Disillusioned Men: Big Brother Shatters All Illusions

“In Iran, even when you prefer to talk about sports or entertainment (for instance about Brazil, Samba, World Cup, Mullah team, their ridiculous performance etc) many things annoy you. In fact, even if you want to have mood changes, many things including Filtering, Censorship, Parasite, Big lies and other evil acts annoy you. The horrible Filtering and the ridiculous Censorship even don’t allow people to have mood changes! The West and its stooges (Mullahs etc) are polluting all aspects of life, and shattering all illusions”, some wise Iranians say. In these years, Big Brother is shattering all illusions, and as some wise Iranians say: “Now many are becoming disillusioned. Even the Brazilian protests against poverty and injustice during the 2014 World Cup show that the world is changing. In these years, from the 2009 Coup to the 2014 Referendum, Iranians became increasingly disillusioned with the West. But Iranians are just part of the ‘Disillusioned Men’. ‘A Year After the Snow-den Disclosures’, and ‘5 Years After the 2009 CIA Coup’, many humans are among the ‘Disillusioned Men’. They are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the West and politicians. They can see that they are living in the Orwellian World of 1984. As Iranians say, ‘Digeh Gandesh Darumadeh .. Digeh Gandesh-o Daravardan’ ! (the shit hit the fan .. they revealed all their secrets) ! Now the West acts like stupid pigs. The West is openly bullying critics! For instance, John Kerry says to CBS: ‘[Snow-den] is a man who has betrayed his country. He should man up and come back to the US to face criminal charges’ ! They say Snow-den should be charged for telling the truth!, but stupid pigs like Kerry and Obama should not be charged for killing people, telling Big Lies, violating people’s rights, and doing all evil acts! Now the good Americans say: Whistleblowers and critics have no right in the USA’ ! In 2013, we all saw the Mann-ing Show Trial, and now many talk about the Lavabit Show Trial ! These Show Trials in America not only remind you of the Stalinist Show Trails in the USSR, but they show you the true meaning of American values. We all know what happened to Lavabit.com in 2013. It’s one of the biggest scandals in US history. But in these days, Ladar Levison, Owner of Lavabit.com, wrote about his Show Trial. If you check Lavabit.com, you can see that Levison says: ‘My legal saga started last summer with a knock at the door, behind which stood two federal agents ready to serve me with a court order requiring the installation of surveillance equipment on my companys network .. I had no choice but to consent to the installation of their device, which would have provided the government with access to all of the messages, for all of my customers .. But that wasnt enough. The federal agents also said their court order required me to surrender the companys private encryption keys, and I balked. What they claimed to need were customer passwords, which were sent securely, so they could access the plain-text of messages for users taking advantage of my companys encrypted storage feature’. Can you believe it?! In the USA, not in the Stalin’s USSR, you can see such evil things. Like the Matrix movie, their Matrix’s agents attack critics and disillusioned people in America! In fact, the USA is openly turning into a Police State, a Fascist Country, an Evil Matrix. Levison says: ‘government lawyers tried to overwhelm me. In the first two weeks, I was served court orders a total of seven times -leading to contact with the FBI every other day .. when the dust settled I found myself the owner of a $10,000 contempt fine, my business shut down, and bit by bit, the very principle upon which I founded it -that we all have a right to privacy, slipping quickly away’. In fact, even the US ‘Disillusioned Men’ know that all illusions about America are slipping away. Now even the US media reports: ‘Over the past year, we’ve learned a lot about the extent to which the US government monitors the Internet .. the relationship between US intelligence agencies and Silicon Valley has historically been very cozy. The former head of Facebook security now works at NSA’ !! In fact, American Democracy has become a ridiculous thing like Islamic Capitalism! Now Islamic Capitalists lick the ass of their Zionist IMF, and the US media talks about ‘Clerical Rule, Luxury Lifestyle’ ! (NYT, June 2014) Now even idiots (NYT etc) know and say that Mullahs and Islamists are crooks, thieves and capitalists, who ‘drive Porsches, Ferraris and Maseratis and live in multimillion-dollar luxury apartments replete with walk-in closets, Bosch appliances and computerized shower systems’ ! Chomsky and Marxists are defenders of the Islamic Capitalism and the IMF. But now even idiots (NYTimes etc) talk about Mullah Westernization (Gharb-zadegi Akhundi)!, and say: ‘Much of Irans wealth is in the hands of (the West and puppets like) Hard-line Mullahs, together with the IRGC (Regime Guards) and their family members and their loyal cronies .. there is a lot of corruption. A limited group of people (ie Islamists) can make a lot of money here, but most people cant .. Corruption and maladministration are more to blame for Irans economic problems than sanctions’ ! Now even idiots talk about Islamic Capitalists (ie Islamist faggots) and how the Mullah TV (Press TV) defends Islamic Capitalism! Now even idiots (NYT etc) say Mullahs/ Islamists are Smugglers, Embezzlers, Crooks, Thieves, and the sons of Satan (ie UK, US Capitalists etc) and ‘IRGC’s Khatam al-Anbiya acts like the US Army Corps of Engineers’ ! Now even idiots know why Hedayat and Iranian intellectuals referred to Islamists as ‘Fetneh Jew-hud’ (Jewish Sedition), and said (in 100 years ago): ‘this Sedition (Fetneh) and this Jewish cult has been created by the Jewish spies, who wanted to hurt Iran and Iranians .. (the Jewish religion of Islamists) is the Enemy of the people, and only Colonialists and Imperialists love such cults”.

As some wise Iranians say: “the sad story of Levison can shatter many illusions. Levison, as one of many ‘Disillusioned Men’ in America, says: ‘I had no right to counsel (no right to have attorneys). My right to a fair hearing was treated as a nuisance, easily trampled by (US regime). In the end, I was forced to choose between appearing alone, or face a bench warrant for my arrest .. a federal judge entered an order of contempt against me -without even a hearing’ !! Can you believe it? The USA is becoming a Nazi country, or a new USSR. When Levison has no lawyer, no right to counsel, and no fair trial, it’s hard to say that there is a serious difference between the US regime and the Mullah regime. The story of Levison can remind you of the story of Iranian Lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh. Recently Sotoudeh has said: ‘I had no right. I even was deprived of grieving and attending my father’s funeral .. I found myself crying on two occasions. The first time was when my father passed away and I was deprived of grieving and attending his funeral. The second was the day my little son asked me to come home and I couldn’t come home with him. I returned to my cell and sobbed without control .. they suggested I give media interviews that favored the government, as a means of mitigating my guilt. I was laughing at them. I said: ‘Is that what you think of me? .. (they said:) OK, don’t give interviews. Just go back to your lawyers’ meetings and be our informer ! And I laughed at them again. They came so many times, threatening me. They said: ‘I will rub your nose in the ground. I will keep you here (in Prison) for ever .. ‘. The sad stories of Iranians are more tragic than the sad story of Levison. Our pain and suffering in Iran is much more than what you can see in the West. But evil acts and Orwellian acts in the West and the Mullah regime are alike in many ways”. They also add: “Iranians still see Sotoudeh as a good guy, mainly because we, Iranians, think all humans are good guys unless they clearly and openly prove that they are bad guys. Sotoudeh gave interview to Big Brother’s media like the Guardian, and to Big Brother’s whores like Simon Tisdall. It’s not good. But it’s understandable. Iranian people have no media and no voice. So, some of them use the mass media to relay their voice to the outside world. It’s understandable. If people like Sotoudeh don’t tell big lies, what they do is understandable. But we, Iranians, expect people like Sotoudeh to openly condemn the West’s evil acts in and after 2009. They should know that the West is behind our pain and suffering in Iran. They should openly condemn the UK and the EU for what they did in and after 2009 […] Perhaps people like Sotoudeh still live in the pre-2009 era. After 2009, people like Sotoudeh spent several years in prison, and maybe that’s why they still live in the pre-2009 world. But it’s not good that the human rights lawyers like Sotoudeh are ignorant. In these years, the West -specially English pigs- clearly showed that the English media is worse than the Mullah media; English pigs (Ashton, Straw etc) are like Mullahs; Islamists are puppets of Satan (ie UK, US etc); and all Police States -from the UK, Russia and USA to the Mullah regime- are actually the same shit. In 2014, the good Britons say: ‘the UK dark forces ask British students, critics and protesters to work as informers’ ! Now the good Britons have created websites about ‘the UK regime, and how the UK regime asks students and freedom activists to become informers’ ! Mullahs are just followers/ stooges of the UK. In this shitty world, the West and all bad guys use the same tactics. Big Brother’s whores – from Chomsky and Leveretts to AhmadiNejad (AN) and Akbar Ganji- are the same shit, and obey the same Arbab (master)”. They also add: “We all can understand why the media says: ‘Sotoudeh’s children (like most Iranians) had shown great courage. (One day) authorities distributed what was called a forgiveness paper, which allowed prisoners to claim a furlough in return for admitting guilt. (At a rare meeting with her daughter) from behind a glass screen, ‘they let my daughter come close to me. I hugged her. She was very concerned about me. I told her they were distributing the forgiveness paper. I said: ‘I can take one.’ But my daughter replied: ‘Don’t even think about it’ … Had she ever thought of giving up? ‘we are all human beings; sometimes you feel weak and devilish thinking comes to us from Satan. But I can tell you when it came to doing interviews for them or cooperating with them, I never had a second thought’, Sotoudeh says’. We all know Iranian courage, Iranian wisdom, Iranian strong wills, and Iranian values. But the Satanic media like the Guardian and the BBC don’t care about the truth or the people. They just play dirty games. They think they can hide/ cover up 1000 big lies with 1 interview!”. As the wise Iranians say: “We hope that good guys like Nasrin Sotoudeh remain good guys, but if they start to tell big lies, to help bad guys, or to betray the truth and the people, we don’t hesitate to condemn them. If they become traitors or bad guys, we don’t hesitate to treat them like other traitors/ bad guys. We all know that good guys can be ignorant or stupid. We all know, and any sane person knows, that being naive, being ignorant, or being stupid is not a crime. But good guys don’t say: Ignorance is Strength ! We, Iranians, were the first humans who talked about Tolerance and Basic Rights. We, Iranians, know the vital importance of diversity, different views, different tastes or different life styles. The wise guys and good guys have different views and different life styles. It’s good and important. Humans don’t live like sheep. But we all know what Truth, Logic, Goodness, Wisdom and Tolerance mean. Those who tell big lies are not good guys. Those who lick the ass of Big Brother, and don’t care about the human pain and suffering in Iran and the world are animals, not humans. Generally speaking, we only have two different worlds: the world of good guys, and the world of bad guys. In the world of good guys, people care about Truth, Tolerance, Diversity, Humanity, human needs and other good things. But the world of bad guys is like the Orwellian world of 1984. They tell big lies, obey Big Brother, and just care about money, power and animal needs, low level needs. They stupidly tell people: ‘You can trust Governments’ or ‘You can trust Big Brother’ !”.


The West is shattering all illusions. As some wise Iranians say: “the sad stories of the 2009 Coup, Manning (Wiki-leaks), Snow-den, Lavabit etc showed that Western Democracy is Kashk (joke) ! In the West, Freedom and Democracy are Kashk & Pashm ! (bad jokes) The good guys already suffered from the illusion that the West cares about basic rights, human rights, modern values etc. Most humans were under many illusions. But now the West stupidly tries to shatter all illusions! The stupid West even doesn’t ask itself: What would happen if we shatter the people’s illusions?! Do good guys and ordinary people would say: OK, we should live like slaves of Big Brother. We should obey dictators, and we should lick the asses of Satan and Tyrants?! Even if you know a little history, you know the fate of those idiots who tried to fight against the people’s will and to impose their evil will on the people. In today’s world, ordinary people don’t want to live like slaves or barbarians in the Stone Age. Even the West’s ordinary people hate dictators and slavery. Now even Levison says: ‘Let me be clear. I did not devoted 10 years of my life to building Lavabit, with its focus on privacy, only to become complicit in a plan which would have meant the wholesale violation of my customers right to privacy‘. The normal humans have values and principles. They don’t live like whores and slaves. They know that the life will be utterly meaningless, if you want to obey brainless faggots like politicians and Big Brothers. If the West’s politicians and Big Brothers openly act like brutal dictators, all good guys, including the good guys in the West, will rebel”. They also add: “In Iran, many people (including us) are sick and tired of politics and politicians. Many Iranians (including us) are sick and tired of the media and the internet. In Iran, the internet and the media suffer from many problems, including the fucking Filtering, the fucking Censorship, the fucking Parasite, Slow speed etc. But even when you ignore or overcome all these fu-cking problems, the media and the internet just make you sick, because they are full of crap and big lies! The English Lie Factory or the West’s Lie Factory is worse than the Mullah Lie Factory. The Western media and the English media just remind you of Hitler, Stalin and the Ministry of Truth. In the internet and the media, the voices of ordinary people (people’s comments, people’s websites etc) are heavily censored or boycotted. Now when you take a look at the media or the internet, you can only see psychos or stupid whores, and your first reaction is: Where are good guys and normal humans?! Where are average people, and educated people?! Why only whores, faggots and psychos have voice or media?!“. They also add: “In the West, the main law is the law of the jungle. They shatter all illusions. As Levison says: ‘when the judge granted the contempt charge unopposed – ignoring my request to dispute the governments claims- he created a loophole. I was never given an opportunity to object, let alone provide a meaningful defense .. Given the Supreme Courts tradition of declining to review cases decided on procedural grounds, I will likely be denied justice, forever‘. In the West, Lobbyists and Big Brother’s agents sell and buy everything, including laws, justice, votes, democracy etc. So, it’s obvious why Iranians say to the West’s Evil Empire: ‘Fu-ck you and fuck your laws! Your laws deny our basic rights, our Iran’s rights. Your laws are Barbaric-Satanic laws. If any laws say Black is White, it’s a Satanic law, and we don’t give a shit about Satanic laws and Orwellian laws. Your laws try to create good Whore or good Sheep! Your Satanic laws say being a free man, being a critic, being a whistleblower, being honest, or being a good guy is a crime! Your Orwellian laws say being sheep, being whore, being slave, being dishonest, or being bad guy is a good thing! You love Injustice, Barbarity, Bullying, Tyranny, Slavery etc but we hate such evil things”.

As the wise Iranians say: “the story of Snowden, Levison or Lavabit is actually the story of the Corrupted America. Now many humans can see the Plague – that we, Iranians, repeatedly warned about it. Now those who didn’t care about Iranians, and those who didn’t care about the Human Pain and the Plague, are suffering from the same problems. Just ask yourself why Levison says: ‘If we allow our government to continue operating in secret, it is only a matter of time before you or a loved one find yourself in a position like I was – standing in a secret courtroom, alone, and without (any rights) any of the unalienable rights that are supposed to protect us from an abuse of the states authority’ ?! Levison and all ‘Disillusioned Men’ can see that the Plague will pollute everywhere, if people remain silent and inactive”. In this year (2014), many people are becoming aware or active. As some wise Iranians say: “Now if search for ‘Lavabit Alternative’, you can find some good websites who say: ‘secure services like Lavabit have been forced to shut down. But we want to create new secure services. We’re fans of Lavabit and were devastated when it shut down’ ! The good news is that instead of one LavaBit, people can have many LavaThis or LavaThat ! Now many condemn Ya-hoo, G-m-ail, Facebook etc and many experts say: ‘we should remove user IP addresses from mail headers .. we want to stop ‘Content analysis of your emails; we want to stop Logging (tracing) of the IPs you connect from. The more we are, the louder we can scream’ ! It’s a good news. Now many experts say: ‘all people should know that all emails and all digital communications can be easily read at any of the nodes of the Internet they travel through .. you should compare an e-mail with a postcard rather than with a letter closed in an envelope. Today’s E-mails have no envelope .. But we need safe and secure ‘digital envelopes’. If attackers tried to open these envelope, we should notice .. modern cryptography and modern math can build such envelopes. Modern cryptography and modern mathematics can create safe and secure digital tools .. the internet and the digital media should be freed from political control and Big Brother’s control. We can build modern, free, private & secure tools’. Now even the mass media reports: ‘After 2013, demand for private & ‘secure’ email services has skyrocketed’ ! Now many people are becoming disillusioned. Now ‘Disillusioned Men’ put comments and say: ‘NS-A collects millions of face pictures from mobile apps and internet apps .. they could get your photos from Skype, if you use that .. a bankrupt data broker collected data about students, and now sells the data as an asset! .. Kerry called Snowden a coward for not returning to the US to be imprisoned and silenced ! But Kerry and Obama themselves are cowards and traitors for betraying the people and (the human values) .. Canada’s government is attacking science, journalism and civil society .. the UK regimes loves (evil acts like) firing and gagging scientists, spying on critics etc .. new polls show that the 70% of the British people hate the UK regime and all English politicians .. the 97% of Iranians hate the UK regime, Islamists and English Mullahs; the 70% of Britons hate the UK regime, and the UK Queen; but they have no (voice and no media) .. Most people are sick and tired of Big Brothers. Now (politicians openly defend) Corruption of Science! US politicians try to shield corruption of science! .. They try to enslave scientists; the West’s mass media supports State control of media! US mainstream media are supporting the criminalization of critics and whistleblowers! … What Thomas Paine wrote in the 1770s is applicable to the West today. Sooner or later we will see a Global Revolution, because most humans (are becoming disillusioned) and want Change, a real change”.

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