Ancient Iran: Persian Legacy (Xenophon)

“When idiots talk about Ancient Iran (ancient Persia) they try to talk about ‘the Persia of Herodotus and Xenophon’ ! But it’s funny that idiots even don’t know Herodotus, Xenophon and the Persia of Herodotus and Xenophon! Idiots and stupid bastards don’t care about Truth, Logic and History. They just love to praise the Barbarian West, and to crap about the birthplace of Culture and Civilization (ie Iran). But they have low IQs, and the 300 movie is just one of their stupid products. The anti-Iran Mafia and their leader, Great Satan, are a bunch of stupid barbarians, human-eaters (Adam-khor) and locust-eaters (Malakh-khor), who hate Humanity, Wisdom, Culture and Civilization. They talk about ‘the Persia of Herodotus and Xenophon’ !, but they don’t say who were Herodotus and Xenophon, and what they said! Xenophon, also known as Xenophon of Athens, was a contemporary and admirer of Socrates. His books about Iran (Persia), ‘Cyropaedia’ and ‘Anabasis’, can be considered as the Enemy’s confessions!”. We should write more about Xenophon, who is known for his writings on the history of his own times, the 4th century BC. But here lets take a look at one of the Xenophon books [1], “Cyropaedia: the education of Cyrus”, and see what Xenophon said about Iran and Iranians. Xenophon’s Cyropaedia [1] has about eight chapters, and in Chapter I, Xenophon speaks of Persia and Persians as a whole. Xenophon says: “Persian children go to school and give their time to learning justice and righteousness. Persian boys are instructed in temperance and self-restraint, and they find the utmost help towards the attainment of this virtue in the self-respecting behavior of their elders, shown them day by day .. Continence in meat and drink is another branch of instruction” [1] Xenophon also adds: “Persian boys take their food not with their mother but with their teacher. They bring from home the staple of their meal, dry bread with nasturtium for a relish, and to slake their thirst they bring a drinking-cup, to dip in the running stream” [1]. What Xenophon says is important, because it can show you a small part of the Iranian Legacy and the Persian Glory. As some wise Iranians say: “Idiots and bad guys censor all historical facts, and only say that Xenophon wrote: ‘Persians are taught to shoot with the bow and to fling the javelin. In their cities, Persians have an open place or square dedicated to Freedom (Free Square they call it), where stand the palace and other public buildings . From this place all goods for sale are rigidly excluded, and all hawkers and hucksters with their yells and cries and vulgarities. This square, where the public buildings stand is divided into four quarters .. The law requires the citizens to present themselves at certain times and seasons in their appointed places. The elders may, as a rule, choose their own time, except on certain fixed days, when they too are expected to present themselves like the rest. Moreover, the young men are bound to sleep at night round the public buildings, with their arms at their side; only the married men among them are exempt’ [1]. But Xenophon says many interesting things such as: ‘the teachers of the boys are chosen from the elders, and those are appointed who are thought best fitted to make the best of their lads. The teachers of the youths are selected from the grown men, and on the same principle; and for the grown men themselves and their own governors (teachers); the choice falls on those who will. Finally, the elders themselves have presidents of their own, chosen to see that they too perform their duty to the full. We will now describe the services demanded from the different classes, and thus it will appear how the Persians endeavor to improve their citizens .. the Persian teachers spend the chief part of the day in deciding cases for their pupils .. there will be charges, we know, of picking and stealing, of violence, of fraud, of calumny, and so forth. The case is heard and the offender, if shown to be guilty, is punished’ [1]. The stupid West censors such historic facts, which can make people aware. They even censor what their own Xenophon has said ! They censor what Xenophon says about ‘the charge of ingratitude in Persia [1] As Xenophon says: ‘In Persia, [ungrateful people] convicted of refusing to repay a debt of kindness when it was fully in his power meets with severe chastisement. They reason that the ungrateful man is the most likely to forget his duty to his parents, to his fatherland, and his friends. Shamelessness, Persians hold, treads close on the heels of ingratitude, and thus ingratitude is the ringleader and chief instigator to every kind of baseness‘ [1]. In fact, even Xenophon knew why Persians hate ungrateful Westerners, including ungrateful Jews/ Arabs and ungrateful Greeks. But the ungrateful West is still ungrateful and uncultured. They even censor what their own Xenophon says! For instance, Xenophon says: ‘Every Persian is entitled to send his children to the public schools of righteousness and justice. As a fact, all who can afford to bring up their children without working do send them there. A lad who has passed through a public school has a right to go and take his place among the youths, but those who have not gone through the first course may not join them. In the same way the youths who have fulfilled the duties of their class are entitled eventually to rank with the men, and to share in office and honor: but they must first spend their full time among the youths; if not, they go no further. Finally, those who as grown men have lived without reproach may take their station at last among the elders. Thus these elders form a college, every member of which has passed through the full circle of noble learning; and this is that Persian polity and that Persian training which, in their belief, can win them the flower of
‘ [1] This is ancient Iran, the birthplace of Culture and Civilization. But the Barbarian West just loves to crap about Iran. The anti-Iran West and the anti-Iran Mafia are sworn enemies of the Truth and all good guys. But they have low IQs, and don’t know that their big lies and their evil acts are a godsend for Iran, Iranians and all good guys in the 21st century. British Censorship and American Censorship just remind you of ancient censors and ancient barbarians, who loved to burn Persian books and Persian libraries. European Barbarians and Arab/ Jewish barbarians destroyed Iranian books and Iranian libraries, because their motto was, and steal is: Culture and Civilization is Dangerous … and Censorship protects you from Reality !”.


As the wise Iranians say: “If you want to know the Persia of Xenophon, you should study what Xenophon says, not what the US media, the Hollywood, and the Evil Empire say! But unfortunately, many don’t know such obvious things. In about 2500 years ago, Xenophon said: ‘And even to this day signs are left bearing witness to that ancient temperance of Persians and the ancient discipline that preserved it. To this day it is still considered shameful for a Persian to spit in public, or wipe the nose, or show signs of wind‘ [1] But when Persians were such cultured people, European were savage Barbarians and Britons were savage human-eaters (Adam-khor), who loved to eat men, women and children! […] When European Barbarians were eating humans and drinking human blood, and didn’t know how to utter or spell Culture and Civilization, Iranians even refused to spit in public! Do you know what it means?! Any sane person knows what it means. The Western barbarians have no shame. They even censor what their own Xenophon says! […] Xenophon adds: ‘when the Persian have reached the age of fifty years or more, then they take rank as elders, and the title is deserved. These elders no longer go on military service beyond the frontier; they stay at home and decide all cases, public and private both. Even capital charges are left to their decision, and it is they who choose all the magistrates. If a youth or a grown man breaks the law he is brought into court by the governors of his tribe, who act as suitors in the case, aided by any other citizen who pleases. The cause is heard before the elders and they pronounce judgment‘ [1] In fact, Iranians hated the Jewish laws, the Jewish/ Western barbarian laws. In Cyropaedia, Xenophon talks about Cyrus the Great, who was a great role model for all civilized humans, including civilized Greeks. Xenophon shows how Cyrus’s mother taught him the human values, including ‘justice, politeness, good manners, freedom, loyalty, honesty, respect to family, friends and elders, law and respect to law, discipline, respect to both private life and public life, community services, or Continence in meat and drink‘ [1] Xenophon even talks about the ‘Persian curiosity and thirst for knowledge‘ [1] Xenophon even shows you how Cyrus and his parents, as an example of ancient Iranians, discussed about tyranny, freedom, justice etc [1] For instance, a dialogue between Persians (Cyrus and his parents) in 2500 years ago is: ‘When the interests of mankind are at stake, they will obey with joy the man whom they believe to be wiser than themselves. You may prove this on all sides: you may see how the sick man will beg the doctor to tell him what he ought to do, how a whole ship’s company will listen to the pilot, how travelers will cling to the one who knows the way better, as they believe, than they do themselves. But if men think that obedience will lead them to disaster, then nothing, neither penalties, nor persuasion, nor gifts, will avail to rouse them. For no man accepts a bribe to his own destruction [Cyrus’s father says] The best way to secure obedience is to be thought wiser than those we rule? Yes, that is my belief. [Cyrus’s father says]. We, Persians, have an unwritten law that we teach our children as we teach our servants, simply and solely not to lie, and not to cheat, and not to covert, and if they did otherwise to punish them, hoping to make them humane and law-abiding citizens‘ [1] The World and the West should bow before the Iranian Culture and the Iranian wisdom. But the West is so ungrateful and uncultured. In Cyropaedia, Xenophon talks about many interesting things, including the Council of Persia‘ and this fact that the Council of Elders appointed Cyrus. Xenophon even says: ‘Persians feel there are certain things that the gods has permitted us to attain through learning and study and training’ [1] But just look what the Barbarian West now says about Iran, the Land of Science, Arts and Culture. The West and all Barbarians have no shame and no brain. Their own Xenophon said: ‘when we came to realise the character of Cyrus the Persian, we [bowed before] him .. For ourselves, considering his title to our admiration proved, we set ourselves to inquire what his parentage might have been and his natural parts, and how he was trained and brought up to attain so high a pitch of excellence in the government of men. And all we could learn from others about him or felt we might infer for ourselves we will here endeavor to set forth’. In fact, Cyrus and ancient Iranians were role models for ancient Greeks. Iran, the land of Aryans, is much older than the Persian Empire. Even in 2500 years ago, Xenophon talked about ‘the ancient temperance of Persians and the ancient discipline that preserved it’ ! [1] In fact, even Xenophon knew that Iran, the land of Aryans and the birthplace of civilization and culture, is very very older than Greece. But the Barbarian West just loves to tell big lies. Of course the informed people just laugh at the Barbarian West. In 2014, even the good Westerners talk about ‘300-II Movie’, and ask ‘Who are the Barbarians?!’ They know that the best name for the 300 movie is ‘Barbarians vs Persia’ ! In 2014, Iranians say: ‘Barbarians tried to eliminate our culture, they burned our books, they even tried to change our language, to ban our values/ traditions etc. However, that did not happen because there is no way to change who we are, it is in our souls’. In 2014, even the good Westerners say: ‘Barbarians kill ambassadors. They kill those who are wounded in war. They sent the beautiful girls of their cities to top of a mountain to be gang raped by the ugliest lepers! They teach children to be ruthless and illogical killing machines that enjoy being blood thirsty animals! But who are these barbarians? According to the Hollywood (300), these [savage barbarians] are the Spartans! And Who are they fighting against? They are fighting against Persians and Great Persia!, whose names are repeatedly mentioned in our holy texts as the savior, freedom fighter, liberator etc. Persians freed the Jews from bondage in Babylon, and helped them return home and [have their own religion]’ ! But the ungrateful West, like the ungrateful Jews, is so ungrateful. Almost all their good things have Iranian roots. Almost all their modern values have Iranian roots. But they are so ungrateful, and just crap about ‘Iran, the home of Science, Arts and Culture’. They crap about the Persian Legacy and the Iranian Civilization that is the most glorious and peaceful civilizations of all times. Of course many Westerners know the truth, and say for instance: ‘Iranians have always protected their culture to the point foreign invaders were not able to get rid of it, no matter how much they tried’. But the good Westerners are often silent. Many good and wise Westerners know that Iran is the birthplace of culture and civilization. They even know that Iranian religions were and are the most peaceful religions in the world. They know that Iranian values brought real values of peace, humanity, tolerance and freedom. They know that Barbarians burned Persian books, and said that people were not even allowed to talk about Iranian values, Iranian legacy and Iranian civilization. They know Barbarians. They know the Orwellian West. But they are silent, and their silence allows the bad guys to perform more evil acts. But in the post-Snowden era, it’s clear why the good guys should break their silence”.

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[1] Xenophon’s Books at Project Gutenberg e-texts.

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