The 97%: A very Big No to The West and Rouhanis

“Iran, history, and future generations will never forget these days and these years. In April 2014, and in the Biggest Referendum on the Orwellian West and its stooges (Islamists), Iranian people made a miracle. They resisted all Orwellian tricks and Orwellian propaganda. The 97% of Iranians said a very Big No to the West and the Church. Now the bad guys have totally confused. Now it’s clear that Islamists should be called the 3% (3-darsadi)! Now it’s clear that Rouhanis (Mullahs) have no public support in Iran. Now even Islamists say: Rouhani is a Freemason! Now even Islamists confess that their Rouhanis are stooges of UK and Great Satan! Now Islamists ‘Documenting Rohani’ and making ‘I Am Rohani’ documentary! This documentary -aka ‘I am Rouhani, a Freemason’ ! (Man Rouhani Hastam, Yek Freemason!) or ‘Rouhani, Lies and Videotape’ !- is not important. It’s an internal power struggle, and a political game. But [it’s important] that even Islamists say that their Rouhanis are Freemasons and traitors to Iran. In these days, the 3% (3-darsadi-ha) -ie Islamists and all supporters of the Mullah regime- just make people laugh”, some wise Iranians say. In these days, many things are important and laughable. As some wise Iranians say: “Look how the sons of Satan -ie the West, the Left, Islamists and Zionists- make a fool of themselves. After 2009, the West and the Western media have created one of the Biggest Scandals in media’s history. In 2014, the Biggest Referendum in Iran’s history is accompanied by the Biggest Lies and the Biggest Censorship in the West. Just look how the West plays ‘Wag the Dog’. Their ‘Wag the Dog’ games – ie the stupid games of ‘UN, Mullah, USA’, Evin prison etc- were so ridiculous. But they played such ‘Wag the Dog’ games because they wanted to cover up the important facts, including the IMF-Mullah love affairs”. In these days, the bad guys are showing the depth of their bankruptcy and their confusion. As some wise Iranians say: ‘the West’s ‘Wag the Dog’ games are so ridiculous. As we all know, Iranian people and unknown prisoners are real prisoners and real victims of the West and its Mullahs. But the UK media and the US media censor all facts/ news, and just care about political whores. It’s what they do in 2014 and 2013. During the 2013 Mullah Show, Iranians were laughing/ spitting an Rouhanis; but the Guardian and BBC were publishing Orwellian letters, and said: ‘We received these letters from Evil prison. They support [our] Rouhani; Iranians support Rouhani; It’s what Islamists tell us from Evin prison’ ! In these days, all Iranians (+97%) say: Fuck Mullahs; Fuck UK; Fuck USA’. But American animals, British barbarians and their Mullahs play ‘Wag the Dog’ games on their Evin or on their ambassador to the UN! The US and the UK desperately try to hide the Biggest Referendum in Iran’s history, and to cover up the Biggest No to Islamists and their Arbab (IMF, UK, USA)”. As some wise Iranians say: “Rouhanis still send noise and parasite. The West still censors all important facts/ news. Rouhanis still lick the ass of the IMF/ UK. Rouhanis still increase Filtering & Censorship. The Mullah parliament presents ‘Islamic wiretapping/ spying bill’. The UK and the US openly support Rouhani and the Mullah regime. But thank god that Iran’s enemies are such stupid animals. If there was no parasite, no horrible censorship, or no big lies, then Iranians ignored the roots of problems. If there was no parasite and no big lies, then how all Iranians could understand that Islamists are Satanists, and Mullahs are stooges of Great Satan. If there was no noise and no horrible censorship, then how Iranians could see that Islamists, Chomsky and Marxists are CIA agents. If there was no parasite, no big lies, or no Orwellian acts, then the 97% of Iranians didn’t become aware. Thank God that instead of adding water to the fire, they just add fuel to the fire ! If they added water to the fire and didn’t try to make people even angrier, then Iranians preferred not to open old wounds, and didn’t become Khar Fahm (aware). If they don’t add fuel to the fire, then Iranians would not know the truths of English Islam (British Islam), American Islam, or Arab/ Jewish Islam. It’s really good that these stupid bastards just add fuel to the fire, and try to make Iranians even angrier. Islamists are Ahrimani (Evil forces), and that’s why Islamists have low IQs. They themselves show that the 97% of Iranians hate all Mullahs and Islamists. Thank God that Iran’s enemies are Satan and its agents. Thank God that Iran’s enemies are the West and Islamists. If Iran’s enemies were good guys, then we didn’t care about Iran and Iranians. But now the Evil Empire, Satan and all Barbarians are enemies of this ancient land, and show you why Iran is the land of the Good”.

As the wise Iranians say: “the 2014 Referendum is very important. It’s the first referendum in history that in which the 97% of people say a very Big No to the Church and the West. 97% is the Biggest No to the West, the Church and Clergymen. Now you can have different analyses, and different analysts say different things. But any detailed Analysis of the 2014 Referendum can reveal many things. In 2014, and for several months, the Western media (BBC, VOA etc), the Mullah TV, the Left, the Islamic Church (Qom, Hozeh etc), all journalists/ activists in Exile, and all media whores were just trying to fool and mislead Iranian people. All Iranians know what the anti-Iran Mullah TV or the BBC said and did in these months. As you know, Iranians had no media and no voice, but Iranian people made a miracle. The 2014 referendum is much more important than the 1979 referendum. In 1979, the West and all media bombarded people with the pro-referendum propaganda. As many say: In 1979, the 98% of Iranians said No to the Pahlavi regime; but in 2014, the 97% of Iranians said a Big No to the Mullah regime and the West. What the West, the Left and all media did in 1979 and 2014 is clear. They only support Islamists. But the 2014 Referendum was a Big No to Islamists and their Arbab. Now it’s clear that Islamists and Mullahs are 3-darsadi (the 3%), as Monarchists were the 2%. In 1979, many ridiculed the 2% (Pahlavi-e 2-darsadi, Shah-e 2-darsadi etc). But in 2014, the West and its stooges still defend the 2% or the 3% (‘3-darsadi-ha) !, while Iranian people ridicule the 2% and the 3% (Akhund-e 3-darsaid, Sepahi-e 3-darsadi, Basiji-e 3-darsadi etc)”. They also add: “the 97% of Iranians said a very big No to Qom and Hozeh. It’s so important. Hozeh = the Church = the institution of the Mullah religion. Qom is Vatican. As our people say, Qom and Hozeh are English products, or Jewish/ English artifacts. But what Qom, Hozeh and the Mullah TV did and said in 2014 created a Historic Referendum, in which the 97% of Iranian people clearly declared that they hate the Mullah Church, Rozeh & Hozeh! The 2014 Referendum was also a referendum on the VOA, the BBC and the anti-Iran Mullah TV. The 97% of Iranians said a very Big No to them [..] The VOA and the BBC can influence how many Iranians?! less than 3% ! It’s a heavy defeat for the Evil Empire. The Mullah TV and Mullah Propaganda Machine can influence how many Iranians ?! only 3%! It’s so important. But unfortunately, the 97% have no voice and no mass media. In the best case, the 97% can use only the 3% of the media. It’s a sad truth. The 3% control the 100% of the mass media. The 3% possess and control about 97% of all media. It’s so ridiculous. This Orwellian situation should change. All good guys should try to change it”. The Western Censorship and the Lefty Censorship are as important as the 2014 Referendum. As some wise Iranians say: “We all know what the Left says about the 1% and the OWS. There was no referendum in America, and as you know + 50% of Americans are so stupid and support their Orwellian regime. But the stupid OWS and the Lefty pigs called themselves the 99% !, and said that only the 1% of Americans support the US regime! But now, in 2014, they have closed their dirty mouths. We had a referendum in Iran, while they had no referendum in America. In Iran’s historic referendum, Iranian people proved many things. Now you can compare the OWS, the USA and the American Lefts with the 2014 Referendum, the 2009 Coup, and the large army of wise Iranians. Now any sane person knows why Iran is more modern, wiser and smarter than the West and the Left. Now Iranians can coin new terms like the 3% and the 97%. What Iranians say are facts, and based on real facts. But Marxists and Islamists, like the UK and the USA, just talk nonsense and bring facts right out of their asses”. As some wise Iranians say: “the 2014 referendum, like the 2009 Coup, revealed many things. Now it’s clear that Islamists (from Basijis to Khatamists), Journalists in Exile, and Rouhani’s supporters are the 3%. From now on, if these stupid bastards say: People want this or that’, and if they pretend that they are representatives of Iran and Iranian people, then Iranians can call them ‘Mozdoor-e 3-darsadi’ (the 3%) and say: ‘Shut the fuck up, the 3%! The 3% do not speak for the people and the country’ !“. In this year, many things are important and laughable. As some wise Iranians say: “Now even the rank and file of the regime say that Mullahs were and are Freemasons! For instance, a member of ‘the center of historical documents’ has recently said: ‘Mullah Seyyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi was a Freemason. What is said about [Mullahs,] Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, and their relations with English Colonialism and Freemasonry is not wrong. Many historic documents show that [Mullahs and Islamists like] Seyyed Jamaleddin Assadabadi worked for the UK and MLs (Masonic Lodges)’ ! It’s what Islamists themselves say! Maybe in the future they would say: ‘Iranians were not wrong. Mullahs and Islamists like Ehsan Naraghi, Rouhani, Behnoud, Ganji, Abdi, Zibakalam and high rank Mullahs work for the UK and MLs! .. Mullah Parliament is a M-a-sonic Lodge! Mullah TV or Mullah Parliament is a cesspools of non-Iranian pigs and freemasons .. High rank Mullahs like Janati and Mesbah are stooges of the UK .. AhmadiNejad (AN) is a Jewish Cabal (Cabal = a small group of (Jewish) people who make secret plans, in order to have political power) .. Rouhanis are British cabals’! Maybe in the future, they would make documentary films like ‘I am AN, a Jewish cabal’ ! or ‘I am Mullah, an English spy’ !, or ‘I am Basiji, Nokar-e America’ ! or ‘I am Islamist, a puppet of Great Satan’ ! Who knows. The future will reveal the truth. But now what Iranians say about ‘English Mullahs’ are consistent with historical evidence and what we can see with our own eyes. Now it’s clear that the BBC Farsi works as the Mullah TV. The Guardian works as the Mullah media, and the Mullah TV is a branch of the English Lie Factory”. They also add: “Now the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani, but the Zionists support Rouhani! In May 2014, the Zionist media like ‘Times of I-s-r-ael’ supports Rouhani, censors all facts/ news, and says: ‘Iranian people still support Rohani. But after rising prices of utilities and basic foods, Rohani’s
administration is increasingly coming under attack from
ultra-conservative camps’ !! (May 2014) Can you believe it?! Zionists refer to the 97% as Ultra-conservative! Zionists just love the 3%, ie Mullahs and Islamists, who are so liberal and lick the ass of their Zionist IMF !! In 2013, the Jewish media talked about ‘Rohani in 1986’, and said: ‘In 1986, Rouhani met with the advisor to the I-s-r-aeli prime minister. This meeting in Paris [is just part of] the Iran-Contra Scandal. Rouhani, who was the deputy chair of Mullah Parliament, told I-s-r-aeli officials: ‘If you analyze Khomeini’s character you’ll see that a strong opponent makes him go 100 feet back; while a weak one impels him to drive forward. Unfortunately, you’ve taken the wrong stance: you are too soft on him. You didn’t show power [!!] We are ready for a real cooperation with you, but first you’ll have to help us [!!] First and foremost you should stand strong against Iran. You should resort to [Arab] Muslim propaganda against Iran [!!]’ (Ynetnews, June 2013) What Islamists, the UK and the Jewish media say are not reliable. But it’s important that they themselves reveal the true face of each other!”.


As the wise Iranians say: “You can refer to these years as ‘Zamani Baraye Khar Fahm Shodan’ ! (A Time to become aware (Khar Fahm) ) ! After 2009, Wikileaks and Snowden came. And after 2009 and Snowden’s revelations people can see the naked truth of the West and the Orwellian Censorship in the West. The West is the ancient land of Barbarians and Barbarism. They just tell big lies and falsify the past and the present. Just look what their media and their journalists say. They censor all news and all facts. They tell very big and bad lies”. As some wise Iranians say: “The West is a big loser. What English Barbarians and their media do is a great shame. The CIA/ MI6 agents at the Guardian -from Kamali Dehghan and Jason Rezaian to Simon Tisdall- just tell Orwellian jokes. They censor everything, and say: ‘Iranians still support Rouhani .. Censorship is better now under Rouhani. The youth in Iran like Rouhani‘ !! (GU, April 2014) Can you believe it?! It’s exactly what the Guardian (GU) says in April 2014 ! The CIA/ MI6 agents at the Guardian tell the biggest Orwellian lies in history. In May 2014, they praise their own spy, Iraq-chi, and say: ‘Nuclear deal under threat from ‘dark forces’, says Tehran’s negotiator, Iraq-chi [!] [our] Iraq-chi goes to New York, [and] Takht-Ravanchi is the brains behind the operation [!] [But our] Iraq-chi says: ‘We have not been very successful .. What we need now is luck’ !! (GU, May 2014) English barbarians have badly confused. The 97% of Iranians Punched the UK and English Mullahs in the face, and that’s why they have confused. On April 30, 2014 the MI6 media, the Economists, said: Iran, Cut those subsidies! But non-Iranians put sarcastic comments under this Orwellian report, and said: But (your) Khamanei isn’t Jewish enough to do that sort of thing ! isn’t him?!’ In fact, even non-Iranians are becoming aware. In April 2014, the MI6 media (UK media) had Orwellian reports like ‘Iran’s universities: Breathing again’! (Economists), and said: ‘Rouhani is giving Iranians more freedom’ ! The UK refers to more Filtering & Censorship as more freedom! Now it’s clear who is behind Rouhani. Rouhani has no domestic support. The 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani and the Mullah regime so much. It’s what you can see and feel in Iran. The 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani. But who defend Rouhani? the MI6 media like BBC, Guardian, Economists etc. Who defend the Mullah regime? Great Satan. Who defend Rouhanis? the CIA media (VOA, RFE, Al-Monitor, LobeLog etc) and the CIA whores”. As some wise Iranians say: “the 97% is actually the 99.99%. But even if you accept the official results of the 2014 referendum, you miss nothing. Now If Journalists, Lefts or the anti-Iran Media like the Guardian, Economists, CNN, BBC and the Mullah TV tell big lies, you can tell them: Shut the fuck up, the 3%! The 97% of Iranians hate you and your Rouhani. The 97% of Iranians hate your Mullah regime’. Now Iranians can say to good Americans: If you see that the Jewish CIA -ie Chomsky, Leveretts etc- crapping about Iran, you can punch them in the mouth, and say: Shut the fuck up the 3%; You are Big liars; the 97% of Iranian people hate you and your Islamic regime”. Fortunately or unfortunately, Iran and the world suffer from the same problems. As some wise Iranians say: “Now the media reports: ‘Poor people in the UK have to pay cash in advance to get electricity or gas, so when they can’t afford both heat and food, their heat gets cut off immediately’ ! (May 2014) Their media talks about the IMF and ‘High level corruption in Australia’, and says: ‘Wages will be reduced in Australia’ ! or ‘the Australian ruling party is selling businessmen access to the prime minister’ ! (May 2014) The West is sinking into the sea of Corruption and Bribery, but the Westerners still defend their corrupt media, their corrupt politicians, their corrupt intellectuals, or their corrupt pigs like Noam Chomsky. Of course all Westerners are not stupid. Now some of them ask good questions like: ‘Where is Rouhani’s support among people? Only the West, the Left and all of their media support Rouhani ?!’ […] In each society, about 6% of people are psychos and retards. But in Iran, even half of this 6% have become aware! In Iran, even 1 or 2 million is less than the 3%. So, if the regime mobilizes 1000 faggots or 50,000 whores, it’s just like what Saddam, Gaddafi and all hateful dictators did and do. In Iran, the 97% of people hate Mullahs. But in the West, many people still live like sheep. The 2012 US Election showed that + 50% of Americans are stupid Sheelpe. Only in Iran, the 97% of people have become aware. But you should not forget that Iranians have no media and no voice, and only the bad guys are making Iranians aware and angrier! Now even the rank and file of the regime are becoming Khar Fahm, and say for instance: ‘Mullahs and McFarlane are close friends. McFarlane brings a Cake. What you see on this Cake?! a Key and other Freemasonic symbols! Rouhani gets the Key’! (April 2014) These years is a good time for knowing the Orwellian UK and English Mullahs. If you want to know the Truth, just take a look at the Mullah TV and the UK media!”.

As the wise Iranians say: “the West, the IMF and Mullahs perform evil acts, but they actually show you why the real sanctions are IMF Plans! Why Iran must have nuclear weapons! Why the US, the EU and the UK are savage Sadists, and savage Animals. Why Iran must have nukes, and stronger than nukes, and why Iran must be able to destroy the USA or Europe with just one bomb. Their evil acts can show you why the Barbarian West is shameless and brainless. Why the UK media is the Mullah media. Why the Guardian, BBC, Economists, Financial Times etc are the Big Brother’s media. Why the Guardian is a cesspool of Big Brother’s agents. Now the Guardian has become the Mullah media, Rouhani’s media! But when their most prestigious media is a stupid and Satanic media like the Guardian, it’s clear why even Westerners say that their Jewish Bible and their Old Testament are Satanic books. Any books that praises Racism, Sadism, Barbarism and Genocide is a Satanic book, as any media that tells many big lies and censors all important facts/ news is a Satanic media. Those who tell big lies, and defend Sadism, Racism, Bullying and Genocide are followers of Satan. In fact, the USA, the UK, Islamists, Jewish fanatics and Christian fanatics are the sons of Satan, and their real religion is Satanism. English Barbarians and those who tell many big lies are brainless psychos. Now they talk about ‘the world’s biggest book fair in Iran’, but they say nothing about ‘the world’s biggest Referendum in Iran’, and ‘the world’s biggest Book Censorship and Media Censorship in the UK and their Mullah regime’. The UK media suffers from the world’s biggest Censorship, and reveals the true face of the Nazi Britain“. As some wise Iranians say: “Little Britain and UK media even censor what their own Mullah media says! For instance the Mullah media says: ‘what AN, Rouhani and [Mullah regime] do is ‘Kham Forushi’ (selling raw materials) and serving the interests of the Imperialist West. Why they don’t allow [the large army of] Iranian experts and university-educated Iranians to create added value, and local industries with high added value?! Why the Mullah Petrochemicals should buy natural gas for 2 cent, while they sell it to the West without any processing, and in this way, a small Mullah company with revenues of $1 million reports a net profit of $700 million!’ (2014) The UK media censors such things, because U.K. Colonialism has always loved Corruption, Darkness and dark forces. The UK knows why Iranians say: ‘Mullahs and Islamists are crooks and thieves’. But they censor everything. They even censor this fact that Mullahs & Islamist businessmen pay no tax. In Iran, those who earn $700 should pay 100 dollar as tax. But Islamists earn/ steal $700 millions and don’t pay even 1 dollar as tax. It’s Islamist Justice. Mullahs and Islamic Businessmen, known as Haji Bazaaris, are corrupted stooges of Great Satan (UK/ USA). Instead of solving real problems, reducing corruption, reducing inflation rate, creating jobs/ added value etc they openly obey the IMF! They are brainless whores, and the 97% of Iranians know and hate them. They steal (Sag Khor) our oil money and people’s money. They are the sons of Satan. They are Islamists like Babak Zanjani. They are illiterate and uneducated crooks, and that’s why Great Satan loves them. But now even the rank and file of the regime know who steal (Sag Khor) our oil money and Iran’s money, and that’s why they say to Mullahs: ‘Mage Erse Pedar-etoone?! Mage Mal-e Pedare [..]toone! (It belongs to Iranian people, not to you and your fucking fathers!) They know that National resources like oil, gas, jungle, river, mountain, mine, sea etc are public resources and belong to all people. But the IMF, the UK and the US say National resources and all resources belong to the Big Brother! Mullahs and the so-called Colonialists, Capitalists, Communists, Marxists and Imperialists worship Money and Power. They all obey the Big Brother and Great Satan. Their empty heads don’t allow them to care about long term interests, human values, real happiness, high level needs or high level joys. They are stupid animals, and just care about animal’s values. But today’s Iranians are educated people and know what is good for Iran and the world. Today’s Iran has a large army of young and talented Iranians, who can make Iran a world power again. The 97% of Iranians show that the large army of wise and educated Iranians can defeat Great Satan, and can restore Great Iran and the Persian Glory. The future belongs to Iranian people and all good guys”.

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