good news is that even Lies can tell the Truth”. It’s a good point. We want to write a series, “How to Read Books”, on this issue and take a look at some books by using an Iranian theory. As some wise Iranians say: “According to this theory, their books and other products of the Ministry of Truth have three parts: 1)-Comic part, which includes ridiculous lies and apparent paradoxes 2)-Tragic part, which includes a few true things 3)-Tragicomic part, in which they stupidly try to mix a few true things with many big lies, and to reach ridiculous conclusions”. We try to provide examples of using, explaining, and testing this theory. And here lets start with a book about the Pahlavi era. This book is a new book: Parviz Sabeti’s memories, aka “In the Net of Events”, 2012. This book is a long interview with Sabeti, a key member of the Pahlavi’s secret police (Savak). As some wise Iranians say: “After the 1953 CIA coup, they created Savak, and in the 1960s & 1970s, Sabeti became a synonym for Savak (Pahlavi’s Gestapo). The interviewer, or the author of this so-called book, is Erfan Qaneii-Fard. He is a stupid kid, and just reminds you of those whores or baby spies who call themselves historians. Unfortunately little kids become spies and stooges, lose their humanity, and only a few of them can change and become people like Snow-den. Sabeti, 75, joined Gestapo when he was a little kid. Sabeti or Gestapo tells many lies, but shows you many things”. What you here is an excerpt of the book. We have only used a little satirical exaggeration to put emphasis on the depth of tragedy. As some wises Iranians say: “Writing, and also reading, about the Ministry of Truth’s crap would be so boring and unbearable, if you deprive yourself of the joy of a little satirical exaggeration”. So, lets takes a look at the book, and see how Gestapo becomes Libertarian, and how Lies can Tell the Truth:

1 – Comic Part

Q (whore): Iran is a backward country, and Iranians still care about bad things like Independence and Patriotism. Mosaddeq said: the West has no right to plunder our oil. Mosaddeq was so stupid. But Iranians still think patriots like Mosaddeq are good guys. But we should thank the UK and the C-IA for creating the 1953 Coup and toppling Mosaddeq …

A (Gestapo): Yah, we should thank the West for plundering Iran’s oil. Shah said that the West, aka Consortium, should decide about Iran’s oil. In the 1960s, and even in the 1970s, Consortium decided about Iran’s oil. Iran even was not allowed to sell its own oil. But it was a good thing. Shah was a great Nationalist, and he knew that if the West decides about our oil, our life and our Iran, it’s better for us. Shah said Independence is a bad thing. So, Shah was Nationalist, and that’s why MI-6 and CI-A helped Shah, created the 1953 Coup, and returned Shah to power. But Mossadeq cared about Independence and Nationalism. So, MI6 and CI-A toppled Mossadeq, because Mossadeq was not a real Nationalist. Mossadeq was a stooge of the UK and the US. Mossadeq was Mozdoor (puppet/ mercenary), but Shah was Nationalist. So, the US and the UK toppled Mossadeq …

Q (whore): Such a great analysis. But Iranians are so stupid, and cannot understand such things. Anyway, you went to Savak (Gestapo) at age 22, but you suddenly became a manager there, because you were a very smart guy …

A (Gestapo): Yah, in the Shah’s system only Khayemals (ass-lickers) became managers. But I was an exception. I was Bahai, but Foreign support or Mafia didn’t help me to become a manager in Gestapo. They saw that I am a smart guy. So I became a high rank manager in Gestapo at age 22 …

Q (whore): Shah and you, his Gestapo, were really believed in Democracy and Free Speech. You truly said Tyranny is Democracy, but Iranians protested against you. Iranians deserved to be killed and tortured. People are Sheep, and need a shepherd. Shah was the shepherd. It’s Democracy. But Iranians are so stupid …

A (Gestapo): Yah, Iranians are so stupid. We said Shah should elect all MPs (Members of Parliament), and people must accept what we dictate to them. It’s Democracy. Election is Kaskh (a joke). Free Election is meaningless. Shah elects, and people accept. Shah elects, and people obey Shah. It’s Democracy. We are proud that we didn’t have even one free election in the Shah era …

Q (whore): God bless you. Election is meaningless. But Iranians are so stupid. You were really good guys, because you killed and tortured those Iranians who dared to talk about free election, political prisoners, censorship, tyranny, suppression etc

A (Gestapo): Yah, we killed and tortured critics, because we were good guys. All political prisoners were terrorists and drug addicts. We referred to dissidents as terrorists, and to critics as drug addicts etc. We said Shah should control all media, and censor everything. It’s Democracy and Good Government. People are free to write and to say what Shah dictates to them. It’s the real Freedom …

Q (whore): Such a great Freedom. I think you have never told a lie in your life. But Iranians are stupid and call you liar. Shah worked for the UK and the US, and so, he knew the true meaning of Freedom and Democracy …

A (Gestapo): Yah, Shah was a real hero, and that’s why he was a puppet of the West. Foreigners controlled the Shah, and he was proud of it. All the Shah’s men were free-m-asons, spies and stooges of the UK and the US. People like Rashidian and Sharif-Emami were notorious Free-m-asons. Shah was aware of this issue, and called them “Jasoos-e PerdarSukhteh’ (Damn Spies). But Shah loved them. Alam, Shah’s right-hand man, was a British spy. Shah knew it. But Shah was proud of Alam. Amouzegar was a stooge of the IMF. We knew that all the Shah’s men are Freemasons, Nokar-e Englis (puppets of England) or Nokar-e America (stooges of America). But we and the Shah thought that it’s a good thing, and it’s Democracy and Nationalism.

Q (whore): Puppets of the West are the real Nationalists. But Iranians are stupid. You really cared about Iran’s Progress, and freedom and democracy in Iran. What Iranians say about tyranny, censorship, torture, lack of freedom etc are bullshit ..

A (Gestapo): Yah, Iranians didn’t deserve us and Gestapo’s democracy. We knew what was good for people. We censored all books, and asked our puppets to write books for us. We controlled all media, and censored all news. We asked all media to write and to say what we want. It’s Democracy. We were liberals. We just arrested and tortured those who dared to criticize Shah, or to criticize us. We, like Mullahs, had our holy redlines. Criticism or criticizing Pahlavi was our holy redline (Moqadassat Melli) ..

Q (whore): Shah was a sacred thing, a holy thing, and you had to defend him. Shah was ‘Shadow of God’, but Mullahs …

A (Gestapo): Yah, we killed and tortured people, because we were moral people. Shah’s men were moral people. Shah’s men were corrupted guys like Davaloo, Ayadi, Yazdani and other freemasons. They were members of Drug Mafia. They were the top drug dealers. They loved Bribery and Blackmailing. They stole money from people. Shah knew it. Many knew it. But Shah loved them, and they were Shah’s close friends, because Corruption is a moral value. Ayadi, Yazdani, Hoveyda (Shahs 13-year Prime Minister) and many ministers and generals were Bahais. We all were Bahais. Our religion was and is money, power, Slavery and Khayemali (ass-licking). Shah’s family and friends were drug addicts. But they pretend otherwise, because Hypocrisy is a moral value. Shah’s sister was a great drug dealer. The Shah’s family and friends were top drug dealers. In 1972, Davaloo was arrested in Europe, because he was transporting drugs. All media talked about this issue. In 1961, Ashraf (Shah’s sister) was arrested for drugs. Europeans arrested her. Shah, his family and his friends were crooks, thieves, and corrupted people. I say such things about Davaloo, Ayadi, Qotbi etc because I love them, and I know that all people love such corrupted guys, too. Davaloo was a corrupt devil, but Shah loved him. Shah and all of us loved corruption and corrupted guys. It’s Morality. Shah was a man of morality ..

Q (whore): Shah was really a great man. But Shah’s critics were M-ason, Teryaki (drug addict), Terrorist, Spy ..

A (Gestapo): Yah, Shah was a stooge of foreigners (Amele Biganeh). We, Pahlavists, were stooges of foreigners (Nokar-e Biganeh). But we were nationalists, while our critics were terrorists, drug addicts, and puppets of the West. We, Pahlavists, are Khayemals (ass-lickers) and Va-Tan-Forouh (whores). Now many Pahlavists, who are crooks, thieves, spies and stooges, freely travel to Iran under the Mullah regime, and have good relations with Mullahs.

Q: Pahlavists are good guys. Only a few Marxists hated Shah and Pahlavists. Only a few Marxists said that Iran need Freedom and Democracy, and Shah is a bad guy …

A: Yah, a few Marxists said such bad things. But Shah was a good guy. We killed critics and dissidents, but we paid their families. We were such good guys. We killed and tortured critics, but we said they are drug addicts, not critics. We were such good guys ..

Q: You were good stooges of the West. But Mullahs are evil puppets ..

A: Yah, we allowed the West to control all aspects of life in Iran. The West decided about our oil, our army, our life and everything. But it’s not good that you say Mullahs are puppets of England. It’s not good that people refer to Mullahs as “Made in England”. We should respect Mullahs and England.

Q: Excuse me, We should love Mullahs, or We should hate Mullahs …

A: We should love what Arbab (Master) says. Shah’s men knew this. Alam loved Mullahs. Pakravan loved Mullahs. Nasiri and Moqadam loved Mullahs. Ma-sons loved Mullahs. In 1978, Sharif-Emami, the notorious M-ason, was appointed as the prime minister, because he had good relations with Mullahs. Masons and Mullahs were close friends ..

Q: I really hate Iranians, because they say bad things about the Arbab (master). I think we should try to smear all Iranians …

A: Yah, we should say all Iranians and all intellectuals are stupid whores, because you, me and Masoud Behnoud are stupid whores. It’s a good trick. All humans are stupid, because you and me are stupid. All Iranians are bad guys, because we and our friends are bad guys. In fact, A bunch of spies and stooges = All people …

Q: Such a great logic. You just (remind us) of Mullahs. The West and Monarchists (Pahlavists) love such logic. But Iranians are stupid, and just talk about Honesty, Humanity, Human values and such stupid things …

A: Iranians are stupid. Democracy means that you are a stupid sheep, and you need a SareKhar (shepherd) like Shah or Vali. The West knows Democracy. The West says Monarchy is Democracy, and we should accept what the West says. The West should decide about our life, because the West is smarter than us. But Iranians cannot understand such things. King, Dictator, Gestapo etc are symbols of Democracy. But Iranians don’t know Democracy, and don’t deserve it. Gestapo kills and tortures people because they deserve it. Gestapo censors the media and the press, because Gestapo cares about the real Freedom. We, Pahlavists, were Khayemal (ass-licker), Nokar-Sefat (so cheap) and Past-Fetrat (so mean and stupid). Only such people could work in the Pahlavi system, and the West loved this issue. But Iranians are stupid and ungrateful ..


2 – Tragic Part

Q: Who were really the Shah’s men?

A: the Shah’s men were a bunch of spies and stooges. Amouzegar was a stooge of (IMF) and USA. Sharif-Emami was a notorious Free-m-ason. But in the 1960s, and also in 1978, Shah appointed Sharif-Emami as his prime minister! In 1977 to 1978, Amouzegar was the prime minister. He implemented (IMF plans), and made people even angrier. He said ‘Austerity measures’ are good things and can stop revolts! Amouzegar and Sharif-Emami just implemented (IMF plans) and the West’s plans, and paved the way for the 1979 Revolution. The US was behind people like Amouzegar and Ansari. We all knew this. But we ourselves were puppets and ..

Q: Who were stooges of Gestapo? Who worked for you? How you controlled …

A: Many worked for us. Behnoud worked for Savak. Alikhani worked for Savak (he is the editor (censor) of Alam’s memories). Ehsan Naraqi worked for Savak. Naraqi was my friend. Ehsan Naraqi was a long-life agent of (Big Brother). Naraqi and Shariati worked for us. Esmaeel Raeen worked for us, and we gave him our documents, and he wrote Books like “Free-m-asonry in Iran” and “The puppets of England, or English Stooges in Iran” (Hoquq-Begiran Englis dar Iran)! But after publishing these books, we told Shah and his wife: when the Shah’s men are free-m-asons, and Mullahs and many officials are English stooges and get money from England, they should be arrested; otherwise, it would be AberuRizi (very embarrassing), and people would laugh/ spit at us. But Shah loved to make a fool of himself. The Shah’s men are free-m-asons and Nokar-e Englis (puppets of England), but we do nothing?! It’s so shameful. It’s so stupid. But Shah didn’t want to hurt the UK and the US …

Q: Shah really knew that his men are spies/ stooges of the UK and the USA ?!

A: Yah, we knew, and he knew. He even knew that Alam, his right-hand man, is an English spy. Shah knew Rashidian, Shapoor Reporter, Sharif-Emami, and other M-I-6 agents. Shah knew that Amouzegar and his brother work for the IMF and the US. In 1977, they implemented (IMF plans like subsidies cut, austerity measures etc) and made people even angrier. Austerity measures (IMF Plans) was exactly what the Revolution needed. It was the exact opposite of what the Shah regime needed. But Shah was so stupid. In 1977 & 1978, they just created more Inflation, more poverty and more Corruption, and it’s just helped the West. The West wanted to topple the Shah. But the Shah was a stupid coward. He even didn’t dare to stop implementing (IMF plans) and the West’s plans in Iran. He dug his own grave. In 1977 & 1978, he appointed the notorious spies/ m-asons like Amouzegar and Sharif-Emami as his prime ministers. And I don’t know why (it just remind me of) the Mullah regime and the 2010s …

Q: Did you control Mullahs? Did you know what they do?

A: Many Mullahs were our puppets. We paid many Mullahs. Mullahs and Islamists like Shariati, Motahari and Beheshti had good relations with Savak. We knew that many Mullahs are corrupt guys, and have extramarital affairs with married women. Our agents pretended that they are married women but want more pleasure. So, Mullahs fucked married women, and we secretly filmed them. Their love scenes were filmed. We knew that Mullahs are such hypocrites. But the UK and the US were behind Mullahs …

Q: Shah’s men like Alam had good relations with Mullahs and Islamists …

A: Yah, Alam worked for England. Alam was Afsad Al-Fasedin (the most corrupt guys). England was behind Islamists like Fadayan Islam (Sacrificers for Islam), and Alam had close relations with these Islamists, who killed (assassinated) critics of England. They killed Hajeer, because Hajeer (the UK stooge) started criticizing England. They killed Kasravi, because he wrote some books about English stooges (Bahais etc). Islamists just served the England’s interests, but tried to pretend otherwise. They killed Razmara. But many, including Razmara’s family, said that Alam and England are behind Razmara’s assassination. Islamist killers were not punished for killing Kasravi, Razmara etc. Islamist killers were exempted from any punishment. Alam and England were behind these Islamists. Shah knew this, but he had a great fear of England ..

Q: Did you know the MEK and Rajavi? Did they work for Gestapo?

A: Yah, Rajavi worked for us. Rajavi’s brother, Kazem Rajavi, was my friend. I myself employed him to work for Gestapo. We killed all MEK’s leaders, and made Rajavi their new leader …

Q: What was the Shah’s mistake? Why the West toppled the Shah regime?

A: Shah wanted to get rid of ‘Oil Consortium’, and to sell Iran’s oil independently. In 1973, Shah said: In 1979, I will get rid of Consortium, and I myself would sell Iran’s oil as Persian oil. So Consortium (ie UK & US) tried to topple him. Shah wanted to have advanced weapons. It made them angry. But Shah was a stupid coward. He made many concessions to the West. Shah sacrificed his people for the West. Shah’s prime ministers (Eqbal, Sharif-Emami, Amini, Alam, Hoveyda, Amouzegar etc) were either Free-m-asons or US agents. In the 1970s, even in 1977 & 1978, they implemented (IMF plans) in Iran. Amouzegar obeyed (IMF & World Bank) and said Austerity measures can stop revolts! Amouzegar was Dalal (corrupt broker). Amourzar (and IMF) just tried to make Iran’s people even angrier. The West knew that Shah has a weak character. But they pretended that he is a smart guy, and he doesn’t need any wise advisor. They encouraged Shah (Shiresh kardan) to become a brutal dictator, to get rid of wise guys, and to make people even angrier. All experts and wise guys were dismissed for being wise and honest. So, at the time of the great crisis, Shah was alone. Only whores and ass-lickers were around him. Even Moqadam, the head of Savak, worked for the West. In 1978, He himself told me that he has close relations with the MI6. I wanted to tell this to the Shah. But I was expelled, and left Iran. Shah had already replaced experts with ass-lickers. So he finally drowned in the sea of crises and problems …

3 – Tragicomic Part

Q: Why idiots say you are a very bad guy and a brutal torturer …

A: I fought against terrorists, critics and dissidents. So they hate me. Idiots hate me. But I am better than Mullahs. Of course you should write a few bad things about me, otherwise people think you are our puppet …

Q: OK … When you left Gestapo in 1978, at age 42, you were still young. You went to the USA. But did you work for …

A: No. I did nothing. I just loved the USA. But I didn’t work for them. The USA and the UK betrayed us, but we should love them. The USA is our Arbab (master), and we should accept what our Arbab says …

Q: Do you know who killed Esmaeel Raeen and other critics of free-m-asons? many say Islamists killed him in 1979 …

A: It’s not important who killed him. I think fre-e-m-asons are good guys. Many spies and m-asons were good guys. For instance, Shapoor Reporter was a bad M-I6 Agent. But he was Farah’s (Shah’s wife) English teacher. He was a close friend of Alam (Shah’s right-hand man). Shah knew this, but Shah loved him. We all worked with him. We were such nationalists …

Q: Who controlled the Shah? Many say Alam and England controlled the Shah …

A: You should not say such bad things. We should love England and America …

Q: Oh, sorry, but who toppled the Shah?

A: the UK and the USA; the 1979 Revolt was a foreign plot. But we should love the US and the UK. They paid us to hurt Iranians, and to fuck Iran. They allowed us to live here, in the US. They know that we are killers, torturers, crooks and thieves, but we are not tried for our crimes. So, we should be grateful. We should lick their ass. But Shah’s foreign policy was stupid. He was giving many many concessions to the West, but he said he is actually “Giving some bones to the dogs” ! It was Shah’s foreign policy. The West wanted Blackmail, and Shah was giving them what they wanted (Baj Midad), because Shah wanted to silence them. It was our foreign policy. But Shah was a smart guy. Shah’s critics were and are “Khar va Ahmaq” (donkeys and idiots) ..

Q: Yah, Iranians are so stupid. But we, stupid bastards, are smart guys …

A: I am the smartest ‘stupid bastards’. I was the brain of the Shah Regime. I said to the Shah that if we arrest 1500 leaders of the revolt, then we can easily stop the Revolution. In 1978, Shah didn’t listen to this advice, but in 2009, Mullahs listened to this advice. Of course even if you arrest 1500 leaders, nothing will change unless the West and the Media support you. But in 1978, the West and the Media didn’t support the Shah. They wanted to topple the Shah. But in 2009 …

Q: Why the West toppled the Shah? What the West really wanted?

A: The US supported Mullahs, because the US thought that they can have a puppet regime with “Islamic Sauce and American Essence” in Iran. But now they have a puppet regime with “Islamic Sauce and English Essence”. Shah wanted to be a world power. But Shah was so weak. In 1978, about one year before the Revolution, Ashraf (Shah’s sister) told me that she wants to leave Iran, because the West wants to topple the Shah regime, and they should obey the West. I don’t know why they didn’t resist. But we all have learned that the West’s will is like the God’s will, and we should accept it ..

Q: Could you really control or prevent the Revolution?

A: Yes we could, but if Shah was not such a stupid coward and such a puppet dictator. Instead of caring about the West and what the West wants, we had to care about Iranians and what Iranian people want. But we just made people even angrier. The West betrayed us. But we should respect the West. The West is our Arbab (master). Iranian people are so stupid, and don’t deserve freedom and democracy. I hate Iranian people ..

Q: So, the Shah regime was not a corrupted regime. The Shah regime was actually a very good regime …

A: Yah, Shah was a great man. All the Shah’s men were corrupted people. But the Shah’s regime was a very good regime. Shah controlled all media, all universities and everything in Iran. Shah decided about all aspects of life and everything in Iran. Shah was a brutal dictator, and a puppet dictator. Shah just obeyed the West’s orders. Shah didn’t care about people and what people want. Shah just cared about what the West wants, because it was better for the people. So, the Shah’s regime was a very good regime ..

Q: And finally what you want to say to the younger generations …

A: I ask them to stop saying Shah was a puppet dictator, a corrupt guy, or a bad guy. Shah was a good guy. We were good guys. We were good dictators. Iranians should thank Shah and other puppet dictators. We should try to rewrite history …

The West is A Lie Factory ?!

July 18, 2014

In these days, many things are ridiculous. As some wise Iranians say: “Now the Western media is even worse than the Mullah media! The West censors more things, more than the Mullah media. It’s really shameful and ridiculous. We don’t know why they insist on showing the true face of the West in this way. But we know that the West’s Censorship and the West’s big lies are not signs of wisdom or strength. This level of Censorship, and this kind of Big Lies are clear signs of Weakness and Stupidity. This level of Censorship just shows that the End of the West is near (Fatehe Qarb ro Bayad Khund). In 2014, when Iranians take a look at the UK media or the US media, they are often in a state of shock! It’s really shocking for people to see that the West is the Capital of Censorship, and the land of the Ministry of Truth. It’s shocking for people to see that the West is really uncultured, liar, hypocrite, Barbarian and Orwellian. It’s quite shocking for people to see that the West is A Lie Factory. Now, in 2014, even the Mullah media talks about the 2014 Referendum, the English Mullahs, the disastrous results of the IMF plans, the love story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’ etc. But the West censors all facts/ news. The Mullah media even talks about the importance of the 2014 Referendum, in which the 97% of Iranians clearly declared that they hate Rouhani. But the West censors all facts. Even the Mullah media talks about English Mullahs and the story of ‘Mesbah and Rouhani’. But the West censors all news. In June 2014, the Mullah media reports: ‘(English Mullahs like) Mesbad say: Rouhani is a student (puppet) of England’ ! In July 2014, Rouhani’s media says: ‘We know how many times Mesbah has gone to England. Does Mesbah like we reveal his dossier?! We know his shameful dossier, and How many times Mesbah has gone to the UK and the USA, and how many times Mesbah has met with (US/ English agents)’ !! (July 2014) Yah, it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black! But the most important thing is that the West and all Western media – from the US media to the Lefty Media- censor such facts/ news. Now even the Mullah media talks about the disastrous results of the IMF plans, and says: Why we make Iranian people even angrier, when the first phase of the IMF Plans was a total disaster/ failure’ ! Now even the Mullah media talks about the Mullah Car industry and says: ‘the real cost of their (stupid car) is $1000. But why they sell it to people for $7000 .. The Car industry has been exempted from Sanctions. Now Sanctions can not be used as an excuse. But now they say Sanctions are not important [!!], and we should increase prices, because (high inflation is a good thing) ! Instead of decreasing car price -because of removing sanctions and/ or reducing dollar value- they just try to increase car price and to make Iranians even angrier’ ! (July 2014) The Mullah media publishes such things. But the West censors everything. It’s really ridiculous. The stupid Mullah media talks about the IMF Plans, Rouhani’s big lies, English Mullahs etc but the Western media censors all facts/ news, and just cares about stooges and Khaz guys (hateful figures). Now the CIA media and pigs like Gary Sick say: ‘New Study Shows Leading Iranian Figures Support Nuclear Deal’ ! (July 2014) or ‘Voices from Iran: Strong Support for Rouhani’ !! (July 2014) They have no shame. They refer to their own spies/ stooges as ‘Iranian people’ or ‘Leading Figures’ ! They pretend 3% = 97% ! They know the 2014 Referendum and this fact that the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani and all Islamists (Khatamists, Basijis etc). But they still make a fool of themselves and tell childish lies […] Even their own CNN went to Tehran and Iran’s streets, and saw how all Iranians hate the US Bullying, and say: ‘the US has no right to tell us what we should have .. Iran must have Nukes, simply because the US and Iran’s enemies have Nukes’. But the UK, the C-IA and people like Gary Sick, Chomsky and Leveretts just crap about Iranians, support Islamists, and show us who is really behind Islamists”. They also add: “Iranians have already talked about Terrible Censorship and Terrible big lies in the West (for more info, Check Archive) But now, in 2014, even Westerners say: The Western Media is A Lie Factory! Now the soup is too salty. Now if you want to write about the West’s terrible Censorship and the West’s big lies, then each week you can write a big Book! Now it’s clear that English pigs even don’t have a little honesty and humanity (Hata Yek Roodeh Rast …)! Apparently, Lying, Cheating, Censorship or Barbarity is part of English DNA!, because now even the US media (from NYTimes to CNN and Washington Post) suffers from English diseases. But they often try to hide their real diseases. Sometimes they pretend that they suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, and have forgotten almost everything, including the year 2009! They pretend that they are Kar (deaf), Kur (blind), Kodan (so stupid) etc. But Iranians know that the West just pretends ignorance of everything (Khod ra Zadeh beh Khari)! The West just reminds you of Animal Farm”.

In these days, some Americans talk about “Technology and the End of Privacy“, and say: “We are the first people in history to deal with (Orwellian nightmares)” (June 2014) Americans even talk about the Biometrics Nightmares in the West, and say: “US State Department maintains a biometrics database of Americans and foreigners, which includes information on everyone who has applied for a visa to visit the US .. All of this information -biometrics data on Americans, immigrants, visitors to USA etc – (form evil) databases .. Each state has its own biometrics database .. Facial recognition tech, even as employed today at Casinos, can pick out a known person from a crowd .. it’s a serious threat to our liberty .. now they work on a technology to identify or verify the identity of a person at a distance of 1000 meters .. devices capable of identifying an individual at a distance are (very Orwellian) .. US government also wants to be able to detect people from images online (FaceBook is part of this evil project) .. US government has been investing billions of dollars into Orwellian projects .. instead of legislating to protect us against such Orwellian threats, Congress is authorizing more funds for the development of Orwellian technologies .. when the government can use face-recognition enabled surveillance cameras to identify people, you have lost your ability to walk anonymously in public streets” ! (June 2014) Orwellian nightmares are real threats. As some wise Iranians say: “Snow-den and the West’s good guys warn their people about ‘Living in the Orwellian World of 1984’. But many Westerners still live like sheep, and the conditions in the West just become worse and worse. Orwellian technologies like face-recognition,
voice-recognition, Smart TVs, Smart phones and other smart shits just realize Orwellian nightmares. When you use smart TVs, internet of things and other smart shits, you have actually allowed the Big Brother to watch you and to control you in your own home. Face-recognition enabled cameras and voice-recognition enabled devices remind many of Orwell’s TeleScreen. Internet of things, Smart TV or IP TV is like or worse than Orwell’s TeleScreen. Internet of Things allows Big Brother to control all your appliances/ machines in your own home. With such evil technologies, all your appliances and all your devices will turn into spying tools and Big Brother’s tools. Now they openly say that all appliances, all cars, all tools and all mechanical machines should have eyes, ears, or hidden sensors to watch you and to control you! They want to control all aspects of your life, from public life to private life, and to report every detail of your private life to the Big Brother! It’s the true meaning of ‘Big Brother is Watching You’. But how many people are aware of this issue? As the American good guys say: ”Share this information with your friends and family. Orwellian programs are powerful because they operate in the shadows. Don’t let them’ (July 2014) It’s true. Don’t let them to hide their true colors. But it’s funny that they are so stupid, and they themselves are revealing their true face!”. As some wise Iranians say: “The West needs a real Renaissance, and this renaissance means Real Change. Medieval Europe said, and still says, Renaissance means Rebirth or Revival ! But Barbarian Europe wanted to revive what?! Barbarian Europe wants to restore or revive its Barbarian values, its Barbarian traditions, its Barbarity or what?! The West should stop telling bad jokes, and making a fool of itself. The West needs Real Change, a real change from Barbarism to Civilization; a real change from Satanism to Iranian Values (ie Human values). We call it Renaissance […] Yah, it’s good that European Barbarians finally stopped eating each other. It’s good that European Barbarians finally stopped living and acting like their savage ancestors, who were naked and savage animals. But it’s not enough. It’s just the first step. They are still uncultured pigs with bad intentions, while they pretend otherwise! But hundreds of years of pretence and hypocrisy is enough. Enough is enough. Now they should stop telling big lies, hiding the truths, and pretending otherwise. Now the West needs a Real Change, a real Renaissance. And if the West wants to revive something, they should revive the Iranian Values, aka Human values, and what Great Iran, the land of Aryans and the birthplace of Culture and Civilization, has already taught them”. In these days, many Westerners say good things. For instance, Snow-den has recently said: “Technology (should be) a liberating force in our lives .. But in secret, our very own government has converted Technology into a tool of Oppression .. the US government right now can easily monitor whom you call, whom you associate with, what you read, what you buy, and where you go online and offline, and they do it to all of us, all the time .. (they and their) Surveillance create societies that fear free expression and dissent .. (Even) a federal judge in open court called NSA programs ‘almost Orwellian’ .. every step we can take to secure ourselves from a government that no longer respects our privacy (and our basic rights) is a patriotic act” (June 2014).


As some wise Iranians say: “In the West, Journalism is Prostitution, and Democracy is Sheepocracy. In the West, journalists are brainless whores. Their media is something like SheepTV. Now they tell bad jokes like: “the rapid emergence [!] of a powerful and extreme Sunni movement, a group called ISIS, poses a severe threat to Iran [!] It is violently anti-Shiite [!], bent on destroying Syria and Iraq, and intent on establishing a Medieval Caliphate in Iran’s backyard’ ! (July 2014) Of course they know that the West plays such dirty games, and ‘the only winner is Iran’ ! (June 2014) But they still insist on telling paradoxical jokes, and showing the true face of the West. We all know who created ISIS, and who is behind the so-called rapid emergence of ISIS! In these years, any sane person can see that the West is behind all savage Islamists. The West is a stupid devil. The West’s evil acts just serve Iran’s interests. Just look what they did and do in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. All wise guys know why the only winner was, is, and will be Iran. The West and its stooges are big losers. If they defend ‘Freedom and Democracy’, it’s in Iran’s interests, and if they support savage Islamists/ terrorists, they just show their true face and make all humans aware, and it’s in Iran’s interests, too. Even kids know that a bunch of savage Islamists/ terrorists -that all cultured humans hate them and only Barbarians support them- are not a threat to Iran. They just prove that Iran should have its own groups, and its own powerful tools. Iranians know what Leverage means. But the West is still uncultured. The Savage West refers to sanctions, wars, sadism, racism and barbarity as ‘Leverage’ ! US Congress and US media openly say: Bullying is Leverage! Barbarity is Leverage! They such things, because they are uncivilized . They still think and act like their savage ancestors, who were naked barbarians. They still think and act like Nazis and Fascists. They themselves are a bunch of retards or a herd of cattle, but they see other people as cows and sheep! So, they insult the people’s intelligence, and they tell childish lies without thinking about its consequences […] US Congress has no shame. They openly support Egypt’s Islamists, MEK and all savage Islamists, but now they say: ‘While we continue to focus on disarming Irans nuclear program, we cannot forget that Iran is a state-sponsor of terrorism [!] that persecutes its own citizens .. Now its time [!!] to hold Iranian officials [!!] accountable for their blatant violation of human rights’ !! (July 2014) US pigs have low IQs, and even don’t know that the 2009 CIA Coup and what the US did and said in 2009 and all these years clearly showed that the USA is anti-Iran, anti-Democracy, pro-Tyranny and pro-Islamist. The US animals openly support Mullahs, Monarchists, Mujaheds (Jihadis), the Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK) and all evil and anti-Democracy groups. Now when the USA sheds crocodile tears for Democracy or Human Rights, Iranians and all normal humans just laugh and spit at the USA. As Snow-den, the 2009 CIA Coup and these years showed the USA really stands for the United States of Anti-democracy! Now it’s clear that America is A Lie Factory. Who can forget their fake polls and their big lies in 2009 and all these years? Who can forget the 2009 CIA Coup, the pro-Mullah Crap, the Anti-Iran Sanctions, the Zionist-American incitement to Genocide, and all evil acts in this post-2009 era? Now their media and their little dogs say: ‘I-s-rael has threatened military action against Iran if it is not satisfied with the results of the talks’ !! (July 2014) But Iranians and all normal humans just laugh and spit on them and their Nazi-styled crap. We all know these Chalquz (little shits) and little dogs, who are enemies of both Jewish people and Iranian people. Now it’s clear that the USA is in deep shit, and they just try to buy time. They are morally and totally bankrupt. So as Iranians say, Iran should finish the job […] Iranians care about good guys, not about those who want to hurt Iran and Iranians. Iranians hate Mullahs, but even If Iranians want to give Mullahs a piece of advice, they would tell Mullahs: ‘the West just wants to buy time. They are in deep shit, and just want to buy time … OK. Play with them, but Finish the job. Iran must have nukes, and Iran must complete all its nuclear programs ASAP’. Those who betrayed Iranians in 2009, and said Iran should not have Democracy, now should face the consequences of their betrayals. Now almost all Iranians say: Iran must have Nukes and Democracy. Those who hurt and betrayed Iranians must face the consequences of their evil acts”.

As some wise Iranians say: “these years had a lot of lessons. For instance, these years showed that the Western media is A Lie Factory. They censor about 90% of all facts/ news. Lets assume that S1, S2, S3, … S99, S100 are 100 events/ news (According to their importance, S1 is the most important news, and S100 is the most superficial things) But according to what we have seen by our own eyes, the UK media and the Western media badly censor S1 to S90, or say nothing about S1 to S90. They only cover S91 to S100, while they tell big lies and try to misinform people! This level of Censorship is unbelievable. But the English media – from the BBC to the Guardian- use such tactics a lot, and show us that the short and real definition of Western Journalism is ‘Terrible Censorship, Big Lies and Misinforming’. The West is really Orwellian. In the West, Big Brother’s agents are called journalists and intellects. In the West, Big Brother’s agents like Noam Chomsky are heroes! In the West, those who defend brutal dictators, tyranny, oppression, big lies, CIA coups, Censorship and the Ministry of Truth are heroes! In the West, almost all public figures – from celebs to intellects and scientists- are slaves of money and power. They don’t care about the Truth and what is good and decent. They just care about money and what the Big Brother wants. In the West, they try to make heroes out of whores and idiots. In the West, the role of the media is ‘misinforming, fooling and brainwashing people. But unfortunately, many still don’t know the West’s Evil Empire, and how to deal with it. They even don’t know ‘How to Read Books’ or ‘How to Read/ Watch Media’ […] But all people can learn to use their brains, to see apparent paradoxes, to discover big lies, and to resist brainwashing. The West and the Ministry of Truth publish many books, newspapers, magazines, films etc and try to rewrite history, to falsify and distort the facts, and to fool and brainwash people. But all people can resist such dirty tricks, if they become aware and use their brains. For instance, any sane person knows that you cannot defend Hitler, Gaddafi, Saddam, Taliban, Assad and other brutal dictators, and then call yourself Intellectual or Freedom-fighter! You cannot defend Mullahs and Islamists, and then call yourself Anti-Mullah or Anti-Islamist. You cannot defend the Marxist-Islamist Terrorists (MEK), ISIS or Taliban, and then call yourself Anti-Terrorist! You cannot defend Monarchy and Tyranny, and then call yourself Libertarian, Democrat or Intellect ! You cannot defend Gestapo and Gestapo’s evil acts -from Censorship to Suppression-, and then call yourself Good Guy. You cannot say War is Peace, Tyranny is Democracy, or Black is White! If all people care about such obvious things, then the Ministry of Truth will go to hell. There is an Iranian theory about the Ministry of Truth and its products. According to this theory, their reports, books, films and other products of the Ministry of Truth have three parts: 1)-Comic part, which includes ridiculous lies, apparent paradoxes, and shameful crap like War is Peace 2)-Tragic part, which includes a few facts and a few true things 3)-Tragicomic part, in which they ignore all important facts, and stupidly try to mix a few true things with many big lies, or as Iranians say, to Connect Fart to Forehead !“. We should write more about this theory, and How to Read Books or How to Watch Films. But as some wise Iranians say: “If you want a better world and a better life, you should try to avoid living like sheep/ slaves in the Matrix. Today’s West seems like an Orwellian Matrix. So, at first you should try to disillusion yourself, and to become aware. This Orwellian Matrix is a complex system, but if you open your eyes, you can see who is who. After 2009, and after Snow-den, many things have become clear. Now it’s clear that the Satanic media like the BBC and the Guardian are worse than the Nazi media. Now it’s clear that in the West’s Orwellian Matrix, stupid whores call themselves journalists; Baby Spies call themselves Historians; Satanists call themselves Men of God; and Big Brother’s agents call themselves intellectuals! In this Orwellian Matrix, little kids and immature whores sell their souls to the Big Brother, and become slaves of the Ministry of Truth. In these years, many things are heavily censored by the West. But such terrible censorship is a godsend for all truth-seekers. The bad guys attack people like Snow-den and tools like Lavabit, but it’s a godsend for all good guys. The bad guys crap about Iran, and even censor the Iranian sports fans, but it’s a godsend for all Iranians. The bad guys -from the Anti-Iran Mullah TV to the Western media- try to create a bad and false image of Iran and Iranians, but such evil acts is really a godsend. They actually show you what really happened in recent centuries, and what the West and the Ministry of Truth did in recent centuries. As ancient Iranians said, Evil can be a godsend. Ancient Iranians knew the importance of Hope. But they didn’t want to create a stupid/ unrealistic Hope. They had knowledge and first-hand experiences. They knew many things. They knew that Crisis is the mother of Evolution. They knew why Evil can be a godsend. It’s really important. We all should not forget that Evil can be a godsend; and Crisis is the mother of Evolution”.

Jokes and Real Life: from Iran to Brazil

July 12, 2014

“Iranians and many others try to have a positive attitude towards real life, problems and sad events. They try to make a joke of many things. They know what is really important, and what is not. Now even Brazilians say: ‘Soccer is just an illusion and we need to wake up to reality’. Brazil is changing. The world is actually changing. Many people are becoming disillusioned. Now even Brazilians know that if you see sports/ soccer as everything, and close your eyes to poverty and real problems, you just make a fool of yourself, and worsen your problems”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “It’s good that many Brazilians try to be happy, and to care about Samba, Carnival, Dance etc. They are not slaves of soccer/ sports. But some sports fans are so stupid. After Germany scored several goals Brazil’s samba groups stopped in apparent shock. It’s a natural thing. But some Brazilians said that they are so sad, and they want to kill themselves! Millionaires (footballers) play games, but idiots want to kill themselves for such games! Sport is a matter of joy, peace, health etc. But the bad guys, including English Barbarians, try to covert sports and all good things into Evil/ Political things”. They also add: “In these days, many make jokes about Brazil and world cup. Germany beats Brazil 7 – 1. It’s laughable. Germany was not good; but Brazil became Maldives/ Arabia, and made many laugh. But idiots cannot see the joke. Racist pigs put racist comments, but call such crap jokes -Nazi jokes or Holocaust jokes. They are not funny; they are shameful and stupid. Praising Nazis is funny?! Since when admiring savage killers has become joke?! Defending savage killers and Nazi Germany is not joke. Germany’s good guys, like other normal humans, have fun and make jokes. It’s good. But German faggots and German Nazis, like other racist pigs in Europe, dream of restoring Nazism and Fascism! They just remind you of the Nazi media and the UK media […] Unfortunately, many don’t know that being happy is very different from being stupid and living like Sheep […] Lets have fun, joy and good feelings. But Lets say No to living like Sheep/ Slaves”. In these days many things are laughable, and many things are sadly funny. So, lets take a look at some good, bad, real and unreal jokes of these days:

A new kind of Brazilian Praying: Dear Lord, you took my favorite football team, Brazil. You took my favorite footballer, Neymar. You took my favorite dancer, Michael Jackson … I just wanted to let you know that my favorite President is Barack Obama. Amen!

An Iranian and a (Jewish CIA) were sitting next to each other on an airplane. The (Jewish CI-A) leans over to the Iranian and asks if he wants to play a fun game. The Iranian just wants to sleep so he politely declines, turns away and tries to sleep. The spy persists and explains that it’s a real good game. He explains: ‘As many know, we, (Jewish Americans), are smarter than Iranians. So, I ask a question and if you don’t know the answer you pay me $5. Then you ask a question and if I don’t know the answer I’ll pay you $50 !’ Again the Iranian politely declines and tries to sleep. The spy, now somewhat agitated, says, “OK, if you don’t know the answer you pay me $5 and if I don’t know the answer I pay you $500! Now, that got the Iranian’s attention, so he agrees to the game. The spy asks the first question, “There is a magic formula for building a nuclear bomb. What’s this formula?” Iranian doesn’t say a word and just hands him $5. Now, its the Iranian’s turn. He asks: “there is a magic formula for building a new bomb that can find and destroy all bad guys. What’s this formula?” The (Jewish C-IA) looks at him with a puzzled look, takes out his laptop computer, looks through all his references and after about an hour wakes the Iranian and hands the Iranian $500. The Iranian takes the $500, and tries to return to sleep. The American, a little miffed, asks, “Well what’s the answer to the question?” Without a word, the Iranian reaches into his wallet, hands $5 to the Jewish American, turns away and returns to sleep.

What the media says about Brazil and the World Cup are sadly funny. For instance, they say: “the World Cup brings business for Brazils prostitutes .. the World Cup is about sex, soccer and samba .. Belo Horizontes prostitutes are prepared for the World Cup. Belo Horizonte’s Prostitutes’ Association (prepare) the city’s 80,000 s-ex workers .. the prostitutes, who are legal here, are given English classes by volunteers so they are better prepared for the World Cup .. the citys brothels, locally known as Zona, are open from 6am [!] to 11pm .. S-exy Brazil has one of the worst records in the world when it comes to poverty and child exploitation .. Se-x tourism is blatantly encouraged in Brazil. Hotels and taxis are part of a network that connects clients with young girls .. Some taxi drivers have a menu of girls .. many poor girls don’t go to school .. the World Cup offered many temporary jobs to poor girls and those who worked in prostitution”.

Q: What do Obama and Osama have in common? A: They both love Islamists and terrorists. Q: What’s the difference between Obama and Osama? A: Osama hates Mullahs, but Obama loves Mullahs.

Savage Jews kill Arab kids. Savage Arabs kill Jewish kids. Both groups kill innocent kids, because as some Iranians say: “Both Arabs and Jews are followers of the Jewish law of ‘Eye for an Eye’. Both of them are sworn enemies of Iran and Iranian values. They act like dogs and wolfs. In the 21st century, the locust-eaters openly say: Locusts eat our crops, so we eat locusts. Eye for an Eye!”.

The 97% of Iranians hate all Mullahs. As some Iranians say: ‘Now even Iran’s religious people are angry. As they say, Do you know who are ‘Kal Anaam Balhom Azal (like or worse than animals)? Mullahs and Islamists. As their own holy texts say: They have eyes, but cannot see; they have ears, but cannot hear; they are (slaves of Satan); they don’t think. They are like or worse than animals! Islamists and Basijis are the worst of the worst. As their own holy texts say: ‘those who can see big lies, crimes, problems, hypocrisy etc but they pretend that they are blind, deaf or mute; they don’t think, and they are the worst of the worst’ ! Fanatics and Islamists are the worst of the worst. But it’s ironic that even their own holly books say that they are like or worse than animals (Kal Anaam Balhom Azal)!”.

Two Mullah companies have a monopoly on cars in Iran. As some Iranians say: “they produce a fucking out-of-date car that its real price and its international price is 1000 dollars, but they sell it to Iranians for 7000 dollars. It’s their Islamic Justice or Islamic Economy. Mullahs lick the IMF’s ass, and say Iran’s prices should be equal to International prices. But their fucking Car Industry says international prices and standards are Kashk (bad). Mullahs are really Motherfucker. Iranians refer to the Mullah Car Industry as Halabi-Saz or Dar-e Pit Saz (Crap-maker), and say: Mullahs like Nemat-Zadeh and Ahmadi-Nejad are actually Goh-Zadeh and Goh-Nejad (Goh = shit). Their Car Industry is Crap Industry, and shows that their Islamic Justice or Islamic Economy is actually Islamic Hapooly (Thievery). Islamic Hapoolization is something like Islamic Americanization. They pay you in Rial, while all prices are in Dollar. They pay you in Rial, but they ask you to pay them in Dollar. Mullahs say people’s incomes should be 1/ 20 of international incomes, while prices should be equal to international prices. It’s what their Zionist IMF dictates to them”.

Tehran suffers from many new problems. As some Iranians say: “Qali-baf means Rug-maker, but he just makes rugs for his friends (Islamists) at the price of ruining Iran and making Iranians angrier. Now Qali-baf tries to sign a 20,000,000,000,000,000 rial (20,000 billions) contract with his friends at IRGC’s Khatam al-Anbia. The soup is too salty, and now even the Tehran’s city council protest against such corruption and such shameful Monopoly. Qalibaf and his Islamist friends try to ruin Iran and Tehran. The new Dust Storms in Tehran is a result of their evil acts .. Rouhanis do nothing about the new Dust Storms. But why?! .. In the 1980s, people said: ‘Saddam destroys Kuche 6-metri (a 6-meter alley) by Moshak 20-metri (a 20-meter rocket). But now Qalibaf and Islamists destroys Kuche 6-metri by Borje 200-metri (200-meter skyscrapers). They ruin all beautiful gardens, all beautiful alleys, all beautiful trees, and all beautiful places in Tehran, and replace them with ugly apartments/ skyscrapers, which are unsafe, non-standard, harmful and stupid”.

Mullahs violate the right of Iranian women to enter sports stadiums. As some Iranians say: “A group of Iranian women have asked the International Volleyball Federation to protect the right of Iranian women to attend volleyball matches. They’ve said: ‘We demand an end to gender discrimination in the sports stadiums and believe that the Iranian society is not an island isolated from the rest of the planet’. Apparently they don’t know that the West believes that Iran should be an island isolated from the rest of the planet. The West’s Evil Empire uses Mullahs to hurt Iran and Iranians. What Mullahs do is not consistent with the Iranian peoples culture and wishes. But what Mullahs do is not consistent with the West’s wishes and orders. Remember the IMF plans, the 2009 Coup etc. Mullahs just serve the West’s interests. Iranian women are suppressed, while Mullahs lick foreign women’s asses. Mullahs allow female fans to attend the games, only if female fans are not Iranians! It’s Racism, Anti-Iran Sadism, and what the West wants”.

Boko Haram is a tragicomedy. As some Iranians say: “Nigeria’s savage Islamists are called Boko Haram. But they are actually Bokon Haram (S-e-x Haram/ Forbid S-e-x). Africa’s Boko Haram is actually Bokon Haram. Mullahs are members of the same group. They say poor girls and poor people have no right. They say everything is Haram (forbidden) for average people; but Mullahs and savage Islamists are more equal than other people. For Mullahs and savage Islamists everything is Halal (free). For Mullahs, as say they, Bokon Halal (S-e-x is Free), Bokosh Halal (killing is free), Bokhor Halal (drinking is free), Bebar Halal (stealing is free) etc. They say Bokhor Bokhor Halal (Plundering is Free) and [..] Halal, but only for savage Islamists. Poor people and average people should enjoy Bokon Haram and ‘X Haram’, X = almost everything”.


The story of ‘Mullahs and Brazil’ is ridiculous. As some Iranians say: “Mullahs, Islamists and Basijis went to Brazil to join Brazil’s Boko Haram or Brazil’s Boko Halal?! Islamists and Basijis went to Brazil to attend Brazil’s Samba carnivals, or to attend Brazil’s Mourning festivals?! Many Brazilians took to the streets to protest against poor public services, corruption, rising prices, IMF plans, modern slavery etc. But Mullahs and Islamists love evil things like IMF plans, corruption, rising prices, poor public services etc. Brazilians say: FIFA go home; but Mullah lick FIFA’s ass, IMF’s ass etc .. Islamists say people should hate joy, fun, dance, music etc. Mullahs/ Islamists love mourning festivals, and the Anti-Iran Mullah TV is nothing but a mourning station and a censorship station. But Islamists go to Brazil to have fun and to attend non-Islamic events. Islamists are such hypocrites”.

Mullahs and Islamists are bad hypocrites. As some Iranians say: “Islamists enjoy Brazil, Samba, Boko Halal etc, but Iranian people should enjoy bans, Censorship, Parasite, Jewish laws, IMF plans etc .. the Arab/ Jewish values of Mullahs are Anti-Iranian values. Mullahs and their Jewish-Barbarian laws just serve the West’s interests .. Mullahs and Islamist agents prevented Iranian women from attending any of the World League volleyball matches between Iran, Brazil, Italy, and Poland. Mullahs harassed, physically assaulted, and arrested several Iranian women. Iranian women were prevented from entering the Azadi stadium in Tehran, but foreign women were allowed to attend and cheer their teams! Mullahs are such Anti-Iranian animals .. Team Iran went to Poland, but Mullahs confused, and badly censored the matches between Iran and Poland. Mullahs didn’t allow Iran’s people to see Polish girls, Polish fans, or Polish female cheerleaders! But God bless Poland’s girls and female fans. They confused Mullahs”.

In these days, the media talks about Rouhani’s right-hand man, Mohammad Nahavandian. As they say: ‘Nahavandian has a green card’, making him a US permanent resident ! (July 2014) But it’s not a new thing. Iranians already knew and said that Islamists and Basijis have US green cards. But as some Iranians say: “Just look what the Lefts, the Jewish CI-A, Noam Chomsky and other stupid pigs say about the Sham Fight between ‘Mullahs and Great Satan’! Mad Mullahs have US green cards. Mullahs like Nahavandian have the Great Satan’s green cards! Satan and Islamists are real brothers. Islamists and Basijis have Great Satan’s green cards, lick the IMF’s ass, and obey the Imperialist UK; but the Lefts and idiots still repeat their old crap”.

Rouhanis are terrible managers. As some Iranians say: “In Winter, Rouhanis talk about the lack of gas and fuel. And in Summer, Rouhanis talk about the lack of water and electricity. Mullah Management is great. In Winter, Iran suffers from the lack of gas and fuel. And in Summer, Iran suffers from the lack of water and electricity! It’s really a miracle. But it’s not the whole story. In this situation, Mullahs encourage Baby Boom, and say: the lack of water, food, fuel etc is not important. We should make more babies, and make Great Satan happy. As our English Arbab says, our Jewish God will take care of everything. We should only play the role of Iran’s Break Pedal’ … Rouhanis (Mullahs) are great managers. Their Islamic experts are retards like Tayebnia, who refer to Bank as Bang. Mullahs and the West call such uneducated retards Economists!.. Mullahs and their Islamic Economy are English artifacts. Mullahs are educated at the UK universities. When Islamists and Mullahs want to learn about Islamic Economy, they go to England, or attend the IMF classes in London. Mullahs go to England to learn about economy, politics, slavery, tyranny and everything. London is a Mecca for Mullahs and all Islamists”.

English Mullahs make Iranians laugh. As some Iranians say: “Mullah Shahab Moradi is Qalibaf’s aide. He is an English Mullah with Western gestures and pseudo-intellectual gestures. But He has recently said: Music is a bad/ evil thing; Iran doesn’t need Music or Music training. Mullah Shahab is a stupid faggot, whose brain/ mind is his ass, and that’s why he pretends that he is open-minded. English Mullahs like Mullah Shahab suffer from many shitty paradoxes – his name, Shahab, is just one of them. English Mullahs like Mullah Shahab are allowed to travel to European countries. The West loves them, and they love the Western Hell. But they ask Iranians to remain in this Islamic Heaven … this Islamic Heaven, ie this Mullah-made Hell in Iran, is good for faggots like Mullah Shahab. But they hate their own Islamic lifestyle. All English Mullahs are like Mullah Shahab .. They steal people’s money, and live like rich pigs, but they praise poverty! They are such hypocrites. They are worse than Taliban, but they pretend otherwise”.

In June 2014, Mullahs published a funny report. As some Iranians say: “this report was about the IMF Plans. Mullahs officially said: the 1st phase of the IMF Plans was a total failure! The Mullah Ministry of Economy officially said that the 1st phase of the IMF Plans just created more poverty and more economic problems! Of course all Iranians already knew and said that the IMF Plans are Western-made disasters/ plots .. But now Mullahs say the 1st phase of the IMF Plans was a total failure, while Mullahs still lick the IMF’s ass, and implement the 2nd phase of the IMF Plans! Mullahs are sick jokes. Mullahs lick the ass of their Zionist IMF, and refer to their Zionist IMF Plans as Resistance Economy (Eqtesad-e Moqarebati)”.

The USA badly supports Islamists. As some Iranians say: “Obama Bin Laden and US Congress badly support savage Islamists – from ISIS and Syrian terrorists to Muslim Brotherhood, MEK and Taliban. They say USA is anti-Terrorist or anti-Islamist, because USA openly supports Marxist-Islamist terrorists (MEK), Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Salafis, Taliban etc! .. The US-made Election Farce in Afghanistan is a bad joke. The USA openly supports Taliban and pro-Taliban Pashtoons, but rejects Dr. Abdollah, who is anti-Taliban and anti-Terrorist. Apparently, the main crime of Dr. Abdollah and Ahmad Shah-Masoud was and is that they are anti-Taliban, anti-Al-Qaedah, pro-Peace and pro-Reform. The USA only supports puppet dictators and IMF stooges .. In Iran, the US only supports Jewish Spies like AhmadiNejad (AN) and English stooges like Rouhani, who are stooges of the IMF and puppets of the West … the West loves Mullahs. From the 19th century to 1999 (18 Tir), the UK aided Mullahs, and in 2009, the UK and the US created the 2009 Coup .. In the past, Iranians were naive. But now many things have changed. Now when Mullahs (Gilani, AsgarOladi, Kani etc) die, Iranians celebrate, congratulate each other, or don’t give a shit about them”.

Mullahs serve the interests of Iran’s enemies. As some Iranians say: “the West says Iran is evil, because Mullahs are evil ! The West says: Iran should not X or Y, because Islamists are savages! But Islamists are their own puppets. Islamists are sworn enemies of Iran, Iranian people, and Iranian values. Islamists just serve the West’s interests. If Mullahs and their Arab/ Jewish laws don’t hurt Iranians and don’t create a bad image of Iran, would the West be able to crap about Iran? If Iran’s regime cares about Iranian Values and Iranian Culture, rejects Jewish-Barbarian values, and doesn’t aid the West in creating a bad and unreal image of Iran, then would the West be able to crap about Iran or Iran’s basic rights? Mullahs only serve the West’s interests. The West has no right to impose a limit on Iran’s centrifuge numbers. The West has no right to impose a limit on what Iran can have. Do we say how many X or Y the US and the UK should have?! […] Mullahs are what the West wants. Mullahs are Anti-Iran, Anti-Iranian, Anti-Truth, and Anti-Progress. Mullahs and their Arab/ Jewish values just allow the West to justify itself, to hide the truths, and to deny Iran’s rights […] Mullahs are brainless slaves. Now the West says how many centrifuges you should use, and tomorrow they would say how many oxygen molecules you should use for breathing, how many universities or sports teams you need, or how many tools you should have in your bedroom”.

The West refers to Exiled Whores as Exiled Journalists. But as some Iranians say: “whores like Behnoud, Masih AliNejad, Khatamists and those who still work for the BBC, the VOA etc are sick jokes. They still say How nice the West, the UK and the USA have become. They just remind you of old jokes like: One day, a Turk explained to his friends how nice (a Big City) has become. You really should go he said. As soon as you arrive at the airport, they will pick you up in a nice car, take you to a nice restaurant, give you foods, then they take you to a nice Hotel, and they even give you money! His friends being very enthusiastic about the issue ask: “Really? Have you been there lately?” Turk says: “No … but my wife has!”.

As some Americans say: “Thanks to Bush’s plans and Obama’s plans, Americans workers have been sleeping like babies. They wake up every couple of hours and cry”.

In June 2014, a Brazilian prostitute says: “sometimes I spend a month in the zona without going home. Some women spend six months at a time .. Foreign clients order underage prostitutes who are delivered directly by the hotels pimps .. some customers are rich, but lonely. There is a rich guy lives in a rich area here, he came to me one day and said hed give everything he has just to be happy .. Many of my clients say theyll pay more to spend an hour, but they just want to talk. Their wives dont care about them .. pretty girls, when they just start, make too much money .. they even get boyfriends inside of here .. But they often fall in love with the wrong guys; only some of these pretty girls marry rich guys .. only some prostitutes marry a rich guy. I know two or three. One married a judge/ clergymen! Now they live in luxury and she has everything … (At first) I worked on the street but it was dangerous. It was dangerous because of the girls, not the clients. Girls attacked me .. one of them had a knife and wanted to stab me”

One day a Jewish-Arab fanatic arrives to New York. He gets hungry and decides to go to get a snack. While he was walking down the street, he sees a restaurant that says “Hot Dogs”. He was thinking for a while and said, Dog? Is it Kosher/ Haram? But then he decides to try it. So he walks in the store and says to the waiter “hot dog please”. But when he received his hot dog, he took a look at it and said, “oh shit, divine intervention; bad luck; look which part of dog’s body is remained for me”.

A twin-engine puddle jumper was flying somewhere above the ocean with 5 people on board – the pilot, Obama, Dalai Lama, a whore and an Iranian. Suddenly something exploded and the pilot said: “Gentlemen, I have bad news, and good news”. He added: “We’re about to crash, but the good news is that we can easily parachute to safety .. but the bad news is that there are only 4 parachutes”. With that, the pilot grabbed a parachute, and jumped from the plane. Obama was right behind him. ‘Gentlemen,’ he said, ‘I am the leader of the world’s smartest nation. I am the world’s smartest man, and, well, the world needs smart men. So, uh, the world’s smartest man should have a parachute”. So saying, he grabbed a parachute and followed the pilot out the door. The whore was on his feet in a flash. “Gentlemen,” he said, “I am one of the world’s greatest whores. The world needs whores. So, I should have a parachute”. With those words, he grabbed a parachute and hurtled through the door into the night. Dalai Lama and the Iranian looked at one another calmly for a moment. Finally, the Iranian picked up a parachute and held it out to Dalai Lama who said, ‘My son, I have lived a satisfying life. You have your life ahead of you; you take the parachute, and I will go down with the plane’. But the Iranian said, “Don’t worry man. The world’s smartest man just jumped out wearing my backpack!”.

Nuclear Issue, Sports, The West and Mullahs

July 6, 2014

“In these days, the stupid West and Mullahs compare the nuclear issue with sports! Both the Western media and the Mullah media say the Mullah Nuclear team is like the Mullah Soccer team! In June 2014, and during the World Cup, the Mullah TV shamelessly said: ‘our Nuclear them is like our soccer team[!] .. Our team cannot rival the world’s best teams[!] But our team should try to avoid a humiliating defeat [!!] Our team is weak. But other teams are strong. Our Nuclear them is like our soccer team’ !! It’s exactly what the Anti-Iran Mullah TV said. But why they compare their Nuclear team with their stupid soccer team, which is a weak team?! Why they don’t compare the Nuclear team with Iran’s volleyball team?! Iran’s volleyball team is a strong team (a world power) and can defeat all world powers. Why they don’t compare the Mullah Nuclear team with Iran’s volleyball team?!”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “Mullahs are so weak and so stupid. Mullahs have low IQs and poor self-esteem. Mullahs are stooges of Iran’s enemies. The Mullah regime and Mullah nuclear-soccer teams suffer from terrible mismanagement, corruption, stupidity, anti-Iranian policies and Football-e Ali-Asqari. The West knows it, and loves it. Just ask yourself: Who are members of the Mullah nuclear team? Retards like Iraq-chi, ie non-Iranian pigs or Anti-Iran Basiji faggots who openly lick the English ass, the Zionist ass and the American ass. Who can forgot what they said about their beloved UK, Wendy Sherman, their Zionist IMF, their Great Satan etc? Any sane person knows how Mullahs and their Arbabs (ie their beloved UK, their Great Satan, their Zionist IMF etc) make love after 2009. Iranian people are not blind. Now the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani and all Mullahs. The 2014 Referendum was one of the most important referendums in history”. They also add: “Rouhanis (Mullahs) have no public support in Iran. Iran is very different from Mullahs. Iranians have strong wills. After 2009, Iranians show Iron Wills. Iran, as the Cradle of Civilization and the oldest country on earth, has always won the Battle of Wills. Iran and Iranians hate bullies and bastards. American pigs like John Kerry have low IQs, and don’t know that the US regime’s evil acts (bullying, lying, betraying etc) just make Iran’s people aware and angrier. Iran and Iranians will never forget the 2009 Coup, and how the UK, the US and the EU aided Mullahs in killing and suppressing the Iranian people and the Anti-Mullah movement. In 2009, the stupid West said: Iran should not have Democracy and Nukes. But now, Iranian people say: Iran must have Nukes and Democracy! American Barbarians are big losers. Now even idiots know Iran’s nuclear red lines. Even the stupid Mullahs know that R&D, all nuclear facilities and all centrifuges -that billions of dollars and a lot of pain, blood and money have been spent on them- are among the basic red lines. Even the stupid Mullahs know that after all Western threats, bullying and evil acts, even one centrifuge (of 20,000 centrifuges) should not be removed. It’s a basic red line. Now the Western media says: ”the deal would not leave Iran with enough centrifuges to fuel its Bushehr reactor! Iran should not continue modernizing its centrifuges! Iran should not continue R&D (Research & Development). Iran [can not have] 25kg of highly enriched uranium to produce one bomb! Iran should not be able to produce 25kg of HEU’ !! (June 2014) But even little kids know that R&D, Nuclear Science, Nuclear Technology, and Scientific and Technological Progress, that is actually a basic right but Iran pays a high price to achieve it, are among the basic red lines. Iran’s basic rights are the basic red lines. Even the stupid Mullahs know such red lines and also this fact that all people in Iran, even the stupid Basijis, will never accept any retreat from the basic red lines. But Iran’s red lies are more than the basic red lines. Now almost all Iranians say: Iran Must Have Nukes. The Savage West has no right to tell us what we should have or what we should not have! Those who have nukes, and threaten us with nukes, have no right to tell us that we should not have nukes‘. From 2009 to 2014, the Savage West showed that (1) the West doesn’t care about human values, freedom, democracy etc (2) the West only understands Force; the West hates Truth and Logic; the West’s main law is the Law of the Jungle. Now American pigs, English Barbarians, French faggots, and German Nazis openly praise Bullying, Racism and Sadism, and talk about our rights or what we can have! Now Barbarians want to tell us what we should have or what we should do! The Barbarian West has no shame. One day they say you should not have nukes, and one day they say you should not have progress/ democracy etc. But today is not the 19th century. Now the West must choose. If they destroy all their nukes and stop all their nuclear programs, then Iran can stop its programs, too. It’s what almost all Iranians say. Iran, the birthplace of Culture, and we all know why Barbarians and the Savage West should not have nukes. The West and Barbarians should not have any advanced technologies. As Snow-den showed, they just abuse and fuck technology. The Savage West just turns Science and Technology into Satanic tools and Orwellian things. The West is still evil and uncultured. But for the sake of Iranian values, and for the sake of the West’s good guys, we don’t say: We should have everything, because we are civilized humans; But they should have nothing, because they are still Barbarians. We just say: If Iran should not have X or Y, then the West should not have X or Y, too’ or ‘Iran must have nukes, simply because the West and Barbarians (Zionists etc) have nukes and threaten Iran with nukes & genocide’. It’s a strong logic, and any sane person can understand it”.

Iranians know that many good guys live in the West. But unfortunately, the bad guys have the upper hand in the West, and we, Iranians inside Iran, only hear the voice of the West’s bad guys. As some wise Iranians say: “the West still acts like Barbarians, because their good guys have no voice/ media, and their bad guys control everything. As Snow-den showed, the West is a very Orwellian Society. The Western pigs think they are smart guys (Fekr mikonan Kheili Zerangan)! But they have low IQs, act like retards, tell childish lies, and badly show their true face. If you take a look at the English media and their childish lies and their childish censorship, you can see that ‘English IQ’ is less than Jewish IQ. Now the Savage Jews say: ‘Is-rael is a rational scorpion’ ! (Jpost, June 2014) The Savage Jews are very bad jokes. They openly talk about ‘Stinging first’ ! (Jpost, June 2014) But what rational pig/ scorpion, ‘Stinging First’ or Biting First means?! In 2013, they said Is-rael is a rabid dog !, and should bite first; and now they say Is-rael is a scorpion!, and should sting first! What it means?! J-e-ws are animals, and think & act like animals?! The bad Jews are worse than Hitler and Nazis. The Jewish Incitement to Genocide, the Jewish Bullying, the Jewish Barbarism and what the Ungrateful Jews said about Persia (Iran) are historic scandals. The locust-eaters, ie savage Jews and savage Arabs, badly showed their true face. They and their Arbab (ie the West) badly make a fool of themselves. What this American faggot, John Kerry, has recently written in the Washington Post is a good joke. He talks about ‘what will be good & positive for the Iranian people and for their economy’ ! It’s funny that Iran’s sworn enemies talk about what is good & positive for Iran! They say their IMF Plans, their 2009 CIA Coup, their savage Islamists, their Tyranny etc are good & positive for us! […] But since the ancient time, If Iranians can see that you are a bad guy or a bully, then nothing, neither penalties, nor sanctions, nor threats, nor bluffs will stop them from teaching you a good lesson. The West just makes a fool of itself. American Barbarians refer to Mullahs as Iranian leaders or Iranian officials! But even little kids know that Mullahs are not Iranians. Mullahs hate Persia, Persian Civilization and Iranian values. The 2009 CIA Coup clearly showed that Mullahs are Arabs/ Jews (ie non-Iranians), ‘stooges of the UK’, ‘puppets of the US’, sons of Great Satan, and slaves of Big Brother. English Mullahs lick the West’s ass, but almost all Iranians say to the West: ‘We will never give you what you want for threats. If you threaten us, we will make you regret it‘. Iranians know that the Savage Islamists only serve the West’s interests. Iranians know The Islamist Plague, which is a part of The Jewish Plague and The English Plague. Now the UK media and the CIA media openly defend Rouhani, but censor the 2014 Referendum and this fact that the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani. They say nothing about IMF Plans, Mullah corruption, Mullah mismanagement, anti-Iranian Mullahs, or what Iran’s people say. The UK media just supports English Mullahs like Rouhani, Jannati and Motahari. But you should ask yourself: Why the UK media, from the BBC to the Guardian, strongly support these Mullahs?! English Mullahs like Ali Motahari are worse than Taliban. Ali Motahari is a member of Larijani clan, the most notorious English Clan in Iran. English Mullahs like Motahari defend forced Hijab and other Jewish-Barbarian laws. English Mullahs like Motahari try to decide about the people’s pants & shorts! But the MI6 media like the Guardian (GU) defend English Mullahs like Motahari, and say: ‘Iran is not ready .. Even if the mandatory Hijab is removed one day, you still wont be able to wear shorts near Railway Square in south Tehran’ !! (GU, June 2014) Can you believe it?! Tehran’s Railway Square is much more modern than many squares in London. Tehran’s Railway Square is more modern than many squares in the US, Italy, England and the Western Europe. These years and UK riots, Canadian riots, EU riots, OWS etc clearly showed why Iranians are really more modern and wiser than the West (For more info, check Archive). Many many people in the UK, Canada and the USA are much more dumber and less developed than average Iranians. But English Barbarians and their stooges still tell big lies, and badly try to pretend that ‘English Barbarians deserve good things; But Iranians, the first cultured humans, don’t deserve Freedom & Democracy’ ! […] English Barbarians and their stooges still tell bad jokes like: ‘Mixing of men and women in stadiums is not in the public interest. Iran is not quite ready to lift the ban’ !! (June 2014) But now Iranians say good things like: ‘We, Iranians, don’t need Barbarians or Faggots to tell us what is good for us! .. Mullahs are English Fetneh/ English Plague. But they are big losers. Hijabs (manteaus etc) just become shorter and shorter, and tighter and tighter! If you compare 2014 with even 2004, you can see why funny Iranians say: ‘today, Mullahs talk about ‘Leggings’ and ‘Open’ manteaus, but in the near future, they would be forced to tell people: ‘At least wear a short or a bra! Please don’t walk naked’ ! .. the West’s Bully Boys can go to hell and fuck themselves; Iran must enjoy nukes and those things that the West sees them as bad things for Iran! .. the West is a bad joke. Now CIA whores like Farideh Farhi – who has worked for the IMF, the World Bank, the Crisis Group etc- are defenders of AN and Rouhani! But the Lefts defend such CIA whores and such IMF stooges! The Jewish CIA (Gary Sick, Chomsky, Leveretts etc) love whores like Farideh Farhi, Akbar Ganji and other anti-Iranian shits. But it’s funny that Mullahs and Lefts love and support such stooges of IMF and Imperialism! .. UK asks Mullahs to make a new Baby Boom in Iran! Now UK media openly says: Iran, Make more babies! (Economists, June 2014) Mullahs just obey their English Arbab (master) .. Now any sane person can see who is behind the Mullah regime and evil-childish plans like IMF Plans, Baby Boom, Medieval tyranny etc”.


In these days, sports and nuclear issue remind many of the main problems. As some wise Iranians say: “Now the West and its stooges (English Mullahs etc) can remind you of the 19th century or the 1970s. The West and its puppets (Mullahs etc) still try to hurt/ injure National Pride and National Self-Esteem in Iran. In the 1970s, Mullahs said Iran should not have nuclear programs, and the West supported Mullahs. At that time, Iranians were naive, and didn’t know who is who. But the West and its slaves (Islamists etc) could not keep Iranians naive and ignorant. They could not destroy National Pride, Self-Respect, or Self-Esteem in Iran. Now Iran’s people say: Yes WE CAN. But Mullahs, like Qajars, still say: NO WE Can NOT ! In 2014, and in the World Cup’s season, Mullahs openly say: NO WE Can NOT. All Iranians are aware of this issue. From morning to night, the Mullah TV said that Iran is weak, but Argentina, Bosnia and Nigeria are strong! Now the Mullah TV whores like Ferdosi-Pur (F-P) defend the Mullah team’s poor performance and say: ‘It’s our level. It’s Iran’s level. Iran is weak, and we should accept it. This is the level of Iran! This is our level’ !! Mullahs have no shame. But Iranians say to pigs like F-P: ‘Motherfucker, it’s your level, not Iran’s level. It’s your own fucking level, not our level ! You have no right (you eat shit / Goh Mikhori) to say your own low level is our level or Iran’s level’. Iranians are not blind, and know who are worse than Qajars and Pahlavis”. They also add: “Iranians know the West and its stooges -from Islamists to exiled whores. The West’s stooges pretend that their own stupidities and their own low levels are ours! They have low IQs and low level, but they pretend that all people are like themselves! The story of faggots like Ferdosi-Pur (F-P) is a (long story). In the past, Iranians cared about F-P, because Iranians thought that he is honest, good guy, anti-Mullah, or on the people’s side. One day, F-P was people’s hero. But now F-P has become a Khayemal (ass-licker), and a disgusting media whore. Now the Mullah TV and F-P lick the West’s ass, and try to hurt Iran’s national pride! Faggots like F-P just obey their Arbab (master), and just say what Big Brother wants. But Iranians know obvious things. Iranians know the stories of Costa Rica or Iran’s Volleyball team. As many Iranians say: ‘Costa Rica is a poor and small country. At the 2014 World Cup, they had to rival Italy and England. But did they start to say: We are weak, but Italy and England are strong. We are not as good as them. This is our level. We are so weak, and we can never defeat Italy or England?! Costa Rica didn’t act like the Anti-Iran Mullah TV and the Anti-Iranian faggots like F-P. Costa Rica didn’t say that we are weak, and this is our level ! Costa Rica didn’t act like Mullahs, and didn’t say that Italy and England have big names, rich players, big leagues etc, but we are stupid and unknown, and we cannot rival the West’s paper tigers. Costa Rica acted like the Iranian people. Costa Rica started to work, to practice, and to do its best, without any fear of big names and paper tigers. Costa Rica thought and acted like Iranians. They knew that ‘Fear’ is a brother of ‘Death’. They knew that instead of seeing yourself as a loser or a weak idiot, you should try to learn, to practice, and to do your best. You should not care about what the West’s Orwellian media says. The West and Barbarians say to all nations: ‘You are weak; You are stupid; You are not as good as us! We are strong, but you are weak. We are Arbab (masters), but you are slaves’ ! They want to enslave/ exploit other people. They are barbarians, and want to hide the truths. So, they try to play with you. But all well-educated people know that the West is the ancient Land of Barbarians […] After 2009, and after Snow-den, only whores and retards lick the West’s ass. Mullahs and faggots like F-P say: ‘We should not expect to defeat the West. We should not expect to defeat the big names! We should not have high expectations. We are weak and stupid’ ! Mullahs and faggots like F-P are worse than Qajars and Pahlavis. They don’t care about real problems or solutions. Whores and assholes like Ferdosi-Pur (F-P) and his friends sell their soul for a visa, a ticket to Brazil, or a handful of Dollars. Instead of criticizing Mullahs and terrible corruption and mismanagement in the Mullah system, they just lick the Mullah ass, and try to hide the root of problems! But Iranians know the main problems, and say to faggots like F-P: ‘if you don’t dare criticizing the West and Mullahs, Shut the fu-ck up and stop talking rubbish’ ! Now faggots like F-P just lick the West’s ass, and defend the systematic corruption and systematic mismanagement in the Mullah system. Now F-P and his friends have become the Enemies of the Truth & the People. They actually show you why the West and Mullahs try to make heroes out of whores and faggots like F-P, who are nothing but slaves of Money, traitors, Basiji faggots, Khayemals (ass-lickers) and Qarb-Zadeh (slaves of the West)”.

We should write more about the story of Celebrities and Fake heroes. But as some wise Iranians say: “little pigs like F-P and his friends try to create a new Mafia, a Baby Mafia! These little pigs try to play with people, to shape public opinions !, to fool people, and to pretend that Iran is equal to Mullahs or faggots like F-P. In Iran, all educated people know and hate tabloid newspapers (But Mullahs love tabloid, ie a newspaper that has a lot of stupid stories about celebs and stupid things rather than serious news) In Iran, all people know the level of tabloid. But now faggots like F-P praise tabloid newspapers! The level of Ferdosi-Pur (F-P) is equal to the level of Tabloid. In 2014, idiots like F-P and tabloid journalists said: ‘Iran is weak; Argentina will beat Iran 5 – 0; Messi will destroy team Iran; Iran is the World Cup’s weakest team, because Iran is weak and stupid … ‘. But now idiots pretend that such crap is what Iran’s people say!”. They also add: “In these years, the Mullah TV had only one hero that Iranians cared about him. He was F-P. Iran’s people cared about him, because they thought he is a non-political good guy, or an anti-Regime/ honest critic. But now F-P has become a slave of Mullahs, or a whore like tabloid journalists. In Iran, tabloid journalists are thugs and uneducated whores. But now F-P openly defends tabloid newspapers and Orwellian Journalism! Instead of criticizing Mullahs and caring about the main problems, F-P licks the Mullah ass and tries to fool people […] The Mullah TV and faggots like F-P just remind you of the 19th century, when the English spies/ stooges tried to pretend that Iranians are backward people; Iranians are stupid; Iranians Can Not rival the West! Their motto was like the Mullah motto: NO We Can Not !”. They also add: “the Mullah TV or the Mullah Football Federation is a cesspool of retards, corrupt whores, and anti-Iranian assholes. They just try to keep Iran weak, and to suppress Iranian experts. It’s their mission. But Iran’s average people and Iran’s experts say good things like: ‘Only those sportsmen/ players who play in Europe are good players?! Mullah TV and whores like F-P say Iranian players don’t play in Europe, and that’s why Iranian players are not good players! But it’s bullshit. It’s a big lie. Do Iran’s volleyball players play in Europe?! Iran’s volleyball men play in Iran, and money has not corrupted them. They have good education and good practice; so, they are good players, better than European players .. Mullah TV and whores like F-P say big names are important, and Iran should have fear of big names! But in sports, and in all aspects of life, performance, not big name, is important .. Many big names are fake heroes, media-made heroes. Even Costa Rica knew such obvious things, but Mullahs still lick the West’s ass! .. Mullahs and media whores just try to keep Iran weak and dependent. They openly crap about Team Work in Iran! They and their English Arbab (master) openly say that Iranians are not good at Team Work! But when they tell such lies, they censor the story of Iran’s volleyball team, because such stories can prove that they are big liars, and Iranians are good at Team Work .. One day, most Iranians thought that F-P is a good guy, and cares about Iran’s progress. But now it’s clear that F-P is a puppet .. All puppets of the West (Mullahs, F-P etc) have the same goal. They don’t care about Progress and Development. Their goal is playing with people, fooling people, embarrassing Iran, and keeping Iran weak & dependent. Whores like F-P defend a Corrupt System, and just try to embarrass Iran .. Money and Fame have corrupted people like Ferdosi-Pur (F-P). Now they are slaves of Money, and slaves of Mullahs. Just look how F-P licks the Mullah ass and craps about Iran .. F-P and his friends show their true colors. All of them (Kollo Yom!) are assholes. Instead of criticizing the Mullah team and Football-e Ali-Asqari (F-A), they openly defend F-A and Mullah team .. F-P defends F-A, and licks the Mullah ass .. Now F-P is the regime’s hero, and just reminds you of old farts/ ass-lickers like Shafie (Varzesh & Mardom)! .. Pigs like F-P are Hezb-e Baad (ie they go where the wind is blowing)! Do you remember what they said in 2006? .. Chalquz (shits) like F-P want to make waves, to ridicule Iran, to insult the people’s intelligence, to hurt national pride .. Iran’s performance at the 1978 World Cup was much better than Mullah performance. Mullahs just go backwards, and call it Progress! 1998 was better than 2006! and 2006 was better than 2014! .. Since 1979, Mullahs just wanted to weaken Iran by destroying Iran’s nuclear programs, Iran’s industries, Iran’s environment, Iran’s sports, Iranian experts etc … Mullah Football Federation, like the whole Mullah system, just tries to suppress Iranian experts and those who can convert Iran into a world power .. Now it’s clear who play the role of Break Pedal in Iran .. Iran is not a small, poor or new country like Costa Rica. Iran is the Home of Civilization and the oldest country on earth. When Europeans were Barbarians, and didn’t know how to utter or spell Civilization, Sports etc, Iranians were playing Chess, Polo etc. Even in recent centuries, when Iran had become weak, Iran was better/ stronger than most countries .. Costa Rica is a good example. Do Costa Rica and its media just said: We are weak, but Italy & England are strong?! If Costa Rica said: our level is not like their level; No We Can Not!, then Costa Rica could fuck England & Italy?! .. Bad Guys don’t want people to say: Yes We Try; Yes We Can .. the Nuclear issue is just part of the problems. They openly say: Iran should not have democracy; Iranians should not have a free and strong country; Iran even should not have sports achievements! Iran even should not have a good sport team or a good coach like Velasco! .. If you want to know the West and its stooges (Mullahs etc), the stories of ‘nukes and sports’ in the 1970s and 2010s can show you many things”.