Slaves of Ideology: Big Brother and Ideology

“On June 27, 2014, Iran’s state TV aired a documentary film, ‘An incomplete Film for My Daughter Somayeh’. This documentary film was a liberal, neutral and modern film about the MEK and Ideological Systems! It’s really surprising that the Mullah TV airs such films. In 2014, they have aired many many Evil/ Anti-Iran programs, but a few good documentary films. It’s surprising, and even shocking, that the Mullah TV talks about the roots of Terrorism, Extremism, Animal Farms and Ideological Systems, and airs good and liberal films about the disillusioned members of Ideological Systems! Even the West’s most liberal media doesn’t air such films, because the West supports the MEK, terrorists, Islamists, Marxists etc. The West and Big Brother love Ideological Systems, and use them […] It’s not clear why the Mullah TV airs such films. (There are good guesses,) but their goals are not clear […] But it’s clear that rank and file members of the Mullah TV and the Mullah system are not like their leaders. After 2009, their rank and file are becoming disillusioned. The 2014 Referendum showed that they are the 3% (3-darsadi). But the 3% is constantly becoming smaller and smaller”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, many talk about Iraq Crisis, ISIS, Big Brother, savage Islamists, the West and Terrorism. As some wise Iranians say: “Maybe that’s why the Mullah TV airs liberal/ modern films about the disillusioned members of Ideological Systems! But it’s a new thing that they try to remain neutral when they start talking about Ideological Systems! Instead of saying Death to X, crapping about X, telling big lies, or saying X is bad because X is anti-Mullah, they try to talk like intellectuals! It’s a new thing. In this documentary, ‘An incomplete film ..’, you could see many surprising things. For instance, they aired Iranian dance, Iranian dance music, Iranian women without Hijab, Iranian family videos and how Iranians don’t care about Hijab and other Mullah values/ norms! It’s a new thing. The Mullah TV showed such things in a sympathetic way, not in a sarcastic/ blaming way. It’s a very new thing! But it’s not the whole story. For the first time, Mullahs praised the US Army! They showed that US army officers can be normal people and say good things! Such positive images of the US Army can raise doubts about the new US-Mullah plans/ deals. But the main question is: Why do they show the true face of all ideologies?! They actually show why we, Iranians, hate all ideologies and all kinds of ‘ism’. They actually show why Iranians hate the ideologies of Mullahism, Fascism, Communism, Marxism, Islamism, Bahaism, Salafism, Rajavism (MEK), Totalitarianism, Pahlavism, Monarchism, Terrorism, Capitalism, Americanism etc. We hate all kinds of ‘ism’, from Islamism and Marxism to Capitalism and any other blah-blah-ism or Fuck-ism. All political/ religious ideologies are the same shit. All ideologies, from Zionism and Nazism to Islamism and Americanism have Big Brothers, and try to tell you how you should live, how you should think !, what you should do etc. They try to strongly control people, and to influence the way people live and behave! All ideological systems have Big Brother, Ministry of Truth, Brainwashing center, and many stupid pigs who just care about ideology, money, or power”. We have already written about the ideological systems in North Korea, Camp Ashraf (MEK), Jewish Theocracy etc (check Archive). As some wise Iranians say: ‘In all ideological systems, Ideology shapes their life, their beliefs, their values and their ideals. Ideology tells them what is good or bad. Ideology tells them what they can achieve in life and afterlife! Their ideology controls all aspects of their life. ISIS, Salafis, Wahabis, Taliban, MEK, Mullahs, Zionists, Basijis, Bahais and other Jewish/ Masonic cults are almost alike. Their ideologies are almost alike. For instance, all of them have the same ideal: A Jewish Paradise, which is a whorehouse for sex addicts. Their Jewish paradise is a stupid whorehouse in which they can do sex and drink alcohol from morning to night! Most Jihadis, terrorists and savage Arabs/ Jews/ Islamists kill themselves for an eternal living (afterlife living) in such a Jewish paradise! Their ideal is the eternal life in a whorehouse! They kill themselves for the promise of eternal life in a stupid whorehouse! And it’s not a joke. It’s a tragic fact. All slaves of ideologies -from ISIS and MEK (ie Islamists) to Marxists, Fascists and Zionists- live under Velayat (rule/ control) of a Big Brother, who controls all aspects of their life. Ideology is like a prison. They live like salves, not free men. They are brainwashed, and suffer from mental disorders. Now Islamists/ Basijis openly talk about their Jewish ideals, for instance about Hoori (hot girls/ divine whores) in their Jewish Paradise! You can call them ‘the horny soldiers of the Jewish God’. But the main issue is their stupid utopia, their stupid imaginary world, their terrible paradoxes etc. The main issue is that these sick and brainless idiots try to force all people to live and think like themselves!”.

As the wise Iranians say: “Animal Farm is the story of all Ideological Systems, and how their leaders betray their values, their rank and file and everything, and how Ideological Systems turn into bad jokes. In all ideological systems, the rank and file become slaves of leaders, and leaders play the role of Big Brother. In all ideological systems, the main issue is: Control, the Control of the rank and file. They openly talk about control, brainwashing (preparing members!), and Ideological/ Social control of the rank and file. They know that if the rank and file become disillusioned and see the truths, then their business (Dokan) would be bankrupt. Since the ancient time, Ideology has been a Business (Dokan), and the main ideologies have been religious ideologies and political ideologies. In the Stone age, Shamans played the role of ideological leaders. Shamans said they have special powers. They said: ‘Shamans have special access to the spirit world’ ! Shamans just remind you of clergymen and ideological leaders. All of them say you cannot explain natural and social phenomena without believing in spirits or Big Brothers! Their Ideology is actually Karkhaneh Bardeh Sazi (a factory that produces slaves) or Karkhaneh Goosfand Sazi (a factory that produces Sheep/ Sheeple )”. We have already written about such issues (for more info, check Archive for [1]: “Satanism, Religion, Islamists and their Great Satan”, “Morality, Ethics, Religion, and Humanity”, etc). As some wise Iranians say: “In today’s world, Fashion, Media, Money etc play the role of Ideology/ Religion. Americans refer to Capitalism as an ideology. Capitalism influences peoples beliefs, values, and ideals. They say the accumulation of wealth and living like greedy pigs serve an ultimate good ! They don’t care about Hierarchy of Needs or human values (check Archive). They just care about basic needs, and say Money is everything! They ask people to become whores and salves of Money. They act like Mullahs and other ideological leaders. They try to control and enslave people. In fact, all ideological systems are Big Brother’s systems. In any ideological system, A Big Brother is Watching you! In June 2014, the Mullah TV openly says: ‘Mass Spying or Mass surveillance is not a bad thing; it’s a divine thing: God is Watching You! What we do -ie our spying, our surveillance camera, our filtering/ tracking etc- is like what God does! (Our Jewish God is Watching You)’ ! (June 2014) This level of stupidity is really unbelievable. Mullahs openly say that their Jewish God is a Big Brother ! Maybe, in the near future, the NS-A and the UK use such stupid tactics, and instead of saying: ‘NSA is Watching You’, they would say: ‘God is Watching You’ ! But it’s funny that Mullahs themselves fuck their own Arab/ Jewish ideology. They openly say to people: ‘You are nothing but slaves of our Jewish God (Big Brother)’ ! They show that what Iranian intellectuals like Sadeq Hedayat already said was not wrong. The Arab/ Jewish ideologies, like any other Satanic ideologies, just try to turn people into salves. They say being a free man is a crime, but being a slave is a good thing! They say you should live like a salve under Velayat (control) of Big Brother! It’s what all ideologies say to their followers/ members. Ideology is really Slavery. They openly say to people: ‘you are stupid sheep, and need a shepherd, a Big Brother’ ! They hate the free men. They hate Truth, Logic, Human values etc. As Hedayat said: they are psychos and s-e-x addicts, and that’s why (their Jewish paradise is a whorehouse) and their Jewish God is a brutal tyrant, who just asks people to kill, to rape, to plunder, to tell big lies, to steal peoples money, and to violate peoples rights’ [1] The Arab/ Jewish/ Western ideologies see God as Big Brother. But Iranians see God as Friend (Doost), Love, Good, Truth etc[1] Iranians say we are not sheep or slaves, and we don’t need Shepherd, Velayat (Arbab/ master) or Big Brother. Now even the Mullah TV documentaries talk about the roots of Slavery and Satanism!, say that Ideology is a Prison of Mind !, and show that those who become ‘Zob dar X’ (ie slaves of X) and X = Velayat/ America/ UK/ Mullah/ Pahlavi/ Rajavi/ Ideology etc will finally turn into the sons of Satan!”. They also add: “Average people don’t live/ think/ act like extremists and radicals. As fanatics say, average people commit many sins, many terrible sins!, and betray the ideology! But it’s a good thing. It’s really good that most people break the ideological laws, commit sins, and fuck ideology. Extremists, radicals and fanatics see it as a disaster, or a big error. They often talk about real religion, real followers, true ideology, real/ true Christianity/ Islam/ Judaism/ Marxism etc. As they say, ordinary people don’t care about religion/ ideology, and commit many sins! But it’s really a good thing. It’s really good that most people are not slaves of any ideologies. Most people just care about universal values, and universal good things. If any ideology says Black is White, War is Peace, Good is Evil etc, most people will reject such crap by committing the so-called sins, ie by breaking the stupid law of the ideological systems. It’s a natural reaction, and a good thing. Slaves of Ideology say breaking the Big Brother’s law or breaking the Sick/ Satanic Law of Ideology is a great Sin! But most people don’t want to live like a slave of Big Brother/ ideology/ religion/ politics. So, most people don’t become terrorists, extremists, savage killers, brainwashed psychos etc. Only Basijis, Islamists, Zionists, Fascists and all slaves of Ideology lose their humanity, and become savage psychos/ oppressors”.


As some wise Iranians say: “ISIS, MEK, Basijis, Taliban and other savage Islamists are slaves of Big Brother, and ‘Salves of Ideology’. ‘An incomplete film …’ was about ‘Slaves of Ideology, and that’s why it just reminded you of Basijis / Islamists and what they did before 2009, in 2009, and after 2009. This documentary showed that Basijis and Islamists are nothing but slaves/ dogs with Golden Collar! This documentary was about all ideological systems, and showed the fate of all brainwashed slaves of Big Brother. This documentary reminded you of the 2009 Coup and this fact that what ISIS do in 2014 is like what Basijis/ Mullahs did in 2009 and past years. This documentary reminded you that Iranian people can make, and will make, many good films about the 2009 CIA Coup, the Orwellian West’s puppets, the English Mullahs, or the roots of problems. This documentary, ‘An incomplete film ..’, can be a beginning. Sooner or later many good films, much better than this documentary, will be made”. In these days, the media and media whores tell many big lies and bad jokes, and we should write more this issue later. But as some wise Iranians say: “In the past, most people were naive or ignorant. But now many things have changed. Now the 97% of Iranians know and hate Islamists and all fanatics. In today’s Iran, Rouhanis (Mullahs) and their supporters are the 3%. But it’s important to note that all of this 3% are not Islamists. You can see this 3% as the 1% + the 2%. The 1% are the leaders, the stupid whores, Basijis and Khayemals (ass-lickers). But the 2% are the rank and file. The 1% just care about money and power. But the 2% (ie the rank and file) still think their leaders are honest and believe in their ideology! The rank and file don’t think that their Ideology is Kashk (a Bad Joke/ Big Lie), and their leaders are nothing but big liars. They are under many illusions. Their leaders cannot tell them: ‘Yah, we are liars. We just want to fool people. Our Ideology is Kashk, and we just care about money, power and control’ ! The rank and file don’t accept such crap. But as history shows, sooner or later the ideological system reaches a point where the leaders openly say/ show that their Ideology, their ideological values, their Ideological beliefs and their ideological slogans are Kashk. For instance, just look what Mullahs/ Islamists do and say about their Zionist IMF, their Great Satan, their Islamic Westernization, their Islamic Capitalism etc. As many Iranians sarcastically say: Now Mullahs, Sepah and Islamists think, act and live like Taqoot !, Morafahin Bi-dard !, Estekbar !, Kakh-neshinan !, 1000 Famil !, Nefaq !, Mostakberin !, Nokar-e Ajaneb ! etc. But in any ideological system, if their leaders openly fuck their own ideological slogans, the supporters of that ideology will decrease to (3% etc), and you can celebrate the End of that ideology! As Iranians say, do you know when people can celebrate the Death of an Ideology?! When stupid whores, hypocrites, Khayemals (ass-lickers) and non-believers (Jewish CIA, Leveretts etc) become the main defenders of that ideology! And it’s exactly what you can see in the Mullah regime, the West etc”. As some wise Iranians say: “the stupid ideologies of Mullahs, MEK, Marxists, Islamists etc are Jewish ideologies. In today’s world, we all can see who think and act like Zionists and bad Jews. Orthodox Judaism is a bad joke. Jewish fanatics are worse than Islamists (for more info, check Archive for [2]: ‘Jewish Fanatics, Jewish Theocracy’, etc) The life of the Jewish Orthodox, aka Haredi life, is Orwellian. ‘Ha-redi poskim (authorities in Jewish law) forbid television and films, reading secular newspapers or books not related to Judaism! Their rabbis also forbid using the Internet without filters that block inappropriate material ! Because of this, H-a-redim use mobile phones that are programmed to disable internet, and Is-raeli companies now offer cell phones with limited capabilities’ ! [2] But it just remind you of ISIS, MEK, Mullahs, Taliban, Stalin, Nazis etc. In all Satanic ideologies, Big Brothers try to keep people stupid/ ignorant. They praise censorship, and forbid books, films, internet and everything that can make people aware. They say: Awareness is a Sin! Science is Evil ! Truth is Dangerous! They openly praise Censorship, Filtering, Spying, N-SA programs and all kinds of Orwellian Control”.

As the wise Iranians say: “In Iran, almost all Iranians (97%) hate Islamists, Marxists, Monarchists, Capitalists and all salves of ideology. Iranians hate ideological terminologies. Iranians use Ideological terminologies in a sarcastic and satirical manner! Iranians hate disgusting terms like ideology, bourgeois, proletarian, Imperialism, Utilitarianism, Shah, Majesty, Ala-Hazrat, Vala-Gohar, Aqa, Ozma, Hazrat, Velayat, Father of Nation, Great Leader etc. Iranians know that all ideological terminologies are the same shit. Ala-Hazrat, Hazrat, Arbab, Aqa etc are the same shit. If you are a brutal dictator, then your name or your title – ‘Ala-Hazrat, Aqa, King, Majesty, Brother, Comrade, Great Leader etc- is not important. When you are a slave, your name or your title -Fadai, Basiji, Jan Nesar, Mujahed, Soldier etc- is not important. Slaves of ideology don’t live like free men, and don’t open their minds. They don’t know that when you are a slave, your ideology or your Arbab (master) is not important. But now most people are sick and tired of all classic ideologies. It’s a very good thing. But it’s important to note that now Money, Media, Fashion etc are becoming new religions/ ideologies! Now whores and idiots are the followers of the Religion of Money/ the Religion of Fashion/ the Religion of Americanism/ the Religion of Westernization! It’s really stupid”. They also add: “Since the ancient time, Iranians believed that Truth, Humanity, Good and Human values are more important than any special religion [1] We, Iranians, think that most humans actually believe in universal values (human values), not in a special religion/ ideology [1] Most people know that evil things like telling big lies, fooling people, killing people, stealing people’s money, Deception, Censorship etc are bad things. If any ideology/ religion says such evil things are good things, all normal humans will reject it. If the leaders of ideological systems openly say Barbarians/ Liars/ Thieves are good guys, then even their rank and file will rebel against them. As even the Mullah media (and documentary films like ‘An incomplete Film ..’) show, the rank and file of ideological systems, even the stupidest members of ideological systems, will finally become disillusioned with their ideology & their leaders. At that time, as Iranians say, what remains of ideology is ‘Ali & Hozesh’ !”. They also add: “the disillusioned members of ideological systems can see that their ideology is Kashk (Bad Joke/ Big Lie). It’s a good thing. But unfortunately, they often think that ‘Ideology is Kashk’ means: Everything is Kashk! Human values are Kashk! or Good is Kashk! So, the disillusioned members of ideological systems can easily become whores, spies, stooges etc. Ideological systems are really Satanic things. Many terrorists, savage killers and brutal bad guys are members of ideological systems. And on the other hand, many whores, spies, stooges, and Big Brother’s agents are the disillusioned members of ideological systems, who think Everything is Kashk, because their stupid ideology and their stupid beliefs were Kashk !“. The story of Ideology and ideological systems is a long story, and we should write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs, MEK, the West and all bad guys have the same Satanic laws/ values etc. ‘In a Jewish community, Boys and girls attend separate schools. Jewish women wear Hijab (veil). Jewish fanatics throw stones at Bad-Hijab women, ie those who hate Hijab! Jewish fanatics believe Its forbidden to look women, at anything, even her little finger and hair, and it is forbidden to hear her speak! Even in the USA, they have the separation of Jewish women on buses and public streets! Jews have the Tzniyut police, ie Fashion Police/ Morality Police! Even their bus stops have separate waiting areas for men and women’ ! [2] Such facts say a lot about the Jewish roots of ISIS, MEK and all Islamists. But the main issue is that all ideologies are the same shit. All ideologies have Big Brother, Ministry of Truth, Lie Factory, Brainwashing center etc […] It’s obvious why Iranians say: We hate all ideologies. We don’t want to be slaves of anyone or anything’. But unfortunately, many Westerners and irreligious people say: ‘we dont want to be slaves of the church and religion; but we want to be slaves of money, slaves of power, slaves of fashion etc! In fact, they only change their Arbabs (masters), and remain slaves! But there is no real difference between slaves of ideology/ religion and slaves of the West/ fashion/ money/ power etc. The good guys seek the truth, want to live like free men, and try to make a better world, a better life etc. The good guys dont want to be slaves of anything. Its the Iranian view. But unfortunately in the West, even university students and intellects are whores/ slaves. They just care about money and power, not the truth’ [1] As many know, Ideology or Slavery is a reactionary/ evil thing. So, if you really want a better world and a better life, you should try to live like the free men and open-minded good guys”.

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