Slaves of Ideology: Big Brother and Ideology

June 30, 2014

“On June 27, 2014, Iran’s state TV aired a documentary film, ‘An incomplete Film for My Daughter Somayeh’. This documentary film was a liberal, neutral and modern film about the MEK and Ideological Systems! It’s really surprising that the Mullah TV airs such films. In 2014, they have aired many many Evil/ Anti-Iran programs, but a few good documentary films. It’s surprising, and even shocking, that the Mullah TV talks about the roots of Terrorism, Extremism, Animal Farms and Ideological Systems, and airs good and liberal films about the disillusioned members of Ideological Systems! Even the West’s most liberal media doesn’t air such films, because the West supports the MEK, terrorists, Islamists, Marxists etc. The West and Big Brother love Ideological Systems, and use them […] It’s not clear why the Mullah TV airs such films. (There are good guesses,) but their goals are not clear […] But it’s clear that rank and file members of the Mullah TV and the Mullah system are not like their leaders. After 2009, their rank and file are becoming disillusioned. The 2014 Referendum showed that they are the 3% (3-darsadi). But the 3% is constantly becoming smaller and smaller”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, many talk about Iraq Crisis, ISIS, Big Brother, savage Islamists, the West and Terrorism. As some wise Iranians say: “Maybe that’s why the Mullah TV airs liberal/ modern films about the disillusioned members of Ideological Systems! But it’s a new thing that they try to remain neutral when they start talking about Ideological Systems! Instead of saying Death to X, crapping about X, telling big lies, or saying X is bad because X is anti-Mullah, they try to talk like intellectuals! It’s a new thing. In this documentary, ‘An incomplete film ..’, you could see many surprising things. For instance, they aired Iranian dance, Iranian dance music, Iranian women without Hijab, Iranian family videos and how Iranians don’t care about Hijab and other Mullah values/ norms! It’s a new thing. The Mullah TV showed such things in a sympathetic way, not in a sarcastic/ blaming way. It’s a very new thing! But it’s not the whole story. For the first time, Mullahs praised the US Army! They showed that US army officers can be normal people and say good things! Such positive images of the US Army can raise doubts about the new US-Mullah plans/ deals. But the main question is: Why do they show the true face of all ideologies?! They actually show why we, Iranians, hate all ideologies and all kinds of ‘ism’. They actually show why Iranians hate the ideologies of Mullahism, Fascism, Communism, Marxism, Islamism, Bahaism, Salafism, Rajavism (MEK), Totalitarianism, Pahlavism, Monarchism, Terrorism, Capitalism, Americanism etc. We hate all kinds of ‘ism’, from Islamism and Marxism to Capitalism and any other blah-blah-ism or Fuck-ism. All political/ religious ideologies are the same shit. All ideologies, from Zionism and Nazism to Islamism and Americanism have Big Brothers, and try to tell you how you should live, how you should think !, what you should do etc. They try to strongly control people, and to influence the way people live and behave! All ideological systems have Big Brother, Ministry of Truth, Brainwashing center, and many stupid pigs who just care about ideology, money, or power”. We have already written about the ideological systems in North Korea, Camp Ashraf (MEK), Jewish Theocracy etc (check Archive). As some wise Iranians say: ‘In all ideological systems, Ideology shapes their life, their beliefs, their values and their ideals. Ideology tells them what is good or bad. Ideology tells them what they can achieve in life and afterlife! Their ideology controls all aspects of their life. ISIS, Salafis, Wahabis, Taliban, MEK, Mullahs, Zionists, Basijis, Bahais and other Jewish/ Masonic cults are almost alike. Their ideologies are almost alike. For instance, all of them have the same ideal: A Jewish Paradise, which is a whorehouse for sex addicts. Their Jewish paradise is a stupid whorehouse in which they can do sex and drink alcohol from morning to night! Most Jihadis, terrorists and savage Arabs/ Jews/ Islamists kill themselves for an eternal living (afterlife living) in such a Jewish paradise! Their ideal is the eternal life in a whorehouse! They kill themselves for the promise of eternal life in a stupid whorehouse! And it’s not a joke. It’s a tragic fact. All slaves of ideologies -from ISIS and MEK (ie Islamists) to Marxists, Fascists and Zionists- live under Velayat (rule/ control) of a Big Brother, who controls all aspects of their life. Ideology is like a prison. They live like salves, not free men. They are brainwashed, and suffer from mental disorders. Now Islamists/ Basijis openly talk about their Jewish ideals, for instance about Hoori (hot girls/ divine whores) in their Jewish Paradise! You can call them ‘the horny soldiers of the Jewish God’. But the main issue is their stupid utopia, their stupid imaginary world, their terrible paradoxes etc. The main issue is that these sick and brainless idiots try to force all people to live and think like themselves!”.

As the wise Iranians say: “Animal Farm is the story of all Ideological Systems, and how their leaders betray their values, their rank and file and everything, and how Ideological Systems turn into bad jokes. In all ideological systems, the rank and file become slaves of leaders, and leaders play the role of Big Brother. In all ideological systems, the main issue is: Control, the Control of the rank and file. They openly talk about control, brainwashing (preparing members!), and Ideological/ Social control of the rank and file. They know that if the rank and file become disillusioned and see the truths, then their business (Dokan) would be bankrupt. Since the ancient time, Ideology has been a Business (Dokan), and the main ideologies have been religious ideologies and political ideologies. In the Stone age, Shamans played the role of ideological leaders. Shamans said they have special powers. They said: ‘Shamans have special access to the spirit world’ ! Shamans just remind you of clergymen and ideological leaders. All of them say you cannot explain natural and social phenomena without believing in spirits or Big Brothers! Their Ideology is actually Karkhaneh Bardeh Sazi (a factory that produces slaves) or Karkhaneh Goosfand Sazi (a factory that produces Sheep/ Sheeple )”. We have already written about such issues (for more info, check Archive for [1]: “Satanism, Religion, Islamists and their Great Satan”, “Morality, Ethics, Religion, and Humanity”, etc). As some wise Iranians say: “In today’s world, Fashion, Media, Money etc play the role of Ideology/ Religion. Americans refer to Capitalism as an ideology. Capitalism influences peoples beliefs, values, and ideals. They say the accumulation of wealth and living like greedy pigs serve an ultimate good ! They don’t care about Hierarchy of Needs or human values (check Archive). They just care about basic needs, and say Money is everything! They ask people to become whores and salves of Money. They act like Mullahs and other ideological leaders. They try to control and enslave people. In fact, all ideological systems are Big Brother’s systems. In any ideological system, A Big Brother is Watching you! In June 2014, the Mullah TV openly says: ‘Mass Spying or Mass surveillance is not a bad thing; it’s a divine thing: God is Watching You! What we do -ie our spying, our surveillance camera, our filtering/ tracking etc- is like what God does! (Our Jewish God is Watching You)’ ! (June 2014) This level of stupidity is really unbelievable. Mullahs openly say that their Jewish God is a Big Brother ! Maybe, in the near future, the NS-A and the UK use such stupid tactics, and instead of saying: ‘NSA is Watching You’, they would say: ‘God is Watching You’ ! But it’s funny that Mullahs themselves fuck their own Arab/ Jewish ideology. They openly say to people: ‘You are nothing but slaves of our Jewish God (Big Brother)’ ! They show that what Iranian intellectuals like Sadeq Hedayat already said was not wrong. The Arab/ Jewish ideologies, like any other Satanic ideologies, just try to turn people into salves. They say being a free man is a crime, but being a slave is a good thing! They say you should live like a salve under Velayat (control) of Big Brother! It’s what all ideologies say to their followers/ members. Ideology is really Slavery. They openly say to people: ‘you are stupid sheep, and need a shepherd, a Big Brother’ ! They hate the free men. They hate Truth, Logic, Human values etc. As Hedayat said: they are psychos and s-e-x addicts, and that’s why (their Jewish paradise is a whorehouse) and their Jewish God is a brutal tyrant, who just asks people to kill, to rape, to plunder, to tell big lies, to steal peoples money, and to violate peoples rights’ [1] The Arab/ Jewish/ Western ideologies see God as Big Brother. But Iranians see God as Friend (Doost), Love, Good, Truth etc[1] Iranians say we are not sheep or slaves, and we don’t need Shepherd, Velayat (Arbab/ master) or Big Brother. Now even the Mullah TV documentaries talk about the roots of Slavery and Satanism!, say that Ideology is a Prison of Mind !, and show that those who become ‘Zob dar X’ (ie slaves of X) and X = Velayat/ America/ UK/ Mullah/ Pahlavi/ Rajavi/ Ideology etc will finally turn into the sons of Satan!”. They also add: “Average people don’t live/ think/ act like extremists and radicals. As fanatics say, average people commit many sins, many terrible sins!, and betray the ideology! But it’s a good thing. It’s really good that most people break the ideological laws, commit sins, and fuck ideology. Extremists, radicals and fanatics see it as a disaster, or a big error. They often talk about real religion, real followers, true ideology, real/ true Christianity/ Islam/ Judaism/ Marxism etc. As they say, ordinary people don’t care about religion/ ideology, and commit many sins! But it’s really a good thing. It’s really good that most people are not slaves of any ideologies. Most people just care about universal values, and universal good things. If any ideology says Black is White, War is Peace, Good is Evil etc, most people will reject such crap by committing the so-called sins, ie by breaking the stupid law of the ideological systems. It’s a natural reaction, and a good thing. Slaves of Ideology say breaking the Big Brother’s law or breaking the Sick/ Satanic Law of Ideology is a great Sin! But most people don’t want to live like a slave of Big Brother/ ideology/ religion/ politics. So, most people don’t become terrorists, extremists, savage killers, brainwashed psychos etc. Only Basijis, Islamists, Zionists, Fascists and all slaves of Ideology lose their humanity, and become savage psychos/ oppressors”.


As some wise Iranians say: “ISIS, MEK, Basijis, Taliban and other savage Islamists are slaves of Big Brother, and ‘Salves of Ideology’. ‘An incomplete film …’ was about ‘Slaves of Ideology, and that’s why it just reminded you of Basijis / Islamists and what they did before 2009, in 2009, and after 2009. This documentary showed that Basijis and Islamists are nothing but slaves/ dogs with Golden Collar! This documentary was about all ideological systems, and showed the fate of all brainwashed slaves of Big Brother. This documentary reminded you of the 2009 Coup and this fact that what ISIS do in 2014 is like what Basijis/ Mullahs did in 2009 and past years. This documentary reminded you that Iranian people can make, and will make, many good films about the 2009 CIA Coup, the Orwellian West’s puppets, the English Mullahs, or the roots of problems. This documentary, ‘An incomplete film ..’, can be a beginning. Sooner or later many good films, much better than this documentary, will be made”. In these days, the media and media whores tell many big lies and bad jokes, and we should write more this issue later. But as some wise Iranians say: “In the past, most people were naive or ignorant. But now many things have changed. Now the 97% of Iranians know and hate Islamists and all fanatics. In today’s Iran, Rouhanis (Mullahs) and their supporters are the 3%. But it’s important to note that all of this 3% are not Islamists. You can see this 3% as the 1% + the 2%. The 1% are the leaders, the stupid whores, Basijis and Khayemals (ass-lickers). But the 2% are the rank and file. The 1% just care about money and power. But the 2% (ie the rank and file) still think their leaders are honest and believe in their ideology! The rank and file don’t think that their Ideology is Kashk (a Bad Joke/ Big Lie), and their leaders are nothing but big liars. They are under many illusions. Their leaders cannot tell them: ‘Yah, we are liars. We just want to fool people. Our Ideology is Kashk, and we just care about money, power and control’ ! The rank and file don’t accept such crap. But as history shows, sooner or later the ideological system reaches a point where the leaders openly say/ show that their Ideology, their ideological values, their Ideological beliefs and their ideological slogans are Kashk. For instance, just look what Mullahs/ Islamists do and say about their Zionist IMF, their Great Satan, their Islamic Westernization, their Islamic Capitalism etc. As many Iranians sarcastically say: Now Mullahs, Sepah and Islamists think, act and live like Taqoot !, Morafahin Bi-dard !, Estekbar !, Kakh-neshinan !, 1000 Famil !, Nefaq !, Mostakberin !, Nokar-e Ajaneb ! etc. But in any ideological system, if their leaders openly fuck their own ideological slogans, the supporters of that ideology will decrease to (3% etc), and you can celebrate the End of that ideology! As Iranians say, do you know when people can celebrate the Death of an Ideology?! When stupid whores, hypocrites, Khayemals (ass-lickers) and non-believers (Jewish CIA, Leveretts etc) become the main defenders of that ideology! And it’s exactly what you can see in the Mullah regime, the West etc”. As some wise Iranians say: “the stupid ideologies of Mullahs, MEK, Marxists, Islamists etc are Jewish ideologies. In today’s world, we all can see who think and act like Zionists and bad Jews. Orthodox Judaism is a bad joke. Jewish fanatics are worse than Islamists (for more info, check Archive for [2]: ‘Jewish Fanatics, Jewish Theocracy’, etc) The life of the Jewish Orthodox, aka Haredi life, is Orwellian. ‘Ha-redi poskim (authorities in Jewish law) forbid television and films, reading secular newspapers or books not related to Judaism! Their rabbis also forbid using the Internet without filters that block inappropriate material ! Because of this, H-a-redim use mobile phones that are programmed to disable internet, and Is-raeli companies now offer cell phones with limited capabilities’ ! [2] But it just remind you of ISIS, MEK, Mullahs, Taliban, Stalin, Nazis etc. In all Satanic ideologies, Big Brothers try to keep people stupid/ ignorant. They praise censorship, and forbid books, films, internet and everything that can make people aware. They say: Awareness is a Sin! Science is Evil ! Truth is Dangerous! They openly praise Censorship, Filtering, Spying, N-SA programs and all kinds of Orwellian Control”.

As the wise Iranians say: “In Iran, almost all Iranians (97%) hate Islamists, Marxists, Monarchists, Capitalists and all salves of ideology. Iranians hate ideological terminologies. Iranians use Ideological terminologies in a sarcastic and satirical manner! Iranians hate disgusting terms like ideology, bourgeois, proletarian, Imperialism, Utilitarianism, Shah, Majesty, Ala-Hazrat, Vala-Gohar, Aqa, Ozma, Hazrat, Velayat, Father of Nation, Great Leader etc. Iranians know that all ideological terminologies are the same shit. Ala-Hazrat, Hazrat, Arbab, Aqa etc are the same shit. If you are a brutal dictator, then your name or your title – ‘Ala-Hazrat, Aqa, King, Majesty, Brother, Comrade, Great Leader etc- is not important. When you are a slave, your name or your title -Fadai, Basiji, Jan Nesar, Mujahed, Soldier etc- is not important. Slaves of ideology don’t live like free men, and don’t open their minds. They don’t know that when you are a slave, your ideology or your Arbab (master) is not important. But now most people are sick and tired of all classic ideologies. It’s a very good thing. But it’s important to note that now Money, Media, Fashion etc are becoming new religions/ ideologies! Now whores and idiots are the followers of the Religion of Money/ the Religion of Fashion/ the Religion of Americanism/ the Religion of Westernization! It’s really stupid”. They also add: “Since the ancient time, Iranians believed that Truth, Humanity, Good and Human values are more important than any special religion [1] We, Iranians, think that most humans actually believe in universal values (human values), not in a special religion/ ideology [1] Most people know that evil things like telling big lies, fooling people, killing people, stealing people’s money, Deception, Censorship etc are bad things. If any ideology/ religion says such evil things are good things, all normal humans will reject it. If the leaders of ideological systems openly say Barbarians/ Liars/ Thieves are good guys, then even their rank and file will rebel against them. As even the Mullah media (and documentary films like ‘An incomplete Film ..’) show, the rank and file of ideological systems, even the stupidest members of ideological systems, will finally become disillusioned with their ideology & their leaders. At that time, as Iranians say, what remains of ideology is ‘Ali & Hozesh’ !”. They also add: “the disillusioned members of ideological systems can see that their ideology is Kashk (Bad Joke/ Big Lie). It’s a good thing. But unfortunately, they often think that ‘Ideology is Kashk’ means: Everything is Kashk! Human values are Kashk! or Good is Kashk! So, the disillusioned members of ideological systems can easily become whores, spies, stooges etc. Ideological systems are really Satanic things. Many terrorists, savage killers and brutal bad guys are members of ideological systems. And on the other hand, many whores, spies, stooges, and Big Brother’s agents are the disillusioned members of ideological systems, who think Everything is Kashk, because their stupid ideology and their stupid beliefs were Kashk !“. The story of Ideology and ideological systems is a long story, and we should write more about it later. But as some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs, MEK, the West and all bad guys have the same Satanic laws/ values etc. ‘In a Jewish community, Boys and girls attend separate schools. Jewish women wear Hijab (veil). Jewish fanatics throw stones at Bad-Hijab women, ie those who hate Hijab! Jewish fanatics believe Its forbidden to look women, at anything, even her little finger and hair, and it is forbidden to hear her speak! Even in the USA, they have the separation of Jewish women on buses and public streets! Jews have the Tzniyut police, ie Fashion Police/ Morality Police! Even their bus stops have separate waiting areas for men and women’ ! [2] Such facts say a lot about the Jewish roots of ISIS, MEK and all Islamists. But the main issue is that all ideologies are the same shit. All ideologies have Big Brother, Ministry of Truth, Lie Factory, Brainwashing center etc […] It’s obvious why Iranians say: We hate all ideologies. We don’t want to be slaves of anyone or anything’. But unfortunately, many Westerners and irreligious people say: ‘we dont want to be slaves of the church and religion; but we want to be slaves of money, slaves of power, slaves of fashion etc! In fact, they only change their Arbabs (masters), and remain slaves! But there is no real difference between slaves of ideology/ religion and slaves of the West/ fashion/ money/ power etc. The good guys seek the truth, want to live like free men, and try to make a better world, a better life etc. The good guys dont want to be slaves of anything. Its the Iranian view. But unfortunately in the West, even university students and intellects are whores/ slaves. They just care about money and power, not the truth’ [1] As many know, Ideology or Slavery is a reactionary/ evil thing. So, if you really want a better world and a better life, you should try to live like the free men and open-minded good guys”.

2014 World Cup: Political Sports, Iran Break Pedals

June 24, 2014

“Mullahs and Islamists are animals, not humans. They still send horrible noise/ parasite, increase Filtering and Censorship, and desperately try to hurt Iran and Iranians, and to serve the West’s interests. Mullahs and Islamists are Ajnabi, not Iranians. Just look what they do about the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The Mullah TV (ie Mullah Propaganda Machine) just licks the ass of Big Brother. Before the match between Iran and Argentina, the Mullah TV and its media whores like Ferdowsi-pour aired video clips about Messi, praised Messi and Argentina, and ridiculed Iran! The Anti-Iran Mullah TV was working as Argentina’s TV or the UK media! They desperately tried to humiliate Iran, and to hit a nerve with Iranians. Islamists are really the sons of Great Satan. Before the 2014 World Cup, they just tried to weaken team Iran, and to screw the so-called national pride! From morning to night, the anti-Iran Mullah TV repeated the Western crap, and said that Iran is weak, but other teams, Nigeria, Bosnia and Argentina are strong! Mullahs/ Islamists are really Arabs/ Jews (Ajnabi), not Iranians. Instead of preparing team Iran for the world cup, they just tried to weaken team Iran, and to aid the West in creating a bad image of Iran”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, many talk about sports, world cup, Iran’s Break Pedals, National Pride, Self-Respect etc. As some wise Iranians say: “Politics has polluted sports. So even sports show that Mullahs and Islamists are animals and Ajnabi. The current events can remind you of the late Iranian climbers, who used a new route, known as the Iranian Route, on Broad Peak summit [1] These late climbers were real Iranians and real heroes. They said important things in their open letter [1] They knew the anti-Iran Mullahs, and said: ‘they don’t care about us .. we are not backed by government money .. But our support is you, the people, not the jealous ones. Our support is the people, not the fake heroes’ [1] The West uses Mullahs/ Islamists as a Break Pedal in the engine of progress in Iran. But nothing can stop Iran and Iranians. As the late climbers said: We want to restore (Great Iran) .. Who is able to stand in front of our resolution? .. [We] dont need permission form those sitting behind a desk and think of themselves as authorities .. We say, be afraid, your reign will end soon .. We say our goal is not the summit .. Our intention it is not receiving Heroism decree; its not making noise, being on TV .. Our goal is to climb high, our goal is to experience, our goal is to see, to touch. Our goal is to learn, to learn from defeat. We say not having courage is shameful .. Our resolution is to fly high .. Our resolution has roots deep in [Iran’s history] .. it doesnt know defeat, doesnt understand obstruction, doesnt think of being killed or ridiculed .. We say laugh at our defeat, [but] our turn will come too. When our defeats will be like a ladder taking us up to the highest heights .. And from up there, our message will reach everyone .. Our message is the message of (Great Iran) .. Its a message of Change‘ [1] These climbers were real Iranians, and knew that Islamists are puppets of the West. But now many know that Mullahs just play the role of Iran’s Brake Pedal. Mullahs are puppets of Great Satan (Big Brother), and just serve the interests of Iran’s enemies”. As we said before, even Iran Sports can reveal Iran’s main problems [1] As we said before, “there are many examples. For instance, Iran was a world power in the world of Futsal. With an Iranian coach, Shams, Iran rivaled Brazil and Spain. Iran could beat Spain, Brazil etc. Shams and Iranians said: Iran must win the World Championship. But do you know what Mullahs did, and what happened to that team and that Iranian coach? Mullahs fired him, and destroyed Irans team! .. In Iran, those teams/ federations/ couches etc who are successful, and can win world championship or can make Iran a world power, are systematically suppressed, fired, or destroyed by Mullahs .. 6 months before the 2012 Olympics, Mullahs started to weaken team Iran. They changed many federations/ couches who wanted to participate in the Olympic games! .. (In 2013, even the media says:) Irans regime tries to weaken Iran’s team just before the 2014 World Cup! [1]”.

The dirty world of politics has polluted all aspects of life. In these days, many things including the terrible Filtering, Parasite, Censorship and the very low speed of the internet in Iran show that even sports and entertainment have been polluted. We have already written about Iranian fans, the West’s ridiculous censorship and the Mullah ridiculous censorship [1] But as some wise Iranians say: ‘The West and its stooges still try to censor the real voices and the real images of Iran and Iranians. Rouhanis act like Taliban and ISIS. They censor all images of women and world coup! They censor all images of Brazil, Iran, or Iranian fans. And the West aids Mullahs. The West uses all savage Islamists, from Mullahs to ISIS, to hurt Iran, Iranians and all good guys. The West loves savage Islamists. The Savage West aids Iran’s regime in hurting Iran’s people, but at the same time, they pretend that Iran’s regime = Iran’s people! The West is really the home of Orwellian acts, Barbarian values and Satanic media”. They also add: “In Iran, the regime and the people are two different and opposite things. In Iran, we have national team (Team Melli) and regime team. We call them Regime team or Mullah team, if they obey Iran’s regime and lick Mullah ass. And we call them Iran team or national team, if they care about Iran’s people, not Iran’s regime. In Iran, many things have the same story. For instance, in both Pahlavi and Mullah eras, national anthem is a stupid song about Iran’s regime (ie about a puppet & stupid regime), not about Iran or Iranians [1] In both Pahlavi and Mullah eras, their national anthem is a stupid thing like the UK national anthem (God Save the Big Brother)! […] In Iran, we have two groups of celebrities: (A) regime’s celebs (regime’s heroes) (B) people’s celebs (national heroes who are on the people’s side). Group A are Basijis, Khayemals (ass-lickers), traitors and stupid whores. In Iran, all people hate group A. Brainless faggots like Sharifinia, Qasem Khani and the Mullah TV celebs are members of group A, and people hate them. But the West and Mullahs love group A, Khayemals and fake heroes. Now some members of group A are in Brazil. The regime wastes our oil money on these stupid whores, and the West refers to these stupid whores as ‘Iranian artists’ ! But after 2009, Iranian people have become aware, and know and hate fake heroes. They can see that stupid whores like Qasem Khani try to Eat from both the manger and the nosebag (ham az Tubreh, ham az Akhur)! [ ie they are members of group A, but they try to enjoy the benefits of group B] They are like or worse than Mullahs. They are hypocrites and lick the Mullah ass, while they don’t believe in the Jewish religion of Mullahs or in any other religions. They just worship money and power. If you pay them, they lick everybody’s ass. These stupid whores think they are smart guys (Ferk mikonan Kheili Zerangan)! In the city of Blind People (Tu Shahr-e Kura), and in the city of Basiji faggots and Islamist whores -whose IQs are less than pigs’ IQs- group A and stupid whores are heroes. But in today’s Iran, all Iranian people know and hate group A and stupid whores. During the 2014 World Cup, million dollars of our oil money are wasting on stupid faggots like Sharifi-nia and Qasem Khani. Now they are in Brazil, and eat more shits. These stupid faggots -that people call them ‘Sandis Khor’, ‘Mal-e Mardom Khor’ or X Khor (X-eater) X = shit, fart etc- are actually eating Mal-e Mullah and Mal-e Dozda. These stupid faggots (Qasem Khani etc) write open letter, and actually say: ‘Mullahs steal 3000 billions. So, we can steal 3 millions! Stealing people’s money, having joy and licking ass is not a crime!”. In these days, many things are laughable. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs are good jokes. Mullahs have good names like Ayatollah Fucker or Ayatollah Fesharaki. Mullahs have good confessions. For instance, Mesbah, a high rank English Mullah and a friend of Ayatollah Fucker, has recently said: ‘Before the Islamic revolution, Iran was making more progress (Qabl az Enqelab Pishrafteh-tar Budim)’ ! In fact, he openly confesses that Mullahs just play the role of Break Pedal in the path of Iran’s progress. In the 1970s, Iran wanted to become a world power, to have nukes, to bring the 1984 Olympic Games to Tehran […] But the West and Mullahs hated Iran’s progress, and Iranians were naive. But now English Mullahs like Ayatollah Fucker and Mesbah openly say: ‘If Iran wants progress, the Mullah regime should be toppled ! .. If Iranians want to enjoy progress, they should get rid of Mullahs! .. Before the Mullah era, we didn’t have poverty in Khoram-Shar! The Mullah regime just created more poverty and more economic problems in Iran, and it’s a good thing’ ! It’s what Mullahs say! Mullahs are as stupid/ ridiculous as Obama bin Laden”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Almost all Iranians know a weird problem: Iran can beat Maldives 17 – 0, but at the same time, Iran can be beaten by Maldives or Lebanon! Iranians are the men of great battles. Iran can beat Brazil/ Argentina 6 – 0. It’s quite possible. But at the same time, Iran can be beaten by the weakest teams. It’s quite possible, too! But it shows that Iran suffers from terrible mismanagement, systematical mismanagement. In Iran, the stupidest people, non-Iranians and ass-lickers are managers and decision-makers. Iran has the potential to become a world power, a superpower. But Ajnabi (non-Iranians) and puppet regimes (Mullahs/ Pahlavis) just try not to allow Iran to realize its potential. They try to play the role of Break Pedal, and to hurt Iran’s national pride and Iran’s self-esteem as much as possible. It’s their mission. Basiji faggots, Mullahs and Islamists have low IQs and poor self-esteem. It’s a central characteristic of all puppets of Big Brother. But the important point is that these brainless faggots pretend that Iranians are as stupid as themselves! These stupid bastards have low IQs and low self-esteem, and just lick the West’s ass, the Big Brother’s ass. But most Iranians are not like these stupid bastards. Many Iranians are wiser and smarter than their Western counterparts. They can make Iran a world power again. They can restore Great Iran. They know the West’s weak points. They know Iran’s main problems. They know solutions. But they are systematically suppressed. Now Big Brother and his stooges openly say: ‘It is a sin to make Iran a world power again; It is a sin to make Iran a free and strong country; it is a sin to create a good image of Iran; it is a sin to boost Iran’s confidence and self-respect; it is a sin to boost Iran’s national self-esteem; it is a sin to restore Great Iran, and to put an end to the West’s Evil Empire; it is a sin to care about Iranians values (human values). The West and its stooges, including Islamists, hate joy, happiness, peace, progress and other good things. They just care about evil things like war, money, sex and power. But the West and its stooges are big losers. They already said: ‘Iranians cannot keep their self-respect; It’s difficult to keep your self-respect when you have been humiliated for 100 years’ ! But now they see that they can never turn off Iran’s engine of progress, Iran’s engine of growth. In 2014, their Obama openly says: ‘We just (want to) buy time; we just want to (play with Iran for) about 10 to 15 years’ ! In fact, they just want to play the role of Break Pedal. They know that there is a wellspring of arts, culture and civilization in Iran, and no one is able to destroy it. So, they use evil plans like the 1979 tragedy, the 1997 farce, the 2009 coup, the IMF plans, the Nuclear farce, the Baby boom etc and desperately try to keep Iran weak, dependent and unfree. But they are big losers. All their evil plans/ plots have backfired. What was the result of their Baby boom plan in the 1980s?! What was the result of the 2009 coup and the West’s evil acts?! […] Now the golden generations of Iranians, and the large army of educated Iranians give Iran pride and self-esteem. But Islamists are stupid animals, and still lick the ass of the Anti-Iran West. The West tells its puppets (Islamists etc): Iran’s self-respect should be crushed. Hurt Iran’s pride & Iran’s public image’ ! They love Islamists, because Islamists have no morality and no dignity. If you want to know why Islamists and Basijis are Ajnabi (non-Iranians) and puppets of the West, what happened before and after the match between Iran and Nigeria can show you many things. The Mullah team and their ridiculous performance were so shameful. But Islamists and Basiji faggots put comments in the Mullah media, or said in the Mullah TV: ‘Iranian people think Iran is Germany , and Iran’s team should play like Germany’s team?! .. Iran is weak, and you should accept this fact. Iranians are not good in team work .. the world and Iran people boo the (Mullah team and its poor performance), because they are jealous .. you say Iran’s performance was embarrassing, because Iran had already won 3 world cups?! Iran is weak, and you should accept it’ ! Such shameful comments, and what the Anti-Iran Mullah TV did/ said clearly show why Iranian people say: Mullahs and Islamists are animals and Ajnabi. After Iran-Nigeria match, Iranian people were so mad at Mullahs and the ridiculous performance at the World Coup. Iranian people said: ‘ what Mullah team did in this stupid match (against Nigeria) was Football-e Ali-Asqari / Bezan Ziresh ! (just Hit the ball blindly & stupidly)! .. even Iranian kids and local teams are much better than this Mullah team .. Fuck you, Mullahs. Did you spend 2 million dollars of our money to import Football-e Ali-Asqari/ Bezan Ziresh from Europe?! … this Mullah team and its ridiculous performance were so embarrassing. They just tried to create a bad image of Iran. Now Mullahs and their Arbab (UK) are so happy. They happily say: Iran even cannot keep the ball for 3 seconds! They are so happy that their Mullah team is so weak! .. what is their stupid system? 8-1-1 or 9-1 ?! This stupid coach used 8 defenders! He had no plan for strikes. His strategy was ‘Bezan Ziresh’ ! .. Instead of using 8 defenders, Mullahs should use 11 goalkeepers! .. this Football-e Ali-Asqari/ Bezan Ziresh doesn’t need wasting millions of dollars! It doesn’t need foreign coach. Any unknown local teams in Iran is better than this Mullah team .. the anti-Iran Mullah TV uses fake interviews and false news to defend the Mullah team’s ridiculous performance! They only want to help the West in creating a bad image of Iran. The anti-Iran Mullah TV says: the World is booing us, and it’s a good thing’ ! .. all Iranians criticized the Mullah team for its poor performance. So, they were forced to change, and the match between Iran and Argentina was good. At least they showed part of Iranian skills, courage, confidence, discipline etc .. this time players said: we want to play for Iran’s people! It’s not bad. They should play for Iran’s people, not for the UK or Mullahs .. Result is not important. Good performance is important .. Argentina was not a good team. Iran could beat Argentina, if Iran’s regime was not such an anti-Iran regime .. UK and Mullahs hated Iran and loved Argentina (Hey Argentin Argentin Mikardan)! But their Argentina was so weak (Hich Gohi nabud)! .. What the Western media says about Carlos Queiroz is right? Does Queiroz repeat the Mullah crap & the Western crap, and when he goes outside Iran, he starts to crap about Iran? Is it true? .. God Bless Costa Rica! All people are happy that they fucked England; the world hates (English Barbarians) .. only Mullahs and the anti-Iran Mullah TV love England and (English Barbarians). They hate England’s good guys (like Darwin etc). But they love English Barbarians, and the English Lie Factory”.

As some wise Iranians say: “Costa Rica is a small country in Central America, between Panama and Nicaragua. Spaniards killed most native people in Costa Rica. Now Whites and Mestizos (people of mixed Spanish and Native ancestry) account for about 95% of the population. They have had many economic problems. Costa Rica was one of Spains poorest colonies. But Costa Rica showed that even a small country can defeat the West’s paper tigers. But Mullahs/ Islamists still love to lick the ass of Great Satan, and to obey Big Brother. Iranians say the West has good guys/ good things and bad guys/ bad things. You cannot say all things in the West are bad or good. But Rouhanis, Islamists and the anti-Iran Mullah TV see the West in black and white. After 2009, they openly lick the ass of their Zionist IMF, and openly praise Westernization! Their Islamic Westernization is among the World’s most ridiculous things. They are a bunch of mean, stupid and self-defeated pigs (Vadadeh/ Khod-Bakhteh, Past & Kodan). They worship the West, and say all Western things are good things! They just care about Capitalist models, Marxist models or other stupid Western models. For instance, they praise the social injustice and the large gap between the poor and the rich! In the West, a few whores and fake heroes form the 1%, and become millionaires and billionaires. But Mullahs say it’s a good thing; it’s good that a stupid football player earns 1000 times more than a professional engineer! The Islamic Capitalism is as ridiculous as the Islamic Marxism. In Iran, many people say: ‘Money corrupts. The gap between the rich and average people should not be so large. A sporting celebrity or any celebrities can earn 10 to 20 times more than average people’s salaries. But now they earn 1000 times more than average people’s incomes! In the 1980s, a sporting celebrity had to have a second job, because his earnings were not enough for living a normal life. At that time, sporting celebs said: If our earnings were enough, we could focus on sports, and we would improve our performance. But when they got more money, their performance didn’t change! They got more and more money, while their performance became worse and worse! Now they have become greedy pigs. Money has corrupted them. Now all Iranians say: At lease pay them according to their performance!”. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Mullahs and Islamists suffer from Mongolism and Foolishness Disease. Mullahs just obey their Arbab (master), ie the West, and slips on the West’s banana peel. But Iranian experts, well-educated Iranians and wise Iranians can make Iran a world power again. They know why the West is very concerned about Iran Sports and its ‘wining and losing’! The story of Velasco and Iran Volleyball had a lot of lessons. The West believes: ‘Sports, winning and losing, can hurt or build national pride and self-respect’ ! They even point to the benefits of sporting success in rebuilding Iran’s national self-esteem! They know that many old sports, including chess, wrestling, archery, weightlifting, Polo, riding, fencing, etc have Iranian roots. Iran is the birthplace of many old/ ancient sports. But most people even don’t know that, for instance, Archery and Archer come from Persian Arash, the legendary Persian Archer. The West and its puppets try to re-write history, and to fool naive people. But many Iranians and informed people know who is who. Idiots/ barbarians, who already killed themselves to learn about Iranian models and Iranian Legacy, now pretend that history begins in the 19th century! Now politics has polluted all aspects of life. The West, its media and its politicians openly screw the so-called spirit of the Olympics, and say: the Olympics games is not about peace, humanism or globalism; Its about Nationalism ! [1] During the 2012 Olympics, English pigs openly said: ‘the Olympics games is about faith and pride in our country’ ! [1] But now the UK asks its puppets to say: ‘faith and pride in your country is a bad and medieval thing’ ! The West and its stooges are bad jokes. ‘ When Britons, Americans or Europeans talk about national pride and care about their countrys medals, or about the image of their country, the West’s puppets say: Oh, its natural. They are proud of their country. They are happy, and they deserve it. But when Iranians express the same emotions, the West’s stooges say: those who are proud of their country, and care about sports and national pride are backward people. Iranians are stupid ! Such ridiculous double standards just make you laugh’ [1] Iranians hate political sports, and believe that sports should bring joy, peace and good feelings to all humans [1] All Iranians are much less nationalist/ racist than the West. Iranians don’t say the West’s people = the West’s regimes or the West’s politicians. Iranians don’t say that all Westerners are bad guys. We, Iranians, think many people in the US, Germany, UK, Spain, France etc are good guys. We don’t say all German people = Hitler, Nazis, or the Germanic Barbarian tribes. We, Iranians, don’t say all English people = the UK regime, English pigs or English barbarians. But just look what the West and the media say about Iran and Iranians […] Now the West says: You must judge Iranians on reality of Iranian football’ ! Now they talk about judging based on the reality! But what is the reality?! The shameful conditions or the shameful history of the UK, Spain etc is reality? or the medieval Tyranny/ Monarchy in the UK, Spain etc is reality?! Racism, Tribalism, and disintegration in the UK, Spain etc is reality?! the Orwellian media, the terrible corruption, the terrible censorship, or the big lies in the UK, Spain etc is reality?! Their poor performance at the World Cup, England’s shame or Spain’s shame is reality?! […] The reality is what the late climbers said to Iranians and all good guys: ‘The future belongs to you. The future depends on you. All you need to do is to have the desire, for the best, for the progress, for the highest and the firsts‘ [1]”.

[1]: Check Archive for: “Iran Sports, Iranian Heroes and Western Retards”, “Persian Power, Iranian Lions, and Anti-Iran West”, “Anti-Iran Mafia, Patriotism, and National Anthem”, “Persia, Western Hypocrisy, and Spirit of Olympics”, “UK Jokes: from London Olympics to London Riots” etc

Disillusioned Men: Big Brother Shatters All Illusions

June 18, 2014

“In Iran, even when you prefer to talk about sports or entertainment (for instance about Brazil, Samba, World Cup, Mullah team, their ridiculous performance etc) many things annoy you. In fact, even if you want to have mood changes, many things including Filtering, Censorship, Parasite, Big lies and other evil acts annoy you. The horrible Filtering and the ridiculous Censorship even don’t allow people to have mood changes! The West and its stooges (Mullahs etc) are polluting all aspects of life, and shattering all illusions”, some wise Iranians say. In these years, Big Brother is shattering all illusions, and as some wise Iranians say: “Now many are becoming disillusioned. Even the Brazilian protests against poverty and injustice during the 2014 World Cup show that the world is changing. In these years, from the 2009 Coup to the 2014 Referendum, Iranians became increasingly disillusioned with the West. But Iranians are just part of the ‘Disillusioned Men’. ‘A Year After the Snow-den Disclosures’, and ‘5 Years After the 2009 CIA Coup’, many humans are among the ‘Disillusioned Men’. They are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the West and politicians. They can see that they are living in the Orwellian World of 1984. As Iranians say, ‘Digeh Gandesh Darumadeh .. Digeh Gandesh-o Daravardan’ ! (the shit hit the fan .. they revealed all their secrets) ! Now the West acts like stupid pigs. The West is openly bullying critics! For instance, John Kerry says to CBS: ‘[Snow-den] is a man who has betrayed his country. He should man up and come back to the US to face criminal charges’ ! They say Snow-den should be charged for telling the truth!, but stupid pigs like Kerry and Obama should not be charged for killing people, telling Big Lies, violating people’s rights, and doing all evil acts! Now the good Americans say: Whistleblowers and critics have no right in the USA’ ! In 2013, we all saw the Mann-ing Show Trial, and now many talk about the Lavabit Show Trial ! These Show Trials in America not only remind you of the Stalinist Show Trails in the USSR, but they show you the true meaning of American values. We all know what happened to in 2013. It’s one of the biggest scandals in US history. But in these days, Ladar Levison, Owner of, wrote about his Show Trial. If you check, you can see that Levison says: ‘My legal saga started last summer with a knock at the door, behind which stood two federal agents ready to serve me with a court order requiring the installation of surveillance equipment on my companys network .. I had no choice but to consent to the installation of their device, which would have provided the government with access to all of the messages, for all of my customers .. But that wasnt enough. The federal agents also said their court order required me to surrender the companys private encryption keys, and I balked. What they claimed to need were customer passwords, which were sent securely, so they could access the plain-text of messages for users taking advantage of my companys encrypted storage feature’. Can you believe it?! In the USA, not in the Stalin’s USSR, you can see such evil things. Like the Matrix movie, their Matrix’s agents attack critics and disillusioned people in America! In fact, the USA is openly turning into a Police State, a Fascist Country, an Evil Matrix. Levison says: ‘government lawyers tried to overwhelm me. In the first two weeks, I was served court orders a total of seven times -leading to contact with the FBI every other day .. when the dust settled I found myself the owner of a $10,000 contempt fine, my business shut down, and bit by bit, the very principle upon which I founded it -that we all have a right to privacy, slipping quickly away’. In fact, even the US ‘Disillusioned Men’ know that all illusions about America are slipping away. Now even the US media reports: ‘Over the past year, we’ve learned a lot about the extent to which the US government monitors the Internet .. the relationship between US intelligence agencies and Silicon Valley has historically been very cozy. The former head of Facebook security now works at NSA’ !! In fact, American Democracy has become a ridiculous thing like Islamic Capitalism! Now Islamic Capitalists lick the ass of their Zionist IMF, and the US media talks about ‘Clerical Rule, Luxury Lifestyle’ ! (NYT, June 2014) Now even idiots (NYT etc) know and say that Mullahs and Islamists are crooks, thieves and capitalists, who ‘drive Porsches, Ferraris and Maseratis and live in multimillion-dollar luxury apartments replete with walk-in closets, Bosch appliances and computerized shower systems’ ! Chomsky and Marxists are defenders of the Islamic Capitalism and the IMF. But now even idiots (NYTimes etc) talk about Mullah Westernization (Gharb-zadegi Akhundi)!, and say: ‘Much of Irans wealth is in the hands of (the West and puppets like) Hard-line Mullahs, together with the IRGC (Regime Guards) and their family members and their loyal cronies .. there is a lot of corruption. A limited group of people (ie Islamists) can make a lot of money here, but most people cant .. Corruption and maladministration are more to blame for Irans economic problems than sanctions’ ! Now even idiots talk about Islamic Capitalists (ie Islamist faggots) and how the Mullah TV (Press TV) defends Islamic Capitalism! Now even idiots (NYT etc) say Mullahs/ Islamists are Smugglers, Embezzlers, Crooks, Thieves, and the sons of Satan (ie UK, US Capitalists etc) and ‘IRGC’s Khatam al-Anbiya acts like the US Army Corps of Engineers’ ! Now even idiots know why Hedayat and Iranian intellectuals referred to Islamists as ‘Fetneh Jew-hud’ (Jewish Sedition), and said (in 100 years ago): ‘this Sedition (Fetneh) and this Jewish cult has been created by the Jewish spies, who wanted to hurt Iran and Iranians .. (the Jewish religion of Islamists) is the Enemy of the people, and only Colonialists and Imperialists love such cults”.

As some wise Iranians say: “the sad story of Levison can shatter many illusions. Levison, as one of many ‘Disillusioned Men’ in America, says: ‘I had no right to counsel (no right to have attorneys). My right to a fair hearing was treated as a nuisance, easily trampled by (US regime). In the end, I was forced to choose between appearing alone, or face a bench warrant for my arrest .. a federal judge entered an order of contempt against me -without even a hearing’ !! Can you believe it? The USA is becoming a Nazi country, or a new USSR. When Levison has no lawyer, no right to counsel, and no fair trial, it’s hard to say that there is a serious difference between the US regime and the Mullah regime. The story of Levison can remind you of the story of Iranian Lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh. Recently Sotoudeh has said: ‘I had no right. I even was deprived of grieving and attending my father’s funeral .. I found myself crying on two occasions. The first time was when my father passed away and I was deprived of grieving and attending his funeral. The second was the day my little son asked me to come home and I couldn’t come home with him. I returned to my cell and sobbed without control .. they suggested I give media interviews that favored the government, as a means of mitigating my guilt. I was laughing at them. I said: ‘Is that what you think of me? .. (they said:) OK, don’t give interviews. Just go back to your lawyers’ meetings and be our informer ! And I laughed at them again. They came so many times, threatening me. They said: ‘I will rub your nose in the ground. I will keep you here (in Prison) for ever .. ‘. The sad stories of Iranians are more tragic than the sad story of Levison. Our pain and suffering in Iran is much more than what you can see in the West. But evil acts and Orwellian acts in the West and the Mullah regime are alike in many ways”. They also add: “Iranians still see Sotoudeh as a good guy, mainly because we, Iranians, think all humans are good guys unless they clearly and openly prove that they are bad guys. Sotoudeh gave interview to Big Brother’s media like the Guardian, and to Big Brother’s whores like Simon Tisdall. It’s not good. But it’s understandable. Iranian people have no media and no voice. So, some of them use the mass media to relay their voice to the outside world. It’s understandable. If people like Sotoudeh don’t tell big lies, what they do is understandable. But we, Iranians, expect people like Sotoudeh to openly condemn the West’s evil acts in and after 2009. They should know that the West is behind our pain and suffering in Iran. They should openly condemn the UK and the EU for what they did in and after 2009 […] Perhaps people like Sotoudeh still live in the pre-2009 era. After 2009, people like Sotoudeh spent several years in prison, and maybe that’s why they still live in the pre-2009 world. But it’s not good that the human rights lawyers like Sotoudeh are ignorant. In these years, the West -specially English pigs- clearly showed that the English media is worse than the Mullah media; English pigs (Ashton, Straw etc) are like Mullahs; Islamists are puppets of Satan (ie UK, US etc); and all Police States -from the UK, Russia and USA to the Mullah regime- are actually the same shit. In 2014, the good Britons say: ‘the UK dark forces ask British students, critics and protesters to work as informers’ ! Now the good Britons have created websites about ‘the UK regime, and how the UK regime asks students and freedom activists to become informers’ ! Mullahs are just followers/ stooges of the UK. In this shitty world, the West and all bad guys use the same tactics. Big Brother’s whores – from Chomsky and Leveretts to AhmadiNejad (AN) and Akbar Ganji- are the same shit, and obey the same Arbab (master)”. They also add: “We all can understand why the media says: ‘Sotoudeh’s children (like most Iranians) had shown great courage. (One day) authorities distributed what was called a forgiveness paper, which allowed prisoners to claim a furlough in return for admitting guilt. (At a rare meeting with her daughter) from behind a glass screen, ‘they let my daughter come close to me. I hugged her. She was very concerned about me. I told her they were distributing the forgiveness paper. I said: ‘I can take one.’ But my daughter replied: ‘Don’t even think about it’ … Had she ever thought of giving up? ‘we are all human beings; sometimes you feel weak and devilish thinking comes to us from Satan. But I can tell you when it came to doing interviews for them or cooperating with them, I never had a second thought’, Sotoudeh says’. We all know Iranian courage, Iranian wisdom, Iranian strong wills, and Iranian values. But the Satanic media like the Guardian and the BBC don’t care about the truth or the people. They just play dirty games. They think they can hide/ cover up 1000 big lies with 1 interview!”. As the wise Iranians say: “We hope that good guys like Nasrin Sotoudeh remain good guys, but if they start to tell big lies, to help bad guys, or to betray the truth and the people, we don’t hesitate to condemn them. If they become traitors or bad guys, we don’t hesitate to treat them like other traitors/ bad guys. We all know that good guys can be ignorant or stupid. We all know, and any sane person knows, that being naive, being ignorant, or being stupid is not a crime. But good guys don’t say: Ignorance is Strength ! We, Iranians, were the first humans who talked about Tolerance and Basic Rights. We, Iranians, know the vital importance of diversity, different views, different tastes or different life styles. The wise guys and good guys have different views and different life styles. It’s good and important. Humans don’t live like sheep. But we all know what Truth, Logic, Goodness, Wisdom and Tolerance mean. Those who tell big lies are not good guys. Those who lick the ass of Big Brother, and don’t care about the human pain and suffering in Iran and the world are animals, not humans. Generally speaking, we only have two different worlds: the world of good guys, and the world of bad guys. In the world of good guys, people care about Truth, Tolerance, Diversity, Humanity, human needs and other good things. But the world of bad guys is like the Orwellian world of 1984. They tell big lies, obey Big Brother, and just care about money, power and animal needs, low level needs. They stupidly tell people: ‘You can trust Governments’ or ‘You can trust Big Brother’ !”.


The West is shattering all illusions. As some wise Iranians say: “the sad stories of the 2009 Coup, Manning (Wiki-leaks), Snow-den, Lavabit etc showed that Western Democracy is Kashk (joke) ! In the West, Freedom and Democracy are Kashk & Pashm ! (bad jokes) The good guys already suffered from the illusion that the West cares about basic rights, human rights, modern values etc. Most humans were under many illusions. But now the West stupidly tries to shatter all illusions! The stupid West even doesn’t ask itself: What would happen if we shatter the people’s illusions?! Do good guys and ordinary people would say: OK, we should live like slaves of Big Brother. We should obey dictators, and we should lick the asses of Satan and Tyrants?! Even if you know a little history, you know the fate of those idiots who tried to fight against the people’s will and to impose their evil will on the people. In today’s world, ordinary people don’t want to live like slaves or barbarians in the Stone Age. Even the West’s ordinary people hate dictators and slavery. Now even Levison says: ‘Let me be clear. I did not devoted 10 years of my life to building Lavabit, with its focus on privacy, only to become complicit in a plan which would have meant the wholesale violation of my customers right to privacy‘. The normal humans have values and principles. They don’t live like whores and slaves. They know that the life will be utterly meaningless, if you want to obey brainless faggots like politicians and Big Brothers. If the West’s politicians and Big Brothers openly act like brutal dictators, all good guys, including the good guys in the West, will rebel”. They also add: “In Iran, many people (including us) are sick and tired of politics and politicians. Many Iranians (including us) are sick and tired of the media and the internet. In Iran, the internet and the media suffer from many problems, including the fucking Filtering, the fucking Censorship, the fucking Parasite, Slow speed etc. But even when you ignore or overcome all these fu-cking problems, the media and the internet just make you sick, because they are full of crap and big lies! The English Lie Factory or the West’s Lie Factory is worse than the Mullah Lie Factory. The Western media and the English media just remind you of Hitler, Stalin and the Ministry of Truth. In the internet and the media, the voices of ordinary people (people’s comments, people’s websites etc) are heavily censored or boycotted. Now when you take a look at the media or the internet, you can only see psychos or stupid whores, and your first reaction is: Where are good guys and normal humans?! Where are average people, and educated people?! Why only whores, faggots and psychos have voice or media?!“. They also add: “In the West, the main law is the law of the jungle. They shatter all illusions. As Levison says: ‘when the judge granted the contempt charge unopposed – ignoring my request to dispute the governments claims- he created a loophole. I was never given an opportunity to object, let alone provide a meaningful defense .. Given the Supreme Courts tradition of declining to review cases decided on procedural grounds, I will likely be denied justice, forever‘. In the West, Lobbyists and Big Brother’s agents sell and buy everything, including laws, justice, votes, democracy etc. So, it’s obvious why Iranians say to the West’s Evil Empire: ‘Fu-ck you and fuck your laws! Your laws deny our basic rights, our Iran’s rights. Your laws are Barbaric-Satanic laws. If any laws say Black is White, it’s a Satanic law, and we don’t give a shit about Satanic laws and Orwellian laws. Your laws try to create good Whore or good Sheep! Your Satanic laws say being a free man, being a critic, being a whistleblower, being honest, or being a good guy is a crime! Your Orwellian laws say being sheep, being whore, being slave, being dishonest, or being bad guy is a good thing! You love Injustice, Barbarity, Bullying, Tyranny, Slavery etc but we hate such evil things”.

As the wise Iranians say: “the story of Snowden, Levison or Lavabit is actually the story of the Corrupted America. Now many humans can see the Plague – that we, Iranians, repeatedly warned about it. Now those who didn’t care about Iranians, and those who didn’t care about the Human Pain and the Plague, are suffering from the same problems. Just ask yourself why Levison says: ‘If we allow our government to continue operating in secret, it is only a matter of time before you or a loved one find yourself in a position like I was – standing in a secret courtroom, alone, and without (any rights) any of the unalienable rights that are supposed to protect us from an abuse of the states authority’ ?! Levison and all ‘Disillusioned Men’ can see that the Plague will pollute everywhere, if people remain silent and inactive”. In this year (2014), many people are becoming aware or active. As some wise Iranians say: “Now if search for ‘Lavabit Alternative’, you can find some good websites who say: ‘secure services like Lavabit have been forced to shut down. But we want to create new secure services. We’re fans of Lavabit and were devastated when it shut down’ ! The good news is that instead of one LavaBit, people can have many LavaThis or LavaThat ! Now many condemn Ya-hoo, G-m-ail, Facebook etc and many experts say: ‘we should remove user IP addresses from mail headers .. we want to stop ‘Content analysis of your emails; we want to stop Logging (tracing) of the IPs you connect from. The more we are, the louder we can scream’ ! It’s a good news. Now many experts say: ‘all people should know that all emails and all digital communications can be easily read at any of the nodes of the Internet they travel through .. you should compare an e-mail with a postcard rather than with a letter closed in an envelope. Today’s E-mails have no envelope .. But we need safe and secure ‘digital envelopes’. If attackers tried to open these envelope, we should notice .. modern cryptography and modern math can build such envelopes. Modern cryptography and modern mathematics can create safe and secure digital tools .. the internet and the digital media should be freed from political control and Big Brother’s control. We can build modern, free, private & secure tools’. Now even the mass media reports: ‘After 2013, demand for private & ‘secure’ email services has skyrocketed’ ! Now many people are becoming disillusioned. Now ‘Disillusioned Men’ put comments and say: ‘NS-A collects millions of face pictures from mobile apps and internet apps .. they could get your photos from Skype, if you use that .. a bankrupt data broker collected data about students, and now sells the data as an asset! .. Kerry called Snowden a coward for not returning to the US to be imprisoned and silenced ! But Kerry and Obama themselves are cowards and traitors for betraying the people and (the human values) .. Canada’s government is attacking science, journalism and civil society .. the UK regimes loves (evil acts like) firing and gagging scientists, spying on critics etc .. new polls show that the 70% of the British people hate the UK regime and all English politicians .. the 97% of Iranians hate the UK regime, Islamists and English Mullahs; the 70% of Britons hate the UK regime, and the UK Queen; but they have no (voice and no media) .. Most people are sick and tired of Big Brothers. Now (politicians openly defend) Corruption of Science! US politicians try to shield corruption of science! .. They try to enslave scientists; the West’s mass media supports State control of media! US mainstream media are supporting the criminalization of critics and whistleblowers! … What Thomas Paine wrote in the 1770s is applicable to the West today. Sooner or later we will see a Global Revolution, because most humans (are becoming disillusioned) and want Change, a real change”.

America and Islamists: A Coup, A Lot of Lessons

June 12, 2014

“The month of June reminds you of historic events like the 2009 Coup and Snow-den Disclosures. The month of June reminds you that ‘History’ is divided into two eras: before 2009 and after 2009. After 2009, Wiki-leaks, Snow-den and others came. After 2009, many things changed, and many became aware. Now many can see why the West is Great Satan (Evil Empire), and why Great Satan is behind Islamists and all evil forces. Now it’s clear that the West is an Orwellian Society. Now the good Westerners say that they are actually living in the Orwellian World of 1984, and the West is nothing but a Lie Factory”, some wise Iranians say. They also add: “In June 2014, and in the anniversary of the 2009 CIA Coup, Obama’s adviser, US senators, and US lefty agents go to Iran and make love with Mullahs! As the media reports: ‘Joel Hunter, a spiritual adviser to U.S. President Obama, spent about a week in Iran, (Making Love) with Mullahs in Qom. Obama’s adviser also met with Khamenei’s men. Obama’s adviser (Hunter) helps Obama get closer to God [!] Obama’s adviser says he will report to Obama on his [love affaire with Mullahs] in Iran’ ! (June 2014) Now even the Mullah TV reports that US senators, US lefty agents and American officials go to Iran and make love with Mullahs! In June 2014, you can see the dirty pictures of the Lefty-CIA agents like Gareth Porter in Iran! In 2014, American pigs -from Lefty pigs to US senators- openly make love with Islamists in Iran! Now US-Mullah talks, US-Mullah love, and US-Mullah deals can help you to understand why Iranians talk about ‘A Manufactured Coup in 2009’. Now all facts -from the West’s Censorship and the West’s big lies to the 2014 Referendum and the important story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’ – show that the 2009 Coup was ‘A Manufactured Coup’. What the Left and the West do, say or censor can prove many things”. They also add: “In June 2014, and in the anniversary of the 2009 CIA Coup, the US and Mullahs hold direct talks! Now US deputy secretary of state William Burns, who had an active role in the 2009 Coup, openly meets with Mullahs in Geneva! In 2009, Burns and other American pigs secretly met with Mullahs, and managed the 2009 CIA Coup. And now Burns, Sullivan, and Wendy Sherman openly make love with Mullahs. Now even the US media reports: ‘Burns and Jake Sullivan, Joe Biden’s top adviser, were part of the secret talks and secret back-channel [with Mullahs] in 2009’ ! Now Basiji faggots and Hezbollah-i pigs like Iraq-chi openly lick the ass of Wendy Sherman, whose anti-Iran comments and her obedience to Zionists are quite clear. Now Mullahs and Islamists openly lick the ass of their Zionist IMF. Now what is happening in Iran, Syria, Egypt, Iraq etc clearly show that Islamists are stooges of Great Satan. Now many talk about ‘Islamists and Zionists: A Love Story’ ! or ‘Islamists and America: A Love Story’ ! Now even the US media reports: ‘Obama and USA free five senior Taliban leaders .. Mullah Omar now has his cabinet restored’ ! Now Americans and others put comments and say: ‘Mullah Omar can hold his cabinet meetings in Washington, USA! .. Obama bin Laden and Mullah Omar are close friends. Obama and Mullah are two sides of the same coin .. the love story of ‘America and Islamists’ is not a myth!”. They also add: “Now US pigs go to Iran, and praise their 2009 CIA Coup! Now you can see the dirty pictures of CIA whores and US Senators in Iran and in the Mullah TV! Now Basiji faggots and Big Brother’s agents like Marandi, Talebzadeh etc openly make love with their Jewish C-IA and US Senators. These Basiji faggots are Islamists, terrorists and hard-liners who have US green cards!, while their motto is Death to USA !! Basiji faggots and Islamists like Marandi, Talebzadeh etc have US green cards, make love with the Jewish CI-A, but pretend that they are anti-USA & anti-American !! It’s funny to note that TalebZadeh means ‘a son of Taliban (Taleb)’! But now Islamists, Taliban and ‘the sons of Taliban’ have US green cards, and openly make love with their Great Satan, their Zionist IMF, and their Jewish C-IA!, and reveal many things including the secrets of their 2009 Coup. Now when Obama’s advisor met with Basijis and Grand Mullahs in Qom, or when the Jewish CI-A and US senators go to Iran, or when the West and the Left censor all news about Iran, the IMF and Islamists, they actually help you to understand why the 2009 Coup was ‘A Satanic Coup’, ‘a CIA Manufactured Coup’. In 2009, and after 2009, the UK, the Left and the Jewish C-IA (Leveretts, Gary Sick, Chomsky etc) revealed many things. They defended fake polls, big lies and evil acts, and referred to their Mullah regime as the Island of Stability! They are worse than Hitler and Stalin. They showed the true face of the West. Now even American pigs say: ‘Obama has given Iran reason to mock U.S.’ ! In fact, even idiots know that the West has given Iranians many reasons to believe that the West is the Great Evil, and Islamists are puppets of Great Devil. Now even the Mullah media says: ‘London is a Mecca for savage Islamists .. the UK is the mother of Savage Islamists .. the UK and the US are behind Savage Islamists’ !! (June 2014) Now it’s clear that Mullahs and Islamists are English Fenteh and Jewish Fintah. Now Islamists refer to C-IA agents as ‘the dear US government’s workers’ ! But Iranians, even those who were pro-American, just mock USA and Islamists. Now only Chomsky, lefts and Islamists love CI-A, IMF, UK and other Satanic forces”. They also add: “After 2009, we all could see that the USA is Anti-Democracy. The USA openly defends anti-Democracy groups like MEK and Monarchists. The MEK is a Marxist-Islamist terrorist group that 99.99% of Iranians know it and hate it, but the USA, the UK and the EU openly defend such hateful terrorists! The West is a big loser. Now all Iranians know that the West just wants to keep Iran weak and unfree. So, it’s obvious why all Iranians say: Iran must have nukes; the West can go to hell and fuck itself ! In 2009, the West said Iran should not have Democracy and Nukes. But now all Iranians say: ‘Iran must have Nukes and Democracy’! Now the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhanis, and the 99% of Iranians will never agree to US-Mullah deals, ie to any deals between Great Satan and Rouhanis. Since the ancient time, Iranians have told barbarians and other bully: We will never give you what you want for threats. If you threaten us, we will make you regret it’. Even ancient Greeks were aware of this issue. In 2500 years ago, Xenophon wrote: ‘Persians say: when the interests of mankind are at stake, they will obey with joy the man whom they believe to be wiser than themselves. You may prove this on all sides: you may see how the sick man will beg the doctor to tell him what he ought to do, how a whole ships company will listen to the pilot, how travelers will cling to the one who knows the way better, as they believe, than they do themselves. But if (Iranians) think that obedience will lead them to disaster, then nothing, neither penalties, nor persuasion, nor gifts, will avail to rouse them ‘. Since the ancient time, even the bad guys said: ‘you can rule or fool Iranians only if you pretend that you are a good guy. If you show that you are a bad guy, a bully, (an uncultured pig etc) then Iranians will make you regret it’. Since the ancient time, only If Iranians think you are a good guy, they would like you or care about you. Before 2009, Iranians thought that the West is honest or good, so they cared about the West. But now the West acts like stupid pigs. The West and its stooges (Mullahs etc) even don’t know that If Iranians can see that you are a bad guy or a bully, then nothing, neither penalties, nor sanctions, nor bullying, nor threats, nor attacks will stop them from teaching you a good lesson and making you regret”.


As the wise Iranians say: “History will never forget the 2009 Coup. Iran and History will never forget Obama bin Laden, English barbarians and American pigs, who have Iranians’ blood on their hands. Iran and history will never forget the West’s evil acts, including the Anti-Iran Sadism and the anti-Iran Racism. After 2009, the West badly showed its true face and its real intentions. Now it’s clear that the West is the main Enemy of Democracy and Progress. After 2009, they just showed that the West is still Barbarian, and the Western values are still evil/ barbarian things like Racism, Sadism, Genocide, Inhumanity, Censorship, Tyranny etc. Now ‘One Year After the Snow-den Disclosures’, and ‘Five Years After the 2009 CIA Coup’, any sane person can see that the West is the Great Evil. Many have learned the lessons of 2009. Now many laugh at election shows in Egypt and Syria. Now many laugh at the West and what the West and the Left say about savage Islamists or puppet dictators like Al-Sisi and Assad. Now it’s clear that those who defend (Al-Sisi or) the savage Islamists in Syria, and those who defend (Assad or) the savage Islamists in Egypt are two sides of the same coin. In 2013, we all saw how Neocons and Republicans defend Islamists (for more info, check Archive for [1]: Iran and Egypt: America openly Helps Islamists) In 2013, the media reported: ‘Republican war-lovers McCain and Graham went to Egypt and [openly & shamelessly] supported Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood. John McCain (Ariz) and Lindsey Graham (S.C.) defend Islamists! McCain and Graham represent the views of Congress’ ! [1] In fact, those who say: Obama loves Islamists, but Republicans hate Islamists, are so stupid. Their stupid theories even cannot explain why Neocons and Republicans support Islamists! But those who have learned the lessons of 2009 and 1979, know why McCain-Graham help Chomsky (lefts), why Chomsky helps Leveretts/ Brzezinski (CI-A / Imperialists) and why the Left and the West help and support Islamists, terrorists and dictators”. After 2009, many things changed. As some wise Iranians say: “Now many people know Big Brother’s whores. Now many know the West’s intellectual whores and the West’s media whores, who get money and do/ say what Big Brother wants. After 2009, any sane person can see that the Western media is a Lie Factory, and the West just tries to make heroes out of whores and stooges. In the West, Big Brother’s whores like Porter, Leveretts and Chomsky are heroes. But the main question is why? In the West, an Orwellian media like the Guardian is their prestigious media. But why?! The West censors the voices of Iranian people, and just cares about a bunch of stupid whores and anti-Iranian faggots like Khatamists and exiled Journalists (Behnoud, Akbar Ganji, E. Navabi, Ali Nourizadeh etc). But why?! Why little pigs and immature whores like Masih AliNejad (of VOA/ BBC), Saeed Kamali Dehghan (of Guardian), Golnaz Esfandiari (of RFE / RL) and other whores -that you can find them in the Guardian’s top 10- become heroes in the Western media?! The answer is clear. The wise guys, the good guys or the real intellects don’t live like whores and slaves. They don’t want to be slaves of Big Brother. So, Big Brother just cares about whores and stupid pigs, and try to make them heroes. Big Brother needs fake heroes to fool people, to enslave people”. They also add: “Big Brother uses fake heroes to control Sheeple. But now Iranians know the West and its stooges, including the worthless traitors like Khatamists and exiled journalists. In 2014, Iranian people made a miracle. Big Brother, all media and all whores bombarded Iranians with big lies and propaganda. But the 97% of Iranians resisted all dirty tricks, and said a big No to Big Brother, all media and all whores. It’s a heavy defeat for Big Brother. Iranians have no voice and no media, but they know Big Brother’s whores. If you ask How, the answer is clear. Big Brother’s whores defend bad guys, and tell big lies. After 2009, they told many big & blatant lies. After 2009, the BBC, the VOA, the Guardian, the UK media and the Lefty media told many big lies, and badly showed their true colors. Big Brother’s whores have low IQs. They tell big lies, defend each other, and make a fool of themselves. All puppets of Big Brother suffer from some kind of Mongolism. For instance, look at Ganji, Mesbah, Nourizadeh, Rouhani or Khatami […] Now Khatami is not merely a stupid clown or a brainless faggot, but he is a stupid enemy of Truth and People. He tells bad lies, and now the 97% of Iranians hate all Rouhanis, including Khatami. Now stupid faggots like Rouhani and Khatami openly defend Big Lies, Censorship, Tyranny etc. Now Rouhani desperately tries to implement the Zionist IMF Plans, to threaten all Iranians and to Hurt Iranian people! As you know, terms/ words like Mullah, Rouhani and Talib/ Talabe/ Taliban are synonyms. But when Iranians say Mullahs are Taliban, it’s not just a matter of literature. Rouhanis think and act like Taliban and Jewish fanatics, and the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhanis and Jewish laws”. They also add: “The 2009 Coup made Iranians aware, and showed that Mullahs are puppets of the UK and the United States of Animals. After 2009, the West showed that the Western Media is a Lie Factory. They showed why BBC is ‘Big Brother Corporation’, or why the Guardian is the guardian of Big Brother & Barbarians. They revealed the true colors of their fake heroes. Chomsky is a symbol of fake heroes in the West. But the 2009 Coup revealed the true colors of all fake heroes. Chomsky and the Left are actually Big Brother’s agents. It’s one of the lessons of these years. In 2009, we all could see that the Lefty intellectual is a stupid whore; the Lefty media is a Lie Factory; the West’s Think Thanks are Big Brother’s agents; and the Western Polling Organization is a Lie Factory. Those who published fake polls and told big lies just shattered all illusions about the West, and we all should thank them! These stupid pigs didn’t know that we, Iranians, have old sayings like: ‘Enemy can be a godsend’ or ‘Evil can be a godsend’ ! The West’s evil acts just showed that the West is the Evil Empire. Now even the Mullah media and other idiots say: ‘IMF and World Bank publish fake polls, and try to fool puppet regimes’ ! Now it’s clear that the West is a Lie Factory. In the West, journalists are puppets of Big Brother. The Western journalists are paid to tell big lies and to manipulate people. Many books can be written about the West’s fake polls and the West’s big lies in 2009 and these years (we have already written about a small part of this great scandal, check Archive). The West’s journalists are part of the Big Brother’s Empire. Sooner or later a new Snow-den will confirm this issue”.


As the wise Iranians say: ‘After 2009, Iranians learned a lot of lessons. Iranians saw who is behind Mullahs, and who aids Mullahs in killing Iranians. Now it’s clear who encourages and helps Islamists to ruin Iran and to hurt Iranians. In 2009, the Western media had headlines like ‘Iran vs Iran’ ! Instead of saying ‘Iran vs Mullahs’ or ‘Iran vs Islamists’, they say ‘Iran vs Iran’, and it’s so important. They actually express their wishes. They love to pretend that their Islamists, who are Arabs/ Jews (ie non-Iranians) are Iranians. They love to pretend that ‘their own spies/ stooges = Iran or Iranians’ ! They love to pretend that non-Iranian pigs and anti-Iranian whores are representatives of Iranians! They love big lies, Censorship and Sadism. So, they still talk about ‘Iran vs Iran’ ! It’s one of their wishes. They use Mullahs for hurting Iran and Iranians. They use Islamists and other stooges for keeping Iran weak and under Tyranny. Islamists are puppets of the West, and just serve the West’s interests. They love Islamists, because they know what would happen if Iranians rule Iran, and if Iran become a free country. Of course they are so stupid. They made huge mistakes in 2009. Mousavi was not dangerous to them, and if they had accepted Mousavi, now Iranians would have talked about the stupid Mousavi, not about the Barbarian West, IMF stooges, Satan’s agents etc! Apparently, Mousavi only didn’t want to implement the IMF plans in Iran. But they saw it as a great sin, and they took a big gamble on all their assets in Iran. They didn’t think that Iranians revolt against Big Brother. They are so stupid. They just make Iranians aware and angrier”. We have already written about “Illusion of Democracy” and its importance (check Archive for [2]: ‘Mullahcracy and Illusion of Democracy in America’ (June 2013)). But as some wise Iranians say: ‘the West and its stooges are so stupid, and even don’t know obvious things. In the past, their think tanks said: when people suffer from the illusion that they live in a democracy, their illusion shackle their will to rebel [2] They said: we should not shatter public illusions. They knew that the main pillar of Fake Democracy is the illusion of Democracy. They knew that If you cannot create the illusion of choice, and if you cannot give the illusion of democracy to your people, you are a Blatant Tyranny, not a Fake Democracy [2] They already said: the people’s illusion of having some liberties shackled their will to rebel ! But now the West and its stooges just try to shatter all illusions! They say to Mullahs: fuck all illusions; make people even angrier, and dig your own grave! It’s like what they said to all toppled dictators. They know that ‘there is an abnormally large gap between the societal potential for liberal democracy in Iran and the actual level of democracy in Iran’ [2] They know that ‘when such a gap exists, sooner or later the country’s level of democracy will adjust in accordance with the society’s potential’ [2] But they still act like retards, because they have confused. They still think they can stop Iran’s progress, and that’s why they openly praise evil-childish plans like IMF plans, Baby boom, Evil Fi-rewall, Tyranny, Oppression etc. All puppets of Big Brother suffer from some kind of Mongolism. They say: Viva Democracy, while they openly defend dictators and anti-Democracy groups! They say: Death to USA, while they are making love with the US regime, the IMF and the Jewish C-IA! They say: Death to IMF, while they are defending the IMF plans in Iran! They say: C-IA is the Great Evil, while their close friends are Jewish agents of C-IA! They say: Viva Human rights, while they openly attack basic rights, and defend the N-SA Orwellian acts. They say: Death to Islamists, while they openly defend/ support all Islamists, from Taliban and Wahabis to Mullahs, MEK and Salafis! The West is a bad joke. Now their media says: ‘Princeton University academics work for (Big Brother). They are part of the US-Mullah talks’ ! (June 2014) In fact, Science is losing its meaning in the West. Instead of caring about the truth, their scientists just care about money & obeying Big Brother! In the West, Democracy or Modernism loses its meaning. Just look at the UK and Spain. Their people still ask for a Referendum on Monarchy! Do you what it means?! They still ask for ‘Referendum on abolishing Monarchy’, and their governments reject such requests! Spain’s Monarchy and British Monarchy belong to the Stone Age. But they even cannot have a Referendum on Monarchy. In fact, the West is still barbarian, uncultured and undemocratic. Now all illusions are being ruined. Now it’s clear that Iranians should restore Great Persia, and should put an end to the West’s Evil Empire. Now all normal humans can see the battles between Iranians and Barbarians. Now English Barbarians, Jewish Barbarians and other Barbarians show that the main battle is a battle between Great Iran and Great Satan, or between Iranian values and Jewish-Barbarian values. Now the Evil Empire of the Savage West openly defends Sadism, Racism, Genocide, and imposing collective punishments! Now it’s clear who is the Enemy of the People. Now it’s clear who defend the Orwellian plans, the NS-A and the Orwellian Society. Now it’s clear why Iran must have nuclear weapons, and why the 97% of Iranians hate Islamists and other puppets of the West. Now all good guys, including the West’s good guys, can understand why Iran and Iranians will never forget and forgive the Anti-Iran West and its stooges (Mullahs, Khatamists, exiled journalists etc). Iranian people can forgive criminals and those who really and deeply regret, but Iranian people will never forget and forgive traitors and those who still tell big lies, hurt Iranians, and lick Big Brother’s ass. The 2014 Referendum was a historic referendum on Mullahs and the West, in which the 97% of Iranians showed why even idiots say: Sooner or later Iranians will change the world ! Now even idiots say: the revolutionary conditions or revolutionary atmosphere in 1978 was much less than these years! Now it’s clear who is the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy and Progress in Iran and the world. Now it’s clear who defend Genocide, Sadism, Intolerance and Jewish-Barbarian values. Now it’s clear who are puppets of the West, who lick the ass of the Zionist IMF, and who serve the West’s interests. Now even idiots know that the West is a big loser. The West badly revealed the truth of the West’s Evil Empire. Before 2009, most Iranians were naive. They were pro-West or pro-American. But now Iranians have changed. The stupid West changed Iranians! The Anti-Iran West is a big loser”.

2014 Storm in Tehran: Red Dust, Black Tsunami

June 6, 2014

In these days, many things are stupid. Even our recent post about “Intern-et in Iran” (“Behind the Evil Fi-rewall”) had a weird and stupid story. Now you can see this post as a double post (two posts), and it’s a result of this stupid/ Orwellian story. But lets the previous post remain as a double post, and remind us of the Orwellian acts of these days. Anyway, many things are stupid. Now many talk about “a Mega Storm in Tehran” ! As some wise Iranians say: “It’s a new thing. Tehran didn’t have such heavy storms. The reasons behind the current events are not very clear, because Iranian scientists/ experts are not allowed to investigate such things. But when Mullahs and their Arbabs (masters) harshly ruin and/or pollute the environment (air, sea, river, jungle, mountain, green belts, water resources and everything) it’s obvious that new disasters will happen. Now the media reports: ‘On June 2, 2014 a heavy dust storm struck Tehran with winds of 110 to 130 km/h. The storm broke trees and plunged the capital into darkness for several minutes’ (June 2014) [As many] say, Tehran Storm is just part of the Red Dust Storm. In 2014, Iran’s state TV aired a documentary film, ‘The Red Dust‘, and showed what Iranian people say about Red Dust, Arab Dust, Foreign Dust, or Jewish/ Arabian Dirt/ Dust is not a myth. The Red Dust and heavy dust storms (Arab storms) hit Tehran, and also the western, southern and central provinces of Iran including Isfahan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Elam, Khuzestan etc. In January 2014, and in ‘the Red Dust’ documentary, Iran’s state TV said: ‘Red Dust, or Arab Dust, is a new thing in Tehran. The Dust crisis began in 2010 (ie after the 2009 Coup!) In 2010, the first horrible dust storm struck Tehran and Iran’s cities. This Arab Dust or Red Dust is polluted by radioactive … Winds over Arabian deserts and Radioactive waste in Iraq create this Red Dust‘. It’s the first time that Iran’s state TV says such things. They also added: ‘Americans dried up Hur Al-Azim (great lake) in Iraq, and dug many oil wells in Hur’. The pictures of Hur Al-Azim, dried lakes and oil wells show that the USA has created many environmental disasters in Iraq. Dried lakes (like Hur Al-Azim), Radioactive waste, some hundreds oil wells in dried lakes, or what Turkey did to Iraq’s rivers is just part of the American-made environmental disasters in Iraq. These disasters in Iraq hurt the whole Middle East, including Iran. Our Iranian people in Ahvaz, Abadan and other cities of Khuzestan, Elam, Kurdistan and other parts of Iran suffer from the problems that uncultured Arabs, savage Islamists and Great Satan have created”. In Iran, people know problems and those who create problems. As some wise Iranians say: “the 97% of Iranians know the Mullah-made disasters. Great Satan and its stooges (Arabs, Islamists etc) ruin the environment and the nature, and they are the main responsible for the Red dust storms. Great Satan and its stooges, including Islamists, are enemies of people and Mother Nature. But sooner or later Iranians and Mother Nature will severely punish those who desperately try to destroy the Environment, the Life, and the Good”.


As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs and Islamists just remind you of Jewish barbarians and religious fanatics in the West. Now Islamists repeat the Jewish crap, and say: ‘the 2014 Storm was a God’s punishment’ ! or ‘it was a God’s warning, because Iranians hate Islamists’ ! But Iranians know Islamists well, and that’s why Iranians say: ‘since when Islamists and Mullahs believe in God ?! Maybe after killing people, stealing people’s money/ votes, telling big lies and licking Satan’s ass! .. Islamists and Zionists are two sides of the same coin. Their Arab/ Jewish laws are nothing but Satanic laws .. their Jewish God, the God of Zionists, Islamists & Christian fanatics, is the Devil .. their Jewish God is Satan, simply because their Jewish God allows them to tell big lies, to steal people’s money, to kill people, to hurt people, to oppress/ suppress people, to ruin the environment, to censor, and to do all evil things .. Islamists are the sons of Satan, and that’s why they hate Iranian values like Truth, Tolerance, Logic, Humanity etc .. even when you ignore the Arab/ Jewish Satanic laws, the Arab/ Jewish Dust & Dirt attack Iran and pollute Iran! .. Islamists are savage animals. Islamists defend Jewish-Satanic laws, because Islamists are anti-Iranian beasts. The Arab/ Jewish values of Islamists are Satanic things like Sadism, Se-xism, Intolerance, Inequality, forced Hijab, Oppression, Tyranny etc .. Mullahs and Islamists are Arabs/ Jews (Ajnabi), not Iranians. Their Jewish God is Satan, and that’s why their logic is the logic of Sword, their freedom is censorship and slavery, and their heaven/ paradise is a stupid whorehouse for sex addicts. They are obsessed by s-ex, and their Jewish heaven/ paradise is a whorehouse. They are stupid psychos, who think s-ex, money or power is everything. Their brain is in their ass, and their head is full of shit. God and good guys hate them”. In these days, the voices of people and scientists/ experts are heavily censored. But as some wise Iranians say: “our people and many humans know obvious things. For instance, many know Tehran and its problems. A 120-kilometer-an-hour wind is a new thing in Tehran. Since the ancient time, Tehran has had green belt, many gardens and natural jungles. Tehran was known as Chenarestan (a land of Chenar trees). But in the past 100 years, specially in the Mullah era, most gardens and jungles in Tehran were ruined. In the Pahlavi era, they tried to create a new green belt for Tehran (a green belt in Lavizan, Chitgar, Varamin etc). But now Mullahs attack Tehran’s green belt, and try to destroy it. Now Mullahs are destroying the green belt in Western Tehran, Eastern Tehran and Southern Tehran. What you see in Western Tehran is a big disaster. What Sepah and other Islamists and Mullah plunderers are doing in Western Tehran (and also in Northern Tehran and Southern Tehran) are creating new problems. Since 100 years ago, experts have said that Western Tehran should be freed from industries and pollution sources. But in the Pahlavi era, many industries were stupidly located in Western Tehran, and now Mullahs are worsening all problems. Mullahs are destroying Chitgar and green belt in Western Tehran, and replacing green belt with stupid apartments and pollution sources! Since 50 years ago, experts have said that Tehran need new green belts, new lakes etc. But Mullahs just destroy the green belt and everything. Mullahs love dust and dirt, because Mullahs are Arabs/ Jews (Ajnabi), not Iranians. Mullah heads are full of dirt. They don’t care about our Iran or our Iranian culture. They just lick the ass of their Great Satan. Islamists just love ‘Dancing With the Devil’ or ‘Dancing With Great Satan’ ! Islamists are brainless pigs, and even cannot see warnings like the 2014 Referendum and the 2014 Storm”.


In these days, many talk about Tehran storm and current events, and say: “this is like an apocalyptic movie” ! or “we have never seen anything like this’ ! As some wise Iranians say: “new storms, new scandals, new big lies and new censorship have created an apocalyptic atmosphere! Now the West tells the biggest lies, and creates the stupidest scandals. For instance, look how American pigs -Obama and the US regime- openly make love with Taliban and al Qaeda! Now many talk about ‘Taliban and USA: A Love Story’ ! or ‘Al Qaeda and America: A Love Story’! Now the US regime openly makes love with Taliban, and make people aware! Now it’s clear that Al-Qaede, Taliban, Egypt’s Islamists, Syria’s Islamists, Mullahs and all Islamists are stooges of Great Satan. Now even idiots talk about the love story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’, and show that many are becoming aware”. They also add: “The West, Islamists and Marxists openly defend Censorship, the Evil F-i-rewall, Orwellian Lies, Jamming the satellite channels, or Blocking, Censoring and Jamming the internet lines! Now Islamists/ Basijis openly say: ‘We use the unfiltered internet, the free internet. But Iranian people should use the filtered internet. Each of us, the Islamists, has about 200 Facebook accounts. (The West loves Islamists. The West allows Islamists) to use the unfiltered internet, but to block, censor and filter the internet in Iran’ ! It’s true! The West only aids Mullahs in hurting Iranians and in censoring the voices of Iranians. The UK pretends that what Islamists say is what Iranian people say! The 97% of Iranians hate Rouhanis and Islamists, but USA pretends that the 3% = the 97%! Their Facebook and Twitter make love with Rouhanis and Islamists! They even say: ‘Google wants to put its servers in Iran, under Mullah guidance’ ! The West aids Mullahs in blocking the internet and in attacking all SSL connections. Such Orwellian acts and all facts show that Mullahs and Islamists are stooges of Great Satan. Now what Mullahs say about hell, heaven, Iranian culture etc clearly show that Islamists are really animals and Ajnabi (non-Iranians). Now Islamists repeat the Jewish crap, praise Mullah-made environmental disasters, and say: It’s a God’s punishment’ or ‘It’s a God’s warning’ ! But Iranian people sarcastically say: ‘Yah, the 2014 Storm and the 2014 Referendum were God’s warnings to Mullahs and Islamists, who are crooks, thieves, killers, liars and stooges of Satan .. Mullahs are Taliban, and the UK, the US and Satan are behind Mullahs and Taliban .. Zionists and Islamists are savage animals, and their Arab/ Jewish laws are Satanic laws .. How Mullahs and Islamists should prove that they are the sons of Satan, and they hate Iran, Iranian people and Iranian Culture?! .. All Mullahs, from Mesbah to Rohani, are stooges of UK. Islamists and Zionists both hate God and Iranian values .. Arab/ Jewish laws like Hijab have polluted our Iran. What’s the result of Arab/ Jewish laws? more corruption, more problems, and more abnormality .. the 97% of Iranians hate Islamists and their Jewish-Satanic laws like ‘forced Hijab’, Sadism, Censorship, Tyranny, Oppression, Intolerance etc”.


As some wise Iranians say: ”In 2014, even the Mullah media and their Red Dust documentary say: ‘Do you know tsunami of cancer and tsunami of ‘Silent Death’ in Tehran? .. Do you suffer from weird headache, chest pain, bad breathing, red eye, sore throat, heart problem etc? these symptoms are common symptoms of Red Dust (polluted by radioactive) and Silent Death in Tehran’ ! But it’s not just Tehran. Our people in Khuzestan, Elam, Kurdistan, Kermanhah etc suffer from the same problems and even more problems, and that’s why they say: ‘We hate these Arab pigs (ie Islamists) and this Arabian Dust .. this Arab Dust, like the Arab/ Jewish laws, have polluted our Iran’. Now even the Mullah media talks about tsunami of cancer in Iran, and says Iran has the world’s highest rate of cancer! In fact, air pollution and all environmental tragedies just have become worse and worse since 2005 (AN’s era), and even idiots are aware of this fact. Only Noam Chomsky, the Lefts and other stupid pigs -whose heads are full of shit and dirt- still love AN, Islamists, dirt, shit, oppression and tyranny”. They also add: “In 2014, Iran’s state TV aired some good reports/ documentary films about environmental tragedies. They talked about Mullah-made problems, and also about the environmental consequences of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq […] In Feb 2014, Iran’s state TV reported: ‘Two factors are killing Zagros Oak jungles. These two factors are: Red Dust & new insects .. the source of the Red Dust is clear, Iraq and (Great Satan) .. but now the source of new insects, who eat oak trees and kill oak trees, has become clear. It’s Iraq and (Great Satan) .. In 2010 (after the 2009 CIA Coup), Zagros oak jungles were polluted by new insects. In the past 4 years, about 1 million hectares of Zagros oak jungles have been polluted. In the past 4 years, (Mullahs) did nothing for solving this problem, and now 20 to 30 millions of the Oak trees should be cut and ruined .. Zagros just has about 6 millionhectares of Oak jungles, ie + 100 million Oak trees’ (Feb 2014) Great Satan and its stooges (Islamists etc) created many disasters in these coup years (Sal-haye coup d’etat). The 2009 CIA Coup, the 2010 IMF invasion of Iran, the 2010 Red Dust, and all environmental tragedies are part of these disasters. But it’s funny that even the Mullah media and their own films repeat and emphasize that environmental disasters have happened, or have worsened, after 2009 ! They actually ask you to refer to the 2009 Coup as the 2009 U.S. invasion of Iran! In fact, even idiots know why the 2009 Coup was a Satanic Coup, and why the 97% of Iranians hate Islamists and their Jewish laws. They know why Iranians say: What you can see in Iran after 2009? the IMF plans, the biggest lies and the greatest corruption in Iran’s history, the world’s greatest embezzlements, the greatest environmental disasters, the world’s highest inflation rate etc. Now even the Mullah media says: AhmadiNejad (AN) ruined Iran natural resources! They say AN and Islamists ruined Iran’s jungles, Iran’s lakes, Iran’s rivers, Karun, Zayandeh Rud, Orumieh lake, water resources etc. Now what you can see in Tehran and Central Iran, or in Shomal (Northern Iran), Kurdistan, Elam, Kermanshah (Western Iran), Khorasan, Sistan (Eastern Iran), Khuzestan and Persian Gulf (Southern Iran) show that Mullahs and Islamists are sworn enemies of Iran and Iranians. Mullahs and their Arbab (ie the West) just ruin and/or plunder our natural resources in all parts of Iran. Now even their own media says: ‘In the AN’s era, Iran was ruined’ !! From 2005 to 2013, AN and Islamists desperately tried to ruin our water resources, our natural resources, our national products, our industries, our economy and everything, but now Mullahs suffer from Goh Gijeh (shitty confusion) and just talk about water crisis, economic crises, environmental crises etc”.


We have already written Dust Crisis, Air Pollution or Environmental tragedies in Iran (check Archive). But as we said before, and as many Iranians say: “Iranian scientists/ researchers are not allowed to investigate such problems and many other problems in Iran”. As some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs and Islamists, like their English teachers, are big & stupid liars. They say: Black is White, and ask Iranians to accept it! They think Iranians are as stupid as themselves! But Iranians know obvious things. Iranians know Censorship and Big Lies. The West and its stooges censor all Mullah-made problems in Iran. But now they happily talk about water crisis, or environmental crises in Iran! They love Censorship and Sadism. They love to see Iran in crisis. Now you can understand why they aided Mullahs in killing Iranians in 2009, while talked about ‘Iran vs Iran’ ! […] Mullahs are stupid stooges of Satan. Mullahs just slip on the West’s banana peels, create many crises, and suffer from Goh Gijeh. This stupid situation is a direct consequence of Censorship and Foolishness. In Iran, people and critics cannot openly talk/ write about political pollutions, socioeconomic problems and IMF plans. Iranian people and critics cannot openly talk/ write about the West, Big Lies, Censorship and evil acts in Iran. But the fate of a puppet regime that just relies on Oppression, Tyranny, Big Lies and Foreign support is quite clear “. As the wise Iranians say: “these years can remind you of ancient stories like this: once upon a time critics were faced a stupid problem. Each time that they criticized Shah and his men, King’s men said to critics: ‘Critics are free. But this issue or that issue is a red line; you should not play with King’s tail ! So, one day critics said to King: your men just warn us about your tail. But where is your tail?! We hate tails and apes, and we don’t want to play with your tail. But please determine the domain of your tail ! (Mahdude Dom-e tan ta Kojast)! Apparently, your tail is everywhere, and its domain is the whole world! In all places and in all subjects/ issues we can see your tail. Your tail is everywhere!’. It’s like these years. Now you can see the Big Brother’s tail everywhere. Politicians and Big Brothers have polluted the whole world and all aspects of life. But the good news is that many are becoming aware. Now Iranians sarcastically say to Islamists: Can you see God’s warnings or God’s signs like the 2014 Referendum, the IMF Plans or the love story of ‘Mullahs and the Zionist IMF’ ?! these signs are enough for sane people and those who can think !’ Now the 97% of Iranians hate Islamists so much, and many truly say: Mullahs and Islamists are the 3% (3-darsadi), and should talk, think and act like the 3%, not the 90%! […] In Iran, ordinary people know obvious things. They know why people, media, critics, scientists etc should be free, and should be able to openly talk/ write about problems and solutions. But Mullahs and Islamists suffer from Mongolism, and just lick the ass of Satan (UK etc) and dig their own graves”. In this year, many things are ridiculous, but informative. As some wise Iranians say: “now even the Mullah media talks about environmental tragedies! For instance, they talk about Zagros Oak jungles, Shomal’s jungles, garbage crisis etc. Shomal’s jungles have a sad story. Iranian jungles in Shomal (Northern Iran) are among the oldest jungles on earth, and date back to at least 1 million years ago (but Europe’s jungles are new jungles, and date back to some thousands years ago) […] In 2014, Iran’s state TV aired some documentary films about the environmental disasters in Shomal. But in the past, they censored everything. Today’s tsunami of problems is a direct result of Censorship and evil acts in the past. Now the soup is too salty, and that’s why even the Mullah media talks about ‘tsunami of environmental disasters’. Now all Iranians know what has happened to all natural beauties and all natural resources in Shomal and other parts of Iran. Almost all Iranians (the 97%) can see obvious things, and know Black is Black, and White is White. Only retards, brainless pigs, the West, English barbarians and their stooges say: Black is White, and think all people are as stupid as themselves”.