English Barbarians vs Iran: Behind the Evil Firewall

In 2014, “the Western-made Tragedy of Internet in Iran”, that we have already written about it [1], has entered a new phase. As some wise Iranians: “In 2014, like 2009, the internet (in Iran) suffers from horrible low speed & horrible filtering/ censorship. Sometimes (for some days/ hours) Mullahs try to block all HTTPS/ SSL connections! Apparently, Mullahs test their new tools. American pigs and English barbarians sell Mullahs new Orwellian tools, and Mullahs try to test these American-British tools in Iran. It’s not a new thing. But in this year (2014), Rouhani and his Arbabs (UK/ USA etc) desperately try to hurt Iranian people. In May 2014, they do new tests. For instance, Rouhanis (Mullahs) try to block all ports! In some says, and for some hours, Rouhanis try to block all Internet connections, including all HTTP/ HTTPS connections! In these days, when you do ‘ping’, or when you do ‘trace route’ (trace route allows you to determine the path a packet is taking across the internet), you get new and weird messages/ errors, that actually tell you: ‘the internet is disconnected’, or ‘they are unplugging the internet’ ! The 2014 problems are new problems. Now you can see and feel new plots, that Iranians already talked about it [1] In 2012 or 2013, many talked about ‘the Hidden Internet’, Unplugging the internet, or ‘the Dark Net in Iran’ [1] But now it’s clear who is behind such evil plots, and who aids Mullahs. The Dark Internet or the Evil Firewall in Iran is a joint product of American pigs, English Barbarians and European animals. American pigs and English Barbarians sell Mullahs the tools of censorship & suppression. Now English Rouhanis try to block all SSL connections in Iran, while the world and the media are silent! Collaboration between Mullahs and the West is unbelievable. In 2014, the English Censorship, the English Big Lies, the English media (ie the English Lie Factory) and the English spies/ stooges (ie those who work for MI6, BBC, Guardian etc) show you who is behind Rouhanis and Islamists. Now the UK media, know as the English Lie Factory, works as Rouhani’s media! But the English Lie Factory (the Guardian, BBC, Economists etc) and the English pigs like Jack Straw, Ashton, Cameron etc are so stupid, and just show that what Iranian people said or say about the UK is not wrong. Now Iranians refer to Rouhahi as an English Spy, and to the Western-made Evil Firewall in Iran as ‘One of many English-made problems’. When you take a look at [‘Trace Route’ results, and current events] you can understand Iranian people. This English Pofyooz (Rouhani) and his Arbabs (UK/ USA etc) desperately try to hurt Iran and Iranians by Zionist/ English plans like IMF plans, Evil Firewall, Orwellian propaganda, Baby Boom etc”.

From Inside Iran: Trace Route for Google.com, May 2014

Hop IP Address Host Name
…….. ……………… ………………
1 (keep it hidden) ISP
2 (keep it hidden) ISP
3 192.168.x.x a Surveillance-Orwellian Machine
4 (keep it hidden) a Mullah node
5 192.168.x.x a Surveillance-Orwellian Machine
6 192.168.x.x a Surveillance-Orwellian Machine
7 (keep it hidden) a Mullah node
8 (keep it hidden) Mullah ITC center (Mokhaberat)
9 10.x.x.x a Surveillance-Orwellian Machine
10 10.x.x.x a Surveillance-Orwellian Machine
11 10.x.x.x a Surveillance-Orwellian Machine
12 62.208.x.x an EU node !!
13 195.2.x.x an EU node
14 195.2.x.x an EU node
15 72.14.x.x a US node
16 (keep it hidden) a US node
17 (keep it hidden)
18 (keep it hidden)
19 (keep it hidden)
20 (keep it hidden)
21 No reply from host ?!!
22 y.y.x.x Destination in USA

As some Iranian experts say: “Trace Route can show you many things. [But here lets just] take a look at the result of a ‘Trace Route’ for google.com [above pix]. [Before Rouhani,] when you did ‘trace route’ for google.com, you just got 5 to 10 hops. But now you get +20 hops! It’s a disaster. Now your packets go through more than 6 Surveillance-Orwellian Machines! In fact, filtering, spying, tracking, surveillance and all Orwellian acts have increased by 100% to 200%! The Mullah Surveillance-Orwellian Machines have Dark IPs (private IPs), not public IPs. In 2013, most of these dark IPs were 10.x.x.x. But in 2014, Mullahs use more Dark IPs (like 192.168.x.x, 176.16.x.x etc) [Above pix] can show you important things. For instance, it can show you that the Mullah Orwellian Machines (with dark IPs) are directly making love with the EU servers! Such collaboration between Mullahs and Europe is [so important]. In the past, the dark machines (10.x.x.x machines) didn’t [make love with] the EU servers directly. They tried to use a face-saving formula. In the past, you didn’t see a direct [love affair] between the Mullah dark nodes and the EU nodes, because the Mullah dark nodes (10.x.x.x nodes) sent their packets to a normal node, with a valid/ public IP address, and this normal node worked with the EU. As you know, the EU nodes should work only with public IPs. The EU should not work with dark machines or dark IPs. It’s against the law and internet protocols. But as [above pix, hops 11 & 12] show, there is an Orwellian collaboration between the EU and Mullahs“. In Iran, most people already knew that the West is behind the Mullah Firewall. But as some wise Iranians say: “Now there is no doubt that the UK, the EU and the USA are behind the Mullah Firewall and all Mullah plans. In this year (2014), the Western Censorship and the West’s Big Lies clearly show you who is behind Rouhanis and Tyranny in Iran. Even if you know nothing about the 2009 events, the GCHQ, the UK’s Great Firewall or the NSA’s programs in the USA, the West’s media and their big lies can make you aware. Now even the Westerner people repeat what Iranian people say. For instance, Westerners say: ‘The English Media is a Lie Factory; The Western Media is a Lie Factory‘ ! (2014) or ‘the UK Guardian is a Lie Factory’! In 2014, the Western media censors everything. But in 2009, they confessed that ‘Western Companies Aid Mullahs in Killing Iranians’ [1] In 2009, they confessed that the US companies and English companies aid Mullahs in suppressing Iranian people[1] The so-called Iranian expats (ie Journalists/ Activists in Exile) work for the CIA, the MI6 and Iran’s enemies. They censor everything. But now even non-Iranians talk about Internet Censorship in Iran [1] or DNS hijacking and protocol-based throttling in Iran [1] They know that the UK and the US regime gave Mullahs the capability of launching SSL man-in-the-middle attacks[1] They even say: the West and the Western technology allow the Mullah regime to keep Irans Internet under close surveillance [1] They know that In Iran, the private IP address [dark IP] is a device used for censorship and filtering [1] They even know that we all need new & next-generation anticensorship tools [1] But they don’t know, or don’t say, that the West only aids Mullahs, and hurts average people. Unfortunately, even the so-called freedom fighters or free software activists in the West just help the bad guys. Even people like Richard Stallman are stupid people, who just help the bad guys or thank the bad guys! Iranians and all people, ie all victims of the Western-made Tyranny and Orwellian Society- need new anti-censorship tools and new anti-tracking/ anti-filtering tools. Big Brothers try to turn all countries into Big Prisons. But most experts, even the so-called freedom fighters, are silent and inactive. It’s really shameful”. As some wise Iranians say: “In 2014, the Mullah TV reported: ‘We have asked Google to put its servers in Iran’ ! After this report, ‘trace route’ showed that many Iranians are actually using Google servers in Oman! (ie in an Arab state that has close relations with Mullahs and USA)! Of course many things are still unclear. Now many talk about relations between ‘the IMF and Mullahs’, or relations between ‘the Jewish CIA and Mullahs’. But relation between ‘the NSA and Mullahs’ is not clear. Now the West’s Censorship, the West’s big lies, and what the West and the Mullah media say just show that everything is possible!”. They also add: “Now you can understand many things better. Now the Zionists openly say: “Mullahs are [our] friends. The main [problem/ obstacle] is the Iranian people’ !! (Jpost, May 2014) They even add: ‘Demands that Iran completely dismantle its enrichment program are viewed by the Iranian people as unacceptable capitulation. This public opinion barrier can make pressuring [our Mullahs !!] But in any case, majority public opinion isnt politically relevant in the Middle East [!!] The suggestion that [our Islamists] cant stop spinning centrifuges because of public opinion is absurd’ !! The love story of Zionists and Islamists is laughable. Now even the Mullah Parliament says: ‘About 55 Mullah companies work with Isr-a-el. But why Islamist companies should work with Zionist companies, and why Isr-a-el sells [tools of censorship & suppression] to the Islamic regime?!’ (May 2014) Its what the Mullah MPs and the Mullah media say! In fact, even idiots know that Mullahs lick the Zionist IMF’s ass, and Zionists aid Islamists”. They also add: “Iranians make jokes, and say for instance: In this Islamist-Zionist regime, we don’t have internet. It’s not Internet; In-ter-be-nete ! (it’s fucking the internet) .. Filter is Fil-Ter! In fact, Fil (elephant/ big brother) Ter (shit on/ fuck) the whole internet’. The 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani. Rouhani is an English pig and a big liar, and just reminds you of Samad Aqa, and this fact that: ‘Doroq-gu Sag-e; Sagam Doroq-gu-e’ ! (Liar is pig, and pig is liar!) In the 2014 Referendum, the 97% of Iranians clearly declared that they hate Rouhani and all Mullahs. English Rouhanis (Mullahs) lick the ass of their Zionist IMF, implement the Zionist/ English plans, and show that they are sworn enemies of Iran and Iranians. This English pig, Rouhani, defends Censorship and Tyranny, increases Filtering/ Lying, and shows that he is a sworn enemy of Iran, Iranian values and Internet Freedom. But do you know what the UK and the Guardian (GU) say? They censor all facts and all news, and tell the exact opposite of the Truth! They say: “Rouhani favours internet freedom” !! (Gu, May 2014) or “Iranians still support Rouhani” !! (GU, May 2014) The Guardian is a stupid Lie Factory. The English media is much worse than the Nazi media. Britain is the worst Big Brother’s state”.


As some wise Iranians say: “All informed people know that the UK is a land of Barbarians. [We have already written about the history of Barbarians and Barbarism in Britain. For more info, check Archive] But English barbarians and their Orwellian media still tell the biggest lies in history. Now all important news/ facts, including the 2014 Referendum, are heavily censored by the UK and English media. Now they not only censor this fact that the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani and his plans, but say: ‘Iranians still support Rouhani’ !! or ‘The youth in Iran like Rouhani. Iranians say Rouhani is so sweet’ !! (GU, May 2014) Even Goebbels and Stalin didn’t say such big & stupid lies after a historic Referendum. The 2014 Referendum, its results and its meanings are quite clear. But English pigs have low IQs, and just prove that the English Media is a Lie Factory! Now the UK most prestigious media, the Guardian, censors all important news/ facts, including the 2014 Referendum and the story of ‘the IMF and Rouhanis’, but says: ‘Iran is at breaking point under US sanctions [!!] – and its leaders feel the heat’ ! (GU, May 2014) In this stupid Orwellian article, a stupid MI6 whore, Simon Tisdall, licks Rouhani’s ass and says: ‘In Iran, petrol is expensive [but] American sanctions are to blame for high prices [!!!] Electricity is up 25%, water up 30%, petrol up 75%, business tax up, VAT up. Of course it’s sanctions [!!!!]’ Can you believe it?! A stupid MI6 whore says this, and a stupid MI6 media, the Guardian, publishes this! English pigs have low IQs, and even don’t know that they should not tell such big lies when Rouhani is officially implementing the 2nd phase of IMF Plans! Before 2009 and these years, many Iranians [including us] preferred not to judge the UK and the English media by the past. But now English barbarians badly show their true face, and prove many things! When today, at the age of internet, English pigs tell such big lies and perform such evil acts, it’s quite clear what English pigs did in the past !“. They also add: “Now it’s clear that English pigs use little kids and immature youths as spies/ stooges. Little kids and little pigs like Saeed Kamali Dehghan, Jason Rezaian, Masih Alinejad (or Masumeh Ghomi) and other whores who work for the Guardian and BBC are stupid kids and immature whores of the MI6 and the CIA. They just remind you of the story of Snowden. As you know, the former CIA employee and NSA contractor Edward Snowden became a Big Brother’s agent at age 19! In the West, Big Brothers train little kids to become Orwellian spies/ stooges. Almost all old whores and old farts like Ali Nourizadeh, Masoud Behnoud, Akbar Ganji etc, who are old agents of Iran’s enemies and Big Brothers, have started their dirty works since when they were kids. But now the soup is too salty. Now many know Big Brother’s whores. Now even Westerners say that Big Brother ruined the Guardian’s 190-year reputation! Now English Barbarians, like English Mullahs, refer to the IMF plans as the resistance economy! (GU, May 2014) Now it’s clear that English pigs, who have low IQs, are behind all Mullah plans/ acts. In fact, English pigs ask Mullahs to slip on banana peels […] Now if you want to know the UK and its stooges, what you need is just ‘2 Mesqal Aghl’ ! (a little intelligence) or ‘2 Sier Maqz’ ! (a small brain)! In fact, only brainless idiots still don’t know the true face of the UK and its stooges”. In this year (2014), many things are stupid and laughable. As some wise Iranians say: “Now even Westerners say: ‘Surveillance by Big Brother agencies such as the NSA has expanded in an unprecedented way’! But the world is silent, and experts do nothing. Now even retards know that ‘Rouhani’s attempts to cut subsidies and to obey the IMF are rising prices in Iran’. But English Barbarians tell the exact opposite of the truth! In the age of Information, the UK’s big lies is just a sign of Foolishness and Frustration. English Barbarians and their Orwellian media (the Guardian etc) just disillusion people, and make people aware. We all should thank English pigs! Now even Western people are becoming aware, and say for instance: ‘our media is lying to us’ ! or ‘New York Times, the UK Guardian and indeed the entire Western media and Lefty media are Lie Factories’ ! Now many are becoming aware, and ask: Who about 90% of the worlds telecommunication traffic, including cell phone calls, Internet and satellites, should pass through servers and fiber-optic cables located in the USA and the UK ?!”.

As the wise Iranians say: “Iranian people don’t know what politicians or Big Brothers do in secret. But Iranians can guess what they do. In Iran, people’s guess is often a good guess. These years showed that Iranian guess is a good guess. These years show that what Iranian people already said about the UK was not wrong. Now the West’s big lies, the West’s horrible censorship, the 2014 Referendum and the story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’, like the story of ‘the UK media and Rouhani’, show that Iranians were not wrong. Now our people say: IMF Plans, Horrible Censorship or Orwellian Tyranny is part of the US-Mullah deals. Now many say: Mullahs and Great Satan (ie the West) try to repeat the story of ‘the Shah and the West’ in the 1970s! But it’s not clear why Mullahs slip on the West’s banana peels. Even idiots know that a Classic Revolution doesn’t need internet, mobile, media or any modern technologies. In the 1970s, there was no internet, and no mobile. In almost all classic revolutions, people didn’t have any modern technologies. In 2014, Iranians had no media and no voice, and the West’s propaganda machines and the Mullah propaganda machine badly tried to fool Iranians, but in the 2014 Referendum, the 97% of Iranians made a miracle and said a big No to the West and Mullahs. Now almost all Iranians know why the West and its stooges try to censor the internet or to unplug the internet in Iran[1] It’s an anti-Iran Plot, and its goals are clear [1] As our people say: they want to pretend that their own spies/ stooges -for instance a small Marxist-Islamist terrorist group (the MEK) that 99.99% of Iranians know it and hate it- is a representative of Iranians! In fact, they still think if Iranian people have no media and no voice, then they can change Iran’s regime and replace old dictator with new dictator -ie with anti-Democracy groups like MEK or Pahlavists, that 99% of Iranians know them and hate them. The West still dreams about repeating the 1970s scenarios! But they are so stupid. In 2009 and these years they made big mistakes because they are so stupid. They even don’t know that the anti-Mullah movement is turning into the anti-West movement! Now almost all Iranians know that the West is not their friend. Iran is not Egypt, or Syria. The West just makes a fool of itself, and shows that the anti-Mullah movement should be part of the Anti-UK movement and the anti-American movement! Now it’s clear that the anti-Mullah movement is actually the anti-Satan movement and the anti-Big Brother movement, and if people want to enjoy freedom, democracy and progress, they should fight against the UK, the USA and Great Satan (the Barbarian West)”. In this year, as some wise Iranians say: “even retards and idiots can see the true face of the so-called Journalists in Exile (exiled Activists), who are anti-Iran agents of CIA/ MI6. Now it’s clear that Anti-Iranian whores like Akbar Ganji, Ali Nourizadeh, Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi, Nikahang Kowsar etc work for whom, obey whom, and serve which interests. For instance, look at this Anti-Iranian pig, Ali Nourizadeh. Now Ali Nourizadeh openly licks Farah Pahlavi’s ass, and openly defends the anti-Iran Arabs and the anti-Iran groups. He badly showed his true face. Now Iranians refer to Ali Nourizadeh as an English spy, an anti-Iran pig, a Big Brother’s agent, or a whore/ stooge. It’s a big change, because most Iranians already thought he is a good guy. It’s really good that Iran is changing, and Iranian people are seeing the true face of the West and its stooges. Now Iranians know who is behind Tyranny and our pain and suffering in Iran. Now the anti-Iran clowns -from Noam Chomsky to clowns in exile- are as hateful as Mullahs, and it’s a good news. Now many know that even the UK’s most prestigious media, the Guardian, is a Lie Factory. It’s a good news. Only when most humans know the West’s Lie Factory, a real change will occur. And now, after Snowden, many people are becoming aware”. They also add: “Now almost all Iranians say: the West can go to hell ! Iran must have nuclear weapons. After 2009 and all Western crimes, even the Mullah regime must have nuclear weapons. We, Iranians, will never repeat the 1970s mistake!”. Internet Censorship is a plague, and if you remain silent, the Plague will pollute everywhere[1] But as some wise Iranians say: “Many Westerners still live like sheep. The Western Sheeple are blind and stupid, while Iranian people know obvious things. Iranians know that the UK is anti-Truth and anti-Humanity. The Arab/ Jewish laws say being happy is a crime, but the UK and English barbarians say being human (Adam) is a crime! The UK and English barbarians say being honest, being a free man, or being a good guys is a crime! English barbarians are sworn enemies of Culture, Civilization and Iranian values. But now even Iranian songs show that Iranians have become aware, and know Barbarians. For instance, what Salar Aghili sings at the end of a TV series about the 19th century clearly shows that Iranians know the UK and English spies/ stooges. When he sings: ‘they pretend that they are one of us, while they are secretly plotting against us (Guii az Maa va Dar Nahan Bar Maa)‘, all Iranians know that he talks about spies/ traitors like English Mullahs, Khatamists, Islamists and other stooges of the UK. When he sings: O Iran, the long standing Glory (Ey Shokuh Pa-Barja ) you are the country of Hard Days. [Persian Lion] you are great, even when you are injured. [Persian Lion] Wake up. ‘Wake up and break the backbone of Dirty Tricks and Deception (Vatanam Posht-e Hile ra Beshkan)‘, it’s exactly what all Iranians ask Great Iran to do about the UK and its stooges. Now almost all Iranians (97%) know and hate Islamists and other stooges of the UK. Now Iranians know who is anti-Iranian and secretly plotting against Iran. It’s a good news”. They also add: “All good guys should help each other in fighting against Big Brothers. If you are a good guy, you should help and support Iranians and other good guys. But you should not forget that Iranians don’t need your help, and it’s you that should not lose your humanity, and should show that you really deserve a better world and a better life. Iranians can solely fight against all Barbarians and all evil forces. It’s what Iranians have always done since the ancient time. We, Iranians, are the sons/ girls of those great Iranians who created the Iranian Legacy, and changed the world. Now you can see the Iranian Legacy everywhere. The victory of Culture and Civilization against naked Barbarism, the victory of Iranian values (human values) against barbarian values, or the victory of Tolerance against Intolerance and Jewish laws is just part of the Iranian Legacy. If you are a good guy, you should help other good guys. It’s what Iran, the land of Aryans (ie noble men), has always said. Iran, the home of Culture and Civilization, asks all good guys to help each other to build a better world. It’s part of the Iranian Legacy. Iran’s Enemy was and is Satan and its sons (ie Barbarians and Bad guys). So you all should ask yourself: Who am I? If you are a good guy, you are anti-Satan, anti-Censorship, ant-Sadism, anti-Big Lies and anti-Big Brothers. If you are a bad guy, you are anti-Truth, anti-Tolerance, anti-Iran, anti-Iranian values, anti-Freedom and anti-Democracy. If you tell big lies, you are not a good guy. If you help bad guys, hurt people, and don’t care about human values and other humans, you are definitely a bad guy. If you have no sympathy for human pain, the name of human you cannot retain. Now Iranians talk about breaking the backbone of the bad guys, Deception and Orwellian tricks . If you are Iranian, or if you are good guy, you can understand it. Only barbarians, bad guys, and anti-Iranian pigs hate Truth, Logic and human values, and cannot understand what Iranian people say. If you are good guy, you can understand why Iranians say: ‘Persia wake up and put an end to the West’s Evil Empire … the future belongs to Iranians and all good guys”.

[1] Check Archive for: War on Internet: Global Problems, Lonely Iranians, “2013 Plots: USA and West Block Internet in Iran ?!”, Dark Net: Western-made Tragedy of Internet in Iran, Urgent Action: about Unplugging Internet in Iran, Western Hypocrisy and Tragedy of Internet in Iran, “Western Companies Aid Mullahs in Killing Iranians”, “A dangerous Plot against Iran and Future of Iran, 2013 British-American Coup in Iran ?!, How Western Countries Suffocate Iranians Voices, “Internet Filtering in the West”, “Internet Censorship, Plague & Filtering in USA”, “Internet Heart Attack: OpenSSL, Not Secure HTTPS”, etc

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