Basic Skills: Logic and Learning from Contradictions

“Psychologists and psychiatrists talk about the importance of ‘Life Skills’. They truly say all people should know a set of basic skills, and learn how to deal with the problems of everyday life. They say the basic skills, known as ‘Life Skills’, show people how to manage their emotions, and how to face with and/or solve the problems of daily life. But they often ignore this important fact that ‘we live in an Orwellian world; and If anger or stress is part of everyday life, brainwashing and fooling people is part of everyday life, too”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “the Arts of Problem Solving is part of the basic skills. But most people know nothing about it. The Arts of Reasoning – that shows you how to use Logic, how to use your brain etc- is part of the basic skills, too. But most people know nothing about such important skills […] All bad guys -from crooks and charlatans to media and Big Brother- love Sheeple, ie those who live like sheep. The bad guys hate a better world in which most people know basic skills. As they say, ‘Knowledge is Power; So, people should remain ignorant’ ! The bad guys love Power, Lying and Ignorance, while the good guys care about Knowledge, Truth and Logic. The bad guys try to fool and use people, while the good guys care about a better world and a better life for all humans”. In these years, many talk about ‘Basic Skills’ and ‘Life Skills’. So, it’s not bad that we write about our own views and Iranian views in a series of articles. We see Logic and the Arts of Reasoning as part of the basic skills, because (according to dictionaries) ‘Reasoning = a process of thinking carefully about something in order to make a judgment’. As you know, most people talk about ‘logic’, ‘logical way of thinking’, ‘logical explanation’, ‘logical reasons’ etc, but many don’t know what is logic, and how they can use logic. According to dictionaries, “Logic = a way of thinking or a formal method of reasoning that is based on a series of facts or ideas connected in a correct way”. As the wise Iranians say: “Logic can be a very complicated subject. The experts see logic as ‘mathematical logic’ or part of ‘philosophy of science’. But we all can, and should, use logic in daily life. Logic is not just a mathematical/ scientific thing. Using logic is actually using a thinking process in which facts and ideas are connected in a correct way”. But the main question is: what is ‘a correct way’?! As some wise Iranians say: ‘It’s a simple question, but its answer is very complicated (the answer is actually a subject that ‘Logic as a whole’ talks about it). But one of the important parts of the answer can be useful for all people: ‘In a correct way’ means ‘in a consistent way’ or ‘without inconsistency’. Inconsistency, contradiction ad paradox are synonyms of each other. Inconsistency or contradiction is ‘a situation in which two things or two statements are different and cannot both be true. If you want to know how to find inconsistency/ contradiction , there is no need to become a master at logic. For instance, when politicians say: ‘Black is White’ or ‘War is Peace’, any sane person can find contradiction. You just need Comment Sense (Aghl-e Salim) to find inconsistency in everyday life”. Logic is useful for all people. As some wise Iranians say: “We all can learn from contradictions. For instance, ‘before 2009’ most Iranians didn’t have any first-hand experience/ knowledge about the West. But ‘after 2009’, the West’s contradictions showed the West’s true face, and gave Iranians first-hand experience. As many Iranians say, today we can see the West’s true face, their big lies and their contradictions with our own eyes. But when today, at the age of Internet and Information, the UK and the West tell such big lies and do such evil acts, it’s obvious what they did in the past (recent centuries)! The West’s contradictions and the West’s bad lies say a lot about both the present and the past, specially about what the West’s Animal Farm did in recent centuries”.


As the wise Iranians say: “Many people [including us] are sick and tired of this Orwellian World and the dirty world of politics and media. But the Orwellian world of media and politics is a good example of a very illogical world, and can teach you about Logic, ‘Finding Contradictions and Learning from Contradictions’. As ancient Iranians said, Evil and Enemy can be useful ! The world of politics and media is a very illogical world, and politicians, media and all bad guys are full of crap and contradictions. [So,] if you want to know who is a bad guy, and who tries to fool people, you can focus on finding inconsistency. What the West, media and other bad guys do/ say suffer from many apparent contradictions. For instance, they say: ‘We hate Islamists’, but they openly support Islamists in Egypt, Syria etc. They say: ‘We hate Islamists, Marxists and terrorists’, but they shamelessly support a notorious Marxist-Islamist terrorist group (MEK)! They say: ‘we are against wars’, but from morning to night they threaten Iran with aggressive wars and military leverage/ option! They say: ‘We care about human rights’, but they openly attack basic rights, including privacy and free speech (free internet etc)”. Apparent contradictions are important, and can reveal the true colors of the Bad Guys. As some wise Iranians say: ‘There are many examples of apparent contradictions. For instance, the Lefts say: ‘the IMF is Imperialist’, and Mullahs say: ‘We hate Imperialists/ Zionists; the IMF is a Zionist/ Imperialist Organization’ ! But Mullahs are in bed with their Zionist IMF and try to implement the Zionist IMF Plans in Iran!, while the Lefts praise Mullahs and the Imperialist IMF ! It’s a very ridiculous paradox. The West and Mullahs refer to ‘Sanction Game’ as ‘Economic War’ ! But AN, Rouhani, and Mullahs just aid the Enemy’s sanctions and implement the Zionist IMF Plans amid the so-called Economic war, and call it Resistance! In 2012 and 2013, the US and the UK said: ‘USA imposes sanctions in hopes that Iranians start a revolution to overthrow their government’ !! But common sense and Logic say: ‘It’s very illogical; it’s bullshit, because they refused to impose such sanctions in 2009, when Iranians were in the streets and had already started a revolution to overthrow their government !’. The CIA agents and lefty/ Islamist whores -from Leveretts to Akbar Ganji- say: ‘the goal of sanctions is indeed the overthrow of the Mullah regime‘ !! But common sense and logic say: ‘If the goal of sanctions was indeed the overthrow of the Mullah regime, the US would have imposed these sanctions in 2009, when the Iranian people were in the street‘. But in 2009, the US and the West just aided Mullahs in suppressing the anti-Mullah movement. These apparent paradoxes [are so important]. These years show that the goal of sanctions is like the goal of the 2009 CIA Coup, the goal of IMF Plans, and the goal of Mullahs and all anti-Iranian agents, ie it is: ‘Keeping Iran weak, dependent and under Tyranny’. It’s what the West wants, and that’s why they love and support Mullahs and all anti-Democracy groups. Iranians are not blind or stupid, and learn from apparent paradoxes”. They also add: “The CIA agents like Leveretts and Chomsky are full of
contradictions. [For instance] In 2009, they said: ‘Iranians love AN, because AN hates Rafsanjani’ ! But in 2013, they said: ‘Iranians love Rouhani, because Rouhani loves Rafsanjani’ ! The West and its Mullahs suffer from many shitty and apparent contradictions”. What Iran’s people say is very logical (Hesab-e 2, 2 ta 4 ta), and is based on facts and common sense. As some Iranians say: “In these days, even the Mullah media says: ‘the Iranian people just ridicule Rouhani and the IMF Plans‘ !! (April 2014) It’s so [important] that even the Mullah media says such things. But the West censors all news/ facts. The West and its Mullahs refer to their Zionist IMF Plans as Reform or Resistance Economy! But Iranians can see contradictions, and refer to Mullahs -who are in bed with their Zionist IMF- as puppets of the West, and to the Mullah Economy as Eqtesad-e Moqarebati (Fucking Economy)”. We should write more about these days later, but as some wise Iranians say: “Now Rouhani and his government are like -or even more hateful than- AhmadiNejad (AN) and AN’s government. Now Rouhani aids the Enemy, and the Enemy (UK/ US media) says: ‘[In Iran,] our sanctions has caused inflation to skyrocket‘ ! (March 2014), while the IMF Plans and the love story of ‘the IMF and Rouhani’ are censored by the Enemy (the anti-Iran West). Now it’s obvious who aid the Enemy and play the role of ‘Brake Pedals‘ in the path of Iran’s Progress. Now it’s clear who is who. Obama, UK media, and the MI6/ CIA agents -from pigs like Leveretts, Sick, Chomsky and Jack Straw to Chalquz (shits) like Journalists in Exile (Ganji, Behnoud, etc)- love and support Rouhani and his anti-Iranian policies. But almost all Iranians inside Iran hate and curse Rouhani and IMF Plans. Iran’s people are mad at this anti-Iranian spy, Rouhani. But the BBC says: ‘the International Monetary Fund (IMF) welcomes the increase in Iran’s domestic prices, including energy prices, and says this plan is a priority‘ !! (April 2014) In fact, Rouhani just makes the IMF and the West happy”. They also add: “Now, the large army of Angry Iranians have forced even the Western analysts to confess: ‘The honeymoon with Rouhani’s government is over. The new increase in prices drives up discontent with Rouhani’s government’ ! (April 2014) Now, even the Mullah media publishes part of the Iranian people’s comments, in which Iranians say good things like: ‘Rouhani’s gov is the first gov that openly threaten all Iranians .. Rouhani showed his true face. Rouhani is an Enemy of the People .. Rouhani’s gov is the worst gov in Iran’s history‘ ! It’s funny that the Mullah media publishes such things. It shows that the soup is too salty, and Rouhani is becoming a hateful figure and a dead/ burnt piece for everyone”. We should write more about the current farce later. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Now it’s clear that Rouhani and Mullahs are eating both ‘Onions and Sticks’. Mullahs just dance to the Enemy’s tune, and Rouhani is becoming the worst anti-Iranian stooge in Iran’s history. Just look who are Rouhani’s supporters: the IMF, the UK, the US, and those who already aided Mullahs in suppressing Iranians in 2009! These anti-Iranian psychos often call themselves ‘Anti-Mullah’, but tell paradoxical jokes like: ‘ Iranians, specially the poor, love Mullahs and IMF Plans. Iranian people, specially the working class, love high inflation, poverty, economic crises, and economic instability. Iranians have a societal desire for cooperating with Khamenei, and for ruining Iran’s economy. Mullahs kill Iranians, but Iranians love their killers. Islamists torture Iranians, but Iranians love their torturers. Mullahs create economic crises, but Iranians love economic crises. Iranians love Iran’s enemies, including the anti-Iran West !”. The West and its stooges suffer from apparent contradictions. As some wise Iranians say: “If you want to learn about Logic, Inconsistency, and ‘How to find Inconsistency’, you should use good examples like the stories of ‘the West, Mullahs, Sanctions, IMF Plan and its disastrous results [We have repeatedly written about them; check Archive for: ‘Prices in Iran: The World Highest Inflation Rate’, ‘The IMF and Islamists, Marxists and Imperialists’, etc]. The Racist West says: Iran’s people = Iran’s regime !, while Iran’s people hate the Mullah regime, and it’s the West that loves and supports the Mullah regime. Iran’s people have learned from the West’s contradictions, and that’s why almost all Iranians say: Iran must have nukes; the West is the Enemy of Iran’s people, not Mullahs’. Before 2009, Iranians said: ‘the Mullah regime should not have nukes’. But now many things have changed […] In these years the West says: ‘Iran (not Mullahs) should not have nukes, while Iran’s enemies have nukes, threaten Iran with nukes, and try to keep Iran weak, dependent & unfree’ ! It’s the logic of the anti-Iran West. The anti-Iran West is the Great Evil and the main Enemy of Iran’s people and Iranian values, including Truth, Logic, Tolerance, Humanity, Goodness etc”.


The first thing that any logician and any logical person should know is “Incompleteness”, including “incompleteness theorems”. As some wise Iranian say: “Even mathematics is not a finished object. A computer can never be programmed to answer all mathematical questions. It’s what Kurt Godel proved [we have already written about Kurt Godel, the greatest logician of all times; check Archive] Inside any logical system, there are propositions that are neither provable nor disprovable. In fact, there is no logical system that can capture all the truths (of mathematic, etc). Godel also proved that no logical system for mathematics could, by its own devices, be shown to be free from inconsistency. It’s known as the 2nd incompleteness theorem. In fact, you cannot use a logical system to prove that its own logic is free from inconsistency! Such things can confuse many people. But the message behind such things is so important. The message is simple: nothing is complete, even mathematics or logical systems; don’t close your mind, don’t be fanatic, and don’t see the world in black and white; open your mind to new ideas, new thoughts and new systems. It’s what Logic and the greatest logicians said and say. Of course the bad guys try to pollute such good concepts with Fallacy (Safsateh) [For more info, check Archive for: ‘Nothing But the Truth’, ‘Alternative to Tribalism: Good Guys vs. Bad Guys’, etc] Fallacy is ‘a weakness in someone’s argument or ideas which is caused by a (deliberate) mistake in their thinking and their logic’. Finding fallacy is harder than finding inconsistency”. They also add: “Mathematic is very accurate and very logical. Many great men saw Mathematics as the language of God. The importance of Mathematics, as the language of science, is quite clear. In today’s world, almost all modern sciences, including Modern Physics, have become a branch of mathematics, that’s why they have become accurate sciences, and ‘to prove’ in these sciences often means ‘to mathematically prove’. But in the past, the so-called natural sciences and human sciences were different. Many idiots, fanatics, and charlatans referred to their own crap and bullshit as ‘proof’, ‘logic’, or ‘scientific things’, because it was not clear that what is logical/ scientific approach, scientific analysis, or scientific method. Even it was not clear that What is Science! The first men who seriously talked about the differences between Science and non-Science, and the differences between scientists and shamans/ clergymen/ fanatics were great people like Karl Popper (1902- 1994). Karl Popper, as one of the great men in the Philosophy of Science, made many things clear. What Popper said in his famous book, ‘The Logic of Scientific
‘ was important. He talked about a criterion of testability and falsifiability for scientific validity. Testability means that you should be able to test scientific things. Popper said: ‘Scientific theories are hypotheses from which can be deduced statements testable by observation; if the observations falsify these statements, the hypothesis is refuted. If a hypothesis survives the tests, it may be tentatively accepted’. Falsifiability means ‘freeing from Fallacy’. In fact, if something just uses fallacy and dirty tricks to justify itself – ie if it’s consistent with all possible conditions and observations- it is unscientific’. For instance, If you say: ‘If Satan wills, X and Y would happen’. It’s not scientific, because you can justify it in all possible conditions (if x and y would happen, you can say: Oh, Yah, Satan wills’. But if x or y didn’t happen, you can say: Oh, yah, Satan didn’t will). In fact, Fallacy and Loophole (that adds nothing to our knowledge, and just allows bad guys to play with people) is bullshit, not science. Popper talked about the logic of falsification, and dogmatic and critical thinking, and said: ‘critical thinking is the very essence of rationality”. We should write more about Logic, Science and non-Science. But as some wise Iranians say: ‘Politicians, Clergymen, Religious fanatics, and Shamans are full of crap and paradoxes. They are stupid and dishonest persons. They tell you: Black is White, but if you protest and say it’s a paradox or nonsense, then in the best case, they would say: please ignore it; it’s not a big problem! Please let us to fool people, to play with people! […] But If Science/ Math tells you: Black is White, then it would not say: please forgive me, please accept me! But it would say: Please throw me into the trash can/ dustbin. I’m absolute nonsense’. Science is honest, and the real scientists and all wise people value truth and knowledge above all else. They approach problems and theories with skepticism. They can ignore existing rules and define their own approach to problems and solutions. They just care about Truth and knowing more, not money, power or playing with people […] In the past, scientists try to know about all sciences. It was a good and natural thing. When you love to know, and when you value knowledge and truth above all else, you love to know many things, not just a special thing. But today, many scientists have become whores or slaves, and just care about money or what the system, universities, spying agencies (NSA etc), think thanks etc dictate. Today many stupidly refer to technicians and engineers as scientists! But those who are not creative, live/ think/ act like machines and slave robots, and just do what the system wants are not scientists. Even those who are so creative but work for the bad guys, including big companies and Big Brother’s agencies, are creative whores/ slaves, not scientists. As Snowden’s revelations and the current Orwellian Technologies show, we need a new group of scientists, who not only care about Truth, but they are experts in different fields and different subjects, including Logic, Ethics, Philosophy etc. Such scientists exist, but their number is small, because the current education systems try to create modern slaves/ whores and those who can easily be poisoned by money and other [low level] needs”. We should write more about these issues later.

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