Who is behind Rouhani? Who Support Mullahs?

“In April 2014, Iran experienced a historic referendum, in which 97% of Iranians clearly declared that they hate Rouhani and the Mullah regime. Now Rouhani and all Mullahs should resign and kill themselves, because this referendum was so embarrassing. The West and its Mullahs are big losers. When the 97% of Iranians hate Rouhani and all Mullahs – and it’s an observable fact in all private and public places in Iran- the Mullah regime is actually dead and bankrupt, and you all should ask: Who is behind Rouhani? Who support Mullahs? Who strongly support the Mullah regime?! As our people say, their Arbab supports them, and Rouhanis (Mullahs) work for their Arbab (master). But non-Iranians are not Khar Fahm”, the wise Iranians say. We have already written about ‘Khar Fahm’ or ‘Khar Fahm shodan’ (check Archive for [1]: “Politics, Power, People, Conflicts, and Change“). As we said before, ‘a real change and a global change will occur only when the majority of humans become aware (Khar Fahm), [see main problems and] ask for change’ [1] These years show that ‘the process of ‘Khar Fahm shodan’ in Iran [is nearing its End], but in the West, it’s in its first phases’ [1] As the wise Iranians truly say: “the majority of non-Iranians and the Western people are still ignorant. They are not Khar Fahm. They still don’t know that Mullahs and Islamists are stupid slaves of the UK, the USA and the so-called Great Satan. They still don’t know that Islamists are Arabs/ Jews, not Iranians. In April 2014, the 97% of Iranians express their anger and their hatred of Rouhani and all Mullahs. But most non-Iranians still don’t know that Iranians hate Mullahs and the Mullah beliefs. They still don’t know why Iranians say: ‘Mullahs and Islamists are sworn enemies of Iran, Iranians, the Good, the Truth, and what is good and decent’. They still don’t know that Mullahs and Islamists are agents of Satan, and work for Great Satan. They still don’t know Great Satan or Evil Empire. They still don’t know Jewish Religion, Jewish beliefs, Satanism and Sadism. They still don’t know the Anti-Iran Mafia. They still don’t know the Large Army of Angry Iranians. Iranian people are so angry. Iranians are so mad at Rouhanis (Mullahs). But the regime just tries to make Iranians even angrier, and to prepare Angry Iranians for the Big Bang! We all should thank the stupid Rouhanis! The Big Bang is near. This time is quite different from 2009, 1997, or 1979. This time Iranians don’t think about blind riots or limited riots. This time, Iranians think and talk about a Real Revolution and a Big Bang, which should change the world. This time, Iranians know the Jewish-British Satanism, the Orwellian West and the Great Evil. This time Iranians know that they must topple both this Satanic regime (Mullah regime) and Great Satan. The main supporter of Mullahs is Great Satan. This time Iranians want to get rid of Great Satan and all puppets of the West”. They also add: “Now Iranians talk about killing all Mullahs or sending all Islamists to hell. What Iranian people say about Lamp Posts (Tir-e Cheraq-Barq) and Hanging all Mullahs from lamp posts is very famous. We all know what it means. Iranians want to make a historic example of Mullahs and Islamists. But from now on, even if Iranian people decide to kill all Islamists and to hang all Rouhanis from lamp posts, then all [wise Iranians] will not blame Iranian people. After 2009, even in 2014, Mullahs proved that Islamists are brutal Satanists, and sworn enemies of Iran, Truth, Logic, Goodness, Iranian values, Basic rights, and what is good and decent. Even if Iranian people kill all Mullahs and hang them from lamp posts, it’s understandable. But the main issue is not ‘to kill all Mullahs or not to kill all Mullahs. Iran’s main problem is not Mullahs. Iran’s main problem is the West and its stooges, including Mullahs. The main Enemy of Iranians and all good guys is the Barbarian West and the so-called Great Satan. Iranians are so mad at Mullahs and the Arab/ Jewish Religion of Mullahs. It’s obvious why Iranians hate Islamists and all religious fanatics. But the main issue is not Religion. All religious people are not bad guys, as all irreligious people are not good guys. Goodness or Badness is independent of Religion. Islamists and Zionists are savage animals, and sworn enemies of Truth, Tolerance and Iranians. Even If Iranians decide to kill all Islamists (from Basijis to Khatamists), it’s quite understandable. But Islamists (from Basijis to Khatamists) are stooges of Great Satan. The main issue is Great Satan. Who supports Mullahs and all hateful anti-Democracy groups? Great Satan. Who supports Islamists and other Satanic groups (ie Terrorists, Zionists, Marxists, Monarchists etc)? Great Satan. Who hurts all Iranians and censors all news/ facts? Great Satan. Who bullies Iran, threatens all Iranians, tortures all Iranians and openly praises Sadism, Racism, Genocide and Satanism? Great Satan. But who is Great Satan? Great Satan is the Great Evil. Great Satan is the Big Brother. Great Satan is the Evil Empire. Great Satan is the USA, the UK, the EU. Great Satan is the Barbarian West and the so-called IMF Imperialists. Great Satan is a friend of Mullahs and all bad guys, and an enemy of Iranians and all good guys. Great Satan is behind Rouhani and Islamists. Great Satan, ie the Evil Empire, supports the Mullah regime and all dictators. Great Satan is the main Enemy of Freedom, Democracy and Progress in Iran and the world”.


In these days, Iranians are so angry, and it’s obvious why they are angry. In these days, as some wise Iranians say: “Mullahs still send horrible noise and parasite, and try to slow down the fucking filtered internet in Iran. But now all Iranians are expressing their anger and their hatred of Mullahs, the West, and the Arab/ Jewish Satanism. What Iranians say about Jewish/ British Mullahs, Zionist IMF, Great Satan, Jewish Religion, Jewish God etc is a clear sign of their awareness”. We have already written about our views and Iranian views in [2]: “Iranian Mindset: God, Deep Humanity, Tolerance”, or “Morality, Ethics, Religion, and Humanity”, or “Immorality, Religious Fanatics, Evil Empire”, etc (check Archive). But now Iranians are so angry, and as some wise Iranians say: “Our people are showing that if the bad guys attack or threaten the Home of the Good and the world of Good Guys, then Iranian people will fight back against the home of the Evil and the whole world of the Bad Guys, including their barbaric religions. Iranians have become aware, and know who is who. Islamists are Arabs, and the Jewish Religion of the Islamist regime is like the West’s Jewish religion. But Iranians hate this Arab/ Jewish Satanism. This British/ Jewish Religion is a disgusting collection of big lies, shitty paradoxes and Satanic beliefs. The savage Arabs/ Islamists/ Jews are followers of Satan, and their Jewish Religion is the religion of crooks, racists, rapists, sadists, killers and savage beasts. Islamists and the UK worship Satan, and that’s why they tell many big lies and perform all evil acts. But Iranians are not blind and stupid. In April 2014, the 97% of Iranians showed that they are smart people. The Large Army of Angry Iranians -ie the 97% of Iranians- can easily send all Islamists to hell. The Large Army of Angry Iranians can easily make a historic example of Mullahs and Islamists in a way that the world and history will never forget it. Those who make Iranians even angrier, just dig their own graves. They actually ask the 97% of Iranian people to kill all Mullahs and to send all Islamists to hell. But people should not forget that the main problem is the West, not Mullahs. The Barbarian West is the Great Evil. If you want a better world and a better life, and if you want to enjoy real freedom, real democracy, human rights, real progress etc you should know the main Enemy of such good things is the Barbarian West”. Unfortunately, “media and pseudo intellectuals can still brainwash the Western people” [1] Most Westerners even don’t know that “the people have the real power, and they should not transfer their powers to a small group called Politicians” [1] As we said before, “Politics is not a concept about Power, but it’s a concept about managing and resolving the conflicts” [1] In fact, “people don’t need politicians, and the human society should get rid of all politicians” [1] But the Western people are still ignorant, and even don’t know their politicians and their media. As some wise Iranians say: “How many westerners know the MI6 media like the Guardian? The Guardian (of Tyranny & Censorship) is a Big Brother’s media, but Westerners see the Guardian as a highly prestigious media! The Guardian censors all facts/ news, and just tells big lies. Those who writes for the Guardian are MI6/ CIA agents. People like Saeed Kamali Dehghan and Jason Rezaian are stupid whores. But how many Westerners know the true face of the Guardian? Those whose most prestigious media is an Orwellian media like the Guardian are actually living in the Orwellian World of 1984”. They also add: “Just ask yourself: the BBC and the Guardian support whom?! They censor all important facts/ news of Iran, and just support Islamists or anti-Iranian pigs like Rouhani, Zibakalam, Khatami, Ganji, Behnoud, Nabavi etc. In fact, the MI6 supports the MI6! But how many Westerners are aware of such issues? Iranians say: ‘Rouhani is a Freemason; Rouhani is a British Spy’. If you ask any of the Iranians inside Iran: ‘Who support Mullahs? Who is behind Rouhani? Who love and support the Mullah regime and Rouhani? Almost all Iranians will tell you: the UK (MI6) and/or the USA (CIA) ! In fact, Iranian people are not blind”. They also add: “if any person worked for the CIA for even 1 day, what would Islamists & Marxists say?! But now the Jewish Leveretts -who have worked for the CIA for 20 years!- are close friends of Mullahs. Now Basijis and Islamists openly make love with their Jewish CIA, their Zionist IMF, and their Leveretts! Islamists (Marandi, Talebzadeh etc) are in bed with their Jewish CIA and Leveretts. The CIA whores like Farideh Farhi, Hooman Majd, Akbar Ganji, and members of NIAC, AIC, VOA, RFE etc are in bed with the Islamic regime. The stupid CIA whores like Farhi, Ganji, Sick, Chomsky or members of the Atlantic Council and the Iran Project openly defend the Islamic regime. In fact, the CIA supports the CIA! But the Western people are not Khar Fahm, and don’t know the West’s Evil Empire”. In these days, the Western Censorship is so ridiculous. As some wise Iranians say: “the West is really the home of Censorship & Big Lies. Just look how they censor all facts/ news about the IMF, Mullahs and the current referendum in Iran. The Western animals and their media just say: ‘Iran has cut state subsidies on petrol .. Diesel and natural gas prices rose in Iran .. Iranians Face Sharp Increase In Gasoline Prices’ ! (April 2014) They even don’t say that the IMF-imposed price hikes make Iranians angry. They and their Lefty media say nothing about the IMF plans, currency devaluation and the IMF-Mullah love affair. In the UK and the USA, the Lefty media are really the CIA media. Now the Left praises currency devolution (Rial’s devaluation), privatization and all IMF-Imperialist plans in Iran ! It says a lot about the Left. Marxists really work for the CIA and the so-called Imperialists.

IMF-imposed price increases and subsidy cuts in Iran in April 2014

Item Price increase
Petrol 75% !
Diesel 50%
Natural Gas for vehicles (CNG) 50%
Water 25%
Natural Gas (domestic fuel) 40%
Electricity 25%
Natural Gas for the poor people (LPG) 100% !!
Bus ticket 25% !
Taxi 25%
Metro ticket 20%
Car insurance 40%

As the wise Iranians say: “the Big Brother’s agents are recognizable, because they tell many big lies and suffer from many paradoxes. They close their eyes to the IMF-imposed currency devaluation (Rial’s devaluation) in Iran. They close their eyes to the stories of Rial and Dollar, and how AN and Rouhani ruin Iran’s national currency and Iran’s national product. They close their eyes to the IMF-imposed subsidy cuts, wage reductions, and purchasing power’s reductions in Iran. They know how Islamists lick the ass of their Zionist IMF, but they close their mouth. They see how Mullahs go to the UK and the USA, and lick the ass of their Zionist Arbab, but they close their mouth. They see that all Iranians (+ 97%) hate Rouhani and the Mullah regime, but they close their dirty mouth. They see that the IMF just wants to create more poverty and more economic problems in Iran, but they close their dirty mouth. They close their dirty eyes to the 2009 CIA Coup and what happened after that. In 2010, and after the 2009 CIA Coup, Mullahs openly and officially started to implement the IMF plans in Iran. But the Big Brother’s agents close their eyes to the IMF invasion of Iran in 2010, after the 2009 CIA Coup. We all know what they used to say about IMF/ Zionism/ Imperialism, but now instead of saying that AhmadiNejad (AN) was a Jew (Jewish cabal), a Zionist, a privatiser, a stooge of the IMF, or a puppet of the US Imperialism, they just praise AN ! Instead of condemning the 2009 CIA Coup and the 2010 IMF invasion of Iran, they just praise the Coup and the IMF! They close their eyes to the Western Censorship, and to this fact that UK, EU, USA and Lefts censor all important facts/ news. These bastards and those who close their eyes to such important facts are Big Brother’s agents. The Left and Marxists are stooges of the CIA and Imperialists. In the UK and the USA, most of those who call themselves
‘Anti-Imperialist’, ‘Anti-IMF’, ‘Dissident’, ‘Opposition’, ‘Alternative’ etc work for the CIA, the MI6, the NSA or Big Brother’s agencies. Most of the so-called Lefty intellectuals are Big Brother’s agents. American lefts work for the CIA, and that’s why they close their dirty eyes to all important facts, and just defend Islamists, dictators or evil things like Tyranny, Censorship, Poverty, IMF etc. Anti-Iranian agents like Akbar Ganji, M. Behnoud, E. Navabi, Ali Nourizadeh, Abbas Abdi and all Khatamists and traitors are actually whores or stooges of the CIA/ MI6. Now there is no doubt that the so-called Journalists/ Activists in Exile work for the Big Brother”. They also add: ‘If 97% of people hate a government/ regime, then this regime is a dead regime, a bankrupted regime. If 97% of people hate a government, then foreign supports, or even God, cannot save such a hateful regime. Now what the anti-Iran Mullahs say about the military forces and IMF Plans is a clear sign of their bankruptcy and confusion. Their Army (Sepah) says: ‘We have been preparing for two months to implement these plans (IMF plans) in Iran’ ! It shows that they are totally bankrupted and confused. Islamists have shitted in their pants, because they know if the Large Army of Angry Iranians, ie 97% of Iranians, decide to send this Satanic regime and all Islamists to hell, then no one and no force can stop Iranian people. They know that Iranians have become aware, and see Arabs/ Islamists as Followers of Satan. As our people say sarcastically, Can you believe in ‘Khoda & Peyqambar’ (God & Prophets), or in Judgment Day, while you tell many big lies, kill and torture people, steal people’s money, violate people’s rights, and act like Mullahs (ie obey Great Satan and do all evil things)?! Mullahs and their Arbab are followers of Satan, and their real religion is Satanism. Now it’s clear that Mullahs are ‘Mozdoor-e Englis’ (stooges of Britain), and Islamists are ‘Nokar-e America’ (puppets of America). Now the joys of using Islamist/ Marxist terminology is really irresistible!”. In these days, many things are laughable. As some wise Iranians say: ‘Now even non-Iranians talk about ‘A New Phase of Capitalism and Neoliberalism in the Islamic Regime’ ! (April 2014) Great Satan and its agents, including Islamists, are in deep shit. Now the British Barbarians and the Satanic UK are openly making love with their Mullahs in Tehran, and showing you who is the main supporter of Mullahs, and the main Enemy of Freedom and Democracy in Iran. The Large Army of Angry Iranians, ie 97% of Iranians, can easily topple this British-Islamic regime. A Jewish spy like AN, a British spy like Rouhani, or Islamists/ Basiji faggots are not important at all, because the 97% of Iranians know and hate them, and can easily send them to hell. But it’s funny that the West and the Left openly say: ‘The revolution in Iran is over. It is time now for being a stooge of the IMF and (Great Satan)’ !! (April 2014)”. We have already written about “Prices in Iran: The World Highest Inflation Rate” (Oct 2013), and how Islamists and their Zionist IMF try to create more poverty, more injustice, more inflation, wage reductions, currency devaluation and purchasing power’s reductions in Iran. All informed people are familiar with these IMF plans, but as some wise Iranians say: ‘Westerners are not Khar Fahm. They even don’t know who praise the Devaluation of Iran’s Currency, and why the real sanctions are IMF plans“.

IMF-imposed wage reductions and purchasing power’s reductions from 2010 to 2014

Iran, 2010 Canada, 2010 Iran, 2014 Canada, 2014
Min wage (pM) $300 $1200 $100 !! $1200
A simple breakfast 1$ (10k R) 1.5$ 45k R (450% increase) 1.5$
A simple Meal 1.5$ (15k R) 1.5$ 65k R (450% increase) 1.5$
*Min wage/ Bread 5000 3000 400 !! 3000
*Min wage/ Egg 5000 4800 700 !! 4800
*Min wage/ Tuna 300 ! 1200 60 !! 1200
*Min wage/ Petrol 3000 1200 300 !! 1200
Average wage (pM) 1000$ 4000$ 400 $ !! 4000$
Canned tuna 1$ (10k R) 1$ 55k R (550% increase) 1$
Fruits (1kg) 0.7$ (7k R) 1$ 35k R (500% increase) 1$
Rent for 1-bdr Aptr 300$ (3m R) 500$ 15m (500% increase) 500$
(50) Bus tickets 10k R 150k (1500% increase)
(15) Metro tickets 10k R 75k (750% increase)

R = Rial, M = Million, K = a thousand, pM = per Month, * = Minimum wage (pM) can purchase how many breads/ eggs/ tuna etc

As some wise Iranians say: “the Achilles’ Heel of all bad guys is Knowledge and Awareness. If people become aware (Khar Fahm), the bad guys lose the main source of their power. All people should know the Satanic Left, who craps about Zionist agenda, CIA plots, Imperialist plans etc, but defends dictators, Islamists, the 2009 Zionist-CIA Coup, the 2010 IMF invasion of Iran, or the love story of ‘Islamists and IMF Imperialists’ ! Marxists and Islamists are the same shits, and suffer from the same paradoxes, and that’s why Iranians cannot ignore the joys of using Mullah/ Marxist terminology”. They also add: “Even in 100 years ago, Iranians knew Mullahs, Marxists and their Arbab. Iranian intellectuals like Sadeq Hedayat said Mullahs and Marxists just obey what their Arbab dictates. Iranian intellectuals like Hedayat knew who steal (Sag Khor) Iran’s oil money, and who support Mullahs and dictators. But at that time, most Iranians were ignorant. But now, 97% of Iranians have become aware. Islamists and their Arbab (UK/ USA) cannot deceive Iranians any longer. Marxists, Mullahs and their Arbab IMF/ UK are big losers. Now 99% of Iranians hate this English Rouhani and all Mullahs. Now Iranians have become aware, and put interesting comments in the Mullah media and other websites, and say for instance: ‘How Rouhani should prove that he is a British spy or an anti-Iran agent?! What he says/ does is not enough for you?! .. Rouhani is a stupid version of AN; Rouhani is a British spy, a big liar, and a slave of their Arbab (the West) .. Hey Motherfuckers (Mullahs), Is this what you said about oil money, free water and free electricity (free utilities) in 1978?! .. Rouhani disappointed all people in less than 6 months! It’s a record .. Hey Motherfucker (Rouhani) you have put your plastic key into your ass, brings a Sword against people (Shamshir-o az ru basti), and threaten all Iranians?! How dare you, brainless faggots (Rohanis), threaten Iranians .. Rouhani, this English Pofyooz, just showed that 97% of Iranians hate all Mullahs and UK. Thanks English Rouhani! .. Hey Pofyooz (Rohani), prices should return to pre-2009, and Rial’s value should be restored .. Hey Motherfuckers (Mullahs), your holly money (Pul-e Imam Zaman-etan) has become dirty money?! Is it the truth of your Jewish/ Satanic religion?! Your holly things are really dirty and Satanic things?! .. Islamists and Basijis are crooks and thieves who don’t believe in God or any Judgment Days. Their Zionist IMF and their Great Satan are their Lords/ Arbabs! .. Only workers and the poor people should pay tax in the Islamic regime, while rich people, Islamists and businessmen pay no tax! It’s the Mullah Justice .. Rouhani is a new AN. Who are Rouhani’s Economic guys? Spies and retards like Tayebnia, Seif etc .. Islamic spies/ retards like Tayebnia refer to Bank as Bang, but IMF calls them Economist! .. Islamist faggots like Tayyebnia are Mashang/ Gagul (brainless retards), and that’s why their Zionist IMF loves them! .. Mullahs work for Iran’s enemies, simply because: Instead of increasing subsides, they cut subsidies and obey the IMF amid the Economic War! .. this English jerk (Rouhani) is a puppet of Great Satan, and that’s why the English media loves him’. In these days, Iranians say many interesting things. For instance, they say: ‘the UK is a backward country. Remember the 2011 UK Riots. The UK’s new generations just remind you of Islamists and Mullahs, who are Shiereii/ Teryaki (drug addicts) and sex addicts .. USA, UK and Islamists have the same motto: ‘we teach our children that ‘everyone and everything is for sale, all the time, and there’s nothing that shouldn’t be for sale’ ! .. UK media says: The UK is following the US (and the IMF) in making college expensive; students will take 30 years to repay their loans‘ ! IMF plans in the UK, Greece, Spain, UKraine etc are like IMF plans in this Satanic regime .. Mullahs are happy that their Arbab UK says: ‘Mullahs should consider ban on vasectomies in drive to boost birthrate‘ ! (April 2014) English Mullahs are glad that their Arbab UK refers to IMF Plans as Austerity, but praises both Austerity and Baby Boom, and says: ‘Austerity and Baby Boom are not
!! .. Amid sanctions and economic war, Mullahs implement IMF Plans and boost Brithrate! What it means?! The West and its Mullahs desperately try to keep Iran weak and dependent. It’s Satan’s impossible dream, and just shows: Mullahs are stooges of Great Satan, and Dava Sare Lahaf-e Mullahst ! (It’s a sham fight over Mullah blanket!) .. the English Lie Factory is totally bankrupt and disgraced; now even the good Britons condemn the English System of Censorship & Lying, and say: ‘UK regime tries to gag the whistleblower who exposed falsification of statistics in the UK‘ ! (April 2014) .. Falsification of statistics and falsification of the past and the present is what the Satanic UK and its stooges, including Mullahs, always do. These brainless animals think that you can solve your problems by denying problems, worsening problems, and burying your head in the sand !”.

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