2014 Storm in Tehran: Red Dust, Black Tsunami

In these days, many things are stupid. Even our recent post about “Intern-et in Iran” (“Behind the Evil Fi-rewall”) had a weird and stupid story. Now you can see this post as a double post (two posts), and it’s a result of this stupid/ Orwellian story. But lets the previous post remain as a double post, and remind us of the Orwellian acts of these days. Anyway, many things are stupid. Now many talk about “a Mega Storm in Tehran” ! As some wise Iranians say: “It’s a new thing. Tehran didn’t have such heavy storms. The reasons behind the current events are not very clear, because Iranian scientists/ experts are not allowed to investigate such things. But when Mullahs and their Arbabs (masters) harshly ruin and/or pollute the environment (air, sea, river, jungle, mountain, green belts, water resources and everything) it’s obvious that new disasters will happen. Now the media reports: ‘On June 2, 2014 a heavy dust storm struck Tehran with winds of 110 to 130 km/h. The storm broke trees and plunged the capital into darkness for several minutes’ (June 2014) [As many] say, Tehran Storm is just part of the Red Dust Storm. In 2014, Iran’s state TV aired a documentary film, ‘The Red Dust‘, and showed what Iranian people say about Red Dust, Arab Dust, Foreign Dust, or Jewish/ Arabian Dirt/ Dust is not a myth. The Red Dust and heavy dust storms (Arab storms) hit Tehran, and also the western, southern and central provinces of Iran including Isfahan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Elam, Khuzestan etc. In January 2014, and in ‘the Red Dust’ documentary, Iran’s state TV said: ‘Red Dust, or Arab Dust, is a new thing in Tehran. The Dust crisis began in 2010 (ie after the 2009 Coup!) In 2010, the first horrible dust storm struck Tehran and Iran’s cities. This Arab Dust or Red Dust is polluted by radioactive … Winds over Arabian deserts and Radioactive waste in Iraq create this Red Dust‘. It’s the first time that Iran’s state TV says such things. They also added: ‘Americans dried up Hur Al-Azim (great lake) in Iraq, and dug many oil wells in Hur’. The pictures of Hur Al-Azim, dried lakes and oil wells show that the USA has created many environmental disasters in Iraq. Dried lakes (like Hur Al-Azim), Radioactive waste, some hundreds oil wells in dried lakes, or what Turkey did to Iraq’s rivers is just part of the American-made environmental disasters in Iraq. These disasters in Iraq hurt the whole Middle East, including Iran. Our Iranian people in Ahvaz, Abadan and other cities of Khuzestan, Elam, Kurdistan and other parts of Iran suffer from the problems that uncultured Arabs, savage Islamists and Great Satan have created”. In Iran, people know problems and those who create problems. As some wise Iranians say: “the 97% of Iranians know the Mullah-made disasters. Great Satan and its stooges (Arabs, Islamists etc) ruin the environment and the nature, and they are the main responsible for the Red dust storms. Great Satan and its stooges, including Islamists, are enemies of people and Mother Nature. But sooner or later Iranians and Mother Nature will severely punish those who desperately try to destroy the Environment, the Life, and the Good”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs and Islamists just remind you of Jewish barbarians and religious fanatics in the West. Now Islamists repeat the Jewish crap, and say: ‘the 2014 Storm was a God’s punishment’ ! or ‘it was a God’s warning, because Iranians hate Islamists’ ! But Iranians know Islamists well, and that’s why Iranians say: ‘since when Islamists and Mullahs believe in God ?! Maybe after killing people, stealing people’s money/ votes, telling big lies and licking Satan’s ass! .. Islamists and Zionists are two sides of the same coin. Their Arab/ Jewish laws are nothing but Satanic laws .. their Jewish God, the God of Zionists, Islamists & Christian fanatics, is the Devil .. their Jewish God is Satan, simply because their Jewish God allows them to tell big lies, to steal people’s money, to kill people, to hurt people, to oppress/ suppress people, to ruin the environment, to censor, and to do all evil things .. Islamists are the sons of Satan, and that’s why they hate Iranian values like Truth, Tolerance, Logic, Humanity etc .. even when you ignore the Arab/ Jewish Satanic laws, the Arab/ Jewish Dust & Dirt attack Iran and pollute Iran! .. Islamists are savage animals. Islamists defend Jewish-Satanic laws, because Islamists are anti-Iranian beasts. The Arab/ Jewish values of Islamists are Satanic things like Sadism, Se-xism, Intolerance, Inequality, forced Hijab, Oppression, Tyranny etc .. Mullahs and Islamists are Arabs/ Jews (Ajnabi), not Iranians. Their Jewish God is Satan, and that’s why their logic is the logic of Sword, their freedom is censorship and slavery, and their heaven/ paradise is a stupid whorehouse for sex addicts. They are obsessed by s-ex, and their Jewish heaven/ paradise is a whorehouse. They are stupid psychos, who think s-ex, money or power is everything. Their brain is in their ass, and their head is full of shit. God and good guys hate them”. In these days, the voices of people and scientists/ experts are heavily censored. But as some wise Iranians say: “our people and many humans know obvious things. For instance, many know Tehran and its problems. A 120-kilometer-an-hour wind is a new thing in Tehran. Since the ancient time, Tehran has had green belt, many gardens and natural jungles. Tehran was known as Chenarestan (a land of Chenar trees). But in the past 100 years, specially in the Mullah era, most gardens and jungles in Tehran were ruined. In the Pahlavi era, they tried to create a new green belt for Tehran (a green belt in Lavizan, Chitgar, Varamin etc). But now Mullahs attack Tehran’s green belt, and try to destroy it. Now Mullahs are destroying the green belt in Western Tehran, Eastern Tehran and Southern Tehran. What you see in Western Tehran is a big disaster. What Sepah and other Islamists and Mullah plunderers are doing in Western Tehran (and also in Northern Tehran and Southern Tehran) are creating new problems. Since 100 years ago, experts have said that Western Tehran should be freed from industries and pollution sources. But in the Pahlavi era, many industries were stupidly located in Western Tehran, and now Mullahs are worsening all problems. Mullahs are destroying Chitgar and green belt in Western Tehran, and replacing green belt with stupid apartments and pollution sources! Since 50 years ago, experts have said that Tehran need new green belts, new lakes etc. But Mullahs just destroy the green belt and everything. Mullahs love dust and dirt, because Mullahs are Arabs/ Jews (Ajnabi), not Iranians. Mullah heads are full of dirt. They don’t care about our Iran or our Iranian culture. They just lick the ass of their Great Satan. Islamists just love ‘Dancing With the Devil’ or ‘Dancing With Great Satan’ ! Islamists are brainless pigs, and even cannot see warnings like the 2014 Referendum and the 2014 Storm”.


In these days, many talk about Tehran storm and current events, and say: “this is like an apocalyptic movie” ! or “we have never seen anything like this’ ! As some wise Iranians say: “new storms, new scandals, new big lies and new censorship have created an apocalyptic atmosphere! Now the West tells the biggest lies, and creates the stupidest scandals. For instance, look how American pigs -Obama and the US regime- openly make love with Taliban and al Qaeda! Now many talk about ‘Taliban and USA: A Love Story’ ! or ‘Al Qaeda and America: A Love Story’! Now the US regime openly makes love with Taliban, and make people aware! Now it’s clear that Al-Qaede, Taliban, Egypt’s Islamists, Syria’s Islamists, Mullahs and all Islamists are stooges of Great Satan. Now even idiots talk about the love story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’, and show that many are becoming aware”. They also add: “The West, Islamists and Marxists openly defend Censorship, the Evil F-i-rewall, Orwellian Lies, Jamming the satellite channels, or Blocking, Censoring and Jamming the internet lines! Now Islamists/ Basijis openly say: ‘We use the unfiltered internet, the free internet. But Iranian people should use the filtered internet. Each of us, the Islamists, has about 200 Facebook accounts. (The West loves Islamists. The West allows Islamists) to use the unfiltered internet, but to block, censor and filter the internet in Iran’ ! It’s true! The West only aids Mullahs in hurting Iranians and in censoring the voices of Iranians. The UK pretends that what Islamists say is what Iranian people say! The 97% of Iranians hate Rouhanis and Islamists, but USA pretends that the 3% = the 97%! Their Facebook and Twitter make love with Rouhanis and Islamists! They even say: ‘Google wants to put its servers in Iran, under Mullah guidance’ ! The West aids Mullahs in blocking the internet and in attacking all SSL connections. Such Orwellian acts and all facts show that Mullahs and Islamists are stooges of Great Satan. Now what Mullahs say about hell, heaven, Iranian culture etc clearly show that Islamists are really animals and Ajnabi (non-Iranians). Now Islamists repeat the Jewish crap, praise Mullah-made environmental disasters, and say: It’s a God’s punishment’ or ‘It’s a God’s warning’ ! But Iranian people sarcastically say: ‘Yah, the 2014 Storm and the 2014 Referendum were God’s warnings to Mullahs and Islamists, who are crooks, thieves, killers, liars and stooges of Satan .. Mullahs are Taliban, and the UK, the US and Satan are behind Mullahs and Taliban .. Zionists and Islamists are savage animals, and their Arab/ Jewish laws are Satanic laws .. How Mullahs and Islamists should prove that they are the sons of Satan, and they hate Iran, Iranian people and Iranian Culture?! .. All Mullahs, from Mesbah to Rohani, are stooges of UK. Islamists and Zionists both hate God and Iranian values .. Arab/ Jewish laws like Hijab have polluted our Iran. What’s the result of Arab/ Jewish laws? more corruption, more problems, and more abnormality .. the 97% of Iranians hate Islamists and their Jewish-Satanic laws like ‘forced Hijab’, Sadism, Censorship, Tyranny, Oppression, Intolerance etc”.


As some wise Iranians say: ”In 2014, even the Mullah media and their Red Dust documentary say: ‘Do you know tsunami of cancer and tsunami of ‘Silent Death’ in Tehran? .. Do you suffer from weird headache, chest pain, bad breathing, red eye, sore throat, heart problem etc? these symptoms are common symptoms of Red Dust (polluted by radioactive) and Silent Death in Tehran’ ! But it’s not just Tehran. Our people in Khuzestan, Elam, Kurdistan, Kermanhah etc suffer from the same problems and even more problems, and that’s why they say: ‘We hate these Arab pigs (ie Islamists) and this Arabian Dust .. this Arab Dust, like the Arab/ Jewish laws, have polluted our Iran’. Now even the Mullah media talks about tsunami of cancer in Iran, and says Iran has the world’s highest rate of cancer! In fact, air pollution and all environmental tragedies just have become worse and worse since 2005 (AN’s era), and even idiots are aware of this fact. Only Noam Chomsky, the Lefts and other stupid pigs -whose heads are full of shit and dirt- still love AN, Islamists, dirt, shit, oppression and tyranny”. They also add: “In 2014, Iran’s state TV aired some good reports/ documentary films about environmental tragedies. They talked about Mullah-made problems, and also about the environmental consequences of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq […] In Feb 2014, Iran’s state TV reported: ‘Two factors are killing Zagros Oak jungles. These two factors are: Red Dust & new insects .. the source of the Red Dust is clear, Iraq and (Great Satan) .. but now the source of new insects, who eat oak trees and kill oak trees, has become clear. It’s Iraq and (Great Satan) .. In 2010 (after the 2009 CIA Coup), Zagros oak jungles were polluted by new insects. In the past 4 years, about 1 million hectares of Zagros oak jungles have been polluted. In the past 4 years, (Mullahs) did nothing for solving this problem, and now 20 to 30 millions of the Oak trees should be cut and ruined .. Zagros just has about 6 millionhectares of Oak jungles, ie + 100 million Oak trees’ (Feb 2014) Great Satan and its stooges (Islamists etc) created many disasters in these coup years (Sal-haye coup d’etat). The 2009 CIA Coup, the 2010 IMF invasion of Iran, the 2010 Red Dust, and all environmental tragedies are part of these disasters. But it’s funny that even the Mullah media and their own films repeat and emphasize that environmental disasters have happened, or have worsened, after 2009 ! They actually ask you to refer to the 2009 Coup as the 2009 U.S. invasion of Iran! In fact, even idiots know why the 2009 Coup was a Satanic Coup, and why the 97% of Iranians hate Islamists and their Jewish laws. They know why Iranians say: What you can see in Iran after 2009? the IMF plans, the biggest lies and the greatest corruption in Iran’s history, the world’s greatest embezzlements, the greatest environmental disasters, the world’s highest inflation rate etc. Now even the Mullah media says: AhmadiNejad (AN) ruined Iran natural resources! They say AN and Islamists ruined Iran’s jungles, Iran’s lakes, Iran’s rivers, Karun, Zayandeh Rud, Orumieh lake, water resources etc. Now what you can see in Tehran and Central Iran, or in Shomal (Northern Iran), Kurdistan, Elam, Kermanshah (Western Iran), Khorasan, Sistan (Eastern Iran), Khuzestan and Persian Gulf (Southern Iran) show that Mullahs and Islamists are sworn enemies of Iran and Iranians. Mullahs and their Arbab (ie the West) just ruin and/or plunder our natural resources in all parts of Iran. Now even their own media says: ‘In the AN’s era, Iran was ruined’ !! From 2005 to 2013, AN and Islamists desperately tried to ruin our water resources, our natural resources, our national products, our industries, our economy and everything, but now Mullahs suffer from Goh Gijeh (shitty confusion) and just talk about water crisis, economic crises, environmental crises etc”.


We have already written Dust Crisis, Air Pollution or Environmental tragedies in Iran (check Archive). But as we said before, and as many Iranians say: “Iranian scientists/ researchers are not allowed to investigate such problems and many other problems in Iran”. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs and Islamists, like their English teachers, are big & stupid liars. They say: Black is White, and ask Iranians to accept it! They think Iranians are as stupid as themselves! But Iranians know obvious things. Iranians know Censorship and Big Lies. The West and its stooges censor all Mullah-made problems in Iran. But now they happily talk about water crisis, or environmental crises in Iran! They love Censorship and Sadism. They love to see Iran in crisis. Now you can understand why they aided Mullahs in killing Iranians in 2009, while talked about ‘Iran vs Iran’ ! […] Mullahs are stupid stooges of Satan. Mullahs just slip on the West’s banana peels, create many crises, and suffer from Goh Gijeh. This stupid situation is a direct consequence of Censorship and Foolishness. In Iran, people and critics cannot openly talk/ write about political pollutions, socioeconomic problems and IMF plans. Iranian people and critics cannot openly talk/ write about the West, Big Lies, Censorship and evil acts in Iran. But the fate of a puppet regime that just relies on Oppression, Tyranny, Big Lies and Foreign support is quite clear “. As the wise Iranians say: “these years can remind you of ancient stories like this: once upon a time critics were faced a stupid problem. Each time that they criticized Shah and his men, King’s men said to critics: ‘Critics are free. But this issue or that issue is a red line; you should not play with King’s tail ! So, one day critics said to King: your men just warn us about your tail. But where is your tail?! We hate tails and apes, and we don’t want to play with your tail. But please determine the domain of your tail ! (Mahdude Dom-e tan ta Kojast)! Apparently, your tail is everywhere, and its domain is the whole world! In all places and in all subjects/ issues we can see your tail. Your tail is everywhere!’. It’s like these years. Now you can see the Big Brother’s tail everywhere. Politicians and Big Brothers have polluted the whole world and all aspects of life. But the good news is that many are becoming aware. Now Iranians sarcastically say to Islamists: Can you see God’s warnings or God’s signs like the 2014 Referendum, the IMF Plans or the love story of ‘Mullahs and the Zionist IMF’ ?! these signs are enough for sane people and those who can think !’ Now the 97% of Iranians hate Islamists so much, and many truly say: Mullahs and Islamists are the 3% (3-darsadi), and should talk, think and act like the 3%, not the 90%! […] In Iran, ordinary people know obvious things. They know why people, media, critics, scientists etc should be free, and should be able to openly talk/ write about problems and solutions. But Mullahs and Islamists suffer from Mongolism, and just lick the ass of Satan (UK etc) and dig their own graves”. In this year, many things are ridiculous, but informative. As some wise Iranians say: “now even the Mullah media talks about environmental tragedies! For instance, they talk about Zagros Oak jungles, Shomal’s jungles, garbage crisis etc. Shomal’s jungles have a sad story. Iranian jungles in Shomal (Northern Iran) are among the oldest jungles on earth, and date back to at least 1 million years ago (but Europe’s jungles are new jungles, and date back to some thousands years ago) […] In 2014, Iran’s state TV aired some documentary films about the environmental disasters in Shomal. But in the past, they censored everything. Today’s tsunami of problems is a direct result of Censorship and evil acts in the past. Now the soup is too salty, and that’s why even the Mullah media talks about ‘tsunami of environmental disasters’. Now all Iranians know what has happened to all natural beauties and all natural resources in Shomal and other parts of Iran. Almost all Iranians (the 97%) can see obvious things, and know Black is Black, and White is White. Only retards, brainless pigs, the West, English barbarians and their stooges say: Black is White, and think all people are as stupid as themselves”.

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