America and Islamists: A Coup, A Lot of Lessons

June 12, 2014

“The month of June reminds you of historic events like the 2009 Coup and Snow-den Disclosures. The month of June reminds you that ‘History’ is divided into two eras: before 2009 and after 2009. After 2009, Wiki-leaks, Snow-den and others came. After 2009, many things changed, and many became aware. Now many can see why the West is Great Satan (Evil Empire), and why Great Satan is behind Islamists and all evil forces. Now it’s clear that the West is an Orwellian Society. Now the good Westerners say that they are actually living in the Orwellian World of 1984, and the West is nothing but a Lie Factory”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “In June 2014, and in the anniversary of the 2009 CIA Coup, Obama’s adviser, US senators, and US lefty agents go to Iran and make love with Mullahs! As the media reports: ‘Joel Hunter, a spiritual adviser to U.S. President Obama, spent about a week in Iran, (Making Love) with Mullahs in Qom. Obama’s adviser also met with Khamenei’s men. Obama’s adviser (Hunter) helps Obama get closer to God [!] Obama’s adviser says he will report to Obama on his [love affaire with Mullahs] in Iran’ ! (June 2014) Now even the Mullah TV reports that US senators, US lefty agents and American officials go to Iran and make love with Mullahs! In June 2014, you can see the dirty pictures of the Lefty-CIA agents like Gareth Porter in Iran! In 2014, American pigs -from Lefty pigs to US senators- openly make love with Islamists in Iran! Now US-Mullah talks, US-Mullah love, and US-Mullah deals can help you to understand why Iranians talk about ‘A Manufactured Coup in 2009’. Now all facts -from the West’s Censorship and the West’s big lies to the 2014 Referendum and the important story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’ – show that the 2009 Coup was ‘A Manufactured Coup’. What the Left and the West do, say or censor can prove many things”. They also add: “In June 2014, and in the anniversary of the 2009 CIA Coup, the US and Mullahs hold direct talks! Now US deputy secretary of state William Burns, who had an active role in the 2009 Coup, openly meets with Mullahs in Geneva! In 2009, Burns and other American pigs secretly met with Mullahs, and managed the 2009 CIA Coup. And now Burns, Sullivan, and Wendy Sherman openly make love with Mullahs. Now even the US media reports: ‘Burns and Jake Sullivan, Joe Biden’s top adviser, were part of the secret talks and secret back-channel [with Mullahs] in 2009’ ! Now Basiji faggots and Hezbollah-i pigs like Iraq-chi openly lick the ass of Wendy Sherman, whose anti-Iran comments and her obedience to Zionists are quite clear. Now Mullahs and Islamists openly lick the ass of their Zionist IMF. Now what is happening in Iran, Syria, Egypt, Iraq etc clearly show that Islamists are stooges of Great Satan. Now many talk about ‘Islamists and Zionists: A Love Story’ ! or ‘Islamists and America: A Love Story’ ! Now even the US media reports: ‘Obama and USA free five senior Taliban leaders .. Mullah Omar now has his cabinet restored’ ! Now Americans and others put comments and say: ‘Mullah Omar can hold his cabinet meetings in Washington, USA! .. Obama bin Laden and Mullah Omar are close friends. Obama and Mullah are two sides of the same coin .. the love story of ‘America and Islamists’ is not a myth!”. They also add: “Now US pigs go to Iran, and praise their 2009 CIA Coup! Now you can see the dirty pictures of CIA whores and US Senators in Iran and in the Mullah TV! Now Basiji faggots and Big Brother’s agents like Marandi, Talebzadeh etc openly make love with their Jewish C-IA and US Senators. These Basiji faggots are Islamists, terrorists and hard-liners who have US green cards!, while their motto is Death to USA !! Basiji faggots and Islamists like Marandi, Talebzadeh etc have US green cards, make love with the Jewish CI-A, but pretend that they are anti-USA & anti-American !! It’s funny to note that TalebZadeh means ‘a son of Taliban (Taleb)’! But now Islamists, Taliban and ‘the sons of Taliban’ have US green cards, and openly make love with their Great Satan, their Zionist IMF, and their Jewish C-IA!, and reveal many things including the secrets of their 2009 Coup. Now when Obama’s advisor met with Basijis and Grand Mullahs in Qom, or when the Jewish CI-A and US senators go to Iran, or when the West and the Left censor all news about Iran, the IMF and Islamists, they actually help you to understand why the 2009 Coup was ‘A Satanic Coup’, ‘a CIA Manufactured Coup’. In 2009, and after 2009, the UK, the Left and the Jewish C-IA (Leveretts, Gary Sick, Chomsky etc) revealed many things. They defended fake polls, big lies and evil acts, and referred to their Mullah regime as the Island of Stability! They are worse than Hitler and Stalin. They showed the true face of the West. Now even American pigs say: ‘Obama has given Iran reason to mock U.S.’ ! In fact, even idiots know that the West has given Iranians many reasons to believe that the West is the Great Evil, and Islamists are puppets of Great Devil. Now even the Mullah media says: ‘London is a Mecca for savage Islamists .. the UK is the mother of Savage Islamists .. the UK and the US are behind Savage Islamists’ !! (June 2014) Now it’s clear that Mullahs and Islamists are English Fenteh and Jewish Fintah. Now Islamists refer to C-IA agents as ‘the dear US government’s workers’ ! But Iranians, even those who were pro-American, just mock USA and Islamists. Now only Chomsky, lefts and Islamists love CI-A, IMF, UK and other Satanic forces”. They also add: “After 2009, we all could see that the USA is Anti-Democracy. The USA openly defends anti-Democracy groups like MEK and Monarchists. The MEK is a Marxist-Islamist terrorist group that 99.99% of Iranians know it and hate it, but the USA, the UK and the EU openly defend such hateful terrorists! The West is a big loser. Now all Iranians know that the West just wants to keep Iran weak and unfree. So, it’s obvious why all Iranians say: Iran must have nukes; the West can go to hell and fuck itself ! In 2009, the West said Iran should not have Democracy and Nukes. But now all Iranians say: ‘Iran must have Nukes and Democracy’! Now the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhanis, and the 99% of Iranians will never agree to US-Mullah deals, ie to any deals between Great Satan and Rouhanis. Since the ancient time, Iranians have told barbarians and other bully: We will never give you what you want for threats. If you threaten us, we will make you regret it’. Even ancient Greeks were aware of this issue. In 2500 years ago, Xenophon wrote: ‘Persians say: when the interests of mankind are at stake, they will obey with joy the man whom they believe to be wiser than themselves. You may prove this on all sides: you may see how the sick man will beg the doctor to tell him what he ought to do, how a whole ships company will listen to the pilot, how travelers will cling to the one who knows the way better, as they believe, than they do themselves. But if (Iranians) think that obedience will lead them to disaster, then nothing, neither penalties, nor persuasion, nor gifts, will avail to rouse them ‘. Since the ancient time, even the bad guys said: ‘you can rule or fool Iranians only if you pretend that you are a good guy. If you show that you are a bad guy, a bully, (an uncultured pig etc) then Iranians will make you regret it’. Since the ancient time, only If Iranians think you are a good guy, they would like you or care about you. Before 2009, Iranians thought that the West is honest or good, so they cared about the West. But now the West acts like stupid pigs. The West and its stooges (Mullahs etc) even don’t know that If Iranians can see that you are a bad guy or a bully, then nothing, neither penalties, nor sanctions, nor bullying, nor threats, nor attacks will stop them from teaching you a good lesson and making you regret”.


As the wise Iranians say: “History will never forget the 2009 Coup. Iran and History will never forget Obama bin Laden, English barbarians and American pigs, who have Iranians’ blood on their hands. Iran and history will never forget the West’s evil acts, including the Anti-Iran Sadism and the anti-Iran Racism. After 2009, the West badly showed its true face and its real intentions. Now it’s clear that the West is the main Enemy of Democracy and Progress. After 2009, they just showed that the West is still Barbarian, and the Western values are still evil/ barbarian things like Racism, Sadism, Genocide, Inhumanity, Censorship, Tyranny etc. Now ‘One Year After the Snow-den Disclosures’, and ‘Five Years After the 2009 CIA Coup’, any sane person can see that the West is the Great Evil. Many have learned the lessons of 2009. Now many laugh at election shows in Egypt and Syria. Now many laugh at the West and what the West and the Left say about savage Islamists or puppet dictators like Al-Sisi and Assad. Now it’s clear that those who defend (Al-Sisi or) the savage Islamists in Syria, and those who defend (Assad or) the savage Islamists in Egypt are two sides of the same coin. In 2013, we all saw how Neocons and Republicans defend Islamists (for more info, check Archive for [1]: Iran and Egypt: America openly Helps Islamists) In 2013, the media reported: ‘Republican war-lovers McCain and Graham went to Egypt and [openly & shamelessly] supported Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood. John McCain (Ariz) and Lindsey Graham (S.C.) defend Islamists! McCain and Graham represent the views of Congress’ ! [1] In fact, those who say: Obama loves Islamists, but Republicans hate Islamists, are so stupid. Their stupid theories even cannot explain why Neocons and Republicans support Islamists! But those who have learned the lessons of 2009 and 1979, know why McCain-Graham help Chomsky (lefts), why Chomsky helps Leveretts/ Brzezinski (CI-A / Imperialists) and why the Left and the West help and support Islamists, terrorists and dictators”. After 2009, many things changed. As some wise Iranians say: “Now many people know Big Brother’s whores. Now many know the West’s intellectual whores and the West’s media whores, who get money and do/ say what Big Brother wants. After 2009, any sane person can see that the Western media is a Lie Factory, and the West just tries to make heroes out of whores and stooges. In the West, Big Brother’s whores like Porter, Leveretts and Chomsky are heroes. But the main question is why? In the West, an Orwellian media like the Guardian is their prestigious media. But why?! The West censors the voices of Iranian people, and just cares about a bunch of stupid whores and anti-Iranian faggots like Khatamists and exiled Journalists (Behnoud, Akbar Ganji, E. Navabi, Ali Nourizadeh etc). But why?! Why little pigs and immature whores like Masih AliNejad (of VOA/ BBC), Saeed Kamali Dehghan (of Guardian), Golnaz Esfandiari (of RFE / RL) and other whores -that you can find them in the Guardian’s top 10- become heroes in the Western media?! The answer is clear. The wise guys, the good guys or the real intellects don’t live like whores and slaves. They don’t want to be slaves of Big Brother. So, Big Brother just cares about whores and stupid pigs, and try to make them heroes. Big Brother needs fake heroes to fool people, to enslave people”. They also add: “Big Brother uses fake heroes to control Sheeple. But now Iranians know the West and its stooges, including the worthless traitors like Khatamists and exiled journalists. In 2014, Iranian people made a miracle. Big Brother, all media and all whores bombarded Iranians with big lies and propaganda. But the 97% of Iranians resisted all dirty tricks, and said a big No to Big Brother, all media and all whores. It’s a heavy defeat for Big Brother. Iranians have no voice and no media, but they know Big Brother’s whores. If you ask How, the answer is clear. Big Brother’s whores defend bad guys, and tell big lies. After 2009, they told many big & blatant lies. After 2009, the BBC, the VOA, the Guardian, the UK media and the Lefty media told many big lies, and badly showed their true colors. Big Brother’s whores have low IQs. They tell big lies, defend each other, and make a fool of themselves. All puppets of Big Brother suffer from some kind of Mongolism. For instance, look at Ganji, Mesbah, Nourizadeh, Rouhani or Khatami […] Now Khatami is not merely a stupid clown or a brainless faggot, but he is a stupid enemy of Truth and People. He tells bad lies, and now the 97% of Iranians hate all Rouhanis, including Khatami. Now stupid faggots like Rouhani and Khatami openly defend Big Lies, Censorship, Tyranny etc. Now Rouhani desperately tries to implement the Zionist IMF Plans, to threaten all Iranians and to Hurt Iranian people! As you know, terms/ words like Mullah, Rouhani and Talib/ Talabe/ Taliban are synonyms. But when Iranians say Mullahs are Taliban, it’s not just a matter of literature. Rouhanis think and act like Taliban and Jewish fanatics, and the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhanis and Jewish laws”. They also add: “The 2009 Coup made Iranians aware, and showed that Mullahs are puppets of the UK and the United States of Animals. After 2009, the West showed that the Western Media is a Lie Factory. They showed why BBC is ‘Big Brother Corporation’, or why the Guardian is the guardian of Big Brother & Barbarians. They revealed the true colors of their fake heroes. Chomsky is a symbol of fake heroes in the West. But the 2009 Coup revealed the true colors of all fake heroes. Chomsky and the Left are actually Big Brother’s agents. It’s one of the lessons of these years. In 2009, we all could see that the Lefty intellectual is a stupid whore; the Lefty media is a Lie Factory; the West’s Think Thanks are Big Brother’s agents; and the Western Polling Organization is a Lie Factory. Those who published fake polls and told big lies just shattered all illusions about the West, and we all should thank them! These stupid pigs didn’t know that we, Iranians, have old sayings like: ‘Enemy can be a godsend’ or ‘Evil can be a godsend’ ! The West’s evil acts just showed that the West is the Evil Empire. Now even the Mullah media and other idiots say: ‘IMF and World Bank publish fake polls, and try to fool puppet regimes’ ! Now it’s clear that the West is a Lie Factory. In the West, journalists are puppets of Big Brother. The Western journalists are paid to tell big lies and to manipulate people. Many books can be written about the West’s fake polls and the West’s big lies in 2009 and these years (we have already written about a small part of this great scandal, check Archive). The West’s journalists are part of the Big Brother’s Empire. Sooner or later a new Snow-den will confirm this issue”.


As the wise Iranians say: ‘After 2009, Iranians learned a lot of lessons. Iranians saw who is behind Mullahs, and who aids Mullahs in killing Iranians. Now it’s clear who encourages and helps Islamists to ruin Iran and to hurt Iranians. In 2009, the Western media had headlines like ‘Iran vs Iran’ ! Instead of saying ‘Iran vs Mullahs’ or ‘Iran vs Islamists’, they say ‘Iran vs Iran’, and it’s so important. They actually express their wishes. They love to pretend that their Islamists, who are Arabs/ Jews (ie non-Iranians) are Iranians. They love to pretend that ‘their own spies/ stooges = Iran or Iranians’ ! They love to pretend that non-Iranian pigs and anti-Iranian whores are representatives of Iranians! They love big lies, Censorship and Sadism. So, they still talk about ‘Iran vs Iran’ ! It’s one of their wishes. They use Mullahs for hurting Iran and Iranians. They use Islamists and other stooges for keeping Iran weak and under Tyranny. Islamists are puppets of the West, and just serve the West’s interests. They love Islamists, because they know what would happen if Iranians rule Iran, and if Iran become a free country. Of course they are so stupid. They made huge mistakes in 2009. Mousavi was not dangerous to them, and if they had accepted Mousavi, now Iranians would have talked about the stupid Mousavi, not about the Barbarian West, IMF stooges, Satan’s agents etc! Apparently, Mousavi only didn’t want to implement the IMF plans in Iran. But they saw it as a great sin, and they took a big gamble on all their assets in Iran. They didn’t think that Iranians revolt against Big Brother. They are so stupid. They just make Iranians aware and angrier”. We have already written about “Illusion of Democracy” and its importance (check Archive for [2]: ‘Mullahcracy and Illusion of Democracy in America’ (June 2013)). But as some wise Iranians say: ‘the West and its stooges are so stupid, and even don’t know obvious things. In the past, their think tanks said: when people suffer from the illusion that they live in a democracy, their illusion shackle their will to rebel [2] They said: we should not shatter public illusions. They knew that the main pillar of Fake Democracy is the illusion of Democracy. They knew that If you cannot create the illusion of choice, and if you cannot give the illusion of democracy to your people, you are a Blatant Tyranny, not a Fake Democracy [2] They already said: the people’s illusion of having some liberties shackled their will to rebel ! But now the West and its stooges just try to shatter all illusions! They say to Mullahs: fuck all illusions; make people even angrier, and dig your own grave! It’s like what they said to all toppled dictators. They know that ‘there is an abnormally large gap between the societal potential for liberal democracy in Iran and the actual level of democracy in Iran’ [2] They know that ‘when such a gap exists, sooner or later the country’s level of democracy will adjust in accordance with the society’s potential’ [2] But they still act like retards, because they have confused. They still think they can stop Iran’s progress, and that’s why they openly praise evil-childish plans like IMF plans, Baby boom, Evil Fi-rewall, Tyranny, Oppression etc. All puppets of Big Brother suffer from some kind of Mongolism. They say: Viva Democracy, while they openly defend dictators and anti-Democracy groups! They say: Death to USA, while they are making love with the US regime, the IMF and the Jewish C-IA! They say: Death to IMF, while they are defending the IMF plans in Iran! They say: C-IA is the Great Evil, while their close friends are Jewish agents of C-IA! They say: Viva Human rights, while they openly attack basic rights, and defend the N-SA Orwellian acts. They say: Death to Islamists, while they openly defend/ support all Islamists, from Taliban and Wahabis to Mullahs, MEK and Salafis! The West is a bad joke. Now their media says: ‘Princeton University academics work for (Big Brother). They are part of the US-Mullah talks’ ! (June 2014) In fact, Science is losing its meaning in the West. Instead of caring about the truth, their scientists just care about money & obeying Big Brother! In the West, Democracy or Modernism loses its meaning. Just look at the UK and Spain. Their people still ask for a Referendum on Monarchy! Do you what it means?! They still ask for ‘Referendum on abolishing Monarchy’, and their governments reject such requests! Spain’s Monarchy and British Monarchy belong to the Stone Age. But they even cannot have a Referendum on Monarchy. In fact, the West is still barbarian, uncultured and undemocratic. Now all illusions are being ruined. Now it’s clear that Iranians should restore Great Persia, and should put an end to the West’s Evil Empire. Now all normal humans can see the battles between Iranians and Barbarians. Now English Barbarians, Jewish Barbarians and other Barbarians show that the main battle is a battle between Great Iran and Great Satan, or between Iranian values and Jewish-Barbarian values. Now the Evil Empire of the Savage West openly defends Sadism, Racism, Genocide, and imposing collective punishments! Now it’s clear who is the Enemy of the People. Now it’s clear who defend the Orwellian plans, the NS-A and the Orwellian Society. Now it’s clear why Iran must have nuclear weapons, and why the 97% of Iranians hate Islamists and other puppets of the West. Now all good guys, including the West’s good guys, can understand why Iran and Iranians will never forget and forgive the Anti-Iran West and its stooges (Mullahs, Khatamists, exiled journalists etc). Iranian people can forgive criminals and those who really and deeply regret, but Iranian people will never forget and forgive traitors and those who still tell big lies, hurt Iranians, and lick Big Brother’s ass. The 2014 Referendum was a historic referendum on Mullahs and the West, in which the 97% of Iranians showed why even idiots say: Sooner or later Iranians will change the world ! Now even idiots say: the revolutionary conditions or revolutionary atmosphere in 1978 was much less than these years! Now it’s clear who is the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy and Progress in Iran and the world. Now it’s clear who defend Genocide, Sadism, Intolerance and Jewish-Barbarian values. Now it’s clear who are puppets of the West, who lick the ass of the Zionist IMF, and who serve the West’s interests. Now even idiots know that the West is a big loser. The West badly revealed the truth of the West’s Evil Empire. Before 2009, most Iranians were naive. They were pro-West or pro-American. But now Iranians have changed. The stupid West changed Iranians! The Anti-Iran West is a big loser”.