2014 World Cup: Political Sports, Iran Break Pedals

“Mullahs and Islamists are animals, not humans. They still send horrible noise/ parasite, increase Filtering and Censorship, and desperately try to hurt Iran and Iranians, and to serve the West’s interests. Mullahs and Islamists are Ajnabi, not Iranians. Just look what they do about the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The Mullah TV (ie Mullah Propaganda Machine) just licks the ass of Big Brother. Before the match between Iran and Argentina, the Mullah TV and its media whores like Ferdowsi-pour aired video clips about Messi, praised Messi and Argentina, and ridiculed Iran! The Anti-Iran Mullah TV was working as Argentina’s TV or the UK media! They desperately tried to humiliate Iran, and to hit a nerve with Iranians. Islamists are really the sons of Great Satan. Before the 2014 World Cup, they just tried to weaken team Iran, and to screw the so-called national pride! From morning to night, the anti-Iran Mullah TV repeated the Western crap, and said that Iran is weak, but other teams, Nigeria, Bosnia and Argentina are strong! Mullahs/ Islamists are really Arabs/ Jews (Ajnabi), not Iranians. Instead of preparing team Iran for the world cup, they just tried to weaken team Iran, and to aid the West in creating a bad image of Iran”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, many talk about sports, world cup, Iran’s Break Pedals, National Pride, Self-Respect etc. As some wise Iranians say: “Politics has polluted sports. So even sports show that Mullahs and Islamists are animals and Ajnabi. The current events can remind you of the late Iranian climbers, who used a new route, known as the Iranian Route, on Broad Peak summit [1] These late climbers were real Iranians and real heroes. They said important things in their open letter [1] They knew the anti-Iran Mullahs, and said: ‘they don’t care about us .. we are not backed by government money .. But our support is you, the people, not the jealous ones. Our support is the people, not the fake heroes’ [1] The West uses Mullahs/ Islamists as a Break Pedal in the engine of progress in Iran. But nothing can stop Iran and Iranians. As the late climbers said: We want to restore (Great Iran) .. Who is able to stand in front of our resolution? .. [We] dont need permission form those sitting behind a desk and think of themselves as authorities .. We say, be afraid, your reign will end soon .. We say our goal is not the summit .. Our intention it is not receiving Heroism decree; its not making noise, being on TV .. Our goal is to climb high, our goal is to experience, our goal is to see, to touch. Our goal is to learn, to learn from defeat. We say not having courage is shameful .. Our resolution is to fly high .. Our resolution has roots deep in [Iran’s history] .. it doesnt know defeat, doesnt understand obstruction, doesnt think of being killed or ridiculed .. We say laugh at our defeat, [but] our turn will come too. When our defeats will be like a ladder taking us up to the highest heights .. And from up there, our message will reach everyone .. Our message is the message of (Great Iran) .. Its a message of Change‘ [1] These climbers were real Iranians, and knew that Islamists are puppets of the West. But now many know that Mullahs just play the role of Iran’s Brake Pedal. Mullahs are puppets of Great Satan (Big Brother), and just serve the interests of Iran’s enemies”. As we said before, even Iran Sports can reveal Iran’s main problems [1] As we said before, “there are many examples. For instance, Iran was a world power in the world of Futsal. With an Iranian coach, Shams, Iran rivaled Brazil and Spain. Iran could beat Spain, Brazil etc. Shams and Iranians said: Iran must win the World Championship. But do you know what Mullahs did, and what happened to that team and that Iranian coach? Mullahs fired him, and destroyed Irans team! .. In Iran, those teams/ federations/ couches etc who are successful, and can win world championship or can make Iran a world power, are systematically suppressed, fired, or destroyed by Mullahs .. 6 months before the 2012 Olympics, Mullahs started to weaken team Iran. They changed many federations/ couches who wanted to participate in the Olympic games! .. (In 2013, even the media says:) Irans regime tries to weaken Iran’s team just before the 2014 World Cup! [1]”.

The dirty world of politics has polluted all aspects of life. In these days, many things including the terrible Filtering, Parasite, Censorship and the very low speed of the internet in Iran show that even sports and entertainment have been polluted. We have already written about Iranian fans, the West’s ridiculous censorship and the Mullah ridiculous censorship [1] But as some wise Iranians say: ‘The West and its stooges still try to censor the real voices and the real images of Iran and Iranians. Rouhanis act like Taliban and ISIS. They censor all images of women and world coup! They censor all images of Brazil, Iran, or Iranian fans. And the West aids Mullahs. The West uses all savage Islamists, from Mullahs to ISIS, to hurt Iran, Iranians and all good guys. The West loves savage Islamists. The Savage West aids Iran’s regime in hurting Iran’s people, but at the same time, they pretend that Iran’s regime = Iran’s people! The West is really the home of Orwellian acts, Barbarian values and Satanic media”. They also add: “In Iran, the regime and the people are two different and opposite things. In Iran, we have national team (Team Melli) and regime team. We call them Regime team or Mullah team, if they obey Iran’s regime and lick Mullah ass. And we call them Iran team or national team, if they care about Iran’s people, not Iran’s regime. In Iran, many things have the same story. For instance, in both Pahlavi and Mullah eras, national anthem is a stupid song about Iran’s regime (ie about a puppet & stupid regime), not about Iran or Iranians [1] In both Pahlavi and Mullah eras, their national anthem is a stupid thing like the UK national anthem (God Save the Big Brother)! […] In Iran, we have two groups of celebrities: (A) regime’s celebs (regime’s heroes) (B) people’s celebs (national heroes who are on the people’s side). Group A are Basijis, Khayemals (ass-lickers), traitors and stupid whores. In Iran, all people hate group A. Brainless faggots like Sharifinia, Qasem Khani and the Mullah TV celebs are members of group A, and people hate them. But the West and Mullahs love group A, Khayemals and fake heroes. Now some members of group A are in Brazil. The regime wastes our oil money on these stupid whores, and the West refers to these stupid whores as ‘Iranian artists’ ! But after 2009, Iranian people have become aware, and know and hate fake heroes. They can see that stupid whores like Qasem Khani try to Eat from both the manger and the nosebag (ham az Tubreh, ham az Akhur)! [ ie they are members of group A, but they try to enjoy the benefits of group B] They are like or worse than Mullahs. They are hypocrites and lick the Mullah ass, while they don’t believe in the Jewish religion of Mullahs or in any other religions. They just worship money and power. If you pay them, they lick everybody’s ass. These stupid whores think they are smart guys (Ferk mikonan Kheili Zerangan)! In the city of Blind People (Tu Shahr-e Kura), and in the city of Basiji faggots and Islamist whores -whose IQs are less than pigs’ IQs- group A and stupid whores are heroes. But in today’s Iran, all Iranian people know and hate group A and stupid whores. During the 2014 World Cup, million dollars of our oil money are wasting on stupid faggots like Sharifi-nia and Qasem Khani. Now they are in Brazil, and eat more shits. These stupid faggots -that people call them ‘Sandis Khor’, ‘Mal-e Mardom Khor’ or X Khor (X-eater) X = shit, fart etc- are actually eating Mal-e Mullah and Mal-e Dozda. These stupid faggots (Qasem Khani etc) write open letter, and actually say: ‘Mullahs steal 3000 billions. So, we can steal 3 millions! Stealing people’s money, having joy and licking ass is not a crime!”. In these days, many things are laughable. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs are good jokes. Mullahs have good names like Ayatollah Fucker or Ayatollah Fesharaki. Mullahs have good confessions. For instance, Mesbah, a high rank English Mullah and a friend of Ayatollah Fucker, has recently said: ‘Before the Islamic revolution, Iran was making more progress (Qabl az Enqelab Pishrafteh-tar Budim)’ ! In fact, he openly confesses that Mullahs just play the role of Break Pedal in the path of Iran’s progress. In the 1970s, Iran wanted to become a world power, to have nukes, to bring the 1984 Olympic Games to Tehran […] But the West and Mullahs hated Iran’s progress, and Iranians were naive. But now English Mullahs like Ayatollah Fucker and Mesbah openly say: ‘If Iran wants progress, the Mullah regime should be toppled ! .. If Iranians want to enjoy progress, they should get rid of Mullahs! .. Before the Mullah era, we didn’t have poverty in Khoram-Shar! The Mullah regime just created more poverty and more economic problems in Iran, and it’s a good thing’ ! It’s what Mullahs say! Mullahs are as stupid/ ridiculous as Obama bin Laden”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Almost all Iranians know a weird problem: Iran can beat Maldives 17 – 0, but at the same time, Iran can be beaten by Maldives or Lebanon! Iranians are the men of great battles. Iran can beat Brazil/ Argentina 6 – 0. It’s quite possible. But at the same time, Iran can be beaten by the weakest teams. It’s quite possible, too! But it shows that Iran suffers from terrible mismanagement, systematical mismanagement. In Iran, the stupidest people, non-Iranians and ass-lickers are managers and decision-makers. Iran has the potential to become a world power, a superpower. But Ajnabi (non-Iranians) and puppet regimes (Mullahs/ Pahlavis) just try not to allow Iran to realize its potential. They try to play the role of Break Pedal, and to hurt Iran’s national pride and Iran’s self-esteem as much as possible. It’s their mission. Basiji faggots, Mullahs and Islamists have low IQs and poor self-esteem. It’s a central characteristic of all puppets of Big Brother. But the important point is that these brainless faggots pretend that Iranians are as stupid as themselves! These stupid bastards have low IQs and low self-esteem, and just lick the West’s ass, the Big Brother’s ass. But most Iranians are not like these stupid bastards. Many Iranians are wiser and smarter than their Western counterparts. They can make Iran a world power again. They can restore Great Iran. They know the West’s weak points. They know Iran’s main problems. They know solutions. But they are systematically suppressed. Now Big Brother and his stooges openly say: ‘It is a sin to make Iran a world power again; It is a sin to make Iran a free and strong country; it is a sin to create a good image of Iran; it is a sin to boost Iran’s confidence and self-respect; it is a sin to boost Iran’s national self-esteem; it is a sin to restore Great Iran, and to put an end to the West’s Evil Empire; it is a sin to care about Iranians values (human values). The West and its stooges, including Islamists, hate joy, happiness, peace, progress and other good things. They just care about evil things like war, money, sex and power. But the West and its stooges are big losers. They already said: ‘Iranians cannot keep their self-respect; It’s difficult to keep your self-respect when you have been humiliated for 100 years’ ! But now they see that they can never turn off Iran’s engine of progress, Iran’s engine of growth. In 2014, their Obama openly says: ‘We just (want to) buy time; we just want to (play with Iran for) about 10 to 15 years’ ! In fact, they just want to play the role of Break Pedal. They know that there is a wellspring of arts, culture and civilization in Iran, and no one is able to destroy it. So, they use evil plans like the 1979 tragedy, the 1997 farce, the 2009 coup, the IMF plans, the Nuclear farce, the Baby boom etc and desperately try to keep Iran weak, dependent and unfree. But they are big losers. All their evil plans/ plots have backfired. What was the result of their Baby boom plan in the 1980s?! What was the result of the 2009 coup and the West’s evil acts?! […] Now the golden generations of Iranians, and the large army of educated Iranians give Iran pride and self-esteem. But Islamists are stupid animals, and still lick the ass of the Anti-Iran West. The West tells its puppets (Islamists etc): Iran’s self-respect should be crushed. Hurt Iran’s pride & Iran’s public image’ ! They love Islamists, because Islamists have no morality and no dignity. If you want to know why Islamists and Basijis are Ajnabi (non-Iranians) and puppets of the West, what happened before and after the match between Iran and Nigeria can show you many things. The Mullah team and their ridiculous performance were so shameful. But Islamists and Basiji faggots put comments in the Mullah media, or said in the Mullah TV: ‘Iranian people think Iran is Germany , and Iran’s team should play like Germany’s team?! .. Iran is weak, and you should accept this fact. Iranians are not good in team work .. the world and Iran people boo the (Mullah team and its poor performance), because they are jealous .. you say Iran’s performance was embarrassing, because Iran had already won 3 world cups?! Iran is weak, and you should accept it’ ! Such shameful comments, and what the Anti-Iran Mullah TV did/ said clearly show why Iranian people say: Mullahs and Islamists are animals and Ajnabi. After Iran-Nigeria match, Iranian people were so mad at Mullahs and the ridiculous performance at the World Coup. Iranian people said: ‘ what Mullah team did in this stupid match (against Nigeria) was Football-e Ali-Asqari / Bezan Ziresh ! (just Hit the ball blindly & stupidly)! .. even Iranian kids and local teams are much better than this Mullah team .. Fuck you, Mullahs. Did you spend 2 million dollars of our money to import Football-e Ali-Asqari/ Bezan Ziresh from Europe?! … this Mullah team and its ridiculous performance were so embarrassing. They just tried to create a bad image of Iran. Now Mullahs and their Arbab (UK) are so happy. They happily say: Iran even cannot keep the ball for 3 seconds! They are so happy that their Mullah team is so weak! .. what is their stupid system? 8-1-1 or 9-1 ?! This stupid coach used 8 defenders! He had no plan for strikes. His strategy was ‘Bezan Ziresh’ ! .. Instead of using 8 defenders, Mullahs should use 11 goalkeepers! .. this Football-e Ali-Asqari/ Bezan Ziresh doesn’t need wasting millions of dollars! It doesn’t need foreign coach. Any unknown local teams in Iran is better than this Mullah team .. the anti-Iran Mullah TV uses fake interviews and false news to defend the Mullah team’s ridiculous performance! They only want to help the West in creating a bad image of Iran. The anti-Iran Mullah TV says: the World is booing us, and it’s a good thing’ ! .. all Iranians criticized the Mullah team for its poor performance. So, they were forced to change, and the match between Iran and Argentina was good. At least they showed part of Iranian skills, courage, confidence, discipline etc .. this time players said: we want to play for Iran’s people! It’s not bad. They should play for Iran’s people, not for the UK or Mullahs .. Result is not important. Good performance is important .. Argentina was not a good team. Iran could beat Argentina, if Iran’s regime was not such an anti-Iran regime .. UK and Mullahs hated Iran and loved Argentina (Hey Argentin Argentin Mikardan)! But their Argentina was so weak (Hich Gohi nabud)! .. What the Western media says about Carlos Queiroz is right? Does Queiroz repeat the Mullah crap & the Western crap, and when he goes outside Iran, he starts to crap about Iran? Is it true? .. God Bless Costa Rica! All people are happy that they fucked England; the world hates (English Barbarians) .. only Mullahs and the anti-Iran Mullah TV love England and (English Barbarians). They hate England’s good guys (like Darwin etc). But they love English Barbarians, and the English Lie Factory”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Costa Rica is a small country in Central America, between Panama and Nicaragua. Spaniards killed most native people in Costa Rica. Now Whites and Mestizos (people of mixed Spanish and Native ancestry) account for about 95% of the population. They have had many economic problems. Costa Rica was one of Spains poorest colonies. But Costa Rica showed that even a small country can defeat the West’s paper tigers. But Mullahs/ Islamists still love to lick the ass of Great Satan, and to obey Big Brother. Iranians say the West has good guys/ good things and bad guys/ bad things. You cannot say all things in the West are bad or good. But Rouhanis, Islamists and the anti-Iran Mullah TV see the West in black and white. After 2009, they openly lick the ass of their Zionist IMF, and openly praise Westernization! Their Islamic Westernization is among the World’s most ridiculous things. They are a bunch of mean, stupid and self-defeated pigs (Vadadeh/ Khod-Bakhteh, Past & Kodan). They worship the West, and say all Western things are good things! They just care about Capitalist models, Marxist models or other stupid Western models. For instance, they praise the social injustice and the large gap between the poor and the rich! In the West, a few whores and fake heroes form the 1%, and become millionaires and billionaires. But Mullahs say it’s a good thing; it’s good that a stupid football player earns 1000 times more than a professional engineer! The Islamic Capitalism is as ridiculous as the Islamic Marxism. In Iran, many people say: ‘Money corrupts. The gap between the rich and average people should not be so large. A sporting celebrity or any celebrities can earn 10 to 20 times more than average people’s salaries. But now they earn 1000 times more than average people’s incomes! In the 1980s, a sporting celebrity had to have a second job, because his earnings were not enough for living a normal life. At that time, sporting celebs said: If our earnings were enough, we could focus on sports, and we would improve our performance. But when they got more money, their performance didn’t change! They got more and more money, while their performance became worse and worse! Now they have become greedy pigs. Money has corrupted them. Now all Iranians say: At lease pay them according to their performance!”. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Mullahs and Islamists suffer from Mongolism and Foolishness Disease. Mullahs just obey their Arbab (master), ie the West, and slips on the West’s banana peel. But Iranian experts, well-educated Iranians and wise Iranians can make Iran a world power again. They know why the West is very concerned about Iran Sports and its ‘wining and losing’! The story of Velasco and Iran Volleyball had a lot of lessons. The West believes: ‘Sports, winning and losing, can hurt or build national pride and self-respect’ ! They even point to the benefits of sporting success in rebuilding Iran’s national self-esteem! They know that many old sports, including chess, wrestling, archery, weightlifting, Polo, riding, fencing, etc have Iranian roots. Iran is the birthplace of many old/ ancient sports. But most people even don’t know that, for instance, Archery and Archer come from Persian Arash, the legendary Persian Archer. The West and its puppets try to re-write history, and to fool naive people. But many Iranians and informed people know who is who. Idiots/ barbarians, who already killed themselves to learn about Iranian models and Iranian Legacy, now pretend that history begins in the 19th century! Now politics has polluted all aspects of life. The West, its media and its politicians openly screw the so-called spirit of the Olympics, and say: the Olympics games is not about peace, humanism or globalism; Its about Nationalism ! [1] During the 2012 Olympics, English pigs openly said: ‘the Olympics games is about faith and pride in our country’ ! [1] But now the UK asks its puppets to say: ‘faith and pride in your country is a bad and medieval thing’ ! The West and its stooges are bad jokes. ‘ When Britons, Americans or Europeans talk about national pride and care about their countrys medals, or about the image of their country, the West’s puppets say: Oh, its natural. They are proud of their country. They are happy, and they deserve it. But when Iranians express the same emotions, the West’s stooges say: those who are proud of their country, and care about sports and national pride are backward people. Iranians are stupid ! Such ridiculous double standards just make you laugh’ [1] Iranians hate political sports, and believe that sports should bring joy, peace and good feelings to all humans [1] All Iranians are much less nationalist/ racist than the West. Iranians don’t say the West’s people = the West’s regimes or the West’s politicians. Iranians don’t say that all Westerners are bad guys. We, Iranians, think many people in the US, Germany, UK, Spain, France etc are good guys. We don’t say all German people = Hitler, Nazis, or the Germanic Barbarian tribes. We, Iranians, don’t say all English people = the UK regime, English pigs or English barbarians. But just look what the West and the media say about Iran and Iranians […] Now the West says: You must judge Iranians on reality of Iranian football’ ! Now they talk about judging based on the reality! But what is the reality?! The shameful conditions or the shameful history of the UK, Spain etc is reality? or the medieval Tyranny/ Monarchy in the UK, Spain etc is reality?! Racism, Tribalism, and disintegration in the UK, Spain etc is reality?! the Orwellian media, the terrible corruption, the terrible censorship, or the big lies in the UK, Spain etc is reality?! Their poor performance at the World Cup, England’s shame or Spain’s shame is reality?! […] The reality is what the late climbers said to Iranians and all good guys: ‘The future belongs to you. The future depends on you. All you need to do is to have the desire, for the best, for the progress, for the highest and the firsts‘ [1]”.

[1]: Check Archive for: “Iran Sports, Iranian Heroes and Western Retards”, “Persian Power, Iranian Lions, and Anti-Iran West”, “Anti-Iran Mafia, Patriotism, and National Anthem”, “Persia, Western Hypocrisy, and Spirit of Olympics”, “UK Jokes: from London Olympics to London Riots” etc

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