Satanism, Religion, Islamists and their Great Satan

“Islamists and their Great Satan hurt Iran, but actually change Iran! Now all Iranians (+97%) hate Islamists and Great Satan, and many Iranians hate Religion and all religious things. It’s a natural reaction to what Islamists did and do. Rouhanis (Mullahs) and Islamists are worse than animals. Rouhanis still send horrible noise/ parasite, slow down the internet, increase Filtering & Censorship, and desperately to hurt Iran and Iranians, and to serve the interests of the West and Great Satan. Now it’s clear that the Jewish Religion of Mullahs is Satanism, and Iranian people hate this Arab/ Jewish Satanism. In April 2014 and in a historic Referendum, the 97% of Iranians said a Big No to the Mullah Church, and the Arab/ Jewish Religion of Islamists. But you should not forget that the first nation who talked about modern religions and ‘Good and Evil’ were Iranians. As you know, God comes from Persian Khoda (Goda, God), as Good comes from Persian Khoob (Goob, Good). Such terms and such concepts have Iranian roots. Khoda became God, Nik became nice, Khoob became Good, Bad became Bad, Ahriman became Evil or Satan, or Deevs became devils. The Jewish/ Western people borrowed these concepts from Great Iran and Iranians. But as Jewish/ Western pigs were uncultured or barbarians, they mixed these Iranian concepts with their own barbaric beliefs and their own barbarian traditions, and poisoned/ polluted everything. Now the Jewish/ Western pigs openly attack Iranian values, and openly defend Genocide, Racism and Sadism, and shamelessly say that their Jewish God and their Jewish Bible praise such Barbaric/ Satanic things!”, some wise Iranians say. Iranian people know what is Good or Evil, and what is Religion, Morality or human values, because as the wise Iranians say: “such concepts have Iranian roots. The first modern religions were created by Iranians. The first human values were Iranian values. Modern values and moral concepts were firstly invented by Iranians. So, Iran and Iranians know what they are talking about. The best nation who can talk about religion, morality and human values is Iran. Iran’s religious people used to see Iranian Religion as ‘Karkhaneh Ensan Sazi’ (a factory that produces good guys). But the Mullah Religion, the West’s Religion, and the Arab/ Jewish Religion of Islamists is nothing but ‘Karkhaneh Heyvan Sazi’ (a factory that produces savage animals)! If you have doubt, you can take a look at what the West and Islamists do in Iran, Syria, Egypt, Saudi, USA, UK etc. Religious fanatics act like brainless animals. In Syria, we all can see that the Arab/ Jewish Religion of Islamists is actually ‘Karkhaneh Barbar Sazi’ (a factory that produces barbarians)! In Syria, Islamists act like British barbarians and European human-eaters (Adam-khora). But why Islamists and religious fanatics become such savage beasts? Iranians intellectuals have already answered such questions”. They also add: “The Jewish Religion of Islamists, like the religion of all religious fanatics, is ‘Karkhaneh Bardeh Sazi’ (a factory that produces slaves) or Karkhaneh Goosfand Sazi (a factory that produces Sheep/ Sheeple ). This factory, which is a dirty business, asks people to become slaves of the Church and Big Brothers. They ask people to put their brains into their asses, to lose their humanity, and to become slaves of clergymen. They say Ignorance is Strength, Science is Evil, Knowledge is Evil, or Slavery is Freedom. Mullahs and all clergymen hate Science and Knowledge, and love Ignorance and Sheeple. But why? They know that if people try to use their brains and their common sense, to think and care about logic, and to not live like sheep, then they would lose the main source of their power. So, they say to people: Science is evil. Using your brain is evil’ ! But any sane person knows what is good or evil. Ignorance is evil, or Knowledge is evil?! Closing your mind is evil, or being open-minded is evil ?! Being Slave is evil, or being a free man is evil?! Religious fanatics try to turn people into slaves or Sheeple. Religious fanatics are actually the sons of Satan. Just look what they do in the USA, Syria, Iraq, Egypt Saudi, etc. In Syria, savage Islamists/ Arabs are proud of butchering innocent people and innocent children. Islamists and Zionists are two sides of the same coin. They are killers, torturers and barbarians, because their Satanic Religion is ‘Karkhaneh Barbar Sazi’ (a factory that produces barbarians). They are stooges/ slaves of Satan and Satanic forces like the UK and the USA. They are followers of English Islam (British Islamist) or Jewish Islam. In the 1980s, Mullahs themselves talked about ‘American Islam’, and said that a group of Mullahs are follower of American Islam! But after 2009, all people can see that Mullahs are followers of English Islam or Jewish Islam. After 2009, AhmadiNejad (AN) are Jannati are symbols of Arab/ Jewish Islam, and Rouhani and his supreme leader are symbols of American/ English Islam. But in Iran, people are followers of Iranian Islam. The Iranian version of Islam is different from English Islam or Jewish Islam. In fact, Iranians are followers of their own religions, not Arab/ Jewish religions. Iranian people believe in Iranian God, in Iranian values and in Iranian beliefs. Iranians, both irreligious and religious people, hate Arab/ Jewish beliefs and English/ Satanic beliefs. Only Mullahs and Islamists (ie the 3%) love and praise Arab/ English beliefs, Jewish beliefs and Satanic beliefs”.

As the wise Iranians say: “Islamists and their Great Satan are a godsend for Iran. Their evil acts just backfire. They actually ask people to hate Religion. Maybe they want to destroy Religion and all religious things, and it’s their mission. (Who knows) But it’s none of our business. We, Iranians, are even happy to see the true face of their Satanic Religions and the death of their Religions. Since the ancient time, we, Iranians, have believed in Iranian values -like Truth and Tolerance- which is the base and the root of human values. We, Iranians, already knew and said that ‘Good or Evil’ is independent of religion and race. If we, Iranians, want to be worried about something, it’s not Religion, but it’s Human values, Humanity and Iranian Legacy. Almost all Iranians, religious or irreligious, believe in Iranian values like Truth, Tolerance, Kindness, Sympathy, Love, Justice etc. But the Barbarian West and its stooges (ie Islamists, Marxists etc) hate Iranian values. They believe in the Jewish-English values like Racism, Sadism, Intolerance, Genocide and Savagery. They hate Iranian God, and love Satan and Jewish God (Western God). They love Big Lies, Hypocrisy, Stupidity and Wickedness. Iranian intellectuals like Sadeq Hedayat already knew why Islamists and all religious fanatics become killers, torturers, spies, stooges, liars, and agents of Satan. As Hedayat said in 100 years ago: ‘Why Mullahs and Islamists become spies and stooges? Because their Jewish religion praises evil acts like Lying, Spying, Hypocrisy, selling your soul, and selling your honor, your brain, and your humanity. Their religion is an enemy of the Truth and any Progress. Their religion is the logic of Sword, and the business of beggars (Kaseh Gedaii). Their religion is Poverty, Crying Wolf, Beggary,
Dead-worshiping, and obeying a cruel and brutal Jewish God (ie Satan). Their religion and their religious things is a combination of (Satanic beliefs), Madness, Meanness, Big Lies, Utilitarianism (Sood-parasti), Dirt, Death and Disaster. Why are they so mean and obeying a bloodthirsty God (ie Satan)? .. their Jewish God is a brutal tyrant and a cruel oppressor, who just asks people to kill, to plunder, to tell big lies, to steal people’s money, and to violate people’s rights .. They are horny pigs and sex addicts, and just care about stomach, and what is under stomach. Their religion is based on stomach and under stomach … they just try to destroy the world, and to pollute the world with Hypocrisy, Meanness, Licking ass, Lying, shamelessness, brainlessness, poverty, spying etc. This Sedition (Fetneh) and this Jewish religion has been created by the Jewish spies, who wanted to hurt Iran and Iranians .. This Jewish religion is the Enemy of the people, and only Colonialists, Imperialists and (Satanists) love such religions’. It’s what Hedayat and Iranians said in 100 years ago. In fact, Iranians knew why clergymen and the UK ask people to not use their brain, to become slave, and to become Cheap & Mean (Past (Khar) & Zalil). Slaves can easily become spies and stooges of bad guys. When you don’t use your brain, and when you just obey what you are told, and when you have no honor and no principle, you can easily become spy and stooge. The UK and all bad guys love Islamists, because Islamists are stupid slaves. In the past, the bad guys told people: ‘Obey us; listen to us; become slaves of the Church and Religion’. And now they tell people: ‘Obey us; listen to us, and become slaves of the West, slaves of money, or slaves of power’! They say to journalists and intellects: Become whores and just do what you are told’ ! The West and the Jewish-Satanic religions try to create slaves, whores, spies, stooges and ‘Mojudat-e Past, Ahmaq & Matherqahbe (creatures who are so mean, stupid & motherfucker)”. They also add: “When you don’t use your brain, close your mind, and just obey your Arbabs (masters), you are actually a stooge of evil forces. In 2014, the Mullah TV aired what Rigi, the terrorist, said in prison. Rigi was an Islamist and a terrorist, but apparently he had changed. This time, they didn’t forced him to talk about real Islamists and such bullshits. This time, what Rigi said didn’t seem like forced confessions, because he said important things like: ‘Religious Fanaticism and Bigotry has blinded me. When you close your mind, you lose your humanity, and you can do all evil things, all terrorist acts. You can kill innocent men and women. You can even kill innocent children. Religious Fanaticism has blinded me. When you close your mind and don’t use your common sense, you become a religious fanatic, and a puppet of evil forces. You don’t know what you do. You don’t think. You just obey. You become a terrorist, and an agent/ slave of Satan‘. Maybe it’s a forced confession, but it’s important that even Rigi and Mullahs show people the base and the truth of Satanism and Satanic Religions. Those who live like sheep, and blindly obey the Church and clergymen are actually obeying Satan. Religious Circles that ask youths or adults to tell big lie, to hide the truth, to kill, to torture, to oppress, to hurt, to steal etc are really Satanic Circles. In Iran, they don’t dare to openly praise evil acts. So, they act like secret societies and Freemasons. They are the sons of the UK and Zionists. As you know, Queen of England -as were her predecessors- is the head of state and head of the Church of England. She has created an Orwellian society in Britain. But English Barbarians have no shame, and refer to this English-Satanic Dictatorship as Democracy! The Church of England is actually the Church of Satan, and the Church of Satan is the Arbab (master) of the Jewish Church and the Church of Mullahs. In the Church of Satan, Satanists call themselves religious people and shed crocodile tears for God, Religion, or even Morality. Great Satan and Big Brothers love slaves, whores, and brainless faggots and call them Intellectuals! In the West and the Mullah regime, spies and whores are heroes! They even refer to whores, spies and brainless faggots as journalists or intellects! In the West, Islamist whores and CIA agents like Akbar Ganji are called journalists or even intellectuals. In the West, Satanic whores like Noam Chomsky are heroes. They openly praise leftist ideology, Islamist ideology, Capitalist ideology and other Satanic ideologies. They openly praise the dirty world of politics and big lies”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Those who tell many big lies, steal people’s money, kill and torture people, censor people’s voices, and perform all evil acts are followers of Satan, and their religion is Satanism. Those who defend Intolerance, Racism, Sadism, Genocide and Barbarism are definitely Ahrimani (Satanists) and followers of Satan. These bad guys, including Islamists and all religious fanatics, lose their Humanity. They become whores and slaves of evil forces. It’s what we all can see in Iran and the world. Just look what Islamists, Zionists and Christian fanatics say and do. They don’t care about Truth, Logic, Tolerance, Humanity and Human values. They even openly say that they hate Logic, Science, Truth, Tolerance and Human values (ie what is universally good and decent)! They are actually the followers of Satan. They hate Science and Knowledge, and their Satanic logic is the logic of Sword, the logic of power, the law of the jungle. Religious Fanaticism is the real Satanism. Just ask yourself: Why Islamists and all religious fanatics are killers, liars, terrorists, rapists, sadists, hypocrites, barbarians, crooks and thieves? They are the followers of Satan, the sons of Satan. Of course all religious people are not bad guys. Some of them are normal humans, and just have their own views and their own life styles. In Iran, religious people say good things like: ‘Mullahs don’t believe in God & Prophets. So, what Iranians say to Mullahs is like what Imam Hussein said to the Yazid’s army: If you don’t have religion, at least be a free man, and act like a liberated man’ (Agar Din Nadarid, Hadeaqal Azadeh Bashid)! It’s what average Iranians sarcastically say to Islamists and Mullahs! Azadeh and Azadegi means ‘a free man’ or ‘acting like a liberated man’; indeed it means: Don’t be slave; don’t be stooge. Iranians know that Mullahs are slaves of Great Satan, and followers of Yazid and Moawiah’ ! Now almost all Iranians say to Islamists and Mullahs: ‘you don’t have any honors (Sharaf Nadarid)! you are not humans (Adam Nistid)! you are worse than Yazid! you are psychos (Ravani)! you are sick pigs (Bimar)! you are Ajnabi (non-Iranians) and have occupied our Iran’. In fact, Iranians know that Mullahs and Islamists are Arabs/ Jews (Ajnabi), not Iranians. In 2009, all Iranians saw that Islamists are members of the Satan’s army. In 2009, average Iranians referred to Basijis and Islamists as Zionists and I-s-raelis! It’s so important. Islamists are slaves/ stooges of Zionists and the Barbarian UK, and Iranian people know it. In April 2014, the 97% of Iranians revealed the depth of Iranian Wisdom. All humans should learn from Iranian people, and open their eyes. What Islamists, Zionists and Christian fanatics are doing and saying (about Iran, Syria, Egypt, Saudi etc) show that religious fanatics are the sons of Satan. In Iran, Islamists are crooks, thieves, big liars, killers or spies/ stooges of Great Satan. Islamists are enemies of the people. Islamists just aid the West in creating Dictatorship. Just look what Islamists did in Iran, Egypt, Syria etc. In Egypt, Islamists just aid dictators like Mubarak and Al-Sisi. Even if you ignore that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood are Freemasons and stooges of English Colonialism and Freemasonry, you can ask: Why Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood started to implement the IMF plans in Egypt?! In May 2014, even the Mullah TV confesses: ‘(our Islamist regime implements IMF Plans. But even) in Egypt, Morsi and Islamists are stooges of the IMF, and implement IMF Plans’ ! (May 2014) In fact, it’s the truth of their Islamic Awakening! Mullahs, Muslim Brotherhood, and all Islamists are stooges of Great Satan, and their mission was and is: Paving the way for the Barbarian West, Colonialism, Despotism and the so-called Imperialism“. Iranians know who is who, but as some wise Iranians say: “the Western idiots even don’t know that social developments are beyond the Big Brother’s control. Westerners don’t know the home of the Good (Iran). Even the good Westerners say: ‘They are fed anti-X or anti-Y propaganda, since childhood. But the paradox is that Iranian become highly educated under this dictator regime’. Westerners don’t know that Iranians have old sayings/ ancient proverbs like: ‘Enemy can be a godsend’ ! or ‘You can learn Politeness (ie Goodness) from impolite people (ie bad guys)’ ! In Iran, Mullahs like Mesbah and Jannati are godsend. English/ Jewish Mullahs like Jannati, Mesbah, Rouhani etc just show that Mullahs are followers of Satan, and the Mullah religion is actually the English/ Jewish Satanism. But you should not forget that Mullahs cannot say to their rank and file: ‘What we say is a big lie; Lets be hypocrite; Lets steal people’s money; Let’s kill or use people’ ! Even the 3% (3-darsadi-ha), ie the rank and file of the regime, don’t accept such crap. The rank and file think that their leaders are honest, and believe in God and Morality! But when they see that their leaders are big liars and bad guys, at first they deny. But sooner or later they will become aware, and will rebel. Now even the rank and file of the regime say: ‘(Dareh Gandesh dar Miad)! Mullahs don’t believe in God & Prophets; If they believed in such things, they would not tell big lies and would not perform such evil acts’ ! Mullahs have always tried to fool people. But Mullahs cannot openly tell people: ‘We don’t believe in God and our own bullshit. We just want to fool you and use you. We just want to brainwash you into becoming our slaves’ ! Mullahs (ie clergymen) and the Church say that irreligious people are Satanists! But it’s a big lie. They just try to hide this important fact that Mullahs, Islamists and all religious fanatics are Satanists and the real followers of Satan. Many irreligious people are good guys. Many irreligious people are much more better than Mullahs and religious fanatics. Many irreligious people are normal humans. But religious fanatics are savage animals. Instead of caring about the truth and what is good and decent, religious fanatics just care about their Arbabs (masters). In Iran, our people say to Islamists: Instead of caring about AN and Mullahs, you must care about the truth. If you are really religious people, you must care about the truth, not the Arbabs’ ! It shows the depth of Iranian Wisdom”.

The world should know more about Iran and Iranian views. We have already written about [1]: “A very Brief History of Iran and Iranian Religions”, “Iranian Mindset: God, Deep Humanity, Tolerance”, “Morality, Ethics, Religion, and Humanity”, or “Immorality, Religious Fanatics, Evil Empire” (check Archive). But as the wise Iranians say: “the world still knows nothing about Iranian beliefs. Iranians say if religion becomes Slavery or Opium, it would be a very bad and dangerous thing. We, Iranians, say if Fashion, Media, or any ideologies and modern things become Opium or Slavery, it’s like or worse than Religion. If you are slave, your Arbab (master) is not important. If you are sheep, your shepherd is not important! The bad guys want to make people slaves and Sheeple. The bad guys actually say: ‘One day people should be slaves of the church, and one day people should be slaves of Fashion. One day people are slaves of media, and one day people are slaves of Religion, slaves of Money, or slaves of Power! But slaves are slaves, and only their Arbabs (masters) are different’ ! Iranians have always said that Slavery is an evil thing. Jews, Arabs and others see God as Arbab (master), Big Brother, or Tyrant. They see themselves as ‘Slaves of God’ ! But Iranians see God as as Friend (Doost) or Lover. Iranians refer to God as the Doost (Friend), the Good, the Love etc. It’s so important. Such differences between Iranian views and Jewish/ Western views are important”. They also add: “All bad guys, religious or irreligious, ask people to be slaves or whores. Some bad guys ask people to be slaves of the church or slaves of religion. Some bad guys ask people to be slaves of fashion, slaves of media, or slaves of money and power. But slave is slave, and whore is whore. Whores and slaves just obey their Arbabs (masters), and cannot act like free men, liberated men, and real humans. A slave can be a slave of all evil forces. One day s/he is a slave of Mullahs, and one day s/he is a slave of the West“. They also add: “In all around the world, slaves, whores, crooks, thieves, killers and all bad guys are almost alike. But it’s funny and important to know that even Iran’s bad guys have some sort of Morality. Since the ancient time, even Iranian thieves/ thugs have some sort of Morality and Ethics. Compared to the Arab/ Jewish/ Western bad guys, the Iranian thieves/ thugs -known as Ayyaaran, Lootis etc- seem like saints and angels. If you take a look at Iran’s history and Iran’s literature, you can see that even Iran’s bad guys were much more cultured and civilized than the West. Even Iran’s bad guys cared about human values, and didn’t cross many red lines. It’s so important. Mullahs and Islamists are not Iranians, because they think and act like Arabs/ Jews (Ajnabi), not Iranians. Mullahs and Islamists hate Persia, Iranian values, Iranian culture and Iranian civilization. Mullahs and Islamists are Ajnabi or Mozdoor-e Ajnabi (puppets of Ajnabi). They are stupid followers of Satan. Both Mullahs and the West say: everyone and everything is for sale, all the time, and there’s nothing that shouldn’t be for sale’ ! They are the worst whores. Female whores, who sell their bodies, are much more honorable than Mullahs, religious fanatics and political whores, who sell everything. These bastards worship money and power. They have no morality and no principle. When they call themselves religious people, it’s obvious why many people hate religion so much. But people should not forget that good things, including Ethics and Human values, are independent of Religion. But unfortunately, many irreligious guys often say: ‘we don’t want to be slaves of the church and religion; but we want to be slaves of money, slaves of power, slaves of fashion etc’ ! In fact, they only change their Arbabs (masters), and remain slaves! But it’s so stupid. There is no real difference between slaves of the church/ religion and slaves of the West/ Big Brother/ fashion/ money/ power etc. The good guys seek the truth, want to live like free men, and try to make a better world, a better life, etc. The good guys don’t want to be slaves of anything. It’s the Iranian view. But unfortunately in the West, even university students, scientists and intellects are whores/ slaves, and just care about money and power, not the truth. It’s a very tragic fact. In the West, even scientists and intellects have become whores and slaves, and it’s one of the West’s biggest problems”. They also add: “The world should know more about Iran and Iranian values. In Iran, Truth, Tolerance, Logic, Kindness, Niki (Nice things), Love, Sympathy, and high level values are national values. The first nation who said: ‘If you have no sympathy for human pain, the name of human you cannot retain’, were Iranians. When Europeans were killing and eating each other, and when Jews, Arabs and Westerners were praising Racism, Sadism, Genocide, Barbarism and Intolerance, Iranians were talking and writing about Tolerance and high level values. It’s the main difference between Iran and the West. Iran, the land of Aryans, is the home of the first cultured and civilized humans; and the West is the ancient land of Barbarians and Barbarism. It’s important. The first humans who said Racism, Intolerance, Fanaticism, Bigotry etc are evil things were Iranians. The Persian literature is full of many good examples that can show you the truth. A long list of great Persian writers/ thinkers – that the world just knows some of them like Zoroaster, Rumi, Attar, Khayam, Hafiz, Saadi, Ferdowsi, Nezami etc- can show you why Iranians were and are quite different from the Western barbarians or the savage Jews/ Arabs. Great Iran has many great men, who were and are unknown or little known but they can show you why Iran is the home of Human values, and the land of Culture and Civilization. Iranian values, Iranian legacy and Iranians like Mani, Mazdak, Kharaqani, Ansari, Bastami and many many others show you what is Iranian Tolerance and Iranian Logic, and why Iranians say: ‘Being Good Guy is important, not your race and your religion’. Humanity and Tolerance have deep roots in Iranian Culture. It’s quite different from what you can see in the the Arab/ Jewish Culture and the Western Culture. Iranian values are good things like Truth, Tolerance, Love, Kindness, Sympathy, Equality, Justice etc. But Arab/ Jewish values are Satanic things like Racism, Intolerance, Genocide, Sadism, Sexism, the law of the jungle, Lying etc. The Western values were and are barbaric values like Racism, Sadism, Selfishness, Hypocrisy, Shortsightedness, Power, Money, Inhumanity, the Law of the Jungle etc. You should not forget that Nazism, Fascism, Colonialism, Utilitarianism, Capitalism, Holocaust, Apartheid, World Wars etc are the fruits of the
Jewish-Western-Satanic beliefs. We, Iranians, don’t say that all Westerners/ Arabs/ Jews are bad guys, as we don’t say that all Iranians are good guys. Goodness or badness is independent of race and religion, and it’s an Iranian belief, one of the old Iranian beliefs. But after 2009, we all can see that Iranian values and Iranian beliefs are quite different from the West’s barbaric values and the Jewish-Western-Satanic beliefs”.

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