Shah, Mullahs and The West’s Banana Peel

In this year (2014), the story of “Dictators and the West’s Banana Peel” need more attention. As some wise Iranians say: “In 2013, Iranians knew (and said) that Mullahs are eating both ‘Onions and Sticks’, and slipping on the West’s banana peel. But now even the Mullah media talks about the IMF’s Banana Peel, and says: ‘Rouhani slips on the IMF’s banana peel’ ! But it’s not the whole story. In May 2014, and for the first time, IRINN (Mullah TV’s channel 6) aired a documentary about ‘the IMF and Islamists’ !! They talked about the love story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’ in Egypt. They said Morsi and Islamists obeyed the IMF, and cut Petrol’s subsidy in Egypt! It’s the first time that they talk about the IMF plans and subsidy cuts. They talked about Chile, and subsidy cuts in Chile! They said Pinochet, dictator of Chile, and Morsi, Islamist dictator of Egypt, both obeyed the Zionist IMF and the Imperialist West! It’s really funny and important. IRINN even talked about the IMF invasion of Iran! They said this in a short sentence. But it’s important that even this anti-Iran TV says such things. It shows that the soup is too salty, and even idiots know that AhmadiNejad (AN) and Rouhani act like Pinochet and Morsi! But the Left and the West censor all facts. The West and all Western media censor all important news of Iran. The West is really the Great Evil. The West is the main obstacle in the way of Freedom, Democracy and Progress in Iran. The West’s Censorship and the West’s Big Lies just remind you of Stalin and Nazis”. As some wise Iranians say: “The West and the Left censor everything. They are worse than Mullahs! At least Mullahs remind you of 2009, when Iranian people chanted funny and important slogans like: ‘Seyed Ali Pinochet, Iran Chili Nemishe’! that means: Mullahs and their Arbab (ie the West) should know that they can never convert Iran into something like Pinochet’s Chile’ ! In Iran, even average people are wiser than the West’s intellectuals. In the West, even top intellectuals (Chomsky etc) are stupid whores. They defend brutal dictators, Islamists, the 2009 CIA Coup, the 2010 IMF invasion of Iran, the IMF’s stooges like AN, Morsi etc. But it’s not the whole story. You should ask yourself: Why do they support brutal dictators? Why do they support puppet dictators like AN, Morsi and other stooges of the IMF?”. As the wise Iranians say: “The West and its intellectual whores, including the Left, follow a pattern: they try to create puppet dictators, and when these puppet regimes/ dictators served the West’s interests and their sell-by date expired, they would replace old dictators with new dictators! What the West and its intellectual whores did and do about Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa etc show that they actually follow a four-phase pattern: (1) they ask political leaders to become dictators, and to only care about money and power. But being dictator is not enough. New dictators should be puppet dictators. So, they ask the new dictator to make people even angrier. The dictator should choose foreign support or domestic support (2) they ask the dictator to kill his people, and to brutally suppress people and protesters. They ask the dictator to create more tyranny, more corruption, more hatred and more anger. They ask the dictator to make his people even angrier by implementing evil plans like IMF plans, Baby boom and what AN/ Mullahs did and do in these years. Such plans just serve the West’s interests. In fact, they ask the dictator to serve the West’s interests, and to make people even angrier. They actually ask the puppet dictator to dig his own grave with his own hands! (3) The dictator has a sell-by date, and very soon the dictator’s sell-by date will expire. At this time, the West starts to topple the useless dictator. They know that the people will never forget and forgive a brutal dictator who kills and suppresses his people. So, they start to shed crocodile tears for people and democracy, and try to replace the old dictator with a new one! (4) they topple the dictator, and say: all people hated this dictator, and this revolution was a natural reaction to a brutal dictator and a hateful regime! But they say nothing about their own role, their own plans, their own plots and their own Banana Peels! If the dictator -Shah, Mullah, Morsi or Mubarak- protests and asks them: Why? Why you did it to me?! They tell the dictator: It’s your own fault! You were stupid, didn’t care about your people, and dug your own grave! Your people hate you so much, and it’s your own fault!’ The West and its stooges have followed this pattern and this dirty game since the late 19th century. But dictators are so stupid, and even don’t know that when the West asks you to make your people even angrier, the West actually asks you to dig your own grave. If you became a dictator, then you would lose your domestic support, and sooner or later you should rely on foreign support. But when the vast majority of people hate you, the West starts to topple you, the hateful dictator, and to replace you with a new whore! […] When the West and the IMF ask dictators to create more injustice, more corruption, more censorship and more problems, they actually ask dictators to dig their own graves. A normal regime doesn’t try to make its people even angrier! A wise regime tries to add water to the fire. But a stupid and puppet regime just slips on the West’s banana peel. A stupid, puppet regime like the Mullah regime just tries to lick the IMF’s ass, and to add fuel to the fire! The West loves such brainless whores […] In May 2014, the Western media, including the Wall Street Journal and the Guardian, talk about ‘Iran’s forgotten prisoners of conscience’ ! Guess they talk about whom? Mousavi/ Karoubi? unknown prisoners? average Iranians? No; you are so naive! Their forgotten prisoners of conscience are Bahaies! In fact, the West just cares about whores/ stooges, not ordinary people or prisoners of conscience. They hate Humans and Human Rights, and just care about British-made Satanic Cults like Mullahism, Zionism, Bahaism, Salafism etc. It’s funny that their Guardian (GU) says they love Ba-haies because ‘the Bahai governing body is based in Haifa, I-s-rael’ ! (GU, May 2014) But Iranian people don’t give a shit about English-made cults, English spies/ stooges, and those who sell their soul and their honor for a fistful of dollars. Now we all can understand why even Anthony Parsons, the notorious UK ambassador, said: ‘Mullahs and [Ba-haies] are old and traditional stooges of the UK”.

As some wise Iranians say: “They control almost all media. They control almost all journalists. They try to control and spy on all people. In the past, many denied such things. But in post-Snowden, it’s clear that the West is the Evil Empire, the Big Brother’s Empire. Now they openly say they are king-maker, revolution-maker, dictator-maker, disaster-maker etc. They say only when we want and when we allow, you can change your regimes or your dictators! They still live in the Orwellian World of 1984! The UK media and the US media are bad jokes. Just look what they and their most prestigious media do. They censor all important news and all major facts. The UK media tells the exact opposite of the truth! In the UK and the West, whores and Big Brother’s agents call themselves ‘journalist’, ‘commentator’, ‘intellect’, ‘expert’, ‘think tank’ etc and tell the biggest lies. Now it’s clear that Big Brother’s agencies control the mass media and the Lefty media. Sooner or later a new Snowden will confirm this issue”. In 2013 and 2014, when you take a look at the West’s most prestigious media you can understand why the wise Iranians say: “the West is the home of Orwellian Lies and Orwellian Censorship”. Unfortunately, as some wise Iranians say: ‘the Guardian, Huffington Post, New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, BBC and all mass media just tell big lies. They censor almost all important facts/ news of Iran. It’s really shocking, unbelievable and horrible. But it can shatter all illusions. It can disillusion all people. These years provide a unique opportunity for knowing the West. Now the 2014 Referendum and all important facts/ news are heavily censored by the West. This level of Censorship is really unique in history. But it’s not the whole story. Now the West says to non-Iranians: ‘If you want to know Iran, just listen to what we say, not what Iranians say’! Now the UK media openly talks about ‘Iran: top 10 people to follow on Twitter’ !! (GU, May 2014) Guess who are these top 10? Iranians?! no; they are CIA agents and MI6 whores like Guardian’s whores, BBC’s whores, Lobelog’s whore, Tehran Bureau’s whore, Al Monitor’s whore, REF’s whore, NYT’s whore, Christian Science Monitor’s whore, Brookings Institution’s whore, Basiji whores (Tasnim), Washington Post’s whore, FT’s whore, and AP’s whores! They actually tell you: ‘If you want to know Iran, you should listen to non-Iranians or Big Brother’s agents’ ! It’s funny that even if you search the internet, you find the same thing. For instance, if you search for ‘Iran Blog’, you only find the MI6/ CIA websites like Leveretts’ blogs, Gary Sick’s blog, Tehran Bureau’s page, the Guardian’s Lie factory, Chomsky’s crap etc. Even If you checked the first 20 pages of the search results, you can find no Iranian Blog written by Iranian people! In the best case, you just find Basijis or exiled whores who work for BBC and Guardian! In fact, the voices of all Iranians inside Iran are heavily censored. But If you want to know MI6 whores and CIA agents who tell big lies about Iran, you can check the Guardian and its top 10!”. They also add: “In post-2009/ Snowden era, many know the true face of the West. But whores and dictators still slip on the West’s Banana Peel. The West says to dictators: ‘Keep your country backward; Keep your people illiterate and hungry; Make your people even angrier; Rely on foreign support’ ! It’s what the West said to Shah, Mullahs, Saddam, Gaddafi, Mubarak, Morsi and all brutal dictators. In 2014, the English pigs openly say to Mullahs: ‘Obey the IMF. Cut those subsidies’! (Economists, April 2014) Such advice has a long history. For instance, remember the 1970s. The Shah started Iran’s nuclear programs. The Shah wanted to become a world power. But they told the Shah that he should make concessions to the West by hurting Iranian people, implementing IMF Plans, and creating more tyranny. In the 1960s, Iran’s inflation rate was about 2%. But in the 1970s, the Shah started to implement all IMF plans, and in 1976, Iran’s inflation rate reached 30%! The Shah just made his people even angrier. He thought if he hurt Iranians, and tried to keep Iran under tyranny, then the West would have allowed him to have nukes. The Shah, like Mullahs and all dictators, thought that he is a smart guy! But he, like all puppet dictators, just licked the West’s ass and slipped on the West’s banana peel. The people will never forget and forgive puppet dictators and those who support puppet dictators. These dictators are the dumbest people, who think foreign support is better than domestic support! They just obey the West and pigs like Chomsky, Leverett, Straw and Ashton, who encourage dictators to make people even angrier”. They also add: “Isr-a-el is the biggest exporter of terror in the world, spreading instability, death, racism and sadism. We all know how the savage Jews threatened Persians with nukes and genocide. But now the Jewish media sheds crocodile tears for Persians, who are victims of the Jewish Mullahs and the Jewish religion of Mullahs! Now the anti-Iran Jews, the US and the UK shed crocodile tears for the victims of the Jewish laws, and ‘A group of young Iranians who appeared in an Iranian online version of Pharrell Williams’s hit song Happy’ ! Their media says: ‘Iran is a country where being ‘happy’ is a crime’ (May 2014) But they don’t say that the Arab/ Jewish laws say being ‘happy’ is a crime. The Jewish media like Haaretz has no shame, and talks about ‘Clash with Iranian religious customs’ ! (May 2014) But what you can see in Iran is ‘Clash with Jewish religious customs’! Iran’s people hate the Jewish Mullahs, Jewish laws, and Jewish cabals (Jewish converts) like AhmadiNejad (AN). AN had Jewish root, and Mullahs love the Jewish values. But the West just tells bad jokes. They say: ‘Small Kiss, Big Headlines: Iranian actress Leila Hatami kissed Cannes festival president Gilles Jacob on CHEEK’ ! In Iran, it’s a small kiss. But in the West and the Jewish cults, it’s a big Headline! As you know, AhmadiNejad (AN) embraced the mother of Hugo Chávez in 2013! AN kissed women! AN hugged women! AN and Mullahs have already fucked their own Jewish laws! And in the 2014 Referendum, the 97% of Iranian people showed that they hate the Arab/ Jewish laws of Mullahs. But the West still tries to create a bad image of Iran. The West and its stooges, including Mullahs and the Jewish beliefs of Mullahs, have polluted our Iran. But all informed people know our Iranian Culture. Our Iranian culture is not like the West’s Barbarian Culture. Our Iranian culture is not like the Arab/ Jewish Culture of Islamists”.


As the wise Iranians say: “In Iran, Islamists have always slipped on the Enemy’s banana peel. Islamists are a small group that try to replace Iranian Culture with the Enemy’s Culture, including Arab/ Jewish Culture and British Culture. The UK and the bad Jews praised the Arab/ Jewish Culture of Islamists, and encouraged Islamists to attack on Iranian Culture and Iranian values like Truth, Tolerance, Justice, Equality, Kindness, Goodness, etc. English-made cults like Mullahism, Salafism, Bahaism and Zionism are based on the Arab/ Jewish Culture and also on England’s Barbarian culture. In Iran, Iranians have always believed in Tolerance and Freedom of Choice. As Iranians say, even if you want to worship shit, you are free. You are free to have your own beliefs. You even can be a Shit-worshiper. We will tolerate you. But we, Iranians, will not tolerate Intolerance and intolerant people. Iranians will not tolerate the Enemies of Open Society and the Enemies of Truth and Tolerance”. We have already written about this issue (for instance, check Archive for “Iranian Legacy vs the West”). But the bad guys still talk nonsense. As some wise Iranians say: “The West is a bad joke. Just look how the UK and Canada make a fool of themselves. The stupid Canada and Britain say the MEK, a terrorist group that is Islamist and Marxist, is a democratic group or a human right group! Now many say to the UK and its stooge, Canada: ‘since when Islamist-Marxist terrorists have become defenders of Human rights or Democracy!’ But in the UK’s Barbarian-Orwellian Culture, Islamists and terrorists are human right activists, as barbarians and human-eaters (Adam-khora) are civilized people! The West is really Orwellian. In the West, Tyranny is Democracy and Censorship is Freedom! In 2014, the stupid West censors all news about Internet Censorship in Iran. The UK and the USA even censor this fact that their Rouhani has increased Filtering and Censorship, Mullahs still send noise and parasite, and (in some days) Rouhanis try to block all HTTPS/ SSL connections. This issue and the West’s Censorship are important. Now the West and its stooges, including Activists/ Journalists in Exile, say: War depends on lies. If we stop lying, we will lose wars’ !! They are the sons of Satan, and their wars are War on Truth, War on Democracy, War on Freedom, War on Humanity and War on Iranian people. Now the UK, the IMF and pigs like Noam Chomsky openly support Islamic Aristocracy, Plutocracy, Tyranny, Corruption and Censorship. They ask all Islamists to slip on the West’s banana peel. But Mullahs, like all dictators, are blind and stupid. Mullahs act like the Shah. They don’t know that foreign support cannot save a bankrupt regime, and the West can easily topple a puppet regime. Even God cannot save a regime that has lost domestic support (public support). Tyranny is a weird thing, and if it becomes bigger, it actually becomes weaker. But the West, whores and lefts defend Tyranny and Self-Destruction. Unfortunately, almost all public figures in the West are stupid whores. They are CIA agents or Big Brother’s slaves. Even people like Richard Stallman are so stupid, and say: ‘US citizens thank Obama for committing to peace with Mullahs’ !! (20 May 2014) Shame on you Stallman. Obama has Iranians’ blood on his dirty hands. Obama is a friend of Mullahs. Obama is the enemy of Iran’s people. But you thank Obama! You actually defend the 2009 CIA Coup and the Anti-Iran Racism and Sadism. Obama supports Mullahs and anti-Democracy groups like MEK and Monarchists. But you thank Obama! Shame on You. You and your Obama are the same [..]”. They also add: “In the USA, the Lefts and the so-called intellects/ freedom fighters are CIA agents and/ or stupid whores. Now their Chomsky goes to the UK Chatham House, or sleeps with the notorious CIA agents. In the West, brainless whores call themselves ‘alternative’, ‘dissident’ , freedom fighter, intellectual etc and betray the truth and the people. But the Western people are blind. When people like Stallman just repeats the Guardian’s big lies, and close their eyes to the story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’, to the IMF Plans in Iran, to the 2014 Referendum and many other important facts, it shows that all public figures in the West are slaves of bad guys. In the West, their alternative media are Big Brother’s media, and their top intellectuals are slaves of Big Brother. But the Western people still praise their fake heroes and their Wolfs in sheep’s clothing! But when you are ignorant, praise fake heroes, and slip on Big Brother’s Banana Peels, you cannot see or solve the main problems, because you are actually part of the problems”.

As some wise Iranians say: “the US media and the UK media are worse than the Nazi media and Stalin’s media, and now even their own journalist, Glenn Greenwald, says: ‘[Western Journalism] doesn’t actually seem like journalism anymore. [Big Brother] has essentially made journalism in the U.S. neutered and impotent and obsolete‘ ! (May 2014) It’s true. The US media acts like the UK media, which are the worst Orwellian media in history. The UK media tells the biggest lies in history. But in recent years, the West has ruined the reputation and credibility of all Western media and all Western journalists! After 2009, and after Snowden, we all can see how the Western journalists censor everything and tell the biggest lies. The 2014 Referendum was very important. The IMF plans in Iran are so important. The love story of ‘the IMF and Islamists’ is as important the love story of ‘the NSA and tech companies’. But the West, the Left and all mass media censor such important facts/ news. The West, the Left and the media launch an army of lies to justify the attacks on the truth and the people’s rights. The West and all dictators are the same shits. They don’t care about long term interests. They just discredit themselves, and show their true face. In these years the West just proved that Iran must have nuclear weapons! They just showed that the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy and Progress in Iran is the West. The West’s evil acts just encourage Iranians to think more about the past and the roots of problems. Now many think about the 19th century, or the 1970s […] In the 1970s, both the West and Mullahs (Islamists) attacked Iran’s nuclear programs. In the 1970s, Mullahs said: ‘Iran doesn’t need nuclear energy. Iran has oil and gas resources. Iran doesn’t need nuclear power. Iran doesn’t need advanced weapons. The Shah wastes Iran’s money’ !! It’s exactly what Mullahs and their Arbab, the UK, said. But it’s funny that now all anti-Iranian pigs repeat what the anti-Iran Mullahs said in the 1970s. For instance, they say: ‘Why Iran should become a strong country (a world power)? Iran doesn’t need advanced weapons’ ! (2014) In fact, history repeats itself in a farcical way. In January 1978, Carter called the Shah regime ‘the Island of Stability’ ! The stupid Shah was blind, and slipped on the West’s banana peel. But now, Gary Sick and the Jewish CIA call the Mullah regime the Island of Stability! The West and its stooges are bad jokes. The West says to dictators: we support you, only if your people hate you! You should choose between your people and foreign support. If you obey us and become our slaves, then we support you, and aid you in suppressing your people’ ! Any sane person can learn a lot from the fate of Shah, Saddam, Mubarak or Morsi. But Mullahs still lick the ass of their Zionist IMF, and make a fool of themselves. Those who aid Iran’s enemies, and hurt Iran’s people are very stupid bad guys. Iranian people can forgive criminals and those who really and deeply regret, but Iranian people will never forget and forgive traitors and those who still tell big lies, hurt Iranians, and aid Iran’s enemies. Only whores and retards still praise the West. Now even the Western media says: ‘American Mathematicians should not work for the NSA’ ! (May 2014) They even talk about ‘Cyber-bullying law in Canada’, and say: ‘It’s just Canada’s excuse for abolishing privacy and anonymity online’ ! (May 2014) Now any sane person knows that the West is morally and totally bankrupt, and nearing the End. Only retards and brainless whores still obey the IMF and the Orwellian West, and slip on the West’s banana peel”.

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